Nude at Daisy Dell

Nude at Daisy Dell

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


In the summer before going to university, a male 18-year-old spies on a glorious nude at Daisy Dell touching herself. Later he returns to the dell where he will lose his virginity to an experienced female of his age.


In the summer before going to university, a male 18-year-old spies on a glorious nude at Daisy Dell touching herself. Later he returns to the dell where he will lose his virginity to an experienced female of his age.


Submitted: June 15, 2017

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Submitted: June 15, 2017



Chapter 1

For a while, the vision remained front-of-mind and Gary Elder suspected he’d never forget that time when he saw Sue Oliver in a small field shaped like a bowl with the grass peppered with daisies.

She was bathed in soft late-afternoon sunlight and was nude.

He stood beneath a low hanging tree and assumed she couldn’t see him.

The 18-year-old  guy gaped as Sue leaned back slightly and gazing upward, spread out her straw-coloured hair widely behind her as if she were acting in a school play as the Fairy Queen.

Gary’s mouth ran dry.

He closed his mouth, and churned up replacement saliva and thought his tongue had thickened. Why was that?

His dick began to stiffen too but there was nothing unusual about that these days. 

He gazed in disbelief when Sue floated her hair free and her hands dropped on to her small tits and his eyes widened as both thumbs and fingers each pinched around a nipple and stretched flesh upwards.

Gary felt like touching his dick, but resisted.

He was uncomfortable, thinking if Sue peered hard enough in his direction she might spot him and go berserk, although it appeared her mind was fixed on herself. The left tit was now being squeezed and rubbed while her other hand was rubbing between her legs.

Holy cow, she was frigging it!

Gary had seen fully nude females before.

The first time he’d seen more than usual bared flesh of each of his sisters they’d gone nuts but these days either ignored him or young Beth would simply turn away while Diane running true to form would snarl at him to piss off or say something really foul and appear ready to hit him.

His mother, on the other hand, was totally cool about him walking in when she was partly dressed and he’d even seen her large tits a few times and once she’d even waggled them at him provocatively and that sent him fleeing. He seemed to have grown up with her being relaxed with him and once he would have caught and eyeful of her bared pussy but she’d hastily held a hand over it, blocking his view, However, her huge smile told him she was totally okay with the situation.

Just the other day, he’d been sitting on the sea wall when Lily Holt came up and sat almost against him and they chatted casually with him, wondering why she was sitting almost on top of him.

Then without warning, she pulled aside her top, just enough to allow him to see a breast in her bra and she calmly invited him to slip the boob out of the holder and lick it.

But he chickened, and said someone might see them.

Lily claimed she was attracted to him and that she would like to have sex with him sometime. He managed to splutter okay.


Sue’s hand was now moving faster, confirming that she really was frigging it.

Ever so slowly, Gary inched around the base of the tree and froze when Sue shouted something. He then realized she was yelling to herself, ‘Come on, come on.”

He slid around the trunk, totally concealed from her, and slammed a hand against his bulge and knew instantly it was the thickest he’d ever felt it.

His smile said everything.

The urge to toss off seized his senses, He unzipped and got the fucker in his hand, closed his eyes and went to work.

Minutes later when zipping up his pants, Gary looked cautiously around the trunk, his heart pounding. But Sue was done, bending over facing away from him and wiping herself with her panties.

“Nice arse,” Gary whispered, and ghosted away through the plantation knowing he’d experienced one of the biggest intimacies of his life.

Gary, due to begin university in a few weeks, thought that tomorrow he’d walk along the beachfront where he might spot Lily and perhaps miraculously he would summons the courage to somehow convince her to teach him how to please a girl in the way that would compel her to seize him to become physical involved. Oh yeah?  He knew all about pussy and sexual intercourse but had yet to go all the way.

Gee, although they’d not touched and were at team ten yards away from each other, he’d never forget seeing his first sexily active nude. Sue had the most glorious body and he hoped if the conditions were right she’s spot him and invite him over to touch her bared pussy, um really stroke it, and if he did a good job perhaps she might invite him to do more.

Lily was nowhere to be seen on the beachfront and on the main shopping street.

Gary knew he’d have to concentrate on achieving intimacy with either Lily or Sue if he were to make the breakthrough to go all the way. He first concentrated on achieving a follow up with Sue. He went to the dell around 4:00 the next three afternoons but was disappointed that she failed to appear and perform erotically.

He decided to never think of her again.

But that night he decided to return just once more.

Next afternoon he returned to his hiding place in the dell and she was there, nude and on her back among the daisies.

The shock ripped through him.

That arsehole Freddy Smith was hunched over Sue, her banging her.

Freddy comically still had his pants on, albeit down around his ankles and hadn’t removed his sneakers and socks and he appeared close to collapsing at the elbows.

