Chris Hemsworth: Sex God

Chris Hemsworth: Sex God Chris Hemsworth: Sex God

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A lucky author's fantasy comes true when she meets Chris Hemsworth in person and they both find themselves incredibly attracted to each other. Don't lie, you've fantasized about him too.


A lucky author's fantasy comes true when she meets Chris Hemsworth in person and they both find themselves incredibly attracted to each other.

Don't lie, you've fantasized about him too.


Submitted: August 02, 2013

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Submitted: August 02, 2013



This is an erotic story and is intended to be read by adults only.


Author's Note: The beginning of this story came from a dream that I had. I usually don't write in the Celebrities category anymore, but I couldn't get it out of my head. Chris Hemsworth is damn sexy and I had way too much fun writing this. Yes, I am the heroine in this story cuz well... it's my fantasy. Because it's my fantasy, you're now entering a world where there is no need for condoms. If you find it unrealistic... well it is. But that's why it's a fantasy ;) There's a bit of a slow build-up prior to the sexiness, but hopefully it's worth it in the end!


Angel shifted her feet back and forth nervously, standing at the edge of the sound stage. How the hell was this happening? Erotica writers weren't supposed to become famous... crazy what 50 Shades of Grey had done to the world. Suddenly everyone wanted to read smut (not that she was complaining, because she loved writing it, but that didn't make it any less confusing.) Apparently someone on the production staff of the Daily Show was a big fan, so when Jon Stewart decided that he wanted to have a segment on the recent erotica boom, they contacted her of all people. As someone who was doing it mostly for free, although she had a few e-books that she'd self-published on Kindle, she was there to talk about her experience as a writer for such a volume-heavy website with one of the largest readerships in the U.S.

Lost in her own thoughts, she didn't even hear Jon Stewart (it was impossible for her to think of him by just his first name) announce her, until one of the crew was pushing her out towards the set. Crap. Barely managing not to stumble, Angel pasted a big smile on her face as she trotted out. The audience clapped and hooted, although there was a slight hesitation as they took in her outfit. Angel wasn't there to dress up like anything other than herself - a pretty, normal looking young woman who just happened to write porn. She'd let the hair and make-up department tame her brown curls and do some natural looking make-up so that she wouldn't wash out under the harsh television lights, but she was wearing her favorite pair of blue jeans, a pair of Easy Spirit sandals that were more comfortable than they were stylish, and her favorite blue vintage t-shirt with Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman on it that said "Anything boys can do, girls can do better." The applause redoubled as the audience took in her appearance, appreciating her for who she was, and Angel blushed happily, waving her hand.

Walking out had been the scariest thing she'd ever done in her life, despite the fact that she used to be in theater and should have long gotten over her stage fright from all the school, community and college shows she'd been in. It was completely different now that she was show-casing herself and her work, especially her work since she put a lot of time, energy and passion into it. And because she'd been terrified that she'd be booed as some kind of pervert. Despite the new penchant for erotica, she had written in a lot of categories over the year, many of which portions of the population would consider extreme or abhorrent. Coming out like this in public was frightening on many levels.

"Angel, welcome!" Jon Stewart said, smiling as he extended his hand. The warmth in his eyes was like a fizzy ginger ale, settling her queasy stomach. The Daily Show had always been one of Angel's favorites, specifically because of its host. He was smart, friendly, and funny as hell. Not to mention pretty darn studly. For a moment she was distracted by the idea of writing a story about him... but could she now that he would know who she was? Maybe she'd have to get a new pen name for some of the stuff she wanted to write.

"Hi Jon," she replied, only a little belatedly. After walking around for years with stories running through her head, Angel had gotten accustomed to keeping track of conversations while her mind was racing, thinking of plot points and scenes. "Thank you so much for having me."

"So," he said as the applause settled down and Angel eased herself into one of the seats. "Sex. I like it."

Everyone laughed and Angel could feel her muscles relaxing even further.

"Me too," she said, her eyes sparkling.

"How did you get started? Why?"

"Um, well I used to do a lot of reading. And I always liked writing, but it's a lot more work than just finding good stories to read," she replied. Jon and the audience chuckled appreciatively. "But one day I really just wanted a specific kind of story and I got frustrated when I couldn't find it, and I thought, well I'll just write it myself then. And, to my surprise, I got a lot of great feedback and people pleading with me to keep the story going, and then one thing led to another and all of the sudden I was writing for a contest that required me to write in as many categories as possible on the website, and then all of the sudden I had hundreds of dirty stories."

"Wow. And totally unashamed."

Angel laughed. "I wouldn't say that. Especially at first. But I know who I am. I write fantasies, often ones that don't actually interest me myself, but there's always some element in the story that fascinates me. A lot of what I write is by reader request or suggestion now, or something from someone else's writing that has inspired me."

"And who are your inspirations?"

"Well, I read a lot on Literotica, of course. Selena Kitt is a big favorite of mine for both Lit and e-books. On Amazon I love Lexie Blake's e-books and a lot of Bianca Sommerland's work. I tend to jump from author to author though, a lot of people aren't quite as prolific as I wish they were. Of course, that eventually changes as time goes by and they write more."

"Fascinating. I love your shirt by the way. Are you into superheroes, or just the girl ones?"

"Superheroes, period. I'm a pretty big nerd girl. I love erotica, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, She-ra, Batman, the Avengers..." as Angel spoke the audience roared its approval, cheering her interests. Angel blushed again, happily. It wasn't that long ago that she'd been made fun of for a lot of those interests, and she'd had the name "Bookworm" among her classmates since Middle School. She'd answered to it to their surprise, because it was true, and it ended up sticking as a more affectionate nickname, but she never forgot that it had originally be introduced to make fun of her.

When the audience response died down Jon smiled at her again, but there was something about that smile...

"The Avengers, yes. I've been told you recently written a celebrity fantasy about a certain Avengers actor?"

Angel laughed as he wiggled his eyebrows at her suggestively.

"Chris Hemsworth... Yes. Perfect casting. Except he's not just a Thunder God unless Thunder is a euphamism for sex. As in, 'The hammer is my penis'."

