Deal With a Demon

Deal With a Demon Deal With a Demon

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


When Lyana's entire village is ravaged and slaughtered, leaving only her alive, she makes a dark deal with a demon in return for Black Magic so that she may wreak her vengeance. But is the price worth it? And what happens when the demon starts to show a different side?


When Lyana's entire village is ravaged and slaughtered, leaving only her alive, she makes a dark deal with a demon in return for Black Magic so that she may wreak her vengeance. But is the price worth it? And what happens when the demon starts to show a different side?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Deal With a Demon

Author Chapter Note

When Lyana's entire village is ravaged and slaughtered, leaving only her alive, she makes a dark deal with a demon in return for Black Magic so that she may wreak her vengeance. But is the price worth it? And what happens when the demon starts to show a different side?

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 01, 2013



This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any actual person is entirely coincidental.  The author does not condone any of the actions taken by the characters depicted in this story, it is a figment of the imagination and should only be enjoyed as a work of fiction.  Many adults indulge in non-consent / rape-play as part of their fantasies, that should only be done with the explicit consent of your partners, this author does not condone indulging in a fantasy without that consent. This is an erotic story and is intended to be read by adults only.


Lyana finished drawing the symbols on the floor of what used to be her home, the smell of charred wood and flesh still filling her nostrils, even though it was two days since the raiders had come and gone. Tears dripped down her cheeks, not from the pain in her arm where she'd cut herself for blood to draw the symbols, but the emotional havoc that still tugged at her soul.

Only nineteen years old, she was the last one alive from a village of almost a hundred people, the only one to escape the carnage of the raiders. They'd hit in the afternoon, hard and fast there weren't many of them but they were unexpected and well-armed... Lyana had been far away when they first came, gathering her favorite kind of mushrooms deep in the forest. It wasn't until she glanced up and saw smoke rising above the trees that she even knew anything was wrong... hurrying back towards her home, as she got closer she could hear screams.

There had been nothing she could do, she'd hidden in the forest, watching in horror... the men were strewn about, their bodies hacked and bleeding. Some of the older woman and children were already dead... the women of the village who were still alive were being used in a brutal fashion. Lyana sobbed quietly into her dress, unable to take her eyes away from the men who were taking turns between her older sister's legs, beating Bryanne as they raped her.

There had been nothing she could do... that's what she told herself, even now, but part of her still felt guilty. She'd waited in the woods, untouched, unscathed, until the last of them had gone... and then she'd rushed down to the limp body of her sister, but it was too late. Bryanne didn't even recognize her, her mind was lost to the horrors that she'd lived but that Lyana had only witness. Crying, Lyana had held her older sister as she died.

At first Lyana thought she would go mad, alone in that village of rape, torture and death... she'd wandered the streets... then, in some house, she couldn't even remember which one, it was almost as though she'd been led to this book. This strange book with the gold markings on its front cover. She didn't know what had prompted her to look inside, she definitely hadn't had much interest in anything... but she did look inside, and found herself looking at instructions for summoning various demons.

Suddenly, there was life in her again. Perhaps the book wouldn't work, perhaps it was just a trick or just someone's overactive imagination... but what could it harm her to try? She'd looked through it, choosing her demon carefully, because the book emphasized that once you summoned a demon that was your one chance... and demons were easily angered if their time was wasted. Lyana considered Sonneillon, the Demon of Hatred... and Alastor, the Executioner... but she wasn't sure they would be able to provide her with what she wanted. Perhaps Alastor could kill the men who'd raided the village, but she wanted to do it herself.

She found herself staring at the page for Leonard, the Master of Black Magic and Sorcery... Lyana didn't hold any illusions. As a woman there was no way for her to fight the men she wanted revenge on, she was weaker and they would just use her and kill her the way they had Bryanne. But, with magic, if this worked... she would have her own weapon, much more potent than anything they could dream up, and she could wreak her vengeance upon them.

The Summoning wasn't complicated... it required her blood to draw the symbols, the death of a small animal -- and it was easy enough to catch one of the stray chickens, almost pathetic in its relief at finding someone alive, and a desperate need for this particular demon. Lyana needed him. She had nothing else left.

Crouching naked in front of the symbols, she carefully pulled the chicken out of the cage it was clucking in.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, feeling a little guilty that yet another innocent life had to be taken, whether it was a dumb chicken's or not. But revenging her family was more important... stopping the slaughter from happening to others was more important.

She snapped the chicken's neck, and gently placed it in the space provided by the symbols.

Bringing herself to her knees, and drawing herself upright, Lyana spread her legs apart slightly and glanced at the book, even though she already knew that she'd memorized the words.

