Ooh, Neddie

Ooh, Neddie

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Dana yearns for a steady date, and gets one. Although a foreigner, he's quite a hunk and has the horsepower to bang her legless, exactly what she needs. Her family appears to approve of him and she hopes to move in with him soon.


Dana yearns for a steady date, and gets one. Although a foreigner, he's quite a hunk and has the horsepower to bang her legless, exactly what she needs. Her family appears to approve of him and she hopes to move in with him soon.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Oh, Neddie

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 15, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 15, 2017



Ooh, Neddie Ch. 01

Cosmetic surgeon Marcia Newton said to her eldest daughter Dana, “This man who has dated you three Saturday nights running has created something of a date record for you, hasn’t he?”

“I suppose so, not that I’ve really thought about it.”

“Who is he?”

“His name is Ned Michell but you won’t know his mother or grandmothers because he’s an Australian, and they live down there. He’s a fill-in swimming coach at my college on a 2-month exchange with our head swimming coach, who is investigating the set-up and methods at the Sydney Uni Sports & Aquatic Center.”

“But why would Coach Branson go to a small university in largely barren Australia where…”

“Mother, Sydney university has almost 53,000 students and young swimmers receiving advanced training at its sports and aquatic center have won world swimming championships and Olympic medals by the bucket load, often setting new world records in the process.”

“And America has done so too, and so why has your university bothered to look further afield?”

“Because Australia punches above its weight in the production of contest winners on the world sporting arenas, according to Ned. He asks why shouldn’t Americans be allowed to study leading techniques developed in foreign countries and to find out about the contribution of the famous Aussie meat pies?”

Marcia sniffed and claimed Mr Mitchell would have made that comment tongue in cheek.

“Perhaps mother but I chose to question Ned about the contribution of Aussie meat pies and that led to him asking me why was I at our swim facility. I said for polo training and he said therefore I must be an American who could swim and I told him to bite his butt.”


“It was okay mother; he appeared rather taken by my verbal reaction. Near the end of our training session I say him watching us and when it finished he asked me to swim a couple of lengths to allow him to check out my style and after complementing me on my smooth stroking. he gave me a couple of tips about quietening my head movements and to concentrate on developing a more rhythmical breathing action.”

“Ah, and then he invited you back to his apartment for a drink?”

“Alas, mother he failed to do that but I countered by inviting him to date me.”

“Dana, how could you; he’ll be far too old for you?”

Dana smiled and said she didn’t regard the age gap of almost four years as any reason to regard the friendly Australia as a geriatric hurdle.

“Omigod, he’s not quite four years older than you and probably muscular and handsome to boot?”

“You’ve on the ball mother; it appears you have not completely left behind your constantly recurring horny thoughts as a college under-graduate.”

“Dana, really,” her mother said with a touch of embarrassment… or was it pride?

Dana thought well she’d embarrassed her mother and that would be the end of that.


“Darling,” Marcia said, sounding a little breathlessness. “Please invite Mr Australia to my annual soiree on Sunday evening for your friends and partners and your friends’ parents. I’ll call cousin Arnold your standby date for the soiree to say I’ve lumbered you with the son of one of my friends who’s a top-shelf contender who’s excited you beyond belief.”


“Dana, I insist. After all, Arnold had never got closer to your vagina than even your father, right?”

“Oh god,” Dana said, her face turning scarlet. “What dreadful thoughts your mind is capable of producing.”

“Is that to say my assumption is wide of the mark?”

Leaving the room, ignoring that provocation, Dana gritted, “I’ll invite him but have no idea if he’ll accept.”


Dana (almost 23) was in her final year of completing a MSc degree in computer studies and gaining licensing and certification to teach computer studies including basic programing at high school level. Her father Jeffrey, a highly-respected consultant with a doctorate in forensics, had urged her to continuing her studies to gain a PhD in computer science and her response was perhaps later when demand for teaching professionals specializing in computer science became closer to exploding as predicted.

Ned had told her she’d get a job teaching computer science at any high school in Australia ‘no worries.’ But her belief in that assurance waned somewhat when he added … “That’s because Australia is more advanced socially and educationally as a nation than is the case in this country but it has a teacher shortage.”

Oh really? Although bristling, she’d let that one ride.

She’d found that Ned was astonishing talkative for a male but the validity of some of his comments appeared rather suspect at times.

Now, she mused, why was her mother so keen to have Ned at her so-called late afternoon soiree?