Titters and gasps throughout the audience, and for a moment Angel thought that they were laughing at her reference to Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, and then suddenly her intuition kicked in. Blood drained from her face and then flushed back into it, turning her cheeks a fiery red. She glared at Jon, directly in the eye, all the hairs on her arms and along the back of her neck standing straight up.

"Oh. My. God. Jon... tell me you didn't."

The laughter that he'd been holding in - he really did have a great poker face unless he wanted the audience to see his tittering - cracked. Angel could feel the looming presence behind her.


Fight or flight... fight or flight...

"Hello." The intoxicating deep voice behind her rumbled, practically purring.

Angel chose flight.

A deep booming laugh broke out behind her and Jon Stewart actually reeled backwards and almost fell of his chair as Angel jumped up and dashed to the other side of his desk, hunkering down with her back against it and curling her knees up to her chest. Deep breaths... take deep breaths... her heart was going a mile a minute and the screaming laughter of the audience seemed muted to a dull roar for a few seconds until it all came surging back.

"Angel... are you okay?"

She could hear the tears of laughter in Jon Stewart's voice as he tried to gather himself back together after his guest's unexpected reaction. Angel tried to remember if she'd ever actually seen anyone hide on his show... probably not. Raising her hand in the air, Angel wiggled her fingers, startling more laughter from the two men on the other side of the desk. It sounded like Chris Hemsworth was being strangled he was laughing so hard.

Sighing, knowing that she had to get up eventually, Angel took a few more meditative deep breaths and stood. Although her flight had been extremely humorous, she wasn't someone who got embarrassed easily. It was just that sometimes she needed to gather herself together when faced with a shocking or emotionally charged situation.

Oh, and also the fact that the newest man to join them on the set made her panties soak, her knees weak, and took her breath and mind away, and that was just when she was looking at a picture of him. Standing and turning and seeing him in person didn't dampen the effect. Not at all. Putting her hands out, she managed to catch herself on Jon Stewart's desk before her knees buckled with lust. Jesus, Joseph and Mary, one man should not have that kind of visceral effect... it was downright deadly!

"Angel? Earth to Angel? Earth Angel... Earth Angel..." It was only when Jon Stewart started singing that Angel realized she was still standing there, gripping his desk like she was Leo DiCaprio filming Titanic, starting deep into Chris Hemsworth stunningly blue eyes. Fuck. She looked like an idiot.

Her minor background in theater saved her as she pasted another smile onto her face and switched her attention back to Jon Stewart. The amusement in his eyes was tempered with genuine concern for her well-being, and she felt her face relax into a more natural expression.

"Come on Jon," she said, and the audience immediately quieted to hear her response. "You can't confront a girl with... all this," she gestured at Chris without looking at him, "and not expect her to need a minute or ten. Or twenty."

More hoots and hollars from the audience. Man she was on a roll tonight. Of course it helped that she usually had the verbal filter of Swiss cheese, and when confronted with someone that she actively lusted after it seemed to have disintegrated completely. She was too high on adrenaline and lust, with no "stop" control or brakes for her mouth... in fact, she felt almost dizzy, like she was drunk. Or maybe this is what being high on drugs felt like... she'd never done it and she'd always kind of wondered. The feeling of being completely out of control wasn't entirely bad, but it wasn't good either. Especially not on national television.

Chris stepped forward, around the chairs, heading towards her and Angel watched him coming with all the excitement of a woman watching an impending mudslide. Fuck, fuck, fuck... when he held out his hand to shake hers, she raised a trembling one, still holding onto Jon Stewart's desk with the other. Looking into her eyes was like sticking her finger in an electrical socket, and when they actually touched she could feel the shock rippling through her all the way to her pussy. Thank god she was wearing one of her thicker bras and her quickly hardening nipples *shouldn't* be noticeable. Not that she could look down to check.

"Hi, nice to meet you," he said, his eyes were sparkling with merriment as though he was thoroughly enjoying her ridiculous antics.

Angel blushed even more deeply.


Heap big writer. Use many words. Write stories. And all she could think of to say was "hi". At least it was intelligible. Halfway to being friendly.

Jon Stewart saved the day.

"Take a seat, take a seat, both of you."

On her way to the chair Angel stumbled, almost predictably, and Chris managed to grab her arm before she went down completely. His fingers even brushed the side of her breast as he helped her straighten. It felt like her face was never going to regain its original color as she half fell into her seat. How pathetic that she was going to be masturbating later to the elusive feel of his fingers against the side of her breast. At the same time... how fucking incredible that in some small way Chris Hemsworth had just touched her breast!

She didn't look at him when they sat back down. In some ways, it was almost better that she was sitting next to him rather than facing him, because at least this way she could almost pretend that he wasn't there. His presence was impossible to ignore, but without that chiseled jawline, gorgeous blonde hair and intensely gorgeous blue eyes filling her vision, she was feeling a lot more coherent. Able to form real thoughts and everything. Woo.

"So, Angel, somehow you knew who our second guest was going to be." Jon Stewart grinned at her, looking slightly abashed.

Getting some of her own back, Angel shook her finger at him and gave him a stern look. "You're a bad boy Jon, you're lucky I'm not giving out spankings today."

"Oooo hooo!" Jon Stewart made one of his little raised-eyebrow expressions that Angel always found so endearing. "And would you make the same offer to the Norse God sitting next to you?"

"One doesn't offer to spank sex gods," Angel said, almost reprovingly, but with a smirk. The sudden, deep laugh next to her made her want to sink into the floor. She turned her head towards him, cheating towards him without actually looking at him. "Sorry... I don't mean to be so outspoken. I seem to have misplaced my verbal filter somewhere."

"I am not offended at all," he said, reassuringly, and Angel automatically looked him in the eye... and immediately had to remind herself to keep breathing. So gorgeous. And big. And muscular. And close. Too close. She turned her head away, practically snapping it. Another low chuckle rumbled behind her. Crap. There was no way he didn't know how freaking sexy she found him. For the first time in her life, Angel felt well and truly embarrassed. Although she still wouldn't have given up meeting him for anything in the world. Her masturbation fantasies were going to be sooooooooooo much more intense after this. Too bad she didn't have her old collection of superhero cards here. She'd tried to get him to sign the case she carried them in. Not the actual Thor card of course. That thing was vintage, worth way too much to put a signature on it, not without intensive research into whether that would raise or lower the value.


