Mamma Mia Mom

Mamma Mia Mom

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Birthday Boy is greeted by the sight of his sultry mom in the family’s private garden. It's the only son's 20th birthday and he eyes his mom, who is nude picking flowers. His mind runs wild. Tension builds between mother and son after her hot kiss and she appears to pull back. But when they are alone at last, they begin touching and it progresses slowly until incest occurs, apparently with no regrets.


Birthday Boy is greeted by the sight of his sultry mom in the family’s private garden. It's the only son's 20th birthday and he eyes his mom, who is nude picking flowers. His mind runs wild. Tension builds between mother and son after her hot kiss and she appears to pull back. But when they are alone at last, they begin touching and it progresses slowly until incest occurs, apparently with no regrets.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Mamma Mia Mom

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 26, 2017



Chapter 1

Shortly after daybreak, Randall went quietly into his parents’ bedroom to be kissed by his mother who’d be awake.

It was his 20th birthday.

She wasn’t there but the French doors to the terrace were open and he knew where she was: his mom loved to smell the flowers.

Bellanca Rossi as she was until his father Paul, newest of her boyfriends, began calling her Blanche and five years later when she was eighteen, marriage to Paul changed her surname name to DeRosa.

Until then, Blanche had spent her entire life living on her extended family’s commercial flower farm.

Newly married, she lived in a dingy apartment with Paul who worked by day in the accounts department of a bookstore. Most nights and weekends he studied under a distance learning program to complete his MBA degree.

Three months into her marriage, the hapless office cleaner Blanche found new employment as a recording clerk at a big flower market. Her life blossomed again and she eventually became general manager of the flower market and holds that position to this day.

Blanche had wonderful spirit and claimed she regenerated it by being with flowers. Randall’s pragmatic father would call that bullshit and brush aside her arm when she’d ask him to smell the flowers she was holding.

Randall had grown to learn that his mom was a romantic and would sing when new flowers bloomed within the walled garden of their luxurious home in the heart of the city. However, she wouldn’t be overly saddened when they died because she had this understanding of regeneration.

His father had prospered, now offering management services to three businesses and being a substantial stockholder in all three, knew a great deal about business but found difficulty in understanding concepts that his wife spoke about such as mortality, business ethics and natural regeneration.

Randall had thrilled his mom with his quick absorption of everything she tried to teach him, unlike his younger and very musical sister Christi unless it was connected to the Italian language had a question relating to one of the Italian songs her mother had learned from her immigrant parents.

It frustrated Blanche to accept she could make little headway with either teenager in teaching them what she knew about human biology, in particularly sexual instruction to try to make them safer ‘out there’.

Christi would smile at her and just hum softy, leaving her mom in no doubt she was blocking her mind as if indicating her mind was already ‘out there’, whereas her son would just sit and listen, his face screwed up as if he were being tortured and was on the verge of fatal embarrassment.

Today he carried the notion that he was now a man.

The birthday boy went on to the terrace and swallowed, eyeing the bare ass of his mother leaning over to smell a bedding flowering the small walled garden. Over the years, Randall had seen the occasional bared breast and flash of bare ass and long shapely leg. But here she was entirely unclothed.

He had no memory of ever seeing his mom totally nude. When he was, um, yeah sixteen and he’d taken coffee and toast into her on Sunday, her birthday and then something happened that he would long remember.

The top of the sheet slipped from her fingers as she sat up to greet him. She’d seen him glance at the exposed breast and look away. She said softly, “Would you like to kiss it?”

Holy shit, he’d thought.  She’d said that in almost normal strength voice with his father right beside her.

Randall waited for all hell to break loose but all there was nothing but silence except for his father’s heavy breathing. His mom waited, with a cute smile and one eyebrow raised. He’d thrust the tray at her and took off for the door, her light laugh continuing to haunt him hours.

Jeepers, she had been serious about him kissing um it. e’d Hhh

He’d seen numerous breasts since them and some girls had attempt to ram a breast down his throat and he’d fucked some girls and licked and bit their spongy chests but none had breasts as perfect as his mother’s. No way.

“Happy birthday darling,” his mom said lightly, cutting off another white rose from the cluster of standard rose bushes in pots on the terrace with colorful bedding plants sharing the pot.

She’d not turned around to identify him but that wasn’t difficult to compute: his dad wouldn’t bother to come out to join her and Christi would bound out and squawk “Mamma” instead of mommy, and tell her to put on a robe.

“Nice butt,” Randall said, thinking it but not having decided to say it; it had just popped out.

He accepted the lapse without concern, considering that as another example his self-confidence was on the rise, or was awakening, as his mom would probably say.

