Patti McGuire and the car radio

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Luscious Patti McGuire, Miss November 1976 and PMOY 77, expects some fun in the boys locker room but finds herself getting a ride in a car with a great radio

Today was her birthday and Patti McGuire was already beginning to have her doubts. She’d been dating the quarterback, the star of the team, and nothing was happening yet. She still wasn’t making any headway with her plan to become a playmate. 

She had discovered his stash of Playboys over the summer. The seductively regal gaze of Miss January-- Patti could still picture her and even remembered her name: Leslie Bianchini-- Miss January’s beauty made Patti resolve right then that someday she would be a playmate too. Maybe Miss September, her birthday month, that would be nice. But she resolved once again that she was going to get to Chicago and meet the publisher and he would make her a Playmate for sure.

Cheerleading practice had ended so she was waiting. She watched the team running around the field and smelled the sweet and bitter reek of their masculine sweat floating towards her; she loved the smell of strong male bodies. Not for the first time she wondered if Bobby would mind if she slipped into the locker room and let the entire squad have her; she took a deep breath, deciding she would let them but only if they hadn’t showered first.

She knew she looked good in her tight and skimpy cheerleading outfit. It might be Missouri but they knew how to make their cheerleaders look delicious. The bright yellow sweater stretched over the nice firm mounds of her breasts, the fabric so tight you could see the outline of the bra underneath. She loved the way the short plaid skirt and the knee sox showed off her young shapely legs. Now if only Bobby would do something about it.

A final shout came from the team and they headed her way. Bobby ran ahead and slipped her arm in his and strolled towards the locker room. She breathed in all that sweat; it was an aphrodisiac for sure. At that moment though a slight pang of anxiety tingled in her belly; as she proudly walked with the team she noticed Mr. Stewart, the wrestling coach, leaning against the wall watching her. She gave him a doe-eyed smile and turned back to the team.  Mr. Stewart had watched her before; she could tell her petite girlish body intrigued him. She liked that; he was tall, over six and a half feet she guessed, more than a foot taller than she was. He was strong too, with wide muscled arms always crossed over his broad chest. Patti had heard him speak and he had a deep bass voice that made her shiver. She had never spoken with him herself but she was intrigued by him. So intrigued now that she clutched Bobby’s arm tight, trying to sweep the wrestling coach’s gaze from her mind. She gave her round ass an extra little jiggle though as she walked by.

Mr. Stewart watched, silent and amused.  He recognized Patti as part of the cheerleading squad, but this was the first time he actually saw her up close. He sure liked the look of that girl. She was an all American eighteen year old, lively, vibrant, and vivacious.  But at eighteen you had a whole bunch of mannerisms, like pouting and simpering and never being quite still and tee-heeing a great deal. Patti was all that but poised to becoming a mature woman, ripe and ready; she would need no convincing when it came to exploring her sensual side. Patti McGuire seemed to enjoy playing a boa-wrapped seductress who arrived on the arm of one man, soon setting her sights on another, and eventually setting hearts fluttering all around. He started to whistle “Witchcraft” inside his head; he pictured Patti in a big musical number, vamping across the stage as the boys swooned.  She passed among them, sexy and sultry and sweet; the music, hot licks from a saxophone, and the luscious little cheerleader knew how move to that music. The boys all drooled and they rolled beneath her feet, while sweet little Patti, entrancing in her cool poise, strode toward the man of her destination, Mr. Stewart; she put her arm around his neck and pulled him down, pressing her mouth over his and letting her sexy little tongue dance to the sinful moan of the saxophone. She turned him on and knew it then she forsook him to tease and flirt with the others. 

Mr. Stewart shook his head to clear the dream out of his skull. Damn she was a fox he decided as the movie in his head faded and he caught sight of the little tease wriggling her butt at him just before she disappeared into the field house. 

The wrestling coach shrugged, flicked away his cigarette and headed to his car, putting all thoughts of the stunning little vixen behind him.

Inside the athletic building Patti was bright and sparkling, unknowingly acting the part in the sexy musical Mr. Stewart had imagined. The guys were disappearing into the locker room but they were all eying her and smiling at her. “You wait here, baby,” Bobby said and he deposited her on a bench. “The showers’ll be crowded so I’m gonna write up the workout in coach’s office ‘til they clear up.” Patti wanted to say that she didn’t want him to shower, that she wanted him to take her into the office and bang her right on the coach’s desk; she wanted to feel his strong muscles and breathe deep of his masculine scent. But instead she smiled slyly and sat on the bench, folding her hands in her lap like a good little girl.

She heard the team taunting each other in the showers; she loved the raucous sound of male camaraderie and Bobby, the team captain, was usually the instigator of all the wild things they did of a Saturday night. A wicked thought flashed in her pretty head; maybe Bobby was planning a gangbang for her birthday. She scrunched up her face and pondered; she wasn’t sure she liked that idea, but still, she sure wouldn’t be a virgin after that.

The first of the team strolled out of the locker room; Frank, his name was, at least she thought it might be Frank. She smiled at him, her face uncharacteristically uncertain and unconfident.
“Hey, Patti,” Frank said, hoisting his gear onto his back as he headed out the door. “See you tomorrow.”
“Bye,” Patti said to the closing door, unsure if she was disappointed or not. Now the team was filing out, the showers finished and everybody dressed. Some of the guys wished her a happy birthday but nobody indicated anything about a gangbang, or an orgy. Or even spin the bottle. The cute little girl felt oddly crestfallen in the silence of the room. She breathed in the rich aroma of sweaty boys lingering in the air and wondered where Bobby was. Maybe he was going to surprise her, jump out and tear off her uniform and rape her right here on the floor. That would take care of her virginity, for sure.

She waited quietly, waited for the ravishment but nothing happened; she lost patience finally and decided she needed to let Bobby know that he’d better do something quick.

She found him in the office but he wasn’t ready to be found. He was sitting at the desk, sitting in the coach’s chair and from the waist down hidden by the desk. One hand was in his lap and the other was holding a magazine Patti recognized immediately; she had seen that cover on the newsstand where men bought their cigars. Shay Knuth, who was the playmate inside Patti knew because she had peeked at the magazine when the clerk wasn’t looking, Shay smiled sexily for the camera and she was lifting her tight tee shirt, shamelessly showing the slightest hint of the lush curves of her big boobs and proudly pointing to the Bunny logo on her belly. Patti could do that; Patti wanted to pose like that so badly. But right now she had to deal with catching her boyfriend ignoring her and looking at Playboy instead. Bobby was surprised, even shocked and panicked. He dropped the magazine and it tumbled to the floor. The centerfold spread opened and Patti got a good look at it. In the three page photograph a girl was posed supine on the floor going through an old photo album; the buxom blonde gazed seductively into the camera and seemed to invite Patti into the world of Playboy. What first caught Patti’s attention was the look on the blonde’s face. There was a direct connection between Shay and Patti. Never mind that literally millions of other people would see this same connection, nor that playmate was really looking at the photographer. This direct, sexual connection made Patti certain she wanted to be a Playmate too.

The second thing she noticed was how good Shay looked. She was naturally beautiful of course, but Patti was moved also by the artistry of the camera, how well the photographer had been able to capture a posture that flattered and enhanced the bounteous gifts of the model’s body. Patti wanted to be photographed like that.

Bobby’s sputtering interrupted her daydream. “I’m sorry, Patti, I was just, you know…” She looked up at him and realized he was actually pulling up his pants and zipping his fly. Holy cow!

“Stop right there,” she commanded, and the quarterback blushed but stood ram-rod straight, his fly still open and the obvious bulge there for Patti to see. She delicately lifted the magazine and put it on the desk with the centerfold spread open. “Is this what you like?” she demanded. “Do you want a girl like this?”

The quarterback was flustered and unable to answer. Patti was coming closer and she radiated sexual desire. “Don’t you want this?” she demanded, lifting his hand and resting it on her chest. “Don’t you want this?” She placed his other hand on her thigh.

She let him fondle her through his clothes for a while, expecting him to lift her sweater up but all he did was paw at her breasts, feeling them through the bra and uniform. “Do you like my breasts? Are they like a playmate’s? Could I be in Playboy?” Since he wasn’t taking any cues she rolled up her sweater, just like the playmate did on the cover of the magazine on the desk; she pretended she was just like that girl and she gleeful lifted her top and pulled his hand between her flesh and the bra. She pulled his head down and hissed into his ear. “Put your other hand up my skirt.”

