Pokemon Trainer who found a Sky Shaymin

Pokemon Trainer who found a Sky Shaymin

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



If you love Pokemon Fanfiction, this is the story to read! Its about a trainer who found the legendary Sky Shaymin. ENJOY!



If you love Pokemon Fanfiction, this is the story to read! Its about a trainer who found the legendary Sky Shaymin. ENJOY!


Submitted: March 17, 2014

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Submitted: March 17, 2014



Taking a drink from his water bottle Marco continued to walk across the Seabreak Path the long thin stretch of road that was covered with many colorful flowers that lead him to the Flower Paradise. Marco put the bottle back in his pack. The speck of land was getting closer and closer but it felt like it wasn't getting any closer than it appeared. Why would Professor Oak tell him about this strange place? Well obviously this place had some kind of special importance otherwise it would remain relatively unknown. What would he find here? A special item? A large sum of money? Or perhaps…a legendary Pokémon…

Marco always wanted to meet, and maybe even capture a legendary Pokémon since he first heard about them when he was a young child. Legendary Pokémon were always his favorite subject. Female Pokémon had bodies that sometimes rivaled and even beat the beauty of human females. A combination of the beauty of the female body and the beastly qualities like fur, a tail, and a muzzle could make the most beautiful specimen eyes ever laid eyes on. The legendaries however, at least the females, had such an otherworldly beauty it could make any male melt upon sight.

Marco ran his hand across the front of his sweaty, short brown hair. He was a trainer hailing from Azalia Town, at least 17 years of age. He was muscular for the most part but he was a bit skinny and good looking as well.

The Flower Paradise came closer and closer until Marco walked onto the small island. Tall trees lined and thick bushes lined the island, beautiful flowers everywhere on the ground. The smell of flowers filled the air and it smelled wonderful. The cool island breeze flowed across his body and he sighed. Setting his backpack down he sat down on the grass and leaned up against a tree he looked up at the shade that covered the ground by the tree leaves. This island was pretty small and it looked like the possibility of having any wild Pokémon was very slim. The only place for them to hide would be in the bushes.

Marco looked to his left and something caught his attention. On a small short platform at the other end of the island, someone was sitting down. By the looks of it, it was a Pokémon but it had its back to Marco. Dmitri stood up slowly and pulled the empty Master Ball from his belt. If this was a Pokémon it had to be a rare one. Taking slow steps through the grass and flowers Marco got closer with each step and his assumptions were right. This was a Pokémon. Bringing his arm back he prepared to throw the Master Ball but not before taking one last step. With the step his foot made contact with a lone twig on the ground and it loudly snapped in half, echoing through the quiet island. Marco froze and the Pokémon turned to face him, and his body locked up.

The Pokémon that sat on the ground was a Shaymin, a Sky Form Shaymin; his favorite Legendary Pokémon.

Her appearance took Marco by surprise. Long antlers protruded from the sides of her head; he could tell it was a she because of the full mounds on her chest. She had the deepest green eyes he'd ever seen; her fur was the color of pure white snow, and her green hair was of medium length, her bangs hanging over her forehead. Even from behind he could see she had the body of a goddess. They continued to stare at each other before Marco released his grip on the Master Ball, spinning through the air at the Pokémon.

Before the ball hit her one of her hands shot from in front of her and caught the Master Ball. Marco's mouth fell open in shock. A Pokémon actually caught a Master Ball. The Shaymin threw the ball back to him which he caught in his hands. Parts of the ball were covered in a clear sweet smelling liquid.

"A human…" she said her voice melodious and pure. "I've never seen one in such a long time..."

"H-How could you have caught the Master Ball?" Marco said, still shocked by the event.

"I'm a Legendary Pokémon." She said. "You can't capture one that easily." Marco was dumbfounded.

The Shaymin bent forward onto her hands and lifted her lower body up and Marco got a front row view of her firm hindquarters. Her legs were digit-grade and resembled the hind-legs of animals so she was standing like a dog. She turned and walked of the platform towards Marco, the trainer starting to sweat. She stood up on her hind legs to make eye contact with the boy. The different features of her body were now noticeable. Green fur covered her arms up to the forearms, and on her legs up to the middle of her thigh. Her face came into a short muzzle with a small black nose at the end, and a thick tuft of white fur around her neck and above her breasts.

