Raquel Gibson makes a sale.

Raquel Gibson makes a sale.

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Raquel Gibson, born June 14, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida, is an American model and actress of Filipino and Italian descent. Gibson is Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for November 2005. Gibson has a culinary school degree from Chef Jean Pierre Cooking School in Florida and speaks Tagalog and Japanese.


Raquel Gibson, born June 14, 1985 in Clearwater, Florida, is an American model and actress of Filipino and Italian descent. Gibson is Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for November 2005. Gibson has a culinary school degree from Chef Jean Pierre Cooking School in Florida and speaks Tagalog and Japanese.


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Submitted: October 19, 2013



Raquel Gibson always knew she would love sex.  She was raised fairly protectively by her family: always chaperoned when she went out, and kept under a tight curfew.  The irony was that she was allowed to do a lot of bikini modeling with her older sister, but in Florida, bikinis were part of the dress code for gorgeous girls like Raquel.  She had skin the color of milk chocolate and twice as sweet, and she had mysterious almond eyes.  Her lithe body was well toned from volley ball on the beach and her breasts were perfectly formed cones of delicious flesh. Her rear was tight and muscled, two round and juicy globes just begging to be squeezed by loving hands.  But it was her mouth that said it all; her pouty, full, luscious lips could be pursed with just the tip of her pink tongue poking out sexily, or she could have a wide elfin grin; but always her mouth was sensual and full of erotic promise.  

Still for all this she was a virgin; a few boys felt her up and one or two got to caress her ass under her panties; a couple of times, in the back seats of cars, she squeezed a dick or two which were covered by tight jeans, and a few times on the dance floor she felt thick and throbbing shafts grinding into her pelvis. She loved the stares she would get when she walked down the street in her skimpy revealing outfits and she kept imagining giving herself to some admiring stranger.  Yes, Raquel Gibson knew she would enjoy sex, if only she could get some.

When she saw the sign advertising the Kappa Omicron Xi fraternity auction for charity a light bulb went off in her head.  KOX, known as the Cocksmen, were a wild bunch, famous for their crazy parties and often, because of their fun loving ways, in trouble with the police.  The auction to raise money for victims of Hurricane Kyle was part of community service they were required to do because of one of their many run-ins with the law.

They had lots of enthusiasm but limited intelligence and imagination so it wasn’t surprising that, the frat boys decided to auction off their girlfriends as slaves.  But what particularly interested Raquel was that the auction would take place on June 14, 2003 which was her birthday!!  At first the boys were a little reluctant but once they got the idea they realized that sexy little Raquel would be the star attraction of the charity event.

June 14 was a Saturday and under the full moon the crowd was already drunk and out of control by time Raquel’s turn on the auction block came up.  A dozen girls had already been sold to the highest bidders and from the lewd remarks from the master of ceremonies and the lusty roars from the crowd these girls were already giving blowjobs or spreading their legs in the cars in the parking lot or up in one of the many bedrooms in the frat house.  A few couples wandered off to motel across the street. A few fist fights broke out when dim-witted frat boys finally realized that they were auctioning of their girl friends and the winners of the auctions were actually enjoying the girls they won. Off stage the rowdy noise kept the little Ms. Gibson all keyed up for her appearance and when her name was called she gulped quietly, put on a brave face and strutted sexily to the stage.

When Raquel stood on the platform the raucous crowd suddenly became quiet.  She looked like a goddess wearing only a thin slip of peach colored shimmering silk; the sheen of the soft cloth highlighted the creaminess of her well tanned skin.  She smiled shyly and looked down at the floor, her hands behind her back and one leg nervously tracing small circles on ground in front of her.  Behind her was a slide show with pictures of her doing her bikini modeling and some shots of her dressed like a little school girl vixen. The slide show stopped with a blow-up of her birth certificate.  When the document appeared the whole audience let out a giant gasp.

The master of ceremonies picked up the mike and stood over the tiny girl. He pointed at the document behind him.  “OK guys, you’ve seen Raquel and now you can see what you’re gonna get. It’s certified!” The crowd roared until the host waved them down.  He made a show of checking his watch.  “Raquel wants you to know that at exactly 10:45, thirty minutes from now, she will be absolutely legal!!”  Nothing he could do would calm the crowd of horny guys now.  Money was being thrown at the stage; guys tried to climb up. Finally, he held up a pair of handcuffs as the sweet Raquel trembled delicately; inside her heart was racing and she was imagining being taken by every cock in the crowd.