Chris was intrigued by the woman sitting next to him. He'd read the story that she'd written about him - a basic impromptu meeting at a dance club that turned into a fan's one night stand fantasy, normally not the kind of thing that would have gotten his engine going, but there had been a few things that had turned him on. In the story he'd been described as being dominating. Not like the Shades of Grey stuff, no spankings, but holding her wrists, forceful kissing, that sort of thing. And, of course, the many references to him as a Sex God. Which, wow was that a lot to stoke a man's ego with, but at the same time it gave him a lot to live up to. Just a little bit terrifying.

There was something strangely seductive about her, despite the fact that he should probably be running in the other direction from the 'obsessed fan'. His agent hadn't been real thrilled about him going on this show to meet her, but he'd been curious. Now he was even more so. She was a walking bundle of contradictions. Sexy but nerdy (which he liked). Pretty but unconventionally so. Healthy, but not model thin like most of the women he saw on a daily basis. And had the balls to write dirty stories, but apparently had trouble meeting him in the eye. She seemed... shy. Which was not at all what he had expected. It was obvious that she was very self-contained, the way she kept gathering herself back together every time she lost her proverbial footing.

And dear God her sense of humor... slightly twisted but incredibly amusing. Even her run to the other side of Jon's desk had been done with almost comedic precision. Was she playing him? Trying to peak his interest in her?


Somehow Angel managed to make it through the rest of the interview, say an adequate "thank you and goodbye" to both Jon Stewart and Chris Hemsworth, before walking quickly off the set. The second she made it safely out of the view of the television cameras she bolted for guest room that they'd given her to "prep" in, desperately needing to splash some water on her face. Maybe just stick her head in the tub and drown herself. She really didn't know how to deal with the whole "mortification" thing.

Dear God, he must have thought her a complete idiot. If only she'd had some warning... no, no that probably wouldn't have done her any good. Then she'd have been too terrified to show up. Ugh. No one's supposed to ever have to face the object of their fantasies when you've publicly written about that object in seriously down and dirty terms! Most people never had to go through life with that shoved in their face. He probably thought she was some crazy fan girl... what on earth had possessed him to actually show up and meet her? Hopefully he wouldn't live in fear for the rest of his life that she'd be constantly following him, popping up naked on his property. She giggled a little. That would actually make a pretty good story.

A soft knock on her door made her groan a little. She was expecting a visit from the fan on the production crew... Linda, the one that had suggested she be contacted to do the interview in the first place. Well she'd have to thank the woman for one of the best and worst experiences of her life. Not that she'd say that. Definitely just stick to the "best" part. After all, it was true.

Smiling, amused at herself now that her tribulations were over, Angel opened the door with a "hello" on her lips and then let out a very loud "EEEEP!" before slamming the door shut in Chris Hemsworth's face. Her heart pounded madly and her knees buckled, sending her down so that she fell on her ass with her head between her legs.

"Shit!" she said, the word was surprised out of her by her shock at seeing him there and now by the sudden collapse of her body. Just as she was getting to her feet again, the door popped open and Chris stood there looking amused.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yep, yep, fine." Angel glared at him. "What are you doing here? Aren't you afraid I'll tie you down and have my wicked way with you?"

That surprised another one of those deep, rumbling laughs out of him. It warmed her belly and... other places that she shouldn't be thinking of while she was standing less than two feet away from him.

"You'd have to get the jump on me," he pointed out, smiling. "And so far I don't seem to have to do much to knock you down."

Angel couldn't think of a retort so she just stuck her tongue out at him.


The sexy, kittenish writer wasn't getting any less intriguing. He'd expected her to stay and flirt with him, or at least stand around and see if he would talk to her, after the interview. That's what most women did. Instead she'd bolted like he had the plague. When he finally tracked down the room she was in, not even sure why he was doing so, she made jokes about being a stalker and then stuck her tongue out at him like a five year old.

"Is that an invitation?" he asked, just to see her response. Woah... he could see her pupils dilate as she blushed, before she looked away, averting her very light hazel eyes. They had been bright when they were glaring at him, almost a golden or amber color rather than a true hazel. Now that she wasn't looking at him directly, he found himself distracted by the slight heave of her breasts. They were completely covered by the t-shirt she was wearing, although the super heroines on the front drew attention to the fairly substantial mounds. More than enough to fill even big hands like his own. It made his dick twitch a little, not the first time he'd felt that in front of her although he kept fighting it. Or did he? Why the hell had he followed her to her room anyway?

Oh, right. He wanted to make her feel more at ease in his presence. It bothered him that she made him feel like he was supposed to be larger than life, when she'd had such an easy repoire and acceptance of Jon as a real person. He was a real person too.

"So um..." she cleared her throat and shifted a little, peeking up at him from under her eyelashes. While he'd seen plenty of women doing that flirtatiously, it seemed more like she was doing so because she was honestly having a hard time meeting his eyes. Despite himself, he found it cute. Just as cute as a lot of her other little apparent quirks. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

Then she blushed again and threw up her hands.

"Sorry... I don't know why everything I say suddenly sounds like a porn movie. Danger of the job I suppose."

For a moment she grinned at him, without any of the discomfort or awe that she'd shown him before, and he felt his breath taken away with the glimpse into this inner person. Then she looked away, and the moment was broken.

"I was going to see if you wanted to get some coffee or something," he said. Which wasn't entirely true. He'd wanted to have a chat with her, but maybe being out in the real world would make it easier for her, rather than being on a Television set. Sometimes it was hard to feel anything but a little surreal in a studio, even if you were filming news and not a movie.


"Coffee?" Angel stared at him. "Why?"

The question was out of her mouth before she could think about it.

"Sorry," she said, before he could reply. The look of shock on his face was kind of funny though, probably not used to being turned down. Seriously, what girl in her right mind would turn him down? Don't answer that. "That was rude. Um, sure. But I have to stay here for a few more minutes. I have a fan on the production staff that's coming by to meet me."

