The Story Tellers

The Story Tellers

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A winters night tale of punishment, pleasure and secret desires


A winters night tale of punishment, pleasure and secret desires


Submitted: August 12, 2016

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Submitted: August 12, 2016




The Story Tellers



She gazed from the East windows across the moors, she would witness their approach from here. She could not take her eyes off the lane that snaked across the hills, its grass verges clipped short by the ponies’ native to these moors. The light was fading fast as she saw the faint glimmer of head lights in the far distance, their starring beams picking out the first flurry of snow that swept briefly across the tops where the hills kissed the sky.


She shuddered slightly and clasped her arms around herself, maybe the chill of the winter scene, she wondered? The house may be old, but it was warm and cosy she reasoned, no, this was anticipation. She moved her legs slightly and felt the swish of her stockings beneath her black pencil skirt, a white blouse completed her outfit, which, she hoped, presented a professional image for this most unusual of appointments. She felt her heart pounding slightly as the headlights grew closer, her lips parting slightly as her breathing increased, a mixture of apprehension and excitement spreading over her.


She moved to the hallway of the old house pausing briefly to place a letter sealed within a gold embossed envelope on the hall table and with trembling hands opened the door to the study. The room was lined with books, some old some new, the yew panelling catching the low glow of the evening light, a fire place to one side, its logs crackling and spitting adding to the atmosphere of the room.


She positioned herself in a leather tall backed chair opposite the door, crossing her legs she tried to look as demure as possible as she waited for her guests to arrive. She noticed as she looked around the room that many of the books were written by her favourite authors, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jane Austen and an early copy or two of Jamaica Inn.


She heard keys unlocking the front door and after a brief interlude the door to the study opened. A girl in her mid twenties entered followed by a man, the man slightly older. She stood up and stepping forward held out her hand in anticipation of a formal greeting but the girl simply held her hand and led her to the chair she had just left, here she was pushed forward gently but firmly and made to bend over the back of the chair. She could feel her skirt tight across her bottom, it was never designed for her to be in this position, she thought to herself. She steadied herself by placing both hands on the seat of the chair and as she looked up she noticed the girl stroking the mans face whilst holding his hand, and with a look of compassion she said, “Don’t worry, all will be fine.”


He looked apprehensive, she caught his eye as he glanced at her, she noticed his pale grey eyes through his long tousled fair hair before politely lowering her eyes.

The girl now crouched in front of the chair held both of her hands, as she looked up into her eyes, she spoke gently “ I will stay with you, I will always stay with you” her hands were not grasping as in force but gently held, as if for comfort.

She felt him stand next to her, his leg touching hers, his hand firmly on the small of her back, she felt cocooned, restrained, yet free and strangely safe. She held her breath as she waited for that familiar feeling, her transport to another headspace. His hand rested lightly on her bottom, raised, and then landed with a slap on the right cheek of her bottom, she let her breath out with a small sigh whilst another slap landed on the left cheek of her bottom. The spanking continued rhythmically on each cheek of her bottom, progressively getting harder as she breathed out involuntary gasps and groans.


She moved her legs to try to move somehow the stinging heat that each spank generated. The girl squeezed her hands, she raised her face to look into the girls eyes, “Be still” the girl spoke gently to her “I will stay with you, I will look after you.”

She felt the first tears starting to fall from her eyes as she stilled her legs and concentrated once more on the regular slapping of the mans hand on her bottom, the tightness of her skirt and the curl of his palm perfectly matching the roundness of her bottom ensuring that she was being thoroughly spanked.


Just as the room started to disappear and she felt herself starting to float away he stood away from her and released his hand from the small of her back.

She was momentarily back in the room and left panting as she remained draped over the chair. She raised her head again and watched the man walk across to the fireplace, he remained still, his hands clasped behind him as he stared into the fire.