“You fucking useless amateurs,” Gary yelled jealously as he disappeared into the plantation, attempting to visualise the panic of those two as they climbed to their feet, holding their hands over exposed genitalia and staring around wildly trying to see who’d caught them out.

“You fucking spoiler,” he chortled, keeping his voice down, and then thought he’d been horribly unkind.

He turned sad, knowing he had every reason to forget Sue and her glorious body.


In the dying days of summer, Gary became aware that he no longer wacked off at times thinking of Sue Oliver nude and alone in that field of daisies touching herself so magnificently like a Fairy Queen or a virginal princess.

Fucking Freddy Smith… why do smoothies like him have all the luck?

It was no use thinking of Sue as she and many other of their former classmates would soon be at distant universities or other training providers, carving out their new life. Sue was history, just like his former high school.

Oh yeah, fucking smooth Freddy with his formidable brain power had already left for Boston, Massachusetts, to begin studies in the autumn intake with the intention of gaining a doctorate in technology research. Before Freddy left for America his wealthy parents arranged for their son’s closest friends to a swanky dinner in a private room at the town’s top restaurant and Gary was one of the six males and eight female friends who were there.

He found out from Freddy’s sister that Sue Oliver hadn’t been invited as she wasn’t one of her brother’s close friends and he’d been surprised to find himself rated as a close friend.

Yeah, well Freddy was okay and the day before Freddy left, he and Gary went on their final weekly 15-mile fitness bike ride together.

Two days later, Lily Holt who’d been at that farewell party arrived at the Elder’s front door and excited Mrs Elder no end by asking to see Gary.

She sat Lily in the front room and went off and found Gary on the tiny back lawn attempting to teach the family dog to jump over the clothes basket.

“That amazing singer Lily Holt is here asking for you,” his mother cooed, flushed and almost panting.

“Yeah, and what does she want?”

“How would I know, to go roller skating perhaps or a walk along the beach front.”

“Has she grown tits yet?”

Gary laughed as he easily ducked under his mum’s angrily swung slap.

“Damn you Gary, you never could stay still to be hit. What a repulsive thing to say about Lily. Just use your eyes, she’s equipped to easily nurse twins.”

“What? Oh, I think I know what you mean. I thought you once said Lily was too cultured for me?”

“Well that was then and this is now. I guess she’s here to invite you to take her somewhere.”

“Where to, a concert?”

“At this time of day Gary, don’t be daft. She might have the urge to really befriend you.”

Gary frowned and then teased, “What for – sex?”

His mother nodded and watched his son’s mouth drop open.

She said, “Put a shirt on and wash your face and hands and comb your hair and then go to her and speak nicely and for goodness sake don’t tease her or attempt to put her down. Off you go… it could be your time Gary.”

Gary shrugged and strode off, wondering what the hell did his mum mean it could be his time.

His time? His mind clicked and he thought, Christ, did she mean the time to lose his virginity as only a week ago Lily had invited him to pull out her breast and play with it. Nah, his mother wouldn’t know about anything like that.

He turned to look at her, and gaped. She was standing dabbing at his eye with the back of her hand and she lifted her arm and completed a pathetic wave.

Gary raced off to put on a shirt and tidy himself up.


“Oh, hi Gary, your mum found you.”

“Yeah, what do you want?”

Lily. look disappointed momentarily and then said, “It’s lovely to see you again Gary.”

“What? Oh yeah, thanks. You’re looking great. Come on, let’s go somewhere.”

“Where to?”

“Dunno, it’s too late for the pictures.”

Lily looked surprised and said, “You would be prepared to sit through a movie with me?”

“Yeah, providing it wasn’t too sloppy,” he said, holding out his hand and pulling Lily to her feet.

“Ooh, you feel so strong Gary,” Lily said almost musically.

As they walked off, Gary asked why had she looked surprised when he mentioned going to a movie.

“Because we regard you as a boy’s boy.”

“I’m not a fucking queer,” Gary said angrily.

“No, no. It doesn’t mean that – oh Gary I apologize that you took it that way.”

“Okay but who is ‘we’?”

“My girlfriends. There are several types of guys around our age – chaps who are creeps, chaps who act like Romeo’s and butter up to a girl offering milkshakes and that sort of stuff and having one thing in mind and then there are guys who are genuinely not interested in females at this time of life and who kick around just with guys.”

“Ah, you mean I socialize with guys err socially?”

“Exactly, and that’s why you merely acknowledge me… you never appear to notice me.”

“I guess that’s fair comment,”

“But Gary I want you to notice me. I have this crush on you and…”

“What, um I know what a crush means in this context but why me?”

“Most other guys don’t stand out to me like you do.”

“Lily this is getting heavy. I guess I’m not your average lovey-dovey guy.”

“No, you’re not. You’re strong and courageous and good-looking…”


“Yes, Gary Elder, even your name rings my bell. Omigod, I didn’t mean to go beyond admitting I have a crush on you. I didn’t intend to embarrass you.”

