Friday Night!

Friday Night! Friday Night!

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A student house party becomes the stage for sex, lies and deceit as relationships are put to the test on a frantic Friday night.


A student house party becomes the stage for sex, lies and deceit as relationships are put to the test on a frantic Friday night.


Submitted: June 07, 2012

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Submitted: June 07, 2012





Gregory Allman






























A small crowd gathered around the “Angels on Earth” outside the university entrance, a scorching summer’s day such as this one brought out a lot of ogling male eyes which was perfect for Simone and Natasha the apparent angels, the pair were dressed alike in matching custom made white t-shirts which were a size too big for either of them, denim hot pants and high heels, the pair shared a resemblance to working girls rather than party promoters let alone angels. The South London hospital where they were both born is hardly an artist impression of paradise however both share the beauty of someone who fell from heaven, or so they have been told.


“Can we hurry up this up please?” Wayne moaned as Simone and Natasha discussed strategy, “Yes baby, thank you for being so patient” Simone said sarcastically pinching his cheeks. Wayne had been Simone’s boyfriend for almost a year, what he lacked in intellect he gained in physique, as he had the body of an athlete, rumours also suggest he was well endowed hence the angel on his arm. He used his broad shoulders to hoist, Simone on to the wall of the university entrance, as he did, he heard whistles from the males in the crowd as Natasha bent over to pick up the megaphone, showing off the shape of her round arse and long legs, Wayne turned to see what the commotion was about and noticed Natasha’s inviting eyes daring him to come closer.


She blew Wayne a kiss as she handed him the megaphone, he momentarily lost his composure and nearly dropped Simone off the wall, “Careful Wayne” she moaned “Sorry babe” he replied keeping eye contact with Natasha; their intense stare off was interrupted by the megaphone which let out a deafening screech as Simone switched it on. “Testing, testing one two”. Wayne and Natasha covered their ears as Simone turned down the volume on the megaphone “Ok we’re good” she said speaking away from the megaphone, Simone’s pose on the wall kept the interest of the wide eyes examining her bare flesh, her medium tanned legs glistened in the bright sun and were complemented by her high heels. She skimmed through the speech quickly and took a deep breath. “What could be a better way to spend a Friday night than with the Angels on Earth party, I can promise that this will be the best party of your university lives, missing out on this will be like missing the last train to heaven, the beautiful Natasha is selling tickets for five pounds so get them while their hot”.


 Natasha raised her hand in order to signal for people to make their way over to her immediately. “Form an orderly line” she shouted as people began to bustle up, she held a brown string bag open waiting for punters to pour money in although sticking a note in her shorts would seem more appropriate. Simone let out a whoop as people made their way over “And remember be there and be beautiful” she finished as Wayne carried her off of the wall. “Thanks babe” she kissed his cheek. Natasha walked over to the pair “I’ve sold twelve tickets already” she beamed “I’m telling you this marketing stuff is easy, especially with these t-shirts we had made” she turned so that Wayne could read the back of the t-shirt which had the price of the tickets and date of the party, the slogan “Be there and be Beautiful” was splashed on the back in glittery colours, all that was visible to Wayne were her tight hot pants. “All eyes are gonna be on us today babe” Natasha couldn’t hide her excitement. “Aren’t they always” Simone replied. The pair laughed out loud together and gave each other a high five. “Anyways, let’s go make some more money in the cafeteria” Wayne followed closely behind the two angels as they floated in to the university building.


Nicos and Chris stood across the road from the university entrance the crowd gathered more potential as Simone showed off her assets rather than her public speaking skills. Nicos leaned back against a wall and hid his face in his hood, despite the show being put on he only had eyes for Wayne; having a short temper was just a character defect of Nicos’ personality along with having no patience, however in regards to Wayne, Nicos saw red a lot quicker, no-one knew this better than long term acquaintance Chris. Chris was a lot shorter than Nicos for starters and didn’t have a maniacal bone in his body; he often described them as being chalk and cheese, but preferred to think Nicos liked Chris hanging around because of his joyful persona. This was far from the truth. Nicos lit a cigarette to try and calm his temper, but the sound of his accomplice’s voice did him no favours “Dude what are we doing here?” Chris asked, “You wanna perv on Simone and Natasha right? I can’t blame you they are looking hot in those t-shirts and shorts. But I hate to break it to you Simone wants me” Nicos adjusted his stance on the wall carefully watching as Simone deafened her crowd with a megaphone. He turned to Chris and gave him a cold stare “Ok ok, I’m only trying to lighten the mood” Chris explained “Don’t bother” Nicos shot back as he took a deep pool from his cigarette. Sensing Nicos’ ever present bad mood he decided to continue “

 “I mean why do you hate him so much, all you do is talk about what Wayne deserves or how much you hate him, what did he do to you? If you want I’ll happily steal Simone from him” Chris’ voice sent shivers down Nicos’ spine, his clenched his fist and gritted his teeth “He knows, he fucking knows”.

