Fifty Shades of 999

Fifty Shades of 999 Fifty Shades of 999

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Can emergency service personell have relationships together when they're in different jobs? Comfort soon finds this out when she ends up striking a friendship up with a police officer who she seems to keep stumbling across at her own job. Will love flourish or will it die?


Can emergency service personell have relationships together when they're in different jobs?
Comfort soon finds this out when she ends up striking a friendship up with a police officer who she seems to keep stumbling across at her own job.
Will love flourish or will it die?

Chapter1 (v.1) - YGHITBOA

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Submitted: May 02, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 02, 2015



"Yo boss…" 

I turn around from locking my car door. "Yes Jeffrey my most humble servant." I pull the box of paperwork of my car roof handing it to Jeff, picking one up off the floor. He bows slightly holding the box, I laugh to him as we start walking towards the depot. We stop letting an ambulance drive by us. I smile to the paramedics then start walking again Jeff walking beside me.

"We were all thinking…" 
I glance to him raising my eyebrows slightly to him, I'm worried already as to what he's going to say.
"Or shall I say me and some of the team were thinking been as you've just been made boss and we've not had a party for it we're all going out tonight to celebrate." He grins, holding the door open for me with his foot. I nod walking in walking down the corridor towards my office. "We've already checked with chief and you're not working so you've no excuse. He's also coming along too so you really have no excuse unless obviously something comes up with Dolce." 

I walk down to my office, resting the box on the door handle, finding my keys out, unlocking the door, slowly walking it open, walking in dumping the box down. I chuck my keys and bag onto my desk, turning to Jeff pointing to the floor where he places the box down he's carrying. He stands back up, his hands in his trouser pockets, grinning to me. "I really have no choice?" 

He shakes his head. "Nope." He grins again to me. I look to him, licking my lips slightly, pulling my MacBook out of my bag. "Oh… Fine. You're lucky I was going out tonight as it was so I've got clothes with me." 

"Hey you could go naked for all we cared." Jeff smirks, folding his arms leaning sideways against the wall, looking to me. I look up to him, sticking my finger up to him, logging onto my mac. "Seriously we wouldn't mind. Sure most people wouldn't either. Some of our cop friends even fancy you and they don't even know what a bitch you are." 

"Oi! Mind it else I won't come out tonight." I look to him raising my eyebrows, sipping some of my vitamin water. "You gonna file any of this stuff for me or you just gonna stand and annoy me?" I sit down at my desk, flicking through my emails. Jeff walks over and starts filing for me as I reply to my emails. "I'll leave you to do that whilst I go and get changed." I stand up, pulling my uniform from my Gucci bag.

"Get changed in here for my liking, I won't look." He turns his head slightly to me. I look to him, walking past slapping his backside. "Ooo, firm touch Comf." He smirks turning back around to the filing. I shake my head, walking to the changing room getting myself changed into my uniform. I get myself sorted out, tying my afro hair into a messy bun walking back to my office, dumping my clothes into my bag, picking the other box of files up filing it. We stay in my office until everything is put away before walking out to the staffroom to join the rest of the team where I give everyone their briefing and notices for the day then let everyone get on with their stuff. I make myself some toast as I've not had any breakfast. I'm on shift with Jeff today, like usual but it's my first day of actually bossing everyone around if we have a major call. 

I go back to my office to continue replying to emails once I've finished my breakfast. I do that then go outside to sit in the ambulance, which I end up stock checking, raving to the radio as I do so. 


"Ok Mrs Smith we get it. The kids are annoying but I don't know what you expect me and my colleague to do… Why did you ring the paramedics and the police? It's more of a police matter then a paramedic matter." I look to her as I kneel in front of her as she's quite a small lady. Jeff is stood behind me, his arms folded, the two police officers stood either side of him. She looks to me leaning forward. 

"I thought I was having a heart attack with them running around me house love." 

I hear Jeff tut quietly behind my back. I glance to him seeing the police officers trying not to laugh. I look back to her. "Well we've done the checks and you're not darling." I stand up, pulling my gloves off, shoving them in my trouser pocket. She looks up to me. "We can't take you in unless there is something wrong and we all know there isn't you just want the company away from the kids causing havoc. I'll speak to these lovely police officers and we'll see if we can talk to the kids, OK?" She nods to me. I turn around, signalling for the cops to follow me, Jeff starts packing our stuff up. I walk outside onto the landing off the flat, turning to the police officers.

