Double or nothing?

Double or nothing? Double or nothing?

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A couple discover the increased pleasure of a threesome with her best friend, enjoying some lesbian introductions, light bondage, straight and anal sex with a twist.


A couple discover the increased pleasure of a threesome with her best friend, enjoying some lesbian introductions, light bondage, straight and anal sex with a twist.


Submitted: February 24, 2016

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Submitted: February 24, 2016



Double or Nothing. 



The piercing call of a currawong in the tree just outside our bedroom window brought me to an unwelcome awakening. My head was throbbing and my mouth tasted dreadful. I opened one eye hoping that it was still dark, but alas I could see the light glowing through the drawn curtains. A shaft of light slipped between them and made a small spot on the wall opposite. It was intensely bright so I closed my eyes to remove the pain, and lay still, hoping that my head would stop pounding. The bird called again and I felt like shouting to him to fuck off, but knew it would hurt me and wouldn’t have any effect, so I lay there slowly coming to consciousness.  I could hear Mark’s gentle breathing next to me and felt the warmth of his body but he did not stir. I had to get up and pee soon or I would burst. Far too much fluid last night, I thought, and those extra glasses of water before bed did not stop the damn hangover anyway.


I opened my eyes and for some time watched the sun spot travel down the wall very slowly but perceptibly. Then it tracked across the floor a little way before I knew that I simply had to pee immediately.


I pulled back the covers and slowly stretched one leg out, and putting my foot onto the floor slipped quietly out from under the sheets so as not to disturb Mark. I slowly stood up beside the bed, stretching gently. I moved quietly and naked to the ensuite and closed the door. The welcome relief from my pee was wonderful.  After mopping up and rinsing my face and hands I sank two glasses of water then gently brushed my hair in front of the mirror. My head was still pounding but not so badly now. I looked at myself in the soft morning light and was pleased that I still had a nice figure at thirty.  I cupped my breasts and lifted them and thought ‘Yes, Ellen is right, I do have nice tits. But then again I like hers too so perhaps it is just a girl thing.’


I smiled at my reflection in the mirror and then boldly said to myself. “You do have nice tits Marianne and a nice bum too so it is no wonder that your best girlfriend wanted to fondle them last night. You know that you want to fondle hers too so you should admit that you have bisexual leanings and get on with having a good time!”


I tiptoed from the ensuite, back past the sleeping Mark and into the lounge. The room was neat and tidy which was a nice change although I remembered that I had tidied it before we went out in case anyone came back with us after the reunion.  I went into the kitchen and put the coffee on, drank some more water, and then sat at the small table near the window, enjoying the rays of sun coming through the net curtain and warming my body.


I thought about our pleasant evening last night at the University class reunion. Mark and I had offered to take my good friend Ellen and took a taxi as a threesome. The food and beverage service was exceptional, and we ate and drank to excess, as it was all included. We had dropped Ellen off from our taxi quite late and were all quite tipsy, crashing into bed at around three am.


While we all had a good time, Ellen had been especially lit up by the occasion and had enjoyed meeting her girlfriends of over a decade ago. She was pleased to see that she had the best figure of them all, them mostly having had children by now. She was flirting with some of their husbands and at least one of the girls, Sandra, a very attractive brunette.  We had met up in the powder room at one time late in the evening and Ellen cornered me, leaning against the door so that nobody could come in and I could not get out. I moved to take the handle but she pulled me to her and kissed me. I was a little taken aback, but was well-oiled by then myself so returned her kiss with some gusto. We both enjoyed the contact and were surprised by our reactions to each other.  We parted then, both breathing heavily and a little flushed as I recall.  


I was enjoying the memory of that encounter and my first coffee when I heard the toilet flushing and then Mark came into the kitchen. He had his gown on and looked a little worse for wear. He came over and gave me a hug and a kiss, squeezing my breasts playfully.


“Hey naked lady, I don’t suppose I could entice you back to bed?” he asked with a wink.


“Sorry but I have things to do this morning and I would like to see if Ellen is OK – she was pretty plastered last night when we left her.  Coffee?”


“Yes please love that would be nice. How are you feeling?”


“I am coming good after some water and the first cuppa but I was pissed off with that bloody currawong. I could have slept a lot longer.”


“Yes, he frightened the shit out of me but I must have dropped off again. It is such a god awful noise.”


I made Mark’s coffee and we sat and enjoyed the early morning sunshine together.


“I wonder how Ellen is feeling this morning,’ said Mark, ‘she certainly tied one on last night. I remember her grabbing my bum a few times in the passageway though the cloisters on our way to the taxi rank.”


“She was definitely feeling frisky as she kissed me in the powder room and squeezed my bum on the way home in the taxi too, so there you go.”


Mark smiled at me warmly, his hand taking mine and squeezing it.


“We have talked about her before and the fact that she has no steady boyfriend, and although she likes blokes I am beginning to wonder if she is not a bit into batting for both teams so to speak. Do you think she is? It is an interesting thought.”


“I know what you mean and after last night I am sure she is actually a latent lesbian if not into it with other girls in a big way. She was very hot for me in the powder room and I must confess to being a bit turned on by her advances. It was really quite nice.”


Mark gave me a squeeze; “I can see I am going to have to keep a close eye on you two. I’m sure that she looks as nice as you do in the nude so it could be a lot of fun!”


“Ellen was extremely appreciative of your invitation to go with us to the reunion,’ said Mark, ‘has she not ever been to one before?”


“She has always dismissed my invitations in the past so I gave up asking her for a few years. When I knew that some of the girls were going this year who had not been regular attendees I thought I would try again. When I told her that Sandra would be there she showed an interest and I think that she might have been the drawcard for Ellen.”


“She certainly spent some time with her last night and they seemed very friendly,” grinned Mark as he took his coffee back to the bedroom, “mind you I would not have kicked either of them out of bed either, a most attractive pair I thought.”


I set to and prepared muesli and another coffee, then settled down to complete my paper for the upcoming conference. By noon we were ready for more coffee so I made more while Mark toasted some sandwiches for a light lunch.


“I am going to check on Ellen now, and then I have to drop off this paper to the office on the way home but I shouldn’t be long. Do you want to come along for the ride?”


Mark grinned and said, “Too right I do; if she is still frisky I might get lucky. We can take my car if you like. I don’t suppose you would like to share my shower?”


“Tonight maybe – you go first while I wash up.”


When we got to Ellen’s house we noticed that her car was still in the driveway so we assumed she was home.  Our ringing of the doorbell brought no reply but when I tried the door it was unlocked, so I entered, thinking she was probably in the garden out the back. I called out but to no answer, so we walked down the passageway to the rear. I looked into the spare room on the way past the door. Ellen sometimes used the spare bed as a day bed and I thought perhaps she might have crashed there.


Mark and I stopped sharp at the doorway, as Ellen was lying, naked, on her front and stretched across the bed and sound asleep, looking somewhat dishevelled. Her long blonde hair was draped across the pillow and sheets. She had obviously crashed there when we dropped her off, as her clothes were in an untidy heap on the floor. Her long slim legs were stretched out and a little apart. She looked beautiful. I grabbed Mark's hand to hold him back, put my finger to my lips, and whispered, “Don't disturb her, she looks so beautiful asleep, lets just wait for her to wake.”


Mark needed no more encouragement, his eyes drinking in her trim body and the attractive sight between her slightly opened thighs.  He leant against the doorframe enjoying the view. I had always thought that Ellen was very attractive, and her sleeping naked body was very sexy to look at. She was tall and slim and had flawless skin considering that she was in her early thirties. She had a very pretty bum and very fair pubic hair. I could see that Mark was enjoying the view, and when my hand slipped across the front of his jeans and down to his crotch I could feel that he was already aroused. He looked at me and returned the gesture, kissing me with some urgency at the same time pulling me against himself with his strong hands.


We kissed for some time while glancing across at Ellen, and I felt the urgency of sexual tension building between us. Having such an intimate encounter in front of our very attractive and naked friend was enough to spur my juices to new heights and I ground my hips against Mark's urging him to do more. He responded again by grasping my bottom, pulling me tighter and running his hands up and down my back and bottom.


I whispered in his ear “Wouldn't it be lovely to have sex with Ellen, she has such a great body.”


I felt him stiffen against me and I could feel his sexual tension building. He bent to my ear and murmured,


 “I am sure she would enjoy your company but not sure she is into me so much.”


'”Oh yes!” I whispered, ”she has confided in me that she would love to do it with you, so I am sure she would be happy to play.”


We became bolder now with our ongoing embraces, not caring if Ellen woke and saw us, so turned-on were we about the prospect of engaging her in a sexual tryst. Mark's hand slipped down the front of my shorts and inside my pants where his urging fingers encountered my already damp pussy. I purred softly with delight and thrust myself towards his pleasing pressure.


Suddenly Ellen gave a low moan and stretched her body out on the bed turning slowly so she lay on her back.  She pointed her toes in a long sensuous gesture, stretching her legs, and then her right hand came around and rested between her legs. She was soon massaging her clitoris and pussy lips in a gentle and very sensual action.


Her actions were so gentle and reflected the languorous mood which follows a deep sleep.  The vision that she presented was so erotic I nearly came with the pleasure of what was before me along with Mark’s own gentle rubbing of my pussy lips. Mark was responding too to my fondling and I thought perhaps I should ease off in case he came in his pants, wasting a wonderful opportunity. As I eased my actions he whispered,


“Should we see if she is interested in a threesome?”


I thought very briefly about it but was already hoping it might happen. I looked into Mark’s eyes and smiled, 'Why not?' I replied in a voice that was so soft and husky I was not sure it even came from me,


“I am sure she will love it”.


I crept over to the bed and knelt down on the floor next to it and put my face close to hers, carefully placing my hand on her shoulder above her breast. I whispered,


“Hello gorgeous, are you having a nice time down there?”


Ellen's blue eyes opened with a start and she pulled her hand out from her crotch before trying to sit up.


“Shit!” she exclaimed seeing me there, “Marianne, you gave me such a fright'”. She drew her legs together and knees up in a gesture of modesty.


I gently pushed her back onto the bed and moved my face closer to hers.