"Leonard, Master of Black Magic and Sorcery, I call you. With my blood I call you. With this death I call you. With my need, I, Lyana, call you forth."

It hurt. She hadn't been expecting that... it felt like something was inside of her, burning her insides until she screamed... it felt like her blood was on fire. Writhing in front of the symbols, crying with pain, her skin felt swollen to bursting, and she was sure she was going to die.

Slowly the bubbling sensations of pain started to subside, and her pain-wracked movements were able to stop... sobbing she lay on the floor, her skin covered with a sheen of sweat. Turning carefully to her side, she pushed herself up on one arm, forcing her eyes open to blink at what her words had wrought.

Standing in the center of the symbols, where the chicken had lain, was a tall, muscled, humanoid thing... Lyana's breath caught in her throat with fear. It was naked, its body proportioned like a man's, between its legs hung a cock much larger than any of the raiders, but it didn't have any testicles. Dark shiny skin that wasn't quite black, but at the same time seemed to drink in light, almost as though the demon was a hole which no color could come out of it... it was pure darkness.

Looking over her young, luscious, naked body, the demon's tongue slicked out of its mouth and over its lips... long and forked... it stepped forward and she could see a long tail swinging behind it. Everything about Leonard screamed intimidation and darkness, and for a moment Lyana almost forgot why she had even summoned him, she was so paralyzed by her fear.

Leaning forward, Leonard smiled, sharp teeth not doing anything to reassure her, "You have summoned me Lyana, what do you need?"

Taking a deep breath, Lyana spilled out her story, too frightened to even cry. At the end of her tale the demon just looked at her.

"So what do you need, Lyana?" the way it hissed her name made her shudder, it trickled across her skin like a strange caress.

"I need magic," she whispered, staring up at him, her anger at the invaders starting to return and mute her fear, "I need magic and sorcery to take my revenge... I need to hurt them like they hurt me, I need them to feel the fear and pain before they die at my hand... I need what only you can give me."

Leonard's smile broadened, "And what do you offer in return?"

She took a deep breath, but there was no choice... the book had warned her what the price would be and it hadn't taken her long to decide it was worth it to her.

"I offer you myself, my body in this life and my soul in the next."

"You are a virgin?"

Lyana nodded, suppressing the sob that suddenly threatened.


Leonard leaned down and kissed her, suddenly seeming very male, very frightening... Lyana stiffened as his tongue invaded her mouth, long and wiggling to the back of her throat... his hands gripped her arms and brought her to her knees, as he pulled his lips away. His cock, long and thick, was in front of her.

"There are rites, Lyana," he hissed, "And at the end of this, you will have your magic... and I will have you, whenever I wish, till the end of time." His hands covered her breasts, gripping them tightly, "Open your mouth."

Obedient, Lyana's lips parted to admit entry, her jaw stretching painfully to fit around the wide head of his cock, and he squeezed her breasts hard enough to bruise... tears welled in her eyes at the pain in her breasts and the tight fit of his cock in her mouth... her tongue pressed against the intruder, almost as if she could push it out. Leonard started down at her, hands roughly kneading her breasts, his claws digging in just enough to draw a little bit of blood, making her wince.

Slowly his entire cock pushed into her mouth, down her throat... she felt like gagging but it was almost as though she couldn't... all she could do was accept the huge cock as it filled her mouth. Long, hard... it was wet with her saliva as he pulled it most of the way out and then pushed back in, using her breasts to tug her back and forth... they burned with the abuse.

Lyana felt strange... despite the pain, despite the discomfort, there was a fire burning between her legs... Leonard stared down into her eyes and she felt like he was looking into her soul. Somehow she knew that her arousal was his doing, that he enjoyed making her both hurt and feel pleasure at the same time. She cried out as he pinched her nipples tightly, hurting the tender buds, at the same time his cock pushed deep and the inside of her pussy spasmed with need. Trembling, she found herself eagerly swallowing his cock, the first one that she'd ever touched...

It seemed to grow larger in her mouth, and suddenly the demon thrust all the way in, holding her head tightly, her lips pressed against his groin. Lyana struggled a little, sure that she was choking... but she wasn't. Something poured down her throat, burning a little, into her stomach, and she wondered what it was. She was old enough to know about sex, and understand sex... and while she knew that taking a cock in her mouth was deviant, it was something that she'd heard of. But she also knew that the demon had no balls, and so she had no idea what was entering her body... only that it felt hot, and she started to feel a little light headed.

Leonard pulled from her mouth, leaving her gasping and panting... her throat and stomach still feeling tingling and burning.