Dana blanched and cried “Oh no!” as the probable answer popped into her mind.

Her mother wished to show her older daughter’s friends that Dana was actually capable of holding on to a guy for longer than two dates.

Now riled, Dana decided not to invite to pass on the invitation when she was out on Saturday evening with Ned. 

Mid-morning Saturday, Ned called to ask did she still want him to get tickets to the movie they’d decided to see that evening.

She croaked “Why not?”

She was alarmed that he’d decided to drop her.

Ned said the review of that movie in the previous morning’s newspaper were uninspiring and he checked on the web and the film generally had received only three stars.

He asked did she have a suggestion what they should do instead.

Dana thought why not test whether his interest in her to find if it was a bit deeper than merely surface surfing. Well he often spoke about surfing at marvelous spots on many of Sydney’s beaches.

“Very well, but you might not feel up to the challenge. Should we go night horse riding? The park has illuminated circuits through trees.”

“Oh right – does the circuit have jumps and allows galloping?”

Startled, Dana said oh no; it was only a facility for beginners and all riders were restricted to ride at a walk.

“How boring.”

She almost lost it but managed to ask almost sweetly, did he have an alternative?

“You could come over, we could muck around and then go out for late dinner.”

Only a little unsure of what he meant, Dana queried, “Muck around?”

“I attempted to avoid being too explicit and saying we could fuck.”

She felt a hot surge and realizing where her hand had darted, took a big breath and said, “Oh really?”

He replied it was her call and she asked for his address and said she would call when she arrived in the lobby around 7:30. She cut the call before he could respond.

Dana sat feeling a little light headed. She’s expected him to push for sex if they continued to date, but what was in prospect was full-on rutting.

Goodness, they would be into it at full gallop. She resisted the urge to call one of her girlfriends to discuss her situation but instead went off and washed her hair. What had been proposed was what she wanted and therefore there was no need to bleat to a sympathizer.

She already knew that he wasn’t a cook. On the last date when she asked him about what meals he regularly cooked and he said he only cooked food in the opened cans they were packed in on the top of the small range in his apartment because he didn’t know how to cook in an oven. He fried up food on the stove-top and had purchased a benchtop warmer to heat pies that he purchased at a deli. But in the main he phoned for pizza delivery or if he desired a steak dinner he’d eat out or accept invitations to dinner hoping he’d be served steak.

Thinking back about that confession, she giggled, “God, some guys are useless.”

Near the end of that date, outside the restaurant before he waved down a cab for her, she’d attempted to unzip him and he pushed her hand away despite they were in a dark section under the awning, shielded from street lights.

Without thinking she’d blurted, “Isn’t it time we had sex?”


Aghast that she’d said that, Dana went on attack and asked, “What kind of answer is that?”

“Ah, Dana, I apologize. Until now you’ve shown no inclination to pull my hand on to a boob or to feel for my bulge and, rightly or wrongly. I assumed that you were one of those rare breeds of female on campus known as an Ice Maiden.”

“Oh god.”

“Dana, I did apologize.”

“Yes, and I accept I’m responsible for the confusion. I had rather a repressive childhood as my mother had been reared under strict control and thought I should be subjected to the same discipline too. I was never permitted to invite a boy home until I was sixteen and on that historic occasion I’d never seen my mother act so eagle-eyed as she followed every move that poor kid made while in our home.”

“When I turned 18, my mother told me that I was free to go me own way and perhaps turn into an outright raver as she had turned into after being set free by her mother and that situation had continued until she met my father who calmed her before marrying her.”

“Ah, then you are still a virgin?”

“What? No, you idiot. Shortly after my release from her restraint, my mother gave me a stern lecture and as couple of days later she pulled a young guy I knew into my room and locked the door from in the hall and shouted she would be out with my father and sister for about three hours.

She yelled, “Cody, you have your instructions; teach Dana how to have sex or else forget about that 200 dollars.”

Ned said sympathetically, “Omigod, how brutal that must have been for you. I can’t believe a mother would do that to her daughter.”

“At the time, I couldn’t believe it either but as my anger subsided I noticed 18-year-old Cody was shaking and he stuttered an apology that he was so ashamed he accepted my mother’s stupid bribe. At that point, I realized this was my mother’s attempt to trigger me into accepting a normal part of human relations and I can recall actually smiling.”

“I said to worried-looking Cody that it was okay, that we should throw ourselves into sex. I pulled down my panties and said something like, “Get into it Cody, bang me stupid if you know what to do – pretend that it’s our wedding night.”

