Miki Garcia

Miki Garcia

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The many adventures of Miki Garcia, Miss Jaunuary 1973


The many adventures of Miki Garcia, Miss Jaunuary 1973

Chapter1 (v.1) - Miki Garcia

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The many adventures of Miki Garcia, Miss Jaunuary 1973

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 19, 2013



Miki Garcia was having the best year of her life; she had always kept busy with a variety of social, business, and political activities but now as Miss January 1973 she added a flurry of promotional events and parties that kept her crisscrossing the state and the country.The trip to Washington D.C. was icing on the cake; she combined two events in one trip.  On Thursday she would be having dinner at the White House!!!  She was the 'date' of a former POW at a tribute banquet, then for the rest of the  weekend she would be working the World of Wheels Custom Car show at the DC National Armory with the likes of the cops from Adam 12, the Lunar Rover Vehicle, and a 66 Dodge Tradesman van better known as "the Love Machine."

She'd been touring with the Custom Car show all over the country and these events were fun, but for a political junkie like Miki dinner at the White House was Nirvana.  The press was all over the idea of a Playmate at Nixon's dinner table and she'd been interviewed several times explaining that she was "thrilled, delighted, and overwhelmed."  Her gown was a problem, "I'll have to get something dignified-- you know-- a long dress that comes high up to the neck."  But every paper ran a picture of her in a tiny bikini, like the kind she wore for the car shows.

Well the gown turned out to be a little more revealing than she had planned but what could be expected when you try to pack a voluptuous 38-22-36 hour glass figure into a tight outfit.  It was a yellow sweater dress and it did come up to her neck but it was very formfitting and displayed enough of her curves to make the promise of her lush body obvious.  Her slender arms were bare except for gold lame gloves that came up past her elbows.  She covered her soft shoulders with an antique appliqué shawl

The event at the White House was a royal affair.  A huge red and yellow striped tent was set up on the lawn, complete with brass chandeliers. Miki met the president and was introduced as 'Miss Garcia of Sacramento, California;' she and Nixon chatted for a few moments about their mutual home state. She met Bob Hope, Jimmy Stewart, and John Wayne plus dozens of senators, generals, and so many others of the powerful people in Washington.  Of course, she was treated like a minor celebrity too when she was interviewed in the State Dining Room as she sipped her Scotch and water.

But best of all, she was seated next to Henry Kissinger, perhaps the most powerful man of all, during dinner.  She loved listening to all the talk of politics and war between the speeches and the entertainment, but around dessert time she felt a firm grip on her leg under the table.  Her date was not around and Kissinger seemed deeply engrossed in a policy discussion with some congressman across the table.  Suddenly the hem of her dress began to glide up her leg.  She wore a garter belt to hold up her stockings and the probing fingers that slipped between her thighs were soon brushing her bush and sliding into her pussy.  Kissinger’s arm was under the table but he was still facing the other way.  Yet the hand stroked her insides and found her clit. Miki struggled to hold her composure as she writhed slightly into the pleasures of that hand.  She held her face in her palms to try to hide the orgasm taking over her body. The hand slid away and still Kissinger droned on but now his hand was on the table.

After dinner there was dancing; Kissinger turned to Miki and and asked, “May I give you a little tour of the White House Miss Garcia?”  Miki stood and took his arm and off they went; he showed her all the historical rooms but soon they were in a more secluded and private part of the mansion. “You are a very attractive woman, Miss Garcia,” he said in his thick accent; then without a word Miki felt her body bent down so she had to rest her hands on a desk.  Kissinger was behind and lifting her dress.  Before she could react there was a sound of a zipper and a cock was pushing into her.  But stranger still, as he started to pump into her he picked up the phone and made a call.

“Hello, it’s me....yes...I want to reassure you regarding this oil investment; I have confidential information that convinces me the political situation is stabilizing...Excuse me one moment.”  He tapped Miki’s back, “Pardon me my dear,” he said when Miki twisted her head to look at him, “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”  The playmate was already having trouble breathing under the drilling she was getting from behind, so all she could do was shake her head in response.  Then Kissinger began to speak in German to the person on the phone.  As he got more excited, whether it was from the fine embrace of Miki’s sweet sex or from the political deal he was making, he began to pound into her more aggressively, slapping his groin against her plump rear.  As he shot into her he continued on the phone, “Ja...ja....JA!” He shouted finally as the last of his orgasm went in her.  He hung up the phone and pulled himself out of her and zipped himself up, escorting her back to the party as if nothing had happened.

