First Time at the Gyno

First Time at the Gyno First Time at the Gyno

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


After her ex-boyfriend dumps her for being frigid, Amanda visits the gyno that her friend recommends and during the unusual examination discovers that she's not frigid at all.


After her ex-boyfriend dumps her for being frigid, Amanda visits the gyno that her friend recommends and during the unusual examination discovers that she's not frigid at all.


Submitted: July 28, 2013

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Submitted: July 28, 2013



This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any actual person is entirely coincidental.  The author does not condone any of the actions taken by the characters depicted in this story, it is a figment of the imagination and should only be enjoyed as a work of fiction.  Many adults indulge in non-consent / rape-play as part of their fantasies, that should only be done with the explicit consent of your partners, this author does not condone indulging in a fantasy without that consent. This is an erotic story and is intended to be read by adults only.



It was such an awful, ugly word. All encompassing.

Amanda didn't mean to be cold. Or prudish. She certainly didn't feel that way most of the time. But that's exactly what her boyfriend Travis had accused her of being. They'd been going out since they were sixteen, high school sweethearts, and back then he'd understood that she wanted to wait till marriage. College had changed that. He'd gone from being understanding to insistent and she'd finally given in.

Despite his attempt at making it romantic, it had ended up being awful. First it had hurt and then she'd just felt awkward while he humped on top of her. Truthfully, she hadn't even really felt what was going on down there between her legs; it just felt like pressure and something... moving inside of her. Not pleasurable or erotic. She didn't even get any of the hot needy feelings that happened when she read romantic books. Afterwards had been even worse, Travis had been insulted that she hadn't enjoyed herself, he'd accused her of lying there like a board of wood and not being an active participant. But what else was she supposed to have done? She'd tried to move and moan at first, the way she'd seen in movies, but it had felt unnatural and not at all sexy. Eventually it had seemed easier to just let him get it over with, but that hadn't been enough for him.

Tears sparked in Amanda's emerald eyes, but she quickly wiped them away. After all, it would be embarrassing to being caught crying in her new gyno's office. Even if this was her first visit, it's not like she was scared or anything. It was just that she was still upset from her awful first time and the even worse aftermath. She and Travis had tried one more time but it hadn't gone any better than the first and afterwards they'd decided to break up. Being with him and facing his disgust with her was just too much and he obviously wanted to move on to greener pastures.

And now she was at the gyno her friend Sara had recommended, Dr. Michael Durand. While Amanda felt that she might be more comfortable with a woman, Sara had reassured her that Dr. Durand was the best gyno in the area and Amanda trusted her assessment.

"Amanda Crape?"

"That's me," she said, standing and facing the pretty brunette nurse who was smiling at her in a welcoming manner.

"Oh good, come back this way with me please." Amanda followed the nurse down to the hall, passing several exam rooms on the right, until the nurse turned and gestured to a door on the left. "This is the restroom. Please step inside and pee in the cup, then put the cup in the little window. After that you can meet me in Exam Room 3."

Trying not to make a face, Amanda hated peeing in cups, she nodded at the friendly nurse and went into the bathroom. The harsh lights in the small room made her pale skin look sallow and turned her naturally red hair to an unattractive orange. Normally Amanda would consider herself a pretty attractive young woman, with her distinct red hair and green eyes, the creamy pale skin with a dusting of freckles across her nose and cheeks, not to mention that she had a pretty fit body. 34C breasts, a natural hourglass figure... her ass was a little flat but at least it existed and she had decent hips. Making a face at herself in the mirror, she wondered if maybe her assumptions about her attractiveness were wrong. After all, Travis definitely hadn't wanted to hang around for any of her so-called assets. It was a relief to make her way to Exam Room 3, which she had passed on the way to the bathroom, a few minutes later. The nurse was waiting in there for her.

"Just hop up onto the exam table. My name's Carrie by the way."

"Hi, nice to meet you," Amanda said nervously as she seated herself on the exam table. The way her legs hung off the side made her feel like a little kid, and she was having a hard time ignoring the stirrups at the end of the table. At least it was comfortably padded even if the room seemed a little cold.

"Nice to meet you too. Is this your first time to any gyno or have you seen one before?"

And with that they were off and running on what seemed like endless questions. Amanda blushed as she confessed that yes, she had engaged in sexual activity. She also accepted the offer of the HPV vaccine. Insurance would cover it and since she and Travis had broken up she might as well, if she ended up ever having sex with someone else it was probably the safest way to go. Not that she was planning on it at the moment.

The nurse must have seen something on her face because she immediately asked "What's wrong?"

"Nothing..." Amanda mumbled and then looked away. "I just... I haven't been sexually active very long. I wasn't planning on it, it just kind of happened."

"Is that why you want the vaccine? Do you need some STD tests?" Carrie asked, her voice full of sympathy.