Ned said, “Then you knew something of what to expect from rampant Cody?”

“Of course. Although I was half-petrified, I thought the look of relief and joy on his face as I pulled off my modest looking panties was really something to behold. Pumping up in confidence, the kid assured me he wouldn’t make me pregnant and confided that his mom thought I would be the best fuck in our neighborhood and he knew his mom would be right. I sunk on to my bed oozing the feeling of absolute worthiness and in retrospect, I decided the kid made a rather good job at my initiation.”

“Gee Dana, you should attempt to turn that story into a novel and make your readers smile.”

At that, Dana remembered swelling in pride and looking right into the eyes of her date simpered, “Ooh Neddie,”


Ooh, Neddie Ch. 2

Australian Ned Mitchell waited at the elevator on the third floor for the first female he’d dated more than once since his arrival in America.

He was shocked as Dana emerged from the elevator carrying four supermarket shopping bags.

“Hi,” he said, kissing her and grabbing a breast for the first time in their short acquaintanceship.

“Ooh,” Dana said, looking down as his clutching hand approvingly.

But he released his grip and apologized.

She sighed and Ned was quick with a diversion.

“What’s it with all the shopping? You’ll never pack all of that into my oven; it’s small.”

She recalled that he wasn’t kitchen trained or for that matter even observant when in a kitchen with cooks.

“It’s okay you wild man from Australia. I have to peel and chop to remove skin, seed and stalks and that will get everything down to size and free of packaging.

“What if some of the vegetables don’t have seeds?”

“Then I’ll not attempt to remove seed that isn’t there. How is it that an intelligent guy like you doesn’t have a clue about cooking?”

“Mum (Australian for mom) always wanted dad and me out of the kitchen when she was ready to cook. As a young nipper, my job was get dad a couple of ‘tinnies’ from the fridge and sit with him to discuss sport that we watched on TV and eventually I was permitted to take a sip or two of beer and later I graduated to having half a can. By the time I turned 18, dad and I would polish off up to four cans each while mum and Louise would gossip away in the kitchen and become half-pissed on cheap wine.”

“Omigod, you were allowed to drink alcohol from an early age.”

“Boys drinking with their father is considered by many as being an important part of Australian culture.” Ned said proudly.

He watched intently as she prepared the roast dinner and Dana felt pleased he was being educated.

But alas she was wrong about that because suddenly he said, “I like watching your quick movements, and taking in your breast curves and you reveal a fabulous butt when you bend forward.”

Dana lost it.

She emitted a cry, stopped peeling potatoes and spun around and grabbed Ned around the waist and thrust her right hand down the front of his pants to avoid him foiling her. Grabbing his meaty cock she felt it begin to stiffen in her clumsy grip.

“Oh fuck me,” he said in surprise.

“I have every intent,” she gritted.

His dick rose to the occasion and he began undoing his belt tentatively.

“Come on Aussie; no way are you gay,” she goaded.


Ned and Dana had passionate sex on the kitchen floor.

The rough intensity was what almost what Dana had long yearned for. She was left feeling that she was on the cusp of merging into a solid relationship with a guy at last. She decided to praise her benefactor, to leave him in no doubt that he impressed her.

“That was wonderful; you brought out the best in me, exercising emotions that had lain dormant far too often.”

Ned said sounding hopeful, “Then you are pleased with me?”

“Yes. With your tenderness amid energetic thrusting and filthy ramblings about my tight cunt, you appeared to penetrate to the core of my very being.”


At that, Dana knew that her candor had hit the button to stroke his sense of self-worthiness.

“That was the most momentous fuck I’ve ever experienced Ned, not that I have a lot of history in making comparisons.”

“You mean I fuck really good and released your innermost, um, aspirations of fulfillment?”

“Yes darling; I couldn’t have expressed that better myself.”

Ned looked at her, with his semen drying on her magnificent chest.

“Darling you called me; does that mean you really like me?”

A warning flashed through Dana’s brain, urging her to pull back a little.

She simpered, “Oh you are okay Ned.”

His eyes appeared to glaze and he bent down a sucked a nipple.

“Christ Dana, you really are something. Ready to do again?”

“Um, I really think it’s in our best interest that I progress dinner to give you the stamina to give me a real battering tonight along with the moments of tender kissing and sweet talk that you know is the real reason why women fuck.”

“Oh really? Yes of course, we need to plow ahead with rutting together with sweet moments.”

