Hooked into Prostitution

Hooked into Prostitution

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Dad dies in vehicle crash inferno, leaving a wife and three daughters whose future together as a family appears bleak. They have a light-bulb type of family meeting to come up with the way for family survival. The mother was a former prostitute and that leads the daughters to back a plan to go into a type of family business to provide a great cash flow.


Dad dies in vehicle crash inferno, leaving a wife and three daughters whose future together as a family appears bleak. They have a light-bulb type of family meeting to come up with the way for family survival. The mother was a former prostitute and that leads the daughters to back a plan to go into a type of family business to provide a great cash flow.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Formation of a Plan

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Submitted: January 15, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 15, 2017



The Town Square in Mosquito Flats, an isolated town in the North Island of New Zealand, was closed one Friday at noon for a fun fair/farmer’s market in honor of the retirement of the three Church sisters.

Josie, Lulu and Rose, now passing their mid-thirties, had closed their business the previous day where they had operated as the community’s highly regarded and hard-working prostitutes.

The dedication and expertize of the three professionals, managed by their mother, was legendary and people – largely former clients – came from up to 100 miles away to Mosquito Flats that sunny afternoon.

To refer to the Church sisters as sluts could risk being run out of town by outraged Mosquito Flats adult citizens.

Sluts these girls were not, the offender would be told and then invited to apologize. If that sounds unusual then so is this: sensible mothers of the community urged their daughters to use the Church sisters as role models – albeit in respect of make-up, posture and decorum.

The three sisters learned many years when attending the wake after their father’s funeral that their mother Hilda had been madam of a brothel in a northern city.

They’d always been under the impression that Hilda had operated a small hotel; that of course could mean the same thing.

Before the speeches at the farewell were due to commence at 2:00 on that gala afternoon, newspaper journalists and a TV news team were interviewing people about the sisters.

Their story originated thirty-six years earlier when Hilda Armstrong, then thirty-three, sold her brothel interests and came to Mosquito Flats to marry Angus Church, the widowed owner of a marginally profitable wood and coal supply business.

A quiet wedding was followed by noisy nights and within a few months Hilda was pregnant with Josephine (Josie). Eighteen months after, twin sisters Rose and Lulu, were born.

Twenty-one years from the birth of the twins, a colorful and at times boisterous family life followed as the Church women developed into a lively group.

Then Angus died needlessly.

He drove at tremendous speed through a police checkpoint stationed to apprehend drunken drivers like him.

Horrified police who’d jumped out of the way of the speeding vehicle heard the violent crash as the dilapidated pickup with radio blaring out country music ploughed into the bridge abutment and sparks from the vehicles electrical system ignited vapor from the ruptured gas tank Angus and his wrecked vehicle were engulfed in an explosion.

*  *

“Girls, we need to talk,” Hilda said when the last visitors left the house after the funeral.

“Yes mother,” they chorused, mindful that Hilda was at low ebb.

Blonde Lulu, the more talkative of the sisters, voiced that concern: “You want to avoid living in eventual squalor so must come up with a plan to avoid that fate.”

“Yes darling, how clever of you. I thought the clever one was Josie.”

“She is mother, but she has to think about it; with me it just comes out of my mouth. They say blondes are birdbrained but Josie of all people says I’m not.”

Hilda yawned under stress but managed a weak smile.

“The situation is this: we own this house freehold. I have received an offer for the coal yard which would allow me to eke out a reasonable living for the remainder of my life, but leaving nothing to endow you girls upon your marriages. That breaks my heart and we need to think of ways to improve our lot significantly.”

Josie came forth with her thoughts.

“We should think creatively because if we make the right choice, through our combined talents, we ought to generate more net income than working individually.”

“That sounds sensible darling,” said her mother.

Lulu endorsed that, her upturned nose positively twitching and green eyes focused on her mother.

“We should use the proceeds from the coal yard to create a popular new business for the town. Perhaps we could train as hair-dressers and open our own saloon.”

“Every woman with a fancy man has her hair saloon or dress shop. The town is oversupplied with both,” Hilda said glumly.

“We could look at setting up a dress-making business or a florist shop.”

The dark-eyed Hilda with aged lines and greying hair said wearily, “Lulu, none of us can sew, none of us can design, none of us knows anything about flowers except to say they look pretty and we don’t know how to arrange them expertly.”


“Yes darling, we haven’t heard from you.”

Rose, the beauty of the family with fine features and eggshell blue eyes, stroked back her long fair hair and asked her mother: “Tell us what a prostitute does.”

