Arresting Tension

Arresting Tension Arresting Tension

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Sgt. Comfort Jones starts new at Sunhill Station where she gets partnered with Sgt. Callum Stone. A friendship isn't forged but a respect for each other is but as time goes on there's a spark of tension between them both? Do they hate each other as much as they make out… or is it all put on? This story is like my normal story I write however this is written for a friend so is different :)


Sgt. Comfort Jones starts new at Sunhill Station where she gets partnered with Sgt. Callum Stone. A friendship isn't forged but a respect for each other is but as time goes on there's a spark of tension between them both? Do they hate each other as much as they make out… or is it all put on?

This story is like my normal story I write however this is written for a friend so is different :)

Chapter1 (v.1) - New Beginnings.

Author Chapter Note

Comfort starts new at the station and is soon introduced to the team and her mentor… not in the most convenient way…

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 08, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 08, 2020



Comfort looks up breathing in. It was her first day at Sunhill, a whole new station, new borough and a new city. She’d transferred into the Metropolitan Police from Merseyside Police having been born and lived in Liverpool most of her life. She’d lived in London before but had moved to Liverpool to restart her life… which had gone well until recently. Moving back to London moving into one of the many mansions she’d looked at settled down, it was now back to work. She couldn’t wait to get back into the swing of things she’d been quite bored waiting for everything to come through, her training, uniform and everything else.

Looking around to the bus driving up the road stepping forward as a load of others stick their arms out for it to stop. Comfort looks to them all she wasn’t impressed having to get the bus but it did mean she got to know the area a bit for her first shift. She wasn’t in uniform as they weren’t allow to travel in uniform due to being targeted especially at the moment as the attack rate was high. The bus pulls up doors opening, everyone files onto the bus tapping their oyster cards onto the machine. Comfort got her travel for free due to being in the police it was one advantage being in the police. Heading up the stairs sitting down on a seat glancing around as she does so seeing a group of lads right at the back. She could tell they were up to no good but she was’t about to intervene not when she was by herself. She didn’t know if they had weapons or anything either, getting stabbed wasn’t worth it. not on her first shift!


Sitting there having pulled her headphones out of her ears to listen what they were talking about, making notes on her phone ready to pass it on when she got to the station. Pulling her phone from her pocket finding the number for non emergency calls the us stops at the next stop. Glancing to the side seeing the lads all walking downstairs one of them looks to her a smirk on his face, she frowns a bit looking to them all. They makes their way downstairs. Chaos ensues.

“Police.” Comfort speaks on her phone to the control room. “Bus route 89, stopped at King Street. A bunch of lads around 17-20 have stopped the bus and are downstairs armed with knives. They have stopped everyone on the bus from getting off and they have targeted a lad the same age. I’m a police officer but not armed or in uniform.” Walking down the stairs watching the lads watching what they’re doing. She manages to scoot down to the bus driver telling him what to do handing her the phone. “I suggest you all get off the bus now before you’re faced with a load of AK47’s at your faces lads.” Comfort stands there, they all look to her. She glances to the lad they’ve gone after who makes a run for it. They all look to Comfort, to the lad jumping off the bus running after him. She grabs her phone from the bus driver jumping off the bus running after them shouting down her phone to the police controller telling her where the lads are running.

“Stop!” she shouts running through the streets on the phone with the controller still. She runs into he housing estate, she looks around it looks rough. Swallowing a bit she wasn’t very sure this was a good idea especially being on her own, being mixed race and being a cop in a place like this wasn’t always the best.

Shoving her phone in her pocket not wanting them to see her phone she speaks the name of the street out so control can hear it she then makes her way to the tower block. Walking in looking around, she matched quite perfectly walking around here in her tracksuit the only difference was she had a warrant card and a uniform in her bag. Walking along looking around determined to find them, coming to a corner she turns around seeing them. The lad on the floor being kicked and punched.