Turning her around, he lay he down so that her back was on the symbols she'd drawn with her blood... they still felt a little sticky and wet on the floor and she was slightly disgusted. Laying down between her thighs, Leonard's long tongue swiped up her pussy, and Lyana's hips lifted in surprised pleasure. His textured tongue rubbed against her wet pussy lips, she could feel that pleasant burning again, even though his hands were as rough on her thighs as they had been on her breasts.

Looking down the length of her body, she could see the bruises and cuts on her tender breast flesh, down to where the dark, smooth head of the demon was between her thighs, feasting on her pussy. Lyana shuddered and moaned, hands pressed against the floor as she discovered the meaning of gratification... her pussy grew wetter and wetter, and she gasped as the demon's tongue actually entered her body, only stopping when it reached her maiden's head.

Pulling its tongue out of her pussy, the Master of Black Magic and Sorcery pulled her legs up, pressing its monstrous cock into her virgin hole. Lyana gasped and moaned as it pushed into her, spreading her wide, stretching her in a painfully pleasurable way. The burning in her throat and stomach increased, feeling as though it was pulling down through her body, trying to reach where the cock was thrusting into her.

When he reached her maidenhead Leonard paused, for just a moment, as Lyana writhed on the floor in front of him, her own blood started to coat her back and blur the symbols drawn there. Then, he burst through with a single thrust, and Lyana shrieked with the pain of it as he buried himself inside her, blood coating his cock as he passed through the entrance to her body. It felt as though his cock went on forever, actually reaching up through her body to meet the burning darkness that seemed to have filled her throat and belly. Gasping, Lyana tried to pull herself away, but Leonard had a firm grip on her hips and he pulled her back to him, her body flopping almost like a rag doll as he began to thrust in and out of her deflowered hole.

Lyana cried out, pain flowing with pleasure as his thumbs rubbed her hips in a circular motion, and she was sure that he was using means that were not physical to induce her lust and pleasure. Her body felt overstimulated in every way possible, his hips thrusting, cock pushing in and out of her... her pussy burned with abuse and need at the same time.

Leaning forward, Leonard's long tongue flicked out and slapped hard against her nipple, awakening the sensitive nerves that had already been abused by his rough fingers. Lyana groaned and whimpered, even though her pussy was starting to become used to the assault it seemed as though Leonard preferred not to make things easy for her. Coming forward even more, Leonard smiled wickedly at Lyana as his mouth came down on her breast... for a moment he was gentle, tongue caressing her sore nipple... and then he bit down on her tender flesh with his sharp teeth.

She screamed, writhing beneath him as the rush of pain slammed through her, feeling blood well... and part of her knew that he hadn't even bitten her very hard, that if he'd wanted to he could have literally taken a bit out of her. Instead, he released her breast and then turned to the other, sinking in his teeth, all the while continuing to drive her body into the ground as he fucked her hard.

The darkness in her throat and belly seemed to fill her breasts, and blood trickled out of the wounds, which he lapped at with his tongue... both breasts had a perfect imprint of his teeth on their pale surface. Lyana moaned and tried to cover them with her hands, to stop him from licking at her blood which was both perverse and erotic. Leonard took her wrists and held them above her head with one hand, his other squeezing her abused breast, almost as though to squeeze more blood from the bite... laughing, he thrust hard into her, making her shriek as he licked at her bloody chest.

It seemed to go on for ages, him thrusting into her, filling her pussy, lapping at her blood, and all the while her passion seemed to rise, even through the pain. Hips moved up to meet his punishing thrusts, her ass slammed back down to the floor as he filled her... darkness seemed to coil inside her belly... burning in her throat... waiting....

Lyana writhed and thrashed beneath him as she started to cum, her orgasmic juices mixing with the blood from her maidenhead on his cock, her euphoria taking her past the point of pain and into a delirious bliss. Never had she known such pleasures were possible, and she shook with the rapture that filled her core.

Leonard thrust hard into her, and she screamed with ecstasy as she felt something emptying from his body into hers... the burning sensation in her throat and stomach was now echoed in her pussy, seeming to fill her completely. She could almost feel darkness coiling at the center of her being.

Withdrawing from the exhausted girl, Leonard turned her over. Lyana moaned as his tongue licked the blood off of her back, she felt overwhelmed with sensations, not only the pleasure that had filled her pussy, but the strange sensation of something foreign inhabiting her body. Something dark. Then she cried out in protest as she felt Leonard's huge cock pressing at the entrance of her ass.

"These are the rites," he hissed in her ear, "You have started them, you must complete them, or I take you to Hell with me now and we'll complete them there, without your revenge."

She sobbed, and screamed into the wooden floor as he pulled her hips up, pressing his monster cock into her ass... it felt like he was shoving a log up there. For all she'd heard about sex, this was the most perverse, deviant, unimaginable act... she hadn't even known it was possible. Not really. It hurt unbearably, her ass snapping closed around the head of his cock, but still straining to stretch over the girth of his shaft, lubricated only with the blood and her cream from her pussy.