He obeyed and Patti sighed, finally feeling a man’s hands on her bare breast and teasing under her skirt. But all the hand below knew to do was stroke her inner thigh. Which was nice but she wanted action. “Put your hand on my butt,” she commanded and he obeyed. She waited, thinking he would get it but his hand just squeezed her rear through the panties. Which was nice but she wanted more. “Put your hand under the elastic.” He obeyed and Patti guided his hand around to the front where his fingers found the soft warm curls of her pussy. His hand pressed down and stopped there. Which was nice. Very very nice. But she wanted it all. “Put a finger in me,” she hissed.

Bobby’s finger was thick and long and Patti gasped at the first touch. It was so big, she let out a yelp; this was it, she was going to lose her virginity! 

She stood on her toes to help him find purchase for his probing and she embraced him, resting her head on his shoulder and that’s when she looked towards the door and saw Mr. Stewart standing there.

“Oh my god,” she gasped and stumbled backwards. Bobby’s jaw dropped in dismay but he was unaware that they were not alone. “Come on, Patti, don’t be such a tease,” he whined. 

“That’s enough of that.” Mr. Stewart’s deep voice slammed into Bobby like a linebacker. He turned around and sank into the chair once more, now completely miserable.

Patti stood defiantly, not bothering to cover her one bare breast or even to smooth down her rumpled skirt. She watched Mr. Stewart approach the desk and pick up the Playboy; the big man examined Shay Knuth’s centerfold for a long silent minute then closed the magazine and tossed it to the quarterback. “Go home Bobby.”


“Go home. I’ll take care of Patti.”

Bobby, cowering past the huge man and avoiding Patti’s disdainful gaze, slinked out of the room quietly. 

Patti stood alone and helpless, smoldering and sexily disheveled; her sweater was rolled up under her chin and her bra was slightly askew, just enough to show a peek of rock hard nipple. She still held the skirt up, just enough to show a peek of schoolgirl panties. Mr. Stewart did nothing to hide his admiration for Patti’s breasts and her brazen sexuality. Patti decided that she would let him throw her on the desk and ravish her. But instead he turned on his heels and went out the door. “Get yourself together and I’ll drive you home,” he said before closing the door.

Patti stared at the door for a long time; she almost cried, realizing that her birthday plans were ruined. Slowly she fixed her clothes and lifted her chin, determined to show Mr. Stewart the contempt she had for him and his interference.

He was outside waiting for her, already sitting in his car. He didn’t bother opening the door for her but as she approached she could hear the radio through the open window. 

Led Zeppelin. She liked Led Zeppelin. It would be good music to fuck to she decided. The song wafted over her as she sat primly in the seat. Oh, man, who picked this song, she thought with embarrassment as the lyrics rushed over her.

“You need coolin', baby, I'm not foolin',
I'm gonna send you back to schoolin',
Way down inside honey, you need it,
I'm gonna give you my love,
I'm gonna give you my love.”

“Where do you live,” he snarled, not looking at her. Patti gave the address, at the same time noticing he seemed tense. He looked cute when he was nervous she decided.

She was right. He was tense, distracted by the allure of the pretty young cheerleader. Sensing Patti’s sexy aura around him like a sensual mist, he tried to focus on the music instead. Jesus Fuck, who picked this song?

“Wanna Whole Lotta Love , Wanna Whole Lotta Love , Wanna Whole Lotta Love, Wanna Whole Lotta Love.”

Patti, like any cunning vixen, could smell the advantage she had. She could smell his arousal and she could smell his rugged masculinity. “Gee, Mr. Stewart, I didn’t know you dug Zeppelin.” She paused and let Robert Plant make some suggestions to her: “You've been learnin', baby, I been learnin', All them good times, baby, baby, I've been yearnin', Way, way down inside honey, you need it.” She decided that Robert Plant knew what he was talking about. She sang along happily. “I'm gonna give you my love... I'm gonna give you my love.” She glanced at Mr. Stewart and noticed that he ran a red light. She looked at him with wide eyes and sang some more. “You've been coolin', baby, I've been droolin', All the good times I've been misusin',”

She touched his arm. “Come on, Mr. Stewart, you sing this part.” She turned up the volume and let the song fill the car. Her lively hands gestured to illustrate the meaning of the song as she mouthed the words.

“Way, way down inside, I'm gonna give you my love,
I'm gonna give you every inch of my love,
Gonna give you my love.
Way down inside... woman... You need... love.”

Patti batted her eyes innocently as the song ended. “Gee Mr. Stewart, what do you think they’re singing about?”

The big man ignored the taunting question but if he thought the radio was going to give him any relief he was wrong; it was a Led Zeppelin block.

The bass guitar throbbed in a sensual beat and the guitar wailed in sexual anxiety.

“Oh, I love this song,” Patti squealed as she turned it up. 

“Been Dazed and Confused for so long it's not true.
Wanted a woman, never bargained for you.
Lots of people talk and few of them know,
Soul of a woman was created below.”

Patti raised her arms and danced erotically, twisting her torso and letting her firm breasts heave up and down. “Isn’t this great?” she laughed and started to sing.
“Sweet little baby, I don't know where you've been. Gonna love you baby, here I come again.”

She caught his eye in the mirror and blew a kiss as she danced even more wildly and sang with more enthusiasm.  “Try to love you baby, but you push me away. Don't know where you're goin', only know just where you've been, Sweet little baby, I want you again.”

She moved closer to him as she danced, but he tried to ignore her writhing. “Been dazed and confused for so long, it's not true. Wanted a woman, never bargained for you.”

Unable to take anymore, he snapped the radio off and shoved her back to her side of the car.

“Just how old are you, Patti?”

She brazenly reached for his arm and pulled his hand into her lap as she checked his wristwatch. “I’m eighteen; looks I’ve been legal for about thirteen hours.”  She let her warm, moist fingers linger on his skin.

Snapping his wrist back, Mr. Stewart looked at her eyes in the mirror then turned and glanced directly at her. He fumed for a second then made an abrupt decision, jerking the car across two lanes he made a U-turn then guided the car onto the highway out of town.

Patti was suddenly quiet as the familiar sights of the town gave way to more open spaces, an endless series of motels and gas stations with a few taverns and roadhouses sprinkled among them. A heavy stone dropped in her stomach as the consequences of all her flirting and teasing hit her. 

She looked at the thick muscles of his arms and his huge hands; once again the rumors about what big hands meant came to her only this time she wasn’t laughing. The scent of him was masculine and evocative of a fierce bear, a huge grizzly she imagined. Something to devour her whole. She gulped. Her voice was meek and mild when she finally spoke up. “Mr. Stewart?” She trembled as she spoke, uncertain if it was excitement or foreboding. “My house is on the other side of town.”

He was silent, waiting for her to admit what she knew was coming. In a soft voice she acknowledged the inevitable. “You’re not taking me to my house.” His silence told her that everything was predestined now. Patti’s mind was nimble and lively and, lately, given to schoolgirl naughtiness; she reviewed her situation: big strong angry man, young nubile girl eager to have her cherry popped, a car speeding down an empty highway, the Missouri plain flat with all roads pointing to the neon sign of the solitary building up ahead. 
“You’re going to take me to some motel somewhere.” The inexorable rushed over her making her blush. She stared at his hand, those huge rough, manly hands. 

What Patti craved was not the fact of sex — though she did make sure to schedule the loss of her virginity; what she craved was not the actuality of sex but full access to an ideal of sexiness, a world that is the opposite of the boring little life she knew and loathed. Even as Mr. Stewart was taking advantage of her innocence, she was, at first unwittingly and then more brazenly, using him to find her way to that world, which she identified especially with Playboy.

“Mr. Stewart?” Her voice was braver now, even eager. “Will it hurt?”

Was it going to hurt? Jesus on a horse! He wanted to ball this little cutie until Christmas, damn until New Years. Yeah, it would be sweet to ring in a new decade with this little honey. Was it going to hurt, damn straight it was going to hurt; he’d make sure of that. She wanted it and she was going to love it.

He looked into her eyes as motels and gas stations rushed by in ominous silence. He kept his own silence but his glare said enough, “Absolutely. I am going to fuck you into the next decade.” 

