Adulterous Relationships

Adulterous Relationships

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'

Chapter1 (v.1) - Adulterous Relationships

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ADULT CONTENT<br /> <br /> A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'

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Chapter 1


Logan and Loretta Vern's home in New Zealand sits high on a narrow peninsula in a district called Devonport at the entrance to Auckland's inner harbor. In one direction the view is across to Auckland's central business district and in the opposition direction lie the main shipping channel and the Hauraki Gulf with its myriads of islands. On this day Auckland was bathed in mid-spring sunshine.

On Cheltenham Beach Loretta ordered her husband to sit back on the rug and relax, to look at the young women in bikinis being worn for the first time after the disagreeable block to swimming weather brought about by bitchy late autumn and rambunctious winter. Actually she only said sit back and relax.

There was a ‘pop' and Loretta handed Logan a glass of crisp sparkling wine. She bent over Logan to clink glasses, knowing where her husband's eyes would be as the top of her sundress was scooped, and hung loose. Logan looked up into her eyes and saw the soft smile indicating approval at being slyly inspected. After all, they had been married longest of the group - five years, a marriage milestone which these days some recently married couples never achieve. Both sets of parents were grinding towards forty wedding anniversaries but that was understandable, being the last generation before the advent of the Throw-away Age.

"Toss me my sunnies darl," which translated from Kiwi vernacular meant in English, "Please pass my sunglasses, darling." Loretta lovingly obliged and gave Logan the bonus of a very sweet kiss on the middle of his forehead. That made him suspicious, very suspicious; something was up. Around 3:00 that morning she'd tapped, tapped away on his hipbone until he responded so this wasn't about sex unless she was revved up again. Had she dented her car?

Logan's mind raced. Perhaps there would be a confession about her affairs with her girlfriends; he'd long suspected all that touching and laughing that went on between them - never seeming to stop - would lead to something. Loretta, Fiona, Arlene and Christine had gone right through from elementary education to university together, Zoadmitted into that select little group at high school.

Zo yummy, thought Logan. If he ever strayed it would be into those long, thin arms of ice-cool Zo Now that she'd become a professional dancer her elegance had intensified and her lithe body seemed to be calling him.

No, it was unlikely to be a confession about double dipping between him and ‘the girls' as she called them. Oh, he didn't suspect it was all sex - they went to Book Club together, tennis coaching, ice skating, shopping, tear-jerker movies and damn cooking classes which landed those poncy French and Italian dishes on to their dinner table - and he didn't mean pizza or French bread.

Oh God, Loretta's news was her parents were coming to shift in with them! Logan spluttered over his wine.

"All right darling," she cooed, adding a little dig, "Not too high an alcohol content for you, is it?"

That was ignored. "How are your parents?"

"Fine, nice of you to ask."

He remained tense and tight-lipped. She, being a woman, would be compelled to say something.

"Actually mum's deliriously happy as dad has decided to sell some shares and take her to Europe for a month."

Then Logan lost it completely.

"Mum said we can spend weekends at their house while they're away - she says their bed has a history of extending families."

Logan snapped who the hell would want to spend weekends in boring Manurewa and was distracted by Loretta bending over the picnic basket.

"You still have lovely legs," he ventured.

She stood up, holding a container of spiced chicken salad bolstered by slices of cold roasted potatoes - a gourmet dish to him. She'd turned pink and was asking did he really think so.

Did he think what? Oh, the sexy legs. "Yo, baby, two of the best pins in the entire city."

The smile he received was dazzling. Well, turning the headlights on like that indicated she didn't have a troubled mind so what she was leading up to confess wasn't really troubling her.

He looked out towards Rangitoto Island and counted seven boats of recreational fishers. He'd be joining them soon; as the water warmed ‘the boys' and he would be out there with their beer and stories, safely away from household chores and engaging in conversation that more often that not went nonwhere.

Like many fairly recently married men, Logan had three levels of male friends: those on the approved list, those on the tolerated list and those who he knew he could struggle with - but not in a boat out to sea, thank you. He made no effort to try to classify her friends - if he couldn't be bothered with any of them he simply didn't talk to them. End of problem.