“That doesn’t expl-”

“I’m gonna get rid of him for good” Nicos interrupted.

“What?” Chris replied “You mean like kill him? Come on dude you’re not gonna do that, we both know that, you’ll probably kill yourself first with all this anger”.

Nicos squared up to Chris towering over him “If I was gonna kill him, I would fucking kill him, he’s nothing to me his life is as equal to dog shit to me get that through your head right now” he roared pounding the wall behind Chris’ head with his fist “Wayne is going somewhere and never coming back, I’m gonna make sure of it, you hear me?”

“I hear. But why man?” For once Chris’ fruitless attempts at discovering why Nicos detested Wayne paid off.

“In the first year of uni, we were pretty tight”. Nicos focus remained fixated on Wayne.

“Yeah, I know” Chris cut in. “Why the hatred?”

“Ok, well he knew a guy selling weed for cheap, cash and carry as he described it, but he couldn’t afford it. His parents were on holiday so I said I would loan him the cash till they came back”. 

Chris was totally focused on Wayne’s mannerisms as he spoke, to his surprise he seemed unusually calm despite speaking on a subject which made his blood boil.

“Long story short, he said the guy ripped him off and took the money, we spent ages looking for him but couldn’t find him. Weeks later Wayne pops up with a new car, new clothes new everything”

“You think he took the money” Chris uttered. Nicos turned and nodded at him “The money I loaned him was from my savings that my Gran left me before she died”.

Chris finally understood Nicos’ hatred; however he didn’t have any sympathy for him. Chris always believed in karma and the balance of the universe. “You can’t prove he stole it though, so”.

“He fuckin’ did, I know he did” Nicos raged. He hated when Wayne was embellished, especially when Chris did it. He leaned in to Chris touching the tip of his nose with his own “Don’t you agree?” He asked knowing full well what the response would be. Chris’ nerves got the better of him as he looked away from Nicos’ stone cold stare.

“Yeah” he responded.

“Good” Nicos stepped back from Chris “Now we got a party to get ready for”.


Wayne sat in his car nodding his head ferociously to some hip hop music and attempting to rap along to some of the words; Theo opened the door on the passenger side and climbed in the car holding a takeaway box. Theo wasn’t as tall as Wayne however he possessed a body of a World Champion of darts. 

“Ergh, that stinks” Wayne moaned, “What is it?”

“Kebab init, I’m starving” Theo groaned.

He opened the box and began eating bits of the kebab meat, Wayne scrunched up his face as the smell was making him nauseous.

“Bro, you can’t eat that in my car” Wayne

“Come on man, I aint eaten all day” Theo moaned as he stuffed his face.

Wayne leaned across Theo’s Olympian frame and opened the door.

“Eat that shit facing out the car” he ordered, Theo shrugged and turned without stopping shoving food down his throat “It smells like that was cooked in someone’s arse and served in a toilet” Wayne laughed

“Fuck you” replied Theo laughing with a mouth full of food. “So what’s up man?”

Wayne turned down the music in his car “Yo, I just thought of a master plan, it’s flawless and it’s gonna make us some quick money feel me?” Theo spoke whilst chewing, Wayne didn’t understand what he said but carried on.

“Well Simone and Natasha are having some big party on Friday, and their charging people for entry, they sold a whole load of tickets earlier, five pound per ticket” Wayne’s voice went up an octave at the excitement of all the money Simone and Natasha were making.

“Ok, so you wanna start throwing parties and charging people?” Theo questioned wiping his mouth and turning back into the car and closing the door; he placed a hand on his bulging stomach and rest his head back on the car seat.  Wayne stared in almost shock and confusion.

“Err, no we’re gonna rob the money they make at the party, did you eat all of that already?

“Yeah, did you want some?”

“Jesus Christ Theo did you inhale it?” The question didn’t match Wayne’s serious tone.

“Anyway” Theo deflected “How we gonna get the money?”

They’ll never suspect us coz I’m gonna be just as mad and shit as her” Wayne explained, “Flawless” he said waving his hands to the music.

Theo sat thinking about the ramifications but it seemed that Wayne was taking all of the risk “We can do that, how much do you think she’ll be making?” Theo asked “At least five bills, probably more at the rate their going” Wayne answered “Plus I’m gonna be helping promote too, so the money is gonna stack”. Theo began nodding his head and laughing at the thought of making five hundred pounds with ease.

“So are we gonna do it at the party or after?” Theo asked

“Got be to be at”

Theo nodded and began laughing; Wayne caught the contagious laughing bug and burst out in hysterics to.


