Arresting Tension 2

Arresting Tension 2 Arresting Tension 2

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Summerhil Police Station, London. A police station in the East end of London, with good and bad parts. When ex paramedic of 12 years joins the station as a new Inspector she clashes almost straight away with one particular Sergeant. But is all as it seems? Do they not like each other or is it something more?


Summerhil Police Station, London. A police station in the East end of London, with good and bad parts. When ex paramedic of 12 years joins the station as a new Inspector she clashes almost straight away with one particular Sergeant. But is all as it seems? Do they not like each other or is it something more?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Introductions.

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Submitted: June 27, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 27, 2020



The streets were alive with the morning traffic, pigeons and blackbirds chirp there morning chorus as the weekend sinks away for those that were heading to work. 

Summerhill Police Station, East London, was already alive and bussling with the shift change. Night crews were leaving as the morning teams were arriving. Detectives were all plodding there way in, coffees in there hands. Team B, uniform officers were already in and in briefing. 

"Right as you know…" Superintendent John Baker takes over from Sergeant Dale Smith who saunters his 6'0 frame back to his seat. He was stood at the front looking over the team, noting the few blurry faces, they'd clearly had some fun over the weekend with the nice weather and it was showing! "The new Inspector starts today, I trust you'll welcome her with the warmest of hello's?" He looks around to everyone slowly nodding. Sergeant Smith shifts in his chair, he'd been acting as Inspector due to them not having one, he'd been rather hoping that he would have been asked to take the exam to become a full time Inspector but it seemed they had other ideas. Sergeant Callum Stone glances towards his fellow Sergeant seeing the slight annoyance on his face, he knew Smithy had wanted to be their Inspector, in a slight possible selfish way he was glad Smithy hadn't been taken on. They didn't get on at the best of times and he couldn't possibly begin to imagine how infuriating it would be to have Smithy as his superior.

"Who's going to be taking her around Sir?" Mel, one of the PC's pipes up from the back. 

"Good question PC Ryder." John smiles over to her looking to the front to the Sergeant's. "I trust your Sergeant's will want to look after them." Mel and fellow PC's Leon, Nate, Ben, Sally and Emma glance to one another little smirks appearing. Smithy was annoyed he hadn't been asked and Callum wasn't the best person to get to settle someone in. John's phone rings, he answers it. "Yes come send them straight in." He hangs up looking to everyone. "Looks like your new Inspector has just arrived. Give me two minutes." He heads to the double doors leaving the briefing room. Everyone watches him leave before beginning to talk quietly. 

"Smithy could you at least act a little happier." Callum looks to Smithy who shoots him a look. "Look you can't be annoyed with them all for eternity. Let's face it, after working with us lot they probably won't stay." 

"You mean you. You mean working with you Stone." Smithy looks to Callum an eyebrow raised as he sees Callum licking his lips. "Whoever they are, I'll show them around. You'll put them off straight away."

"You never Sarge's." Nate calls over as Smithy and Callum turn to look to the others. "They might put you in your place." He grins to them both, addressing them both but they all knew he meant Callum. Callum wasn't one to mess with at the best of times. Callum scowls at Nate turning back around looking to the front, placing his arm on the table attached to his chair. Shifting his arm down a bit resting his hand on the table letting out a sigh wanting to get on with the days work. Smithy shifts slightly in his chair crossing his legs over at his ankles. The PC's fall silent as the doors open again John walks in. 

"Right sorry everyone that took longer than expected." He walks to the front, standing in front of everyone. "I'd like to formally welcome your new Inspector. Inspector Jones." He holds an arm out as the doors open again as a female walks through. The male members of the team all sit up seeing her walk in. John steps to the side as she walks up to the front smiling to him, she turns around facing everyone. 

"So I take it you're going to be my lovely bunch I have to boss around then?" She smiles, her strong Liverpudlian accent coming through. "Unless it's called for, I usually go by the name of Comfort but you'll probably call me idiot or something. I know you were all well acquainted with your last inspector but let me put it clear. I'm not here to step on anyone's toes. If you have a problem with me tell me instead of gossiping. I'll sure be telling you if I have a problem with you." She looks around everyone. She was extremely smart, her eyebrows were perfectly formed and shaped. Her eyes were a deep brown matching her hair that was in it's tight bun at the back of her head, set off by her mixed race skin. Her crisp white shirt emphasised her features even more, her cravat neatly placed in the middle of her shirt with her black trousers with the sharp crease down the middle. Her belt was nicely polished it almost matched her boots. "I'm not going to say I'll be everyone's best friend but you help me I'll help you. Any questions?" 