“God. a compliment like that from you,” she said, turning and smiling divinely.

Randall had to struggle to cope… the shock rocked him.

His mom was thirty-nine and big into yoga and healthy eating. The body he was eyeing was okay, in fact very okay. Some girls his age even with modest-size tits had more sag than his mother.

She’d turned holding the flower basket over ‘it’ but then pulled the basket aside to display ‘it’ to him.

Her pussy had pouty lips and all the hair was gone apart from an inch-wide strip of clipped black hair that rose perhaps three inches above it. One of his casual girlfriends had informed him that remaining hair was called the landing strip.


His mom smiled. “Well what do you think big boy? You are a man now and ought to have an opinion.”

“Your body…”

He struggled and then it came to him, a phrase he recalled her teaching him many years earlier, he thought from memory and seemed to remember it meant looking extra good, really classy.

“Una madre di bella vista [A beautiful sight mother].”

To Randall’s astonishment, his mom blushed. She bent to drop the flower basket and rushed him. She kissed him deeply and her tongue entered his mouth. He could feel her from chest to knees with most pressure at groin level.

He pulled away, eyeing her nervously, and watched almost mesmerized as his mother’s breasts rose and fell with her accelerated breathing.


“I know. I’m your mother, not your whore. Let me get dressed darling and I’ll do your favorite omelet.”

They entered the bedroom where Randall was relieved to find his father was snorting in the process of stirring from sleep.

In the kitchen, he waited, occasionally sipping iced water. His mind worked furiously over what his mom had said. She hadn’t said, ‘I know I’m your mother, not your whore’. She’d made ‘I know’ into a separate sentence as if expressing regret.

He straightened his dick in his jeans as it was attempting to rise but was doubled up. Wow his mom was making him feel sexy.


Blanche entered the kitchen and stopped and pulled up the front of her short skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties.

“Have you seen one of these before darling? I understand guys call them pussies.”

“Yeah,” he said, wishing she’d drop her hem.

“But not this large.”

“Mom it’s cute and actually it’s smallish compared with some of the girls I know.”

That eyebrow was raised again as she said, “The girls you know?”

He said yes sternly, indicating that was the end of that decision but that was ignored.

“So, you’re not a virgin?”

He sighed and told her stop being so embarrassing.

“I’ll not stop till I have that information.”

He sighed. “No mom, there is almost an over-supply of pussy at college.”

“Exactly what does that mean?”

“Mom some of it’s on offer everywhere, dripping and ready for insertion. Some of the girls in my class appeared to want to be fucked three or four times a day and by different guys. They are amateur whores, mom.”


Randall watched his mom slam down the front of her skirt. “And yes mom, I’ve been banging pussy ever since that summer before I started college.”

“But why didn’t you tell me?”

“When did you last tell me when you had your pussy banged?”

“Omigod Randall, that’s enough. You’ve taken me over the top.  Please get out the omelet pan. I’m not bending over in front of you after you talking to me like that.”

“Scared, huh?”

“Not at all. Your father will be here any moment looking for his breakfast before he goes to golf. It’s Saturday.”

“Does dad eat a bigger breakfast after a banging session mom?”

“Yes. The pan please.”

Randall got up from the table and knew his mother’s stimulus had spooked his system. He felt sexually focused and a little more confident to such an extent he made no effort to hide his bulge under his jeans and saw his mom eye it and look away and she smiled. God, she was one hot babe. He’d wanted to think one hot bitch but she was his mother.

He handed her the pan and looked only at her tits and said, “Great tits.”

She took the pan but held that arm with her other hand.

“Darling this morning I set out to try to exorcise some of your shyness and to my astonishment I appear to have succeeded rather better than I expected but then you may have been passing through and age change anyway. Just learn how to use your manliness darling. Few women like being thought of as a sexual target, a target yes but they also prefer that it comes with other qualities of a relationship, however short.”

“Are there other qualities?” her son said straight faced.

Blanche eyed him closely and then decided to give him the benefit of doubt.

“Things like courtesy, nice smiles, unhurriedness if this is about sex, a touch of gentleness and a willingness to engage conversationally without any evidence of sneers or superiority.”

Randall, with his hormones jiggling about like this, wasn’t in the mood to be lectured.

“Mom you were just looking at the bulge of my erection. Do I appear to be bigger than dad?”

Blanche turned a little so she could observe the doorway leading to the bedroom passage.

She said quietly with no sign of embarrassment, “Size is not everything.”

“I know. Your tits look better than huge tits.”

The noise Blanche made sounded like a gasp.

“Come on mom, don’t hold out on me.”

“Pull it out and show me.”


