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Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Violet and Danielle have an argument over which one of them is more sexually daring, leading them to agree to hold a contest where their friend Jared is the judge. When they began, they didn't even realize the depths of depravity to which they would plunge in order to prove themselves.


Violet and Danielle have an argument over which one of them is more sexually daring, leading them to agree to hold a contest where their friend Jared is the judge. When they began, they didn't even realize the depths of depravity to which they would plunge in order to prove themselves.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Contest

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Violet and Danielle have an argument over which one of them is more sexually daring, leading them to agree to hold a contest where their friend Jared is the judge. When they began, they didn't even realize the depths of depravity to which they would plunge in order to prove themselves.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 12, 2013



This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any actual person is entirely coincidental.  The author does not condone any of the actions taken by the characters depicted in this story, it is a figment of the imagination and should only be enjoyed as a work of fiction.  Many adults indulge in non-consent / rape-play as part of their fantasies, that should only be done with the explicit consent of your partners, this author does not condone indulging in a fantasy without that consent. This is an erotic story and is intended to be read by adults only.


Violet and Danielle were arguing. As best friends, they usually got along pretty well, but both of them considered themselves to be a lot more daring than the other when it came to sex. It didn't help that they came from very different sexual backgrounds either.

Violet was a very pretty half-Asian, half-white college student with long dark brown hair. In some ways she was more open-minded that Danielle, but she tended to be more dominant in the bedroom and avoided situations where she would have to lose that control. Although she wasn't adverse to kinky sex, she preferred to be the one in charge, she gave head but never swallowed, and she had never had anal sex (even though she wasn't totally opposed to the idea either.). Mostly, she hated to be exposed to people, even though she had a gorgeous body - 5'5" with generous 34C perky breasts that didn't require a bra, svelte curves and a round firm ass - she didn't like having her body on view. Often she would have sex wearing most of her clothes, or some kind of sexy outfit, rather than even letting her partners have full access to her body. Although she didn't really consider herself bisexual, she'd had several very pleasant encounters with other women.

Danielle on the other hand was willing to be submissive or dominant in bed, however she had moral drawbacks in that she considered anal and lesbian sex to be morally wrong (not to mention extremely dirty). However, oral was perfectly fine by her, and unlike Violet, she'd swallowed plenty of cum. A little bit of an exhibitionist, and a bit of a pain slut, she was into bondage and spanking (being spanked or spanking someone else.). Although she was willing to prance around naked for her partners, she hated her breasts. At 5'7", the pretty blonde hated the fact that her 32DD breasts (although they were really more E cups she just wore very large DD bras, trying to deny their true size) were outrageously large on her slim figure. She often felt as though she had watermelons hanging off her chest, and was very jealous of Violet's perky round breasts; she never got on top during sex and she hated it when guys paid what she saw as excessive attention to her over-sized mammaries.

Finally, they realized that there was no way they were going to be able to agree, their experiences were just too different. For everything Violet brought up that she'd done that Danielle hadn't, Danielle had something that Violet hadn't done either, and vice versa. They agreed to settle it in a contest, and they went to their friend Jared for help.

Jared was a dom that they knew, 30 years old the big 6'4" tall black man was very amused when the two girls came in to his house and explained their situation to him. However, he was perfectly willing to help out, but...

"Since I'm the judge I make the rules." The girls agreed that was fair, and as he told them what he wanted, neither argued because they didn't want to be seen backing down in front of the other girl... but both of them wanted to. "The loser is mine and the winner's for a night - although the winner can choose not to participate if she wants," With a wink to Danielle since he well knew her uptightness when it came to other girls, "I'll make a survey for both of you and you will send it to me, and I'll set you 6 tasks to be completed over seven days. You don't have to complete all of them, you just have to do more than the other. All of the tasks will be videotaped and sent to me so that I know for sure that you've done them. If you both tie, then we'll take some time between the three of us and I'll see just how many of those hang-ups you have about sex that I can rid you of." He grinned at the thought of having the two beauties at his beck and call. Although he and Diane had played some before, she wasn't really his and so they had set down clear rules for their times together. Violet he had been lusting after for quite some time, but he refused to have anyone but himself in control over the situation and so it hadn't worked out. Really, for Jared, no matter who won or lost, he still got something good.

"Go home girls, and I'll send you the survey tonight, and then your six tasks in the morning - and no you won't have the same ones. I'm going to base them off what you tell me about yourself, and what I already know."

The girls shook on it and went home. That night they filled out the surveys and in the morning they each received their tasks, which could be done in any order.