Chris eased his huge body into her room. Seeing him look a little unsure of himself made him more like the kind of people Angel was comfortable around. She was naturally pretty shy, unless with her friends, but when someone else was shy her inner friendliness came out and made her want to put them at ease. Now that he was uncomfortable, she was started to feel more comfortable with him. Man she had issues. Of course, she couldn't think of a thing to say to him to set him at ease. Fortunately Linda showed up and she was able to lose herself in social niceties, introducing her to Chris, thanking Linda for the opportunity (being on one of her favorite television show was definitely the highlight of her year) and just making social chit chat in general. Chit chat was so not Angel's thing, but it was something that she had learned how to do. Mostly by asking people about themselves and encouraging them to continue talking. She could see Chris eyeing her with some kind of interest - not sexual, more like curiosity. She wondered why. Hadn't he ever seen people making small talk before? Once Linda was gone Angel turned back to him. "So. Coffee. Um. This is my first time in California, so I hope you know where to go." She smiled brilliantly at him.

Fortunately there was a Starbucks in walking distance, as both of them had taken hired vehicles to the studio. Chris ordered a regular coffee and Angel got her usual Strawberries and Cream.

"Too warm for coffee?" he asked her, as they waited for her order.

Angel laughed. "I actually hate coffee."

"Then why did you say yes to going out for coffee?"

"I still like the other stuff coffee shops serve," she said, smiling impishly up at him. While her overwhelming sexual attraction to him hadn't gone away, she found it was controllable as long as she only looked at him with short glances. This time she managed to hold his gaze for a couple of seconds before looking away again. It seemed to bother him that she wasn't looking him in the eye for any real period of time, but she couldn't help it. She felt like Icarus, flying to close to the sun. Mmmm Greek mythology. Greek was her favorite, although Norse was fun too. Maybe she should write some Norse mythology stories... starting with Thor of course.

"What are you thinking?"

Chris' deep voice broke through her thoughts and she blushed as she realized that she'd been staring off into space, fantasizing about him right in front of him. Oops.

"Oh, sorry," she said, just as her order came up. Grabbing it, she gratefully pulled a straw full of sweet, frozen goodness into her mouth to clear her head. "My brain is kind of always on, sometimes I drift a little if I start thinking about story ideas or plot lines."

"What was it this time?"

"A story idea," she said, pushing her straw around her drink and carefully not looking at him. Playing with her straw was always fun anyway, she liked to see the different colored swirls she could make with the pink and the cream. The simple things in life always kept her occupied and happy.

"What kind of story?" This time his voice was teasing, and she blushed deeper, glancing at him and away automatically.

"Um. Norse Mythology." Then she giggled as he laughed at her. Shrugging, Angel gave over to the inevitable. Now that she wasn't being surprised by him, all of her embarrassment had floated away. "Can't help it, not when there's such good subject material hanging around."

Chris guffawed. "You really do say whatever you're thinking, don't you?"

"Not when I'm in polite company," she teased.

They ended up talking about her experience as a writer and his as an actor as they walked through the streets, long after their drinks were finished. She peppered him with questions about Robert Downey Jr, another favorite of hers, and told him her favorite part of visiting California.

"The palm trees," she said promptly, when he asked.


"We don't have them in DC. Or anywhere else that I've been. It's like seeing something from a fantasy movie, only in real life. I get the same feeling when I go to Europe. I still feel like dancing with happiness every time I see them." She smiled up at the tree closest to them, the sheer joy in her face making it obvious that she was telling the truth, weird as it was.

"If you could do anything you wanted to me, right now, what would you do?" The question popped out of Chris' mouth before he had a chance to think. But he wanted to know and he had a feeling that she would tell him the truth. And he was curious. It was turning into his besetting sin around her, but nothing she said or did was what he expected. Somehow he had a feeling that she wouldn't try what he thought she would.

And he wasn't disappointed.

Angel lit up like a Christmas tree.


Chris nodded.

"I can show you - hold out your arms." Angel giggled as he stared at her. She stretched her arms out to either side of her, making a straight line with them. "Like this."

Dubiously, Chris followed her direction.

"Now hold still."

She grabbed onto his left bicep with both hands and lifted her heels in the air, actually swinging from his arm. Chris burst out laughing as she squealed with delight. Then she twisted slightly and wrapped her legs around his waist... for a moment he thought she was going to try and make a move on him, but she reached out and grabbed his opposite shoulder around his back, clambering up so that she was in position for a piggy back ride.

"God you make a fantastic playground," she said. "I need more men over 6' and built with muscle in my life, preferably with lots of patience for me to abuse."

"Am I giving you a piggy back ride now?" he asked, amused.

"Only if you want to."

He took off running down the street as she bounced and clung to his back, her legs locking strongly around his waist. Who would expect a writer to have such strong legs? She laughed and whooped, cheering as he ran for several blocks, before stopping, breathing heavily from the exertion. He hadn't meant to run for so long, but hearing him cheer her on had kept him going... she was silly and sweet and fun. Quirky. That was the word for her.

As she was sliding down from his back, he managed to twist around, lifting up his arm so that she ended up pressed up in front of him, looking up with startled eyes. Guileless. Half out of curiosity, half because she was sexy, Chris lowered his lips for a kiss.

Angel closed her eyes and gave in, leaving against the hard planes of his body and kissing him back. There are very few treasures as great as being kissed by your fantasy, and it wasn't one that she was willing to give up. Although she'd been born a die-hard romantic, an ex boyfriend had done a number on her and she'd become a hell of a lot more pragmatic. Whatever Chris gave she was willing to take, but she didn't expect anything from it or him. If she got to fulfill her fantasy, then that would be a wonderful memory to treasure. If all she got was a piggy back ride and this kiss, then she'd treasure that too. Heck, she'd already gotten one of her fantasies fulfilled, just being able to use him like a playground.

One of life's greatest lessons for Angel had been not to ever expect anything and never to hope for anything. Expectations got you hurt, but hope crushed.