Everyone stares at her for the moment. The males couldn't quite believe they had someone in that was gorgeous as she was, there was going to be a lot of locker talk! The females couldn't quite believe someone could look so polished that was a superior. Callum glances to Smithy who's staring to her, he looks around to the team who look at him. He looks to Comfort. 

"Will you be coming out with us frontline?" He looks to her, his broad cockney accent shining through. Comfort sets her eyes onto him, noting he was one of the Sergeant's. She looks at his bluey grey eyes staring to her, he was straight faced almost stone like. 

"Yes I will be." She smiles to him then to everyone. "I hope to be paired up with you all at some point to see how each and everyone of you works. Paperwork can wait in my eyes unless it's important. I'll let you all decide who I go out with on what days when I can come out." She looks around everyone before letting her eyes fall back to the Sergeant. "Although been as you are one of two Sergeant's I expect you'll introduce me to the team in due course?" She notes the other Sergeant looking to his colleague. 

Callum looks to Comfort he sits up slightly before standing up. "Let's do it now." He speaks stepping to the front. Comfort looks up to him, his 6'2 stature towering over her 5'5 height. The team all glance to one another then to Callum goes along the two rows saying their names, they reply saying hello to Comfort who replies with a smile. He looks to Smithy who stands up. 

"Sergeant Dale Smith. Most people call me Smithy though." He shakes Comfort's hand who smiles. 

"Ahh, you were the Sergeant who was acting Inspector, correct?" Comfort looks at him as he nods. 

"Yes ma'am." 

"I'll look forward to hearing how you got on, been as you know the team." She smiles. She goes to say something else but gets interrupted as the radio's go off. Smithy answers it nodding to some of the team. They say bye to Comfort and Callum dashing out. Callum swallows watching Smithy rushing to the doors who turns around to him a little smug smirk on his face. John walks over. "No rest for the wicked." Comfort smiles to him he nods. 

"It seems not." He walks over standing in front of Comfort and Callum. "Well it seems you've not been given much option Callum you'll have to take Comfort around show her everything." He pulls his phone out as it rings. "Which will have to be now, I've got to take this. Lovely finally meeting you again Comfort, have a good day." He smiles answering his phone leaving the briefing room. Comfort looks to John then to Callum who breathes in looking to the doors then to Comfort.

"And what's your name then? Or do you want me to call you Sergeant?" 

Callum looks down to her, holding his hand out. "Sergeant Callum Stone." He looks to Comfort as she shakes his hand firmly, that was a confident hand shake. Comfort nods. 

"That's better." She smiles studyng his face. "I get the impression you're not thrilled at having to take me around." Callum opens his mouth to speak but Comfort stops him. "Don't worry if you don't want to you don't have to. I like wondering if I'm honest, find all the different units."

"Well above us is CID… I can take you to meet the main team we work with if you want? They should all be in." 

"Sounds like a good idea." She smiles. "Lead the way." 

Walking upstairs Callum leads them to CID, pushing the double doors open walking into the massive open room. Desks were evenly spaced out with computers and keyboards on, paperwork all stacked up. The room had filing cabinets outlining the perimeter, most of the drawers were half open.

“Alright sarge.” A slightly shorter male walks past them both, he has reddish hair, wearing blue jeans with a striped shirt. He walks over to a desk.

“Mickey.” Callum nods to him walking into the room further. “Welcome to CID.” He turns to Comfort who looks around. Mickey, looks over to Callum.

“Ahh is this your new inspecta?” He speaks again, his thick cockney accent shining through.

“You’d be right.” Callum looks back to him slipping his hands into his pockets, Mickey gets up walking over.

“Detective constable Mickey Webb.” He grind to Comfort shaking her hand. Comfort smiles, she could see he was the cheeky chappy who everyone lived and you could never stay angry at.

“Comfort.” She smiles. “Or shall I say Inspector Jones as you’ll most likely hear me as.” She smiles again clasping her hands together.

“Pleased to meet ya!” He grins. “You rushing off? I’ll go grab everyone from briefing room.” Callum nods to him he turns rushing to the room at the back of the office. Callum looks to Comfort.