The funny thing was, his technique was nothing special, but somehow being that close to power made Miki tingle all over; even as they walked down the halls of the White House she could feel her breasts swelling and her nipples poking out under the sweater.  Her thighs brushed together and sent little sparks of bliss up to her brain.  The wolfish glances of the men they passed made her squirm with delight.  She met up with her date and they danced until 2AM and Miki spent a restless night thinking about what had happened.

She was up early the next day and busy at the DC National Armory;she’d done a number of these car shows already and had a simple routine.  She would be introduced by the emcee and she would make a few comments to the crowd and flirt a bit; then she’d spend the next few hours at a booth meeting fans and signing centerfolds.  She liked to go around to the various exhibits and learn about the cars so she would have banter for the endless conversations she’d be having all evening.

When she came to the Love Machine she as truly amused.  It was a 66 Dodge van but the interior was redone using a high school boy’s imagination of what a van outfitted for sex would be like.  It featured an orange shag rug and a rotating bed; the interior walls and ceiling were covered with dozens of mirrors and the sound system purred with seductive music! Miki stood next to it gaping, not sure whether to laugh or swoon; it looked ridiculous, but the devilish side of her imagined how much fun it would be to ride that rotating bed while a nice hard cock massaged her pussy.  She was dressed in red hot pants and a yellow bikini top with red pokadots and she looked like a perfect accessory for the Love Machine.  Suddenly a mechanic laying on a trolley rolled out from under the van; he had shot out from under the chassis and slid right between her legs, giving himself a view of her fine chassis.

The mechanic looked up and saw those shapely legs and the curves of her wide hips.  He eyed her flat belly and had an amazing view of her two huge creamy mounds.  He could see her lovely eyes peering down at him over her breasts.

“I think I’m in love,” he said sincerely.

“Well, if you’re not sure, I can’t help you.”

“Oh, I know I’m in love.’

“Then I guess we have to make love.”


“Darn, I have to work now, but I’ll be back. Save the Love Machine for me after the show.” Miki squatted down and kissed him.  Their faces were upside down to each other and the feel of his tongue was strange but delicious in her mouth.  When the kiss broke she put a finger to his lips, “Until later.” she said huskily and he watched that succulent ass wriggle away.

Miki felt great now; she would have the adoration of the crowd all evening then around 11PM tonight she’d enjoy the Love Machine.
The hours ticked by and she must have signed thousands of autographs before she finally got a break.  She strolled around behind the curtains of the booth and found the mechanic standing near the Love Machine.  He was actually a short, stocky man, not much taller than she was, but his arms seemed powerful and he had a determined look in his eye.  

He smiled as she came up to him and nuzzled her face on his shoulder; resting her head there she put a hand on his hair and pressed her mouth against his.

“So are you still in love?” she asked coyly.

“I can’t wait to show you.” He kissed her again and she whimpered in surrender as she felt his hand cover the front of her swelling breasts.  She could never resist having her nipples touched and the sensation now sent chills up her spine.

“I wish we could make love right now,” she murmured.

“Why not?” he chuckled.  “Wait here.”

He went around to the front of the booth and put up a sign, ‘Exhibit closed, back in an hour.’  The Love Machine stood in the middle of a roped off booth with its panel doors open wide so people could peer inside. He closed these doors and opened the door facing the back curtain.  Reaching through an opening in the drapes he found Miki’s hand and pulled her up into the vehicle, closing the door behind them.

She stepped into another world; it was an erotic boudoir designed for sex.  The round bed slowly turned, mirrors all around the interior reflected the orange glow of the shag rug and the deep midnight blue of the satin sheets.  Soft music was playing; right now it was “I need you.”  

Miki stood paralyzed for a moment, dazed by the opulence of her surroundings.  He stood next to her and grinned at her reaction.  “Well, what do you think?”

“I think we need to get naked as soon as we can.” Her hands were on the buttons of his overalls tugging the closures open.