Blushing even harder, Amanda shook her head. "No... nothing like that. We were both virgins. But we just broke up. Recently." Tears sparked in her eyes.

"Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry." The older woman stood and gave Amanda a hug. "But you're young, you'll find someone else. Trust me, it'll be awful for a while, but eventually you'll find an even better guy."

"I hope so," Amanda said as Carrie started to set things up to take her blood pressure. "It's just... I thought I'd wait till marriage. And I didn't. And it ended up being awful."

She had been too embarrassed to talk to any of her friends about it, but now with Carrie's sympathetic gaze, she found herself pouring out the entire experience to a complete stranger. While getting her blood pressure checked. And she even admitted that she was worried that Travis was right and she was frigid.

"Maybe I shouldn't both with the HPV vaccine," she concluded glumly. "Who's going to want to have sex with someone who's frigid anyway?"

"Oh honey, you aren't frigid!" Carrie exclaimed. "You're just inexperienced and so was he. Plus he was an asshat." Amanda giggled at this description and the indignant look on Carrie's face. "It gets better, I promise." She patted Amanda's arm. "Now, unfortunately I have to go help some other patients, but I can tell you that you will be just fine and you are definitely NOT frigid." She handed Amanda a pink paper gown folded and wrapped in plastic. "Take off everything and put this on, the opening to the front."

"Everything?" Amanda asked, her heart rate picking up a little as she gulped.

Carrie nodded. "You can keep your socks on if you're worried about your feet getting cold. Dr. Durand will be here in a few minutes." She gave Amanda another warm, reassuring smile. "Don't worry, he'll take good care of you."

The door closed and Amanda was left alone in the exam room. Huffing out all the air in her lungs in one breath, she looked at the paper robe in her hand skeptically as she took it out of the package. Yikes. Just like the hospital robes she'd seen on TV - except that the opening was supposed to be in the front? Well, she guessed that made sense... it wasn't as if Dr. Durand was going to be examining her backside. Quickly, before she lost her nerve, she stripped off everything except her socks, folding it neatly onto the chair beside the exam table, and pulled the paper robe on.

As a redhead, pink was not her best color, so it was probably for the best that there weren't any mirrors in here. Absently she noted that this particular shade looked pretty good against her ivory skin, it was almost the exact same shade as her nipples. Shivering a little, she hopped back up onto the exam table, her legs hanging down the side again, and she rearranged the flimsy gown so that it didn't gape open the way it was trying to. Somehow she felt more naked wearing it than if she'd just been naked; her nipples had hardened in the slightly chilly air and were rubbing against the paper, she kept feeling like her trim red bush was peeking out from the front gap, and every time she moved the gown made little rustling noises.

When the door to the office opened again she jumped, and flushed red as she immediately grabbed the front of the robe and tried to pull it back together. Fortunately Dr. Durand was looking down at the clipboard in front of him so he didn't see her inadvertent peep show or her jaw dropping as she got her first good look at him. He looked like a movie star! Very tall, broad shouldered, with dark brown skin, his curly hair was trimmed close to his head and his face looked like it had been sculpted from ebony. And were gynos supposed to have bodies like that? Underneath his white coat and buttoned down shirt, she could practically see the muscles bulging and moving beneath the fabric, as if clothes could barely contain his body.

Suddenly she realized that she felt warm and tingly all over, but especially between her legs and where her nipples were rubbing the inside of the paper gown. Heat bloomed in her cheeks. These were the exact sensations that she'd gotten when she read sexy romances! And the same sensations that had been mostly missing when she'd had sex with Travis.

"Hello Miss Crape, do you mind if I call you Amanda?"

Oh God... his voice was as smooth and dark as his skin, almost a velvety sound that caressed her ears and gave her goose bumps along the back of her arms. The kind of voice that made women swoon... and combined with that face and body, it was enough to make Amanda press her thighs together. Hard. As if she could contain the strange new feelings that were creeping over her. A man's presence had never made her feel like this before! Although, other than Travis, she'd never been so unclothed in a man's presence before either.

"Amanda's fine, thank you," she said, smiling weakly and trying to cover up how flustered she was. Her ankles crossed and re-crossed, her legs feeling twitchy. Dr. Durand looked up from his clipboard with those melting chocolate eyes and Amanda just about melted herself.

"Very good, it's nice to meet you," he said, holding out his hand. Amanda took it, her tiny white hand looking absolutely dwarfed by his. His fingers were as big as sausages! His hand felt very strong and very warm, smooth, capable. The kind of hand she would want her doctor to have. Except that instead of feeling comforted by it, she just felt more unsettled. "So this is your first time at the gyno?" Amanda nodded and he gave her a warm smile. "Nothing to worry about, we'll take good care of you here."

When he released her hand she almost had to bite her tongue to stop herself from asking him to come back. It was like a visceral loss.

