Beach Dunes Intimacy

Beach Dunes Intimacy

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


A failing marriage leads to a trial marriage and the guy hits the road in his pickup with a caravan in tow and rekindles his interest in romance.


A failing marriage leads to a trial marriage and the guy hits the road in his pickup with a caravan in tow and rekindles his interest in romance.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Beach Dunes Intimacy

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 01, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 01, 2017




Chapter 1

Contract publishing editor Rick (Richard) Irons and his wife Andrea had allowed their marriage of almost four years come close to collapse. They’d reached the point of barely speaking to each other and sleeping in separate rooms.

The continued to co-exist with Rick responsible for household supplies and total household care while Andrea attended to the laundry and provided meals, that they often ate separately to enjoy the freedom of nourishing themselves in non-toxic isolation.

And one day Andrea laid it on the line, saying to her husband, “Our marriage is fucked.”

“Agreed, as no solution appears in sight. Parental intervention has failed and neither of us wish to be exposed to marital counselling.”

She continued to force the discussion: “Do you wish to test the water with a trial separation?”

“What to extend the inevitable failure of our marriage?”

Andrea sighed and said she was only trying to get some forward movement to break the impasse.

“Okay, let’s do it. You continue living here and I’ll hit the road.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m being practical. I can work anywhere and will hitch our caravan to my pickup and head for the horizon.”

“Christ, that sounds tempting.”

“Andrea dear…”

She thundered, “Don’t you dare call me dear.”

“I apologize. You need to stay here more than I do because the medical centre where your working life is dedicated is easy walking distance from here.”

“Clearly that makes sense.”

Rick said he’d go through their household payments and mortgage payments for the past twelve months and would divide that figure by twelve and he’d pay his half of that monthly amount in half into her personal bank account.

“Okay but what if I have someone, male or female, live with me?”

“My payments will continue unless you phone me to either stop them or to reduce them to a figure you consider is fair. Consider the car is yours and I’ll have the pickup, err that’s my practical suggestion.”


“I’ll leave a copy of full details of those itemized running costs for the household and what was spent on the property during the past year.”

“It’s unnecessary to leave that summary.”

“Then discard it when you find it. How long should the trial last?”

“You’re the practical one Rick, what do you think?”

“Six months.”

“I thought three months but six months is perhaps best. So, six months then and then we decide what next.”

“Okay, and I’ll depart sometime before dawn; don’t burn the house down while I’m away.”

“Get fucked, go now.”

“I’ll leave sometime before dawn tomorrow.”

“Great and good riddance and if you consider never coming back, that’s fine. My mother thinks you are brutal for not forgiving me for my indiscretion.”

“Yeah, and add an ‘s’ at the end of indiscretion. The first confirmed incidence of your adultery was forgiven, the second pitched us to extreme borderline marital survival. I caught you at it once more and they were three different red-faced guys, and that’s the occasions I know about.”

“Yeah, well I caught you with my best friend with your dick in her mouth.”

“That’s true and we’ve been over all of this umpteen times.”

“Rick, you offered no excuse for your indiscretion whereas you’ve known from the outset that I was practically addicted to sex.”

“That’s enough Andrea.”

“But I’m entitled…”

“Shut up. I’m off to begin packing.”

Rick left his personal items that he didn’t want to take with him where they were. He was serious about returning and, um, test the water.

Later in the day he returned with supplies and packed them in the caravan. Andrea didn’t return for dinner and he cleaned up afterwards, assuming she was crying over her mother’s shoulder and Cath would be cooing it was for the best.

After watching TV with no sign of his wife, Rick locked the house, hitched up the caravan and drove off shortly after 9.30. He became tired after eating heartily at a roadhouse around 1:30 am and soon after pulled off the highway and followed signs to a camping ground. The notice stated, ‘Office closed at 11:00 pm. Later arrivals all at the office before 9:00 in the morning. All vehicles entering the Camping Ground are identifiable on Our security cameras’.

He grinned and quickly set up the caravan in camping mode and was in bed inside 30 minutes of arrival and practically asleep.

A light door knock awoke him at 9:30 and he smiled at the pretty caller and she said, hastily, that she was the camp manager’s wife. Hmmm, his smile must have been wolfish.

He thought she was after the camping fee but no, she took his order for breakfast.

“I can’t belief this; it’s top service.”