Patti read the wordless message in his eyes and was frightened for a brief moment but her vixenish grin lit up the car. In one quick move she pulled the tight sweater up over her head and turned so he could see the soft cleavage between the cups of her bra. “Do you like my body?” she asked coyly.

He scowled and ignored her, keeping his eyes on the road, but he was thinking about the two creamy scoops of ice cream under that bra.

The mischievous girl was annoyed that he wasn’t paying attention to her and excited that her dream was becoming reality. Maybe he could just stop the car and toss her over the hood and bang her. “Mr. Stewart. I’m going to touch your cock.” She wasn’t asking permission; she was taking charge.

At first she merely brushed gingerly over the massive bulge in his slacks; her finger lightly danced over the enormous length of the beast and she was struck speechless by the size. But her curiosity was too much for her and she soon was unzipping him and reaching in. Her hand felt like it was in a furnace and she was touching a gigantic lead pipe. 
“Oh my god,” she gushed.
He remained silent.
She pushed on, thrilled by her fear. “I need to see it,” she demanded and with her free hand she turned on the overhead light and, after unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his trousers, with a struggle she worked the throbbing club out of his pants. “Oh my god,” she whispered, reverently now; to her teenaged eyes the thing looked to be almost a foot long and easily six inches around. It stood straight up in the air like a third passenger in the car with them. 
“Patti, stop it,” he growled but it came out a plaintive moan. 
She had both hands on the cock, slowly stroking up and down its impossible span. “How can this…” She couldn’t bear to ask it; still, she shuddered quietly as her brain focused what it would be like to have that bulk, length, and heft –all that immensity- pushed deep inside her. But she kept stroking, as if in a trance. 

“Damn it,” he shouted and he hit the breaks. The car skidded to a stop and he shoved her out of the seat then stepped around to drag her into the back. Patti was convinced he was going to pounce on her and she was thrilled. But instead he tossed the sweater at her. “Put this on,” he demanded, Patti with a sulk and a pout complied but left it rolled up so her bra was still seen. 
Her insolence infuriated him but he stayed silent and cool as she simpered and teased. Leaving the back door open he stepped around to the trunk. She heard him searching through his tools and when he returned he had several short lengths of rope in his hand. Her eyes widened and she shifted back away from him but his moves were quick and his hands were strong. He pinned her arms together and tied her wrists. He pulled her legs onto the seat and tied her ankles. She let out a little whimper as he tightened the knot. Her eyes were wide with desire and excitement.