The men got quiet, watching the host dangle the cuffs in front of Raquel.  He spoke to the crowd through the mike but his eyes were fixed on the diminutive and quivering girl.  “Now, little Raquel is a bit afraid of all you big strapping horny guys…” Another roar from the crowd; Raquel was quivering but it was lust and desire driving her—of course, she acted shy and demure to get the crowd and the bidding higher.  “…so we don’t want her running away.” He brusquely pulled her arms to the front and slapped the cuffs on her slender wrists. He held the key high.  “This goes to the highest bidder.”  

The bidding was fast and furious.  In just seconds she was already well over the highest price for any of the other girls.  Again, the host raised his hand for silence. “Now, I’d like to give you a preview of  Raquel’s goodies…” His hand, as he spoke was slowly lifting the hem of her slip, revealing more of her juicy thighs. It was slow erotic stripping, but before he got to her delicious snatch he dropped the fabric down. “…but it’s not 10:45 yet!” Taking his water bottle he held it over one of her breasts. “But I can do this to cool her off.” He poured just enough water to soak the slip over one of her perfect nipples.  The silk was now totally transparent and her nipple looked like a chocolate kiss as it stretched out to the crowd.  

Raquel could no longer hear the bidding as the screams of lust rang in her ears.  Still she played the blushing shy virgin as she stared at the floor, lifting her eyes slightly once in awhile to look at the lusting faces in the crowd.  She would have been pleased to know she raised more money than all the other girls combined but as the auction ended all was pandemonium, arms reaching up to the stage to caress her slender ankles and guys shouting out the filthy things they wanted to do to her body.

She saw the tall man stride towards her with his check book in his hand.  He looked like a football player with his broad shoulders and buzz cut.  His eyes focused on Raquel like a laser, even as he scrawled out the check. The host patted him on the back while pressing the key into his palm.

The host leaned into her ear and shouted out a name which Raquel could not hear.  The tall man bent down and she threw her cuffed hands around his head and pulled her face up to kiss him.  His hands groped her body and pulled the slip up enough to give the crowd a peek at her perfect ass. He lifted her up as he plunged his tongue deep down her throat.  At the same time she jumped up into his arms and within seconds he was striding through the crowd carrying his precious treasure like a new bride.  Raquel squirmed in his strong grip, feeling the caresses of lusty men pressing against her as the tall man pushed through the mob.  

Still holding her close to his body he managed to open the door of his car and he gently lowered her to the seat.  The screams of the crowd still echoed in her ears as the car pulled out and raced towards the highway.

The man kept glancing at his prize as he drove. Raquel squirmed in the buttery leather of the seat and leaned against the door studying him.  She could see his solid muscles rippling under the tight tee shirt.  His stomach was washboard flat she noticed, then her gaze came to the huge bulge in his shorts.

The man grinned.  “Yeah, I see you checking me out, checking my dick and all.  Don’t worry, it’s plenty big. Pretty soon you’re gonna a get a good look at it.  Just before I shove it down your pretty little throat.”

Raquel let out a yelp of joy but to the man it sounded like a cry of fear from his new slave.  “Oh, yeah,” he taunted, “I’m gonna enjoy doing you, doll.”

Another sexy little burst of noise came from the sweet young girl emboldening him more. “First I’m gonna peel that little slip off you and suck those nice round little titties. While you jerk me off I’m gonna finger your pussy ‘til you scream.”

In the darkness of the car the man couldn’t see that Raquel was sliding her cuffed hands under her slip; as he spoke her slender fingers crept into her sex to caress her clit.  Soon she was writhing and moaning with ecstasy, but her tender groans sounded like tiny pleas to the boastful man.

The car turned into the parking lot of a motel and parked off away from the other vehicles.  The man bent over her and Raquel couldn’t help but leap eagerly onto his mouth, twirling her sweet tongue between his lips.  

He chuckled at her enthusiasm as he struggled to dig into the pockets of his pants to find the key to the cuffs. He grabbed her arm and unlocked one side, which he then snapped over the steering wheel.  “Don’t want you getting lost,” he grunted and he abruptly stepped out of the car, slamming the door behind him.

Raquel sank back into the plush leather.  She could see him in the rear view mirror as he strolled confidently towards the office of the motel.  She gazed out the windshield and watched the full moon beaming down on her.  Slowly her mind drifted to images of his big cock pushing into her tiny little body and she licked her lips in anticipation.  

The tiny girl was so lost in her reverie that she didn’t notice him return.  She yelled in shock when the door snapped open.  “Don’t worry little doll; it’s just me, the guy who’s gonna pop your cherry.” He slid behind the wheel and, without bothering to uncuff her, moved the car close to the door of their room.