So she indulged in the moment, kissing him back and letting their tongues entwine, trying to memorize the feel of his body against hers. Freaking all muscle, and yet somehow still cuddly. She loved a cuddly man. But first she had another fantasy to fulfill, and she moaned a little with happiness as her hands ran through all that silky, lovely hair, massaging his scalp and then letting her fingers slide through the strands.

Chris pulled his lips away, leaning his forehead against hers. "Really? Moaning about my hair?"

Angel giggled. "What can I say? I like nice hair. Hair, shoulders and butt, they're the first three things I check out about a man, but the first one is the most important."

"Does that mean my butt doesn't measure up?" He arched a playful eyebrow at her, still holding her tightly around the waist. Angel felt like everything that was happening was incredibly surreal, but way too much fun not to just let herself go with it.

"Well I suppose now I'll have to check," she said, winking at him as she reached around to grope his butt. Immediately Chris shifted, dancing away from her hand as he gave her a mock-shocked look. "Here in the middle of the street?"

Angel opened her mouth to respond 'do you have a suggestion of a better location' and then closed it with a snap, blushing. She was never forward, not like that. While she had plenty of gumption for most situations, there was some leftover Southern belle part of her, probably her grandmother's fault, that insisted that the guy had to make the first move.

However her thoughts transmitted themselves pretty clearly, she had a very expressive face, and Chris spread fascinated fingers over her blushing cheeks. Who knew... somehow she was both shy and uncaring about what others thought, both sensually flirtatious and assertive, while still blushing over making a proposition. And not throwing herself at him, just playing in her own way, and then following where he led. He kissed her again, slowly and sweetly, and Angel felt her knees actually weaken a little... but that was okay. There were a pair of nice muscular arms to hold her up.

"Want to go back to my hotel room and watch a movie with me?" he asked, pulling away from her again. It was a lame line, he didn't care. To his surprise, Angel seemed to take him at his word, stepping back from the embrace with her eyes twinkling, but not reading into the sexual possibilities of what he was saying. It was like the ultimate game of cat and mouse... except somehow he got the feeling that she wasn't playing a game or being coy. She was just being herself and not taking it for granted that he was interested in her that way. Despite the kisses they'd just shared.

"Anything good showing? I heard 'Thor' is available on Netflix." Angel smirked at him as he chuckled appreciatively.

"We can figure it out."


Deciding to test her, Chris set Angel up on the couch to pick out a movie while he made some popcorn in the suite's kitchen. Just to see what she chose.

"Your suite is a lot nicer than mine," she observed as she flipped through the TV guide. "Am I allowed to choose a premium channel?"

As in porn? he wondered. Were her real intentions going to come out to play? "Sure."

When he came into the room he had to smile at his own assumptions. She'd found a movie channel with New Releases, which meant that they cost something to watch, and had chosen The Artist.

"Did you like this one?"

"I haven't seen it... I almost never see the Oscar Best Picture nominees, much less the winners. Most of the movies I watch are Romantic Comedies or Adventure Action. I can't wait for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer. Or G.I. Joe. The first one was crap, but this one has the Rock in it, and I can't miss that. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was pretty fantastic, but I saw that by accident more than anything else. I wouldn't have picked it on my own. I hope it gets nominated for something this year, then I won't feel so out of the loop."

God she was fascinating. The words coming out of her mouth weren't anything he'd ever heard from another girl. From Best Exotic Marigold Hotel to wanting to see Abraham Lincoln cutting up vampires. And she not only knew who the Rock was, but still followed his career.

"Pro-wrestling fan?" he asked. Maybe she'd just liked him in the Disney movies.

"Yeah, I used to watch. Not as much anymore, it's lost a lot of its appeal and I haven't followed the story lines in so long that it's hard for me to get back into. I kind of lost interest when Brock Lesnar became the big thing. I just couldn't take him seriously with his high pitched voice, I know they were trying to do a Goldberg spin off, but Goldberg was just so much scarier. I got back into it for awhile, when John Cena became a face again, but it's been a couple of years since I've watched regularly anymore."

A pretty girl who could talk knowledgeably about pro-wrestling, but chose to watch The Artist. Complexity piled upon complexity. Despite the fact that she was carrying on a conversation with him, it seemed like she was completely engrossed in the movie. Then again, it helped that it was a silent film.

"Am I distracting you?" he asked.

Angel glanced at him, smiling, the lightness in her eyes indicating that she was having a good time. "Not at all. I'm big on multi-tasking. I can't just sit still and watch a movie, usually I end up knitting or eating or doing something with my hands."

Curled up on the couch, one of her legs tucked underneath her and the other swinging gently in front of her, she was fascinating just to watch. She was sincerely engrossed in the movie, and the play of emotions and reactions over her expressive features were even more fun to watch than the actual movie. Of course, he'd seen it already. He wasn't sure if he'd ever seen anything quite like her. Knitting. Seriously?


Angel was sincerely enjoying herself. She had a feeling that she was throwing Mr. Hemsworth for a loop. It wasn't too surprising, most guys didn't seem to quite know what to do with her. They had a tendency to either crawl all over her like puppies, begging for attention - which was the exact wrong way to go about getting her attention for anything other than friendship - or back off like she was some strange and dangerous creature. There was only a handful of the male population that she was ever truly attracted to, and only a tiny percentage of those were guys that she was interested in exploring something beyond a friends with benefits situation.

Sometimes she worried that maybe she was just a little too manly for other men. Not that she couldn't go all soft and girlish - she loved the color pink and shopping as much as the next girl - but there was too much tomboy in her to ever be beaten out. She knew she was a lot of person. And the multi-tasking thing was true... it also didn't help her any. Most guys were pretty intimidated by her ability to do a million things at once in her head. Right now, for instance, she was remembering the way Chris' lips had felt on hers, watching the movie, carrying on a conversation with him, plotting out a story line in her head for an improbable romance where a movie star falls for a regular girl, thinking about her own emotional short comings and exerting every ounce of her willpower not to throw herself at him again.

But she wasn't going to set herself up for rejection. Just because he had invited her up to his hotel room (Room? HA. Suite) didn't meant that things were going to go anywhere. She wouldn't have blamed him if he had second thoughts, and so she wasn't going to push it. If nothing more happened then she got a chance to finally see The Artist, so be it.