“You’re not embarrassing me as I can take some girl’s stuff knowing they think differently to guys but I’m bewildered, why me?”

They were heading for the foreshore and there was no one close by to overhear them.

“Gary, I’ll be straight with you. I’ve been experimenting in sex and… and it’s been rather disappointing, I mean not entirely what I’d expecting.”

“You mean with girls or guys.”

Lily laughed and hooked her arm in his and ignored the fact that Gary was looking down at their linked arms questionably.

“That’s another thing I like about you Gary. The way you can mix humour, succinctness and directness made you a standout in our class. I admit having petted some of my girlfriends and really got down to it with a couple of them but that’s behind me now, I guess. My focus now is on guys.”

“Your frankness is touching.”

“There you go again,” Lily said, squeezing his arm.

They laughed and laughed louder when she added, “At least you didn’t thump me after I suggested I may have been a pussy licker.”

“Perhaps I should check between your teeth for remains of old feminine hair?”

Lily swung around into her and stared up at him and said, “Check my teeth then.”

He tried to push her away but she resisted and he said that had been him joking.

“I know, kiss me since you’ve got me in this position.”

Gary was about to retort she’d got herself into that position but instead kissed her fully on her lips, surprising himself.

“That was our first kiss.”

“Yeah,” Gary admitted. “And you kiss great.”

They resumed walking and Lily said, “Why didn’t you stroke my boob when invited the other day?”

“I might not be the tough-arse you might think I am. I panicked because I guess there was no preamble, making it a tough call for me to continue and I just chickened out.”

Lily said curiously, “And you thought it was the guy who should be initiating the moves?”

“That would have been at the back of my mind I guess because that’s the usual thinking.”

Lily said she built up enough courage to allow herself to hit on Gary as she’d figured he’d not think of hitting on her.

“That makes sense and good on you.”

Lily said carefully, “And you really believe that.”

“Yeah of course. I jacked off that night thinking about you and me pulling out your tit. Um I didn’t know females sometimes refer to them as boobs.”

“Well they do, in certain circumstances will expansively use the word tits when getting intimate with a guy. It’s easy for me because I don’t regard it an offensive word as many females do.”

“That’s my thinking too. Breast is okay as is boob but tit and especially tits sounds more exotic to me. That’s much the same with penis, cock and dick.”

“So, you don’t mind me calling your pisser your dick?”

“Be my guest.”

“I’d like you to push your dick into me.”

Gary tensed.

“Calm down Gary, it’s me Lily at your side, not some whore with clap.”

Gary laughed nervously and as he relaxed Lily asked, “Are you a virgin?”

“Hell no,” he smiled.

“Is that the truth?”

He didn’t reply and she said, “It’s okay, I’ll be more direct. Would you like me to assist you to lose your virginity?”

He nodded.


Gary croaked, “Now.”

“We don’t have to rush,” Lily said. “We still have almost three weeks before we begin travelling 32 miles daily to our university.”

“Now, I’d like to fuck you now.”

“Great, at the back of my mind I’d thought today would be great. Do you have condoms?”

Gary’s head bowed.

“Fortunately, I packed two in my coin purse before I left home for your place. Mum began leaving a box of them in my top draw about three years ago.”

“That’s brilliant,” Gary said, “I’m really switching on to you.”

He swung Lily around and kissed her on the forehead and whispered, “Touch my dick.”

“Omigod, although it’s still slack, it may be too large for me.”

“You cute liar,” he laughed, pushing out his chest.

 “We have a longish walk ahead of us but I promise you it will be worth it providing you believe you’d like being fucked on a small field of daisies.”

“What Mystic Dell? One of my close friends told me about it.”

“Could be. In recent times, I’ve been there with um three girls, on three separate occasions of course, Each time I got to the point of insertion before being denied entry due to panic.”

“Oh, poor boy. This time you’ll go all the way and in as deep as your wish. This must be Daisy Dell that Sue Oliver referred to as her secret place for sunbathing. She told a few of us that she took her secret lover there recently before he left for America but the occasion was ruined by some old pervert spying on them and shouting they were amateurs in the art of fucking.”

“Oh, how dreadful, what a despicable thing to do,” Gary said, sounding either sympathetic or ashamed.

“Indeed,” Lily said. “This will give you a hard-on. I think Sue should have run after that sick bastard and if she caught him she ought to have bitten out his testicles.”

“Oh god, after listening to that I might fail to achieve an erection.”

“Don’t worry Gary, I’m in the process of gaining deep sexual experience. I’ll take you in hand, lovingly.”

Lily brushed her hand over his groin and gasped, “Omigod Gary, it’s growing. Let’s hurry to this private place.”


The End

© Copyright 2021 Grigor McGregor. All rights reserved.

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