Blanche turned steely.

“Don’t back off. You asked me and I won’t answer until I have the information I need.”

Randall’s indecisiveness was back.

“Come on.”

Painfully slowly he unzipped, reached in and pushed down the top of his briefs and hauled out his cock and balls.

“Omigod who’s been feeding you,” said his mom, laughing and her eyes fixed on her son’s meat. “Quickly get it away.”

As Randall stuffed it back, wincing, his mom said, “I want you never to goad your father by saying you dick is bigger than his.”

“And that’s you confirming to me that it is.”

“Yes, but Randall I don’t want you to ever…”

“Gotcha, mom. I promise I never will. Could you take all of me?”

“That’s disgusting and you should be ashamed of talking to your mother like that. Go back at sit at the table and wait for your omelet.”

Cross with himself, Randall sat, knowing he should never have said that. His timing and bad choice of moment were way off. Yet he had this impression his mom’s comment that she was his mom, not his whore, was stated purposefully or perhaps inadvertently and indicated she was interested in him sexually.

She was confusing him.

Oh boy, imagine screwing his mother or at least being screwed by her if she would go that far? He remembered at high school two guys received overnight notoriety claiming they’d fucked their moms and three others claimed they’d fucked their sisters and aunts and he’d noticed some more guys were looking more sheepish than embarrassed and didn’t take part in the discussion. 

Wow, he’d not rationalized that before; like most of the guys he’d been waiting hoping to hear from the loud-mouths what it was like hanging out of your mother. It also appeared some senior guys were ramming female tutors the age of their mothers or even older.

What did this mean?

He had no idea and though there were some advantages in being sexually naïve because too much knowledge produced extra baggage that could make you worry and lay off females all together. Then what would you be called?

Christi his sister came in scratching the back of her hip and that pulled up the top of her short nightdress. She had panties under it, very brief ones, and Randall spotted some hairs protruding. Eh? They appeared ginger and yet she was very dark blonde.

“Christi go back and pull on a gown. Your brother is in here?”

They talked ignoring Randall but that wasn’t unusual.

“Mom he only goes for sex-crazed hotties like Fiona Walsh and Barbara Mercer. Anyway, he smells too sweaty for my liking. Get him to shower more and buy him a male fragrance like Clean Men.”


The eighteen-year old came right over to Randall. “Hi Birthday Boy.”

The kiss on his lips was dry and, well flat. Not juicy and charged with some kind of force like his mother’s kiss had felt earlier and that had been before she tongued him.

Checking that their mom was busy Christi whispered, “Do you want a real kiss or do you want to suck this,” she asked, pulling out a tit.

“Nah. too small. Let me lick your cunt?”

“Mom, Randall is saying rude things to me, disgusting things.”

“That’s you fault. Go and put a gown on. Have you pulled out a breast?”

“Nah, it just slipped out when I finished kissing Birthday Boy. I’m going.”

“Darling you really shouldn’t frighten your brother like that. He doesn’t have the concept of his sister beginning to develop signs of sexuality.”

Randall seized the moment for payback.

“She smells of pussy mom.”

“Christ, you two. Your father will go berserk if he hears us carrying on like this.”

“What will father do?” Paul asked, entering the kitchen.

“The kids want to dine at a hotel tonight for our son’s birthday treat rather than at a local restaurant. I was telling them to lay off in case they made you go berserk and carry on about a waste of money,” said Blanche, lying expertly.

“No, it’s fine. Book a table at the Grand Chancellor and if they say they are full remind them I have a business account with them. Christi, go and get a robe on or else stay out of the kitchen.”

“Yes dad. God the Chancellor. That’s the top eating hole in this city.”

“Actually, our dining room has that reputation pet. But your mother will enjoy dressing up. Your brother graduates next year and will then fuck off. We should treasure him while we have him.”

“Oh, Paul darling,” Blanche said, sucking up to him in a hug the way he liked. “And here was I thinking I was the only romantic in this family.”

He liked hearing that too.


Before going to bed that night, Randall took one last look at the new set of golf clubs his parents had given him. He’d made the B-team at college and the head coach said with only a small improvement in consistency Randall could become an A-team reserve player. These new clubs were superior to his existing set and the coach had gone with Paul to buy them.

Christi had given him three kinds of shower gel and two bottles of male fragrances. There was also something small in the bottom of the bag that she’d whispered to him to open it in private.

Alone in the bedroom, Randall unwrapped the package and read the note: ‘Bro if you know what this is you might like to try it on me sometime.’

He looked at the cheap slim vibrator that had come without batteries and grinned and tried it in his nostril and then began eating it. It was made of chocolate. Christi’s thinking was becoming more um sophisticated; that girl was really growing up.

