Shay Knuth

Shay Knuth

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The erotic adventures of the impossibly lovely and buxom Shay Knuth, Playboy Bunny and Miss September 1969.


The erotic adventures of the impossibly lovely and buxom Shay Knuth, Playboy Bunny and Miss September 1969.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Shay Knuth

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The erotic adventures of the impossibly lovely and buxom Shay Knuth, Playboy Bunny and Miss September 1969.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 10, 2013



You would think that living next store to a playmate would be a thrill for an eighteen year old but I was actually pretty darn miserable. The winter of 1969 was shaping up to be the worst I ever knew, not only was it colder than a witch’s tit but I was stuck alone with my dad doing working as caretaker for some cabins used as a fishing camp.


The woods of Wisconsin can be pretty bleak in the winter but alone with your dad they can be hell; we didn’t have much to talk about ‘cause I was just spinning wheels and waiting until the new year when my enlistment in the army became official.


Most of the cabins were for summer use but a few including the one we stayed in were winterized. All the cabins were vacant until a week before Christmas when one of the winter cabins got rented by Playboy Incorporated-- seems they wanted to give an employee a little break from her busy schedule. My dad made it sound like it was some fat old executive who wanted to park his ass someplace secluded and catch up with his reading.


At that time I was awfully fond of Playboy because it was the only chance I got to see girls. At the time I was pretty geeky, shy, awkward, nose always in a book; I barely ever talked to a girl, let alone kiss one.  To top it off, I stuttered. But in my head I was a white knight and might warrior; my dreams were of daring rescues and grateful nubile damsels.


Then there was Playboy.  Over the last year or so it had become my bible. For months I had Miss September hanging on my wall; my dad would gripe but I wouldn’t take it down.


The day the employee from Playboy checked in was windy and snowy; a jeep from town pulled up and the driver, Sid, who ran the general store, began to unload bags. I was on the desk, the front room of our cabin serving as a makeshift lobby. I sure as hell didn’t want to go out into the cold so I pretended to be fixing the lights on the little pathetic Christmas tree we had on the desk. I jiggled the wires and didn’t even look up when the door jangled the little signal bell.


The passenger who had gotten out of the jeep and came into our cabin was hidden by a thick parka with lots of fur around the hood.  It could have been a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers or a Girl Scout selling cookies under the coat’s thick shapeless layers of goose down.


A gust of icy wind accompanied the passenger but I still kept my eyes fixed on the tiny wires and bulbs; suddenly with a spark, the Christmas lights flashed on.


“Oh, that’s pretty,” said a soft feminine voice.


When I looked up all I could see was the shapeless thick parka but then two gloved hands pushed back the hood and there was that face.


The whole thing still plays back in my brain like a shampoo commercial in slow motion or a romantic movie.  Her piercing eyes reflecting the Christmas lights came into view first. Then the full red lips, still forming clouds of mist as her breath hit the cold air; her cheeks were rosy from the cold too -- her whole face was soft lines and smooth surfaces radiating a vivacious sensuality and warmth.  The hood fell back and her blonde hair tumbled down, shimmering gold in the Christmas lights.


One hand tugged the glove off the other and five delicate moist fingers were held out to me.  “Hi. I’m Shay…Shay Knuth.  I think you’re expecting me.”


I took her hand and stared into her face transfixed.  She let me gaze for a moment, her mouth suppressing her bemused smile.


“And you are?” Her eye brows arched up in question and her face looked incredibly seductive.




“Well…Benny…Do I have to sign in anywhere?”


“N…n…no, mmmma’am……ittt’s allllll takkkken ka, ka, ka, ccccare of.”


“That nice…Benny…May I have my hand back please?”


I dropped her hand like it was a hot poker. 


“Thank you…Benny.” Every time she said Benny she made it sound like a dirty word and it was really turning me on. 


She picked up one of the little wooden animals I carved for under the tree; she studied it intently for a long minute.  “This is very sweet,” she said before putting it down delicately.


I nodded like a dopey dog.


“You know…Benny,” she said glancing through the window to the jeep, “I think Sid could use a hand with the bags.”


I ran out without my coat or boots and worked like a demon to lug the bags to her cabin which was just about thirty feet from ours.  As I dumped the last load Shay entered; my dad, a few hours before, had set a fire to cozy up the place and Sid was stirring it and adding more logs.  Just as she slipped out of her coat the flames roared to life.


The coat dropped to the floor revealing her voluptuous figure; she wore a tight white sweater that left little to the imagination, letting her perfect breasts stand out invitingly. The slacks were tight too and her ass begged to be stroked and squeezed.