“My goodness Neddie, you know how to really score with a woman.”


During dinner, which they ate still nude looking across the small table at each other rather lasciviously, Ned said without embarrassment, “You have great tits and possess the sexiest butt I’ve ever seen up close.”

“Why thank you sir, and I return the compliment and say you have a powerful dick and really know how to use it.”

They eyed one another, smiling while chewing slowly.

“Nice ribeye, actually it’s the best I’ve had since being in America,” Ned said softly.

“Thanks, it was dry-aged.”

“Oh, I’ve read about that. You obviously set out to impress me.”

“Yes,” Dana said, smiling meeting his gaze.

“Your mother called me this morning.”

Dana froze.

Ned delivered the explanation with a wry smile.

“She got my phone number from a friend whose son works at the swimming facility at college. She told mom that you appeared to be a new arrival who was somewhat adrift and had taken quite a shine to me.”

“God my mother is such a liar,” Dana said. “I had simply told her that you commented on my swimming style and had given me a couple of tips.”

“My impression was she’s anxious for me to give you more than mere swimming tips.”

Dana flinched and said she’d earlier indicated her mother tended to interfere.

“Yeah and I acknowledge that. We all know mothers tend to act like mothers and some can go overboard at times.”

Dana shot him a gratified smile and told Ned he was so understanding.

“I accepted the invitation to the soiree.”

Dana looked at him horrified.

He countered smoothly.

“It was the polite thing to do. It was the opportunity to check her out her ass and tits to see if that’s where your genes for curves are directly inherited from.”

“Omigod, you are intending to hump my mother.”

“Not at all,” Ned said coloring… um, not when I have the younger version on hand to plunder if that’s our mutual desire.”

“She’s rather attractive for her age,” Dana said sounding dismayed.

“I daresay she is, but then so is my mother and yet I’ve never attempted to fuck her.”

That retort left her almost reeling and Ned was ready with an appealing suggestion to clear the air.

“Should we fuck Dana? This conversation is making me horny.”

“Yes,” Dana said, and pushing back her chair. She scrambled to sit on the kitchen counter and spreading her knees groaned, “Eat me out Ned and get my crazily rotating mind back on to just me and you and your fat dick.”

“My pleasure,” Ned leered, licking his lips enthusiastically and grabbed at Dana’s swinging tits that were already swelling.

“Careful darling, I feel ready to explode.”

Dinner prep had to wait an hour but who was worried? Dana had her tongue hanging out and she was gasping with Ned at her backside slurping pussy and with a thumb up her anus slowly rotating it a little from side to side and the combination filling her with sluttish desire.

*  *  *

At dusk, the early evening outdoor party that Marcia Newton insisted calling a soiree (in memory of the grand summer soiree that she’d attended as a twenty-year-old when visiting England with her parents) was in full swing with some 80 guests on the expansive lawn.

Marcia was overdressed, rather resembling a fairy queen and indeed she wore a tiara, while all other women were appropriately dressed in their best and the majority of the males wore suits. A hired string quartet played light opera excerpts to create the mood requested by the bejeweled, hostess.

Dana wore a fluffy pink creation her mother had bought for her. Marcia had been horrified that her daughter looked wan and exhausted when she had arrived home just after dawn that morning.

“Are you suffering from a virus?” Marcia fussed, noting her daughter’s condition.

“No mom, I drank too much wine last night,” Dana lied.

However, a couple of her girlfriends and partners grouped around Dana guessed correctly and commented that she appeared to have been fucked legless.

“Ah, is that what’s wrong with me?” Dana responded.

Leading the laughter, Sue Watson asked, “And where’s your Aussie guy that we are anxious to meet, eh? In hospital on life-support?”

There was a roar of laughter and Marcia looked up scowling, reacting to the un-soiree like behavior from that group.

Meanwhile, Dana remained worried she’d not told Ned to dress formerly for the occasion but regarded that as his fault for not asking what he should wear.

Suddenly, the hum of conversation died and everyone was looking at the terrace at the front of the house were stood an upright tall guy with wide shoulders with a crop of curly blond hair and dressed immaculately in a white suit.

Dana recovered from temporary shock and ran through the crowd shouting and waving, “Ned, Ned here I am and welcome.”

She flushed, adding lost color to her face, having caught some of astonished comments of her girlfriends.

Dana rushed up to Ned and kissed him fully, bending her right leg knee high theatrically.