“Mickey is born and bred from around here. He knows most places and people. If you can’t get on with him then…”

“So you’re telling me you actually get on with someone?” Comfort raises an eyebrow to callum a little sly smile on the corner of her lips seeing Callum looking to her not knowing how to take her. Before he gets chance to say anything mickey appears again.

“This is Inspector Comfort Jones. Leading Callum and Smithy.” He looks to his lot who look at him then to Comfort. She smiles to them all looking to each off them as they speak.

“DS Jo Masters.” A female steps forward, she had light brown shoulder length hair with blonde highlights, same height as Comfort with blue eyes. She was wearing a black blouse teamed with a pin stripe waistcoat, along with black trousers and chunky black heeled shoes. She had a thick northern accent although she didn’t sound like Comfort, she sounded more of a Mancunian.

“DS Stevie Moss.” The other female steps forward smiling. This time she was shorter than Jo, she had blue eyes also along with peroxide blonde hair in a shortish bob but it was styled to be spiked. She was wearing jeans, with black boots with a white vest top and shirt combo. Her voice was soft and less broad but it was obvious she was from London somewhere, her accent not as strong as Mickeys.

“DS Max Carter.” A Male steps up shaking Comforts hand with a firm grip. He was taller than Mickey but not as tall as Callum. His hair was short and spiked, dark brown he had brown eyes to match. He was of medium build, with a pale blue shirt and black work trousers on along with back dress shoes. He was smart that was for sure. He also had a bit of arrogance around him though. His accent was also one of a Londoner, but more from the outskirts possibly a Surrey accent.

“DC Terry Perkins.” A slightly shorter chubbier male steps forward. He was bald with brown eyes wearing a shirt teamed with jeans and a leather jacket she imagined this was his look. His voice was low and calming totally different from Max’s loud,brash, voice.

“And last but not least, DS Stuart Turner.” The last detective steps forward, he was tanned with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes to match. He was dressed pretty much the same as Max but with dark brown shoes instead of black. His hands placed firmly in his hips, his fingers sprayed against his belt.

“We are missing someone, DC Kezia Walker. She’s not in as she’s on holiday you’ll meet her at some point.” Jo smiles looking to Comfort. “You best be keeping Callum and Smithy on there toes, it’s about time someone does.”

“I’ll go easy for now.”  Comfort licks her lips slipping her hands into her trousers pockets pulling a slight face. “Or today at least.”

“Well someone needs to reign smithy in, don’t they Stevie.” Mickey looks to Stevie who tells him to shush shaking her head, Mickey grins letting out a little mischievous laugh. Comfort looks to him then to Stevie smiling realising her and smithy were obviously an item.

“I mean I can keep him tame at work but what you do at home is up to you.” Comfort smiles, Callum looks down to her slowly having to hold back his smile as the detectives all laugh.

"Have you met Smithy yet ma'am?" Stuart pipes up. 

"Very briefly." She licks her lips. "I know he's not the most impressed with the fact that he's been pipped to the post of Inspector by a woman and he wasn't asked, even though he was acting." Everyone slowly looks to Stevie who looks at them. 

"What? She's right he isn't. Although we didn't know you'd be a woman, we didn't even get told your name to be fair." She looks to Comfort who raises an eyebrow.

"I'm surprised no one did some digging." She raises an eeybrow. "I mean we're police at the end of the day. Although I will say if you want to know anything just ask instead of making up what you don't know." 

"Will you come to the pub tonight then?" Max speaks. "I'm sure Callum and Smithy would love you to go along." He smirks slightly towards Callum who just stares at him. 

"That will depend if I get put into any meetings. I'll be working longer than most of you lot so possibly, we'll have to wait and see." Comfort smiles to Max then to everyone. "It was lovely to meet you all I can't wait to get to work with you all on whatever the case maybe. I'll let you get on with some work. Come on Sergeant." She turns to face Callum nodding to him as he slowly turns towards her. The detectives all nod and say bye slowly going back to what they were doing. Callum walks with Comfort as they head down onto the ground floor which was where they were based. "I'll let you get on with paperwork or whatever you've got to do." Comfort smiles heading off walking towards her office. Callum nods watching her walk off before walking to the Sergeant's office walking in, sitting down at his desk to do his paperwork before heading out. He was kind of hoping she'd ask to come out with him. 

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