She hugged herself for warmth and moved closer to the fireplace. Her eyes brightened with the light of the flames and her smile was just as radiant.


“Oh Benny, this is wonderful,” she squealed.


Sid was already heading out the door as I mumbled some instructions and showed the location of the light switches.


Finally I backed my way to the door, unable to take my eyes off her.  She stood in front of the fire, a vision of heaven. She watched me start to leave with that same bemused smile on her face. “Benny,” she purred as my hand reached behind me and fumbled with the knob, “Don’t you think you should give me the key?”


I staggered forward and held out the keys; they jangled as my hand trembled.  She took them and without warning gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Thank you…Benny… you’re awfully sweet.” One of her soft fingers traced a line over my lips then she gave me a gentle push towards the door.


I ran back to my room, my cheek burning from the touch of those luscious lips; in a minute I my pants were down as I gazed at her delicious body spread out in her centerfold.


I didn’t see her for the next couple of days; I could tell she was there because smoke streamed out of the chimney day and night.  I guess she was snuggled next to the fire engrossed in the pile of books she had brought with her.


Then one cold afternoon she came in while I was on the desk again. Of course, I looked up as soon as the little bell chimed but I still could do little more than stare at her, transfixed by her beauty.


“Hello…Benny,” she said in that sultry voice, making it sound like ‘Oh, big boy, I’d love to feel you inside my pussy’ but then she went on, “It’s been awfully cold…Benny.” Her eyes had that wry amused look again. “And I was wondering if I could get more wood for the fire.”


I nodded my assent and she smiled more warmly now, but then her face changed and she blushed as she glanced over my shoulder. She suddenly seemed a little embarrassed and without another word turned and went out the door.


I had no idea what was going on until I turned around and saw the door to my room was open and her centerfold was on display right above my disheveled bed.  Shit.


I spent an hour loading up wood into the cart and pulling it back to the cabin with the tractor, cursing my stupidity the whole time. I also spent awhile trying to make amends by putting together a little gift.


The cabin had one of those wood boxes you could load from the outside but unload from the inside, so I took my time carefully piling the logs.  Then I picked up my gift and went around to the front door.


I knocked a couple of times but there was no answer.  I figured she had gone for a walk and since it was too cold to stand around outside and about to get dark soon I decided to go in and set up my surprise. 


First I built up her fire so it was really roaring and lighting up the room, then I set the tree I had cut in front of the window; I had already put the lights on it so all I had to do was find a plug.


I was on the floor behind the couch searching for an outlet when I heard her moving around. Without thinking I stood up and there she was completely nude in the open bathroom door. She must have been taking a shower when I came in and she was still covered with little jewels water which sparkled brightly in the golden light of the fire.


I can still see her full-figured body, her flawless skin and creamy breasts, the patch of wet curls between her thighs.  Then the look of panic as she covered her breasts with one arm and cupped her pussy with her hand.


Her voice rang in my ears as I ran out the door, “Benny, wait!”


Later that night the familiar scene played out again.  This time I was in my room when the bell jingled and the gust of cold air blew in.  I heard the soft call, “Benny?” I jumped up, even though I had taken the centerfold down and stowed it under my bed.


There she was again in that shapeless parka; again the hood fell away revealing a glimpse of heaven.


“Oh, Benny,” she gushed as she rushed towards me, “The tree is sooo beautiful. Thank you.” Her arms still wrapped in the coat squeezed me tight. The fabric of the parka may have been ice cold from the fierce air outside but the hug was melting me quickly.


She held the hug for a long time, resting her head against me chest; I was sure she could hear my heart pounding like a drum, then she stood on tiptoe and gave another of the sweet wet pecks on the cheek.  After the little kiss she glanced over my shoulder and into my room.


“You took down my centerfold,” she pouted in surprise.




“Oh Benny.  I hope you put it back.  You know…Benny,” her voice became more sultry as each precious syllable danced out of her honey mouth, “I like thinking that you see me just before you go to sleep.”


With that she turned around and skipped to the door; a teasing kiss was blown my way and she was gone into the cold night air.


After that Shay was back to her seclusion so I didn’t see her at all; one night she asked my dad if she could borrow one of the jeeps and she drove into town.


A few hours later I heard the jeep roll back up the road; the weather was the usual mid-west winter hell and there was plenty of ice crunching under her tires.  The headlights flashed across my window, then a couple of minutes later another set of lights crossed too.


I couldn’t help being curious so I peeked out.  Shit! I  recognized the car; it was my Uncle Lucas.


My uncle was the richest guy in town; he owned the camp in fact, as well as a mill, the hardware store, and the local bar.  I realized Shay probably met him there.  He was also a real bastard, very smooth with the ladies but also kind of brutal.