Several of those on his elite list were the husbands of her friends. Big surprise! They were: Fiona's husband, the rather pragmatic lawyer Etham Holmes; Christine's smart-mouthed senior university lecturer Alexander Jobbins, Arlene's absolute hoot dentist Quinn Royal and Sampson Kingsley, a sensitive age guy who was totally unsuitable for Zo God, how could that woman be so stupid? The thought of beer belly Sampson, a financial adviser, whining to get between those artistic legs of Zoe made Logan want to puke; however, Sampson was okay as an individual - he was their best player at pool and because he didn't drink much always was the designated driver on boys' night out. He was okay, actually even if he didn't go to the gym with the rest of them.

"Open more wine, please darling"

Loretta handed him the red with the unfamiliar label and which he looked at and broke into a cold sweat. It was a top Pinot Noir, one of the country's best - at seventy bucks a bottle and here they were having it on the fucking beach! Then he clicked - she was building up to ask him to agree to sell and move to a new home because the Royals had moved recently and Arlene was acting as if she was Queen Royal in that fucking extravagant mansion of theirs. The truth was everyone who didn't know them well simply assumed Quinn had entered the drug peddling business whereas the truth was had widowed mother had died, leaving him a suitcase full of money.

Well darling, you're not going to win this one, he gritted.

"What was that darling?"

Damn, he must have snarled that thought aloud.

"I said well darling, it's not going to be windy."

She laughed and said of course not. "Here, get your choppers around this."

He really didn't think she was holding a boob out to him, and was correct. She handed him a plate of his favorite salad with a hunk of crispy and still slightly warm French bread on the side. Enthusiastically he set his choppers working and almost choked - she was just sitting, looking at him: adoringly. Well, providing the new residence was in Devonport not too far away from his boatyard he'd consider her proposal. The thought of her excitedly treating him in bed, expressing her gratefulness, suddenly made eating secondary to a prime desire as old as man.

Loretta was wondering why her husband seemed so nervous. Logan was positively twitching, which was unusual for him. She wondered if he and the boys had a woman with them the other night when they went out on what they called ‘raging' which meant drinking themselves practically legless leaving poor bored Sampson to stick around to drive them home. The girls often wondered what the guys did at those break-outs they had one every four to six weeks. It was not as if there would be much talking as none of them talked much, being men. Except Sampson who was such a sweetie; Zowas so lucky to have him.

She'd felt guilty spending $78.47 on a bottle of wine for the beach, but he loved Pinot Noir with her lightly spiced chicken salad, describing it as a combination for the gods. Uninspiring chicken and potato salad - God he was priceless. She'd spent megabucks going to cooking classes to learn to present exotic dishes to him and some of the times his reactions were absolutely disgusting. He'd poke her creation with a fork and ask woodenly, "What's this stuff," sending her racing from the room holding back tears.

As Loretta worked setting out the lunch she glanced at three young women in bikinis. Didn't they look something! It was understandable why some women made love to other women - they felt the need to truly acknowledge a beautiful body. With one's friends, of course, the shape of the body and texture of skin wasn't the point: it was all about expressing feeling, to experience the merging of desire to create a spirituality that men never seemed to seek and enjoy. You conniving and lying bitch, she smiled hugely; fancy day-dreaming like this when you're about to deliver him the big one.

With a start Loretta realized he was on to her, staring at her with a great big ‘What?' all over his face and a drip of salad oil in the cleft of his chin. She flipped up the tail of her chestnut hair and re-positioned the rubber band to distract him. Loretta then sipped some of the gorgeous wine and cleared her throat. She was too nervous to eat so she might as well get it done.



God, drawling like that meant he knew something was up. Probably Logan was thinking she was about to say she'd pranged the front of her car.

"I'd like to come off The Pill."

"Please yourself," he grunted, staring at her as he rolled some wine over the back of his tongue.

Relief flooded through Loretta; that had been unbelievably easy. She'd been worrying about this moment for days. But then the big oaf spoilt it.

"What are you going to use instead, or do you want me to use condoms and a spermicide?"