“At this time of year (mid-autumn), the majority of callers who arrive late night are passing through and we provide cooked breakfast for them to enhance our reputation spread by word of mouth.”

“That’s good thinking and well done love.”

She frowned and reminded him she was the manager’s wife and he smiled and said lucky guy.

She blushed beautifully.

Rick drove off an hour later, smiling as she waved him off. He felt happy, and free as he headed for non-toxic living, having decided on a remote east coast beach he’d once visited years back. It was about 200 miles away. During a late lunch stop he searched the Internet on his laptop to the closest town to that beach, found it had a mail centre and called it, arranging to drop in to rent a postal box large enough to hold A3-size courier packages from the publisher he editing manuscripts for.

At the beach, although rather isolated, it had no camping signs where the freedom campers stopped cover but there was a managed fully-serviced camping ground with more campers than might be expected, heading into winter. He took an extra-large site to avoid being over-crowded should weekend campers arrive in droves.

The shaven bullet-head owner looked him over and said there appeared no reason to go over camp rules with Rick who looked a gentleman and the over-weight motherly wife said since he was a long-stay camper he could eat dinner with them providing he booked eight hours in advance.

“Consider me a Saturday and Sunday night regular. Whenever I fail lodge cancellation within the required period I’ll excepted to be billed for my missed meal, Mrs Hopkins.”

“Oooh, that’s fine Rick and please call me Sally. We’ll appreciate the company especially through winter when it can become rather lonely here well off the beaten track.”

Bert nodded and said, “Yeah mate and I’ll enjoy periods of quite reflection over a beer.”

“Oh, Rick for another ten bucks a week my sister-in-law will collect your washing on a Monday and it will be delivered back on Wednesday or Thursday.”

“Count me in,” Rick said. “I’m already thinking I’m living close to Heaven.”

“You’re easy to please. Some of the local ladies living in this district are likely to hear about you and come visiting.”

Rick smiled and said he hoped not, waved and sauntered off to his pickup, happy about his choice of location and hoped it would remain that way.

Within two weeks, Rick found he was a dedicated beachcomber, looking for anything noteworthy that the ocean had deposited on the beach. He found it difficult to believe it was rare to see anyone on this section of the beach and the reason for that it was rather rocky not far out from the normal low tide mark and the best surf was at the southern end of the beach that was 1½ miles in length.

He and Bert occasionally ran the beach for two lengths at a leisurely pace and the first time they did that Bert had said, “That’s almost exactly three miles to our credit but once you tone your fitness, I’ll not be able to keep pace with you.”

“Yes, you will Bert, because I run leisurely, for pleasure, not to become a beach hero.”

“Good man. The wife is more than interested to learn you edit manuscripts, mostly novels as she’s an avid reader. I never got beyond comics and newspapers, and sports mags of course.”

“Next time I’m required to phone the office I’ll ask them to send a pack of rejects as I’m missing reading. Some might be without covers but all the contents will be intact but sometimes with page creasing or some sections or doubling up of bound sections. I cope and so will Sally once you tell her anything that arrives will be free.”

“No, we’ll pay.”

“No way, since when have you taken my offered money for the beer you supply me at weekend dinners.”

Bert scratched his ear and Rick laughed and said great answer.

Alone on a mid-morning jog along the more desolate part of the beach, Rick noticed the saddled white horse was back again, head drooped and unattended. He’d noticed it once before and this time decided to investigate.

He was walked up the slope of the public stretch of dunes between the beach and fenced off farmland and almost topped the rise and found a fairly deep depression.

Rick stopped in surprise.

At the bottom of the basin lay a female, apparently well-shaped, with her riding pants pushed down to her knees that were raised and spread widely. Her fingers appeared to be possibly stroking her pussy.


Her hat was over her face and he stared to confirm she was masturbating; yes, there was hand movement. He thought what a splendid way to spend part of a sunny morning.

Rick retreated soundlessly and, grinning, returned to jogging.

On the return from the end of the beach, he saw the now fully clothed woman, standing where he’d stood for his bird’s-eye view.

She called, “Good morning” and waved him over.

He responded, almost shyly, and stopped short of her.


She pointed to the sand and said, “Are these your footprints?”

“Yeah, I walked up to check on the horse that didn’t appear tethered, wondering if it had thrown its rider. Then I saw you and thought perhaps I shouldn’t disturb you because I could see you were busy. I retreated to continue my run.”