Violet looked hers over. 1. Go to the club in the most revealing shirt and skirt you own with a pair of nipple clamps on your nipples, if anyone says anything to you about what you're wearing or about your nipples, you must ask them if they want a better look. If they say yes, then you must pull down your shirt or pull up your skirt and ask them if they'd like to touch; let them use their hands or tongue where ever they want. Whether or not they use anything else is up to you for this part. You have to get the videotape from the security guard on your own.

That made her shudder. She'd have to display herself to anyone, and who knew what she might have to do to get the video tape. Still, it was something that she thought she could possible handle, and really it wasn't all that demanding on her body, just on her mind.

2. Let me know and I will set up a time and place for you to meet with a group of guys that like to do bukake's, you must swallow as much of their cum as you can.

No way was she going to do that one unless she absolutely had to. That was disgusting, the idea of a bunch of strange men jerking off onto her naked body while she drank their cum made her want to run and throw up.

3. Either find some friends (at least five of them), or ask me and I will provide some of mine that are clean, to take that little virgin ass of yours and then pull an anal train on it.

While she didn't like the idea of five different guys all taking turns in her ass, it wasn't something that made her want to vomit, like the idea of a bukake. Mostly it just made her wince, her ass was going to hurt something awful after that. Still, if she was lucky (and since most of her tasks seemed to be things she didn't really want to do), Danielle would have a similar task on her list.

4. Find a guy (or again, ask me to find one for you) that will be willing to tie you up and spank you 100 times and then whip you 100 times anywhere on your body before fucking you.

She didn't know what was worse about that one, being out of control of the situation and at the mercy of someone else, or the pain that was probably going to be involved. Maybe she could find her own guy for that one that would go easy on her with the blows.

5. Have a foursome with three guys, have them all cum into a cup and then drink their combined loads.

Ugh... that was another one that made her sick, but at least it wouldn't be all over her body... and just three guys, that wouldn't be that much cum...

6. Have a guy fuck you up that cute little ass of yours, and then after he's cum give you a pee enema.

Violet almost gagged. That was disgusting.... still... if she ended up having to do five to beat Danielle, she would almost prefer that to being the center piece to a bukake. The very idea of that made her shudder.

Better to get started right away. She'd go to the club tonight and get the easiest one over with first, after all, she'd almost have to do one a night. Definitely she would call Danielle in the morning and find out if the other girl had already gotten started as well.


Violet's nipples burned painfully as she walked into the club, her nipples poking out with the obvious outline of the clamps around her through the thin silvery material of her shirt. The halter top fluttered as she squeezed her way through the crowd, trying to keep the skirt from riding up... it only had one inch of leeway before it would expose her shaved pussy mound or her ass.

On her way to the dance floor a blonde guy her own height stopped her, his eyes riveted to the bumps on her chest.

"Damn... what's going on there?!" he exclaimed loudly, a couple other guys turned to look and Violet blushed.

"Would you like a closer look?" it felt like her cheeks were burning as he whooped a loud affirmative and the guys around her cheered as she lifted up the shirt, exposing her dark pink nipples firmly gripped by the rubber ends of the clamps.

"Check out those things!" another guy yelled out, and he reached out and tugged on a clamp, sending pain shooting through her breast. She gasped as she held her shirt up so that they all could see. One of the other guys tugged on her other nipple, and she moaned in pain, finally pulling her shirt back down.

"I have to go to the dance floor," she yelled over the music, and pushed past the group that had witnessed her shame.

Violet had deliberately chosen a club that was known for its sexual shows, topless women danced in cages around the floor and there were occasional strip and porn shows (not the club advertised this, they just didn't do anything to stop it if two people wanted to get onto the stage and have sex in front of everyone.). She hoped that she wouldn't stand out so much in the crowd.

Unfortunately, she didn't, but that didn't stop guys from coming up and checking her out. Most of the other girls that were there were complete exhibitionists and the guys were there to take full advantage of the fact. As soon as she entered the dance floor at least three guys flipped the edges of her skirt up, getting glimpses of her pink pussy and the round curves of her ass. Violet blushed, and then relaxed as someone came up behind her, grinding his crotch into her ass; actually dancing meant that at least no one would be pulling up her skirt.

The man's hands slipped up her shirt and cupped her breasts as the moved to the beat, when his fingers went for her nipples they were stopped by the clamps, "Now what are those?" his voice murmured in her ear. Her unseen dance partner lifted up the bottom of her shirt, exposing her bouncing breasts with their metal appendages to the dance floor, and he chuckled as he saw the clamps over her shoulder. "Kinky bitch huh?" He whispered to her as he tugged on the clamps, using them to twist her nipples roughly. Violet bit her pouty lower lip to keep from crying out in pain.