"Tell me trainer," she said. "What's your name?"

He swallowed, adjusting his shirt collar. "M-Marco."

The Shaymin smiled. "I see. My name is Leta."

The appearance of this boy was rather fortunate on Leta's part, because she was at that time of the year where she was in her cycle; her heat cycle. She needed the attention of a male, and Marco looked like he knew a thing or two about pleasing a female.

"Tell me human," she said, getting closer to him. "You desire to capture me and become my master?"

Marco nodded slightly. "That's what I was planning…"

"But do you have the stamina; do you have what it takes to handle a Legendary?"

Marco's face was getting redder. "What…do you mean?"

At this moment Leta's pussy was dripping wet, her vaginal fluids trickling down the inside of her legs. She needed something to relieve the heat and she needed it badly.

"Follow me into the bushes." She said seductively. "Let's see if you have what it takes to become my master."

Getting back down on all fours she walked towards the bushes, her small white tail sticking straight up. Marco was bit nervous about what she was implying, but if it meant capturing this Legendary Pokémon, he would do anything.

Following her into the bushes they were no in a small clearing with beautiful flowers covering the ground. Leta stood up on her hind-legs and turned to Marco before grabbing his collar with her paws and pulling his mouth against hers into a kiss. Marco gasped at the sudden contact and gasped louder when she shoved her tongue into his mouth. Marco never kissed a girl before so this was completely Greek to him. Did the Shaymin want to mate with him?

Leta removed her lips from his and moved her hands down to the bottom of his shirt and lifted it over his head, tossing it to the ground and exposing his well-built chest. Leta licked her lips.

"Do you have what it takes to become my new master?" she said with desire in her voice and eyes.

Marco was hesitant. Never before did he have sex with a Pokémon, neither was it exactly on his list of things to do, but this…girl…was making things hard. She was just so beautiful…

"Does it have to be this way?" Marco said. "Can't I have one of my Pokémon battle you?"

"You do want to be my master right?" Leta said.

Marco would do anything to have a Shaymin, and if this was the way she wanted to test him, how could he reject her? "Y-Yes I do. I would do anything to have you as my Pokémon."

Leta grabbed his hand and touched it against her dripping sex, hot and drenched. "Then take me."

The Shaymin wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled the boy into another passionate kiss. Marco complied by wrapping his around her waist and pulled her against him. Her hardening nipples pressed against his bare chest, her arousal becoming more apparent. Her white fur was much softer than he imagined, plush to the touch. They stood like that and kissed for several minutes, their lips wet with saliva making the kiss sloppier.

Marco moved his hands up to her chest and touched the bottom of her breasts. Leta released him and moaned softly with her eyes closed. Both of them got down on the ground on their knees and Marco was left to rub her chest with his light touch. Leta leaned her head back and a quiet moan escaped her lips. Marco's nimble fingers caressed her soft mounds gently, her nipples becoming harder. The trainer ran the tips of his thumbs over the hard buds that poked through her white fur, her chest rising with each breath.

Marco bent his head down and touched her nipple with his tongue. Leta gasped and she felt herself becoming wetter and wetter, her heat begging for the trainer. He swirled his tongue around it slowly, tasting it every which way he could. The Shaymin could feel one of the most sensitive areas of her body teased with the warm appendage and every minute was tantalizing.

Still rubbing her breasts with his hands Marco put his mouth over her breast and slowly sucked on her nipple. Leta gasped her eyes widening. The force of his sucking was incredible! Her moans came out in short gasps; the combination of the sucking while he rubbed her breasts was making her more aroused than before. The last time Marco did this was when he was an infant, but this was for an entirely different reason. Breathing through his nose he took in the scent of her body; her fur smelled like magnolias, heavenly and very feminine.

A rather odd tingling sensation went through her breasts and suddenly the area around her nipples felt wet than before. An odd taste filled his mouth and he removed his mouth from her breast, which was coated in a thick milky liquid.

"Is something wrong?" Leta said, before she looked down at her breasts. "Oh my. Your suckling seems to have roused out my milk."

The Shaymin reached forward and licked Marco's lips, tasting her own milk. Going back down to her nipple Marco licked it again, tasting the sweet liquid. It was tastier than the milk of a Miltank. Moving his mouth to the other breast he took the other nipple in his mouth, he sucked and drank the liquid that secreted from the breast. Leta's body shook from his sucking and groping, the stimulation drawing her closer. The trainer cupped his hand over the unattended breast and massaged it, his palm dampening from her mammary emission.

