Little Minx

Little Minx Little Minx

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


When Bridget's brother's roommate gets drunk and takes her virginity by force, she's shocked when she enjoys it. Her first orgasm on Josh's cock leads to her experimenting more with her sexuality and Josh, what she doesn't know is that he's making home movies and he's not keeping them private.


When Bridget's brother's roommate gets drunk and takes her virginity by force, she's shocked when she enjoys it. Her first orgasm on Josh's cock leads to her experimenting more with her sexuality and Josh, what she doesn't know is that he's making home movies and he's not keeping them private.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Little Minx

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When Bridget's brother's roommate gets drunk and takes her virginity by force, she's shocked when she enjoys it. Her first orgasm on Josh's cock leads to her experimenting more with her sexuality and Josh, what she doesn't know is that he's making home movies and he's not keeping them private.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 22, 2013



This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any actual person is entirely coincidental.  The author does not condone any of the actions taken by the characters depicted in this story, it is a figment of the imagination and should only be enjoyed as a work of fiction.  Many adults indulge in non-consent / rape-play as part of their fantasies, that should only be done with the explicit consent of your partners, this author does not condone indulging in a fantasy without that consent. This is an erotic story and is intended to be read by adults only.


Bridget was one of those very little girls who would always look much younger than she was. Only 5'2" tall with a very small frame and tiny but perfect breasts and ass, she looked like she was 14. And she hated it because she was actually 19 and it was always a pain in the ass getting into clubs, no one ever believed that her I.D. wasn't fake. She almost dreaded turning 21 because then she'd have to fight with people in order to get alcohol.

Right now she was lying on the floor of her brother's apartment, dressed in short little daisy dukes and a midriff top that made her boobs look a little bigger, reading a magazine. She jumped when the door opened and in came her brother's roommate, Josh. Making a face she turned her back, she didn't like Josh. He was 25 and always seemed to be dating girls much younger than him, more than once he'd tried to hit on her.

"Hey baby-girl," he said behind her, grinning as his eyes traveled over her back and down her legs. Her ass was peeking out of the shorts and he definitely appreciated the view.

"Hi Josh." Bridget replied in a very noncommital way, hoping that he'd just go away. Much to her relief, he did, going into the kitchen... she could hear him getting a beer.

She had to stay with her brother for the week while her parents were out of town, but it made her very uncomfortable to be around Josh... he was always looking at her in that way, and more than once he'd pretended he hadn't known she was in the shower and walked into the bathroom. Now she locked the door whenever she was in the bathroom or in the guest bedroom that she was staying in.

Waiting for her brother, bored out of her mind, Bridget slowly drifted off to sleep on the floor.


She woke up with a start, on something much softer than the floor, and with a heavy weight on top of her, lips pressing against hers as a tongue insistently tried to get into her mouth. Struggling, she managed to push the guy on top of her off enough to get a glimpse of his face.

"JOSH!" she exclaimed angrily, "GET THE FUCK OFF ME!"

He ignored her, pressing his lips back down and grabbing her wrists, holding them down on either side of her head as she struggled underneath him. The alcohol on his breath was strong and she realized that he was a little drunk. His hands pushed hers up above their heads, and suddenly she felt something going around her wrists... she remembered that he kept handcuffs at the head of his bed and started struggling wildly, but he was much bigger and much stronger than her.

"JOSH STOP IT!" she screamed as he pulled off of her, admiring the view. She kicked her legs out at him but he stopped it, holding her down by her thighs, "HELP! HELP!!!"

Josh muttered something and looked around. Then he practically ripped her shorts from her body and her panties, she was left breathless and afraid from the pain where the clothe had cut into her. Shoving her panties in her mouth her cries were stifled, still she kicked out even though her shaved pink pussy was now exposed to him. The guy just moaned though, and pulled her legs up over her head, diving into her pussy with his mouth.

Screaming, Bridget tried to pull away, she'd NEVER gotten past second base with any guy. The most anyone had ever touched her pussy was over her clothing, and she didn't even masturbate. She'd been waiting for the right guy to come along before she got sexual... and here was Josh with his tongue sliding up and down her young pussy lips, virginal pussy lips, and worst of all it felt incredibly good. It started stoking some kind of fire in her, even as her heels kicked against his back, she could feel her pussy moving up to meet his mouth as he began to suck and lick at her sweetness.

It didn't help that she was completely shaved, she did it because it was cleaner during her period, but she knew that it just made her look younger and it also made it more easy for him to find her pleasure centers. Slowly, she could feel her struggles stopping, even though her head was screaming for him to stop, that she wanted to keep kicking... her voice had turned more to moans and her struggles more to moving her hips against his face.

His hands traveled upwards, pulling her shirt open as buttons popped off and flew everywhere, she wasn't wearing a bra. Bridget moaned denial as his hands cupped her breasts, thumbing her nipples. If he'd just raped her it would be so much easier to resist, to scream and fight... but he was making her feel so good...

Josh pulled away and looked at her blearily, her small pert breasts and shaved pussy, the confused expression on her face... all served to make her look 5 years younger. Damn that was hot... usually he didn't go for girls that young at all, but knowing that she was legal made it ok by him. His dick surged with hot blood.