"So," he said, referring back to the clipboard. "Carrie has noted that you are recently sexually active, but are worried that there's something wrong with you?"

"My boyfriend said I was frigid." The words popped out of her mouth before she could stop them and she clapped her hand over her lips, staring at Dr. Durand in complete horror. To her relief he just gave her that warm smile again, looking rather sympathetic and comforting.

"Well that's certainly something that we can check out today, although I don't think you need to be worried in the slightest," he said. "Now, why don't you lay down on your back. You don't need to put your feet in the stirrups yet."

Nervously Amanda shifted around on the table, doing her best to lie down while keeping herself covered as Dr. Durand watched her every movement. When she finally had herself situated, he moved closer to the bed, practically looming over her. Amanda's breath caught in her throat as he reached to open her robe.

"No! Wait..." she started to try to sit up as she clutched at the front of the robe, holding it closed. The entire situation made her far too anxious and she wasn't ready yet. But one of Dr. Durand's large hands was already resting on her collarbone, above her breasts, pushing her inexorably back down. Amanda stared up at him with wide, startled green eyes, one hand still clutching the front of the robe closed over her breasts, the other over her mound.

"I understand that this can be very nerve-wracking the first time," Dr. Durand said comfortingly. "But you have to relax if we're going to finish the examination in a timely manner, do you think you can do that?"

"I don't know," she said, blinking nervously, almost on the verge of tears. Something about Dr. Durand compelled her to honesty, even when it was embarrassing. In fact, staring up into his fathomless dark eyes, she felt almost hypnotized, her breathing slowing as he put his hand on top of hers and smiled warmly. Amanda allowed him to move her hand up by the side of her head, only noticing when it was too late that he was securing it with a strap that she hadn't noticed at first.

"Wait!" she cried out as he took her other hand in his, struggling to pull it away. "What are you doing?"

Speaking calmly, as if he wasn't concerned at all by her protests, Dr. Durand replied, "In order to continue the examination I think it's best if we restrain your hands."

"Wait, wait, wait," Amanda wailed, completely ignored. Tears spilled from emerald eyes onto ivory cheeks, and yet the tall, handsome doctor was completely unmoved as he strapped her arm down beside her head, leaving her completely unprotected. Now that she had no hands with which to defend herself, Amanda realized that her robe was gaping open, showing over both her cleavage and her red, trimmed bush, despite the tie around the waist.

Ignoring the lower half of her body, Dr. Durand pulled the sides of the robe back to expose her breasts, pert pink nipples hard and sticking straight up from the creamy mounds of her breast. Amanda whimpered, although her cries had ceased.

"Nicely sized, very proportionate," Dr. Durand murmured as he began to palpitate her right breast. It was a strange sensation, rather clinical and distant, his fingers briskly massaging over the flesh, checking for lumps.

Choking back her fear, Amanda let her arms relax. This actually wasn't so bad. The way in which he was touching her was a little strange, but it felt very doctor-like. Still, her nipples stayed erect, causing her to blush with embarrassment, although Dr. Durand didn't seemed bothered by it at all. Then, once he had palpitated both of her breasts, he cupped them rather intimately and Amanda sucked in a breath, her eyes widening with shock as he brushed his thumbs over her erect nipples. This didn't seem doctor-like at all!

"You seem quite responsive," Dr. Durand said, almost conversationally. As he leaned over to get a better view of her ivory mounds, cupped in his dark black hands, Amanda had the sudden, incongruent thought that she could kiss him if she were just to lift her head... "I'm surprised that you think you're frigid."

"I don't know if I am," she said, her spirits suddenly crushed as she remembered the humiliation of hearing Travis call her that. "It's just what my boyfriend - my ex-boyfriend - said."

"Hmmm," Dr. Durand replied, squeezing her breasts a little harder. Amanda stifled a moan. His big dark hands felt so good on her breasts, warm and caressing. Even looking down at his hands on her was erotic, they were so large and dark on her small, white frame, her nipples looking even pinker against the deep brown of his skin.

Continuing to cup her breasts, Dr. Durand pinched her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, rolling them a little and Amanda gasped, her head falling back as the sensation went straight to her pussy with a wet shock. Her thighs tightened together, rubbing, as she tried to relieve the need that was quickly growing between her legs.

"Yes, quite responsive," Dr. Durand murmured, watching her face as she gasped and let out a little moan. Before she could be embarrassed, his lips were on hers, kissing her quite demandingly. Amanda gasped in shock and his tongue thrust between her lips, invading her mouth. He tasted of mint, like a cool, clean wind, and he tugged at her nipples, harder, as he kissed her. It felt so good, both the kiss and the way he was pinching and rolling her nipples, and Amanda found herself responding automatically, her back arching to thrust her breasts upwards, her tongue sliding erotically against his.