He raced the car down the highway, driving in a furious silence. Patti filled the void with eager chatter from the back seat; her intuition told her she was getting under his skin and she was exhilarated by the dangerous web she was spinning. “You tied me up and made your prisoner,” she gushed with schoolgirl enthusiasm. “I’m completely helpless. Now you have to fuck me.” She pondered this for a moment then added more. “I can’t wait to feel you ramming that thing into me. I want you to do everything with me. I know you want to fuck me.” The words were corny and she struggled to suppress a schoolgirl giggle but, watching him in the rearview mirror she could tell the words were affecting him.
Mr. Stewart fumed, his hands tight on the wheel. Finally he spoke in a voice that indicated that there would be no more talking. “Shut up.” What Patti heard in those two harsh syllables though was : I’m going to fuck you alright. I’m going to split you in two I’m going to fuck you so hard. The young girl trembled and contemplated her fate.
The car roared ahead, mirroring his rage. Patti opened her mouth to make a fresh remark but his glare in the rear view mirror dissuaded her. She sank back in a sulky silence, then spent the rest of the ride softly humming Led Zeppelin tunes.
Finally he pulled into a secluded motel. In a brutal silence he dragged her out of the back seat and hoisted her over his shoulder, pausing only for a moment to hastily pull her sweater down. In the office, the night clerk seemed to know him and was not surprised to see the sexy and fetching cheerleader draped over his shoulder, her wrists and ankles bound. She stretched her pretty head so she could peek at the clerk, he hair streaming almost to the floor. “Can you give us a cabin far from the others,” she teased; her voice was tiny and innocent but she was enjoying being the center of attention. “I’m going to be screaming for mercy all night long,” she said in a golly-gee tone. Mr. Stewart glanced at the vixen sourly and snarled a frustrated curse under his breath. The clerk just nodded and handed over a key.
Mr. Stewart hoisted her higher and led her off. She chattered the whole way, masking her anxiety with glib talk. “”I bet you really do it good,” she gushed. “You can be rough if you want, but not too rough. And I want you to do everything. And I mean Everything!”
Only in the confines of the room did Patti become quiet and thoughtful; he balanced her on her feet and she stood silent and pensive, like a gladiator in a vast arena. The room was ominous in its silence.
Mr. Stewart was silent too; he might have had second thoughts but the girl was just too damn sexy. He growled and reached for her and she held her breath as he lifted her unto the bed. She was thrilled by the tension of the tight muscles in his powerful arms as he swept her up. Long after, she could still savor every sensation: the rough heat of his forearm over her back and on the bra strap, the same heat from his other arm under her bare legs, the way her body closed protectively as he enfolded her, the rush of air as he lifted her. The way he carried her to the bed, determined and commanding, letting her know with every fiber of his body that she had no choice now; he was going to ball her on this bed, her heart exclaimed, put his big fat dick deep inside her. She squirmed with delight and anxiety.
He lowered her onto the sheets and she willing let him tie her arms over her head, her lithe body writhing and wriggling, not in struggle but in anticipation. With her arms stretched above her, her breasts spread out, taut and trembling for his touch. Her gaze was glimmering fire and her mouth wet and ripe for kissing. Her curves writhed over the sheets, her legs gliding up and down as if priming herself for the anticipated assault.
She followed him with her eyes and she bit her lip to hide a yelp of joy when she saw him standing at the end of the bed and unbuttoning his shirt. She couldn’t help but squirm under his sharp and demanding gaze; with the eyes of a wolf he devoured her tender young body.
Then she saw it, naked and raw in its glory; the massive shaft seemed to be reaching for her, ready to ravage her. She closed her eyes and trembled, preparing for the onslaught.
Instead he leaned over the pretty cheerleader and began to kiss her softly, light dancing caresses from his lips tickling over her entire face. Even when their lips met the kiss was a delicate, impossibly tentative waltz of their two tongues. Only after his immense hands cupped her breasts did the kiss intensify; her little pink tongue was helpless against his mouth and his tongue lunged down into her, a taste of what was to come. Her nipples tingled with heat under the spell of his probing hands and she wriggled her torso to increase the pressure. Her mouth devoted itself to kissing him passionately, signaling her arousal and surrender.
Patti tasted delicious, her mouth mellifluous, moist, and eager. She writhed again with excitement, thrilling to the pleasures of being probed by this giant. Her nipples stabbed into his palms and the feeling of his hands on her breasts was electric and intimidating.  His tongue raped her mouth and his hands assailed her breasts; all the time she was thinking of that huge cock tearing into her. The thrill of anticipation made her kissing more urgent; her tongue flitted and teased, her mouth growing more sweet and warm as her teeth clattered against his in the tussle between the two tongues.
The sound of the knife was crisp and sharp. Still tangled in the passionate kissing, she heard the metallic snap and she saw the knife float over her bare belly. Her heart pounded with excitement; yes, he would cut her clothes off finally and ravish her brutally now, yes, she wanted him, yes. The menace was an aphrodisiac for a girl already insane with lust. She held her body taut and trembling like an ingénue in a horror movie.
The very tip slipped under her tight sweater and the back of the blade slowly nudged the fabric up her body; the straining fabric slipped away from her quickly and the cool of the air conditioning made her skin tingle. She giggled girlishly when he worked the sweater over her face and shoved it up her arms, balling it around the ropes on her wrists, but then he lovingly rearranged the stray locks of hair around her face and shoulders and she melted with the romantic tenderness of his touch. Patti felt like a princess in a fairy tale.
He sat up now; his massive torso hovered over her, seeming to transform into a voracious giant; the romance evaporated into a tale of ravishment and rape and Patti writhed and sobbed, panic mingling with excitement as he cut away her bra. 
Patti closed her eyes as he feasted on the sight of her perfect breasts naked before him. He tugged the remnants of the bra away and she wriggled slightly, letting the creamy mounds quiver for him. She was afraid to look at him for fear that he wasn’t enjoying the sight of her naked body.
"Jesus," Mr. Stewart grunted, staring at her as she opened her eyes.
Patti was so pleased; she was beautiful, desirable, fuckable, sexy enough for Playboy. She batted her eyes coquettishly. "Why thanks, kind sir. You're gorgeous too."
They exchanged glances. Mr. Stewart ran his fingers through her pretty hair. It shone like a polished onyx stone in the dim light.
Patti was indeed pretty. Mr. Stewart was thinking that she could have been a model if she weren't so short. Not that she wasn't still cute, but a few inches would have helped Patti join the ranks of women all men would go nuts over, Mr. Stewart mused to himself as his eyes wandered over her body. Something made him think back to the Playboy magazine in the office and the model in the centerfold; yeah, he decided, he could see this wickedly vivacious girl doing that.
As if reading his mind Patti shook her hair in an alluring way. He watched her luscious round breasts jiggle invitingly as she moved. They were very firm but still wiggled enticingly as she moved with her arms overhead. 
"How should we do this?" Patti whispered, wriggling with anticipation on the bed.
Mr. Stewart just snorted as he climbed in beside her. Patti looked almost disappointed as he undid the ropes. 
"What happens now?" she asked, her voice both coquettish and anxious
His gaze alone spoke, "Now, I ball you."
Patti licked her lips; the greed in his eyes vibrated through her. 
Mr. Stewart surprised her with a kiss. He wrapped his arms around her and moved over her, covering her mouth with his. The kiss she returned was virgin sweet, eager and shy at once; her soft mouth promised endless carnal delights and she sighed her surrender over his probing, fucking tongue. Patti lay with her head on the pillow as Mr. Stewart kissed her again. These kisses were tender yet ardent and she returned them with equal fervor. Their tongues danced together; Patti's hands caressed the taut muscles of Mr. Stewart's chest as he held himself over her. He leaned down to feel the bullets of her hard nipples graze across his chest. He leaned his head in; he had to taste them.
"Oh, my," Patti growled, as Mr. Stewart sucked first one and then the other stiff nipple. Patti’s flesh was delectable. The hard bright nipples were sweet candy burning hot and extravagant in his mouth.
Patti's hands held Mr. Stewart's head tight, so his mouth was against her firm breast as he sucked, licked, and softly bit her willing nipple. She'd had guys play with her nipples before, but not often, and not with Mr. Stewart's talent. Her nipples were supersensitive and Mr. Stewart's mouth felt wonderful. She writhed with each slurp, each nibble; his mouth greedily covered each breast and he sucked, pulling her tender flesh deep into his voracious maw.
"Mmm," Patti purred. "God, that's good."
Patti was just getting comfortable with his attention to her nipples when Mr. Stewart shifted down her taut belly. He swirled his tongue around her bellybutton, making her squeal. She sensed where he was headed and grew slightly nervous. Only a few boys had ever done more than touch her there and only Bobby had been allowed to finger her pussy.
"Oh, Mr. Stewart. What're you going to do?"
"Just lie still," Mr. Stewart stated flatly. "Open your legs more."
As Patti wriggled, Mr. Stewart moved lower, across her tummy, and pushed her legs further apart. Lifting herself on her elbows Patti watched as Mr. Stewart parted her labia and exposed her pink, wet inner core. He had already seen many virgin vaginas and Patti's looked every bit of that perfection. He ran his tongue along one side of her pussy, tasting her tangy, salty flavor.
"Oh, fuck," Patti gasped. "What're you doing to me?"
"Just lie back," Mr. Stewart instructed.
Patti obeyed as she felt his tongue swirl and lap around her virgin pussy, making her become wet and tremble with arousal. Patti thrilled at the intense pleasure she experienced from Mr. Stewart's talented tongue as it bore into her feminine charms. She couldn't imagine anything feeling better but then Mr. Stewart shifted up to her exposed little clit. The top nearly came off her head when he sucked the little nubbin into his mouth.
"Fuck," Patti screamed like a fan at a rock concert. "Mr. Stewart...oh, god...don't stop!"
Her whole body began to tremble and shake when Mr. Stewart played his tongue over the trapped little nub. Patti's hands had been pulling her own nipples, but now they grabbed handfuls of Mr. Stewart's hair, and pushed him against her sex.
"Oh, god...that is so good...oh, god...please, Mr. Stewart...don't stop."
Mr. Stewart's teased a finger in Patti's wetness, around her opening. The tight resistance he felt there, pretty much confirmed to him that she still had an intact hymen. He didn't push too hard to cause her pain, as his main mission now was to get her off.
"Oh, geez...I'm going to come!" Patti bellowed, loud enough probably to be heard in the next county. Her voice exuded joy, carnal delight in her ravishment and submission. She was turned on by being sexed and she was turned on by the idea of sex; fucking was a universe she wanted for her own and she gleefully threw herself into it.
He fought to keep glued to Patti's clit as her ass bounced off the sheets and she ground against his face. She had one hand squeezing a nipple and the other pushing his head into her pussy. Patti couldn't believe how incredible it felt. Waves of bliss rippled over her body like nothing before. She'd never come this good.
Mr. Stewart sucked up Patti's sweet nectar as she peaked and then slowly relaxed, lessening her tight grip on his hair. He feasted on her sex until her sensitive clit couldn't take it anymore and she collapsed into a satisfied sigh.
Like a school girl at a slumber party she suddenly sat straight up and pulled his face onto hers and began to kiss him furiously.
A guy could get used to fucking this tight little vixen, Mr. Stewart decided as their kisses grow more urgent. He could feel his dick expand as he rubbed against her leg.
When they finally broke the long kiss Patti said, "Let me get on top please."
Mr. Stewart rolled to the side and shifted under her as she gracefully swung above him. He watched as Patti sat on his lap, her nipples pointed to him as if claiming him for their own. He loved breasts, all kinds of breasts, especially big ones, but there was something that made his dick twinge at the sight of Patti's firm young mounds shaking, quivering really as she moved. Her small tight bullets for nipples were mesmerizing as they jiggled.
"What?" Patti whispered, seeing the look on his face.
"Fuck," Mr. Stewart growled, awed by her nubile sensuality.
"You keep saying things like that and I might fall in love with you," Patti said, with only a hint of joking.
"Fuck," he repeated, almost disbelieving his luck; he has balled many cheerleader over the last few years and he was expert at guiding eager young girls into womanhood. This motel had plenty of stories to tell. But Patti was different, so fresh and eager and so tempting and sensual; he never had it so good. He growled appreciatively, moving his hands to knead her breasts and feel her nipples poke his palms.
"You don't have to convince me to let you fuck me, I already want you to," Patti declared with an intensity that left no doubt she was anxious for him to take her.
As if to prove her point her tiny hands were busy adjusting the arrangement of their bodies. Patti straddled his hips and her hands delicately nestled the length of his cock into the warmth of her bush. Her fingers, with reverence and awe, stroked the shaft and pressed it to her belly. The feel of her touch, the heat of her skin on the shaft was overwhelming but Mr. Stewart controlled the urge to ram into her.
Patti’s hands trembled, taking in the enormous length and width of the monster before her. She pondered her fate and fought back the urge to escape. She gazed earnestly at the man’s stern and hungry face.
"Mr. Stewart, you need to believe me...I'm a virgin." Her voice was sweet and soft, pleading.  He grunted like a lustful bull.
Patti leaned down and kissed him with amazing passion. They kissed like long lost lovers for many moments. Patti's tongue invaded Mr. Stewart's mouth seeking his. When they finally stopped, she looked into his eyes, and then descended on his body. She just had to kiss it, she resolved; she had to touch that long fat beast with her lips.
Mr. Stewart looked at the ceiling as he felt her hand first and then her tongue. Patti licked his tip, making him groan, as more blood surged him to full hardness. What experience Patti lacked in sex was not evident in her talented tongue. She knew her way around a cock.
"Mmm," Mr. Stewart moaned. "That's nice, babe."
Patti beamed at him proudly, her face fresh and vivacious, her eyes dancing with delight. She smacked her lips and set to her greedy task with vigor. "Ah," Mr. Stewart growled as she took him into her mouth suddenly.
He let her apply her skills for several long minutes. His cock throbbed by the time he pushed her gently away. She groaned her disappointment in being stopped. He looked down at her in the dimming light, as evening approached, slowly darkening the room.
"You have to let me taste you sometime," Patti begged softly.
He loved her dedication to sucking him, but time was short, and he wanted to make sure they finished the way they both wanted. He pulled her from beneath her arms until she again could kiss him. They kissed as the end of Mr. Stewart's cock probed between her parted legs. Patti sat on his hips, kissing him, and running her fingers through his short hair. Mr. Stewart held her firm ass in both hands and slowly moved her around until his dick found its mark. Her young body tensed; sparks seemed to flash where his cock touched the gates of her sex.
“I don’t know, Mr. Stewart,” she complained without much hope, “It’s awfully big.” He held her steady and paused, ready to strike. She continued with her plea, “Maybe I can suck…”
“I’m gonna fuck you.” His tone was sharp and impatient. She trembled softly.
"Go slow," Patti whispered.
"Shut up," Mr. Stewart answered, his body throbbing with urgent lust.
"Mr. Stewart...I'm scared..." In her trepidation she was trying to stall the inevitable.
"Fuck," Mr. Stewart answered with a hint of desperation in his voice.
"Please don't hurt me."
"Just relax," Mr. Stewart said.
Patti propped her arms on his flat stomach as he pressed the head of his cock against her. She looked into his eyes as he felt for the right spot. Satisfied he'd found it, he pressed firmer. Patti stiffened and whimpered but didn't say anything more. Her body was taut like a drum and hot like a furnace; her skin glowed and gave off a sweet fresh scent, the scent of flowers.
"Just relax, hold still."
He pushed and could feel something starting to give. Patti's hands were white knuckled as she pushed down on him. Another subtle thrust and she groaned aloud. Her eyes were bright and fragile, loving and pleading.
"Oh, god," Patti hissed with a grimace of pain. " hurts, Mr. Stewart."
"Fuck," Mr. Stewart bellowed, fighting the tremendous urge to drill his cock forward and break through her sensitive barrier in a rush.
In this position, Patti could better control the pressure Mr. Stewart applied in her, better than if he'd been on top. Though she let him have the greater power as a sign of surrender to him. He eased into her, as he had learned to do. Hard thrusts were not always as necessary or as useful as applied pressure. The tender barrier could only withstand so much. Stretching it until it gave was far better for the girl anyway. It took longer, but easier on the girl, and allowed for greater enjoyment on her part quicker. Patti was special; impossibly beautiful, refreshingly eager, her body was taut and warm and moist. Her skin was covered with sexy sweet sweat; she looked innocent and pure but wanton and shameless too.
Another slight thrust and Mr. Stewart felt himself slip inward. Patti's back arched a little and she winced in pain. Mr. Stewart waited a moment to give her a chance to relax before pressing a bit more. He could definitely feel his cock gaining entrance to her vagina. Another brief wait and another thrust seated his cock over an inch inside her. She sighed, a delicate release of breath, a capitulation to his power; her sex closed over him like a young flower at dusk. He pushed in slowly, excruciatingly measured in his conquering; she was so agonizingly tight—perfection. God it was good inside this girl.
She was tight and wet, trembling like a fawn but Patti was a trooper and allowed him to continue pushing without let up. Her face showed the extent of her discomfort but she didn't stop him. Suddenly, he felt the head slip inside some.
His body shifted as if he were going over the edge of a cliff; that shift was seismic. The cock crashed against her in a cruel blast of unbridled power and sent the writhing girl into a tantrum of kicks and screams and scratches and bites; she fought the agony with a fierce and futile fury-- her virginity was smashed and she was smashing back in desperation and anguish. Her bare skin slapping against his, her rock hard nipples stabbing into him, she was a fury, a sexual storm. Her lovely limbs flew and spun like four tornadoes and she kicked her legs wildly trying to fight back. She looked fragile and exquisite in her tempestuous rage, beauteous and sensual in her helpless resistance. Her eyes brimmed with tears and she wailed in a primal song, her sensual siren call urging him to fuck her deeper. With a loud grunt he thrust up and bore down on her; her face a heavenly chaos of contortion and anguish. He thrust a quick few jabs, then slammed in hard, rock solid and merciless. They both howled as her body bucked and thrashed and ricocheted violently, bouncing off then slapping against him. Along the way her agony brought along a hundred sweet sexy tremors.
Her young body was slick and gleaming with the sweat of sexual exertion and erotic tension. Her limbs moved in a graceful pandemonium, clawing and kicking and her mouth was now open in a silent scream of misery and ecstasy. Each detail of the experience was a universe of wonderment; her nipples throbbed with yearning and she could feel each pulse of her veins and nerve endings charging in her sensitive breasts. Her toes curled and unfurled as each thrust was received between the smooth soft warmth of her thighs. Her ass clenched in exhilaration as the massive shaft increased the pressure on her tender body. Her belly tightened and relaxed in rhythm with his thrusts.  Her eyes flashed a wrathful yearning as her resistance became submission; the sweet agony tamed her and she loved the sensation of being filled with his cock. He held her until the pain became a dull roar then he fucked her some more.
"Oh, god," Patti moaned aloud. Pain and pleasure were merely the veneer; below the surface of her agony she was confident there was a tomorrow. She would be a playmate. “Oh, oh god. Oh god, oh oh oh god, oh god,” she gasped in melodious anguish.
Mr. Stewart stopped, "Just sit still and let it happen."
She mewed like a kitten and struggled to speak in a tiny agonized squeak. "Okay…okay…but… you're huge," Patti gasped.