"Before you say anything, I know you can't do anything." I look to them both. "Just makes it look like we're doing something." I look to them then look to the side as the kids come running up the stairs, turns out they're not kids at all, they're teenagers. I see a couple of them mumbling. "Problem lads?" I shout down the corridor, walking over slowly, the officers following me. "I know I have with you lot." 

They look to me, not budging even with the police behind me, which suits me. "Can you pigs move out of the way so we can just bask in the sexiness of this paramedic." 
The cops both look to eachother, then to me. I look to them just smiling, looking back to the teens. "Get your kit off love." One of them makes a grab for my belt to nick my radio. I grab his wrist, pulling him from his bike, pinning his arm behind him. 

"Try that move again or say something like that to me again you'll be wishing you hadn't. Now, I want you to run around somewhere else and leave the poor residents of this place in peace, they've not harmed you now run along to your little playground downstairs and stay down there. I know you're scared of the cops but you'll be scared of me sooner rather than later, do I make myself clear?" I keep hold of him, all his mates back up slightly nodding. "Good." I push him away from me. "Now run along. Oh and don't even think of making hoax calls cos I know where to find you all." I smile to them winking as they scurry off back down the stairs. I turn around, the police officers looking to me as we walk back to the flat. One of the female officers walks inside to clear things up with Mrs Smith, the other female officer stays outside with me, she looks to me. 

"Do you want a new job?" She looks to me, her hands inside her stab proof vest. I laugh a little shaking my head. "More scared of a paramedic then anyone else, first time and only time I'll see this I think." She smiles to me. 

"Lets put it this way, I'll never be a cop because of my record." I smile to her, tilting my head slightly to her. She looks to me, raising her eyebrows. "That's all I'll say on that situation." I turn to the door as Jeff walks out with our kit, I take some of it from him. We all walk down together as usual the lift is out of order like it usually is in these places. We walk back to our vehicles. "Thanks for your help officers, see you in possibly an hour." I call over to them. They both laugh, nodding agreeing with me climbing in there car. I smile to the female officer I was stood talking too, she looks to me, smiling back as they drive off, she pulls her seatbelt on. 

"Has Comfort got a crush on a police officer?" Jeff nudges me, taking the kit from me. I turn to him, frowning, then realise what he's said. I hit him on the arm, slamming the doors on the ambulance walking to the front, climbing in. He looks to me laughing as he drives off, we drive back to the depot although we don't get there as we get another call. 



"Hurry up with the food Jeff, fucking hell I'm starving!" I shout out from the ambulance across the road to Jeff who's at a chip and kebab van. We've not been none stop with shouts since the first call which means we've just had a break to go to the toilet and even they've been rushed. We've been to a couple of shouts where I've had to be boss but nothing major which suits me fine means less paperwork. Jeff runs across the road with our food, I open his door for him taking the food from him as he climbs in. I rest it all on the dashboard as we sit and eat. We've told control we're on break but obviously if I'm needed we'll get called but I am hoping for the love of food that I'm not needed. I just get into my food as a shout comes through of an RTC. We both look to our food. I climb out letting Jeff shuffle into the passenger side, I'll just starve but I'll let Jeff eat. I climb back in, driving off answering the call. I eat my chips as I drive, luckily they've gone cold quick which means I can shovel them down. We get stuck in the backed up traffic on the motorway. I look to the side seeing a police car pulling up beside us, they make the cars part for us in no time at all. When we pull up we all get out of our vehicles at the same time. 

"Thanks for that guys." I smile to the officers who walk over. "Oh it's you two again." I laugh seeing it's the two officers from earlier, third time we've been together. "Can't away from you two." 