“OI stop!” She shouts running over. “STOP!” she orders running over some of them disperse the rest stay put. Comfort kneels down to the lad on the floor checking him seeing him bleeding out. She grabs his hoodie off his waistband balling it up putting it onto the stab wound. “Hold it.” He nods quickly, he was scared, Comfort obviously seemed like a gang member which wasn’t far from the truth but she was a good one. He holds it onto the stab wound looking to her, she looks to him then up to the lads. “whatever your beef is ain’t worth being arrested for. Armed response are on their way so I suggest you hand yourselves in nicely. without any fuss cos i saw everything you’ve done.”

“And why the fuck they gonna believe you?” One lad speaks who seems to be the leader, Comfort stands up looking to him.

“Cos I’m a cop.” She looks to him. “They’re gonna believe me more than they’re gonna believe a bunch of rowdy teenagers like yourselves who are going around carrying a load knives.” She looks to them raising an eyebrow.

“You’re a fed?” The lad kisses his teeth at her putting his head back slightly. “Why you one of them for? Gal like you should be with us lot not with them. Bet you fuck them all don’t you?”

“Like the fact you think we’ve got enough time to do that.” Comfort laughs a little looking to him. “Mate you don’t scare me. Wave your knife around at me, threaten me do whatever you please but I tell you now, you hurt me you’re being sent down.” she glares at him licking her lips. “Now move.” She steps forward, the lad kisses his teeth again stepping backwards. Comfort keeps watch then turns around to the lad again kneeling down to him checking his pulse again, she pulls her phone out to tell the police control she needs an ambulance to. she looks to the lad who points behind her, comfort leans down then feels a tug on her jacket. She turns around spinning around standing up in one swift spin, grabbing the leaders wrists as he comes at her with a knife. They wrestle with each other, blood from the injured lad transferring onto the leader from Comfort’s hands. The other gang members soon rock up standing watching, quite amazed that Comfort was putting up a fight. They fall to the floor wrestling with each other Comfort was not about to give up. She knees him one, her hands on top of his holding the knife, keeping it away from her.

“ARMED POLICE DROP YOUR WEAPON!” The path is scattered with armed response officers. “DROP THE WEAPON!” They shout again.

“DON’T SHOOT! I’M AN OFFICER!” Comfort shouts managing to roll them over so she’s on top.

“DROP THE WEAPON!” another officer shouts, Comfort manages to get away from the lad who stands up going after her. comfort turns around flicking her leg out kicking him. “DROP THE WEAPON, HANDS ON YOUR HEAD, ON THE FLOOR!” Comfort looks to them then to the lad who decides he’s not having it he runs to the side out of the scope of the armed response officers, he does chuck the knife down. Comfort looks to the armed officers then to the lad running after him, knowing she can catch him. She runs after him shouting to him to come back.

“The more you run the worse it will get for you!” She shouts after him running jumping over a fence. She can hear some officers behind her chasing after them both. She runs a different way managing to grab his jacket yanking him back, he trips landing on the floor. comfort grabs his wrists holding him down as officers run over to them both. She begins to stand up as she’s grabbed. “what the…” Comfort turns around seeing an officer grabbing her yanking her back. “I’m an officer!” She speaks loudly so he can hear her, the officer looks to her as they begin to scuffle as he tries to put the handcuffs on her. He pushes her up against the wall. “Do you like it rough or something?” She smirks a bit as he manages to put the cuffs on. The officer looks to her stone faced not impressed. He pulls her away from the wall walking away heading to the cars. “I bet you do don’t you? You seem the rough and ready type.”

“So do you.” The sergeant looks to her, Comfort smirks even more. She stands at the car as he goes to open the door, Comfort shifts a bit then knees him right where it hurts. The officer clutches himself slightly looking to him. “You can add assault of a police officer onto your charge.” Comfort rolls her eyes climbing into the car sitting down, the officer closes the door making his way to the drivers side climbing in driving off. Comfort sits there shaking her head not impressed.