Shay’s car was already parked and she was standing silhouetted in the doorway as Uncle Lucas’ car pulled up next to her and he staggered up the drive.  More shit! He was drunk.


I tried to put the whole thing out of my mind and went back to the thing I was carving, another gift for my favorite playmate.


It was the lights from her tree; the Christmas tree stood in the middle of her window and the lights were reflected in my own window.  I couldn’t help but notice when suddenly the little twinkles on the glass started the bounce violently. My head jerked towards her cabin and the tree was shaking.


I stood up immediately and strode out the door; somehow I was on automatic not thinking as I moved.  The piece of wood I was carving was in my hand but I didn’t know it. For the second time I crossed to her house without coats or my boots.


The door was unlocked and I walked right in.  A bottle of brandy and two glasses were on the table.  A chair had been pushed over; the branches of the tree were still trembling from being bumped into. Uncle Lucas was pushing Shay onto the couch and squeezing her breasts with his hands. Her blouse had been violently torn and a red welt from a slap was on her face. She did not look happy.


“Come on, sweetheart,” he growled, “It’s Christmas.”


“Get off me, you drunken bastard.”


“Hey” I barked, interrupting their fight.


He looked at me with contempt, “Well if it isn’t stutterin’ Benny.  What are you gonna do kid?”


Uncle Lucas gulped deeply when I grabbed his belt and pulled him backwards. He had already been unbuckling his pants and as I set him on his feet the pants fell around his ankles. I tossed the wooden carving onto the couch and gave Shay a look; she nodded yes so I picked Uncle Lucas up by his pants giving him a wedgie and forced him out the door and into the snow.


He was stumbling around, slipping and sliding, the cold finally hitting him.  He shook his fist back at the cabin.  “Hey, all I wanted to do was fuck a fucking playmate, you cock teasing whore!”


I looked down at him as he struggled in the snow and ice; I fixed my eyes on him and my glare told him I meant business.  Without a word of fight he was in his car and driving away.


I turned back into the cabin and there was Shay Knuth, Miss September, her hair slightly disheveled, her face flush, and her heart pounding; she was looking at me with loving, come hither eyes.


The lights of the Christmas tree were behind her like a halo; a log in the fire roared open and sparks flew, snapping and bursting like fireworks.


In this romantic lighting I could be nothing but chivalrous; I handed her a glass of the brandy and took the other myself. Holding my glass up in salute I drank to her beauty and tossed the drink down my throat then I bowed deeply and seriously.


We both started laughing and we looked at each other. Her eyes were sparkling at me, and I was lost in them. I leaned forward and cradled her face in my hand, softly kissing her on the lips. I probably held the kiss a bit longer than I should have but it was so incredible. That strange, fluttery feeling came instantly to the pit of my stomach, and a million sensations flooded my brain simultaneously – the softness of her skin and her lips, the hint of brandy on her breath, the silkiness of her hair on the back of my hand. I felt my cock start to swell and I pulled myself away from her. Trying to be nonchalant, I said, "That probably lasted a little too long, but I figured I'd make it up to you for the last few days." Hey, no stutter!


She sat there for a moment, just looking at me. "Wow…" she said, reaching for her brandy, "I'll drink to that." and finished her brandy with a gulp. "You're a really good kisser, Benny you know that, don't you?"


I blushed furiously, it was remarkable that I had enough blood to rush to my cheeks, as it all seemed concentrated in another area. "Uh…I'm okay, I guess… I…I never…anyway. Do you want another brandy?" Please God, let her drop the subject.


"No, I'm okay, thanks. Would it be okay if you just held me for awhile?" she said, a pleading look in her eyes.


Yeah, right. Like I was going to say no. I just prayed that she wouldn't look down at my crotch. "I can't think of anything else I'd rather do." God, I sounded like such a fucking dork.


I put my arms around her and she snuggled against my chest again. Between the radiating sexuality of her soft body and the roaring fire the room was getting mighty hot.  The lights on the Christmas tree blazed like a torch.


We talked again for awhile as I stroked her hair, and she soon fell asleep. I sat there for awhile, just holding her as she slept, and after a bit she started moaning and squirming around. "Poor thing, "I thought, "She's having a nightmare." Then she spoke, and I thought she'd woken up. "Oh, Benny…that feels so good, baby…" she murmured.


I thought she was awake, and I was confused. My arm was around her, but it had been around her for quite a while. "What feels good, Shay?" I asked…then noticed that her eyes were shut. Oh, shit…she was dreaming – and apparently dreaming about me! My cock started to really strain my zipper.