Lights and music blared and changed, and she was swept out of his grip into another guy's arms, he pulled her close into him and reached under her skirt to squeeze the cheeks of her ass. Behind her another body pressed in close and his hands reached under her shirt and the front of her skirt, now her whole body had hands all over it and as they rubbed and pinched her flesh she moaned in a heady mixture of pleasure and pain. One of the guys slipped two fingers into her pussy, rubbing his thumb across her clit. The girl just hoped that no one could see where her dance partner's fingers were going, and gave herself into the pleasure he brought as he wriggled his fingers inside her slick hole. Another finger began pushing into her dry ass, burning and stretching as it went. Impaled by both holes, Violet came as the men rocked her between them.

The whole night was like that, guy after guy sliding his hands all over her body, lifting skirt and shirt to show others as they molested her. After awhile, her blushes faded and she almost got used to the exhibition of her body, even if she didn't really enjoy it.

After a few hours, she escaped to the back hallway, looking for the security office; when she found it, she pushed open the door to find a 50 year old balding guy with a belly in a brown security guard suit. His small penis was out and he was wanking it in his hand as he watched the cameras of girls being exposed and felt up all over the club.

"Can I help you?" he looked up at her, his hand continuing to move over his dick, and she thought she saw a flash of recognition in his eyes.

Feeling sick, she decided to just try and sweet talk him into giving her the tape, fluttering her eyes she put on her best little girl's voice, "I was just wondering if I could maybe have the tape of me for the past couple hours... you know to show my boyfriend so he can watch too." she giggled flirtatiously, hoping that the old fart would just give the tape and she could get out of there.

His grin broadened, "Sure honey, I can do that for you.... but I need you to do something for me too."

Violet nodded, trying not to show her disgust. The old guy got up, not even bothering to tuck himself back in his pants, and led her down the hallway. Opening a door, he pushed her through and she found herself on the club's stage, with everyone on the dance floor whooping and hollering as they realized a show was coming up. She wanted to shrink into the floor as the paunchy old guy followed her onto the stage. Still, maybe Jared would give her an extra point for this or something... and this was the type of thing that Danielle would actually enjoy, although maybe not with a guy like the security guard behind her, but she could do anything Danielle could and she was going to prove it.

Letting the old guy push her onto the floor, she got in position on hands and knees, facing the large crowd. At least she couldn't actually make out faces, the lights were much too bright on the stage for her to see anything but a big blur; she could hear them clearly though as they called out suggestions to the guard. He came around to the side of her and untied the strings on her halter top, so that her tits hung underneath her body, completely exposed, her nipples held in their erect state by the clamps that were around them. Thankfully, she could see him rolling a condom over his smallish dick.

He got into position behind her, hitting her ass a couple times with the palm of his hand and making her jump and squeal; the crowd cheered as her breasts shook underneath her body. The small dick slid into her easily, greased by the condom and she could feel his belly pressing into her ass. Making obscene noises, the guard pumped the tight pussy hard, and her tits flopped all around beneath her; he held her hips tight as he thrust into her open pussy. With her head resting on her forearm, ass high in the air, she could see some of the people watching, the guys with open lust on their faces as the beautiful girl in front of them submitted to the much older and very unattractive man. It was like beauty and the beast as his face got redder and redder while he pounded away.

Thankfully he couldn't last long in the tight young pussy, and he came loudly, shouting out what a slut she was as he filled the condom with his cum. Finally he pulled out, and she started to get up, relieved that the ordeal was over, when she could feel his hand pressing down on her back. Gritting her teeth, she stayed in position, and jumped as her pussy began to stretch around a much bigger object... from the ridges along the top of it and the thick coolness of it, she realized that he was pushing his nightstick into her. Hanging her head down, she allowed him to push it in and out of her pussy, fucking her hard and deep with the thick piece of wood. A couple hands reached up over the stage and pulled on the clamps dangling from her hanging breasts. Violet came as the old man fucked her pussy with his nightstick, the ridges grinding pleasurably in her tight hole, while little jolts of pain seemed to shoot straight from her breasts to the orgasm flowing through her pussy. She moaned and jerked as the stick continued to pump her hole while she came, drawing her orgasm out.

Finally she slumped onto her arms, exhausted and humiliated. The security guard pulled her up and off the stage, taking her to the backroom where he gave her the tape of her on the dancefloor, and the tape of the two of them onstage. As he leered at her, she realized that her top had been left on the stage, and she quickly thanked him and rushed from the room.

Pulling the clamps from her nipples, she whimpered as pain flowed through them while blood rushed back into the tender buds. This part, at least, was over. Covering her naked breasts with her hands, she rushed out to her car, avoiding the gaze of everyone who walked by her.

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