The demon didn't make it easy for her either, he treated her tender, shocked ass in the exact same way he had her pussy. A long, slow, hard stroke in, filling her ass completely, and then starting his hard thrusts in and out. Lyana shrieked and bucked, her ass trying desperately to close, but it only increased her discomfort and torment as it tried to tighten over the girthy rod. All the while she could feel his tongue on her back, licking at the blood from the symbols on the floor.

Just as she thought it could get any worse, she felt something nudging at her entrance to her pussy... it was his tail, blunt and easily as thick as his cock, pushing into her... Lyana felt impossible full, and she opened her mouth to scream... black smoke poured out from between her lips, and she could feel the darkness inside of her coiling again. It was in her throat, her belly, her breasts, her pussy... the pumping action going on behind her stirred it, making it move inside her body.

It seemed to move to meet the thrusting rod in her ass, she squirmed, feeling as though it could easily turn her inside out, her ass grinding against the groin of the demon behind her... his thrusts into her pussy and ass were brutal, and she convulsed in torment, her insides twisting and shuddering.

Her tears fell on the floor in front of her as he filled her ass, over and over... the last hole that he could've possibly taken, her dignity was gone... perhaps even further gone than Bryanne's had been, for she was being taken willingly, on her elbows and knees, having completely debased herself. Lyana's body surrendered, her soul finally gave in, and Leonard took possession of her completely...

He bellowed his triumph as he poured darkness into her ass, and she cried out as it undulated and united with the darkness from her mouth and her pussy, an unholy triad that seemed to expand until it filled her skin.

The monster cock in her ass seemed to soften and shrink as the darkness completely engulfed her soul and tingled just under her skin. Lyana moaned, shuddering as Leonard pulled it from her.

Turning her back over, Leonard kissed her full open lips.

"You're mine now," he said, smiling. It had been a long time since he'd had a new human.

"What do I..." Lydia panted, trying to catch her breath and gather her thoughts, "What can I do? How do I use this?" She could feel the dark magic in the center of her being, tendrils reaching out to caress her insides.

He smiled, "Any way you want. It is your will that will make it so, feel free to use any hand motions or incantations that you want, although they aren't needed." Leonard's eyes glowed, his clawed hand reaching down to caress and stir her abused pussy, making Lyana wince, "Do as you wish now, whatever you wish, but don't forget who your Master is."

Quite suddenly, Leonard was gone... with no sound, no smoke... just gone. Lyana let out a sigh of relief, moaning a little as she picked herself up off the floor. Wincing, she looked down at her bruised and abused body, the wounds in her breasts from his claws and teeth, the blood that was coating her thighs...

"I need to be clean." She muttered. Frowning, she thought about what Leonard had said... the magic could be used for anything as long as she willed it. For some reason it bothered her not to have to use her hands or do anything special, so she waved her hand at the empty space where the symbols had been. A large bathtub appeared, full of hot water. Lyana smiled.

Holding out her hand she closed her fingers and then opened them, a bar of soap appearing.

Looking down at her bruises and wounds, Lyana frowned... Running her finger over a particularly painful bruise, she was gratified to see the color fade and the ache subside... however, not all of her wounds were so easily healed. Although she managed to lessen the ache in her pussy and ass, neither completely went away, and while the claw marks faded they left nasty scars, and his teeth marks didn't go away at all. Shrugging, Lyana decided that a little bit of healing was better than nothing... and if she could heal some of the demon's abuse, surely she would be able to heal anything done by a human.

If a human intent on harming her could even get anywhere near her.

Lyana smiled as she stepped into the hot tub, darkness quivered inside her in jubilant response.

Lyana walked down the road, already a day's journey from the home she'd grown up in although she'd only been walking a mere hour. It had pleased her, before leaving the village, to use the magic acquired from the demon Leonard, to bury the bodies of her family and neighbors, and leave a fitting stone memorial in the center of town. Now she tracked the men who had left her its only survivor.

Only 19 years old... very young to have already sold her soul to a demon, but she considered it a fitting bargain for the magic that now resided inside her, a constant darkness that filled her. It had been lucky for her that she had been out in the woods when the raiders had come, she was young and quite beautiful, and would probably have suffered the same fate as her sister Bryanne who was gang-raped to death. Instead Lyana had suffered a completely different sexual torture at the hands of Leonard, going through the rites that were needed for him to embed her with magic.