After showering, Randall dried and padded to his bed, thinking that had been a great night with his family His somewhat serious father had been in such a happy mood. He imagined right now his dad would be plowing his wife.

Randall noticed something under the light top bedding that appeared lumpy, something quite small. He pulled back the bedclothes and looked down at a pair of white lace and cream panties.


He lifted them up and thought no, they were a smaller size.

His mother’s!

And they weren’t freshly laundered.

Randall held them to his nose and sniffed deeply. Ah so that was the scent of his mother? She appeared to becoming very determined to fuck him. If he was right about that it was up to him to either allow it to happen or to deny her.

Oh boy, what a decision to be made. If he allowed it to happen, would it taint their relationship irrevocably? And destroy the foursome as a family unit if he and his mother were found out? Would he carry the guilt of the incestuous relationship to the grave? Did his mom know was she was doing and did she have a clear understanding of why she was doing it? Why should he feel guilty if they did it?

He had no idea of the answers, absolutely no fucking idea at all. But the thought that was looming in his mind was he truly didn’t think it would be morally wrong to fuck his mother. The only thing that struck him morally was it would be betraying his father’s trust.

Randall lay on his bed and, wrapping the panties around his erection began jerking off. He found it difficult to keep focused and even trying to visualize working to squeeze into his mom’s pussy failed to run though his mind like a video strip because his mind was all over the place like a yo-yo. He felt his balls churning and boggled as a supercharged wad of discharged semen curved over his head to splat on the wall. Wow, his cock had blasted like a cannon. He moved his head to avoid the second and third bursts landing on his face and messing his hair.

Christ, thinking his mom had gotten him over-sexed.

Next morning, he placed the panties in the basket in the laundry, resisting attaching a note to them. Christi also used the laundry.

All next day he waited nervously for his mom to have a crack at him. But there was no sign of foreplay. That morning she’d cheerfully delivered her normal motherly kiss and she’d stroke his face, but she’d been doing that for years.

How the hell could he fuck her if she no longer appeared interested?

He miserably accepted he had no understanding of women and sulked because his long weekend was coming to a close and he would leave to return to college at 6:00 in the morning; it was a 3-hour drive away and with luck he’d arrive back just in time for his first scheduled lecture.

Mid-afternoon when his parents were out visiting the Wilkinson’s, Randall wandered into Christi’s room. She was in a bra and panties, using and electrical clamp-like thing and pulling it slowly down her hair.

“What do you want?”

He said to thank her again for her birthday presents. He hadn’t realized he had a BO problem.

“Well I really was setting out to embarrass you,” she said. “The truth is you are nowhere as bad as some guys. In your case, it’s just a mild management thing. Some guys will always stink, like billy goats.”

“I guess it’s a bit like cunts and armpits with females.”

Christi giggled.

“What are you doing?”

“Using a flat iron to straighten my hair, hopefully without damaging it.”


“So, my hair looks nicer and moves freely rather than hangs matted.”

“Do you do use that thing on your short hairs?”

Christi told him to fuck off.

“Why? I’m genuinely interested. A guy has to know these things to avoid appearing ignorant to his babe.”

Christi considered that and put down the iron. She turned around and pulled her panties to one side, revealing her pussy.

“That’s rather a cute pussy. Some of them I see are real ugly. Does mom know you clip it?”

“No and neither should you. Exactly why are you here?”

“To thank you for your presents and, um, to ask you to show me your sex toys and tell me about them.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“No of course not. I’m eager for understanding.”

“I bet you want to see me cream myself.”

“Yeah that too if you wish. It’s up to you. You can even let me do it to you to really get you off, if you wish.”

“Then you don’t know how to use a toy on a girlfriend.”

“No, I fucked your friend Sonja last summer and she had a plug in her ass. That’s the closest I’ve ever been to a toy.”

“You fucked Sonja? But she has a boyfriend and we know her as the Iron Maiden.”

“Yeah, well perhaps she saw me differently than the way you and your friends do. It was that time you asked me to drop in some DVDs to her when I was going to the golf driving range.”

“I can’t believe this. We are talking about the same Sonja I know?”

“Yes, Sonja Mitchell. She answered the door wearing a bikini and she asked me in and said her parents were busy stoning and freezing early peaches. We stood in the lounge talking and saw me looking at her tits and she looked very serious. She said in a kind of far-away voice that Randall DeRosa wouldn’t be interested in her small puppies and I said she shouldn’t say that. I thought they were cute and asked her to show them to me.”

Christi stared at her brother, mouth open.

“She removed her bikini top rather than just lift it and I said wow, they were perfectly shaped.