In fact, she almost forgot that she was restrained to an examination table, until she tried to bring her hands up to touch him back. The sudden reminder of her vulnerability and helplessness caused a flash of fear to trickle through her, but somehow that only seemed to add to her arousal, the adrenaline hardening her nipples even further.

When Dr. Durand released her mouth from his heady kiss, Amanda was left panting for breath. Her eyes fluttered open just in time to see his head lowering to her chest and she cried out a protest as he sucked one rosy nipple into his mouth. Oh, but it felt so good! Even though it shouldn't!

This couldn't possibly be a normal gynecological exam!

"Oh please... please stop..." she moaned and writhed as the hand which had been on her nipple traveled down her stomach and his fingers slid through the fiery hair of her bush. Just one inch further and he'd known exactly how wet she was, how aroused by her gynecologist. How humiliating! She bucked her hips to try and remove his hand, but that only seemed to encourage him.

The thick tip of one finger rubbed against her clit and Amanda found herself writhing for an entirely new reason as his digit circled her swollen bud. There seemed to be a direct line of sensation between the nipple that was caught between his teeth, being wetly suckled, and the throbbing pulse of her clit, one that she hadn't been aware of until he'd begun to stimulate both. As his finger dipped lower and touched her felt folds, she pressed her thighs together, trapping his dark hand between the ivory columns. But not before he'd felt the wetness of her core.

When Dr. Durand straightened, his hand still trying to press further between her legs, his other hand still plucking at one nipple and leaving the other wet in the cool air of the exam room, he smiled at Amanda with a look of triumph in his eyes.

"You don't feel frigid at all to me," he said smugly. Amanda just groaned, not knowing how to respond to such a statement.

No, she didn't seem frigid at all right now, but this wasn't how she had reacted to her boyfriend! So why was she behaving like this with her doctor, of all people?

She cried out in shock as Dr. Durand moved around to the end of the table and grabbed one of her ankles, placing it in the stirrup and attached a strap around it. As before, he ignored her protests and pleas, easily handling her as he restrained each of her legs in the stirrups. Grasping her by the waist, he pulled her down the table so that her hands were left high above her head and the creamy globes of her ass were just hanging off of the end of the table, before he secured another restraint around her waist to hold her in place. Then he took each of the stirrups and spread them wide. Amanda groaned as her muscles stretched; she could feel the cool air of the exam room on the inner folds of her pussy, letting her know exactly how exposed she was by the position.

"Please, please stop," she begged.

"Now, now Amanda, we're not done with your exam yet," he said, giving her a wide grin. Slowly his smiles had become more lascivious through her visit and Amanda tugged her wrists against the restraints as this particular smile seemed to promise all sorts of erotic delights. Her breasts wobbled as she struggled and she saw him shift his gaze down to the ample bounty before she stopped struggling.

When he moved to stand between her legs, she could see the sizable bulge pressing against his pants. There was no doubt that her doctor was just as aroused as he'd made her! She moaned, as the knowledge wasn't at all reassuring. The feeling of his gaze on her exposed and vulnerable body was both exciting and frightening; the paper robe was covering nothing more than her upper arms now, everything else was vulnerable to his eyes and hands. A thick finger slid up and down the center of her feminine folds and she whimpered, trying not to jerk her hips in encouragement.. the sensation was extremely erotic but she knew that this wasn't what she was supposed to be feeling right now.

"No, I don't think you're frigid at all," he said slowly. "But perhaps it's better if I make sure."

Not waiting for her response, he suddenly thrust his finger inside of her and Amanda cried out at the shocking intrusion. His digit was quite thick in her tiny, barely used hole, and she could feel her muscles tightening around him, trying to push him back out again. Swirling his finger around her insides, he pumped it back and forth a few times and Amanda writhed at the sinful sensation of his finger rooting around inside of her, her imagination flowering as she wondered what it looked like... that thick black sausage plunging into her soft pink hole.

"That's it," he crooned to her as a second finger joined the first, stretching her wonderfully. He rocked the heel of his palm against her upper cunt, trapping her swollen clit between her body and his hand as his fingers thrust and pumped inside of her. Amanda moaned and gyrated her hips in response, tension coiling deep in her belly. Leaning over, Dr. Durand sucked her the nipple that had previously been unattended by his mouth between his lips, nibbling and pulling at it with his teeth, flicking it with his tongue. His free hand grasped her other breast, pinching that nipple quite tightly as he increased the manual assault on her pussy, fucking her with his fingers.

Amanda was awash in new sensations, her body rocking instinctively against Dr. Durand's hand, her breasts pressed upwards against his mouth and fingers. She thought she might actually pass out from the sheer pleasure that he was creating inside of her, the unbearable tension of her body - like a taut wire that had been heated in a forge and was being pulled thinner and thinner. Inside of her his fingers curved upwards, pressing against a roughened spot and the wire snapped.

"Oh God.... Dr. Durand!!! OOOOOH!"