Now she walked along the road, following the tracks of the raiders, who were far ahead of her, and spread out. Although Lyana wasn't totally sure how she knew that, she did know it... it was the magic, working through her will. Lyana wanted to know where the raiders were, and so she did. Leonard had implied that her magic could do just about anything she wanted, as long as she willed it so, but her attempts to just disappear and appear with the raiders had failed. So had her attempts at shortening the distance a horse had to ride... she wasn't sure what she was doing with the road, somehow folding it perhaps, making it so that the distance she was traveling was much more than the distance she was walking.

For some reason that hadn't worked with the horse and she'd had to choose between walking and making the distance shorter, or riding a horse and not being able to fold the road. In the end she decided that walking would be faster, and she was right. As she passed a farm, Lyana heard feminine screams, immediately she stopped and turned, walking onto the farmland to see what was going on. The screams drew her, much as the screams from her village had drawn her... only then she hadn't been able to do anything. Now, she could.

A fairly homely young woman was struggling between two men, unattractive brutes themselves, one of them was behind her, holding her arms, while the other ripped open the front of her blouse, her breasts spilling out of the clothe. Although her face wasn't particularly attractive, she was in possession of a very nice body. For a moment Lyana could only stand and stare as the man in front of the young woman laughed and squeezed her breasts, it was almost like watching her village again.

Then the darkness stirred inside of her, jolting her out of the dreamlike state she'd entered. Filled with rage, Lyana started forward, her hand thrusting and pulling.

The man in front flew away from the young woman, she and the man holding her arms looked up in surprise at the attractive brunette whose face was twisted with anger, stalking towards them in a flowing black dress. With a flick of her hand Lyana made the second man release the young woman... holding her palm upwards she made him float into the air, screaming in panicked fear... and then she dropped him to the earth with a solid thunk.

"Witch..." the hoarse voice of the man behind her, the first one that she'd sent flying away from the young woman. Lyana turned, in case he was trying to sneak up on her, but he was staring with abject terror before he repeated, "WITCH!"

And he ran.

Laughing with triumph Lyana turned back to the young woman she'd just saved, the homely girl was staring at Lyana with utmost horror. As soon as she realized that Lyana's attention was on her, the young woman shrieked.

"WITCH!" she cried, and she ran from Lyana, disappearing into the woods, leaving Lyana standing alone except for the unconscious body of the second man.

For a moment Lyana's heart hurt... and then she realized why Leonard had given her a gift of magic that needed no words or movements... anything like that, anything that showed she was using magic, and people would condemn her for being a witch. Apparently whether she helped them or not. Well that was just fine, she told herself, she could understand that. Obviously, she just needed to stop using her hands, whether or not she felt like it was more mystical if she did.

Feeling slightly downtrodden at the young woman's rejection, however, Lyana turned back to the road and started traveling again towards her objective.

The farther she traveled, the more obvious it became that the raiders had split up... there was a large clump of them still somewhat together, but others that had veered off from the main group. Eventually she came to a turn off in the road... the main clump was straight ahead, but there was one man off to the right of the fork. Lyana paused, trying to decide whether to continue on to the main contingent, or to pick off this straggler...

She decided to go after the loner. After a full day of possessing the dark sorcery inside of her, she wanted to get some experience using her new powers before trying to take out a whole bunch of them. One man, who was closer than the main group was anyway, would be good for practice.

It was dark when she reached the town... and it was a town, much bigger than her small village, with stone streets instead of dirt, and plenty of ale and whorehouses. In fact, that was where she sensed him... she snorted, of course he was in the dirtiest, most disrespectful part of town.

Her dark skirts swept along the streets as she hunted her prey... her excitement growing as she came closer and closer, an almost sexual thrill as the dark magic pulsed inside of her.

When she found him, however, she hesitated. He was grappling with a whore in a dark alley... from what she could see in the moonlight the whore was young, attractive, and not exactly willing. She fought back admirably, but he finally wrestled her to the ground, pulling at both her skirts and his breeches.

The young woman screeched, trying to kick him between the legs, but he just laughed and lunged on top of her, holding her down with the weight of his body.

"You're a whore, so take it like one!" he chortled, drunkenly appreciative of his own joke.

"I don't have to be a whore for you!" she tried to punch him in the face. He caught her fist easily and back handed, making her head whip around.

Lyana couldn't stand it... at first she'd thought to maybe wait, after the incident earlier in the day, but she couldn't just stand by and watch another woman be raped. Besides, the whole point of this was to get some practice... maybe practicing killing them while keeping it from looking like she was using magic was exactly what she should be doing. That or she'd have to kill both him and the whore, or allow him to rape her before killing him. Neither of those options were acceptable to her.

By her own need, the magic tingled and she found that she had a belt with an extremely sharp knife in a sheath at her waist. Grabbing the knife, she ran down the alley to where the man was just getting his breeches undone, her view of the whore blocked by his wide back.