He lifted his torso and she shifted as more of him entered her. Christ she was tight. His face was close to hers now. “You were made for this,” he growled.
Patti’s face flushed with pride and agony.
A soft urgent sob filled the room as he pressed more of his cock into Patti. After every inch or so, he waited for her tight pussy to accept the big new invader. He held her tight to his body, feeling her tiny hard nipples scrapping his chest. Patti moaned lightly beside his ear. She nuzzled his shoulder and neck as his cock reached new depths.
"Good god," Patti moaned.
"Just a little more," Mr. Stewart urged desperately.
She was sweating furiously, her body on fire; her eyes were laughing through the exquisite torture. "You're going to split me into two," Patti hissed, not certain herself if she was joking.
"You can take it," Mr. Stewart demanded.
"You sure?" Patti exclaimed with a gasp, as more cock filled her to capacity. Damn she was so deliciously tight. So fine. 
"Fuck yeah," Mr. Stewart called out. "Damn this is good."
"Shit...,” she panted desperate in her arousal, “You feel huge inside me."
"Just take it."
"Yes," Patti giggled through her pain.
Mr. Stewart gave her another minute to get used to him being inside her. It also helped him to lose some of the urgency he'd felt before, even though her pussy was like a warm steamy moist oven. He waited and then pushed forward inside her. Patti could feel each centimeter as it stretched her never used sex like a hand into a too small glove. She groaned sweetly.
Now that Mr. Stewart had pushed through her hymen, he grabbed her hips, and flipped her over underneath him. Patti squealed as he managed to do it without totally unseating his cock from inside her. 
It seemed to take an hour, but really it was only minutes, before Mr. Stewart had most of his cock buried in Patti's hot, tight, inviting box. Her legs had come up around him and they hugged him close. The pain was waning fast and the feeling of being filled with cock was driving her crazy. The bubble of anguish was about to pop and burst into glory. Bang!
"Oh wow! I’ve got a cock in side me,” she gushed with glee as the agony gave way to an electric thrill. “Oh, god, is it all in yet?" Patti wanted to know. "It's so big!" 
"Shut up," Mr. Stewart explained.
"What should I do?" Patti asked, like the schoolgirl anxious to learn.
"Just stay still for now. When I tell you, start to move with me. You'll get the rhythm," Mr. Stewart explained.
"Okay.” She breathed softly, mewing like a kitten, her eyes soft, begging for it. “Tell me if I'm doing it wrong," Patti pleaded.
"Don't worry."
Mr. Stewart withdrew slowly so Patti could feel every millimeter leave her body. She groaned as the dick vacated the spots deep within her. She moaned the loss of the exquisite feeling of him so far inside. Mr. Stewart pulled back till just the head was inside, before pushing back in.
"Oh, god," Patti growled. "Oh, Mr. Stewart...fuck me like that...please. Oh, god, that feels so good.”
He pushed back in again until he reached his furthest point of penetration so far. Mr. Stewart let over half of his cock rest inside her for a minute before pulling back slowly. Patti whined quietly as she felt him exit her sweet slit. He pulled back until the bloated head was all that remained. A slight pause, and then he eased the thick shaft back into her tight chute.
"Ah...geez," Patti wheezed at the fullness again.
He started a slow rhythm which soon Patti got used to. It didn't take long before she met each thrust with one of her own. The sweet pleasure began to build within her pussy sooner than she expected.
"Oh, Mr. Stewart, that feels so good," Patti moaned.
"You've got a fabulous pussy," Mr. Stewart praised.
"Keep saying nice things like that and I'll want to do this every day," Patti warned.
Mr. Stewart agreed with a low grunt.
"It would," Patti concurred.
"Aww...that's amazing," she added, as Mr. Stewart increased his rate.
Mr. Stewart withdrew once more and slowly plunged back in. Patti's sex had long ago given up resistance but maintained its incredible tightness around his cock. Her pussy leaked a near constant stream of honey, as the new experiences activated long desires and emotions in her depths. Her hands held his sides and her legs pressed tight against his firm ass.
"Mmm...oh, yeah," Patti gushed. “I can’t believe I’m doing this!!”
“Shut the fuck up.”
“Oooo, Mr. Stewart, you are!! You’re doing me! We’re balling, just like in the song.” She began to sing in a playful voice even as she struggled with the pain. “Way down inside honey, I need it, I'm gonna give you my love, I'm gonna give you my love. Way way down deep inside you ball me so good.”
He picked up speed with each new plunge. Patti began to get the rhythm like he'd said. She began to meet his thrusts with those of her own. She could feel something building inside her like a balloon filling with pleasure. Patti felt it before when Mr. Stewart was licking her but this time it was tenfold stronger. It seemed to consume every part of her being, not just her sex.
"Oh, yeah...ooh.” 
Mr. Stewart leaned down and sucked on one of Patti's tiny nipples as he pushed deeper into her pussy. She moaned from the combination of pleasures to her nipple and cunt. His cock nudged Patti's cervix and drew a soft groan. She couldn't believe how far he was buried inside her pussy. She was completely amazed her slender body could contain almost all of his enormous cock.
"Mmm...aww," Patti muttered.
Mr. Stewart increased the speed at which he fucked Patti. Her pussy was so tight he could watch it flare outward on each withdrawal as it clung firmly to his cock. Patti's hands squeezed Mr. Stewart's sides as he propelled his large dick continuously into her. At this pace and angle, Mr. Stewart couldn't suck her nipples any longer but he watched the lush mounds wiggle as he fucked her.
"Oh, Mr. feels so good now."
He had to admit she was entirely right. His balls grumbled with growing need as her pussy milked his cock. Mr. Stewart increased the intensity of his stroke making Patti groan even louder.
"Oh, god, that's good...Mmm."
Mr. Stewart fucked Patti in long deep strokes. His cock felt like a steel rod as it probed her depths. He leaned down and kissed her, battling tongues with her, as they both fought for breath. His balls had tightened and weren't slapping against her ass as hard as before.
"Good, God...I'm going to come," Patti yelled too loud not to wake the entire state.