“Hello again you, sorry about that, but watching you lying here doing that was the most beautiful thing I have seen for a long time”.


With that I leant further forward and kissed her on the lips. It was our second kiss and I was not surprised with Ellen's response, as I had suspected she might have had a crush on me. Although we had been very close we never actually approached each other sexually.  Last night’s gentle moment of passion was a precursor and the fact that she felt as I did and was responding to my kiss with fervour thrilled me to bits. Like my first loving kiss way back in my teens it brought all those teenage highs back again. I was in absolute bliss and so was Ellen. I moved closer to her on the bed while still on my knees and my right hand crept up onto the inside of her thigh. Meanwhile my left hand was closing around her breast and I could feel the nipple erect and hard. I brought my mouth down to her breast and toyed with her nipple with my tongue until Ellen reached around and began to squeeze mine gently though my t-shirt.


“I have wanted to do this for some time,” she whispered, “you are beautiful and I just want to hug you all to myself.”


Her voice was as mine, husky with the eroticism of her awakening and us both in a highly aroused state. Her right hand fell to the floor and then came up and caressed my leg upwards to the crotch of my shorts and slipped her fingers under my pants. She pulled back from my lips and murmured,


“God you are wet and hot too - this is so beautiful, or am I still asleep and enjoying a lovely dream?”


I responded with more passionate pressing of my lips on hers all the while staring into her beautiful features.  I was oblivious to anything and I had completely forgotten about Mark who was no doubt enjoying the spectacle.


Ellen moved to try and pull me onto the bed with her but I resisted and said,


“Please let me just enjoy you for a while, lay back and let me treat you”.


Ellen closed her beautiful eyes and sighed with pleasure as I slipped my fingers into the warm wet folds between her legs.  I crushed her lips with mine and we played with each other’s tongues like little mice darting in and out of holes. The scent of her body and the warmth of her skin were overpowering and with her gentle stroking of my very moist pussy it was all I could do to avoid being completely swept away with love for her. She stretched her legs and bucked her thighs slowly against my hand until I wanted to go further, to get closer, even inside of her.  I withdrew my hand from between her legs to her sigh of disappointment and increased my attention to her breast with my left hand while I undid the belt of my shorts and wormed out of them and my panties in quick time.  


Without opening her eyes she said,


“Why don’t we go upstairs to the big bed, it will be much nicer?” 


I pulled away to remove my t-shirt and knelt down to cuddle her again.


“No, don’t spoil the moment - you look so gorgeous there I don't want to spoil it.” I said.


Her arms came around me and we hugged hard, our breasts warm and soft on each other, before she put her cheek against mine - suddenly she let out a gasp and pushed me away. She had opened her eyes and seen Mark presumably still enjoying himself watching us intently while leaning on the door frame.


“Jesus!” she exclaimed, “What the hell – how long have you been there?”


With that she tried to get to her feet, reaching for the sheet to cover herself. I kept my grip on her breast and thigh and stared into her wide eyes.


“Hey honey, don't be angry, just relax, its only Mark, and he and I both just adore you and think you are lovely.” I said, “its a special moment, let us both enjoy it”.


Whether it was the residual intoxication from the alcohol, or the intoxication from our first erotic encounter I don't know, but either way Ellen seemed not to be too concerned after my reassurances, and relaxed, slumping back onto the pillows and closing her eyes.


“Yes I know, I love both of you too, now please can you keep doing what you were doing to me it is just wonderful”.


With that she pulled my hand down to her crotch and sighed, at the same time stroking the inside of my thigh.


By this time I was getting really worked up as the thought of her knowing Mark was watching stirred me on and I began to think of how we might introduce a threesome without risking deflating her arousal. While restarting our wonderful kiss she lifted her hips from the bed allowing me to get my hand right in between her long legs and up to her beautiful pussy. We fondled and caressed each other in a frenzy of passion, our tongues getting tired from the frantic activity of exploring each other's lips and mouths.


Ellen stretched her legs in that same sensuous action that had aroused Mark and I together and moaned softly as I returned my fingers to her delicate pussy. I fingered her soft lips and folds of her pussy and then slipped two of them gently inside her while rubbing her clitoris with my thumb. She was very wet and warm inside and it was very intoxicating for me. The sensations took me back in part to my first girl-on-girl experience while experimenting as a teenager, but this time I was having my own pleasure from Ellen's gentle stroking of my own sensitive spots. 


I had forgotten Mark again but he was now sensing that Ellen might be warming to the thought of a trio, so he quietly came forward and knelt at the end of the bed so he could feast his eyes on Ellen's beautiful body and what I was doing to her.


When I turned my head away to catch a breath from our kiss, I saw he was entranced by the picture of that most erotic sight at the end of her beautiful long legs.


Ellen was squirming with delight under my attentions, and drew her knees up to enable her to thrust against my hand, all the time moaning softly and keeping her attentions on my own enjoyment between my legs. Mark noted Ellen's clothing on the floor at the end of the bed and her towelling bath robe and panties. When I looked at his face he gestured to me with the panties and the robe belt to imply a suggestion that we might like to use them again. I thrilled to the idea that he might have a little bondage in mind but did not want to frighten the passion out of my new love partner. I have always been into a little gentle shared bondage with Mark – nothing tight or too restraining but designed to induce the thrill of control and submission.


I shifted my head and drew my mouth down to Ellen's breast so I could kiss and suck the beautiful soft flesh and the rock hard nipple. She closed her eyes again and groaned,


“If you keep that up I will just burst with pleasure and be forced to return the favour!”


“Anytime you like” I murmured against her warm breast.


Ellen was enjoying the attention and her attempts to pleasure me were becoming more urgent. I shifted my position to make it easier for her and she slipped her fingers inside me and slowly rolled my clitoris around and around. I thought to take the opportunity so pulled gently away from her breast, looked at her face and said,


“Would you like to go for double or nothing?”


Her eyes shot open and she gently lifted her head to see Mark patiently enjoying his very close up view of her sex. She involuntarily pulled her legs together trapping my hand.


“Oh God!” she said, '”I’m not sure – it’s a bit kinky, but I do love what you are doing. Can't we just go on like this and let Mark watch?  I do love you Mark but this is heaven, just keep watching as I hope to repay the favour for Marianne.”


Mark sensed the very delicate position where the balance could go one way or the other so softly said,


“Ellen, I am enjoying this scene so much the last thing I want to do is interrupt – I think you are a beautiful woman, we both love you and would love to do what ever we can to please you.”


I climbed gently onto the bed next to Ellen, continuing my caresses. She closed her eyes, put her head back on the bed and said,


“This is heaven.”


All of this time Ellen did not interrupt her gentle caresses on my body so I knew that Mark's presence was welcome even if she was not prepared yet to admit it (or him!). I was getting very randy by this time and knew I would have to do something to bring the whole experience to a climax (or three).


I massaged and sucked on her other breast – she was so relaxed she did not respond when I rolled onto her. Her small white breasts and ruby red erect nipples were beautiful, and ever so a perfect pair. I withdrew my hand from her labia and gently squeezed and massaged both her breasts, kissing and sucking them in turn, kissing her up to her neck and her ears and back to her lips before returning to play with them again.


We rolled together and after a little while she raised herself on all fours above me, staring down like she was going to eat me.


“God!” she whispered in a very husky voice,  “I wish you could do both those things to me at once - it would be heaven.”


She grasped my hand and returned it to her crotch pushing it hard against her clitoris and urging me to continue the massage.


Both Mark and I had the same thought – here was our opportunity to show her the benefits of us both giving her pleasure. I love Mark dearly because of his wonderful caring personality, his gentle nature and his attentiveness, but in the sack he also has very soft and gentle hands and knows how to push a girl's buttons. I knew he could do nice things for Ellen too, apart from providing a nice stiff prick when needed.


I nodded to him and he moved forward over our recumbent and naked friend who by this time had lain next to me and was in a real erotic trance. Ellen shifted her bottom on the bed and began gyrating slowly against my urging fingers. I withdrew them slowly and moved my fingers to her breasts again but at the same time Mark began caressing her inner thighs from the other side of the bed, his gentle fingers barely touching her skin. She shuddered to the new touch but groaned with pleasure as we both enjoyed her body. His fingers became bolder and although she did not miss a sensitive stroke of my pussy Ellen let out a little cry of protest as Mark's fingers began toying with her clitoris.


“Oh God” she sighed, “that is beautiful but you must stop. It is not right.”


Ellen tried to sit up, withdrew her hand from my crotch and attempted to push me away but without a lot of real effort. At this I became bolder and without saying anything simply pushed her down gently with my right hand and began gently massaging her breast with it. She now had us both with hands on and inside her and soon relaxed. She was about to return her right hand to my pussy but I caught it and pulled it to me, kissing her fingers.


“Just you relax that for a time while we concentrate on you honey,” I said, and lifted her arm above her head.


She stretched her left arm out, closed her eyes and did a full body stretch under our careful caressing, groaning with the pleasure of the multiple sensations. The next I new it had all become too much for Mark and he got off the bed, reached for the gown belt and came to the head of the bed. Ellen felt his hands leave her body and opened her eyes to see him reaching for her wrists. She started up and began to protest but I soothed her with gentle caresses and forcing my lips on hers again.


Her arms stretched out above her head flailed briefly until Mark had secured the cord to her left wrist, then grabbed the right and pulled them together in a loose bond. Ellen broke free from my kiss and started to protest.


“Hey! don't do that I am not into that - get away from me.”


I reached around behind her waist and pulled her body to me and hugged her hard.


“It is fine honey, it is only for your pleasure, don't fight too hard. If you just struggle a little it will make it more enjoyable, but in time lie back and enjoy it you will see it will only get better and better from here on.”


She did not respond but closed her eyes and seemed to relax. Mark tied the end of the cord securing her wrists to the bedhead post so she was tethered by her wrists to the end of the bed. She pulled her legs up to seemingly get more comfortable before letting out a large groan of pleasure or anger – we were not sure which, but it was enough to see Mark reach for her mouth with his hand in case the noise brought unwanted attention to our scene. Ellen's eyes shone under the pressure of Mark's hand and she shook her head from side to side and started kicking her legs. She pulled hard with her arms but Mark's knots held firm and she could not free herself. Mark started to release his hand saying softly,


“Don't make so much noise or someone will think we are murdering you!”