Raquel pressed her head against his shoulder and the sweet scent of her luxuriant straight brown hair was like jasmine. Her free hand was making circles over the flat muscles of his belly, driving him insane.

In seconds they were parked again and he put a hand under her chin and pulled her angelic face up for another kiss.  Her free hand caressed his face as his tongue assaulted her mouth.

“I’m gonna love balling you,” he growled. Raquel bit her bottom lip and looked at him shyly as she lifted her hair up and let it cascade over her shoulders. “Let’s get inside and start the party,” he mumbled, undoing the cuff on the steering wheel.

The handcuffs still dangled from one wrist as he pulled her out of the car and led her to the door of their room. He turned the key and guided her in.

The room was plain:  just a chair and a small table and a TV whose blank screen seemed like a silent witness to the capture of the young girl.  Of course, the big double bed dominated the space. As soon as she saw it, a lump went to her throat. She could see her nude body writhing and thrashing on the sheets as he drilled her.

Raquel slipped off her sandals and sat on the chair, tucking her legs under herself. The silk slip was hiked up over her hips and barely covered her delicious pussy.  Her tiny hands pressed into her thighs with fingers splayed out, as if in submission. Her belly was flat as she held her breath and her round breasts jutted out. One of the thin straps fell down off her shoulder so her left breast was almost exposed. She cocked her pretty little head to one side with her moist lips parted slightly.  She watched him expectantly, like a fragile bird. She shivered, perhaps from the chill of the air conditioning, but her heart started to race with anticipation as he moved towards her.

He was looking her up and down, almost disbelieving his good fortune. He smiled, imagining what it was going to be like to take her virginity.

The smile that crossed his face warmed her trembling limbs. She nodded, not trusting her voice. Of course she wanted it. She wanted him more than anything she had ever desired before.  She knew it wasn’t love but lust urging her on but she didn’t care.
He was standing close to her now. So close she could feel the animal energy throbbing through his body.  She looked up at him with wide eyes; without realizing it she crossed her arms over her chest for protection, the steel of the cuffs jangled like little bells.

She winced as he raised his hand but he gently pushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear and grazed her bottom lip with his thumb before bringing his mouth to hers again. It was a slow kiss, deepening as his desire built. He felt her tremble like a captured bird and the urge to smash into her faded as a desire to make her love him overcame him.  She was so angelic and sweet, but oh so sexy.

He needed to go slow with her, take her gently. He hoped to God he could. A hot rush of wetness spread between Raquel’s legs as she responded to his kiss and felt him rest his heavy hands on her shoulders. He nuzzled into her neck and traced her collar bone with his lips. Slowly the thin straps were pushed off her and her breasts were unveiled.“So pretty,” he said gazing at her remarkable cleavage as the silk clung to her nipples.
“Yes,” she groaned as he brushed his fingers across her silk covered nipples. They surged under his caress and sent piercing streaks of arousal to her pussy. His touch was like a hot spark through the fabric and he excited her like nobody ever had; a few boys had felt her up through her clothes in the back of cars but these hands now were about to strip her nude. She didn’t know how she would withstand his hands on her naked skin but she was dying to have him touch her.

He flicked a finger and her breasts spilled out, ripe and firm as the garment slid to her waist. “God, you’re beautiful." His voice sounded scratchy and raw with lust.

Raquel felt a blush creep up her neck. No man had ever seen her bare breasts. The urge to cover her chest with her arms was strong but she resisted, instead she decided to take the initiative. Doing that usually made her feel more in control.“ Touch me please ,” she groaned. She’d hoped her voice would sound strong and self-assured. Unfortunately she couldn’t pull it off; she sounded so sweet innocent.

“Oh yeah,” he said leaning down to swipe his tongue across one hard nipple.

“Oh God,” she whimpered as he teased the hard little bud with his lips and rolled the other stiff nipple between two fingers. As his mouth engulfed her breasts his arm slid under her.

She gasped as she realized she was being carried to the bed. She watched him lean over her, an intense look on his face and take her breast into his warm mouth. He licked and sucked, alternating between the two stiff peaks until she trembled and gasped on the edge of something she’d never experienced before. She felt feverish with excitement, her mouth was dry, but her body was more alive than it had ever been before. Without him having touched her pussy, it was on fire, congested and throbbing with need. Shivers of anticipation shot up her spine and she sucked her breath in raggedly as he dragged his insistent tongue down, letting it trail over her belly and to her navel. She wriggled eagerly to help him push the slip down her waist and hips. The cool silk kissed the bare skin of her legs then fluttered over her toes before gliding to the floor.