The girl encouraged her to stand up “I must prepare you for further punishment”

As she straightened up the girl unzipped her skirt, and knowing what was expected of her she pulled the skirt down herself over the fullness of her naked bottom and let it fall to the floor, stepping out of it she positioned herself once again facing the chair.


The girl spoke once more but this time with firmness in her voice “You will stay in the position you are placed in, you will keep your bottom still and you will do as you are told, or the master will discipline you harder, do you understand?”


 She tried to answer but her throat was too dry to speak, a single tear trickled down her face as she simply nodded.


The girl spoke again “it is important that you are punished properly!”


She lowered her eyes, her face flushed with embarrassment, or was it excitement at being exposed and vulnerable, they were fully clothed, it made her feel under their control, displayed for their pleasure.


The man returned once again to take up his position next to her, he briefly stared into her eyes, she detected a glimmer of excitement and passion before he looked towards the girl who was once again at her station, in front of the chair.


The girl picking up on the silent message spoke to her quietly, “Bend over now, you are to receive further punishment.”


She draped herself over the chair once again, she felt the cool leather of the chair against the naked skin above her stockings, the girl once again, gently taking both of her hands into hers.


She felt the palm of his hand make contact with her bottom once again, her bottom cheeks bouncing under each hard slap, her skirt no longer able to retain or protect her flesh. He concentrated the firmness of his hand on one part of her bottom until she was grimacing so much that her gasps were audible and then moved to another spot to repeat the process.


Fresh tears immediately began to flow as she found herself drifting away again, the room, the books, the flickering light from the fire receding. She faintly heard the girl whisper to her “I will stay with you, be free, just be free” but it was a distant voice, heard as if in a dream. The spanks were landing now on every inch of her bottom, from the tops of her legs to each side of her buttocks so that the redness and heat was spread all over, adding to the wetness she felt as her erotic sexual excitement increased. Her bottom was clenching as each spank landed, her breathing ragged as her legs relaxed and she started to dissolve, allowing for the first time the chair to bear all of her weight as she completely surrendered to her punishment, to her body and to her soul. As the final slaps landed where her bottom creased with the tops of her legs her orgasm started to flow over her, starting with a slow tingling and rapidly rising to a flood as every cell in her body switched on. She was somewhere far away now, flying a magic carpet ride to pure ecstasy, the people around her invisible, there was just her and pure exquisite pleasure. She heard someone screaming in the distance, a voice she vaguely remembered as her own.


“Oh please, please!”


When she opened her eyes the girl was still holding her hands, and, as she had promised, stayed with her, she, on the other hand, just remained draped motionless over the chair.


The three of them sat in front of the fire, her in the chair in a dressing gown, the girl and man sitting at her feet, each holding a glass of mulled wine.


“So” the man said, “was I ok, sorry, I was very nervous”


She looked at him kindly and squeezed his hand “You did brilliantly, I think we were all a little nervous!” She held both of their hands to her face and gently kissed them, “you know I love you both so much, we must never be apart”


The girl knelt up and hugged her, the three of us never will be my darling” she said with a smile.


“What house shall we rent next time” said the girl “I guess it depends on the story” replied the man. “Maybe something in Austen country?”


“I shall see to that with most haste, this very morn, madam” Said the girl attempting a Jane Austen impression.


“Hmm, or maybe an old school?” She said, looking quizzically at the girl.


“Sir please sir” the girl said excitedly to the man “I think next time she deserves to be caned”


“Maybe next time I’ll cane the pair of you if you don’t behave” the man said with a ghost of a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.


“We will try to be good sir, honest, but anyway, who’s turn is it next time?” said the girl looking up at her.


“We shall all present our stories in envelopes, and then we will see” she held out her glass “But in the mean time, to our first adventure!”


“Well” the man said, “We are in an old manor house on a lonely winter moor and we have the whole weekend ahead of us”, he smiled, his eyes twinkling, “I think the games afoot.”


The three lovers smiled at each other, clinked their glasses and chorused together“to the game!”



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