Natasha stood in front of her full body length mirror and blew herself a kiss; she took a swig out of the rum bottle by her foot and let out a gasp. She was completely flawless in her beauty, however her room was plastered in clothing graffiti, her blue carpet was invisible under all the clothing. She pushed out her chest so her party outfit enhanced the size of her breasts; she slipped on her black high heels to complete her outfit. Her soft brown skin was in perfect contrast with her burgundy bra and underwear. She turned to the side to catch how much her bum stuck out, after a satisfied nod she slipped on a plaid skirt which revealed her thighs and teased of giving glimpses of what lay beneath it.

She took her phone out of her handbag and took a picture of herself with her chest pushed out and her hand on her thigh, she took another photo of her body sideways left so her curvy silhouette presented itself in the mirror. She sent the pictures to a number in her phone and tossed her phone on her bed. She looked back in her mirror and posed with her hands through her curly hair, and then with her hands on her hips, she continued doing her best impersonations of her favourite glamour models, her phone vibrated on her bag and she dived on to her bed to read her message.

Simone burst through her bedroom door with a towel wrapped around her body; the sight of Natasha lying on her stomach with her heels raised stopped her in her tracks “Is that what you’re wearing tonight?” she quipped.

“Hell yeah bitch” Natasha shot back “I’m gonna leave a trail of bodies behind me tonight” she laughed.

Simone gave an indifferent smile and began drying her hair.

“What?” Natasha asked “You don’t think I should wear this?”

“Well, it’s a bit much don’t you think, people are gonna think you’re something else”

“Those are the same people who wish they wear an outfit like this and look as good as me, I am beautiful, I don’t need to be modest about it because someone is gonna call me a sket or something” Natasha’s passion lifted her off of the bed as she hovered over Simone.

 “I guess you’re right” Simone sighed.

Natasha took another shot from the bottle and felt an immense burn in her chest, what she was beginning to lack in control she was gaining in confidence, she gazed as Simone covered up her masterpiece of a body, she studied her curves and glistening skin. She passed the bottle to Simone “Here, drink this, it will loosen you up a bit” Simone took a small sip then took a big gulp, Simone hated everything about alcohol, the look, the smell, the taste, she found it very sickly. She especially hated the pressure which always came with how much people expected her to drink, her view was that no-one is applauded for going through a bucket of fried chicken single handed so why with a bottle of vodka.  She placed the bottle down and continued getting dressed; she threw herself down a pile of clothing where the floor should be to pull up her leggings, she noticed Natasha crawling towards her “Is Wayne coming tonight?” Natasha asked. Simone stood as she adjusted her skirt. “Yeah, he’s gonna be here later”. Simone thought she caught a glimpse of a smile on Natasha’s face but it was in regards to her finding more rum in the bottle.

“Let’s finish this” Natasha declared

“Cool” Simone responded.

They each took it in turns taking shots out of the bottle, both standing in skirts and a bra it resembled a Baywatch scene. Simone was holding her alcohol well but Natasha was slowly losing her grip. She threw her arm around Simone and posed with her in the mirror “The Angels are back on Earth” she screamed.

“Are you drunk?” Simone laughed nervously.

“No sexy, I’m not” an erratic Natasha responded.

Simone fought her way out of Natasha’s arms; she reached for her oversized t-shirt but was interrupted by Simone pulling on her arm. “I love you Simone” Natasha hugged her, “I love you too, Nat” she responded. Natasha let go and leaned in to kiss Simone, her predatory instincts were enhanced due to the rum flowing in her system. Simone was too slow as Natasha placed her soft lips upon hers. Simone leaned away from her pushing her back.

“What are you doing?”  

Natasha fell back on to the bed and let out a groan, Simone stood over her as Natasha lay with her eyes closed smiling. Simone let out a laugh as Natasha reached for the bottle “No more for you, Angel” she emphasized.


Wayne’s cheeks were puffed out resembling a blow fish, his arms were wrapped around his stomach. “Why can’t you eat before you leave your house fat boy?” He asked.

“Why can’t you let me eat in your car?” Theo mumbled back with a mouth full of food.

Wayne shook his head and started his car engine, “You got ten seconds to finish or I’m gonna reverse this car over you” he threatened.

The car engine roared over the general hubbub of the high road, which struck the passers by with surprise.  

“Ten, nine, eight, sev” Wayne counted, Theo turned in to the car wiping his mouth.

“Why are you so dramatic?”

Wayne stared straight through Theo ignoring the question “Next time you eat outside the car!” Wayne proclaimed shutting off his engine. “It stinks in here now”

“Don’t worry, with the money we make tonight, you can buy some air freshener, it will sort your car right out” laughed Theo.

Wayne’s stern face was broken with the remark and he cracked a smile, he turned on the radio and skipped through stations until he heard a rap song, “Ok before we go, do you have the bag?”

“Yeah” Theo answered, reaching in to his rucksack; he pulled out a brown string bag, filled with monopoly money, “This cool?” Wayne let out a whoop and started banging on his steering wheel unaware he was drawing attention to himself.