Marco sucked on Leta like a newborn pup, drinking up her milk in the process. Leta's fur and hair was already sweaty, a light pink blush playing across her cheeks. This boy was much better than she expected him to be; maybe he had enough stamina to be her master, but they would have to see when the time came. Her liquid pooling beneath her, her heat was growing very impatient but it almost seemed that Marco wouldn't be done anytime soon.

"Do you think you'll be done any time soon pup?" she said in a romantic tone. "We need to start the real test."

Marco released her from his mouth, almost disappointed the taste of the liquid left his senses. Leta rolled over and stood in front of Marco on all fours like before, but this time facing away from him, standing in the position Pokémon got in for mating. Her wet, swollen pussy stood out from her white body, her small tail hole lying just above it beneath the wisp of fur above. No Pokémon in the world looked so beautiful at that moment.

Leta looked back at the trainer. "Don't leave me waiting."

Marco stood up and took his shoes and socks off before undoing his belt and taking off his pants along with his boxers, showing his hard erection. Getting back down on his knees behind her he admired her firm hindquarters which he rubbed with his palm, getting a small giggle from the Pokémon. The trainer swallowed the lump in his throat, touching the outside of her moist lips and parting with his index and middle fingers, looking at the small vagina of the Legendary Pokémon. Leta moaned and looked back at the boy.

"Please Marco." She said, her heat growing stronger. "Please fuck me already."

Not wanting to leave the female waiting he took her hips in his hands, he rubbed the head of his cock against her clit before sliding inside, parting her lips and cutting into her. Leta clenched her eyes shut and winced in pain, clutching handfuls of grass and flowers in her paws. Though a virgin Pokémon were uncommon, living on an island far out from civilization by yourself, you'd be a virgin too. Marco thrust slowly into her; he could hear her gentle whimpers, so he knew to go slowly until she was ready. But he still couldn't believe what was happening; he took the virginity of a Legendary Pokémon, what else could a trainer ask for?

Leta still felt pain but the relief from her heat gave her pleasure, her lips sucking greedily on Marco's cock. She moaned as Marco made the smooth humping motion of a male Pokémon, holding onto her waist while making straight and upward thrusts. Leta looked back at the human, the look in her eyes telling him to go on. The Shaymin moved her head away and Marco slowly pulled out of her, only to re-enter and making her gasp. The boy had to fight the urge to grab onto her long antlers; they just looked like they begging for him to grab them.

The Shaymin let out a long moan her pain dulling and filling her with unconceivable pleasure. Making a backward humping motion her bottom made contact with Marco's pelvis each time he thrust. He pulled her towards him while he thrust into her so it deepened the penetration. Marco smacked against Leta's body dampening his crotch and making a soft wet thumping sound. Her folds were hot and moist around him it added to his arousal and he sped up the rate of his thrusts. Leta's breathing became loud pants, her short muzzle hanging open with her pink tongue lolled out to the side. Her mind was drowning in the sea of ecstasy that she and Marco were plunged into and clear thinking was becoming harder.

Marco pulled closer until she was hilted against him, his cock rock hard from the arousal. Tightening his grip on her slim waist he thrust his hips a little harder, driving into her further. Leta moaned loudly, her body beginning to convulse and each nerve electrifying. The Shaymin's breasts swung slowly beneath her to and fro with each movement she made when Marco slammed into her, her nipples scraping against the grass and flowers only adding to the pleasure. The bangs of her hair mat against her head from the sweat that covered her body and her antlers almost began to feel heavier than before. Tiny droplets of drool fell from the tip of her tongue, her panting and moaning increasing in tempo. The pink blush across her face was now almost a dark red, her temperature clearly rising. If Marco was a male Pokémon he would be driven crazy by the endless pheromones she was producing.