The sound of children at mid-afternoon play in the grounds Mosquito Flat’s primary school a quarter of a mile away could be heard because of the total shock silence in the drawing room.

“W-w-what?” Hilda quavered, emerging beads of nervous perspiration showing on her forehead.

An hour later the family of four had the rough draft of a business plan.

Two months later the conversion of vacant rooms over the town’s new three-cinema complex was completed and neon signs on all windows flashed the message worded with skillful euphuism: ‘R21 Entertainment Centre’.

The business was registered as R21 Limited after Hilda’s lawyer Owen Rivers made successful appeals against the Companies Office that initially rejected the name as being “being too short and too likely to cause confusion.”

The Court hearing the appeal accepted Mr Rivers’ argument that there was no other name registered that could even remotely be confused with R21 Limited. The Tax Department had questioned the name but accepted it when the appeal against the Companies Office succeeded.

The entertainment center was planned to be the most luxuriously appointed commercial premises in the town of 19,771 people which was surrounded by small timber processing settlements and farm produce processing plants.

Hilda intended spending heavily to achieve premises of every lonely man’s dream. Nothing was too good for her daughters who had each invested $100 to become stock holder/directors of the company being formed.

Hilda’s big problem was the lack of experience of her daughters and became very upset when at the first directors’ meeting Rose confessed she was still a virgin.

“I’ll organize a solution to that problem,” Lulu advised the twins’ 18-month older sister Josie, who’d been voted in as foundation chairman.

Lulu pulled out her phone and arranged a blind date for her twin sister that evening with Lulu’s older ex-boyfriend ‘Dickie’ Johansson who nevertheless continued to ogle her on the street.

“Does the nickname ‘Dickie’ mean what I think it does?” Hilda enquired with parental concern.

“Yes mother, but he’s a sensitive guy and quite a few mothers call on him to prepare their daughters before they leave for university.”

“Does it hurt?” asked Rose, eyes wide open.

“He’ll have you screaming is such delight you scarcely notice it happen – at least that’s what happened to me when he took my virginity a year or so ago,” Lulu said grinning.

“Just how experienced are you Lulu?” her mother asked when detecting that air of confidence.

“Twenty-plus guys.”

“And you, Josie?”

“Well over fifty I would think, mother. I gave up counting long ago.”

“I need a drink,” Hilda said faintly.

Rose rushed to fetch a small glass of straight gin for her mother with a slice of lemon.

Josie, hair slicked down because she was straight out of the shower and wearing only a light gown called the meeting to order.

Her mother raised her hand and was invited to speak.

“We are attempting to conduct ourselves formally in the business environment so don’t you think Miss Chairman that you should be properly dressed? Darling, you are practically hanging out.”

“We all have boobs, mum, so let’s get on with it. What do you want to tell us?”

Hilda attempted to call the venture off, but there was no need for a vote because the daughters spoke out against such a move.

“We’re all against your proposal,” Chairman Josie ruled. “Have you secured premises yet?”

Hilda reported that she was in negotiations for the floor about the 3-cinena complete and that revelation created excitement.

“It’s a superb location, with plenty of parking behind the theatres allowing for discreet access,” Lulu said.

“Well, that puts us on our much closer to our target of opening in a six weeks’ time,” Josie observed. “I’ll resign from my job tomorrow. If this venture doesn’t work, I’ll easily get another job because most people in this town with small pets know me.”

“Most people won’t know you once they learn you are a prostitute.”

“Leave it mum,” Lulu snapped. “You’ve tried and lost that gambit. Your stupid lawyer now says he doesn’t want to represent us any longer, although he’s billed us for processing the company registration application.”

“He’s furious because daughter Judith has taken us on as her client. He bawled her out in front of me and she finally snarled at him to fuck off. He turned purple and for a moment we thought he was going to have a heart attack.”

“You wait until you have a man pounding you and then clutching his chest,” Hilda muttered.

“This meeting is not the place for scare tactics, thank you mother,” Josie said firmly glancing at the twins who appeared to have turned a little white.  

*  *


The ravaging bushfires in the second driest summer in100 years conveniently pushed 19-year-old Hilda Church – or Hilda Scott as she was then – into prostitution.

Her parents were farmers and as their drought-stricken property had few trees and little grass and as a result their farmhouse and livestock escaped major devastation.