Falling on her breasts, he started licking and chewing on her strawberry nipples as she moaned, her hips moving underneath him, her legs trapped by his body. Although Bridget could feel his hard dick pressing against her thigh, she almost wanted it inside her, but she was afraid too. He felt so large, so firm, and she was a very little girl... Josh was almost an entire foot taller than her and she was already feeling crushed by his weight. But the pleasure that he was giving her nipples seemed to be sending electric shocks to her pussy... for the first time in her life, logic was being overcome by sensation.

Josh had no idea what was going through Bridget's head, he just knew that he'd been lusting after her ever since he'd met her and now he was going to fuck her. All stretched out underneath him with her wrists secured and her pussy wet... she was the hottest thing he'd ever seen. He pulled the gag from her mouth and started kissing her passionately, Bridget was so conflicted, she didn't fight the kiss but she didn't feel as though she could kiss him back either. Then one of his hands traveled down to her pussy, sliding up and down her lips and teasing her clit.

She moaned into his mouth, and as one of his fingers slid into her tightness they both moaned together. Two fingers, and he pressed deeper; her hips arched as his fingers broke the thin barrier, it didn't even hurt, just a kind of pressure and then release. Josh hadn't even realized that his fingers had just broken her virginity, all of his attention was on the own erotic sensations that were coursing through him as the girl underneath him writhed in pleasure on his fingers. She was even responding to his kiss now, almost unable to help herself as waves of pleasure coursed over her.

It felt very odd to have something inside her, but she liked it too... odd but good. Then Josh's mouth started moving back down her stomach, away from her swollen nipples, and she moaned as his fingers continued to pump in and out of her, his tongue licking lower and lower. Bridget's hips lifted as he found her clit with his lips, sucking on the tender bud as his fingers mimicked the sex act.

All the foreplay, all the anticipation, all the unexpected pleasure seemed to well up in her all at once and she cried out with shocked ecstacy as her first orgasm washed over her, her entire body tensing and thrashing on the bed. Josh's tongue rolled around her clit, making her back arch with passionate response. Finally, when her body started to relax and she lay still on the bed, his lips moved back up away from her pussy and towards her breasts, his dick moving closer and closer to its final destination.

Bridget moaned in hazy pleasure as Josh rubbed the head of his dick up and down her wet slit, getting it lubricated. She was so wet, it felt so good... he pushed his dick at her entrance. Gasping, Bridget arched her back as he began to push into her, he felt huge and she felt panicked again, struggling a little - uselessly- as he laid his weight on top of her and moaned. It was the tightest pussy he'd ever been in, and he started working his hips back and forth, pushing a little more of his dick into her body with every stroke.

Gasping and moaning by turns, Bridget felt her pussy being opened up, more than she'd ever thought possible. It made her feel very full and stuffed, but turned on too as his dick began to find pleasure centers that she'd never even known existed.

His hips pressed up against her crotch, buried completely inside her, and they both moaned as her sensitive pussy convulsed around him, the muscles rippling over him pleasurably. Josh grinned and started to hump, thrusting his dick in and out of her tight wetness, knowing that he'd already gotten her off and so mostly paying attention to his own pleasure. Still, he could feel her underneath him, writhing in unaccustomed passion as she discovered the joys of sex.

Although it hurt a little, to be stretched so, and having Josh fucking her so hard and roughly on her first time, Bridget found to her surprise that the little bit of pain made the pleasure so much more intense. She rather liked it, liked feeling him fucking her hard, she even enjoyed the way being handcuffed made her feel helpless and vulnerable. Because of course, she was both. His arms wrapped around underneath her body as he moaned and heaved on top of her, she wrapped her legs around his ass and tried to use them to pull her deeper into her, crying out with pleasure as he ground against her clit.

She'd heard that it was impossible for a girl to cum on her first time, but the way that he was going, and after her pussy was so sensitive from the first orgasm, she could feel another one building, deep inside her. This one felt a little different though, possibly because it seemed to be coming from inside her pussy as well as from the little bundle of pleasure that was her clit. His lips caught her nipple and he sucked, nibbling on it as his dick thrust deeply; Bridget's back arched her wrists pulled on the handcuffs as the pleasure mounted, she thought she might pass out it was becoming so intense.

And then the wave crested, and she cried out in orgasm, her cries somewhat muffled by the panties, but Josh knew what was happening because her pussy gripped him like a vise, shocking him into thrusting deep and cumming. He hadn't meant to cum inside of her, but the tightness and pleasure of her pussy had taken down all his defenses.

"Damn..." he gasped as he collapsed on top of her, his dick still lodged deep inside her deflowered pussy. Lifting up his head he pulled the gag from her mouth, "Are you on the pill?"

Bridget's eyes got wide with fear and she shook her head, "No... oh my god..."

"Shhh..." he laid his fingers against her lips, "We'll get you the morning after pill tomorrow. And then we'll get you on birth control."

"Why?" asked Bridget, confused, "Isn't the morning after pill enough?"

Josh grinned, "It is for today, but if you think I'm not going to fuck you again you're crazy."

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