Mr. Stewart's ass became a blur as he pushed to get her off before his seed flooded her sex. Patti moaned loudly as her orgasm built to extreme proportions. She had never felt anything close to this good. His tongue had driven her crazy, but this threatened to rip the top off her head as the bliss seemed to consume her.
Mr. Stewart could feel sweat forming on his body as he hammered his dick into her. His climax neared as Patti pushed up into each of his strokes. Her body felt like it was aflame. Patti reached the top of her pleasure peak and screamed out.
"Oh, fuck...fuck me, Mr. Stewart."
Patti's body froze and clamped down hard on Mr. Stewart's cock. He tried to keep moving, but she was surprisingly strong, and he could only wait until she unclenched her sex. His own orgasm hung just out of reach. He waited with some frustration as Patti groaned beneath him; enjoy the waves of pleasure enrapturing her body.
Then Mr. Stewart felt it. At first he wasn't sure where it came from but quickly realized Patti was reaching down. Her long skinny fingers were massaging his balls. At that ripe moment, it was all he needed to growl with release. His cock spewed forth a flood of hot seed into the clenching petals of Patti's young flower.
Patti felt Mr. Stewart's cock expand and then the deluge of heat. It pushed her to even greater heights as her orgasm persisted. Every time Mr. Stewart's cock surged, Patti felt it, and groaned with her own constant bliss. Her body trembled like a new flower as the unbelievable delight overwhelmed her.
"Ah...," Patti moaned as the last wonderful feelings waned. “You fill me up so good, Mr. Stewart. You’re soooo gooood.”
Mr. Stewart finished coming inside Patti, with the sweet girl smiling at him, as she wriggled her hips to entice more of him into her. He fired off blast after blast into the tight pussy until he had nothing left to give.
"Oh, fuck," Mr. Stewart growled.
The tiny girl opened her eyes. 
"Is this good? Did I do it right" Patti gasped.
"Fuck yeah," Mr. Stewart declared.
He rolled off Patti to the wall side of the bed. His cock came out of her like a long cork in a bottle. 
But Patti wasn’t finished; she fixed her bright eyes on him, “Wow, that was a good idea. Let’s do more!” With that she grabbed him and pulled him back onto her, impaling herself with his shaft.
She fucked furiously and frantically. Her eyes were wild and her naked skin glowed with life; she was so tight and juicy his cock went berserk, pounding into the willing girl with the fury of a hammer on an anvil, sparks flashing in every direction. She came just as furiously. Mr. Stewart still wasn't ready to come, but he anxiously pushed hard to get Patti there, get her coming from a cock inside her, his big fat cruel cock in this nubile ripe sweet cheerleader. A few more determined strokes and Patti exploded like a rocket headed into space. Her fingers squeezed her own nipples, as powerful bolts of bliss shot through her.
"Ah...yeah...oh, god..." Patti growled.
Despite his own rising need, Mr. Stewart smiled at the aroused girl beneath him. Patti's eyes were closed as the waves of pleasure bore through her. He tried to keep his cock moving within her, to give her more pleasure, but her pussy clamped down on him like a vise. Instead he replaced one of her hands with his mouth on her right nipple.
"Oh...oh yeah..." Patti groaned with delight.
As Patti's orgasm finally waned, she opened her eyes to a smiling Mr. Stewart. He sucked her nipple again briefly, before moving his dick inside her very slowly.
"My god, you're still going," Patti gasped.
"What's the matter? Can't go again?"
"Oh, geez...I don't know."
"You will in a second," Mr. Stewart stated with a grin.
"What do you mean?" Patti moaned.
"You'll see."
Mr. Stewart's dick moved slow and deliberately inside Patti. He pushed deep on each stroke until he felt his cockhead bump against her cervix. Her little groans told him to stop there and draw back slowly again. He picked up his pace a little at a time until he could feel her responding. Her hips moved to meet him on each new stroke now.
Mr. Stewart pulled out of Patti completely causing her to gasp and then sigh with the loss. He moved back away from her, getting surprised looks. Why was he stopping just as she began to feel good, she wondered.
"Get on all fours," Mr. Stewart instructed.
Patti looked at him curiously but wasn't naive enough to not know what Mr. Stewart wanted but it worried her. Hope this doesn't hurt, she thought as she shifted like he wanted. Then it dawned on her, "You're not going know...ah...use the other..."
"No, baby ...I'm not going there...this time anyway," Mr. Stewart said with a smile.
Patti felt him rub his cockhead up and down her wet slit. He teased her for a few moments until she was ready to plead with him to put it back inside. Before she did though, he positioned himself at her entrance and pushed inside.
"Oh, shit," Patti growled. "Ah, yeah...that's it...that feels great."
She felt Mr. Stewart push deep inside her. In moments, he buried most of his cock back within her. She let him fuck back and forth until the pleasure was maddening. Now, she pushed back into his thrusts wanting him harder and faster.
"Oh, god," Patti groaned.
Mr. Stewart held Patti's hips and fucked her wet sex with powerful plunges. She moaned on each deep penetration and groaned at each withdrawal. Mr. Stewart quickened the pace driving Patti crazy. Her whole body started shaking from the overwhelming pleasure radiating from her pussy to every pore and part of her body.
"Oh, Mr. good."
Mr. Stewart had to agree. His cock felt like it was slicing through warm butter inside her. His balls were churning now with the urgent need for release. He had to come and come soon. However, he wanted to get Patti there too once more.
"Come for me, Patti," Mr. Stewart groaned. "Come again."
"Oh, god. Keeping fucking me, Mr. Stewart. I'm almost there."
His cock pounded her no longer virgin body. He reached a hand under her and squeezed a handful of breast. Mr. Stewart pulled her nipple causing Patti to growl with satisfaction. He kissed her creamy white skin on her back.