“This is gonna be sick, Simone is gonna be pissed, and the best thing she will never suspect us” he cackled, Theo looked on biting his bottom lip; he fiddled with the string bag and tossed it on Wayne’s lap.

“Why you giving me this?

“Well you’re switching the bags?


“It doesn’t make sense me going in” Theo responded.

 He looked over at Wayne and realised he was lost in the music, “Wayne!” he shouted turning down the radio.

“What man?”

“It doesn’t make sense me going in to the party” Theo shook his head and gazed out the car window, he glanced over at Wayne who was staring a hole through him with his icy eyes.

“The plan is for you to go in, we discussed it” Wayne sighed “Why the fuck are you getting nervous?” “Don’t start that shit” Theo replied “You know I aint nervous, it just makes sense for you to be in there not me”

“How?” Wayne asked

“Well she is your girlfriend for starters” Theo snapped

“Exactly!” Wayne shouted

“What do you mean exactly?” The spanner Wayne threw in the works definitely put Theo off balance.

“It would be much harder for me to get away from her in there, but if you go in and say you’re waiting for me it won’t seem so bad” Wayne explained “Do you get what I’m saying?” Theo nodded in agreement.

“So all you gotta do is stroll in, find where the bag is, mingle for a bit, make the swap then bounce, how fuckin’ easy is that?”

Theo let out a sigh and stared down at the bag “Imagine the chicks, the food and shit they’re gonna have, Natasha was saying some guy she knows at Nandos is bringing chicken or some shit”

Theo looked up as heard Wayne mention chicken, he looked over at him but he was staring his window, he noticed Theo glance up at him from the corner of his eye, then he knew he had him. “Fuck it” Theo thought out loud “Let’s do this man, in and out nothing long”

“Yeah!” Wayne shouted. He started his engine and sped off heading towards a circus of teen drinking, drugs and sex known as Heaven.


Chris let out a long sigh as he stared at his watch; he sat on a metal railing as Nicos stood in front of him observing Wayne and Theo sitting in the car talking. “Are we even certain that the car will be unattended?” Chris asked.

Nicos ignored Chris and carried on staring at the car “Because if they don’t leave, our plan won’t work and it would make sitting here for an hour pointless”. Nicos took a deep breath and spat; he took out a pack of cigarettes and lit one. He took a deep pool to calm his nerves, despite being so certain in his mind that he wanted to go through with the plan he concocted, his stomach felt otherwise.  

 “Wayne will go in to please his bitch, so I’m guessing Theo will follow.”

Chris looked at Nicos “True, Simone’s cool I had to do group work with her once and”

“Theo’s getting out” Nicos exclaimed. Chris jumped down from the railing and watched with Nicos, they saw Theo skip out of the car and walk in to the party, however Wayne sat in the car with the lights off. “What the fuck?” Nicos cried, “Why aint he getting out either?” Nicos asked hypothetically.

“What are they up to?” Chris smiled to himself knowing that the chances of putting the plan into action were slim; mixing that with Nicos’ impatience he could be in bed before midnight if the night goes well. He could be in bed with Simone if the night goes really well. He sat back on the railing, “We’re gonna be here a while Nic, you still wanna wait?” Chris asked.

“Chris you’re smart person, what do you think?” Nicos responded.

He turned and stared at Chris, who nodded in agreement with Nicos.

“Ok, just saying because we’re out here waiting if someone sees us here, and Wayne finds out it won’t take long to put two and two together”.

Nicos ignored Chris again, he didn’t care about being seen or if Wayne found out he was after him, the rage built up in Nicos caused to lose any consideration for anything, he stamped out his cigarette and put up his hood, “I’m going down there” he began walking towards the car but was stopped in his tracks by Chris standing in front of him spreading his arms.

“Not a good idea dude, it won’t end well” 

“Yeah for him” Nicos snapped back

“Or you” Chris tried to explain himself but Nicos had tunnel vision on the car parked.

“He can’t defeat me, you see this” He reached behind his jeans and pulled out a silver hand gun,


 Chris nearly threw up on the spot; he had never seen a gun in real life and the sight of it in Nicos’ hand sent a tornado of chills through his body.

“What’s he gonna do with this in his face? Piss himself that’s what he’s gonna do”

“Dude go back, if anyone sees you with this we’re both going prison, full stop” Chris stood tall in front of Nicos determined not to let him pass, Nicos’ eyes were bloodshot as stared at Wayne’s car, Chris was starting to believe his cigarettes were laced with something stronger than tobacco.

“Come on man, have a cigarette and just be patient, don’t lose it now” Chris’ reassuring words did enough to convince Nicos to calm down; Nicos took out a cigarette whilst heading back towards the metal railings. Chris trailed behind, he knew from what just happened that this night will not end well for anyone involved. He’s stomach churned as he saw Nicos put the gun back in his waistband, he sat on the ground by the railings staring off in to the distance. Nicos hadn’t exploded yet, as Chris and Wayne unknowingly survived the tremors, the question is will they survive the eruption.  