"Kill..." she whispered to the knife as she thrust it downwards... it almost seemed to guide itself straight to his heart, killing him almost instantly. A muffled shriek below him from the whore, and Lyana pulled at his heavy, sodden body as the whore pushed.

Both panting, the two young women looked at each other.

"Thank you," said the whore, breathless, looking slightly confused.

"You're welcome," replied Lyana. The whole conversation seemed extremely absurd considering that she was standing over a man's corpse. It made her uncomfortable, even though she well knew that he deserved it. She held out her hand to help the young woman up.

The whore stared at her hand, "Why?"

"Why what?" Lyana frowned.

"Why... this?" the whore gestured to the dead man, "Why help me?"

Lyana paused, her hand still outstretched, and then she said, "He raped my sister."

It was true enough.

"Oh." The whore seemed to consider this, and then she reached out and took Lyana's hand, allowing her to help her up, "My name is Kirra."


Kirra looked at her with grateful eyes, "Really, thank you... I might be a whore but I had no wish to do what he wanted me to, and he would have forced me to it if you hadn't come along."

Lyana smiled, a small smile, nodded her head and turned to go.

She was almost out of the alley when Kirra caught up with her.

"Wait!" Lyana turned as Kirra stepped beside her, "Don't you want anything?"

"Anything?" asked Lyana.

"For helping me," explained Kirra, "I could... take care of you."

"Take care of me?" Lyana was slightly confused, but interested because of that. Kirra read the interest in her voice and her eyes brightened.

"Yeah, come on, I'll take care of you," she smiled, brilliantly, and Lyana had the thought that the other woman must be very good at her work, she was so attractive and compelling. Compelling enough that Lyana followed her around the corner and into the inn.

Why not, after all, she thought, apparently Kirra wanted to put her up for the night, and Lyana certainly didn't have any complaints with that. Looking around to make sure no one was looking she put her hand over a space on her new belt and created a pouch full of silver -- not gold -- for her use. Although Kirra apparently seemed intent on taking care of her, leading her up the stairs to the bedrooms, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have money. She didn't know why she hadn't thought of it before...

Perhaps before this afternoon she'd been overconfident in the ability to use magic, but she hadn't liked the way that other girl had looked at her, with fear of the witch. She much preferred the gratitude in Kirra's eyes.

Lyana entered Kirra's bedroom, which wasn't much but had what looked like a very comfortable bed. Sighing, tired, Lyana went over to sit on it.

"Here, let me help you," Kirra eagerly came over, helping Lyana take off her boots and undo the buttons on the back of her dress. She even brought over a bowl with water for Lyana to wash her face with.

Sighing with contentment, as Kirra put the bowl back on the table, Lyana scooted back on the bed... feeling very much like falling asleep. Kirra smiled at her and walked over, sitting beside her but facing her, her gaze was very intent.

"Are you hungry?"

Lyana smiled awkwardly, feeling a little uncomfortable at the strange look in Kirra's dark eyes, "Thank you, no."

"That's ok, I am," Kirra said, and she leaned forward and kissed Lyana full on the mouth. At first Lyana was too shocked to do anything, then Kirra's lips parted and she found that she was kissing the other woman back. It was just so tender... so gentle... so different from her experience just the night before with the demon Leonard.

Then Kirra's hands began roaming, pulling off more of Lyana's clothes.

"What are you doing?" Lyana gasped.

"Taking care of you," Kirra smiled, and lowered her gaze to Lyana's full breasts. Then she gasped as she saw the slowly healing wounds from Leonard's teeth, and the scars that Lyana hadn't been able to fully heal from his claws, "Who did this to you?!"

"No one," Lyana said quickly, and then realizing that didn't make sense, "I mean, it doesn't matter."

Kirra looked up sympathetically, apparently drawing her own conclusions about Lyana's unknown past, and then she leaned forward to gently cup and kiss Lyana's breasts. Lyana moaned, unable to stop the sound from escaping her lips... her pussy tingled of its own accord, and she was able to recognize the difference between the magic that Leonard had used to arouse her last night, and her own body's true arousal.

Kissing around the scars and the wounds, Kirra gently licked at Lyana's nipples, causing the woman to moan again, shuddering a little. Her hands came to Kirra's head, resting gently and stroking the whore's hair. Being very gentle, Kirra stroked and caressed Lyana's breasts, nuzzling and kissing them in such a way to start a slow burning fire deep in Lyana's loins.

Then she began to move down Lyana's ribcage and stomach, sending little tingles of sensation throughout her entire being. Lyana gasped, her legs spreading of their own accord as Kirra began kissing around her womanhood... she was wet, moist, and could smell her own arousal like a heady perfume. A small tongue, much less rough than Leonard's, parted her pussy lips, and Lyana gasped...