Her mouth fell open and she said but I’d never shown any interest in her in all the years she’d been here with you and I said that’s because I wasn’t aware she had such a great body. She grabbed me and kissed me and heated up very quickly and then whispered should she get a condom.”

“Omigod and you two did it on the carpet…”

“Over the end of the sofa actually. She was tight but beautifully squishy. I was out of the house and on my way without her parents knowing their daughter had entertained a visitor so delightfully.”

“Omigod. Um are you interested in shafting me?”

“I could be.”

“What about mom?”

Alarm bells rang and Randall said smoothly, “Are you crazy. She’d my mother.”

“Oh, so you don’t fuck anything that moves?”

“No way and I’ll think about your invitation to shaft you.”

“My invitation?”

“Yes, that was what it was I reckon or have you withdrawn the offer?”

“Um good no.  If Sonja wanted to have sex with you she obviously must see something in you. I’ll get my box of toys.”

“Today I just wish to learn how to shove things into a woman to make her happy. Meanwhile I really have to think about fucking you and you need to think about urging me to do it.”

“Aw, Randall.”

“I’m your brother Christi. I wish to be sure you are confident us being together like that and consider would you be mentally scarred in any way.”

Christi explained the six devices to Randall.

He had pushed a dildo well into Christi and she’d lifted her legs together up high and he was lubing her anus ready to loop the end of the dildo into the smaller opening when they heard the garage doors go up.

“Fuck off,” she said, now sounding tense. “God that was so beautiful. Mom and dad are home early because you leave at 6:00 in the morning for college.”


During the night, Randall awoke to the feel of smooth legs sliding alongside his shoulders and then to close against his cheeks.

Christi or Blanche?

He recognized the scent of his mother.

“Hi, you’re awake,” she said. “Just lick me tonight. I wish to cream into your mouth. My thinking is we should progress this slowly. What do you think?”

“Mother knows best.”

She giggled and reached back and cupped his balls and at the same time lowered her pussy until it just touched Randall’s lips.

His tongue tip emerged and slid along her slit, picking up a couple beads of moisture.

Blanche had the other hand on the headboard to steady herself and the other hand had come off his balls and was now worrying his left nipple.

Randall wet one of his fingers with cunt juice mixed with his saliva and she jumped when that finger tapped at her anus.

“Oh, great joy,” she whispered. “You know about that hole of delight even at your tender age?”

She parted her legs wider to give him improved access. Randall smiled. He was quite adept at fingering an asshole. Would his mom’s butt eventually take his dick’s anal virginity?

Randall felt a wave of emotion for his mom. It was too soft to be lust. Was it love or just affection?

He worked in only his smallest pinkie, not wishing to diminish the main show. He was having sex for the first time with his mother and she’d chosen to start with cunnilingus and he wished to perform well as to take her to a memorable peak because it was not every day a woman wanted her son to start a sex history with her.

Blanche smelt good and the taste of her wetness appealed to her son more and more as he settled into his work. As he progressed she reached behind and he felt a finger circling around his anus and then she worked them into a sixty-nine, with her on top.

Randall climaxed first and couldn’t believe she had not pulled away when he began firing into her mouth. For some time felt his semen dribbling on to him and then she let out a low cry as she came over his face. There was a pause and she made no effort to clean herself or him.

He loved it.

 “That was soooo lovely,” she wheezed and began moving.

He thought she’d climb off and leave.

But no. She turned around and still on top of him slid down and licked his half-mast dick clean and it thickened in her hand and mouth. She patted his cock affectionately whispered no more, that she’d had a small and satisfying start that hoped would lead to bigger things over time.

Blanche tongued him in a deep kiss and then left, making no comment about the residue of their fluids over his face and in his mouth although she was wiping her mouth

In the bathroom, Randall thought with great satisfaction, “My mother loves to fuck.”

Later when in bed he acknowledged she had fucked brilliantly and hopefully with more revelations to come. He wondered if his mom also fucked his sister.


Chapter 2

The following weekend Randall accompanied a college pal who also went home at weekends.

Both David’s mother and sister Glenys looked as if possible they would be susceptible to being invited to play around a bit but neither really pressed for it. Randall thought if anything went wrong it would probably end his friendship with David. He decided a couple of casual fucks were of less value than a good friendship and smiled, thinking this must be what older people called ‘mature thinking’.

God if he found some college kid had fucked his mom he’d feel like killing the asshole. Well perhaps that too was mature thinking.

When they left to return to college, David said, “Glenys told me she would have had sex with you if you’d hit on her.”

Randall patted the steering wheel of his small Ford in delight.