“Take off your thong. I want to see all of you.” His voice was thick with longing.They were moist, soiled with her excitement and she was certain he could smell her arousal as she hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of the threadlike garment and wriggled out of it. She felt exposed, vulnerable, but also incredibly excited by the expression on his face as he watched her offer her body to him.

Raquel felt his eyes drinking her up.  Her skin tingled and every nerve ending in her body was erotically charged.  She loved the sensation of being adored and knew that she wanted this feeling over and over again.Without taking his gaze from her he stripped quickly, yanking his tee shirt over his head. He toed his shoes off and pulled the socks off before opening the zipper of his jeans and finally shoving them down his legs with his underwear. He kicked them off and stood before her.She couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped her lips. His body was well toned and tanned with a broad chest and slim waist. Short hairs nestled between his nipples and ran in a thin wisp down the center of his stomach to his navel. But it was his cock that held her attention. It stood swollen and erect, thrusting out from his dark pubic hair. Her breath caught in her throat. This was a man’s cock that she was looking at, thick and impossibly long with distended veins running along the shaft. Her pussy throbbed at the sight of it but her stomach churned in repressed fear. None of the boys’ cocks she had squeezed in petting sessions had ever looked quite so imposing, so thick. Could she take it? Would it fit? Oh God, she would have to stop him...His hands moved over her body, pushing the anxiety from her mind as they wandered over her contours, through the soft fine pubic hair and cupped her pussy gently. She groaned softly as his fingers caressed the lips, wet with her arousal and then slid between their moistness into the entrance of her pussy. He buried his face against her neck and whispered; “Christ, you’re gorgeous Raquel, I can’t wait to fuck you.”

The words hit her like a blow. At the same time she felt his hand violating her sex and her loins burned with the feel of a man’s fingers inside her finally.She moved her pelvis in time with his probing fingers. They were curious and insistent and were creating marvelous sensations in her pussy. “I can’t wait either,” she gasped as a stab of pleasure rippled through her, “It’s… just… that… I …Ah….I’m… a little scared." Each word was panted out sexily.

“It’ll hurt at first but then you’ll be in heaven.”

She groaned again and spread her legs wider, "Oh God, don’t stop, please.” He took immediate advantage, dipping his finger deeper inside her seeping cunt. Her hips jerked suddenly at the unfamiliar sensation of being penetrated.“Easy,” he soothed as he let his thumb circle and caress the hood of her swollen clit. “I want you really wet, just relax and enjoy it baby.”

He felt the heavy beating of her heart. Its rhythm matched his own, but the throbbing in his cock was wilder than he could remember. It took every ounce of his willpower to restrain himself and not plow into her. The scent from her virginal pussy was driving him wild and it looked so good. All soft and pink, swollen and slick with her excitement. It was the most welcoming sight he had seen in a long time. He let his tongue slide through her glistening labia and tasted her delicious essence as his lips sought her fleshy clit.

“Oh God, Oh shit,” Raquel moaned, squirming under his mouth. Her nails dug into his scalp to hold him there. She didn’t want him to ever stop. His tongue was creating sensations in her that she had never experienced before. Masturbation had always been good for her, she knew how to use her fingers expertly to bring herself to climax, but this was different. It was warmer, wetter and more teasing with an intense build up that made her want to thrash around and cry out in pleasure and frustration. She rocked her pelvis against his mouth, demanding more as he licked and explored her steaming core. A squeal of delight tore from her lips as her spasms started deep inside. She trembled and gasped as the sensations raced through her soaking cunt and exploded in a wave of pleasure that radiated throughout her body.She opened her eyes to find him smiling at her, the circumference of his mouth glistening from her juices. “Oh , that was... amazing, I want to do the same for you,” she said, caressing his rigid cock. It was hot and hard in her hands and a small trickle dribbled from the angry tip. She bent her head and tentatively stroked the velvety shaft against the side of her soft cheek before dragging the tip of her tongue over the crown. Very gently she drew it into her mouth and sucked slowly, lovingly savoring his meaty thickness.

“Fuck, I won’t be able to hold out if you do that much longer,” he grunted as he watched her latch her pouty lips onto his throbbing hardness. She groaned, overcome with the sensation of having him in her mouth and the taste of his excitement. ‘Come on baby, I want to come in your pussy first,” he said pulling his cock from her lips.
Raquel held her breath as his strong hands rolled her on to her back and he arranged her body for the final reckoning. She stretched her arms over her head and her breasts jutted out as her belly flattened; her legs stretched out over the sheets and she was a vision of heaven as she lay on the bed in offering to him.