She let out another cry but it was stifled by Mark's hand again.


“If you don't shut up I won't be able to use all of my hands on you - believe me it is much better if I can.”


Ellen still tried to cry out so Mark rolled up her tiny pants. He pinched her nose so that in time she opened her mouth to breathe and he quickly stuffed them into her mouth. She could still make noise but it was muffled and soft – she shook her head from side to side and kicked out while bucking her hips despite my grip.


Mark moved around to her flailing legs and grabbed her ankles, holding them together. Ellen bucked a little more and struggled but I drew closer and began caressing her breasts again.


“Hey honey, don't struggle just relax, we will make it beautiful for you.”


Ellen moaned through her panties, then bucked and kicked out so I pulled her waist closer to me and held her tightly. Mark grabbed her ankles and had to work hard to keep them in his grasp as Ellen writhed and kicked. She continued struggling against our holds and we were both obviously aroused by the pleasure of her resistance. Her breasts shook to and fro, her hair cascading on the pillow then across her face as she threw it from side to side trying to escape our embraces. Her legs scissored back and forth as she kicked against Marks grip on her ankles, her pussy lips working feverishly together as she squirmed. Mark was obviously enjoying the struggle, and stretched her ankles apart enjoying the view of her pussy while she was writhing and twisting.


Ellen’s struggles gradually grew less vigorous and she was breathing heavily through her nose, her chest heaving with the exertion, and perspiration was breaking out on her body with the strenuous effort. I could feel the apprehension slowly leaving her body and kept up my gentle caressing. She eventually calmed down and I reached between her legs again to begin gently stroking and massaging her tender pussy. She was gradually responding to my gentle pressure so I moved onto the bed and lay next to her.


“I loved what you were doing to me just now and look forward to it again when you have been satisfied, but in the meantime just lie back and relax.”


She turned to me and smiled as best she could with the gag in and thrust her pelvis into the caress of my hand in her labial folds. Mark had opened her legs and then released her ankles, returning to stroking the inside of her thigh. He leant forward near us and we both kissed her breasts together as we played between her legs, Mark with his fingers inside her and me toying with her clitoris while stroking her soft pubic hairs. Ellen held her legs open to help us access her pleasure. With her arms tied above her head, her breasts were pulled gently across her ribcage and increased the pleasure of our caresses. She squirmed with pleasure and before long was moaning with the sheer exhilaration of having two mouths and four hands working hard on her erogenous zones.  She was still damp from her sweat and the smell of her was very intoxicating and erotic. 


I leant forward and whispered into her ear,


“I am going to get closer to you,” and got up from my knees and grasped her legs.


Mark moved to suck and fondle her breasts. I pulled her ankles well apart, lay forward on the bed and slipped in head-first between her legs, parting her labial lips and driving my tongue onto her clitoris, rolling it around, and then right into her. She tasted deliciously musky and was very wet, her moisture slicking down some of her fine pubic hairs.


She squirmed with delight and was moaning in pleasure through the gag as I ran my tongue up and down, across and around her pussy.


At the same time, Mark was now caressing both her breasts, massaging her by running his hands up and down her body across the erect nipples to her neck and down again – as he had done with me, slowly and seductively - and I know how delightful this feels. Ellen was writhing in pleasure and bucking her hips under my gentle licking of her clitoris and labia. I licked my two fingers and slowly inserted them into her while still toying with her clitoris. She heaved and let out a muffled sigh as I gently pushed my fingers in then out again. What I was doing seemed to come naturally to me but I had shared a few erotic videos with Mark during our lovemaking in our lounge and noted what seemed to be the best approach. What worked with Mark on me was certainly having the desired effect on Ellen.


I nuzzled onto her body as best I could with her arms tied up as they were. I pulled her to me and murmured into her ear, smothering her face and neck with kisses, nibbling on her ear lobes and licking and kissing her whole neck and face. She kept her eyes closed and purred with delight.


Mark stood back a little and was enjoying the scene of his girlfriend enjoying the body of a beautiful girl who was restrained on a bed at her mercy. Ellen looked absolutely edible, tied and gagged, naked and stretched out on the bed as she was. Mark decided it was time he got closer to the action too so he slipped off his shoes and socks, pulled down his jeans, and pulled his t-shirt over his head. His body looked stunning to me and I thought Ellen should share the pleasure.


“Would you like Mark to make love to you now?” I whispered in her ear.


Ellen's eyes widened and she shook her head violently looking at me to implore me to remove the gag. I reached over and opened her lips, gently withdrawing her little panties. She ran her tongue around her mouth and lips and said;


 “No, please not yet, just kiss me again.”


We joined in another passionate kiss while Mark stood by admiring our caresses and the passion that was being exchanged between us. I noticed that his jocks were extended with his erection, and the characteristic damp patch on the front paid testament to his arousal and readiness for sex. He waited patiently for us to conclude our passionate embrace, at which point Ellen gazed lovingly into my eyes and said,


“I just want you to keep doing what you are doing for now.”


She squirmed as Mark came closer and resumed his caressing of her breasts, while I reached between her legs to continue her journey to the supreme pleasure. Suddenly she bucked her legs, and twisted around so she was lying face down, still with her wrists tied at the top of the bed. We both enjoyed the view of her beautiful rounded bottom with her buttock crease running down to her very damp pubic hair. She cried out,


“Please, don't stop – it is beautiful.”


Then she began to moan loudly again as I reached around her buttocks and resumed my caresses. Mark moved to her head and reaching across her body began to massage her back from her shoulders to her lovely bum, down to where my hand was busy, then ever so slowly back though her crack, then the small of her back and up to her shoulders. Ellen writhed with pleasure and rocked her thighs squeezing her legs together to trap my hand. She let out such a loud moaning that Mark grabbed her panties that were on the edge of the bed and gently forced them back into her mouth. Ellen moaned and writhed under the effects of our ongoing attentions.


Mark moved away from us and I looked at him for a reason but he was leaving the room, his erection as a clearly visible and moving bulge in his briefs.  I was focussed on Ellen on his return, caressing her hair and neck with my left hand while continuing to probe her vagina and massage her clitoris with my right. He knelt on the other side of the bed and showed me a container of baby oil. Clever Mark had found it in her bathroom. He poured some on her back at the base of her spine and then began to massage it into her buttocks with his long gentle fingers, slowly moving them towards her crack and then into it and down to where they met my fingers. We intertwined our fingers and exchanged a knowing glance before his hands returned to her buttocks squeezing them, separating her cheeks and slipping his finger ever so gently into her hole. She shuddered with pleasure and gradually built up a state of breathing which I thought might be restricted by the gag, but when I looked down into her face and whispered,


“Are you OK?” she opened her eyes, smiled at me and nodded gently.


Mark poured some more oil onto her back and thoroughly lubricated his fingers before sliding them down into her buttocks again, repeating the actions but this time pushing more urgently into her crack and hole. She moaned loudly through the gag and writhed – lifting her hips from the bed to urge him to more action. He responded again and again until between us we had her rolling, bucking and writhing on the bed. Mark got up again, even more moisture evident on his briefs, and left the room.


When he returned this time I had changed sides of the bed and saw him come through the door with several bath towels. He knelt down and placed one on the bed next to Ellen then placing his hand under her body, lifted her up and slid it under her body, reaching across to pull it gently though to the other side so it was between her and the bed. He repeated this with another towel so one was beneath her thighs, the other below her breasts. I was puzzled by his actions, but then I saw that he was being his very thoughtful self when he poured some more oil on her back, covered his hand with it and then from above her hands leant over and reached around her shoulders to her breasts, lifting her and massaging them with the oil. The reaction from Ellen was instant, and she moaned very loudly though the very necessary gag. Her arousal was evident as when Mark's hand drew her breast to the side when he was passing, I could see that her nipple was standing very proud and it flicked immediately upright when his hand passed over it, tense as it was. We continued this way and in doing so Mark leaned further forward so that his bulging briefs came into contact with Ellen's outstretched upturned and tethered hands. She felt the warmth and looking up could see him immediately above her. She reached up and began massaging his cock and balls and he began to respond with regular twitching and throbbing. While he was massaging her breasts she reached in and despite the bonds was able to finger his balls and cock with regular strokes, in time with the rhythm of his massages on her. Looking up I could see that now there were two of them about to go off and I was going to miss out if I was not clever.


I lifted my fingers from her pussy and trailed them across her clitoris in a gesture of withdrawal. Ellen twisted around in Mark’s grasp and she turned her head to try and see why I was pulling away.


“Don't let him get off before we are all ready.” I said with a mock warning glare. Ellen shook her head and with her eyes implored me to remove the gag again.


I gently withdrew the gag, and after she had licked her glorious lips she whispered,


 “Please don't leave me hanging – what you are doing is so beautiful I want you to finish me off like that – I promise you will not be disappointed.”


“OK honey but I warn you, leave him alone for the time being – we always come together.” and with that I gently reinserted the panties despite her pleading looks and shaking head.


“OK Mark” I said, “now we will show Ellen what it is really like to get our full attention!”


“I love you Marianne”, Mark said softly, 'but I was enjoying that while watching you tend to her it would have been a wonderful way to go. Mind you I would like to give her a proper rooting before I come, while you are playing with me AND her!'


“Then that is how it shall be,” I said, “and I am sure Ellen will agree.”


Ellen nodded and rolled onto her side while Mark restarted massaging her back, buttocks and breasts. I reached between her legs again and began the massaging of her pussy lips to her increasing breathing. After a short while I leant forward and replaced my fingers with my tongue and forcing her legs apart with my hands she rolled onto her back. Her arms were still above her head, breasts still pulled tight across her rib cage and her pubic mound saturated with her discharge, some of the oil and my saliva. Her spread legs enabled me to penetrate her with my tongue again and she drew her legs up to lift her hips against me. Mark knelt at her side and resumed massaging her breasts and sucking on her nipples. Ellen did not take very long to become a writhing bucking body urging us to work harder with our finger until she gave one last buck, stretched her legs and toes, gave a long satisfied sigh and lay still. I removed the panties from her mouth and kissed her with a passion and was pleased that it was returned. She was very soft warm and relaxed and her kiss was more tender than anything I had ever felt before.