“Pal, to tell you the truth, the tough decision these days is who not to fuck.”

David leaned forward until stopped by his seatbelt.

“Oh yeah? Tell me how you are trawling for it successfully?”

“I don’t pal, it finds its way to me. Look if you are not making much headway I suggest you talk to your mother.”

David looked shocked and said no way would he fuck his mother.

“No pal, and I’m right with you on that. But how would you feel if she offered to jerk you off, you know to relieve you?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“Well here are some tips. Tell your mom all your pals appear to be banging girls and none are coming your way.”

“What good will come out of that?”

“Your mom might talk to some of the moms who might push their daughter or their son your way.”

“Their sons?”

“Just kidding pal. No, their daughter. Mothers like their daughters to be immersed into the ways of flesh soon after their daughters turn eighteen. Oh, if the moms learn you are looking for it, they may well stop and give you a lift but detour on the way to park.”

“You mean… Omigod.”

“It’s a great thought isn’t it buddy?”

“Th-they might be too big for me.”

“Who long are you David?”

David murmured almost six and a half.

“That’s plenty except for a few bitches who are too wide and too much overweight but they might like being fisted.”

“Fisted? What’s that?”

“Look David, you really ought to sit down with your mother and get the information you need. Ask her does she think six and a half is sufficient but for fuck sake don’t mention mothers otherwise she might send you to a monastery.”


“It doesn’t matter. Now if she turns red faced when you mention cock size and she tells you to go ask your father, you say what the hell is the use of that? You need a women’s perspective and then when she calms ask her everything you wish to know.”

“When should I ask her?”

“Probably the best time is when your father is late coming home and she’s sitting at the table alone and drinking gin. Or when she’s in the bedroom brushing her hair is a good time; mothers get dreamy and philosophical at such times.”

“How do you know all this?”

“I have a mother.”

“Oh yeah. Gosh I could fuck her.”

“Wash your mouth out your horrible turd.”

“Oh sorry, sorry Randall. I only meant to think that.”

“Yeah well if I catch you at my mom I’ll rip out your balls with my teeth.”

“No worries Randall. Your mom is out of bounds. Um what other tips do you have?”

“Shower twice a day, more if you get hot. And use talc and male fragrances. Most women think most men stink.”

“Twice a day huh? Mom makes me shower only once a week during summer to conserve city water.”

“Obviously, your mom doesn’t want you to be fucked buddy. You must talk to her about that.”

*  *

David and Randall were coming back from field hockey practice late afternoon when Alicia Wells called out to Randall.  He went over to her and when talking looked back and could see David waiting impatiently, probably thinking Alicia would be giving it to Randall and once again poor David would go without.

As Randall said goodbye, Alicia said, “Oh wait randy Randall, what about going a round or two with me after dinner tonight.”

“Okay on one condition.”

“Yes, I’ll provide the beers and condoms.”

He grinned and said yes, that too.

The condition is you’ll have to find a willing partner for my pal David Lightfoot.”

“He has a BO problem.”

“Yeah, yeah but change that to had,” Randall lied. “A skin specialist has fixed that, cutting out a couple of rogue sweat glands than were causing the problem.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“I mean it Alicia, no babe for David then no fucks for you.”

She scowled and said she would fix it.

“And at least a B-lister Alicia.”

“God. you are a tough-ass Randall.”


Randall strolled back to David and said, “Sorry that took so long. I was lining up a fuck for you.”

“Yeah, yeah. Pull my good testicle,” David said sourly.

Returning to the suite they shared with two other guys they showered and lolled around with beers and then the Randall’s phone went.

He put it down and grinning, told David to return to the shower and use plenty of soap and after drying use talc on his feet, behind his knees and in his crotch and armpits.

“You date has been organized buddy. She’s Elizabeth Leyland. Jeeze, I wouldn’t mind a swap.”

“You are serious, aren’t you? Alicia has organized Elizabeth for me?”

“Guaranteed. Just before we leave apply plenty of that Master of the Universe fragrance. I told Alicia you smell like a daisy these days ever since your mom had a skin specialist cut out a couple of malfunctioning sweat glands, that were giving you BO.”

“I have BO?”

“Yes, although probably only mildly and probably is the result of not showering frequently in this warm weather. In winter, you smell like a rose.”

“Gee pal, I owe you.”

“In that case, just accept it if I fuck either your sister or your mother or perhaps both. They both keep looking at me with that special look women get.”

“What look is that?”

“They don’t look away when you catch their eye.”

“Wow Randall, you appear to practically have a PhD on knowledge about women and how to manipulate them. Go for my sister or mother but don’t let dad catch you, or do you want him as well.”