"Could say the same for you two." We all laugh, I walk over to the fire commander, pulling my helmet on as Jeff walks over with my waterproof jacket for me. I take it, pulling it on, the female officer stands beside me also listening. Jeff stands beside me as he can't do anything until I'm ready, he stands holding the kit. I walk off once I'm informed off everything, I then get given the megaphone to shout out the orders. I stand on the steps of the incident support vehicle, addressing all of the paramedics telling them what needs to be done and who to do it. I can see the female officer looking to me every now and again smiling. Once I'm finished, I hand her the megaphone as she does the same. Although after she's finished she gets a 'yes ma'am" instead of just a 'yes Comf'like I do. I step down meeting Jeff up as he briefs me on a patient we walk over quickly springing into action straight away. My stomach rumbles, it doesn't help that I can smell food either. 


It's not pitch black and we're still at this RTC. I walk to mine and Jeff's ambulance to get a quick drink of water although I really need some food. I climb in, standing on the step, reaching for my water on the dashboard, drinking some off it. I glance to the time we've been here nearly five hours and counting. I jump down, closing the door again, walking back over to the action to get on with what I was doing. 


I rub my forehead on my shoulder, I'm covered in blood, sweat and rain and tired isn't covering my state right now. Even though our relief crew is now here my team is still here as we're still needed. We really need another boss to help out but we don't have one. I let the firemen and other paramedics pull the patient out of the mangled car, I shuffle back walking off to my ambulance again walking around the back off it, grabbing my water from the seat. I lean on the door, opening my water, downing it, closing my eyes resting my head back. When I said I wanted something challenging to get me into my boss role I didn't mean this but I think I've done a good job. I stay behind the ambulance, I can hear my name being called but I just need a couple of seconds to myself, my brain is fried. I hear Jeff talking to them sorting out whatever the problem is, thanks Jeff. I open my eyes, finishing my water off, pushing myself off the ambulance. My vision goes blurry my head feels like it's floating, I feel myself falling to the side I stumble slightly. 

"Do you usually go and faint on a big shout?"

I feel someone holding my arms. I blink trying to focus, I look to see the female officer stood in front of me. I smile slightly to her, rubbing my head. "I'm just hungry nothing serious." I smile to her starting to walk away. I chuck my water bottle into the cab of the ambulance walking back to everything that's going on. 



I walk to my car with my bag, unlocking my car chucking my bag in. "Night out tomorrow guys not today yeah?" I shout over to everyone as we all get ready to leave. Jeff shouts over to me. I smile to him, climbing in my car, driving home. Thnakfully because it is so late at night the roads are dead so it doesn't take me more than five minutes to get home. When I pull outside of my house, the gates closing behind me a couple of metres away. I slide my bag out of my car, locking it walking to the front door. I walk in, hearing a load of laughter, I let the door slam behind me, kicking my boots off. I dump my bag down on the stairs walking into my massive black and white kitchen, the motion sensor lights flickering on.  I walk to the cupboards and fridge finding a load of random food, sitting down and eating it, washing it down with a glass of Vodka. 

"Mam you're finally home!" My daughter runs in, followed by her friends. I look to them all, just smiling as I munch on my very random chocolate and crisp sandwich. "We saw you on TV at that crash." 

"Good for you. Why are you all still up, don't you have school tomorrow?" I swallow my sandwich, drinking some of my Vodka. 

"Nope. It's the holidays mam." My daughter looks to me, raising an eyebrow to me.

"Alright sorry. More stressful issues on my mind then your school holidays Dolc." I stand up washing my stuff up, downing my Vodka, rinsing the glass then filling it with water from the fridge. "You can all stay up but keep it quiet I have work later on, I don't want to be kept awake thanks. I'll play whatever dare games you have at some point over the week, I don't know my timetable yet." I walk out of the kitchen past them all, picking my bag up walking upstairs. 

"Ok mam. See you later." 

I nod walking up the stairs, walking to my bedroom dumping my bag down. I strip off out of my clean uniform I had to change into before I came home, climbing into the shower. I stand in the shower having a wash, then drying myself off once finished. I walk back into my bedroom from my ensuite, finding some underwear out then climbing into bed. I curl up underneath my duvet, cuddling my teddy I sleep with. If my feet and back could talk I'm sure they'd be thanking me right this moment in time. I close my eyes, feeling myself falling asleep instantly. 

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