She pulled her legs together and turned on her side to look at me.


“Thank you for such a wonderful experience, thank you both.” she said turning toward Mark to acknowledge his efforts.


He leant forward and kissed her on the lips and I noticed that she returned his kiss with as much passion as her bound wrists would allow.


“Now untie me and I will repay the debt I owe you both.” she said, as she lifted her arms to indicate her bonds.


“Not so fast” said Mark, “I think I will enjoy it more while you are tied up, in fact I might even gag you again just for fun. I don't want to be distracted.”


I began to protest on Ellen's behalf but Mark cut me short.


“You two have had a good time together so far now it is my turn for a little indulgence.”


He took the gag from me and once again silenced his bound victim who was still recovering from her powerful orgasm. Ellen was silent as he inserted the gag and lay still while he checked on her restraints. She was breathing slowly and the flush of her face and pubis were evidence of her recent state of arousal. She turned onto her back and drew her knees up and together, looking at me for any sign that I was part of the new game or an unwilling accomplice.


Mark pulled her over onto her back and began to draw his hand down to her pussy lips. She resisted his efforts and twisted away but he grasped her knees and held them apart with his elbow while bending over between her legs.


“Marianne, hold her ankles apart I want to drink in some of that lovely pussy.”


This was playing the role that I had imagined so I played along, smiling at Ellen but doing as instructed. I pulled Ellen's ankles apart as Mark dived further into her juices, his fingers grasping her hips and squeezing her buttocks.


“Turn her over now.” he said, and between us we twisted Ellen’s relaxed body onto her stomach while I straddled her lower legs.


The sight of her beautiful bottom aroused Mark and he slipped off his briefs enabling his erection to spring free. I saw his erect cock from a slightly different angle than normally and it seemed larger than ever. It stood out from his body and throbbed and bobbed as he leant forward to massage more oil into Ellen's buttocks. For a moment I thought he was going to fuck her bottom hole, but after massaging the oil into her buttocks and crease line and again into her little hole, he slipped further around and massaged into her soft pussy lips, working the oil into it with gentle strokes.


Ellen was still recovering from her orgasm and was not enjoying the additional attention, but I held her ankles fast while Mark continued to massage her with the oil. After a little while he brought his bobbing erection around to my side.


“I want you to kiss her and play with her and me while I am fucking her”, he said, once again in his sternest role-play voice.


I released her ankles and she kicked out and started to twist over, but Mark knelt on the bed between her legs to prevent her. I grabbed her left ankle and pulled her leg outwards, while Mark was forcing her legs apart with his knees, revealing her open pussy and bum hole glistening with the covering of baby oil. It was a beautiful sight and kept Mark aroused to the maximum. He leant forward and laid over her bottom, supporting his torso on his arms at her sides, his cock slipping along and between her pretty bum cheeks. He slid it back and forth and gradually lowered himself. Ellen struggled and twisted against the pressure of his cock against her bottom, which only served to arouse him even more.  He lowered himself until he was resting on her body, reaching around to grasp her breasts and pulling himself onto her. Ellen tried to twist him off, perhaps afraid that he was going to slip his cock into her bum hole. Everything was so oiled and slippery between her legs it could have slipped in easily. Mark kept thrusting his cock back and forth between her buttocks with obvious pleasure. I reached across and behind him and came up under his balls, tickling their underside and letting my finger go right into Ellen when he pushed right forward.


She was still writhing under his weight and this aroused us both as she struggled and tried to resist his pressure. He took one hand from under her breast and looking into my eyes and smiling he stroked my own which was close by, bringing me to an even greater state of excitement. His arousal was very intense and the obvious pleasure from the erotic contact with the two of us was palpable.


“Don't look now,” he said, “but I think you are dripping!” and nodded to my crotch. I looked down and saw that my own juices were flowing with the pleasure of our contact with Ellen and each other. I increased the stroking of his balls and smiled at him in return.


“This is really great sex”, I said, “I can't believe how good this feels. Are you going to come in Ellen or me?”


“The way I am feeling now I think both of you in turn but lets wait and see, the day is not over yet.”


He continued fondling my breast as he worked his cock back and forth along Ellen's bottom, his thrusting hips rippling with energy and lust, but the combination of our pleasure saw him breathe more rapidly and the tell-tale increase in his rhythm meant he had not much longer to go. I was surprised by his staying power as he had been in a constant state of erection for at least an hour and working his cock against Ellen's writhing and well-lubricated bottom would be enough to get any man off.


He groaned with pleasure and slowed his action, rising back from his contact with Ellen's back and then withdrew his cock from the crack between her cheeks. He knelt on the bed between her legs and reached for her hips, pulling her bottom up and staring at her delicious pussy said,


“I have simply got to have some of this.”


With that he slipped his cock carefully between the swollen lips of her labia into her glistening hole.


I returned my hand to his balls and he said with a hoarse whisper “Wonderful.” and slowly thrust in and out. Ellen moaned as he pushed his cock in to its full length, and then settled on her body again. He took her hair in his hand and caressed it and her neck, then said,


“Ellen this is so wonderful I think you are beautiful, I am going to really enjoy being inside you”.


She stopped writhing and seemed to relax.


Mark made a slow withdrawal of his cock, it emerging glistening, and then slipped it back inside Ellen and began a slow and very gentle thrusting. I kept up my efforts on his balls, tickling him at the base of his cock. I leant forward and whispered in his ear,


“Do you want to come like this?”


He smiled at me and nodded, obviously very close to a climax.


'OK, But don't forget me you two!' I said, and placed my other hand on his buttocks and stroked between his crack with my fingers while still massaging his balls with my right hand. 


My fingers were moving in and out with his thrusting and when he went to the full depth so my fingers were able to caress Ellen's labia, all warm and wet. I was very close to his thrusting hips and could see every detail of his straining cock as it entered and returned. It was a very sexy sight!


Suddenly Mark's breathing increased to a fever pitch and at the same time Ellen began responding with moans of pleasure. He lifted Ellen's bum towards him and thrust harder and faster, his thighs meeting her bottom with a rhythmic slap and the gentle squishing of their juices working too and fro. I leant forward and he turned to kiss me and in a tangle of arms, legs, cock and balls, lovely soft buttocks and a beautiful fluffy pussy Mark came to a wonderful climax, moaning with pleasure in symphony with Ellen as our tongues danced with each other.


Mark lay still for a while until his breathing slowed and he rolled off Ellen as his now shrinking cock pulled out from her very wet and mushy crotch.


“My God that was just beautiful, having sex with two people at once is simply divine. I can recommend it Marianne, I have never had such a long lasting and intense feeling than that, despite our very best lovemaking.”


He reached for me and pulled me back for another kiss, over Ellen's recumbent form. She stirred and now released, rolled around and smiled with her eyes. I reached in and removed her panties from her mouth and she panted,


“Yes, it is so good; I am desperate for it to happen to you. Thank you for some wonderful experiences today - it is simply divine!”


“You guys will get your chance to work on me but right now I am not in a hurry and feel very thirsty so how about I make us a drink?”


“Good idea Marianne, and if you like, there are some more towelling gowns in the hall cupboard which will be comfortable for us all – care of my last boyfriend's last stay in the Hilton although he doesn't know why they ended up on his bill!” said Ellen. 


She raised her bound arms to seek release, and Mark moved over to untie her wrists, massaging them and stroking her at the same time. I stood up and went into the hallway and found the cupboard and the robes. I could hear them talking.


“I wasn't sure about it when you tied me up but the experience was not unpleasant and made me feel both vulnerable and submissive at the same time. The gag I could take or leave but if it gives you a feeling of power so be it.”


“We were worried that you might have nosy neighbours, better safe than embarrassed!”


When I returned with the robes Mark was still in the afterglow of his orgasm and leaned toward Ellen caressing her breasts and shoulders under her long hair. 'Having you exposed and beneath me like that was a very powerful stimulant for me and I just wanted to be in total control of your body in the nicest possible way'.


Ellen leaned into him and reached for his cock, giving it a gentle caress.


“Your little guy has done his job for now but I wonder when he might be ready for another episode. He certainly filled me right up when he was standing up!”


I flung two robes at the couple,

“OK you two love-birds” I protested softly, “enough is enough, as you should concentrate on the job in hand.”


I moved into Ellen's kitchen and made up an orange juice and vodka tall drink with lemon pieces. Returning with the tray we lounged on the bed and sipped on the refreshing drink.


'This is a nice hair of the dog after last night” said Mark, “I needed that.“


“Me too,” said Ellen “I was a little tipsy I must confess.”


I looked across at Ellen’s rumpled hair and said


“Tipsy was not what you were my dear, you were paralytic, and you still look half pissed and rumpled, but my God it is a very sexy look.”


Ellen stood up, covering her beautiful breasts with her arm, and pulled the bathrobe around her body with the belt. Her hair was dishevelled and she still looked flushed.


“God I am still wet down here,” she said feeling her crotch, “I must clean up.”


“Here” I said, “let me help,” trying to get up.


“No, stay there, I have got just the things for this job and we could all use a clean up – I will be right back – I also need a pee.”


I lay down next to Mark and we cuddled, whispering about how much we enjoyed our morning's experience, until Ellen returned. She brought a tray with a bowl with warm flannels, hand towels, a bottle of lavender coloured oil and tissues.


“Here we are ready for a good clean up, I always think it a good idea afterwards – the oil is antibacterial and smells divine. I have cleaned up the worst of my mess but still need it too.’'


Ellen placed the tray on a side table and handed us both a warm towel and stood by the bed. Still seated next to a recumbent Mark, I reached for Ellen, pulled her towards me and opened her gown, then slowly wiped the oil, secretions and semen from her labia.


“Oooh,” she murmured, opening her legs to allow me easier access, “that's nice and warm down there. It is still throbbing after all that pounding and caressing you two inflicted on me – it's delicious!”