"Have you ever seen a silent film before," he asked.

"I love Charlie Chaplin. I've seen a lot of his, although not too much of anyone else's. I never got to see The Great Dictator though. I can't decide whether or not I want to, whether or not I really want to hear his voice or if that would make the rest of the movies too weird for me."

She looked up, noticing that Chris' arm was sprawled across the back of the couch. So he was feeling more open towards her now. She was a pretty good judge of body language. Taking the opportunity to scoot closer, she settled herself next to the bowl of popcorn that was between them and took a handful. Buttery goodness in her mouth, nom nom nom. From the frustrated expression she saw on his face out of the corner of her eye, she had a feeling that she was getting to him with her apparent lack of interest. God that was so far from true. She could practically feel the heat emanating from his arm behind her, and from across the popcorn bowl. If he had any idea how hard her nipples were, or how wet she was just from being in his presence, then he wouldn't have any doubts... of course he also might throw her from the room.


No expectations, no hopes. Those were the words she lived by. That and "live life as if your hair were on fire." Of course, some people might take that to mean that she should be at least attempting to jump him right now... but truth be told, Angel was enjoying herself. Plus, if she jumped him and he rebuffed her then she wouldn't get to finish the movie.

That and, you know, being way too chicken to put the moves on a guy. Which was kind of sad considering how blunt and brave she was in every other aspect of her life. Of course... if he put the moves on her first....

"Here, let me," Chris said as she reached for another handful of popcorn. Angel turned her head in surprise, and her lips parted automatically as Chris held two pieces of the salty treat up, teasingly, in front of her mouth. Stretching out her neck, she quickly nabbed them before he could pull them away, her lips closing around his fingers. The startled laugh he gave her was like sweet chocolate sliding down into her belly, mixing with the buttery crunch she was chewing on.

Just because she couldn't make the first REAL move didn't mean she was a complete chicken.

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to feed the animals?" she asked, teasing. "Some of them bite."

"Maybe I like it when they bite," he said, and leaned over, catching her mouth in a kiss again before she could respond. He was good at that. Of course, it helped that the second he turned those gorgeous blue eyes on her, her brain melted and her stomach dropped and it wasn't like she could breathe much less form a sentence. The taste of him on her tongue, flavored with popcorn, was purely masculine. The popcorn bowl suffered a small upset as they leaned into each other, heedless of the snack between them. Chris' arm vacated the back of the couch and wrapped around Angel, hauling her onto his lap.

God that hair... she got her hands into it again and moaned with the sensuous pleasure of it. Good hair was such an incredible turn on. If he had any doubts about whether or not she wanted to jump his bones, he certainly didn't any more... and speaking of that particular bone, it was digging into her thigh and sweet thundering Thor, he really was well built everywhere. Nice to know that he wasn't immune to her either. She might not be a model, but she liked to think that she was pretty attractive in her own curvy and natural way.

He kissed wonderfully. Passionately. And she responded wholeheartedly, letting herself indulge in getting her hands all over his gorgeous upper body. The more she squirmed around on top of him, trying to get in a more comfortable position, the tighter his arms held her - and she had to admit that excited her. Angel had always been involved in sports and there had been many times when she'd taken down a confident guy in an arm wrestling match. There'd be none of that going on, not with Chris' impressive bicep size. Having a guy that could restrain her with just his hands was hot, hot, hot.

"You move too much," he complained, half-laughing as he pulled away from the kiss. Angel's lips felt swollen, both her mouth and her pussy lips, as she giggled.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she teased him. "I seem to be sitting on something very large and uncomfortable." That got another laugh out of him, and also a flash of pride. Heck, did he not know that he had an impressive size? Most guys liked to brag about that whether they did or not.

"Well then let's get more comfortable." His voice was low and growly and it made her freaking melt right into him. Which made it even easier for him to lift her up in his arms, one under her knees and the other around her back, as he headed for the bedroom.


Like, seriously? Angel felt like she was losing complete control of the situation and herself. She wasn't the type of girl to actually swoon. Ever. So she put her arms around his neck (Jesus, he really was all muscle) and pulled herself up to a point where she could lay her lips against his warm skin, sucking on it slightly. And then she bit him.

The low groan he gave went straight between her legs and he tossed her on the bed, crawling up towards in her a predatory way that made her scramble backwards, her heart beating madly with excitement and lust. He was just so damn big, practically looming over her even though he was on all fours. Angel licked her lips, which were suddenly very, very dry as she stared into the intent blue eyes.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked gently.

Angel laughed. "I'd say I'm not that kind of girl, but the truth is... yes. You're single, I'm single, and sometimes life hands you something exciting and wonderful and you just have to grab it in both hands."

The smile on his face broadened as he crawled up towards her more, letting all of his weight rest on one hand as his other slid under the hem of her t-shirt.

"Is this something wonderful and exciting?"

"Fuck yes."

Her sudden crassness made him laugh again, and Angel propped herself up on both elbows, tilting her lips up for a kiss. When their mouths connected she was suddenly aware of his body heat, scorching hot and all along her body above her. The hand under her shirt quested upwards, over the soft curves of her belly and up to cup her breast. Angel lifted one of her arms, wrapping it around his neck and trying to pull him down on top of her.

There wasn't even the slightest hint of movement. He was too damn big for her to force into position. God that was hot. Instead she whimpered as he very slowly fit his large hand into her bra, fingers sliding past and teasing her nipples, which hardened at his touch. Fine. Two could play at that game.

Letting herself drop back onto the bed, Angel pulled away from his kiss while simultaneously reaching up with her right leg, letting her bare foot run along his calf. With a wicked look in her eye, she reached up with both hands, one coming to rest so that her fingers could tease at his nipple, and the other splayed across his stomach - Holy six-pack Batman! - rubbing slow circles so that her fingers could tease the waistband of his jeans.

Instinctively, as she knew he would, he followed her down with his body, trying to reestablish the kiss. Of course, that meant that their lower bodies connected too, and Angel gasped with the weight of him... huge... hard... her legs spread automatically. Biology and her pussy demanded it.