It felt incredible, she felt like she was floating on a wave of aching pleasure, her body feeling only good things, without the mix of pain. Kirra's hands on her thighs gently spread her even more, and Lyana gasped and quivered as the other woman started to lick and suck on her pussy lips. A small, gentle finger stroked her folds, and then began to press into her wet hole... it felt so small, but so nice too.

Questing inside her body, it found a small spot that made Lyana's entire body jump with rapture... the finger caressed the spot as Kirra's tongue teased the outside of Lyana's pussy. Moaning, Lyana began humping her hips up and down, one hand on the back of Kirra's head and the other clutching at the pillow behind her.

"Oh god Kirra..." she moaned, "Oh... that feels... oh god that feels amazing..."

The efforts between her legs redoubled and Lyana could feel a tingling sensation starting, building, a titillating sense of pleasure that was coming at her in a wave. Moving her hips up and down, Lyana gasped as Kirra's finger began stroking that spot with little circular motions, her clever tongue finding another spot at the very top of Lyana's pussy, and the simultaneous stimulation brought Lyana over the edge. Crying out with delight, Lyana rode Kirra's finger and tongue to sheer ecstasy, writhing in abandonment and gratification.

"OH.... Oh..." she moaned as the feeling swelled and then began to recede, the movement of her hips slowing.

Smiling, Kirra rose up between her legs. She kissed Lyana's stomach and then her lips again, allowing Lyana to taste her own orgasmic juices.

"I have to go to work," Kirra said, "But this is my private bedroom. Stay here, sleep. I'll be in late, but you certainly don't have to wait up for me."

Lyana asked, worried, "Are you going to be ok?"

"Oh yes," Kirra laughed, "If Chad hadn't been on break that bastard would've never caught me, even outside in the alley. I should've known better than to go outside when Chad was eating, but I've gotten cocky lately... trust me, no one's going to mistreat me here. I'm too valuable to the ownership." She smiled again, secure in her safety.

"I have to leave early tomorrow," Lyana said, anxious not to hurt the other woman's feelings... she wasn't sure what the protocol was for after doing something like what they had just done.

Kirra looked a little disappointed, but nodded, "Don't worry about waking me up, I sleep like a log. Have a safe journey. And thank you, again."

Lyana just nodded and watched as Kirra picked up some things from around the room, gave a smile of goodbye, and left.

Lying all the way down, Lyana had to smile... that had been an entirely different experience from the night before... She fell asleep smiling... and the darkness spilled out of her, coiling around her sleeping naked body...

Kirra's room melted away, the sounds and smells of the inn dissipated, as Lyana slumbered... she would not be waking up in Kirra's bed

Lyana awoke to find herself surrounded by red satin and velvet... the sheets, the blankets, the drapery on the bed... and she was completely naked. At the foot of the bed stood Leonard, his darkness seeming to drink in even the vivid red of their surroundings... Kirra's room was no where to be seen.

"What did you do to her?" Lyana demanded, "Did you hurt her?"

Leonard laughed, "Even if I had there's nothing you could do about it. The whore is fine, plying her trade... but you, my dear, are here with me."

His eyes seemed to glow with an eager inner light and Lyana swallowed hard, resisting the urge to pull the sheets up over her breasts... she was acutely aware of the silk material resting against her bare legs and hips. But modesty was redundant, Leonard already knew her body much more intimately than even she herself had known it. Still, that didn't stop her from reddening as his eyes lingered over the swell of her breasts. Somehow Leonard made it seem erotic, humiliatingly intimate, and threatening all at the same time... perhaps it was way the marks in her flesh throbbed as his eye passed over them.

"So you killed a man today, Lyana," he said, moving forward onto the bed and looming over her, "Very bad..."

"But," she stared up at him, eyes wide and automatically clutching the sheets up to cover herself as he came closer, "You knew what I was going to do."

Leonard smiled wickedly, putting his hand under her chin and holding her face in place to look straight into his eyes, "It doesn't matter. You are mortal and you have done evil... since you have forfeited your soul to me, it is up to me to punish you, however I deem fit."

Swallowing hard, Lyana asked, "So every time I take my revenge, for every man I kill, you're going to punish me."

"Exactly," Leonard smiled, and his hand on Lyana's chin gripped hard... she would've shrieked as he started to lift her up by her chin except that his large fingers digging into her jaw kept her from making any noise whatsoever.