I leant in and nuzzled between her legs,


“And I need to tell you that I just love you, the look of you, the feel of you, the taste of you and the smell of you. I can’t tell you how much today means to me – to be able to show my love for you on top of our beautiful friendship is just the loveliest thing.”


I rose to my feet caressing her body under the gown as I stood up, and we kissed a deep long passionate kiss.


She whispered,


“I am sorry that I did not get closer to you before today but knew you were in love with Mark and might not accept my amorous intentions as anything other than a rude assault from a horny old lesbian!”


She smiled at me and Mark in turn.


“I don't see you as old or as a lesbian but God you are horny and I am so after you, so if that makes me a lesbian then so be it. I don't care what I am called, I love you as much as I love Mark so there!”


We cuddled together again and then turned to Mark. He was resting on the bed on his back with his robe loosely draped over his body but exposing his thighs, his curly matt of pubic hair and his limp cock and balls.


“God, I am drained,” he exclaimed, “that was SO good. I hope you don’t mind ne being blunt Ellen but that was a fucking good root.”


Ellen went over to him and we both took up a flannel and proceeded to open his gown and wipe him down, toying alternately between his cock and balls. Mark groaned with pleasure as the warm sensations coursed through his organs. 


“That is very nice.” he said, reaching for Ellen's thighs. 


She responded with an added caress and a thorough wipe of his cock and balls and returned the towel to the bowl.


Then we all sat on the bed, leaning together and with our arms around each other.


Mark said, “This is quite a big day and I think is going to open a whole new relationship between us, I hope it lasts for a long time and leads to more beautiful things”.


“Can you believe that we have actually just engaged in group sex, an orgy even.” said Ellen, “I never imagined I would have sex with someone while being held down by another person”.


Mark responded, reaching into my robe and stroking my breasts, smiling at me, “And there is nothing as nice as having sex with someone who is being held down by another person.”


His cock was stirring slightly under the folds of his robe, as Mark snuggled into me - my nipples becoming erect under his caresses.


“I hope you two satiated sex objects haven't forgotten your obligations – the day is yet young,” I said, reaching for his cock.


 “Oh, not at all,” said Ellen, “I have some big plans for you and Mark so don't you worry.” she replied, bringing her arm around my waist and drawing my face to hers. Our lips met and she thrust her tongue into my mouth while squeezing me hard.


Mark opened his flannel and spread it on his palm before reaching in and bringing it up between my legs. He massaged its warmth into me and pressed gently with his fingers into my vagina, gently rubbing my clitoris, then wiping lower between my legs where my juices had run down.


Ellen moved behind me, reached around, and pulling open my robe caressed my breasts with both hands, her fingers fluttering over my nipples. She nuzzled into my neck while Mark began to kiss me on the lips, his tongue working into me hard. Having them both attending to me brought a tingle to my body and I could feel myself responding, particularly to the warm flannel fondling.


“Mm,” I groaned, “that is really nice.”


“I think we might have to start working on you Marianne, you are well overdue and I’m looking forward to some more action.” said Ellen. 


“You certainly are if this is anything to go by,” she said to Mark, releasing my breasts then reaching down and gently curling her fingers around his cock.


“I think our little friend has woken up and is now preparing for the task in hand”.


I looked down to see her fingers caressing his balls, and Mark's cock began to twitch and stiffen. I was happy to see him becoming aroused again but I was looking forward to spending a bit more time with Ellen. After all it is a woman who knows best from experience what a woman needs to do to get the best, I thought, Mark will simply be the icing on the cake this time as Ellen was going to be my main meal. The thought of spending intimate time alone with Ellen aroused me more and I turned to her and said,


“OK darling let me see if we can’t start some beautiful music together. But first I have to have a pee too.”


I turned and we embraced and began another passionate kiss, our robes parting as we squirmed to get as much body contact as possible.


I got up and went off to the bathroom, returning to find them whispering to each other but not embracing. After our spell on the bed it was somewhat dishevelled with the robes, bath towels and cushions all awry. Our clothes were strewn around the floor, including Ellen's clothes, her unused pyjamas, her knickers and the soft cord.


 “Let’s go somewhere more comfortable first” said Mark, “have you got a bigger bed we can relax on?”


I new that Mark would be impressed with Ellen's bedroom and large bed so agreed,


“Yes can we go upstairs? It's turned out to be a nice sunny day and it will be lovely in the sunshine by the window.”


“Of course, follow me.”  said Ellen, and they got up and we climbed the stairs to the large bedroom. I noticed Mark picked up Ellen's panties and put them in his robe pocket before we left.  I also noticed his cock now erect, protruding from his robe and bobbing jauntily as he walked.


“Hmm,” I said, looking down pointing, “he looks nice, but do you have a panty fetish?”


Mark just grinned in his sexy way and held my hand as we went up, admiring Ellen’s long bare legs under her gown ahead of us as we climbed the stairs.


It was a suite with a dressing room and a separate bathroom. The main room was huge and had a king sized bed in front of a big bay window. The curtains were drawn but as the day had progressed the room was warmer as the sun was on the window.


“Here,” said Ellen, “I will pull back the curtains.”


She dropped her robe on the bed and walked naked across to the side and drew back the drapes. The view was impressive and looked down over the lake and across to the mountains in the distance. Even without curtains, her bedroom was completely private from the front garden and the street some distance away.


However, the view of Ellen's slim perfect body was even more impressive and simply beautiful, and I went weak at the knees with prospect of my first real girl embrace and orgasm.  Ellen's breasts swayed and bounced with the action and made a lovely sight, being gently rounded but firm and with small pointy nipples. I moved to the bed, shed my robe onto hers and lay down on my back, opening my legs and reaching down to my damp pussy.


“Will someone please play with me, I am getting horny.”


Ellen came forward immediately and lay next to me and caressed my breasts. She cuddled me and threw her leg over mine, bringing our thighs into intimate contact. She reached down and started fingering me in the perfect spot, all damp and warm.


Mark came to the bed end and bent down to our bathrobes. He withdrew the cotton belts from them and released the robes to the floor.


I saw him and said, “I don't want to be tied today, just pleasure me please.”


Mark was not having that however; he loved a little bondage, and despite my pleas began to tie my ankles together.


“Hey don't, I am not going to run away, trust me, just leave me untied. If you tie my legs I won’t be able to open them enough for you both. Please don't.”


But Mark just smiled and carried on with his bindings, pulling my other ankle together with the first and tying them off.


“I might not need to open your legs just now Marianne, so be quiet and lie back and enjoy this.”


I started to get up but Ellen held me down by the shoulders and said;


“If it was good enough for me to be tied and fondled it will be for you.”


I was not impressed with that and was not sure of Mark's plans. He sometimes took me by surprise and I was not sure that this was the time or place, I wanted to enjoy them both, not have him dominate the scene, so I struggled with her, not violently but enough to let her know I was not happy at the thought of not being able to use my hands on her body.


“Did you bring up my knickers, Mark??” asked Ellen. 


They were going to gag me as well!  I shook my arms and tried to get out of Ellen's grip.


 “I have them here.” said Mark, and reached into his gown pocket.


“Let me go I don't want to be gagged.”


But it was no use, I struggled free of Ellen's grip and twisted onto my front and tried to pull myself out of her reach. She grabbed my tied ankles and held me fast while at the same time reaching between my thighs.


“Not so fast darling she whispered, come back here.” and with a tug on my bound ankles brought my sex closer to her probing fingers.


Mark returned and came to the top of the bed, grabbing my flailing wrists and looping them together with a robe belt. He tied them up quickly then reached down and gave my upturned bottom a terrific smack.


“Owwww” I cried out, “that hurt you bastard”.


My bottom was burning with the impact, my mind flaming with the indignity and anger at his assault but also flushed with the urging that was slowly building in my body. Watching the blow obviously had an impact on Ellen as she began probing my vagina and running her hand across my buttocks to sooth them.


“Oooh, that was a bit kinky - but look what effect it has had already”, showing him the moisture on her fingers.


I began to call them names but Mark reached under my chin, lifted my head and forced the pair of knickers into my mouth.


“I thought you might like to use the pair that Ellen was wearing, you might enjoy the flavour!” he said as I noticed the pink and black lace-trimmed knickers that I had put into Ellen's mouth earlier.


They did taste of her pussy juices too but made it impossible for me to say a word, only a muffled groan.


I was now bound at the wrists and ankles, completely naked and with Ellen probing at my crotch with a gentle massaging rhythm.


Ellen rolled and squeezed my bum cheeks and slipped her fingers down into my crack and around to my clitoris, pausing briefly to slip into me before beginning another gentle massage. I struggled to get up but she pushed down on my shoulders.  I could only kick my bound legs but not enough to interrupt her massage that was beginning to get my juices really flowing.


“Keep her there.” said Mark and tied the loose end of the belt to the rail on the bedhead.


Now I was tethered to the bed on my stomach and with Ellen massaging my crotch between my bound legs.


Mark moved away and the next thing I felt was him grabbing my ankles and pulling me towards Ellen and himself on the edge of the bed. I could feel my feet and lower legs in mid-air as he pulled me down to the foot of the bed until the robe belt pulled my arms taught.



I was now fixed in such a way that I could not raise my shoulders, but by straightening my legs, I could heave my bottom upwards a little. My position was perfect for one purpose, and lustfully Mark gloated over the spectacle of my bottom now at their disposal!

Mark passed his hands amorously over my backside, pinching, patting, caressing and stroking the flesh; pulling apart my cheeks to kiss and lick me,  his hands wandering along my thighs, revelling in their softness. I was squirming and wriggling but it only served to increase his desire. He threw off his towelling robe, and grabbed my ankles, untying the knot quickly. He pulled off the belt and pulled my leg up and forced my knees apart, holding on to one leg. I kicked with my free leg but Ellen's fingers joined in again, and my pussy was not neglected, their fingers tenderly and lovingly playing with it and causing me the most exquisitely irritating titillation.

After enjoying themselves in this way for a few minutes and having thoroughly felt my bottom, I was left alone but could hear them murmuring and caressing behind me. I tried to twist around but could not go far, as Ellen moved over on the bed to lay across my shoulders and waist.

“Just you lie there darling, we are just warming up down here.” she said.