Patti felt her climax coming like a rising tide. It built to a tsunami before crashing on the shores of her mind. She had never felt anything comparable to the exquisite bliss washing over her like a wonderful wave.
"Oh, god...oh, Mr. Stewart. Ah..."
Rockets went off in Patti's brain. She quivered in his strong hands. If not for Mr. Stewart holding her up, Patti would have slumped into a heap on the floor. His still pounding cock drove her crazy with pleasure. Her pussy squeezed him deliciously as he reached his peak too.

"Oh, fuck, baby."
In Patti's orgasm clouded mind, she tried to hear him and obey. Fortunately, it wasn't hard to feel or sense, as Mr. Stewart's cockhead expanded within her before expelling hot blasts of seed in rapid fire succession inside her clamping slit. It felt like molten lava being applied to her already spasming pussy walls. She couldn't take anymore and her arms gave out even though Mr. Stewart still held her hips up where his cock could stay buried in her warm sex.
"Ah..." Patti moaned aloud.
Mr. Stewart finally stopped coming in her pussy and slowly withdrew. He watched as his dick slowly exited the now deep pink pussy, which clasped his cock tight. When he finally popped free, she giggled girlishly.
He got up, but had to smile as the slender girl still had her cute ass in the air while the top of her lay flat on the sheets.
He shook his head, almost afraid to go near the girl again; he had to get out of here. He searched around for clothes and tossed some Patti’s way and got dressed himself.
Patti pouted but dressed slowly. Finally they stood in the room wondering what to do next. 
"This is awkward," Patti said to Mr. Stewart with an impish grin.
Mr. Stewart looked at the curvaceous girl and calculated the time and his own desires. Damn it, he had to ball her again. He had to get into that tight sweet young body again.
"Come over here," he said, patting the space beside him.
Patti shrugged and moved towards him. He had grabbed her hips and rolled her over him towards the wall making her squeal with delighted surprise. She laughed as he leaned over her, pinning her to the bed face up.
"What're you going to do now?" Patti asked amused.
"This," Mr. Stewart said, leaning down for a kiss.
Patti immediate returned his kiss and her fingers played with the short hairs on the back of his neck as his hand held her side. They kissed and battled tongues until both were breathing heavy.
Mr. Stewart's hand stole up Patti's side to caress her left breast. Patti's was braless beneath her sweater and Mr. Stewart's fingers easily found the nipple. He brought it to attention in no time. Patti helped when he started lifting the bottom of the sweater. She was soon naked on top.
Mr. Stewart stared at her beautiful breasts for a second before returning to pinching her nipple and kneading the soft mound. Patti's moans told him she loved what he was doing. Her fingers began unbuttoning his shirt and Mr. Stewart lowered his face to the nipple he'd left untouched to that point.
"Oh, god," Patti gasped as Mr. Stewart's mouth encircled her ripe red bud. "Oh my, that's so good."
Patti tried to concentrate on opening Mr. Stewart's shirt despite his leaning across her and the wonderful sensations spreading from her nipples. She could feel her pussy pulsing with need and a wetness starting. Somehow she got his shirt undone and tried to push it from his shoulders. Mr. Stewart stopped sucking her nipples long enough to help her remove it.
With both now naked from the waist up, their skin seemed to glow with heat as their bodies presses together. Patti pulled his greedily sucking mouth from her nipples so she could kiss him again. As they kissed, Mr. Stewart took the opportunity to skillfully unbutton the top of her skirt. They both stopped kissing and looked deep into the others eyes after the sound of her zipper descending.
"Stand up," Patti said in a near breathless plea.
They continued to stare at each other as Mr. Stewart stood beside the bed. Patti quickly shifted with him and put her hands to his belt. She had to look down at what she was doing being a very new rookie in the practice of making love. Her fingers moved fast though and she soon had his pants open enough to push down. Mr. Stewart helped and with no underwear his big dick, only half hard, still nestled cozily between his legs.
"Nice," Patti declared as she stared at massive tool.
"Play with it," Mr. Stewart offered, but with a good amount of obvious pent up desire.
Patti smiled weakly at him, her own desire evident as she reached for him. Her fingers ran down one side of his shaft and then cupped the blood filling head. She marveled at the soft velvety feel of his cockhead and teased along the ridge and underneath. Her delicate fingers made Mr. Stewart moan softly with their light but delectable touch. His cock started to rise from its sleeping state.
"Mmm," Patti hissed as she watched it fill and expand.
Like most women, it gave her great joy to see the effect her touch could have to this large organ growing before her. To know her manipulations and caresses were exciting Mr. Stewart to the point his cock filled to capacity and pointed at her, gave her delicious thoughts and both her pussy and mouth seemed to water together. She held him stiff before her and looked up into his eyes as she planted a kiss on the tip of his cock. She flicked her tongue over the sensitive flesh.
"I want to suck your dick," Patti purred. The naughty words made her pussy quake and she could feel her panties getting incredibly wet in the front. Her mouth wanted nothing more than to wrap her lips around him.
"Use the word cock," Mr. Stewart insisted.
Patti, now wise to his little game, smiled as she said, "I want to suck your cock."

Patti kind of enjoyed the game but was further shocked when Mr. Stewart added, "What does that make you?"
"Ah...a cocksucker," Patti reasoned.
"You're a what?"
"I'm a cocksucker," Patti affirmed, but even as she smiled at Mr. Stewart her pussy throbbed with an intensity she'd never known.
The pulsing was so strong it created a near ringing in her ears. The words she just spoke echoed repeatedly in her mind until her eyes dropped from his to take in the object of her lust again. A drop of seed oozed from the tip of Mr. Stewart's cockhead. She hadn't realized it, but her hands had kept stroking him all during his little diversion. She felt a real compulsion to suck his cock. She whispered to herself as she leaned in to catch the tiny drop.
"I'm a cocksucker."
Mr. Stewart moaned when her tongue flicked repeatedly across the hyper sensitive head of his cock. His legs shook from the intensity of her touch. He had meant to turn her on but in so doing elevated his own desire tenfold.
"Oh, a good little cocksucker and suck it for me," Mr. Stewart growled.

Patti opened her mouth and took the whole head and maybe another inch inside her warm, moist cavity. Her tongue flipped back and forth as she applied pressure to the head. Her mouth wet the surface and captured the taste of his seed.
Mr. Stewart watched intently as Patti sucked his cock. She was doing a great job even for a near amateur. 
Patti moaned again when Mr. Stewart pulled her from his twitching cock like the night before. If he was given much more of her growing natural talent as a cocksucker, he would have been making a huge deposit onto her tonsils soon. She pouted as he moved back. Her hands were still trying to hold his cock and balls.
"Let's get that skirt off you."
Patti reluctantly gave up and quickly got into the idea of surrendering her pussy to him. She nearly squealed with delight when he settled on the floor between her bare legs. He eased her back towards the wall on the opposite side of the bed as he got into position with his face over her pussy. Patti remembered all too well the incredible feelings his mouth and tongue had given her before. She felt another surge of wetness and desire as she watched him descend.

"Oh, god," Patti hissed at the first contact.
Mr. Stewart kissed her inner thighs, enjoying the wonderful soft skin there. His hands held her down and her legs apart as he worked closer and closer to her steamy sex. Patti felt like one touch to her exposed clit would send her off into wonderland.
Mr. Stewart took his time. He teased the overly aroused girl until her ass trembled on the bed and her pussy nearly begged to be touched. Her hands grabbed handfuls of his hair and tried to guide him to the spot she wanted most. His resistance to letting her control the action only heightened her incredible lust. Patti felt like a bomb about to explode as he sucked on her puffy outer lips.
"Mr. Stewart. Oh, god, please. Oh, god."
He realized he'd made her wait long enough and used his fingers to spread her flower. She howled like a wolf when he drove his tongue deep into her. Her whole body stiffened and her back arched off the bed. Rockets when off in Patti's head as she climaxed like a banshee.
"Oh, fuck...ah...oh,"
Waves of bliss enveloped Patti like a warm blanket. Her whole body vibrated as they spread like wildfire from her sex to all areas of her mind and body. Her long fingers nearly tore Mr. Stewart's hair out by the roots as she rode out the storm of her pleasure. He lapped away at the wonderful nectar that flowed from her like a fountain. Her pleasure seemed to last forever but also ebbed way to soon. She eventually let her body relax and fall back limp to the bed.
Mr. Stewart didn't give Patti much rest though before his tongue once again tortured and tormented the inner folds of her sex. Her body began to react even before her mind was totally ready.
"You're driving me crazy," Patti gasped.