“Buddy. you are becoming interesting at last. You are developing a usable humor.”


David returned home half an hour after Randall and was raving about his night, claiming he’d had the fuck of his life.

“That Elizabeth Leyland, when sucking me she repeatedly banged she lips against the root of my cock.”

A few minutes later Randall checked the list of student phone numbers on his computer and went outside and made a phone call.

“Hi Liz.”

“Oh, hi Randall.”

That interested him. He hadn’t said who was calling and she really didn’t know him but appeared to have his number entered in her phonebook.

“When you were walking away with David tonight, I couldn’t help noticing your legs.”

“My legs, but they are nothing compared to Alicia’s.”

“I was thinking sport and hiking. With legs like yours you’d leave Alicia in your wake on a steep hike.”

“What is it that you want Randall?”

“A confidential date.”

He heard her catch her breath. “When?”

“Tomorrow night?”

“Fine I’ll bring beer, condoms and tissues.”

“And something to lie on.”

“Oh yes, of course. And chocolate in case you decide on a full session.”

“Yes right. I’ll meet you in the dark corner of tennis court six at 8:45. Stay at the gates if you are scared of the dark.”

“No, I’ll be fine.”

Um will it be okay if I lick your legs?”

“Omigod, yes Randall. Um what can I do for you?”

“I’ll think of something.”


Randall was a good seven and a half inches and Liz managed to hit her lips against the root of his cock repeatedly.

“Momma Mia Liz,” he gasped repeatedly. No other female at college had managed to do that.”

Randall knew he and David had managed to find a real treasure.

Neither of them had any sport scheduled next Wednesday afternoon. Randall thought he must suggest to David they take Liz on a hike through the woods in Kennedy Canyon. Both of them needed to be reminded that having sex should extend beyond more than just a quick hump in a dark corner of college.

*  *  *

The next weekend Randall drove home thinking who would hit on him, his sister or his mom?

He hoped it would be his mom. Christi wouldn’t be nearly as an exciting coupling despite Christi thinking she was pretty hot.

For one thing, she lacked experienced but she was more like their father whereas Randall knew he had a little of his mother’s Italian temperament. His skin was even like hers, olive. He was aware it has his dark looks, green eyes and smooth olive skin, oh and yes, his smile that caught the attention of females, not every female, but a useful number.

Randall was imagining his mother’s pussy hanging half an inch above his mouth, and dripping, when he cried fuck. He pulled over, waited till the highway was clear and then went back a mile to take the rougher but shorter bypass route he’d missed.

Yes, his mother’s pussy could get him into trouble.

He arrived home quietly and entering the house found the family in the orchard picking early plums.

Christi reached him first, tongue kissed him and giggled and said it was nice to have him home before she went back to work. She was a day student at their local college and he asked her how was it going and she said find, the lectures were shit but the boys were great and she was in the A-swim team for her year and a member of the camera club and was enjoying that.

Blanche who appeared to be wearing only a shirt and a bikini bottom and boots came to him smiling and as they kissed he dropped a hand on the side away from the others and cupped her vulva and pressed.

She said something to him in Italia and whispered the translation when he asked for it: “You teasing little rat.”

He said the word had hadn’t know was teasing. He’d remember it.

“You should spend weekends with your grandparents and have a decent go at learning conversational Italian.”

“But then I wouldn’t have you to keep pestering me for sex.”

She called him a little bastard but giggled. She said she hoped she hadn’t unleashed something that she’d come to regret.

“You shouldn’t regret having your cunt filled with my jizz.”

She looked behind her nervously and turning back whispered, “Enough. God, you can be so awful.”

Randall went between the two lines of plum trees. “Hi dad.”

“Hi our college boy,” said his father, hugging him. “You timed your arrival nicely; we are almost done.”

“I’ll go and set up coffee for the ladies and beers for the men.”

“Well we do get some use out of you. You’re looking well, very well Randall.”

“I’m studying so hard dad.”

His father pulled a disbelieving face.

Just before dinner his mother’s parents arrived unannounced and said they would stay the weekend.

“I’m here to see my grandchildren,” said his grandma. “We never see them.”

“Hi nonna.”

She held out her arms and he went to her obediently.

“Oh, my darling, you need more meat on those bones. I think you are being chased far too much by those sex-starved college girls.”

“The only running the girls would do would be running away from him nonna.”

“Christi please do not speak disrespectfully of your brother. My grandson is developing into god’s gift to women.”

Randall felt quite embarrassed when he saw the way his sister and mother were looking at him. Their stares appeared more depraved than respectful. But with his eagle-eyed grandma around it was unlikely that either of them would get a finger on him.