When they arrive at the station the officer walks around opening the door pulling her out, comfort looks to him. “Go and ask your inspector she knows who I am.” She looks to him he ignores her. She shakes her head walking with him, his other hand rubs himself slightly he was still obviously sore from the kick. Comfort smirks, they walk into custody suite. “Can I go now.”

“She hasn’t given her name or address she’s making out she’s an officer but has no ID.”

“you’ve not bloody searched me!” Comfort looks to him raising her eyebrows, she looks to the custody sergeant. “My ID is in my bag which is at the scene.” The custody sergeant looks to her nodding to Callum to uncuff her he does it reluctantly. Comfort breathes in licking her lips folding her arms. The sergeant steps up again beside her his hands on his hips his fingers tapping his belt. “Go and as your inspector.”

“Shall I put her in a cell until we get something Sarge?” He looks to the custody sergeant who nods. “Come on.” The sergeant goes to put his hand on her arm.

“You most certainly will not Callum.” The Sergeant turns around, Comfort turns around seeing the inspector.


“Meet your new Sergeant.” Gina walks over smiling to Comfort shaking her head. “Nice to finally see you again. Comfort meet Callum Stone, Callum meet Comfort Jones.” Gina smiles a smile that is made up of slight smugness. “She’s our new Sergeant, she’ll be working with you and Smithy.” Gina looks back to Comfort. “I’ll get someone to bring your bag over, get changed and then meet me in the briefing room I’ll introduce you to everyone.”

“Brilliant.” Comfort smiles to Gina she looks to Callum. “Nice to meet you Sergeant Stone.” She smiles to him, Callum stares at her breathing in his feathers clearly ruffled.

Stood at the front with gina in the briefing room, the team all filing in finally. Gina looks to everyone then smiles. “I’m gonna keep this brief… but I’m sure you’ve noticed the new face. I want to introduce you to your new Sergeant who will be working with Callum and Smithy. This is Comfort Jones, transferee from Merseyside Police from Liverpool. She’s not new to London so don’t think you can take the piss, I know what you’re like. I’m sure you will all get on with her or I trust you will.” Gina looks to Comfort letting her come to the front.

“Erm yeah not much to say to be honest with you all. I look forward to working with you all and getting to know you all, hoping to be here permanently but we shall see.” Comfort smiles, her Liverpudlian accent coming through slightly. She was pushing it back as nobody would understand her otherwise. gina dismisses everyone, a few of the team Smithy, Leon, Ben, Nate, Sally, Emma and Kerry all come up to her introducing themselves. Comfort says hello noting their collar numbers down in her head.

“Sergeant Stone.” Gina calls Callum over he walks over nodding. “I want you to pair with Comfort for a few shifts just to show her the ropes, show her around the area. Refresh her mind a bit.” Callum looks to Gina.

“Ma’am is that such a good idea?” Callum licks his lips.

“Are you arguing with me Callum?” Gina raises her eyebrows, her serious expression on her face. He swallows shaking his head.

“No ma’am.” He breathes in.

“Good now off you go. See both later.” She looks to Callum then to Comfort smiling as they both head out. Comfort walks out behind Callum following him tot he Sergeant’s office, she smirks watching him she checks him out. He was about 6’3, shortish light blonde hair that was quiffed up into a point. He was of medium build, he clearly worked out and had also been on holiday, his arms were tanned which was quite hot.

“This is the Sergeant’s office where we are based.” Callum turns around looking to her, pointing to the empty desk in front of him. “That’s your desk, mine and Smithy.” He points to the desks. “Smithy usually has his girlfriend in here who works upstairs in CID. Stevie. You’ll meet her at some point I imagine you’ll get on with her.” He looks to Comfort who raises her eyebrows nodding.

“Making assumptions again are we?” She looks to him swallowing a little smirk forming on her lips, he looks to her ignoring the comment.

“Get yourself sorted, I’ll be in the yard with the car meet me out there.” He turns around walking straight out, Comfort raises her eyebrows watching him, this was going to be fun!

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