Just before their lips reconnected, her face tilting up to receive it, Chris pushed her shirt up and over her head instead, surprising Angel and making her laugh. His eyes traveled appreciatively over her breasts, 34DD, cupped in a purple bra with lavender lace trim. She took in a breath, swelling them deliberately. While she wasn't a big fan of her stomach, she knew that her breasts were one of her better assets. Third, in fact, after her legs and her butt.

Strong fingers stroked down the jiggly flesh that was revealed over the top of the bra, tracing along the lacy line of lavender, and Angel sucked in a breath.

"Turn about's fair play," she told him as she started to roll his shirt up. Was it possible to orgasm just looking at a man's body? Cuz right now that's what it felt like her body was doing, clenching and creaming itself over the incredibly sexy expanse of flesh that was now visible. Hard lines, soft flesh that became steel when it flexed... she traced her fingers around his muscles, fascinated. The sexy V that disappeared into his jeans was just... lickable.

Angel pushed against his shoulder, wanting to turn him over... yeah that so wasn't working. Impishly she looked up at him grinning.

"I don't suppose you'd let me on top."

"I thought you didn't like to be on top," he teased, grinning down at her. The blush that spread across her cheeks and the way she looked away from him was just too darn cute. Did she really think he hadn't read the story?

"I like to explore."

"I like you under me."

Yeah that turned her on. The shiver of lust that went through her at his words actually curled her toes. In fact her entire body curled, arching up to try and press against him. Chris grabbed her wrists this time, pressing them down on either side of her head as he began to kiss down her neck, over her collarbone and chest, his fingers flexing as she shuddered, involuntarily pushing back against him. Tendrils of hair that she was dying to touch brushed her skin, over her chest as his lips moved. By the time he slid his tongue just under the cup of her breast she was humping her hips against the strong thigh that had wedged itself against her jean covered pussy lips.

God... she was feeling completely wanton. Totally hot. And living out her fantasy. Life was too good to her sometimes. Sure, it was only for one night, but what a memory to cherish for the rest of her life.

Angel mewled and leaned her head forward as he teased her breasts. Her nipples felt so swollen, rubbing against the slightly stiffened fabric of her bra. Catching his ear between her lips, she bit down gently and sucked. The small gasp she heard and the tremor that shuddered through his body told her how much he liked that.

"Fuck," he growled. And let go of her wrists, so that he could unbutton her jeans. All things considered... Angel let her wrists stay where they were. There was something hot about staying in position and watching Chris Hemsworth take off her jeans, struggling just like any other man with the tight fit of women's jeans. Angel's ass had been compared to J-Lo's more than once by her friends, she had a total bubble but and it was always fun to watch guys try and pull tight fitting pants off of her. Seeing Chris do it was just lust inspiring. The look in his eyes as her long, slim, muscular legs were bared to him. Her legs were the last place she ever gained weight and the first place she'd lost it. More than once she'd been told she had perfect ankles.

Chris fitted one of those hands around her bare right ankle, easily encompassing it, before lifting it in the air, tilting his head to let his tongue flick out and lick her calf, staring her dead in the eyes with that smoldering blue gaze of his. Fuck. Angel bit her lip to keep from moaning. His gaze suddenly dropped to her panties.

Purple. And trimmed with lavender lace.

He raised an inquiring eyebrow and Angel grinned at him. "I always match. It's a thing for me. I don't buy underwear unless I have a matching bra or am buying a matching bra. Don't judge, you know it's cute."

Unsurprisingly, all he could do was chuckle again at her. Then he kissed the inside of her knee and Angel gasped. Her knees were sensitive. Always had been. Weirdest freaking erogenous zone in the world. Inching forward on his own knees, not looking away from her once, Angel could tell that Chris was studying her reaction as his finger tips touched the center of her knee and then very carefully and slowly spread out. The shiver went straight through her.

"Fuck," she moaned, and then pulled her leg off his shoulder before he could do it again. Immediately she was up on her knees, fingers tugging his buttonhole over the button of his jeans. "You have no idea what that does to me."

"I think I get the picture," he said. And then he kissed her again, cradling her face in his hands, pulling the pony tail holder from her hair and running his fingers through her curls. It was passionate, heavenly, and almost successful at distracting her from what she was trying to do. The huge bulge at the front of his pants didn't make her job any easier, the waist band of his pants was very tight against his skin and getting them unbuttoned was hard work. So worth it.

Someone wasn't wearing any underwear.

She gasped at the feeling of flesh on flesh as her hand dipped inside of his pants. Hot, huge, throbbing... pretty much any cliché description that she could come up with in her head, that was Chris Hemsworth. And he was in her hand. Angel moaned against his lips as she wrapped her fingers around him. Fuck... that was going to be a tight fit. Intimately aware of her body, she knew very well what was too big for her and he was just verging on it.

Oh well. No pain, no gain. And she had a feeling he'd be worth it.

Now she was the one struggling to get his pants off. And it wasn't easy. Infuriating, actually, would be the word once he started chuckling at her. As much as she loved that chuckle, she wasn't a fan of it at the moment. His thighs were just way too freaking big to be believed.

"Would you like some help with that?" he murmured in her ear, the air blowing across her neck and into her hair, making her shiver.

Angel fell back onto the bed, giving up with a huff. Blinking up at him she smiled demurely. "Yes please."

Oh. Wow. This was better than Magic Mike's. Chris Hemsworth standing over her - on the bed no less - and giving her the full freaking view while he stripped off his pants. No hair on his chest, some on his legs, and just a little bit of a happy trail leading down to a very nicely trimmed frame for a very large dick.

It took less than 2 seconds for Angel to get back on her knees with her hand back on his cock. Looking straight up at him, she pursed her lips at the head, her hand firmly wrapped around the base, and flicked out her tongue against his pee hole.

"Tease," he accused her.