Simone sat on the toilet, typing ferociously in to her phone; she growled at all her misspelt words but sent the message anyway.

After more drinks of rum, vodka and any other alcoholic substance she found herself staring herself down in the bathroom mirror. Her alcohol fuelled system was everything she hated; she hated not being in control of a situation let alone her own body.  


Simone stepped out the toilet she was met by the blaring music and clown faces complementing her on a fantastic party, her stomach tightened every step she took and her balance was wobbly at best as she headed downstairs.

She found Natasha through the swarm of men surrounding her in awe of her outfit or at least what lay beneath it. She pulled her away from overloading testosterone.

“Darling, you changed, why? Natasha slurred at Simone, landing her weight on her shoulders.

“No I didn’t”.

“I’m having the best time ever, look at all those guys itching to touch me”.

Simone glanced at the hungry animals waiting for an opportunity to sink their teeth in Natasha’s precious body.

“Let’s go outside Nat, you need some air”

“No way!” she screamed, “All the hotties are in here” She gave a group of guys a cheeky wave and they all reciprocated by raising a glass or waving back. Natasha had them eating out of the palm of her hand, her only problem was her hand controlled her.

“Ok, we’ll come back after an-”

“No!” Natasha interrupted, shoving Simone in the process. “You’re so boring, how does Wayne put up with that”

“What?” Simone responded “You’re drunk, just come outside”

“I’m serious; you’re boring, look at you”

“Look at yourself; you belong on a street corner”

Natasha shoved past Simone and uttered “At least I aint frigid, give Wayne my number”. Natasha danced over to the waiting men who swallowed her in to the crowd, Simone watched her fellow angel disappear in to the fray of drunken horny men only equipped with a mini skirt and bra to as armour.



Theo kept his distance from Simone; he noticed her storm out the back door through the kitchen after speaking with Natasha. Natasha’s outfit had him mesmerised as he saw her glide in between guys, as both Simone and Natasha were pre-occupied this made is mission easier as now his only objective now was to locate the string bag filled with money.

He side stepped a couple of drunken guys holding each other up singing “Dancing in the Moonlight”, Theo never understood why people sang VH1 classics whenever they’re drunk or even why he knew the words to the song. He fought the urge to join in the pantomime and made a b-line towards the snacks.

 He danced over to a table in an attempt to shield his motive however it didn’t fit his oversized frame.


The table was filled with tortilla chips and a range of dipping sauces, he screwed up his face when he noticed there wasn’t any chicken at the table or even a trace of peri peri, Theo was an expert investigator in food remains such as chicken bones.

It didn’t take him long to realise that Wayne had lied to get him inside the party, he laughed to himself at how devious was Wayne was, part of him had to respect Wayne for using his weakness against him.

He bumped in to a tall stocky man with a long black ponytail “You in?” he asked.

Theo looked around and replied “Yeah”.

The student moved aside and Theo stepped in to the space, he realised it was a drinking game of people taking shots; he was handed a small glass of alcohol and shot it back on the count of three. He let out a deep breath and immediately felt body spark up “Fu fuck” he stuttered clutching his chest. “He’s gone!” The stocky man shouted to the crowd.

“Nahh I’m good, let’s go again”.

He took another shot and felt his stomach get heavier if it was even possible. He sniffed the glass and suddenly had to hold back the urge to throw up; he stumbled over to a stool and sat on it. He decided to bow out as he was drawing attention to his presence at the party, also he didn’t have the stomach for alcohol. He rubbed his eyes to regain his composure, he opened them to seeing a pair high heels.

 “Hey Theo, where’s Wayne?”

He looked up and noticed the smooth mocha legs gleaming in the light, a plaid skirt which sat above the thighs, a smooth flat stomach and cleavage which he could nearly dip his nose in.

“Natasha, what’s up?”

“Are you drunk?” She laughed at the irony of the question.

“Nahh I’m good, just had a nasty kebab earlier you know”

Theo carried on staring at her breasts which seemed to get closer every time Natasha spoke

“Yeah I know, where’s Wayne?” she asked again brushing her thigh against Theo’s knee

“He’s outside” Theo responded “He’s too scared to come in, pussy, told me there was chicken in here”.

Natasha walked off before Theo finished his sentence uninterested in what else he had to say.

The stocky man dragged him back to his feet and handed him a shot of black fluid

“Three, two, one go!” he shouted as everyone drank simultaneously, Theo’s eyes rolled around in his head as he swallowed, he’s body felt lifeless as he collapsed to the floor.

“He’s out!” the student shouted and the party erupted with laughter and cheer as Theo lay inconspicuously on the floor.


Natasha pushed her way past the small gathering in the front garden; she searched for Wayne’s car down the street but couldn’t see it. She carried on to the alleyway at the side of the house. She felt a strong hand on her shoulder which spun her around.