What - and how did he know about spermicides? He always considered contraception to be women's business.

"I-I don't want anything u-used," she stuttered although not been prone to that kind of speech; however, she was under increasing stress.

The handsome face of her husband looked at her expressionlessly. God, what was going on behind that mask, he thought. I must keep my mouth shut, not saying another word. That will compel him to speak.

Nervously she waited, knowing he'd crack. She watched as he sipped more wine, swirled it and swallowed.

Oh God, he was opening his mouth to reply.

"Nice drop of wine."

Loretta reached behind her for a rock to clout him with but remembered she must protect her new nail extensions expensively fastened for this evening, so pulled back her hand.

Time for attack. "I'm glad you like the wine - paid out of my money, not house-keeping. Don't you want to be a father?"

He looked down the beach. She turned as saw the attraction - a forty-year-old in a tight black one-piece with a great ass that was rising and falling hypnotically.


She turned her head and saw him biting into French bread. Of course he did, and she knew that; this was a matter about when.

"It's a matter of when," he said casually. She was always telling him not to talk with his mouth full but this was different - she wanted him to talk.

"With you twenty-nine and me thirty we are at a prime age to initiate conception,"

"Uh-huh. Exactly what does that mean?"

"Don't get grumpy," he smiled, immediately making her feel grumpy.

She had to wait until he finished chewing.

"I've often thought about us having kids and I know you have because I see you looking at mothers with babies with that look."

"What look?" she flared.

"Want me to finish?"

"Oh God yes," she blurted, not meaning to indicate desperation.

"Well, it's a big step, not something one approaches simply by coming off The Pill when you finish a packet. I need to prepare myself psychologically."

Loretta almost wet herself. Was this her husband speaking to her?

"What do you know about this aspect of women's health?"

"We guys just don't talk about fishing, babes and beer when we're together. Out on the boat last season Quinn told us a babe wanting to become pregnant stops taking her pills when finishing a packet, bleeds and then her next bleed is a natural one, resuming her cycle. He also said something about taking folic acid for some reason."

Loretta said icily, "I do not think four guys out in a boat fishing have any business talking about a woman's menstrual cycle."

"You can't count," he grinned. "There're five of us. We talk about wasteful household expenditure, nuclear fission, women becoming possessive and..."

"That's enough, you'd all be better off talking about beer and babes. I've never heard you talk in terms of preparing yourself psychologically."

Pulling some chicken fiber from between his teeth, Logan said, "Just because I choose to go sailing on the international circuit instead of to university like you other guys doesn't necessarily mean I'm the intellectual dork of the group. Being intelligent and going to university are as patently unconnected as mice and cheese, although a connection can and will become recognizable, especially when cheese is used in the mouse trap, successfully."

"Thank you for that, but do you mind if we keep focused on our prime luncheon conversation?"

"Okay, but only one of us is lunching. You're not eating - too nervous to eat huh?"

Damn him, Loretta thought. Trust her to have fallen for a free-thinker who knew how to use his thingy but the truth was she'd regarded him as being superior to any guy she'd associated with at university. She now assumed she'd also unwittingly picked him for his fathering qualities.

"Yes, I am nervous; I have no desire to upset you as I know you love your freedom."

"Yeah, babe, you've pin-pointed my vulnerability. I don't mind it coming out into the open as it may help you to understand my position and encourage you to guide me through the noose."

She tried to smother her surprise. "Help you, you are willing for me to help you?"

"I did speak in English didn't I, or did I slip into my limited command of French, Italian or German?"

"English, and you know you did. It's just I was expecting to be dragged into a High Noon showdown and here you are being lovely and saying you are open to support."

"Don't be surprised, it's just my underpinning good boy nature shining through."

Loretta beamed and held out her hand; Logan kissed the hand that fed him daily and said black finger nails suited her.

"You like them?" she asked, surprised he'd even noticed the change from purple to black.

"Yeah, I don't go pink nails."

"In all the years I've know you, you've never told me that."

He sighed, checked for incoming cloud - there was none - and said, "Well, a guy knows not to give it all to a woman at once."