She thrashed against her restraints, but was unable to truly move, as the waves of ecstasy rolled over her, her body pulsing around his thrusting fingers as he continued to force her to ride his hand throughout the orgasm. Amanda had never felt anything so wonderful in her entire life, it was like all of the suppressed energy that she'd every amassed was suddenly bursting out from her, tension was fleeing at such a fast rate that her body was throbbing. The talented thick fingers inside of her wriggled as his hand rubbed hard against her sensitive flesh, drawing out the rapture as her insides convulsed around him, her cries of pleasure echoing around the room.

It was only as the wonder of her climax began to fade that she opened her eyes to find him watching her, staring at her so intently that she wondered if he could see into her soul when he looked at her like that. The moment was extremely intimate, his fingers still buried inside of her body, his hand on her breast, and Amanda still panting from the exertion of her climax. She blushed, wondering what he thought of her at that moment. Frigid wasn't the right word, but wanton might be!

"Very nice Amanda," he said in a growly, low voice, his fingers still slowly pumping inside of her as he wrung the last shudders from her limp body. "You're quite delightful when you cum. I'd say your problem isn't that you're frigid, you just chose the wrong man to begin your sexual experiences with."

"Oh," she said, trying to think of something else to say. Now that the erotic need had been satisfied she was starting to feel rather uncomfortable with the way he was looking at her, the feeling of his thick fingers still inside of her. While it wasn't unpleasant, she knew that she shouldn't have allowed him to do what he did. Not that she'd really had that much choice in the matter, considering the restraints he'd put her in, but surely she could have kept herself from enjoying it so much if she'd really wanted to. She tugged her wrists again. "Can you let me go now?"

Smiling, he slowly slid his fingers from her pussy, making her shiver. "No, my dear, your examination isn't over yet."

"Oh," she said again, feeling somewhat at a loss as he meticulously wiped his fingers off with a tissue and pulled a tray over to him, seating himself at the juncture of his legs where he would have the best view of her satiated pussy folds. Because of the way she was positioned Amanda couldn't see what was on the tray and she felt her anxiety rising again. "What else do you have to do?"

"Several things," he said cheerfully. "First of all, let's take your temperature."

"My temperature?" she asked confused as she heard him fiddling with some of the instruments. It wasn't until something cold and slick and smooth pressed against her tiny crinkled anus that he realized his intent. "No! Please NO!"

She began to struggle wildly but it was no use. The restraints held her firmly in place, unable to even scoot away from the awful instrument as Dr. Durand continued to ignore her and pressed the thin, glass rod into her bottom. It didn't hurt, but it felt rather uncomfortable and it was far too strange. Not to mention wrong. Things weren't supposed to go in there! Face hot with shame, Amanda moaned her humiliation as Dr. Durand fitted the thermometer to her tight asshole. It was obviously well lubed, from the way it slid in so easily. Slowly the cool surface heated from the temperature of her body and Dr. Durand amused himself by sliding it back and forth a few times rather than just letting it sit easily in her rectum, mimicking the sex act with the thermometer and her tight asshole. Amanda whimpered and wriggled, suffering through the indignity as best she could because there was no other option.

Finally the doctor removed the thermometer and checked it and Amanda let out all of her breath on a whoosh; she hadn't even realized that she'd been holding it. The little smile that Dr. Durand gave her, with the twinkle in his eye, was almost as embarrassing as having a thermometer up her bottom.

"Normal temperature," he reassured her. Amanda just shot him a look in response. "Now I'm going to insert a speculum and do the vaginal exam."

Amanda relaxed, knowing from her conversation with Sara that this was a normal part of the exam. She wasn't ready for the cool steel of the speculum, even though it had obviously been coated with some kind of lubricant. Her pussy shuddered around it and she tried not to clench. The probing tool was long and rigid, pushing its way into her body so very deep, and she could feel every cold inch of it. Then Dr. Durand began to crank it open. Amanda groaned as her muscles strained, feeling her tight hole being widened. She realized that Dr. Durand must be able to actually see inside of her now, all the way into her pussy.

"Ouch! Please, no more," she cried out as he opened her further. Surely he didn't need to spread the awful tool anymore, she must already been open enough to complete the exam.

"Just a bit further," he murmured and Amanda cried out again as her vaginal walls were forcibly separated; it felt like the awful thing was splitting her in two! Then, finally, he stopped, leaving her panting for breath as her body struggled to adjust to its new dimensions. "You've got a nice, tight vagina Amanda. Very response, quick to lubricate." She moaned as she felt his fingers rubbing the flesh of her hole that wasn't being pressed open by the speculum, it felt so strange to have him touching her walls like that when she was spread so far open. "Looks nice and healthy. I just need to take a quick swab from your cervix with this q-tip."

Something poked deep inside of her.

"OUCH! That hurts!"