Mark let go my ankle so I began thrashing my legs but Ellen gave me another smack.

“Stop it Marianne and lie still for goodness sake!” she shouted.

I shouted at her through the gag but only mumbling came out.

My wriggles and squirms and the agitated plungings of my hips and buttocks must have enthralled Ellen, as she held me tight and fingered me with a sudden but gentle frenzy. Mark went to the tray and took up the oil bottle.

“I think a little lubrication might be in order Marianne, you know you love it to be all slippery”, and with that I felt the warm oil running into my crack.

I turned my head to see him standing next to the bed. Ellen began massaging the oil into my bum crease. She pushed along and entered my bottom hole with her finger, slowly working it around and around, in and out as the oil slipped into my bottom hole. I tried to cry out and kicked my legs but Ellen was oblivious to my struggles and held me down with her body, massaging and rubbing gently. I looked over to Mark to plead with my eyes to him but he was rubbing oil onto his cock.

Ellen said, “Are you really going to do this?  Be very very gentle, I love Marianne and dont want you to hurt her.”

“I love her too and I sure she will enjoy this as much as we will, so hold her tight now.” 

Then he knelt at the bed edge and pulled my bottom towards him. Ellen held me down with her body and one arm, while still rubbing the oil in and out.

I felt Mark placing himself in position behind me, then he leant forward till the head of his cock rested against my hole. I could feel Ellen's urging, and her fingers at my hole and Mark's cock, then she used her hand to pull my thighs slightly apart to give him better access.

I struggled to try and fend himoff, and made as much noise as I could through the gag.

“Gently now,” she said to Mark, “God it is big and hard, I dont think it will fit - don't push it all the way in just a little at a careful!”

At that point Mark pulled on my hips and forced his cock slowly into my bottom. I had no idea how far but I flinched with the sudden stretching and shuddered, trying to wriggle forward out of his reach. I felt the head of his cock go in and the tension ease as it closed around his shaft. This spurred Mark on and thrusting forward, he shoved it in further so it felt like it was halfway up my bottom. Then falling on me, he clasped me in his arms and slowly pushed himself well into me, until I felt the warmth of his pubic hair and balls against the cheeks of my bottom. I complained that it was hurting and tight but he did not hear a sound through Ellen's panties, but lay there briefly and then began thrusting his cock in and out slowly, very slowly.

I could feel Ellen's fingers at my bottom toying with him and me and murmuring that it was beautiful to watch this so close up, it was like watching a high-definition porn movie. Her face must have been only inches from my bottom and his cock. I struggled against the indignity but any hip movement only spurred them onto further passions. Mark's cock was big and warm inside me and after a short while the internal sensations began to overcome the discomfort of having my bottom stretched apart.

Mark rested heavily and motionless on me again, his hands gripping and squeezing my breasts so conveniently placed for his reach and delectation, his cheek against my averted face, listening to the inarticulate murmurs wrung unconsciously from me by the violence of my emotions and the unaccountably strange pleasure I was experiencing.

Suddenly, Ellen's hand moved around my thigh and underneath me to my slit and began gently tickling, but without penetrating. The effect was marvellous and I plunged wildly under Mark to the point where he came wildly, thrusting and slapping at me with his pelvis, once again the squishings of sexual motion very obvious. I could feel the twitching of his cock and balls as he pumped his juices into my bottom.

I was not overly aroused by the time he had finished and when he left me with a gentle 'plop' as his cock withdrew from my bottom, I was still very charged and ready for more. I ground my crotch into Ellen’s fingers and lapped up the lovely sensations when she resumed rubbing my clitoris.

Mark climbed off me and went across for the hot towels. They were now somewhat cold, so he left us and took the tray downstairs to be recharged.

“Back soon darling.” said Ellen, and with a kiss on the side of my cheek drew the beadspread across my tethered form.

I lay there for a while, the sensation of being anally penetrated slowly leaving behind a slightly stretched and irritated feeling in my bottom. I could not get comfortable, but eventually rolled onto my side and must have gone to sleep in the warmth. I was still randy but very tired from struggling against my bonds.

When I awoke, they had removed the bedspread and were rolling me over, with Mark grabbing my ankles and massaging them. Ellen opened my thighs and began to wash me with the warm damp towel while Mark went off for a pee.

The massaging with the warm towels was blissful again, and I smiled at Ellen. She leaned forward and removed the gag.

“There honey, I doubt we will be needing that any more. How was that? Did it hurt much?  – it is the first time I have seen bum hole action in the flesh and I must say being so close is a real turn on. I am raging down here.” she said, pointing to her crotch and gently fingering herself.

“It was not as bad as I thought – I have always refused Mark before but it might be something we could add to our sexual agenda. Have you done it before?” I asked.

“No, no me either, Mark assured me you had expressed an interest so he thought this might be a good time to try it especially while you were so charged up at the prospect of enjoying me together.”

She opened my legs even further and washed me carefully with the warm towel around my labia, probing gently.

“Roll over sweetie, and I shall do your bum. Can't be too careful. A good wash and then some of this oil – it is very good.”

I rolled across to her and she washed my still smarting bottom with another warm towel, cleaning carefully around the hole and gently inserting a piece over her little finger.

“Ooh,” I said, “that is nice” – and looked up into her beautiful eyes. Her nipples stood out a long way and she was flushed so I could tell she was also very excited again. That made me all the more feverish.

“You know I haven't had an orgasm yet – and you are lining up for a second one and Mark will be on three soon,” I smiled. “And what about untying my hands, I can't get to you and want to play with you desperately!”

“Just relax and do as you are told, Mark will untie you when he is ready. I will oil you again and massage you - this has been heated so it will be nicer still.”

I did as I was told, becoming too tired to care and enjoying her company.

She poured oil into her palm and rolled it all over my crotch and up into my bottom hole again and through my engorged labia lips. I was in heaven, and purred loudly closing my eyes until I felt Mark come back and kneel on the bed. His erection had subsided and I was not surprised as twice in a night was good for him but three in a day – I mused that perhaps it was this beautiful creature with us that was the reason for our erotic state today.

“Hello gorgeous,” he said, “are you enjoying this? I hope so because I am having a wonderful time.”

He kissed me on the mouth before I could answer.

“You bastard, sticking your thing into my bum while I was tied up and being held down by your new girlfriend, not letting me play with my friend, having two orgasms before I have even had one, gagging me – I have not had a chance to really enjoy myself as much as you. But yes I am!”

I smiled at him and added,

“Have you had a good wash down there? I plan to chew on that later so it has to be squeaky clean.”

“Its all clean and squeaky alright but I will rub some of this oil on him now and that will remove any bacteria.” said Ellen.

“Come over here you.” she commanded Mark.

Mark moved to Ellen and she stopped rubbing me with the oil but started on Mark.

“Let me do that please, I don't want to be tied anymore, I just want to fondle you both very badly.” I cried.

“Be quiet you,” said Ellen, “I want to play with him now.” she said, reaching for his balls and slopping the oil onto her hand, his cock and between his legs. “Perhaps I should rub some in your bum hole and stick something into you Mark.” she said, giving his balls a squeeze.

She applied two hands to the task obviously enjoying massaging a now limp cock.  She pulled and pushed him, slipped her hands under his scrotum and then worked one against the other stretching his cock and running her hand over the length. I thought I saw it responding but Mark drew away and said,

“That is enough for now, I think you should concentrate on Marianne and let me watch, that will get me going again watching you two in action.”

Ellen left him and rolled over to me.

“It is wonderful how they grow and shrink, isn't it? I have always been fascinated by that. We girls don't have anything like that to show off.”

“Please untie me darling, I so want to fondle you.”

“Not yet honey,” she replied, “I don't need any more fondling yet but you deserve some real attention. Just lie back.”

Mark grabbed my wrists and pulled me back towards the top of the bed

“Come up here darling so I can reach you more easily.”

He knelt on the bed above my head, his cock and balls swinging loosely between his legs, and reached for my breasts and kissed me passionately, kneading my nipples and rolling my breasts in slow circles. I could feel myself relaxing. I opened my legs and drew up my knees.  I felt Ellen's hair against my thighs and opened my eyes to see her lovely face between my legs. 

“This lavender oil smells dreamy but when it is mixed with your musky smell of your pussy Marianne, it is just gorgeous.”

She put her hands inside my thighs and forced them as far apart as they would go. She then moved closer and gently spread my labia with her fingers, thrusting her tongue inside me, licking my clitoris and rolling it around her tongue. 'God she is good at that' I thought, but said nothing to spoil the moment. With Mark thrusting his tongue into me and massaging my breasts at one end and beautiful Ellen using her mouth on my pussy was simply divine and I started purring out loud.

“God I love it when you make that noise Marianne,” she said, lifting her lips from my crotch. Mark agreed, lifting his head to say,

“Oh yes, look what it does for me.” I glanced up and saw his cock was erect again, his balls pulling up closer to his body.

“Don't stop Ellen, Please don't stop what you are doing. It’s lovely.” I said and resumed my purring when she did. Mark moved around to lie next to me and whispered,

“Roll over a little Marianne.” so I twisted my body around not wishing to disturb Ellen.

However, she pulled away and came up to the bed head. She crawled onto the bed in front of me and moved past me, fondling my breasts and caressing me until she reached my crotch. I rolled my body so that she was able to place her mouth on my lips and thrust her tongue in to me again. We were now in a classic 69 position. I was desperate to make the most of this with my new sexual partner and once again begged Mark to release my wrists.

“Please untie me Mark, I need to use my fingers.”

Without a word, he reached up and untied my wrists, and massaged them, pulling my hands down to my front and hugging them against my own breasts, squeezing me tight. At the same time he slid his hips against me and I felt his cock urgent and hard, ready for action, slipping along my bottom.

“Don't stick it in my bum this time Mark, I want a proper rogering'.”

He laughed, pulled me to him and said,

“And so you shall have it my beautiful lady.”

He slid a little lower and pushed his cock gently around my bottom crack until the head sat in my pussy lips.

Ellen had moved closer and with her hands guided Mark's cock into my vagina 'doggie' style, massaging it with more warm oil in the process.

