The Midnight Snack

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Need a little snack...?



 (Tap…) (Tap…) A small knock came from the front door. I really hoped it wasn’t Tom again. I sighed lazily climbing out of my comfortable cozy couch. He had pissed me off for the last time. I told him time and time again that I was not interested in him. The dark side of his personality screamed wife-beater! And I sure in the hell was not okay with that. I discovered this personality under heavy intoxication. It would seep out of his pores like stinky sweat.  


I walked up to the door and peered out the peephole. A young man maybe in his twenty’s stood his back to the door. His brown sandy hair short with frosted tips. I wanted to laugh at his ridiculous hair no one has had frosted tips since Sugar Ray was popular.

Opening the door wide enough for me to be seen and nothing else, I leaned against the doorframe and watched the man jump and spin around with an apologetic look on his face. The instant that famous crooked smile played at his lips I knew exactly who had came knocking at my front door. I smiled as my face and unspoken places got warm and fuzzy.

“Hello Hun-ter.” I said each syllable slowly.

“Heyy…” he lingered on the y as he pushed open the door and walked past me.


Hunter has been the best friend with benefits for some time now and it’s been that way since college. English was his worst class and math nearly killed me with a #2 pencil to the eye. So we partnered up and helped out with one another’s needs within and out of class if you know what I mean. Just my luck too he moved in across the hall in apartment 160.


Filled with giddy I watched him pad over to the couch where he plopped down and opened his arms for me. Slowly, I closed the door and walked over to him, as I looked him over. His shirt was a slim gray tee tonight that hugged in all the right places, his nipples shown in two little beads under his fitted shirt. I smiled to myself as I thought about taking those nipples into my mouth and hearing his sharp intake of pleasure. Just the thought had my juices flowing. As I got closer I could make out his sexy toned waist and legs. His legs were just as long and muscular as his arms. Then I looked up to his head to see his newly frosted tipped hair and couldn’t help but laugh at it.

“What?” he said as he lowered his arms around my waist to bring me down onto his lap.

“Your hair, love.” I giggled

“What’s wrong with it?” he asked touching it delicately. His face was so serious the blue in them shone such sincere openness that I couldn’t tell him he was out of date so I just buried my face in his neck.

“Nothing.” I mumbled into the hollow of his shoulder. He said nothing more as he wrapped his arms tighter around my torso.

“I’ve missed you.” He breathed.

I kissed his neck, “I’ve missed you too.”

We began to kiss each other softly all up and down each other’s neck. His skin tasted so sweet and salty all at the same time, it was wonderful. I loved it! I grazed my teeth against his skin nipping along the tender flesh there. The teasing movements were wonderfully rewarded with a mound of pleasure that gathered in the core of both him and me. The heat between my thighs was growing intense. So I shuffled on the couch to wrap my legs around his waist. With a grunt from Hunter I grounded my ass all over his bulge. Loving the incredible warmth we created. He panted with excitement. “Oh yeah” he huffed as he grabbed a chunk of my ass and slapped it. Hunter loved being in charge and taking dominance and I let him.


Picking me up he laid me on the ground next to the couch. I guess he was too impatient to go to the bedroom but that didn’t bother me. I wanted him as much as he wanted me. It has been a long time since we made love. Well that’s what I call it, he probably just things it’s a good lay. Hunter kissed my neck and cheek making a soft trail to my lips where he forced his tongue into my mouth. I moaned loudly running my hands across the sides of his torso to the edge of his shirt where I pulled it up and over his head. I love the way his muscle felt underneath my hands. The way they flex and tighten with pleasure as my fingers ran slightly across them. Our lips were warm and moist with passion when he broke our kiss to tare away my shirt. It saddens me to detach any part of our body even for a second. I wanted to devour every inch of his anatomy. The feel of his hands caressing my breasts had my nipples hardening at a torturous rate.


With fingers like snakes Hunter laced them through my panties and ran them across my wet velvetiness. It caught me off guard and I moaned. Hunter moaned back as he slid those warm fingers inside of me. “Oh…” was all I could manage to say when I grabbed his hand and pushed his fingers further.

“You like that?” he huffed

“MMM…” I moaned

He pulled out and flicked my clit softly back and forth. It drove me insane with very warm sensations that ran up and down my back, gathering at my core.

“And what about now?” he murmured.

“Oh…” I moaned  

His hands and body felt so good against mine. It was incredible they way we moved.

A moment into the finger flicking goodness I was presented with a warm lavished tongue, lapping over my sex in a slow heated dance. It was amazing. His tongue dipped in and out and over my clitoris breaking me down into an awe splitting goodness.


I shifted to straddle him. His eyes where glazed with eagerness and lust.

“Your turn” I teased tracing a fingertip down his chest and hooking it on the button of his jeans. His eyes rolled back in his head moving his hips to rub his erection against my hands.

“I can guess what you want.” I laughed

A slow sexy smile crossed his lips. Hunter’s body was amazingly strong and smooth. Light dusts of thin golden hairs covered a good portion of his chest. From the little erected nipples to the long prominent collarbones. Just the amount I loved.

His eyes stayed tightly closed as I examined his body. Slowly I drew his jeans down over his hips letting his straining cock pop free. Standing erect to an impossible size I peered around him to find his now light eyes a dark blue full of hunger staring directly at me. “Commando, really?”

“I didn’t have a any clean pair to put on.” he winked “You know just moved in and all.”

“Well I guess that’s good.” Grabbing him around the base of his shaft. I puckered my lips and opened wide. Taking him deep. A loud hiss whistled out of his lips. Grabbing a fist full of my hair and placing it in one hand. He used his free hand to squeeze and flick my nipples. Hmmm. I hope he never wears underpants again! I could definitely get used to that. His penis felt hard and soft as velvet as I ran my tongue up and down his length. Sucking hard as my mouth met his end and letting my tongue circle his fabulous head. Hunter grabbed me around the waist and hoisted me on the couch laying me flat as he slid into place between my legs.

“That’s enough of that young lady.” Wrapping my arms around his neck I let him slide into home place. 

Submitted: September 11, 2014

© Copyright 2023 greenallie2000. All rights reserved.

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