Loretta felt the blush flow from her cheeks to her chest. God, he had a one-track mind or had she misinterpreted that comment?

"I would welcome any finality on this discussion, if you are up to it right now." Loretta bit her lip, thinking he'd be wondering if she were alluding to sex. But he came through for her.

"Nah, go ahead. Whatever happens won't happen overnight. I'll have time to sort myself out. I confirm I do want to have kids."


"Sorry, children."

"Oh darling, you make me deliriously happy. I finish the packet in sixteen days."

"Fine - and with the desire to conceive, does that mean more candlelight dinners and an increase in sex?"

Loretta smiled and asked him, unnecessarily, was that what he wanted and saw the poor boy practically drool. She was almost bursting so after kissing him sweetly hurried off to the beach toilets. She returned, thinking he'd finished off the wine and would be almost asleep. But there he was, holding out a glass of wine for her. She took it gratefully and watched him pour half a glass for himself, leaving more than a glassful in the bottle. "You have the rest," she said lovingly, reaching for her salad.

When she finished eating, they leaned back against the stonewall protecting the shoreline and savored their wine. She put her glass down carefully to pull his hand around her and she purposely placed it on her boob - he could tease it as much as her wished, the good boy.

"I was thinking when I went on my walk that I'll get you to talk to Arlene."

"There's no way I'm going into Head Shrink Palace."

"They are psychologists, not psychiatrists, though judging by that reaction perhaps the latter may be what you require in consultancy."

"Are you kidding?"


"With you against my shoulder and having me play with your tit, it's difficult to see your face."

"Then let's uncouple."

"No, this is lovely and your usually don't want me to work your tit unless you are aroused."

"I am aroused, Logan. Hugely. During the last half hour I've been passing through one of the more intense emotional periods of my entire life. We can rush home if you wish."

"Er, let's string it out. It's nice here and, er, the 10-minute gun for the squadron race sounded a few minutes ago and the old girl ‘Waimakariri' is back on the water for the first time after a two-year re-fit at McGuigan's Yards. I'd like to see her come around North Head; she has classic lines."

"You love you sailing, don't you?"

"It's okay."

"If you love your children half as much as you love those yachts, I'll be satisfied."

The wine must have hit Logan because he nibbled Loretta's ear and whispered, "I love you more than any yacht, more than the whole damn fleet."

"Oh God," she groaned, clutching him. "Rush me home."

"Nope, it's nice here and I want to see ‘Waimakariri'. I'll finger you."

"Logan, we're on a public beach."

He scrambled up and came back with a towel she had placed in the picnic basket. "Undo your shorts and I'll throw this over you."

Logan was told he was a maniac but she did as she was told and it wasn't long before she heaved, mouth slack, two or three times, and finished with a huge sigh.

"You're the best I've ever had do that."

He asked innocently had there been others.

"You know that I held out until my wedding night."

"Sorry, I can't accept that a horny girl turning into her twenties could avoid having her pussy exercised adequately."

Loretta called him a foul-mouthed rotter and said he knew she was a virgin on her wedding night.


"Yes, but it's what you want to hear from me, isn't it."

Logan grinned and moved his hand to exercise her pussy again, she having no objection. "Lying to me like that was good for my ego, I must admit."

Loretta had changed into a short skirt and polo shirt after a shower when Logan came up behind her as she was washing the picnic containers she didn't like placing into the dishwasher.

He flipped up her skirt, pulled aside the leg of her panties and pushed in to her.

"Logan, we can't do it here - the neighbors, the curtains are not drawn; they'll see us."

"Fuck the neighbors," Logan almost snarled. "We have a need."

Loretta leaned across the sink, trying to improve his angle of insertion. She'd never told anyone this, not even the girls; she was in love with his penis. It was so thick, warm and manly and did wonderful things to her senses. It was the perfect match for her, she thought, grunting as he slammed against her repeatedly. When she no longer thought like this it would be a sad occasion for her. She believed she was born to fuck.