"All done," he said with a smile to her, holding up the super long q-tip. "You have quite a nice vagina, Amanda, very muscular and quite deep. You'll be able to accommodate just about any man that you'd like to." The crass words uttered in such a clinical voice confused her as he continued to examine her open cunt, poking and prodding at the interior with his fingers until Amanda thought she might die of embarrassment. Finally he slid the speculum from her pussy and the walls quickly snapped shut. Dr. Durand nodded thoughtfully. "Very elastic, that's good. It would take quite a bit of effort to stretch you out in any meaningful way."

She stared at him, looking down over her breasts and copper topped mound to the black man who was still inspecting her goodies, not paying attention to anything but those most intimate parts. The things he said sounded so reasonable in tone, but the content was appalling! Men weren't supposed to talk to women like that, were they? Especially not doctors!

Something poked at her anus and she clenched automatically.

"Stop it! Now what?"

"Now I'd like to examine this tight little asshole," he said calmly, throwing her into a completely state of heightened anxiety. How could he sound so calm when he was saying such things? "You need to relax your bottom or this might hurt."

"Please don't," she said with a low moan, but she could feel his lubricated finger pressing harder against her crinkled hole. It was difficult to maintain a constant tightening of her sphincter and her virgin asshole slowly gave way to his digital assault as she pleaded and began to cry, completely undone by this unexpected maneuver.

"Calm down," Dr. Durand ordered her as he sank his finger deeper, all the way to the second knuckle of his finger. Amanda shook her head and cried harder. "If you don't calm down Amanda, I will have to take further measures."

She tried to stop crying then, she really did, but she was so humiliated by this backdoor invasion that she couldn't quite quell the tears, even though she was terrified about what "further measures" might entail. Shaking his head, Dr. Durand leaned forward, and Amanda gasped as he put his mouth directly on the open folds of her pussy. It certainly stopped her crying; she was so shocked by the intimate probing of his tongue into her pussy hole that her tears ceased immediately.

Oh no... it felt... it felt... wonderful. Hot. Sinful. Delicious. The finger in her backside suddenly felt a lot less uncomfortable and lot more forbiddingly erotic. She didn't want to like it, but the strange full feeling and the slight burning friction was suddenly feeling... quite good. Amanda whimpered and wriggled, but that didn't stop Dr. Durand from pushing his finger in further, burying it all the way up to his last knuckle. The long thick digit felt so wrong inside of her, her tight ring of muscle gripping it with every clenching pulse as her body responded to the expert pussy licking that he was inflicting on her.

Amanda was helpless to stop him, just as she had been from the beginning, and she felt her body begin to give way, to submit into the restraints and just go along for the ride. If it was impossible to stop him, then why not just enjoy it? Giving in felt so wrong, but there was literally nothing else she could do.

As he sucked her erect clit into his mouth, Amanda moaned fitfully, her toes actually curling at the wonderful sensation. The finger in her ass pumped back and forth, slick and unyielding as he stretched out the tight ring of muscle that guarded the entrance to her most intimate hole. It was starting to feel really good, even though she knew it shouldn't.

Well she certainly wasn't frigid. The thought made her want to giggle, a little hysterically, but the sound was turned into a gasping moan as Dr. Durand pulled his mouth and finger away, leaving her wet and wanting. Then something cold and slick pressed against her anus, an anal speculum!

"Oh please... no...." she pled, horrified as the degrading instrument slid deeper into her. Despite the heat of her backdoor, it took long moments for the thing to begin to warm with her body temperature, long moments in which she could feel it sliding deeper inside of her, invading her in a most horrible way. She began to beg again as he cranked it open, feeling her hole gaping open as he stretched her.

Why she bothered pleading anymore she didn't know, other than she couldn't seem to stop herself.

Her anus protested and clenched to no avail as the merciless doctor continued to expand her rear entry, examining her pink walls with something approaching glee.

"Nice and tight back here too, I see," he commented. "You'd need quite a bit of work to stretch you out enough to take a cock."

The idea of a man putting his dick in her asshole made Amanda feel a little faint. Maybe she was a little frigid after all. Even though his finger had started to feel kind of good after a bit, it was much smaller than any cock.

When he slid the speculum out of her ass she moaned as she felt the tiny hole slowly closing back up again. It felt like she had to go to the bathroom, but there was nothing there.

"Are we done?" she asked, whimpering.

"Almost," said Dr. Durand. "I just have one more test to make sure that you're not frigid."

Standing between her legs, he made some adjustments at waist level and she could hear the sound of fabric sliding against flesh. Amanda's eyes got very big as he stepped up between her legs, fisting his hand around his cock. It was much longer and thicker than Travis', a huge black snake with a purplish head. Pre-cum was already gathering at its tip. She stared at it like she'd never seen a cock before.

"Since you're not on birth control, I'll take care of that myself," he said as he rolled a condom over the long length. Amanda was rather shocked to see that it fit him at all.