Legs kicked in the air as he tore the sheet from her grasp, leaving her naked and flailing in front of him, hands uselessly pulling at his wrist, trying to stop the pain. He dropped her and she landed with a gasp on the bed, legs buckling underneath him. Manacles appeared on her wrists and ankles, red silk threading through them and pulling her arms above her head, attaching them to the headboard while her legs were pulled wide apart and attached to the headboard as well. She felt like she was almost folded in half, her pussy painfully spread open and completely vulnerable.

Sobbing, Lyana couldn't help but struggle against the bonds, her entire body shaking as she attempted to pull herself out of the painful and open position. Leonard stood on the bed above her, a multi-stranded whip held in his hand.

"Don't worry darling," he smiled, "Since this was only your first man I won't hurt you too badly."

Lyana shrieked as the whip whistled through the air and came down hard on her right thigh, the pain burning through her leg... red marks were clear on her pale skin where the whip had hit.

"Please no!" she cried as the whip descended again, and then shrieked, body arching as much as possible in her bound position, as the whip marked the inside of her left thigh. The air filled with her cries and pleas as Leonard raised the whip over and over, turning her thighs and ass red with the marks. Lyana struggled against her binds and position, even though it didn't help and she knew she'd never be able to get out, she had to move... in some ways the movement even seemed to help with the pain.

She was absolutely horrified when Leonard leaned down and slid his finger down the center of her pussy... her womanhood tingled at his touch... everything up until that point had just been painful. Now Leonard wanted to humiliate her by arousing her, despite the heated ache in her thighs and buttocks. His finger stroked her, creating the most unsettling sensations between her tortured thighs, she could smell her arousal as he teased her folds, using his magic to make her even more aroused.

"Do you think you've been punished enough or should I whip you here as well?" He asked, rubbing his finger along her clit and making her hips jump.

Lyana gasped in horror, "Please! I've been punished enough, please don't whip my pussy!"

The demon seemed to consider her request, his fingers still busily stroking her pussy... Lyana strained and squirmed as he played with her. She desperately feared being whipped like that, it had hurt enough on her thighs and ass.

"Just one," declared Leonard, "Since it's your first time."

He stood and raised his arm high above his head, swinging the whip down squarely on her pussy with brutal force. Lyana screamed, agony exploding in the center of her being, making her thrash as she was wracked with pain, unable to shield herself or stop the pain. Leonard was obviously aroused by her torture.

The manacles on her ankles disappeared and her legs flopped forward. Immediately Lyana pressed her thighs together, her sore flesh pressing against itself as she tried to stop the pain in her core. Leonard gave her no such chance, his hands roughly spread her legs, and she shrieked as he lined up his monster cock and started to push it into her body. He was rough and brutal, his hard body rubbing against her thighs... she wanted to spread them to spare the tender whipped flesh of her inner thighs, but spreading meant opening her pussy to his brutal thrusts, and her tender folds were just as shocked and agonized as her thighs.

It was a terrible dilemma as he thrust in and out of her, with enough force to drive the breath from her lungs, his cock seeming to reach inside her very womb. Crying and writhing, Lyana hated the magic that spread from his cock, making her aroused even as she convulsed with the agony of her torture. Her body moved against his, pussy grasping and spasming, she couldn't tell when her cries migrated from pained to pleasured, a strange mixture that made her body shake.

Leonard's arms wrapped around her and he kissed her deeply, frightening her with the feel of his sharp teeth against her lips and tongue, his tongue actually sliding down her throat as though it was another cock. She was afraid that he would rape her ass again, but that area remained untouched as he thrust hard into her and began to shake.

Breathless in the moment, as he held himself inside of her, large cock pulsing, Lyana realized that he was actually achieving his own, demonic, culmination. He seemed to be even bigger and harder inside of her, and as the dark magic spewed out of his demon's cock and into her body she found herself spiraling into a whirlpool of ecstasy, arms stretched out above her head her body arched and bucked beneath him.

The demon collapsed on top of her, but without the severe weight that she would've expected. In fact... he seemed almost insubstantial. Everything seemed as though it was becoming insubstantial... Lyana tried to move her arms and her wrists moved through the manacles as though they were illusion... the bedroom faded to her vision, being replaced by the slightly more familiar furniture of Kirra's room.

To her left, the attractive whore was asleep as if nothing had happened... out the window Lyana could see the first rays of dawn's light. The only proof that anything out of the ordinary had happened was the throbbing ache in her pussy, thighs and ass, although a quick peek beneath the covers confirmed that the actual welts from the whip were gone. Although she yearned to go back to sleep, maybe wake up in a few hours and find some comfort with Kirra's very human and very soft touch, Lyana forced herself up and out of the bed.

So she would have to pay for her sins... so would everyone else in the end. She wouldn't let that stop her from her mission. Firmly fixing the vision of her sister being raped by brutal men in her mind, Lyana picked up her clothes from the chair and began to get dressed.

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