She nuzzled her head into me and began licking my clitoris. She then put her spare hand round my bottom and pulled me to her.

I was close to her labia and she opened her legs obligingly thrusting her hips toward me. I reached around and pulled her legs into my face, putting my lips and tongue into her. Then reaching around with one hand I massaged between her beautiful bottom cheeks where it was still warm and moist from the oiling it had received from Mark. I reached down with my other hand and caressed her breasts at my waist to her obvious pleasure.

Mark meanwhile had nuzzled into my neck from behind me and was nibbling my ear, massaging my breast with one hand and with his other hand massaging Ellen's bottom, his fingers almost meeting my lips.

I was purring VERY loudly and in ecstasy, when Mark began thrusting into me, with Ellen fingering and licking me at the same time and fondling my bottom. He was able to sustain his thrusting longer than usual which was not surprising since he was having a marathon day, so I was able to work up a lovely glow before he finished.

I rose to a climax the like of which I had never experienced before; the intensity was terrific and it seemed to be lasting and lasting, until shivering in erotic pleasure I burst into waves and waves of  climax, Mark and Ellen both moving quickly with me.  I cried out with pleasure and relaxed back into the bed as my two dearest friends slowed their actions on me.

Mark withdrew after a lovely interval but kept cuddling me tight. I don’t think he came or did Ellen, but I did and I was well overdue for it. Ellen pulled me close to her and the three of us stayed that way for a long time, slowly stretching and unwinding and feeling wonderful about ourselves.

We must have all fallen asleep like this because the sun was lower in the sky by the time we came to, and as we stirred I felt ready for a coffee. I nuzzled against Ellen and so as to not disturb Mark I whispered,

“Would you like to join me for a coffee?” as I caressed her neck.

“Hmmmm,” she replied, “sure, let’s do it.”

We rose carefully and I went to the window looking through the blinds at the lovely view. Ellen joined me and took my hand while we just admired the view. I daresay the view of us standing there naked from outside the window would have been nice too! Then grabbing our robes and pulling them around us we tiptoed out and downstairs to the kitchen.

We busied ourselves getting the coffee together and occasionally would meet up and exchange a caress or a kiss. Ellen was looking radiant and although her hair was a little mussed she was gorgeous in the soft afternoon light in the kitchen. I was still a little damp and gooey from my experience so visited the bathroom and cleaned up. 

We sat in the bay window in the warm sunlight. 

Ellen looked at me with a twinkle in her eye,

“That was all a wonderful experience; I can’t believe that we did all those things. I am so pleased that you feel about me the way I do about you.”

She reached out for my hand and squeezed it.

“I look forward to our next episode.”

“Me too.” I said, returning her smile and hand squeeze.

“I would love to do it just with you this time though – I love Mark dearly and don’t want to spoil our relationship but I have got the hots for you and want to see just how much fun we can have together too. I love exploring your beautiful body and look forward to the next time.”

I kissed her fingers and sucked them into my mouth, running my tongue over them, nibbling and licking them.

Ellen responded with a warm smile and pushed her foot between mine, running it up my leg to the thigh and between.

“MMMMM, yes, I like.”

We drank our coffees and stared at each other for a while until Ellen looked at me and asked

“Do you want to leave Mark out of the next episode then?”

I could feel my heart racing at the thought of another time with Ellen and replied,

“I think it might be nice, besides he has come a few times already today and might not be up for another go yet.”

“We should perhaps fix it so he can’t interfere – should we tie him up do you think?”

“I am not sure he would be very pleased with that, but yes I agree we should make sure he can’t interfere with us this time.”

Ellen smiled a wicked grin and said,

“I am quite looking forward to fixing him up so he will just have to lie there. After all he did have sex with us while we were tied and although I was not complaining at the time, I was gagged and tied at the time he stuck his cock into me and he did not ever actually ask my permission. What he did to me was rape, as much as it was with you when he put it into your bottom while you were tied and gagged. I remember you were not at all pleased at the start.”

I looked at her face but she was smiling with a wry grin and obviously bore no ill will towards Mark, but she did have a point.

“Yes, perhaps we should give him a taste of his own medicine,” I said, “we should tie him but how will we do it – I think he will resist the idea.”

“We will just spring it on him – remember he didn’t come in you when you had your climax so it has been a little while since. Perhaps between us we can get him aroused to the point where he will just not be able to resist us. What say I go in over his head and drape my hair over his dangly bits – that usually does the trick with the boys – until I get his attention? Then I will draw his arms up and quickly tie them. Meanwhile you work on his cock and balls and be ready to grab them if he puts up a struggle. Then when his hands are tied to the bed we can grab his feet and do the same. I have a little surprise for him for rooting me without asking and you need to extract some small token of revenge too. I think we should fondle and tease him to nearly the point of climax and then stop, leaving him to lose all the build-up and then work him up again to get him to lose it again. If we do that a few times he might beg us to release him eventually and we could extract our revenge then.”

“Yes great idea.” I said.

“I will just slip up and get the robe belts and be back.” she said.

With that she went off, returning in a minute with them.

“He was still asleep,” she said “so I didn’t bother him.”

“Just as well I was in the Girl Guides,” she said, “and a little martial arts training doesn’t go astray at a time like this!” 

She looked at me and smiled,

“Golly Marianne, I love you as a friend and now as a lover.  I know our life together from now on will be different and I expect it will be a lot more fun. Getting up to mischief in the nicest possible way will be our catchcry from now on!”

“I love you too Ellen,” and wrapped my arms around her from behind, grasping her lovely soft breasts through the robe, “we will have a lot of good times I am sure”.

She took each of the robe belts and tied a loop in one end.

“This will make tying him easier and quicker – you just pull the end through to make a moving loop.”

We went back upstairs and found Mark still asleep and stretched out on the bed naked.

He had a great body and we both enjoyed staring at him before Ellen gave me one of the belts and moved to the rail end of the bed near his head. She slipped out of her robe and placing the belt on the pillow near Mark’s head she knelt above his head and leaned forward towards his waist. Her hair hung down and brushed over Mark’s chest. He woke with a start, but when he opened his eyes and saw Ellen’s breasts and head above him he reached out for her,

“Hello you,” he said, “what can I do for you?”

Ellen smiled at him and said,

“Just lie there and relax, I am enjoying looking at your body and fondling your bits, just relax.”

“I most certainly shall.” he said, caressing her breasts and neck.

He pulled her head to his and kissed her on the lips, she returning his kiss with a passion. She broke away and went down to his crotch again, brushing her hair over him, fondling his cock gently, and then sliding her breasts up over his chest. As she did so she drew her hands along his sides and up under his arms gently pulling them above his head as she moved backwards, all the time gently caressing his body and face with her breasts and hair. His arms were above his head and he stretched out in pleasure at her caresses, when she held his wrists gently with one hand and quickly slipped the belt loop over them. She pulled it tight and quickly wrapped the other end around the bed rail. He tugged hard against her but Ellen was strong enough to hold him until he relaxed a little and then she pulled hard to take up more slack.

“Hey, what are you doing?” he started to sit up, but Ellen kissed his mouth and said, “Nothing big boy, just having a bit of fun.”

I had moved to the foot of the bed and lay across his legs, toying with his balls and pulling gently on his cock. It responded immediately, and when he looked down at me I smiled and said

“It’s just us girls who wanna have fun!” emulating the hit song.

He smiled and lay back, but was soon trying to rise up again as I quickly looped the belt around one ankle then quickly wrapped the end around his other, pulling them together. He bucked under my weight and could probably have thrown me off had he tried, but I think he was enjoying the thought of being at the mercy of two girls, so just made a brief resistance, raising his bottom off the bed and trying to twist out of my grasp. Ellen grabbed his balls and gave them a squeeze.

“Settle down.” she growled.  

I looped the end of the cord around the bottom rail and tied it off.  Ellen got up from the bed and came down to the end. She checked my knots and tightened the belt on the rail, pulling his ankles over to the side of the bed, so Mark was now firmly attached to one side of the king size bed, leaving a lot of it for us to use.

Ellen stood back and put her arms around me.

“Hey baby, take off that robe and make yourself comfortable.”

She helped me off with the robe and embraced me, slipping her fingers in between my legs and pulling my lips to hers for another passionate kiss. We stood for some time and kept up a close embrace, fondling and caressing each other and loving it.

I looked across and saw Mark enjoying the sight, his cock starting to stand again. He writhed on the bed and said,

“Hey, you two let me go – I want to play too.”

Ellen recovered her panties from the floor where she had dropped them after removing them from my mouth, and knelt over Mark.

“Be quiet you.” and pinched his nose with her fingers. He was forced to open his mouth after a few seconds, and she thrust the panties in with her other hand.

“There that will shut you up, a taste of your own medicine, enjoy the flavours!”

He worked the panties in his mouth and before long had managed to spit them out. They were too small.

“Untie me now please Marianne, I would prefer to have my hands free.”

“No way Mark,” said Ellen, “we are going to give you a little taste of what it is like, so just shut the fuck up and enjoy it!”

She smiled at him and reached for his own underpants that were on the floor at the base of the bed.

“These might take a bit of stuffing in but you should manage them OK - you won’t spit these out.”

Ellen pinched his nose again and as soon as he opened his mouth she forced his jocks in. It took a bit of doing but in time Mark’s mouth was stuffed full, his cheeks bulging. He could not make a sound apart from his breathing through the flared nostrils. Ellen pinched them again with a sadistic grin and said.

“And don’t give us any shit or we will slow you down very quickly – just lie there!”

Mark writhed and groaned thru the gag but he was firmly bound and he was not going to get away. I noticed his erection had subsided again.

‘How about we go and have a shower now?” I suggested, “I have some plans for you later and I would like to be very nice and clean again.”

“Great idea honey.” replied Ellen.

We went off to the bathroom and were soon luxuriating in a warm shower together. We soaped each other up all over and enjoyed rinsing with the hand-held shower head.

“Aren’t these a great idea, Marianne, I get a real buzz every morning from the warm water rushing over my pussy. I don’t give a toss for the water restrictions if I am in the mood.” she said, pointing to her pubis.