Ned, bless him, had arrived at the time she’d stipulated and had even stood at the spot she’d nominated where she would run up to greet him.

She marched Ned the short distance to the assembly, with most people still watching, presumably in case there would be further theatre.

Although unrehearsed, Marcia responded just as her daughter had hoped she would, pulling her husband with her to meet the advancing couple.

Flushed and appearing somewhat re-energized probably by a flow of adrenaline, Dana said, “Ned this is my mother Marcia and my father Jeff. They are modern Americans and will be happy for you to address them by their first names.

“Hi Marcia,” the handsome Australia smiled and kissed her lightly on the cheek and when Marcia let her grip on the young hunk fall away, Ned turned and held out his hand and said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you sir; you and Marcia have reared a most wonderful daughter.”

Dana was close to half-swooning.

Never in her wildest imagination had she expected Ned, who was somewhat rough around the edges, to respond so eloquently when introduced to her parents. She’d expected little more than grunt from him.

“My word, you appear to have beautiful manners,” Marcia said, almost simpering.

“You have my mother to thank,” Ned said. “Kimberley stands almost six-three and weighs around 180 lbs. and is boss in our home. I was almost eighteen before I no longer felt half-afraid of her. Although you are more diminutive, you also look as if you could be the boss in your house.”

Marcia smiled and patted Ned on the shoulder.

“Actually, we don’t acknowledge a pecking order in our home but I’m the one who accepted the responsibility to run out household because there were no other volunteers. However, my husband and two daughters offer support when called upon. Young man, I find you most interesting.”

“Now Marcia, why would you be interested in me. Are you attempting to marry off your elder daughter?”

Marcia’s face turned scarlet and she said that Ned must excuse her as she must circulate around other guests.

Jeff gave Ned a friendly thump on the back and looked surprised and rubbed that hand.

“Ned, you sure have a way of talking to women. I’ve never seen a guy put Marcia on to the back foot. Look I must grab another drink as I see Dana’s girlfriends have gathered ready to pounce on you. Have a beer with me later.”

“Omigod, my parents are more than impressed by you,” Dana said as she turned to face the advancing group of young women. “Good boy. Now you can try to mass seduce this lot.”


About 90 minutes later, standing and cleaning up apple pie remains from his plate, Ned saw an attractive female aged about 20-21, arrive in front of him, staring.

“Hi Claris, I’m Dana’s boyfriend Ned Mitchell. Should we shake hands or kiss?”

“Kiss,” she said, sounding a little doubtful.

“Okay but no tonguing,” he smiled.

 Giggling, she kissed him lightly on the lips and queried, “How did you know who I was?”

“It was easy, using the little intelligence I have. You are the youngest female here, Dana had told me she has a sister Claris who is an undergraduate but the telling thing is you have your mother’s looks but somewhat more refined.”

“Omigod, don’t tell anyone you said that. My mother would never forgive you.”

“Okay, thanks for that advice and only you and I will ever know I made that comparison.”

“You’re rather cool Ned. I was half-expecting not to like you because you’d be associating with my sister for only one thing.”

“Yeah, well that’s very astute of you. I concede she is lively, intelligent and articulate but just between you and me my prime reason for being with her is for the sex.”

Claris appeared confused. She said, “But… but…. that’s…”

When she didn’t continue, Ned said softly that she’d intended to say exactly what he’d just said, that his interest in her sister was primarily for pussy banging.

Claris flinched and obviously embarrassed said well yes, although ‘pussy banging’ was far from being foremost in her vocabulary when expressing herself to anyone she was not intimate with.

“Then you are intimate with a great number of males and females?”

Clearly horrified, she retorted, “No that definitely cannot be inferred from what I was saying or even thinking and…”

She’d caught the stupid grin.

The younger sister giggled and said, “Omigod, you are one of those stupid compulsive male teasers dedicated to seriously confusing females with pathetically attempted buffoonery.”

“Claris, I’ll need a minute or two to get my mind around that. You possibly have no idea what is meant by pussy banging. Exactly what are you studying at university?”

“I’m in my third year of a psychology degree Neddie. It’s a rare experience for me in meeting a person like you to unexpectedly engage in our somewhat bewildering initial chat of mind-bending dimensions.”

“You appear exactly right for my intellectually wallowing and sexually focused sister,” she said, walking away smiling.

Her vacated space was filled by Marcia, who handed Ned a bottle of beer.

“You had impressed several of my guests, judging by what they told me.”

“And that surprises you?”