Mr. Stewart had purposely avoided touching her clit to this point. He worked around a little more until he sensed Patti was building towards her next orgasm. He increased the speed of his movements and even slipped a finger into her tightly clenching hole. He wiggled it around until he felt the telltale hardened surface of her g-spot. He teased there driving her mad with craving to come. When he had her built to the height he wanted, he mercilessly sucked her clit directly into his mouth.
"Fuck," Patti screamed so loud anyone walking down the hallway outside the door would have heard it for sure.

The luscious cheerleader exploded in orgasmic bliss like a tsunami crashing on the shores. Her whole body shook nearly unseating Mr. Stewart's diabolical lips as they sucked her clit. His tongue teased her little capture nubbin with quick flashes back and forth. His finger in her slit became two and he rubbed her inner core.
"Oh, god...good god," Patti howled.
Mr. Stewart waited until Patti crashed, nearly spent, to the bed before he let up. He immediately pulled his fingers from her and replaced them with the head of his seed dripping cock. He was so excited, he wasn't sure how long he could fuck her without coming. He wanted to give her a good fuck though, so he eased in slowly to her incredibly tight passage.
"Oh,'re driving me wild," Patti growled. "Go slow. I'm still a little sore."
"Okay," Mr. Stewart hissed between pleasure clenched teeth.
Mr. Stewart inched his cock slowly into Patti. It took a few minutes for him to touch home plate deep inside her. When he did, he withdrew slowly before easing back in. He built a steady pace until Patti started to match his thrust with opposite ones of her own. Pretty soon he was fucking her and repositioning her on the bed for greater penetration. He pushed her legs up higher towards her head and pile drove his cock into her.
"Urgh...urgh," was all Patti could gasp every time he probed against her cervix.
Mr. Stewart fought hard not to abuse her near virgin pussy too much. The wonderful tightness and slick inner walls gripped his cock like a soft wet hand. His balls screamed for release but he willed himself to hold off a bit longer. He wanted to give her another orgasm at the same time if he could last. Patti was fucking back into him nearly as hard as he was into her.

"Oh, god, Mr. Stewart...I'm going to come again," Patti soon claimed.
"Do it, Babe," Mr. Stewart growled as sweat wet his face.
Another couple thrusts and she let loose seconds before he finally lost it too. His cock detonated inside her with strong blasts of fiery hot seed. Patti was riding her own delectable orgasm when she felt the incredible heat inside her like lava from the earth's core. It pushed her orgasm to wonderful heights and she moaned loudly as each new delicious surge of pleasure followed the last.
Mr. Stewart shot what felt like a massive load into Patti. In no time, his cock was swimming in both their combined juices. Mr. Stewart's cock was coated as it remained deeply lodged inside Patti. His spasms finally passed along with hers.
Before too long, Mr. Stewart rolled to the side as he was exhausted. His face was covered in sweat and both their bodies glistened from the perspiration of intense lovemaking and the blissful effort. They lay besides each other struggling to regain their breath.
Finally stirring, Mr. Stewart looked first to Patti but her eyes were still closed. Mr. Stewart decided to just lie back with the girl sweet some more.
He woke with a start and glanced to the bed stand clock as if worried he missed something. He quickly realized he hadn't as the clock just read nine. Mr. Stewart got up to pee and woke Patti in the process.
"Where you going?" She asked.
"I need to come too."
"Sure. Here's my robe. I'll use a towel."
The pee led to a quick shower together at Patti's bequest. A half hour later they were back in bed. The young girl’s body was effervescent and fresh, sparkly moist and warm and ripe; no way was he not going to dip into that luscious feast once more. Sweet Patti, as usual vivacious like the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof, switched on the radio. Sensuous music poured out and she grinned wickedly. 
There's a lady who's sure
All that glitters is gold
And she's buying a stairway to heaven

“Sound’s like they’re playing our song,” she giggled and hummed along to Led Zepplin and her hands wandered over Mr. Stewart in search of that sweet big thing she loved so much.
When she gets there she knows
If the stores are all closed
With a word she can get what she came for
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
And she's buying a stairway to heaven

She touched the shaft lovingly and she soon had the cock she had played with in the shower even harder. Her hands were stroking him wonderfully.
There's a sign on the wall
But she wants to be sure
'Cause you know sometimes words have
Two meanings
"Mmm...I love the feel of it," Patti whispered in his ear. "It's so hard, yet soft too."

"Your hands feel great."
She stroked gently, watching his eyes and searching; her own eyes were vague and dreamy as if she were lost in her own thoughts as she softly played with his cock. She was humming softly to the song. He was getting really really hard.
The song weaved a spell over them; the man was stoked to bursting but they both lay placid and still as Patti stroked and hummed; finally she sang along:

And it's whispered that soon
If we all call the tune
Then the piper will lead us to reason

And a new day will dawn
For those who stand long
And the forests will
Echo with laughter

"Mr. Stewart, don't stop me this time."
"I want to suck you until you come."
Patti smiled at him as she repositioned between his legs. As soon as she was set, her tongue began a pleasing dance on the head of his cock. 

If there's a bustle in your hedgerow
Don't be alarmed now
It's just a spring clean
For the May queen
Yes, there are two paths you can go by
But in the long run
There's still time to change
The road you're on

Her hands kneaded his balls and stroked the hard shaft. She didn't wait long before taking the head into her mouth. Her eyes looked up at him for approval and he gave her a smile.
And it makes me wonder
Aw, uh, oh
Your head is humming and it won't go
In case you don't know
The piper's calling you to join him

Patti sucked on Mr. Stewart's cock for over ten minutes. She tried taking him deep several times but gagged as his head entered her throat. She eventually settled into a wonderfully fast and then slower routine that had Mr. Stewart hovering on the edge. When he finally couldn't take it anymore, he held her head, and guided the pace. Patti got the idea and eagerly complied.
"Oh, Patti...I'm going to come."

"Mmm," Patti moaned, giving her consent.
Mr. Stewart lay back with his forearm across his eyes as her sucking mouth created delicious tingling sensations that drove him wild. His cockhead expanded in her mouth seconds before letting loose. The intensity of the first spasm caught Patti a little by surprise. The seed almost made her choke but she managed to successfully close off the back of her mouth before that happened. She moaned as his cock continued to unleash spurt after spurt of hot seed into her mouth. Unsure exactly what do to as he came, Patti sucked tenderly on the head, and flicked her tongue against the now seeping hole.
"Oh, geez...that's good, Patti," Mr. Stewart praised.
And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold
And if you listen very hard
The truth will come to you at last
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll
And she's buying a stairway
To heaven...

Curious about her reaction to her first completed blowjob, Mr. Stewart leaned up on his elbows just as Patti pulled back. He smiled as her lips compressed and slipped off his crown. She obviously still held much of the seed in her mouth. She glanced up at him as if for approval and direction. Her eyes gave away her thoughts.
"Swallow it," Mr. Stewart encouraged.
She hesitated for a minute but then she swallowed the thick seed in her mouth. Mr. Stewart watched as she gulped down the big load, her first. He reached for her cheek to congratulate her. He rubbed her cheek affectionately.
Patti still held his shrinking cock and looked down to see a few more drops dripping from the tip. She leaned down and took them into her mouth and swirl them around on her taste buds.
“Mr. Stewart?” she asked finally, her voice girlish and sweet, “Do you think I could be a Playboy Playmate?”
“No doubt about it,” he growled and leaned in to take her yet once more.
Patti squealed with delight imagining her naked body spread out in the three panels. She would be a playmate, she resolved, even if it took years! 

Submitted: April 25, 2020

© Copyright 2021 GlobeTwo. All rights reserved.

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Yes, you could be my Playmate forever with that kind of hunger to please & be pleased! Wow! What an earth shattering story you tell here! If only it had happened to me!

Sun, April 26th, 2020 11:08am

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