“You don’t sound like a pervert.”

“I must say I have no idea what they sound like.”

She tittered as if supressing a giggle.

Apparently, he was not to be bawled out.

“Come up to the horse and share the cool drink I have in the saddlebag.”

He followed, studying her backside. It was suitably curvy and he couldn’t see a wet spot. He eyed the long tresses spilling from under her wide-brimmed hat. The colour of the hair appeared to be somewhere between brown and blonde.

“Aren’t you taking a risk?”

Christ, he’d only meant to think that.

She turned, teeth flashing under the wide brim, and said lazily, “What kind of threat are you?”

He stopped and said he was Rick Irons staying at East Cape Beach Camp and was two weeks into a long-term residency.

“Residency instead of the usual camper’s term ‘long-term stay’, wow. But relax as I know who you are. I yarned to Sally Hopkins in the mini-market the other day and asked who’d was the driver of the red pick-up I’d seen her arrive in the township in.”

“She told me your name, called you rather pleasant and said that you cared enough to keep your impressive vehicle under canvas cover at your site below Kate’s Lookout that was named after my great-grandmother Catherine Thomas. I’m home after working in the UK for six years and can’t find a suitable guy to date and I’m bored shitless living in isolation on my parents’ farm. I’m recovering from being jilted in London two months ago, by my fiancé the sod who became totally passionate about my intended chief bridesmaid.”

“Ah, you dumped him?”

“Not really. I was reeling in emotional uncertainty when I received a letter from him advising they were in France and Karen was doing her best to fuck him legless and they had rented an apartment in Nantes and were both looking to work there legally. I was devastated by the finality of that news.

His parents dealt with the wedding cancellations and paid the bills and I fled home to mother in the tradition of a woman scorned.”


“Aptly said,” replied the masturbator, opening the saddlebag.

Rick found himself eyeing her butt once more and said, “And you are…?”

“Oh sorry, I’m Nicole Thomas.”

“Hi Nicole.”

“Hi Rick, and how’s the trial separation going?”

He stammered, “L-life’s g-going okay.”

“I suppose you’re locked into masturbation too?”

He coloured.

She said almost impassively, “Say it.”


“Good man; both of us know that life sucks at times.”

She pulled out a bottle of water in a cooling jacket and caught him eyeing her tits.

She coloured but didn’t appear fussed.

Nicole sat a little away from the horse and after slight hesitation, Rick dropped down beside her.

Her next comment almost floored him.

“Rick, if you choose to do it when away on a trial separation, that must still rate as adultery.”

Rick took the plunge and asked, “Are you thinking about having sex with me?”


He complained, “What sort of answer is that?”

“I say adequate and added that’s all you will hear from me on that subject for the time being.”

Wisely, he diverted and handing back the bottle asked, “What’s the name of your mare.”

She giggled and said Prince was a gelding.

He kept a straight face and asked what was that.

She laughed and stood and said she was off.

When he scrambled to his feet, she was already at Prince’s side, placing the water bottle back into the saddle bag.

He stayed where they’d sat to keep clear of the horse.

When mounted, she said, “Do you wish to kiss me?”

“We should seize the moment Nicole.”

“Ah but I don’t know you well enough yet to allow you to kiss me. Get my phone number from Sally at the camp and call me around 10 pm.”

“Are you after phone sex?”

“Now there’s a thought. Actually, I don’t wish my parents to over-hear me chatting up a guy late at night. That could set off my mother. She watches me closely as if she fears I might harm myself.”

“What, like cutting your wrists?”

“Who knows because I haven’t asked her to discuss her darkest thoughts concerning me.”

Rick said, “So you wish to confine our contact to phone chats to avoid the possibility of you falling for me unwisely?”

She took that comment calmly.

“Rick that’s your speculation; I’ve not thought deeply about you knowing me carnally.”

“Ah, that suggests you’ve thought about it tentatively?”

Nicole smiled and licked her top lip provocatively, “My dear man; the truth is that in my present stage I’m almost primed to shag any male who so much as glances at me longer than a token glance.”

Rick had a wicked thought and stated it.

“In the meantime, my advice to you Nicole is to masturbate passionately.”

“What a disgusting man you are,” she laughed.

She turned Prince and they departed at a walk. Nicole didn’t look back.

The wicked man hoped she was busily filling her head with thoughts of him attending to her great need lasciviously.