“Not at all, as my mind remains open because Dana tends to make wise choices and that indicates there must be a worthiness hidden in you that will be revealed to me in time. None of my family tolerates idiots, least of all my youngest who is something of an egg-head if you know what that means.”

“I do.”

“I was surprised that Claris stayed talking to you and appeared so animated. Where you attempting to hit on her?”

“God no, that would have upset Dana.”

“Oh, how gentlemanly of you, especially from one who has the assets of being at least a potential lady-killer.”

“I admit to rather liking women but I lack the desire to be a romantic conquistador of my neighborhood’s boudoirs.”

“Oh, how cleverly explained. Come and meet two of my friends who are lesbians. They are rather interesting people and you may feel safe in their company.”

Walking off with the hostess to meet two of her friends, Ned knew he’d scored well when he caught Marcia’s smile when saying, “With your two interesting daughters Marcia, it is of no surprise to me that you too are interesting but obviously possess a deeper layer of complexity.”

“Ned, you are too clever and too self-assured to fit of mold of a career swim coach. What should you tell me as Dana’s interested mother?”

They stopped walking.

“I’d appreciate you keeping what I’m about to tell you to yourself as I have yet to reveal it to Dana and will when appropriate if our relationship becomes serious.”

“Very well, you are entitled to personal privacy.”

“Back in Australia, my father is in partnership with my grandfather in a major and publicly-listed family land development company. I don’t get along very well with dad’s bad-tempered father and so have stayed aside from involvement in the company at dad’s request. I will join the company at granddad’s retirement or death. He’s eighty-seven and his memory is fading.”

“I acquired the necessary academic qualifications in business management and completing additional university papers on aspects of business finance and business law and then worked for other land developer gaining experience. And almost two years ago I resigned from my job to pursue two other interests, recreational surfing and to coach swimmers. Before resigning from the land development company I’d gained a minimum level of coaching qualifications to teach swimming at university level to couple with my earlier success competitively as a swimmer and in surf-lifesaving championships. So, there you are.”

“And what was your reason for coming here on that coaching exchange?”

“Only three of us applied for the short-term exchange position and I was selected because of my swimming record I was told.”

“And you saw it as an opportunity to find an American girl to become your wife?”

“Not at all although I did think a string of dates would keep me happy.”


“But who knows what will change Marcia,” Ned smiled. “After last night’s tremendous experience, I’m thinking of asking Dana to move in with me and I had not expected that to happen, but it has.”

“Ned, we all say that sex is not everything but when you are young it certainly can appear to be almost everything. Now may I tell you something in absolute confidence?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Dana arrived home this morning, absolutely exhausted, and she didn’t tell me much beyond saying she had an amazing time and felt on top of the world. Considering her condition, I had difficulty believing her but eventually I figured out the reason for her condition. When I awoke her mid-afternoon to help get her into shape for this event, this is what she said: ‘Mom, I dreamed that Ned asked me to move in with him; do you think that will happen?’ I was still angry that she’d allowed herself to have so much sex that left her barely able to walk and I said that an optimistic dream was unlikely to materialize and she almost cried.”

“However, Ned now that I’ve met you and learning that you agreed to that charade to dress in a white suit for a spectacular arrival here this evening, I have rather taken to you and want you to continue seeing Dana as I feel you will be good for her.”

“Marcia,” Ned protested, “Dana didn’t ask me to wear this white suit. She didn’t tell me how to dress. I called mum in Sydney and she said if it was a soiree I should dress formerly. I raced off to the suit hire shop but the only suit for my size, as my shoulders are wide for my waist measurement, was this white one. I was about to walk off when the female shop assistant said with my good looks and blond curls I’d look incredibly handsome in a white suit and would bowl over my girlfriend’s family, especially the mother.”

Marcia said, “Well that woman was 100% right with that advice.”

“Is that the reason why none of the younger guys haven’t spoken to me?”

“Yes Ned and their partners probably said that you looked so sexy and they wanted to hug you because you looked so cute.”

“Bugger me, those guys consider I’m a womanizer.”

“Yes, probably but never mind. As far as Dana is concerned, you did it for her. You know Ned, I now think it’s fate that has drawn you two together. I’ll introduce you to my two friends and before you leave this evening consider asking my daughter to move in with you. I will encourage her to do so because you two appear the perfect match.”

“Thanks for your support,” Ned said, squeezing her hand.

“Ooh, Neddie,” Marcia simpered.


The End

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