Instead of responding, Angel stuck out her tongue and traced the based of the thick mushroom head with it, squeezing her fingers and pumping very slightly around his base. Chris' hips jerked and he moaned. Freaking amazing how much power being on her knees could give a girl. Angel began licking up and down his shaft, spending most of her time licking around the sensitive head and the soft velvety underside where his urethra was, one hand gently squeezing the base of his shaft while the other played with his balls. Multi-tasking really had always been one of her strong suits.

The man turned to putty in her hands, especially when she put her lips at the end of his cock and literally began to suck it into her mouth. Slow, steady suction as he entered her mouth, her lips and jaw opening for him very slowly as his cock pushed in. Shooting little glances upwards, Angel could see the muscle in his jaw clench at the sensation. It was one of her favorite little tricks. Sliding off slightly, she released the suction and his body relaxed for a moment, until she started sucking him back in.

"Holy shit," he said, groaning as she began to bob her head back and forth, taking in as much of him as she could. It had been awhile, and Angel had never tried to deep throat anyone as big as him, but she could get a fair amount of his cock in her and even get his head into the entrance to her throat before her body rippled and tried to heave. Because she controlled it, the clenching of her throat muscles actually felt pretty spectacular to him.

The entire time, her tongue was lashing against the underside of his cock, her fingers gently tugging on his balls, one of them sneaking up to rub against that sweet spot between his balls and his anus, making little circles in the hair there. Angel loved watching a powerful man lose it when she gave him head. Feeling his hands running through her hair, seeing the look in his eyes when he watched her swallow him. Vulnerable and yet so excited.

Looking back at him, Angel increased the suction, getting as much meat into her mouth as she could, and then she hummed low in her throat. The vibrations made his body clench and thrust forward.

"Keep that up and I'm going to cum," he said, eyes glinting down at her in appreciation.

Angel pulled her mouth off of him and used her hand, sliding it up and down over the wet, shiny length of cock. "Isn't that the point?"

"Not yet."

She found herself pushed back on the bed with a big, hard man on top of her. Damn he was heavy, but in that wonderfully comforting way that made her want to just hug him and keep him on top of her all day.

"Am I crushing you?"

"Not at all." Angel giggled and wriggled her hips temptingly, her spread legs meaning that her wetness rubbed against the tip of his erection.

"Tease," he growled again, undoing her bra clasp and leaning back so that he could slide it off of her arms. Then he was down, both hands filled with breast flesh, his lips wrapped around a nipple. Angel groaned and humped her hips, arching her back as he nibbled gently, sucking the tender bud into his mouth. Running her hands through his hair, over and over again, she tugged gently and he growled at her. That made her giggle again, but he seemed to like it.

She was about to catch his earlobe in her mouth again and bite it when two fingers slide past her panties and stroked down the center of her pussy, rubbing against her wetness. Angel's head dropped back and she moaned with pleasure as he stroked her, the large digits finding her eager hole and pushing in. Fuck... even his fingers were big. Wide. Spreading her open. Her body convulsed as he thumbed her clit.

Kissing down her stomach, his other hand traveled down her leg to her knee, and when he did the fingertip spread her body practically levitated. Angel's body convulsed, her pussy squeezing down as the heat shuddered through her, shocking in its intensity.

"FUCK," she said, gasping for air. Chris looked up from her stomach, a bemused expression on her face.

"That's really a sensitive spot isn't it?"

Angel threw up her hands, slightly embarrassed. "Yes, I know, it's weird. I can't help it."

"I like weird," he said, and he did it again with matching results. "I might have to do this while I'm inside you, you react so nicely."

The only answer he got back was a moan, and he chuckled again as he peeled her underwear off, baring her completely shaved pussy to him. Angel spread her legs, knowing that it would part her pussy lips and show him how wet she was. He swore under his breath and tossed her panties to the side, not even looking at where he was throwing them. Two strong hands slid up the insides of her legs, making her shiver, as he spread her thighs apart even wider, controlling her movements.

His tongue slid up the center of her pussy. Normally Angel wasn't turned on by watching a guy eat her out, normally she closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensation. Not this time. Fucking gorgeous man, his blue eyes watching her every movement, every gasp and shift of her body, long strands of blonde hair swaying against her inner thighs, and Angel moaned. The way his body was curved, keeping his long figure on the bed, meant that she could see his ass sticking up a little bit behind him. And it was a damn fine ass.

Angel bit her lip, letting her head fall back as the sensations washed over her. Her thigh muscles tightened and tried to close around him, but his hands kept her from being able to move. So hot. She reached down and began to twist the strands of his hair around her fingers, tugging slightly, enjoying the softness of his hair against her hands and body.

"Oh... oh god...." she said, her hips lifting as he sucked her clit into his mouth, her thighs quivering with effort as he held her open, forcing her to feel everything that he was giving her. Angel thrashed her head back and forth, the sensations wonderfully intense, her body coiling with heat and need.

The orgasm shivered through her as her back arched upwards, her hands gripping his hair tightly. As she undulated for him, passionate cries ringing through the room, Chris kept sucking hard on her, keeping her thighs open even though her body fought him. She screamed his name and his cock bounced against the bed beneath him. Damn she was noisy. And how hot was that?

When Chris' mouth lifted from her body, their eyes caught again, the hot connection flaring between them. Angel tugged on his hair, pulling him up towards her. Oral orgasms were nothing to be sneered at, but she wanted him inside of her. She was panting for it. As soon as he got close enough she lunged upwards, kissing him hard and tasting herself on his lips. It wasn't her favorite taste, but the kiss was well worth it, as he responded by wrapping his arm securely beneath her, sliding it down so the small of her back so that she was arched beneath him. Between her legs something hard and thick rubbed at her sensitive pussy lips, teasing them.

"Oh please..." she moaned as he started kissing down her neck again. Her legs wrapped around him, trying to pull him into her... not that it had any effect on his muscular body at all, but she couldn't help herself. Nails dug into his shoulders as she twisted, wriggling, trying to get them in position. If she hadn't been so hot, so sexy with her desire, Chris might have laughed at her again, but mostly he was just turned on by how much she wanted him. Apparently one screaming orgasm was just an appetizer. That was fine by him, he couldn't wait to hear his name on her lips again.

"Oh god... Chris... slowly..." she shivered, her body suddenly going motionles

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