Christ, if he kept focusing on Nicole like this, he might fall for her. He shook his head, grinning.

Walking up to his caravan at the campsite, rather sweaty, Rick planned to shower and then go to the office some 300 yards away and casually ask Sally for Nicole Thomas’ phone number. He sighed when imagining Sally recoiling in horror and pulling out a sawn-off shotput and snarling to him to leave the campsite immediately because no way would she allow him to get his filthy hands on the virginal Nicole.

He gasped a little, thinking so that was the reason why he was desperate for Nicole’s phone number and he gasped again, looking at a copy of Nicole’s phone number taped to his caravan door with the note signed, ‘Sally’.

Wow, did that mean Nicole had called Sally urgently to take the phone number to Rick because she was writhing in desperation for it?

He was unlocking the door when he heard his phone ring (he usually left his mobile phone behind when a long run.

It was Sally.

“I’m so excited,” Sally trilled.

He thought wow, she was keen for him to get his filthy hands on virginal Nicole.
But it turned out she was thinking on another channel.

 “A large carton of books from your publisher has just been delivered to me. There must be thirty of them. You lovely man. Although it’s only Tuesday, come tonight to have a swept-up dinner this evening with us in appreciation. Some of the novels will interest Bert too.”

“Okay and thanks and I’m pleased you are thrilled with the books.”

“Indeed, and did you find a telephone number taped to your door?”

“Yes, and thanks.”

“Good. At my suggestion, Nicola has positioned herself on the dunes on three occasions hoping you would spot her and the horse. I’m glad it that worked today and you two have met.  I’ve done my bit; it’s over to your two now.”

“Thanks Sally; I appreciate your romantically devised intervention. The white horse certainly caught my eye.”

“Oh,” Sally said, sounding rather disappointed.

“Bye Sally,” Rick whispered in his sexiest voice. “Today in the sand dunes I discovered a vision who called herself Nicole Thomas.”

“Omigod,” Sally cried.

Returning to his caravan that evening after a great meal, good company and having been plied with alcohol. Rick took three attempts to get the key into the door lock. For almost three minutes he sat on the sofa with his phone in one hand and his looking at his watch on his other wrist. Nicola had said to call after 10.00.

He dialled the number, waited and pressed the call button.

“Hi it’s Rick.”

“Gosh, you’re keen,” she breathed. “It’s bang on 10:00.”

He smiled triumphantly; Nicole had got the message!

Nevertheless, the 13-minute call was very proper. He made no mention of desiring to have his fingers squelching inside her or she saying she was desperation to suck his disgorging erection dry.

He ended by call by saying “It was lovely talking to you. Well goodnight…”

He’d intended to add, “Kiss, kiss” but didn’t do it, thinking it was a bit too early for that.

Rick almost dropped his phone in surprise when Nicole made a lusty sound, “S-l-u-r-p” and then cut the call.

He sat thinking perhaps she’d began suffering phone conversation fatigue or was about to choke.

His dick began to inflate and gained his focus, making him think of Nicole’s juicy lips half-way down its length.

“No way would the progress to that stage,” he grunted.

But he then shouted “Yes!”

Nicole would be familiar with that sound she’d made, remembering the sound of her lips sliding off a saliva-coated throbbing erection.

He leered at the wall across the aisle unrestrained and patted his groin, feeling enraptured.

*  *  *

Rick awoke in the morning just before 5:30 and worked solidly for three hours on editing a manuscript that he had partly completed.

After a quick dip in the ocean, he completed the obligatory pre-date SSS (shave, shower and shampoo) and ate heartily. After tidying up he returned to editing and then left, arriving at the bowl in the sand dunes at 11:00. His optimism nose-dived that an unplanned meeting would occur when he found Nicole was nowhere in sight.

Almost grumpily, he flopped against the end of the sand incline at the bottom of the depression. There was no wind and the sea was flat and other incidental sounds in such an isolated place were negligible.

Rick’s good humour began to return as he accepted he’d been unduly optimistic that Nicole would be anxious to visit this place that morning.

Perhaps right now she was stretch nude on a bed of hay slurping the bulb of her dildo thinking of him?

He smiled and then froze.

The snort and creaking leather meant a horse had arrived and the rider was dismounting.

Excitement charged through his body in delicious anticipation.

He sat up and turned his head to the direction from where the sounds appeared to have come from.