It wasn't until he moved even closer to her, aiming the head for her spread and vulnerably pussy that she finally snapped out of her frozen state.

"You can't!" she cried out in a high, shrill voice that didn't sound like hers at all. "You're a doctor!"

"And you came in with a complaint of being frigid," Dr. Durand said calmly as he rubbed his head up and down the length of her slit, teasing her clit with the rubbery head. To her dismay, it felt rather good. The fires that he'd stoked with his tongue had not completely subsided and her hips lifted automatically as he teased her entrance. "If you didn't want me to treat that complaint that you shouldn't have mentioned it and you should have read the paperwork you signed more carefully."

Had there been something in the paperwork? She had to admit, she hadn't read every single word. Most doctors papers said the same thing and she'd gotten out of the habit of even skimming over it before affixing her signature to the page. What on earth had she agreed to?

Her thoughts and recriminations were interrupted by an intense pressure at her pussy hole as Dr. Durand began to press forward with his plans. Amanda writhed and cried out as her muscles stretched wide, only slightly loosened by her ordeal with the speculum. In fact, Dr. Durand's cock was forcing her body to spread even larger than the awful instrument had.

"Ooooooh nooooooooo," she moaned, struggling uselessly against the bonds as the head of his cock popped inside of her. There was no way he could fit that entire thing inside of her, he would break her! "Please... you can't.... you're too big... I can't..."

"Shhh," he soothed, rubbing his hand over her lower stomach, the other traveling upwards to begin fondling her breasts again. "You can take it, I promise. Your pretty little pussy was made to take a big cock like mine."

And with that, he thrust his hips and surged deeper as Amanda let out a long howl of shock and mortification. With her legs and arms restrained there was no way to stop him, all she could do was wriggle like a fish on a hook as he did what he wanted with her young body. Her inner muscles strained around his thick girth as she panted for breath and he wasn't even all the way inside of her yet!

Looking down the length of her body she had to admit that the spectacle they created was extremely erotic, with Dr. Durand's dark hands wandering over her creamy skin, his thick black cock sliding beneath her fiery mound. The juxtaposition of the colors of her body against his was quite striking and rather arousing. He was looking down between her legs where his cock was disappearing into her pink pussy, framed by curly red hairs, as if he enjoyed the contrast as much as she secretly did. That or he just liked watching the long length of his cock sliding into her body.

Every thrust of his hips forced her muscles apart further, burying himself deeper into her cunt. His cock was rubbing against places that no man had ever touched before.

"Mmmm, nice and tight," he said as he tweaked her nipples, making her back arch. "Very wet too."

"So I'm not frigid? You can stop now?" There wasn't any real hope in her voice, but she had to ask. Had to try.

Dr. Durand just chuckled. "Oh no, my dear. A doctor must see his treatment through to the end."

His words were punctuated by her moans as he finished shoving the last of his long cock into her overly stretched hole. The press of his body against her sensitive pussy lips only made her more aroused, and she found herself moving her hips as best she could to rub herself against him. Smiling contentedly, Dr. Durand pulled halfway out of the tight grip of her body and then shoved back in, hard and fast.

Amanda's moans became higher and longer as he began to fuck her in earnest, his long cock dragging out of her and then plunging back in. The suction of her pussy made a sloppy wet sound as he pounded in and out of her, her inner muscles clamping down on him as the muscles in her legs quivered, trying to move. She had the undeniable desire to wrap her legs around his body. The complete powerlessness of her situation began to seem more and more erotic as he ravaged her body, raping her pussy hard and deep. And she was beginning to love it.

"Oh please..." she moaned, writhing as must as she could, no longer sure if she was begging him to stop or to fuck her harder. The slap and drag of his cock in and out of her body felt so good. He had been right; her pussy was meant to take a big cock like his, in fact, she was just barely deep enough to fully accommodate him. Some thrusts were so powerful that the head of his cock bumped against her cervix and made her gasp and thrash as the flashing mix of pleasure and pain rippled through her.

"That's it," he murmured. "Fuck me back, Amanda."

And despite her restrained position, she realized that she was. Her hips were moving as much as she could, her muscles clenching around him to bring them both more pleasure, and she was moaning like a whore. This wasn't anything like her time with Travis when she'd lain almost passively, just waiting for it to be over. This was hot... sinful... a dark craving that had been awakened inside of her that demanded to be satisfied.

She felt almost out of control for her need for him, her head tilting forward so that she could watch his hips slamming into her splayed thighs, his cock jutting out from the sexy planes of his body, the bottom of his shirt flapping as he fucked her. Somehow it seemed right that she was almost completely naked while he was almost completely clothed. His fingers were splayed, like raven's wings on a cloud, caressing her stomach and breasts, fueling her need.

If he stopped now, she'd kill him.

Then his big, dark hand slid down her stomach and pressed against the top of her mound, his thumb sliding through the hairs and dipping down to rub her engorged clit.