“Wonderful!” I replied as I directed the jet onto her pussy lips and stroked her breasts.

We towelled each other off and after applying some of Ellen’s perfumes in strategic places, gathered up a new supply of warm towels and oil, and walked naked together back to the bedroom.

Mark was still restrained and gagged and still squirming to try and loosen his bonds.

I took a towel and proceeded to wash his cock and balls with gentle strokes, reaching down below his balls and between his thighs, finishing with a playful tug.

“There, that’s got you squeaky clean again.”

I knelt next to him and lay up so I was right next to his cock and balls, resting on my elbows. Ellen went to the other side of the bed and knelt down at his waist. I grasped his balls and started to fondle them while Ellen dived in and started licking his cock. It responded quite quickly and soon she had the base of it in her fingers and was sucking on the head, gently inserting it into her mouth and drawing it up and back slowly.

“That usually drives him wild” I said “do that while I am tickling his balls.” 

Ellen responded with more and deeper sucking of his now rampant cock. It bulged red and the pleasure of two pretty women sucking and fondling his dangly bits was obviously working him up judging by the moans and groans from under the gag.  Ellen took on her job with a passion, fingering him and sucking on his cock like a pro, her long blonde hair covering him and my hands and sensuously tickling both Mark and me. She had obviously been there and done that before, I thought, so practised was she at the gentle art. Mark was reacting with thrusts of his hips and getting more and more worked up when I said to Ellen.

“Ok honey; let’s give him a rest for a bit’.”

Ellen let go of his cock and slipped it out of her mouth, but it stayed rampant, throbbing like it was going to burst. Mark groaned with disappointment so I gave his balls one last tickle and said to Ellen,

“Come over here I want to eat you all up’.”

Ellen smiled at me, climbed up to the bed and crawled over him, deliberately drawing her hair, breasts and gorgeous slinky body over his cock on the way.

She came to me and we embraced, running our hands over each other as our passions warmed. I reached for her pussy and found it already quite wet.

“It looks as though sucking Mark has given you a buzz.” I murmured against her breasts.

“No my darling, that was watching you fondling his balls that did it – I can take or leave sucking cock but I can’t get enough of you.”

I looked into her eyes and saw she was serious. I glanced at Mark and he was lying still but enjoying what he saw judging by the state of his cock.

I inserted two fingers between Ellen’s very moist pussy lips and slipped them in and out, at the same time I started licking her clitoris. She bucked and moaned under my attentions and returned the favour, so we were lying together kissing and fondling each other’s pussies. It was such a gorgeous feeling and as it was only a little while since I had come I was a little surprised at my quick reaction. I asked

“Did you come while you were playing with me while Mark was doing me earlier?”

She replied “No, so I am ready to go again I am so hot for you!”

I thrilled to her response, and broke free, and pulled her legs towards me so I could put my mouth to her pussy.

“I want to suck this real bad.” I said, and she replied,

“And I too,” so we went into the classic 69 and started feverish attentions on each others pussy lips, clitoris and with fingers inserted rubbing each other’s vagina walls.

“Oh that is great.” she said, as I slipped my fingers deeper and deeper, twisting and pulling them while at the same time pulling gently at her clitoris with my tongue and teeth. I could feel myself going into a sexual trance and the way she responded really drove me wild with delight. We were clasping each other’s bums, squeezing and kneading them and sucking and kissing each other’s pussies in a frenzy until I said,

“Oh I love that but I need to stop for a bit or I will come and I don’t want it to finish yet.”

We broke apart and lay panting end to end. After a while Ellen reached across me and grasped Mark’s cock again, still erect but not hard.

“And how are we going over here then?” she asked, fondling his balls gently. Mark moaned with pleasure as Ellen moved across me and started to suck on his cock again. Her breasts were across my thighs, her lovely hair draped across me and Mark, a lovely sight. I reached out and caressed her neck, and underneath to massage her breasts. She drew Mark in and out of her mouth again, getting him back to fever pitch before she let go and came across to me. Her fingers kept playing with Marks bits but we kissed deeply again, our tongues working in and out, our lips mashing and sucking at each other. I could feel my climax almost ready to arrive even without any stimulation I was so pleasured by Ellen and contact with her.

When we next came up for air I said.

“Perhaps you had better leave him alone for a while – we don’t want him to boil over do we?” 

She smiled and took her hand away from Mark, rolling back across me and once again burying her lips into my very excited pussy.

“No,” she murmured against my hairs, “we do not!”

Once again we were oblivious to Mark as we focussed on our attention to each other, her tongue darting in and out of the folds of my pussy while I did the same to her with two fingers slowly working in and out.

We pleasured each other for some time until we were both on the verge once again, but Ellen pulled away from my lips, licked my thighs and said, “I need to pee again – do you want to join me?”

“No, I am OK.” I said, and lay back relaxing. I looked across at Mark as she left the room, noticing his eyes on her body as she went past, a picture of loveliness. I grasped his cock again and ran my other hand over his chest and around his neck and lips.

“Are you enjoying this, my darling, I hope so because I am?”

He smiled and nodded as best he could through the gag, so I kept fondling him, still hard and red, ready to burst again.

Ellen returned to the room, and standing above Mark opened her hand so Mark could not see what she had. It was a large carrot, smooth and peeled, but with the leaves still in place on the top! Presumably out of her garden! I was surprised, and about to ask what she was planning to do with it, when she put her fingers to her lips and smiled. She pointed down at Mark gesturing with the carrot in an upwards motion. I immediately started to protest then seeing the gleam in her eye, said.

“Whaaaa…ot a good idea Ellen.”

She knelt down next to Mark and gave his cock a playful tug.

“I think we should roll you over and play with your nice bum, Mark.” she said, and with that started to push him over.

It took the two of us to roll him, as he was not happy and bucked against the bonds. I tucked his cock in and eventually he was face down and bum up. I grabbed the oil bottle and poured some on his cheeks and between them.

“Not too much honey, I don’t want to make too big a mess on the sheets and towels” said Ellen, and began massaging the oil into him immediately.

I joined in so there were two of us rubbing and kneading his bottom. I stroked right down between his legs and tickled his balls and cock base, while Ellen concentrated on the top and eventually down to his orifice, where she oiled her finger and slipped it in and out of his bottom a few times. Mark complained through the gag and bucked his bum to try and get her out, but it was no use, his muffled moans increasing as he felt Ellen’s fingers.  She took the carrot from the bed and slipped it up and down in the oil between his bum cheeks. Mark felt the hard pressure and knew what was in store so really bucked and twisted to avoid the inevitable. Ellen and I both lay across him, her across his back and me across his legs, and he settled.

“Now don’t you worry Mark this wont hurt a bit, just you see.” said Ellen as she brought the point of the carrot down his crack to his little puckered hole and slowly inserted it. Mark was straining against the pressure but Ellen kept pushing and twisting gently until about five inches of the carrot had disappeared. This left about two inches of the carrot with the fluffy leaves on top protruding, looking really quite comic.

“Just hold him there.” she said, and got up off the bed and left the room. She returned a few seconds later with a digital camera and her iPhone.

“Now, you cheeky bugger, I will teach you to have sex with me without asking.” she said. ”Smile!” and gesturing to me to move out of the shot, proceeded to take several pictures of Mark from each end of the bed.

“There, the Peninsula’s favourite son with a carrot up his bum.” she laughed.  

I reached forward and gave the carrot a rough twist and pushed it in a little further,

“And that is for sticking something up my bottom while I was tied and gagged. I will get Ellen to give me some copies of the pictures and if you ever give me a bad time or do something like that again, it will be on YOUR Facebook page in a flash,” I said “… and that will make your mum’s eyes bulge.”

We laughed together and could hear Mark complaining softly under the gag, but he knew we had got our revenge. He was writhing and twisting his hips to try and eject the carrot but to no avail, it was well inserted.

“Let us leave him here and go and find something to do for a while.  I just want to get some more of your lovely body.” said Ellen, so we left Mark with us each giving him a hard slap on his bottom on the way out.

We moved into the other top floor bedroom and once again Ellen drew open the curtains so we were able to lay on another big bed in the warm afternoon sunshine, and very quickly we did, embracing each other with our heads on the pillows.

“Hey you, I have a little bone to pick with you too.” said Ellen raising herself onto one elbow and looking me in the eyes with a wicked grin, “you were helping Mark when he was fucking me – I remember you holding me down when he tied me, then forcing my legs apart while he sucked on my clit, then oiling my bum, then gagging me. I ought to slap your bottom hard for being complicit in some serious rooting today.”

I responded to her jibe with a tweak of her erect nipples and an equally wicked grin.

“Me? What about you? I recall you being party to anal rape, and gagging me. I remember you held me down while Mark tied up my legs, and fondled his cock while he was sticking it into my bum. You deserve a big slap too, you horny bitch.”

We collapsed into laughter and then stopped, staring into each other’s eyes, and then our lips met and we engaged in a wonderful warm soft and exquisite kiss. I found the sensation completely different from kissing Mark, her mouth was so soft, her skin so sensual against mine. The delight of her smell and taste had me damp in an instant and my senses were once again at fever pitch. I thought ‘this is like my first teenage kisses, they have the same effect of rendering me light-headed and aroused, almost instantly. I love it and I want more.’

Ellen was purring softly as we kissed and her hands began toying with my breasts, inducing yet another thrilling sensation which went straight to my pussy. Oh it was bliss.

After a little while we both came up for air and lay still, caressing each other’s face, hair, neck and breasts, I thought briefly about our day.

I had not forgotten Mark and knew that when Ellen and I were fully satisfied with our time together, we would release him and I was sure that all would be well, and our ongoing relationship would be preserved. But I was also confident that my relationship with Ellen was to change forever and develop into something more.  I was hopeful about our new relationship as a threesome but deep down knew that it could present problems. All three of us were strong willed people who valued our independence so it would be fun while it lasted but the long term could be a rough road perhaps.

In the meantime if that was bisexuality, lesbian behaviour, orgy or whatever that we enjoyed this afternoon it doesn't matter – sex with two people at once is something else.  I loved the idea - ‘Sex?, yes please, but from now on it might be better if it were double or nothing.’ I thought.



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