Maggie and Ivan Scott opened their house as a rest and recreation center for the bone-weary professional and volunteer fire-fighters, unaware that their only child had been lured into providing unthinkable recreation for some of the fire-fighters as they recovered.

However, they bit their lips, knowing Hilda’s earnings represented vital income for the family.

Most of the fire-fighters had their wallets in their kit and paid handsomely to receive priority service.

The fire-fighters disappeared as quickly as the flames but one of them – Boyd Scott – returned a month later and within two hours had captured the heart of the energetic teenager who’d a month earlier had stripped him of most of his ready cash, not that he minded.

They were married at a small ceremony in her parent’s farmhouse and Boyd took his bride to live in the city. Two months later he died in a fire when a wall collapsed.

Hilda’s grief was softened by an immediate cash payout from the estate to enable her to keep up with rent payments. A very big payout was promised so she decided not to return home. Instead after a couple of false starts in trying out jobs she went into partnership with an older-woman requiring a cash injection to upgrade her brothel.

Angus Church, who registered as Billy Todd from Big Rock Village (actually Mosquito Flats) over five nights worked through the twelve ladies of the Gentleman’s Retreat and remained dissatisfied.

The brothel Madam offered her junior partner/floor manager Hilda to picky ‘Billy’.

This new lady added to the team soon had client’s eyes practically gyrating and satisfied then to the hilt, so to speak. Hilda became ‘Billy’s’ twice a week regular and eventually he divulged his real name and real address.

Two months after the wife of Billy Todd – now permanently known to Hilda by his real name of Angus Church – died from a blood clot and soon after he and Hilda married in a civil ceremony. She had sold her holding in the brothel by then and accompanied Angus to her new life in Mosquito Flats, where being the wife of a wood and coal merchant didn’t require her to be a woman without a shady past.

Because of her experience in interfacing with clients – who were often drunk and difficult – Hilda soon developed a reputation with wood and coal clients who were slow with their payments being a lovely but persuasive woman and as a result Hilda became highly regarded in the community.

The 33-year-old had her three daughters within two years. Years of relative bliss followed, the family living in a handsome house financed from Hilda’s nest egg.

Needless to say, upset by Angus’s tragic death, Hilda was really rocked by the proposal that she join her daughters in establishing a brothel. But a few minutes after recovering from shock assisted by that drink of neat gin, she realized it was the perfect way of keeping the family together, profitably.

* * *

Phil Irving, owner of the cinema complex, had failed to tenant the large space above the three theatres and understandably didn’t blink when Hilda said she wanted to establish a brothel on that upper floor, emphasizing the business would not be called a brothel.

Phil sly licked his lips.

“Needless to say, the activity going on up there could give my theatres a bad name.”

Hilda slipped into business mode.

“Don’t you like money? However, I hear what you say. I understand the advertised rate for that space is $2100 a month because it’s edge of the business district. My offer is three grand.”

Phil balled his fists in excitement.

“Four G’s.”

Hilda stood up, shaking her head. “Don’t be greedy Phil.”

She walked slowly to the door calling out, “If I go out that door without you calling three grand is accepted, your upper floor premises will remain empty; possibly forever.”

Hilda opened the office door and Phil screamed “All right, three grand plus a freebie with the girl of my choice once a week.”

“Very well, Phil. We’ll arrange your pick on the day we open.”

“I don’t want just anyone; I want you. I know what you used to do when you lived in away from here – I want experienced pussy.”

“That’s a little uncouth for a member of the Business and Professional Association, Phil. But since we are of similar age, you have your wish.”

“Could I have a trial now?”

“Yes, providing I get the first month’s tenancy free.”

“No way Hilda. You drive a hard bargain. I’ll make do with the wife and impressionable young women on my staff in the meantime.”

On the way home Hilda had yet another attack of guilt; this one was huge. She had come within a hair-breath of that horrible Phil Irving asking for one of her daughters and eventually she would have had to assign one of them to him. Oh God.

She knew this would be tough and the girls had tried to appease her. They knew this venture would blow their reputations in the community but argued that was preferred to breaking up the family. All three were excited about having unbridled sex. Oh, if only they knew!

She’d attempted to spell it out but they just laughed at her being so earnest and said she could protect them by making and enforcing house rules with her security officers.

Hilda really worried about Rose, a virgin for goodness sake. How she’d kept intact until now with two sisters like she had putting it about was little short of miraculous.

She arrived home distraught and called a meeting of directors to be held as soon as Josie arrived home.