"Oh fuck.... oh FUCK Dr. Durand.... FUCK ME!" she yelled as he rubbed her clit with his thumb, tormenting the little bud. Her pussy tightened around his rampaging cock and she convulsed with the intense sensations as he pinched her swollen nub between his fingers and rubbed it back and forth. Juices flowed from her pussy and down into her asscrack as she screamed her climax, the ecstasy rolling over her and sending her reeling. Amanda jerked and shuddered in her restraints, the tingling, sizzling explosions of pleasure bursting in her core and spreading outwards through the rest of her body until she thought she might faint from the pleasure.

Then Dr. Durand released her clit, allowing Amanda to get her breath back as the intensity of the sensations receded a bit.

"My turn," he said with a grin.

Grasping her hips with his hands, he began a much rougher, faster pounding of her nubile young body, leaning forward as he took his pleasure in her wet, grasping cunt. There was no attempt to give her further pleasure, but the way he was leaning over her, with his body slamming against her pleasure swollen clit at the end of every stroke, Amanda found herself wracked with smaller climaxes, small bursts of ecstasy that made her spasm and gasp with the continuing rapture.

When he slammed deep and held himself, she cried out as her abused muscles clamped around him, milking the cum from him. She could feel him pulsing inside of her, throbbing against her walls, as he groaned and emptied his load into the condom. Gasping, he fell forward, his head landing on her soft breast as his body jerked with the last of his orgasm. Amanda shuddered and felt her pussy clench again, as if her body was trying to suck the cum out of the condom. Part of her wished that she'd been able to feel him filling her up with his seed.

What was wrong with her?

"Nothing," said Dr. Durand, lifting his head and giving her a soft kiss on the lips. Amanda blushed as she realized that she'd vocalized her thought. "You're certainly not frigid. You're a healthy young woman who has just had a sexual awakening, that's all."

Somehow his reassurance really did make her feel much better. Despite the fact that she'd moaned and screamed in ecstasy, despite the fact that she'd creamed herself all over his hands and cock during the most invasive and humiliating experience of her life, Dr. Durand didn't seem to think that there was anything wrong with her at all. And he should know.

When he pulled himself free of her body, Amanda felt the loss immediately as her pussy gaped. She felt quite sore, but in a good way.

Meticulously, Dr. Durand pulled the condom from his cock - which still looked huge limp - and wiped it off with a tissue, tucking himself back into his pants before coming back to release her from the restraints.

"You might be sore for the next couple of days," he said as Amanda adjusted the robe back around her; despite the fact that he was now intimately acquainted with her body, it felt too strange to be so exposed while he was completely clothed. "Take a few aspirin as needed. I'm going to write you a prescription for birth control and - " he picked up a packet from the tray " - here's a free sample pack to get you started. It should be effective after a month, however it doesn't protect against STDs so it's best to use a condom in addition unless you're very sure of your partner." Smiling amiably, as if nothing more than a doctor examining his patient had just happened, Dr. Durand held out his hand. "It was very nice to meet you Amanda, I look forward to your next visit."

Feeling almost dazed, Amanda shook his hand and watched as he exited the room, writing a few notes on his clipboard as he walked. The door closed with a click and she gave herself a small shake and hopped off of the exam table, wincing a bit as her legs closed. Yes, she was going to be more than a little sore. That had been quite a thorough examination, followed by an even more thorough fucking. Hobbling a little as her muscles got used to being able to move again, she picked up a few tissues and wiped off her pussy and asshole, gingerly touching the latter. Maybe she should get some anal toys to play with. Small ones. It really hadn't felt that bad, in fact it had been quite exiting.

Her pussy was definitely satisfied.

Rather bemused, Amanda got dressed, putting the little pack of pills in her purse. Now that she knew that she wasn't frigid and that she could both satisfy herself and someone else, sex suddenly seemed a lot more appealing. Birth control was a good idea.

When she exited the room Carrie was standing there waiting for her, looking just as chipper as earlier.

"Dr. Durand said you're good to go," she chattered as she led Amanda back to the front room. "And he said that you have ah... no problems whatsoever in the area that you were worried about." She winked at Amanda who smiled a little weakly back and wondered how much of the visit Carrie would have been able to hear through the door. Wondered if she knew exactly what Dr. Durand's idea of 'treatment' was. Although she had to admit that she did feel much more confident about herself now. The unexciting sex hadn't been her fault, at least not hers alone. Sure she'd been inexperienced, but Travis had been too and they both could have done more to make it better.

Selfish jerk. He'd never know what he was missing out on.

Carrie checked the clipboard that Dr. Durand had left at the front desk. "It says he'd like to see you in a month to see how the birth control is working out for you."

One month... which just happened to be how long it took for the birth control to become effective. A small smile curved on Amanda's face. "That sounds great."

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