“I had to see this in person”.

She escaped his grasp and stood tall for him to take in all her glory; he grabbed her hand and pulled in to a side alley.

One out of sight they began kissing, Natasha undid the strings on her bikini top to reveal her perky breasts, his appetite for her showed as he groped her and rang his tongue over her.

“I’ve wanted to do that for ages” Natasha smiled in response and surrendered her body. Her underwear was taken off from under her skirt and thrown by a crate on the floor, he flapped around trying to undo his belt buckle, she giggled again and kissed him, he froze as she undid his belt and zip.

“Nervous?”  She challenged.

“I’ll show you nervous” he accepted the challenge by hoisting her up against a wall using his brute strength.


Chris’ kept his hands in his pockets to stop them from shaking; the thought of Nicos carrying a weapon in an unstable mind state shook him to the core, for first time he actually considered smoking to calm him down. The pair had not said a word to each other since the revelation of the weapon.

“Shit did you see that?” Nicos asked unable to conceal his excitement.

“Yeah, was that Natasha he went off with?”

“Who the fuck cares? He’s out the car now let’s go”.

Nicos leapt off of the railing and headed towards Wayne’s car.

“Wait!” Chris shouted, “Take the stuff” he handed him polystyrene bags containing a white substance to plant in Wayne’s car.

“Great let’s go” the pair sprinted to Wayne’s car and Nicos immediately began work on opening the back car door.

“I’m gonna go spy on him in case he’s coming back”

“Cool” Nicos responded totally focussed on prying the door open.

“Meet back at the railings later” Chris said as he jogged towards the alleyway. As he jogged off his mind was still distracted at how dangerous Nicos is to himself and others. Chris understood the importance of not letting Nicos get caught by Wayne let alone anyone else, and he knew ultimately that this was the last time he would ever see Nicos again.


As Chris approached the alleyway he managed to creep by the commotion outside of screaming and laughing unnoticed. He snuck in to the alleyway and hid behind a wheelie bin, he had a full view of Wayne and Natasha against the wall, he was amazed at their brashness but realised this was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. He took out his phone and began videoing the two of them having sex, he tensed his body to conceal his excitement at witnessing self proclaimed angel tarnish the halo she holds over her head.


 Déjà vu sprung to mind as Simone stood in front of the Bathroom mirror, tired of hearing the same answer message on Wayne’s phone and eager to shake off the brush Natasha tarnished her with, if Natasha was considered an angel she wanted to be the complete opposite.

She tied her hair to the side and re-did her make-up showing off dark mascara and lipstick, as if she accepted admission in to the dark side.

She made her way downstairs and she noticed Theo crawling towards the sofa. She rushed to his aid and sat him on the chair.

“What happened to you?” she asked Theo closed his eyes and just leaned back on the sofa.

Simone began laughing as Theo could barely sit up; Simone noticed a brown string bag in his pocket with yellow money sticking out.

“Wow, looks like you’ve had one to many, where’s Wayne?”

It took all of Theo’s energy to lean forward ultimately making the bag vanish back in to his pocket, he leaned on Simone and said “Is that everyone’s favourite question tonight”.

“What?” Simone responded bewildered by Theo.

“I thought you two were coming together, do you know where he is?”

Theo sighed and took a large gulp “I’m gonna be sick” he rose off the couch and stumbled up the stairs, Simone watched him struggle up the stairs and disappear out of sight.


Wayne zipped up his jeans and buckled his belt as Natasha hunted around for her knickers, “Shit, where did you put them?” she rummaged around and found them tangled in a crate and began putting them on. “So why didn’t you come in?” Wayne totally ignored the question as he checked his phone.

Seven missed calls and a text message all from Simone, nothing from Theo. “Did you see Theo in there?” Wayne asked.

 “Yeah, that fool is drunk; he couldn’t take his eyes of my tits”

“Drunk? Are you serious?” Natasha had Wayne’s full attention


“Fuck’s sake!” He shouted smashing his phone against the wall unconcerned with who heard him. Natasha’s body shook at Wayne’s sudden furious turn; she had never seen this side of Wayne and had no desire to get to know it as she headed back to the party, but was suddenly blocked by Wayne putting his cold hands on her warm waist, a chill shot up her spine at his sudden touch.

“We were having so much fun babes” Wayne said “Simone doesn’t know how to have fun like you do”.

Natasha fidgeted with her hair and gave Wayne a smile “You’re sweet”

“Not as sweet as you babe” he’s toothy smile and wink had Natasha at his mercy.

“Stop it” she blushed.

He let go of her and looked her dead in the eye “Listen I need you to do me something”

“Anything babe”.

“Go and grab the money you and Simone made today then let’s disappear”.

Natasha laughed “Wayne, you’re crazy”

“No I’m dead serious forget this party, forget Simone let’s just go somewhere me, you and all that money”.