Josie was practice manager at the veterinary clinic and usually arrived home just after 6:00. Rose was a junior management trainee at the supermarket working 7:00 to 3:30 and Lulu was a clerical assistant in the mayor’s office and was taking an advanced office administration diploma by correspondence and worked 8:00 to 4:30.

“Where’s the gin,” screamed Hilda, in quite a state, thinking just how evil she was pushing her darling daughters into prostitution.

Rose came running with the bottle, poured a double slug which her mother gulped down before Rose could add any mixer.

“Oh mummy, you’re shaking. Calm down. One would think you’re sending your children off to war.”

“It’s not much different,” Hilda wailed.

“Well, for your information I’m ready. Dickie really was so gentle with me.”

“Oh, my poor darling – you’ve lost your priceless possession all because of me.”

“Because of you? I came up with the idea mother. Please don’t try to steal that kudos.”

“I’d come very close to losing it several times anyway – guys are always trying to poke it in despite having assured me they wouldn’t attempt to do that. Dickie confirmed that mothers do engage him to what he called to break in their daughters to prepare them for university or tertiary institutions.”

“He told me confidentially some mothers demand a trial with him themselves to ensure he’d not too big for their daughters. He just laughed when I said couldn’t they just look – he said it’s not how the game was played. Perhaps we should recruit Dickie and built up a female clientele when we get underway?”

“Oh Rose, my baby, where do these ideas of yours come from?”

“I’m not your baby mummy; Lulu arrived half an hour after me.”

“I know darling, I was there. But you know you’re not nearly as worldly as Lulu. I think that awful name your father insisted we give her has lead her into the downward spiral.”

“Don’t you dare let her hear you say that about her name, mummy. She has the spirit that suits the name Lulu.”

“I suppose so. Pour me another gin, darling, with the mixer and lemon slice this time. I feel much better talking to you. So, you’ve confirmed you lost your virginity. Are you sore?”

“No but he really is much bigger than most of the guy’s I’ve helped get off.”

“It wasn’t necessary to load me with that information, Rose. Will you go to him again?”

“I already have – seven more times.”

“How on earth…”

“Sometimes before and after work mummy. If you want it, you must be available and ask for it nicely. Dickie told me it’s rare for a girl to ask him for it.”

“For someone facing a steep learning curve, you are leaping ahead, darling.”

After showering and coming to the table wearing only a silk gown, Josie called the others to order and invited her mother to speak.

Hilda expressed forcibly her opinion they should abandoned the project but found she had no support. The other three were emphatic – it must proceed for the good of the family.

“Good? It will be the ruination of this family,” Hilda screamed, crying and asking Rose for a slug of neat gin.

“Mum, this family will disintegrate if we don’t proceed,” the chairman said. “A vote is unnecessary; the mood of the meeting is against you. I believe you have something to report about premises.”

Hilda, feeling a little better to find her daughters, in taking their second opportunity to pull out were united against her. She reported she’d taken an option on the premises above the cinemas.

“That’s a mighty location,” Lulu cried. “Heaps of parking behind the building allowing discreet entry to our premises.”

“Yes, well done mum,” Josie said. “We’ll need to discuss a layout and fit-out proposal at our next meeting? Mum, we’ll require your leadership on this because you’re only one with knowledge about how the interior of a brothel looks like.”

“Perhaps we should go on a regional inspection tour and pick up some tips and actual experience.”

“Rose, behave yourself,” cried her shocked mother. “The only tutelage you’ll receive will be under my guidance.”

“What? You’ll be guiding it in for her?” Lulu grinned.

The girls burst into laughter, sweeping Hilda along with them until she was asked to present an admin update.

Wiping away laughter tears, Hilda said they must set an opening date, and suggested six weeks to the day which would be a Saturday. Everyone agreed.

Other priorities were to hire permanent security personnel, appoint a company doctor, set operating hours and establish a quick response call-out with the police.

“That will require some freebies,” Lulu yawned.

“I’ll look after that,” quipped Rose, earning a glare from her mother.

“Thank you for your report, mother. Let’s fix operating hours now and I’ll resign from my job at the veterinary clinic tomorrow and begin on a work plan for us. Lulu can do her management studies during the morning. I suggest we open from 3:00 pm to midnight, meaning only one shift. If we become too popular, rather than extend the hours we can recruit more workers.”

Lulu was on to that: “We must adhere to our original concept of the three exclusive Church sisters, each with our own boudoir decorated to individual tastes. Any extra flesh we have to bring in can be accommodated in cubicles.”