A rush of adrenaline shot through Raquel as he moved between her thighs. She felt the heat coming off him as he nudged himself against the moist outer lips of her pussy. She spread her legs and he rubbed the head of his cock over her slickness. He hesitated for a second as he struggled to get himself under control, then leaning forward and supporting himself with his arms, he pressed ahead pushing himself into her. His attention was focused on the warm wet feeling of her lips surrounding his cock. They opened slowly to him as her moisture slicked his path. Easing himself him into the opening of her sheath he pushed his hips forward as he hit the barrier. Her eyes were half open, concentrating on the new sensations as her hymen bowed under the blunt head of his thick cock.
Then she laughed hysterically and he looked puzzled.  With her eyes she pointed at the digital clock flashing nearby: 10:45.

“You ready, doll?”

“Yes, do it please... quickly.” Her voice was tremulous and shaky.He thrust forward sharply and groaned as he felt his cock break through and slide all the way up inside her. She winced and bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from screaming as she absorbed the first burning pain from being torn. Her breathing was fast and shallow as her pussy opened and stretched to take all of him. Despite the soreness, it was a wondrous moment for her, finally having a cock buried inside her. The difference between a girl and a woman, she thought, as the stinging pain faded to a dull ache and she became accustomed to the amazing fullness.

Tight, fuck she was so incredibly tight. He gasped at the snugness of her virginal walls. Now that he was in deeper, surrounded by her wetness, he was careful not to move, to let her get used to the feel of him inside her. It almost killed him not to plunge repeatedly into her virgin slit. His cock felt harder than it ever had and her innocent acquiescence made him feel more virile, more potent than he ever had.She wrapped her legs around his hips and raked her nails down his back as he sunk deeper into her. “I’m okay. You don’t have to hold back.” The eyes looking down at her were tinged with concern and fire, but she wanted his desire, his passion. She wanted him to fuck her.He moved his hips slowly, sliding his cock back and forth inside her, letting her get used to the rhythm. Raquel moved with him, intuitively pushing her pelvis upwards as he slid into her. Each time he buried himself in her soaking cunt, her clit was trapped against the upper side of his shaft. She moaned loudly at the exquisite sensations and ground her pussy up against him even harder, pumping back faster, until the sounds of their bodies slapping against each other and the squelching sound of their passionate fucking sent a wave of need and pure lust through him.Her face and torso was flushed. “Oh My God…" she gasped, licking his neck and biting at his shoulders, “Don’t hold back baby. Please, I need you.”

Her words caused the blood to rush through his veins and pound in his head. He stared into her desire-filled gaze but when his eyes locked with hers, a deeper connection hit him with more force than he had ever known.“Raquel…” Her name tore from his lips as he plundered her body. His tongue drove into her mouth, sweeping inside, tasting, commanding, and taking what he needed. He could no longer restrain himself and he let himself go, fucking her the way he’d wanted to ever since she’d walked up the stage with her crazy invitation. With a growl of pure lust he pumped his hips, plunging into her over and over. He couldn’t get deep enough.“Yes, Oh God, yesss fuck me, fuck me,” she moaned over and over again as he drove into her.Her body arched and undulated under his fevered lovemaking. The muscles of her sex clenched and spasmed around its first cock as a great bubble of pleasure rose up from her toes, engulfed her and burst into shards of explosive release that had her shuddering and sobbing.

“Oh yeah,” he groaned. “More, baby more.” He pinched her nipples and she cried out again. Her face and torso was flushed, her breath raspy as she writhed beneath him and clawed at him while her body peaked again. The handcuffs, still on one wrist, became a weapon as she beat his back. She cried out once more and he lost it. A roar exploded from him as his body crested and he toppled over the edge. His cock throbbed and pulsed, spilling his anguish and a steady stream of boiling seed into her. He collapsed on her gasping, trying to regain his breath.

Raquel felt the tsunami filling her and she shook in a spasm of orgasm as his seed raced through her, melting her into ecstasy.

“Don’t move, please ,” she said, her face still flushed with her excitement. She stroked his hair lovingly. “I like the way you feel inside me …”

He smiled and kissed her lips softly. “I take it you’re okay then?” He laughed softly, enjoying the little ebbing ripples from her tight walls against his cock.

“Mmmm,” she answered, purring like a kitten. Suddenly another wave of bliss came over her.  She shook for a second then giggled, a look of wonder crossing her face. “I want to do this all night.”

“Oh yeah,” he said simply as he pulled his deflated cock from between her legs. Small streaks of her virginal blood marked it. He changed position and pulled her into the warmth of his body as he gazed down at her. “Checkout’s not ‘til noon.” She smiled and snuggled up against him before slipping into contented oblivion. Yes, she decided, she loved sex.


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