Her love juices coating Marco's dick, he rammed his body against hers, hitting a sweet spot in her body and making her back arch, crying out towards the sky. Her production of liquids was growing faster and she was closer to her climax than before. A heavy haze played around their heads screwing up every thought that entered into their head. Leta's walls tightened around the trainer's member and he almost got locked in place. He bent forward until his chest was touching her back, the red feather-like appendage rest against his shoulder. Wrapping his arms beneath her breasts he slid into her as quickly as he could, her snow white fur so warm against his skin, taking in the magnolia smell that radiated across her. Leta's breasts smacked against his arms with each thrust, her chest heaving lightly with each pant. Sliding quickly through the hold, her natural juices creating a lot of lubrication between them, he pumped deeper and deeper sending her completely over the edge.

With a loud yell of ecstasy her walls contracted tightly over him and her orgasm exploded onto him, the strong smelling liquids splashing onto him coating his skin and the ground beneath, watering onto the flowers. The act sent Marco into a frenzy and he seemed to be reacting to the strength of her pheromones. Pumping into her with a speed that could rival that of a Mightyena's he pounded onto her body before his semen erupted from his cock filling her and impregnating her, conceiving the next generation.

Leta felt spent of all she had in her aftermath of sex but Marco wasn't done with her just yet. There was still one place that hadn't gotten any attention. Pulling out of her slippery entrance he moved his length up to her tight anus.

"Oh Arceus," she said with a shudder in her voice. "Please don't go in there."

Marco rubbed her white stomach in assurance . She seemed reluctant to take it up her ass but she made no move to stop him. Her tongue still hanging from her mouth she waited patiently for him to make his next move.

Slowly pressing the head of his cock against the tight hole, he pushed into her. She screamed out in pleasure and pain as his hard, wet cock plowed her rectum slowly. It is so tight, never before had anything been inside. After a few seconds he finally managed to get his cock all the way into her ass.

Leta mewled softly experiencing a new kind of mixture of pain and pleasure. Her tongue farther out of her mouth long lines of slobber fell from it, landing on the petals of a small red flower. Marco's length probed her tight rectum as she began to moan and whimper with each thrust, the heat in the enclosed space was almost as intense as it was in her other hole. Leta pulled up handfuls of grass from the earth beneath her, her eyes shut and her mouth open in constant pants, her bestial lust overcoming her. Her cunt dripped with the liquid that she already ejaculated along with new additions to the juice.

Running his fingers through her green hair her antlers looked so appealing, he had to fight the urge to grab them because he knew the antlers were the most sensitive part on a Shaymin's body, so he could resist. Leta's insides began to burn from her pussy not getting any attention, but this seemed to make up for it. Their bodies drenched with sweat the thick odor of sex filled the air mixing with the sweet smell of flowers. Leta's loud moans echoed across the small island, her body making spasms as a second orgasm was about to hit her. Losing the rhythm of his thrusts to the pleasure he thrust faster into her anus until his cock spurted his seed into her, filling her with more warmth. Leta screamed out loud as the second climax hit her hard and with nothing obstructing her slit her liquid flowed out of her in a thick free flow like a river creating a huge pool beneath them. Marco slowly pulled out of the Pokémon, her body aching in the heat of the ecstasy.

"So…how was I?" Marco said nervously.

Leta looked back at him and smiled. "You were amazing, master."

Marco almost jumped for joy but suppressed it for the inside. Shaymin, his most favorite Pokémon in the world, was now his.

"Not only am I yours, but you're also going to be a father."

Marco's expression changed to shock and surprise. "A f-father?"

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you this, but I was in heat." She said.

"Is that why you challenged me this way?"

"I guess that was one of the reasons." She admitted. "Are you angry?"

Marco smiled and shook his head. "Of course not. I could never be mad at a Pokémon as beautiful as you."

Leta rolled over onto her behind, facing Marco with her legs spread apart like she was teasing him.

"I'm ready to be captured, master." Her delicate voice chimed. "I want to be yours forever."

Picking up the Master Ball from the grass he took one last look at the Pokémon before throwing the ball at her which she made no effort to resist. The ball opened and her body was enveloped in the white light, sucking her into the orb. The Master Ball fell onto the ground with a thump, shaking a few times before the red light went dark. Shaymin was now his.

Marco smiled from ear to ear. Putting all of his clothes back on he picked up the Master Ball which was still a little wet from earlier. Taking a whiff of the liquid he now knew what it was. The ball was covered with Leta's juices. Rubbing a spot on the ball with his finger he licked the liquid off his finger, tasting his new companion. Maybe he could taste her the next time they spent time together.

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