"Mmmm…yes…your cock feels so good in my pussy…mmmm…" she moaned as she lightly kissed and bit and pulled at my shirt. It was amazing to me that she could be asleep and still go through all of this. My cock was ready to explode…and so, apparently, was she.

 "Mmmm...yes…God..yes…" Her body was trembling again, but differently than earlier when she’d been fighting with my uncle. I had never seen it before, but I'd read about it in books. She was about to have an orgasm. While asleep. Weird. And yet, so fucking cool! "God…mmmm…yes, baby…yes…YES…BENNY!" Her body quaked and her eyes flew open. She was looking right into my eyes as she came! I was completely amazed that I didn't blow my wad right then and there. She then smiled sleepily and kissed me, snaking her tongue into my mouth, then nestled her head into my chest, silently sleeping again.


I didn't know what to do. I was going crazy. My cock and balls ached. I needed to do something about it, but I couldn't just whip it out right there in the middle of the living room and start jacking away. I gently slid out from beneath Shay and went into the bathroom. Once inside, I freed my cock from its constraints and wrapped my hand around it. God, it had never been this hard. I slowly began jacking my seven inches, leaning on the counter with my free hand. I didn't need any fantasy to help me along this time – all I had to do was picture what I'd seen just a couple of minutes before. My mind kept flashing on her moans…her body trembling…her calling my name…the way she looked at me when she came. I was a goner. It wasn't long before I came.


After I caught my breath, I pulled up my pants and cleaned up the bathroom, then went back into the living room. I watched Shay lying there on the couch, sleeping so peacefully…looking so beautiful. And for some strange reason, I felt like I was intruding, like I didn't belong there. I know she'd had an intense sex dream, and probably about me (I thought it was about me…I didn't know how many Bennys she knew) but I felt like an asshole - wanting her so much after what had happened to her today. I felt dirty – like I was as bad as my uncle. Worse, in fact – I was lusting after a woman who'd just almost been raped. I turned and headed for the door. As I opened it, the door squeaked loudly.


"Benny?" Shit, I woke her up. She sounded almost panicky. I closed the door and went back into the room. Her face was a mixture of scared, panicked, and sleepy. And still beautiful.


"I'm here, Shay."


"Do you have to go?" she asked. Was it just me, or did I detect disappointment in her voice?


"No, I don't have to go. You were sleeping, so I thought…" I trailed off, not really knowing what to say.


"I know I'm being silly but I'm still a little scared." she said, tears forming in her eyes. I went over to her and she stood up, wrapping her arms around me like she'd never let go. I held her to me, gently rocking and stroking her hair to comfort her.


"I'm not going anywhere I'm here as long as you need me, Shay."


"Thank you, Benny, thank you, thank you…" She held me so tightly, and I held her tightly too. Like we both needed that closeness. We both did, I guess. She pulled away slightly and looked into my eyes.


"Did I say thank you?" she asked. There was a slight smile on her face, like she was joking. But there was something else there. What I don't know. Openness? Gratitude? Caring? I couldn't tell.


I laughed a little. "Well, let's count 'em up – three times just now…" She stopped my words with a kiss. It wasn't a friendly kiss, or a lover's kiss, really. It was soft and warm…tender and loving…full of gratitude and…I don't know…so many things. I could feel my cock stirring again, wanting to betray me. She pulled away from the kiss gently and looked into my eyes.


"Now that was 'thank you'," she whispered, "Thank you for saving me…for being my hero."


My cock was well on its way to fullness now, and I was thankful that I was taller than she was. I could bend over to hug her, so that my cock wasn't pressed against her…like I longed for it to be. "You don't need to thank me, Shay," I said, praying for the swelling in my cock to subside somehow, "I'd do it again in a heartbeat…I'd do it for anyone that needed help – I guess that's just the way I'm wired."


We held each other for a few minutes…and I could hear her crying softly, murmuring "thank you" over and over again.


"I'm kind of embarrassed to ask you, Benny…but can you do me a favor?"




"I just don't want to be here alone …could you…could you stay here with me tonight?"


I don't know if eighteen is too young to have a heart attack, but I nearly had one right then and there. My heart pounded and I found it hard to breathe. I broke out into a sweat. Sure, the cabin was a little warm, but not that warm. Then my brain started functioning, saying, "Asshole, she just wants you in the house to feel safe, she doesn't want to go to bed with you."


"I'll stay with you, Shay…I'd be glad to."


She smiled and hugged me, saying, "Thank you for not thinking I'm weird or anything. I'm going to get ready for bed. I'm wiped out."

Continued in the next chapter

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