“Hi gorgeous,” he greeted as Nicole appeared at the sandy rim of the bowl.

“Hi sweetheart,” she said softly as she half-strode and half slid down the slope.

Rick caught the blanket she tossed at him and he was told to spread it carefully.

“I have no desire to have sand grounded into the walls of my thingy.”

He jumped to his feet, keeping the blanket clear of sand.


After perhaps forty minutes of varied and delicious preamble, Nicole drawled, “Work it in,” and wiped fellatio saliva from around her mouth.

Rick obliged, thinking that was probably the only moment when a guy was totally obedient to a woman’s request, and then some.

He took his time, sliding his cockhead up and down her slit after using it to knock at the entrance three or four times. Nicole was on her side facing him and began to clutch at his hair, easing and tightening her grip almost frantically while continuing to keep her upper leg raised high.

Her obliging lover began to slide in and then she thrust against him, completing the insertion and groaned, “Omigod.”

They remained motionless for a few moments. Then Nicole began a slight hip roll of increasing intensity and Rick moved in reply and they were underway with Nicole’s mouth hungrily seeking his and their lips sealed together.

Nicole climaxed twice, in quick succession and as Rick began to make groaning noises and heat up she began rimming him with a finger and cried, “Not in me; you’re not wearing a condom.”

She rolled away in impeccable timing to allow him to splatter her tits and belly.

A little later, with their interest renewed, Nicole sucked Rick fully erect and rode him cowgirl, allowing him to grab at her flying tits as if aware that would stimulate him into maintaining full erection.

When that completed, Rick said in awe, “God, you can fuck,” watching her use the towel she’d brought with her to clean up.

“You are no novice yourself and the amount of semen…” she said admiringly, not completing the sentence. “Um, I am safe but didn’t wish to ride home with a pussy full of cum.”

“Understood,” yawned her lover.

They fell into a hug and were soon asleep for almost an hour.

When Nicole prepared to leave, she asked, “Is this to continue?”

“I’m willing to plough you and socialize with you for the next five months and then I return home to negotiate with my wife, half-expecting her to wish to end our marriage permanently after she’s confessed she’d reunited seriously with one of her former lovers, male or female.”

“In the event of that declaration not being forthcoming, I’ll ask her to agree to a divorce because I believe she and I have become totally unsuited to remaining together. I figure explaining my situation vaguely should ensure I lower any risk of her reacting jealously.”

“Ooh, that’s inspired thinking.”

“Then I’ll return to discuss our future together, if we believe that is a worthy outcome for you?”

“I promise you right now that I’ll await re-connecting with a definite decision.”

“Great and that response is the best I can hope for.”

“Oh, my mother wishes to meet you.”

“What you told her about me?”

“I had to confirm your existence because Big Mouth Sally phoned to tell her last night you and I had met yesterday and that you had dinner with Bert and her last night and she distinctly gained the impression that wedding bells were about to ring.”

“But I said nothing to give Sally that impression. I said little more than I’d found you to be a rather stunning young woman.”

“That’s mere detail and quite sufficient for a middle-aged woman like Sally to fill in the missing gaps romantically and by the time she called my mother, she would have convinced herself that everything she was thinking about you and me being made for each other was absolutely true.”


“Are you about to bitch to me about Sally’s romantic notions?”

Nick caught the concern beginning to cloud Nicole’s face and he said fervently, “No I wish it to be true and then some.”

The new look shining on Nicole’s face signalled that he’d chosen the most appropriate response.

Between them they both emptied Nicole’s bottle of chilled water.

As they kissed goodbye he ran a hand down over her slight tummy roll and was thrilled to feel the leg gap under her groin begin to widen, presumably instinctively.

They kissed passionately and then Nicole said she should go.

She mounted and turning Prince to ride off, she said, “Hopefully I’ll drive over this evening to tell you my mother has accepted my suggestion to invite you to dinner tomorrow at 7:30.”

“And you’ll stay and fuck me near-legless?”

“I didn’t think you needed to ask,” she said, blowing a kiss and clucking Prince into a walk to minimise damage to the native natural ground cover that protected the dunes from wind erosion.

Nick watched her until she disappeared down a slope in the distance, thinking she was the perfect woman for him and he’d make sure they ended up bonding together in a permanent relationship, preferably in marriage.

Yes, it could be the perfect match… um at least as good as it gets.


The End

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