Natasha took a step back; Wayne stepped after her clutching at her hands. “Just think, we can go where you want, do whatever you want, plus everyone back here will be so jealous”.

Wayne noticed a smile building on Natasha’s face and decided to keep working on her ego, “Not only are you the hottest girl in uni but now someone who every girl wants to be, everyone will be talking about you”.

The pair stood in silence for a brief moment, Wayne’s anticipation pulsating through his body as he squeezed Natasha’s hands.


Natasha’s ego had grown larger than Theo; Wayne did a supreme job in buttering her up and putting the cherry on top. “Let’s go to Greece”.

Wayne let out a sigh of relief and hugged Natasha out of pure excitement. “Ok ok, go get it now” “Now?”

“No time like the present” Wayne’s desperation seeped through every pore in his body, but Natasha’s eyes were covered with the wool that Wayne managed to pull over them. Natasha kissed Wayne and hurried back around to the house “Tash wait” Wayne shouted, she froze in her stride and turned to him “I love you” he held his breath waiting for her response “I love you too” she replied as she ran back to the party. Wayne laughed to himself as Natasha ran back in to the party; he leaned on the wheelie bin shadowing Chris and thought of how all the boring conversations he had with Simone about Natasha wanting to be larger than life just paid off. He strolled back to his car giddy at the thought of not sharing the money with Theo; he took out his phone and began composing a text message which would see him ditch the angel from hell.


Theo stumbled in to a bright coloured bedroom and leaned on the door as he closed it, the floor seemed to have been laid with female clothing rather than carpet, the enamel colours made Theo long for a pair of sunglasses. His head was in a constant spin as he made his way to the bed. He began tossing any item which didn’t resemble the brown string bag away from him.

“Nandos chicken” he mumbled to himself, his respect of Wayne’s deceit had now turned to bitterness; he flirted with the idea of keeping the money for himself as he slid off the bed and crawled towards the wardrobe he opened one door and poked his head in to a pile of shoes, Theo’s sick burp caused him to lean out of the wardrobe and fall on to his back.

Then he noticed it, buried beneath bras, t-shirts and skirts, the brown string bag laying under the bed, he moved towards it turtle like and stretched to reach it. He clutched it in his grasp and rose to his feet; he opened the bag and breathed in the smell of perfume and the promise that new money always brought, he triumphantly held the bag up in similar fashion to winning a competition of sorts. “The smell of succ-”.

Theo bit his tongue as a lamp smashed on the back of his head, the bed softened his landing from the deadly blow, before he noticed who hit him he was struck with a remote across his face sending him to sleep.


Simone breathed heavily as she stood over Theo her adrenaline got the better of her as she struck him with the remote, never before had she been so wild, must be the make-up she thought to herself.

She reclaimed possession of the string bag and stuffed it in her skirt. She covered Theo’s body on the bed with clothes, sheets and a duvet. Finally he was inconspicuous. Simone dry heaved as Theo’s urine soaked through the clothes covering him. She locked the bedroom door and took out her phone to call Wayne, when she noticed two messages on her phone. Finally Wayne replied to her numerous attempts at contacting him, before she finished reading the message her phone vibrated with a new message coming through.


Wayne made it back to his car buzzing at the thought of the money soon to be in his possession, he couldn’t contain his excitement so he laughed and clapped his hands. As he reached his car he noticed the back door was open and the car shaking, he looked around nervously and crept to his car door, he cursed at the tinted windows, and pulled the handle.

He was shocked to see Nicos leap out of the car and tackle him to the floor.

“What the fuck?” Wayne shouted “What you doing?”

“I’m gonna kill you” Nicos shrieked.

The pair wrestled on the floor, trying to claim a firm grip of each other’s clothing, Wayne pushed Nicos off of him and rose to his feet, he turned straight in to a right hook which landed him in the backseat of his car, Nicos attempted to pull him out of the car but received a swift kick to the groin that brought him to his knees, Wayne swung his foot again and caught Nicos square on the jaw that laid him out on the pavement.

Wayne stepped out of the car holding his cheek “What now bitch?” he cried kicking Nicos in the ribs in the process. He leaned back in his car and pulled out a metal bar used to lift weights or as a compromise in road rage.

“How about I paint the ground with your fuckin’ face?” he shoved the bar in Nicos’ face only to be interrupted by police sirens from both sides of the road. Police officers immediately surrounded Wayne’s car. He dropped the bar and raised his hands in defence. “I caught him breaking into my car” Wayne proclaimed but it fell on deaf ears as an officer approached him while two others searched his car.

