Awakening Cinderella

Awakening Cinderella

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


New in New York Charlie Green finds a young woman in need of emotional stimulation. Raised by a succession of nannies in England, Charlie possess the sensitivities to deal with Cinderella project.


New in New York Charlie Green finds a young woman in need of emotional stimulation. Raised by a succession of nannies in England, Charlie possess the sensitivities to deal with Cinderella project.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Awakening Cinderella

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New in New York Charlie Green finds a young woman in need of emotional stimulation. Raised by a succession of nannies in England, Charlie possess the sensitivities to deal with Cindy's needs.

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Submitted: August 26, 2007

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 26, 2007




Charlie Fairbanks-Green, now calling himself Charlie Green, arrived in Manhattan from London to begin a new life without mom. He'd lived for twenty-six years with his mother originally Sylvia Fairbanks-Utting, who married and became Sylvia Fairbanks-Green and then two years ago remarried to become Sylvia Fairbanks-Morrison.

Mr Morrison died from prostrate collapse, leaving Sylvia a fortune, and with hopeful suitors arriving with proposals about helping to spend her money she sent Charlie off to America, buying him an apartment in Chelsea and finding him a job as a Professional Escort, assuming that meant being a security guy in the transfers of funds between a bank to its New York branches. Charlie, used to being told what to do by his mother supplied a very detailed CV and that required photos of his abs and his penis at rest and fully extended.

When he expressed surprised at his prospective employer wanting such intimate details Sylvia Fairbanks-Morrison sniffed and applying perfume said, "Those Yanks are such nosey buggers and probably wish to insure your private parts against loss or damage because they are far more into litigation than we are on this side of the Atlantic."

Oh, beforebeginning Charlie's story it is necessary to know that Charlie had a succession of nannies from the time of his home birth until he was eighteen and thereafter whenever he required sexual relief he visited one of his former and still active nannies. Charlie had never had a girlfriend in the usually accepted sense.

Chapter 1

Charlie Green arrived for work on Monday afternoon at the Escort Agency. When he found when signing on that he would be servicing women principally from the Bible Belt visiting New York to kick up their heels he, was appalled. Being paid for having sex was completely against his moral beliefs as an English gentleman.

"This is not for me, I resign from this position."

"You haven't signed on yet buddy so just push off and stop wasting our time," said the guy with a pencil moustache working in HR, spitting out his gum before refreshing his lipstick and straightening his stockings.

Proud that he'd survived the first attempt by Americans to corrupt him, Charlie returned to his apartment in West 22nd Street but before reaching his destination saw a notice on the window of an outlet for The American Broom Company for a demonstrator-salesman. He applied and was hired because he was blond, tall and handsome whereas all other applicants were street people, either intoxicated or unwashed or both.

Charlie began work next morning, pleased the premises were only three blocks away from his apartment. The company produced forty-seven varieties of brooms and to demonstrate each of the brooms selected by potential customers Charlie was pleased to find they all screwed on to the same handle - one at the time of course. Although he demonstrated to only three customers during that first day he sold them a total of three handles and twenty-three heads. The manager a crusty old guy called Fred and his sister who was in charge of stock control agreed that Charlie had a brilliant career ahead of him.

"It's your handsome looks and cute accent," said the elderly Mary, giving Charlie three tiny pats on the butt (Mary had been a nanny almost fifty years ago). Charlie eyed Mary but then caught Fred eyeing him with disapproval so thought better of it and went off to dust the heads of his demonstration brooms.

Two hundred and twenty-three sales later - or put another way, two weeks later - Mary came waddling up to Charlie and gave him three tiny pats on the butt and said, "Keep it up Charlie, Fred wants you in the conference center."

"Where's that?"

"His office stupid."

Fred gave Charlie the address of Miss Ranger of 27/2 in Premier Towers. Charlie said he'd need a hand-held GPS device to locate that address but Fred explained it meant either apartment two on the twenty-seventh floor or apartment twenty-seven on the second floor - he couldn't remember which way it went but Charlie should use his initiative. Fred handed Charlie three standard broom heads in velvet boxes, standard except one broom head was plated in silver, another in 9k gold and another in 14k. He whistled when told the selling prices.

Charlie went by cab to Premier Towers where Fred said Miss Ranger was holding a broom party. He found in the elevator that the top floor was twenty-seven and there were only ten apartments on each floor so went to the twenty-seventh floor. He knocked on the door of Apartment 2 and the woman dressed in just bra, suspender belt and stockings greeted him and said, "Welcome Charlie" so he knew initiative had won the day. There were nineteen other similarly dressed women in their seventies attending the party. They kept up the din of chatter while Miss Ranger handed Charlie a see-through apron and told him to undress and wear just that for his demonstration. The women sighed as he demonstrated the three brooms and at the conclusion Miss Ranger asked him to face away from his audience and bend down and pretend he was picking up fluff. He did that to a tremendous cheer and had to endure three encores.

"You did brilliantly, thank you Charlie," Miss Ranger said at the door, her face felt like a dried prune when Charlie kissed her but he could feel by the way Miss Ranger was rolling his balls through his trousers and briefs she was a top performer at that art and would have him shooting unless she stopped within seconds. The expert Miss Ranger stopped within a tenth of a second fromtotalling embarrassingCharlie.

During the next fortnight eight of the women attending that party organized their own party and at the end of the month, with all orders delivered and all payments cleared and banked Fred said, "Brilliant Charlie, in the past two weeks you have chalked up sales equivalent to the combined sales from this office for the last twenty-two years. Here is a twenty-dollar bonus payment."

Two days later the director of sales and marketing of the Iowa-based HQ of The American Broom Company arrived and asked, "Where is wonder boy?"

"At lunch," Fred said.

"Sales totaling $723,000 gross by one person in justfour weeks is unbelievable for a broom salesman," said Miss Sunderland. "The president of the companyhas sent me here to make a presentation to Mr Green."

"Oh here's Charlie now."

Amanda Sutherland turned and as she sighted the adorable Charlie two orgasms ripped through her. Flushed, she croaked for Fred to make the introductions.

When she handed Charlie the check for fifty dollars he handed it back and said, "Sorry Miss Sunderland. Fred has already paid me a twenty-dollar bonus. It would be unethical for me to accept a second reward for the same performance."

Charlie listened appearing unmoved as Miss Sunderland said they planned to have him featured on the front cover of America Salesman magazine, to nominate him for the American Salesman of the Year award and to have him attend the American Broom Company's annual convention later in the yearin Dallas.

Somewhat overwhelmed, Charlie took Fred aside and askedif he could take offthe remainder of the afternoon. His resignation arrived in next morning's mail and at the end of the month Fred posted commission due to Charlie. They never saw Charlie again. Miss Sutherland left as soon as she'd learned that Charlie had gone for the day. She muttered about having had personal plans for Charlie that evening but said she'd nowreturn home to Iowa.

Money wasn't an immediate problem for Charlie because as well as paying for the lease of the apartment for five years his mom had also opened a bank account for him in New York, seeding it with US$50,000.

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