“Lulu, watch your mouth,” Hilda said. “Girls, using the word flesh like that is banned. I won’t have loose talk like that in our house of high repute.”

“Hear, hear,” Josie said. “Any other business before I close the meeting and attend to dinner?”

“Yes,” Lulu said. “We now have a new company lawyer working for us.”

“I went to Owen Rivers today to ask him to prepare an application to the Council for an operating license and for us to be licensed as sex workers. But mum, he refused to proceed, saying his wife Wendy was disgusted with him being associated with a brothel and he said he must terminate us as clients as from today.”

Her mother yawned disinterestedly and said “Oh yes” appearing quite unconcerned.

“I got mad and said had he no shame in billing us for preparing documentation for registration with the Company Office. He turned red and said he’d knock 50 percent off the bill. I stormed out and walked straight into his daughter Judith, knocking her to the floor. I picked her up, she was laughing, and we went off to coffee. We returned and I told Owen that Judith was our new lawyer.”

Everyone was listening intently.

“It was awful mum – he turned purple with rage and ranted at Judith. She shouted that he and her mother ought to grow up and remember we were now well into the 21st Century. I thought he was going to have a heart attack.”

Hilda sighed and said they had the experience ahead of him of being pounded by a guy who’s clutch his chest and collapse on to them.

“Massive ejaculation?” Josie asked.

“Massive coronary,” Hilda scowled.

“Oh mum, don’t scare the shit from us,” Lulu laughed. “Please leave the downside until our training sessions.”

“Watch your mouth young lady and expect plenty of downside when the community turns against us,” Hilda warned yet again. “We’ll treated by scum by many people, especially women and male bigots, mark my words.”

“I don’t think so mother,” Lulu said. “As the director responsible for business development and public relations, I’m proposing to make the business side of our operation close to being invisible. But we four will appear to be exemplary citizens and many folk will regard us with pride and affection.”

“Bollocks,” Hilda snorted. “You bury your nose in too many of those romantic novels.”

“Watch your mouth please, mother,” Josie the chairman said. “I like that concept of yours, Lulu. We look forward to reading your strategic plan with interest.”

“Thank you, Josie. I wish to announce that soon as Council licensing is received – and according to Judith our operation automatically complies subject to safety and hygiene inspection – we’ll leave for Auckland and stay the night in a hotel, spending most of two days buying and ordering business clothing and eyeing up sexy men. You best start thinking of the image you want to display.”

Her sisters clapped in excitement and Hilda looked more than interested, muttering “New clothes?”

“Have you more ideas?” Rose asked. “Ideas come quickly to you Lulu.”

“Well, since you asked, I’ve been thinking we should have theme months – beginning with say French Can-Can, English High Society, Hollywood Sluts, Mock Geisha, Kiwi Schoolgirl and, of course, Aussie Scrubber.”

Her sisters looked agog.

“That’s brilliant, Josie breathed. “We’d need plenty of storage space and could just keep recycling the themes over the months.”

Rose said brilliant and her mother agreed.

Their eyes glistened when Lulu said it would be expensive as many of the dresses would have to be hand-made; they would need high class street clothes to be walking reminders of what they did for a business.”

“Is there enough money mum?”

“Yes, Rose. What Lulu has described is legitimate business expenditure and such clothing will qualify to be written off for tax purposes. You’re inspirational to us, Lulu.”

“Right, a most successful meeting,” Josie said. “Our next meeting will follow Sunday lunch. The main topic for discussion will be house rules. We won’t want men hung like horses coming on to our premises – not unless we recruit a girl who is into fisting and has a huge um thingy.”

“That’s brilliant thinking, Josie.’

“That’s yet another worrying aspect that’s rested heavily on my mind,” Hilda said. “I’ll help with dinner.”

*  *

The balding man undid the front buttons of Hilda’s shirt with practiced ease, hauling away the garment without hurting her shoulders and completed the continuous movement by unclasping the three rear hooks of her bra and dropping that garment below her pendulous breasts.

“God, I love these bloated nipples of yours,” he positively drooled, ready to feast.

Hilda made him wait.

“Lulu said she thought you were having a heart attack when Judith announced she had taken over our company account. You must have acted very impressively.”

“Yes, I held my breath and squeezed my nuts hard, out of sight of your daughter of course. And just as you predicted my face turned color as if I were gripped in ejaculation overload. Both young women looked very concerned.”

“But Owen, did they buy your acting?”