“This car was seen speeding off from a home burglary, you’re gonna have to come in for questioning” “What? Are you fuckin’ crazy I been here all night!” Wayne screamed attracting a crowd from the party and neighbours, “Yeah, we’ll see” the officer said placing him in handcuffs. Wayne began swinging his body to break free which brought a strong response from a well built officer who floored Wayne with ease and drove a knee into his back. “Don’t move!” he warned Wayne as he was read his rights. #

A small female officer saw to Nicos who struggled to his feet she grabbed hold of him as he stumbled back in to a garden wall; she immediately called for backup as she felt the weapon stuffed in his waistband. Two officers pinned down Nicos and retrieved the weapon before Nicos could make back to his feet, Wayne’s brute strength was clearly too much for him to handle as he was barely conscious.

The action brought sounds of shock from the crowd as they viewed the action through their camera phones. “He was gonna kill me, that’s attempted murder!” Wayne began shrieking at the top of his voice, he could feel the money slipping away from him as he looked at the house. The tears falling from his face may have been misconstrued as a form of fear from the crowd of people, but each tear he dropped was in reference to each sterling note he was so close to owning. 

As he was escorted into a police car, an officer read Nicos his rights and put him in a separate car to Wayne. The police shovelled the crowd away from the scene as more officers arrived on the scene, Chris stood back from the commotion as he saw the cheese to his chalk hauled away, he followed the flow of people back to the house party.


Natasha fought against the people rushing out to see the commotion; she survived the gauntlet and let out a heavy breath as she made it to the stairs she bumped in to a red eyed Simone.

“You been crying again?” Natasha asked, Simone only answered with a cold stare, Natasha had seen this stare once before when Simone slapped a drunken mess sober.

Before Natasha could react she was floored with a slap from Simon, she lay on the floor holding her cheek, “You fuckin’ sket, out of all the desperate guys in here you infect Wayne” she screamed, a few party goers who never made it outside had front row seats to the first ever angel street fight.

“He loves me, why can’t you just accept it?” Natasha cried in pain on the floor.

“Have him you fuckin’ whore” she screamed “Just to let you know he told me that you were coming in to steal the money”


Natasha froze; the realisation that Wayne used her to simply get the party money, was the pin which deflated her ego. The stunned faces of the party goers judging her made her feel small. She could see her popularity deteriorating with every person stumbling back in to the party.

 “You think I need you or him, I’m beautiful, a fuckin’ angel on Earth”  

“You’re pathetic, you’re not even worth my spit” Simone stepped over her and left the party.

Natasha rose to her feet realising that Simone must have taken the money with her; she stumbled back in to a group who helped her with a balance.

“I want my money!” Natasha screamed after her. Her scream echoed through the party but drew no response from Simone who had left already, Natasha fought back her tears determined to leave the party with some sense of pride if at all possible, as she turned to the surrounding party goers, evidence of her and Wayne’s infidelity leaked out of her skirt. As she realised what was happening laughs and insults rang out from the group of people, she wiped her leg clean with her hand which forced people to step back from her.

With the last drops her pride soaking in to the carpet the self proclaimed angel had officially lost her halo. “Get out, all of you!” she screamed “Get the fuck out”. Natasha escaped to her room as people took pictures of the stain she left behind.


Chris strolled down the street away from the disaster that was the Angels on Earth party, he blocked out the noise of the sirens and people screaming as he just walked without a sense of direction. The image of Nicos being hauled away by the policed repeated in his head. He convinced himself he did the right thing calling the police on Wayne knowing Nicos would be arrested to.

Although he got Nicos what he wanted by putting Wayne away, a sense of betrayal overshadowed him. He heard footsteps slowing down approaching him and notice Simone running towards him. “Chris, wait” he stopped and turned to face a teary Simone with mascara dripping down her cheeks, Chris stared at her as she fought back tears.

“Why did you send me that video?” she asked “What did you gain out of doing that? Did it make you feel good? All warm inside”. Chris turned and walked off.

“Hey I’m talking to you, do you get kicks out of ruining lives?” Chris uncharacteristically allowed his frustration to take over as he got in Simone’s face.

 “Are you stupid or something? I didn’t ruin your life, they did!” Chris shrieked “Your best friend and your boyfriend did this to you, are you that blind?”

Simone broke down in tears which took Chris by surprise; she flung her arms around him crying. “I’m sorry; I don’t mean any of this, it’s just I’ve lost my boyfriend and best friend in the same night” Chris’ natural discomfort showed as he patted Simone’s head like a dog “There, there”.


He awkwardly adjusted himself to hug her properly. “Y-you should go home, s-sleep or something” he stuttered nervous at being so close to his dream girl.

“Yeah” Simone responded blankly, “Will you text me later? Just to see how I’m doing” Chris nodded inadvertently knocking his chin on her head, forcing her to let go. “Ow, I mean yes”

“Great” Simone laughed “You got my number right?” she joked Chris laughed in response, as he watched Simone’s frame glide out of his peripheral, like a true angel in the night. He couldn’t help but think to himself how he told Nicos that Simone would end up with him all along.

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