Feeling Logan thickening Loretta pinched her nipples and slipped into her hard-edge mode she kept hidden, picturing what they were doing very graphically, his cock sliding piston-like and ready to, er, uncock. When Logan dug his fingers into her hips and began grunting and heaving she released, sending her liquid into the path of his incoming sperm. Loretta was very, very interested in practicing this technique, believing in the months ahead it could prove very beneficial.

She finished the dishes, not worrying about leaks. They had a house rule - if they did it anywhere but in bed or the spa bath Logan the instigator had to clean up afterwards, and clean up properly.

Logan can up behind her again; she tensed but all he did was to hug her and curl his head to lean against her upper back and shoulder. He told her that he admired the way in which she'd prepared him to hear her potentially unsettling requests. "You handled it like a champion."

"That's a nice thing to say," she said, leaning back managing to push a hand around to stroke his hair knowing he liked her doing intimate things when he was virtually inactive like this. "I must say you took it very well, no doubt knowing that moment would arrive one day."

"You have priority over what you wish to do with your body and as the brunt of child-raising is bound to fall unevenly on you to manage, you ought to have the dominant say about us procreating."

Again, not for the first time that day she was wondering if this was her husband talking. "Yes dear," was all she could manage. He sounded like an old style pastor and she was in danger of giggling. Actually what he was expressing was kind and sensible. She pulled away, turned and kissed him gently on the eyes, nose and forehead before kissing his lips, careful not to signal any interest beyond that.

Loretta was pleased about the foaming agent in the spa bath when he arrived with two cups of coffee. He sat on the toilet seat to drink his. While the jets felt as though they would tone her skin, Loretta liked the way they created sexual sensation. Her nipples had been simulated but fortunately he'd not notice they were up because of the surface foam.

"Darling, I've been thinking. Rather than go into the office to see Arlene I suggest we invite her out for a sail on Saturday - Quinn will be working as he does on the last Saturday of the month. I'll arrive late at the marina and apologize, saying an Australian designer wants me to meet her for lunch. Then you take her out and spill your guts."

"But you can come and fluff around below while I talk to her in the cockpit."

"No, I want you relaxed, darling. No one else on the boat to distract you."

"But tongues could wag, just me and Arlene."

"Do you think she's sexy?"

"Arlene - she's passable but babe, I've got you."

"There we go; now had it been Christine..." She didn't finish.

"Christine?" he said, unable to prevent that blurt. "I thought you would have said Zoe."

"Zo" she laughed. "She's skin and bones and about as interest in sex as I am in nuclear fission. Or fishing. I'd allow Zoto housekeep for you and sleep in your bed if I went away on business and know the only sexual action you'd have would be with your hand."


"Yes, that's rather course for me. I guess it's the company I have in this house."

He gave her the lop-sided grin she so much loved.

Loretta emerged in panties and a cute chemi looking radiant with no make-up and her chestnut hair piled high with multi-colored beading woven through it.

Without being asked, Logan had sliced chicken breast into strips and pan-fried them and had them on hold, with rice just for him in warming mode in the rice cooker. On her arrival he removed the chicken and turned up the heat ready to toss in frozen premium grade sliced mixed vegetables.

"Good boy, you are such an asset as a husband," she cooed, knowing what he was doing was within the capacity of a 10-year-old boy. Still, he was volunteer chef and had remembered not to cook rice for her and although it was simple fare it suited her mood.

Two hours later they left for a mayoral reception followed by supper for a trade delegation from Egypt of all places. They'd been invited because the mayor had been chuffed that Logan and two of his men had worked round the clock under tight time restraints repairing fire damage to the mayor's launch. A year earlier Logan's yard had fitted out the former 42-foot bollard-pull tug, adding an architecturally designed aft deck cabin following the stripping of its workhorse gear. Part of the conversion was adding twin 460 hp diesel replacement engines, allowing the ugly duckling to cut past many other launches at 19 knots (21.9 mph). The mayor's wife that night wore a Loretta Vern-design sequined cocktail dress that made the plump woman look quite stunning. The mayor had been stunned by Loretta's bill but apparently any objection evaporated what his wife appeared in front of him in a ‘What-do-you-think' demonstration of her new acquisition.

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