“Yes, I’m certain they did. They went out together and must have talked about my attitude because the both came back stroppy and Lulu announced Judith was taking over representing your company.”

“It was an awkward way of doing it but I knew if I suggesting changing our legal representative, my daughters would not have allowed it, and you’ve represented me ever since I arrived in this town. There can be a downside to teaching your children to be loyal, Owen.”

“Yes, they’ll benefit by having a lawyer more their own age and a female to boot; Judith turns thirty-two soon and needs to branch out beyond family law and Traffic Court work. May I eat nipple now?”

“Go to it, Big Boy. I’ll unhitch my skirt. As usual I’m not wearing knickers at your request.”

“God, you get me so hard, Hilda. “Talk dirty.”

“Yes, Mr Rivers, anything you say Mr Rivers.”

“Just look at these, will you? My wife carries practically nothing on her chest.”

“I’m out of here if you mention your wife again.”

“Oops, you’re always telling me to watch my mouth. I’ll close it around one of these heavy hangers.”

“Well Owen, you’ve given up Wednesday afternoon golf to enjoy this little frolic. Take all afternoon if you wish; it’s not my turn to cook dinner tonight.”

Hilda stroked Owen’s head as he licked and sucked away. She had considerable fondness for him as over-sized breasts were an inconvenience as well as an embarrassment to many women, including her. But Owen made her feel good about her aging body and he worshipped her breasts.

Talking her daughters into prostitution was a terrible thing to do, Hilda worried, yet again. Well if she was so concerned, why didn’t she call the whole thing off?

She sighed and said it was because she was spineless. The idea of going into business with them really appealed to them. But regrettably they hadn’t first looked around and purchase a conventional existing business that conformed with mainstream thinking.

Half an hour later Hilda was stretched over the end of the sofa in the lounge.

They were in Owen’s house where she always refused to go to the matrimonial bed; it was necessary to have some standards. Owen, now completely nude, was sinking his tongue deeply into her and she’d lolled over the back of the sofa, her heavy breasts taking her head towards the floor.

Although upside down, Hilda became aware she was looking at a pair of prim black shoes – low heels and fastened by a strap across the arch – thick black stockings and a low-calf granny-print dress.

“Owen, what on earth are you doing? Hello Hilda.”

“Christ, Wendy!” Owen yelled, losing most of his erection instantly.

“Don’t leave my like this – I’m almost there,” Hilda wailed.

“You two disgust me. It’s the second time I’ve caught you at it. Finish up, clean up and come to the kitchen; we must talk.”

The upshot of that was Wendy and Owen agreed to a trial separation – Owen having to move out. He would pay Wendy a generous monthly allowance and he’d pay for all maintenance of the house but not her car, Owen said that proposal was conditional on him maintaining his relationship with Hilda.

“That’s fine with me – I’ve been off sex for years as you well know. You’ll find he’s a taker, not a giver, Hilda.”

“Well, I rather like what he gives me,” Hilda said, earning a severe look from the wronged wife.

“Well do what you want – that proposal sounds fine and is to my advantage. Move in with Hilda if you like.”

Hilda and Owen exchanged glances.

“That’s a rather good idea, Wendy,” Hilda said. “If that’s what Owen would like to do I’ll speak to my girls.”

Wendy turned nasty.

“That will really suit him. I hear that your girls are about to take after you.”

“If Owen goes near my girls in my house I’ll castrate him.”

That cheered up Wendy a little.

“At least that thought makes you a little more appealing to me, Hilda. I think we are finished here and you may leave. Owen, you stay because I haven’t finished with you.”


Owen moved into the Church home two days later.

A family conference had paved the way, with Hilda setting house rules. Only two matters of concern were raised. The girls complained about not being able to wander around nude – an attempt to allow them to go around topless received an immediate veto from Hilda – without panties, perhaps, but not topless because she was aware of Owen’s fetish. It was agreed to review this rule after four weeks.

Lulu managed a rare occurrence, making her mother speechless.

“Mum, how is it Owen can seduce you in front of his wife and yet not be our company’s legal adviser? That incident in his office was a set-up, wasn’t it, to land us with a younger woman lawyer. You had him dupe me, didn’t you?”

Hilda’s mouth opened but no words emerged; she was unable to lie to her daughters.

They just laughed and chorused, “Guilty.”

“You are pathetic mum,” Lulu said, hair flying as she strode out of the room.

“You got one over her and she doesn’t like it,” Rose grinned. “Mum, give her ten minutes and she’ll be over it.”

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