But the weekend wasn’t a write-off, far from it. Under his grandmother’s direction next day everyone pitch in to cook something for a big banquet that evening and his grandfather produced four bottles of French champagne to start the evening off.

At that Randall’s father produced three bottles of his favorite red wine from his cellar.

Blanche, her mother and Randall began canning sixty-four bottles of plums that evening and grandma left them at it at 10:00 when the end was in sight although the cleaning up would follow. The others who were watching TV decided to go to bed when grandma called in on them to say good night.

Christi arrived and offered to help finish in the kitchen, but her mother said no it was fine. When Christi left, Blanche said, “Ah this is unexpected, we are alone at last.”

Randall heard the sexiness in her voice and then thought it couldn’t have been unexpected for her, not when she had just sent Christi off to bed.

He waited, hopefully.

He watched his mom hitch up her dress and pull off her panties that she stuffed into a kitchen drawer. She smiled at him.


She began to carefully pack seven jars with plums and then they’d pour in syrup before placing the quart bottles into the canner.

“I can handle this alone if you wish to play with me.”

Randall decided need to be told twice. He raced over and closed the door and then returned behind the kitchen bench. They were working facing that door and if anyone came in he wouldn’t be seen. He lifted up the back of her dress.

“Ooh,” she cooed encouragingly.

He kneaded he ass cheeks and thought he ass was more muscular and the skin tighter than many females of his age whose asses he’d massaged.

She pushed back with more oohs.

A couple of minutes later Randall went for it, sliding his mouth towards her pussy with his fingers opening the lips.

Blanche had the experience to know what this was about. She spread her legs wider, pushed out her butt and pushed her lower back down to present better for him.

“Make the most of it,” she called. “I’ve decided this is as far as we go and we finish tonight. You are my son, not my lover.”

Randall pulled his head back to whine, “Aw, mom.”

“The risks of being discovered are too high darling, it’s just not worth it.”

Well how could he argue that?

He pushed in and his tongue found an accommodating pussy, already lubed slightly.

Blanche did her best to avoid excessive movement but had to call a brief halt when she had to place the canner on to the gas ring of the cooker.

She finished preparing the final seven jars and then held Randall back while she turned to watch him at work. Blanche pulled out a breast and played with that at stroked his hair and played with his ear with her other hand.

There was an interruption after twenty-five minutes while she dealt with the finished seven bottles and then loaded the last seven bottles into the canner and turned back to Randall again.

A few minutes later she erupted and he pulled away and stood and spun her around.

“I’m not kissing you with your face dripping like that.”

“Yes, you are,” he grinned, pulling her in close.

She kissed him passionate and licked his face.

“You can treat a woman really swell,” she said, presumably referring the licking he’d given her.

She was obviously worked up erotically and Randall took the risk of rejection. He unzipped and spun her around.

She moved her legs wider.

He pushed into her pussy accompanied by her huge sigh.

Randall began fucking his mom for the first time and she matched his timing in pushing back.

As he’d expected, she was one of his best fucks ever and her control of her body was fantastic. She rubbed her clit and telling him how lovely he was and how such an honor is was to be having sex with her son.

He didn’t expect her to have any regrets about this and he hoped he wouldn’t either. He was kicking his dad in the guts doing this and his dad wouldn’t understand, but yet again perhaps he might although that didn’t mean he would approve.

Blanche began moving her butt with greater urgency.

Randall grabbed a breast and squeezed and both of them began heating up and breathing harder.

They were close.

He made a bet with himself that his mom would be about to smash her mouth against his groin when she next sucked his dick.

She groaned and panted heavily into her climax and squeezed his cock with her cunt, hard enough to makes his eyes water.


He felt as if he was about to blow off the end of his cock.

Sweat was dripping, noise was roaring in his ears.

Randall fell his toes were curling.

The slapping of his moist thighs against her sweating butt now sounded revolting but, well rather nice really.

His eyes felt as if they were spinning.

Blanche reached through and squeezed his boiling balls hard.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Momma mia mom!” he yelled, smothering his mouth into his forearm as he temporarily went blind.

“Magnificent timing my lovely fucker,” Blanche cooed. “The last of the plums are almost done as well. Oh, hasn’t this been such a lovely day.”

Her son nodded, busily thinking he must get her alone with time and isolation on their side and they could fuck themselves to a standstill.

“Oh yeah!”

He blurted.

“What are you on about?”

He grinned and said he agreed, it had been such a lovely day and she was magnificent to fuck, thinking that ought to do it.

Blanche look at him intently and said, “I think I should visit you soon, staying at a hotel near your college.

“Why would you do that mom?”


The End

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