She gasped as his firm hands covered her bare waist then softly rubbed her flesh until they came to her luscious mounds. She shoved her tongue into his mouth and twirled it in excitement as he massaged her nipples through the bikini. She looked down and watched with joy as he unhooked the bikini in the front and she smiled with satisfaction on those creamy pillows tumbled into his hands.

“Do you like them? They’re all yours.” She had by now pushed the top of his overalls down and she was reaching down and squeezing his ass.  He wore no underwear.  She pressed her nipples into his bare chest.  “I want you to kiss them.” She dropped her head back and her breasts were offered like a succulent feast.  She yelped once as his teeth and fingers dug into her milky flesh but she pushed her breasts deeper into his face and writhed with the thrill of his eager devouring of her body.

“Yeah, that feels nice.  Suck them hard, baby.  They’re all yours.”  Her creamy mounds quivered as she squirmed with pleasure and they mashed against him as she tried to make sure he covered every inch of those amazing piles of flesh with his mouth and hands.

Her hands went back into his overalls and took hold of his cock. “Oh baby, you sure do love me!” she squealed as she wrapped her fingers around its girth. His clothes fell to the floor and he kicked his shoes and the overalls off in one move.

The mechanic slowly lowered her onto the gently spinning bed.  The cool satin sheets tingled against her warm skin as she spread her body on top of the bed. She kept a firm grip on his cock and he knelt next to her and began to knead her flesh, starting with her shoulders.

“I love your hands, baby.  I love the way they dig so deep into me. Ohhhh,” she moaned as he massaged her nipples again. “I want you deep in me.  Does this feel good baby, do you like me to touch you?”  

The music switched to “Witchy Woman” and she looked like a seductive temptress stretched out on the bed with her chest heaving up and down and her eyes smoldering with lust.  He watched her fingers dance nimbly over his shaft.  “It’s so hard, so strong.  I want it in me, baby.”

His hands opened the zipper on the side of her red hotpants; the shorts were so tight that they almost exploded off of her as the closure was released.  In no time the shorts were gliding down her legs and tossed away.

They lay on their sides kissing and caressing each other.  One of Miki’s hands roamed all over his body, touching and squeezing and scratching; the other remained on his shaft, lovingly stroking.  When his fingers got lost in the curls of her lush bush she groaned and thrust her hips onto his hand. “Anticipation” flowed out of the speakers.  

“Mmmmm,” Miki said rolling her tongue over his ears.  “You feel so good.  I want you inside me, please, oh, please do it.”

She dropped onto her back and drew him over her.  She spread her legs with her feet flat on the sheets and guided his shaft between her thighs. The music was now, “I’ve got so much to give.”

His cock head was kissed by her swelling pussy lips and it felt like a ring of sweet fire. Once it was firmly in place she released the shaft and caressed his back and sides.  He began the slow push into her tight wet sheath.

“Oh, yeah, baby, get in here. That’s nice.” Her lips were pressed to his ears. “Oooooo, you’re so good for me.” Finally he was in all the way.  They lay there in a tableau gazing at their bodies and the way his shaft impaled her bush. “Go nice and slow, baby, I want you in me for a long long time.” He rocked gently back and forth and their bodies moved like waves on the ocean, swaying to a steady rhythm through “Use me,” “Doctor my eyes,” “Layla,” and “Do you want to dance.” Her sex constricted tighter and tighter with each stroke and she burned hotter and hotter.  

The bed was gently turning, revealing their bodies from different angles.  The multitude of mirrors seemed to show a thousand eyes watching them. Her eyes caught his in the glass and as he continued to pump into her they together darted from mirror to mirror to watch the beauty of her sensuous body melting into bliss as the bed spun slowly.

The music picked up the pace, “Tumbling dice,” “I’ll take you there.” His strokes got faster as his cock seemed to grow bigger inside her. All through “Let’s get it on” her hips thrust up faster and faster.  During “Bang a gong” she felt his first bolt explode into her like a comet.  This released a meteor shower of
ecstasy inside her as she bucked and thrashed under the spell of her climax.  

“Oh I love you, baby, oh yeah, love me, love me, come in me.”

Inside their own eyes multiplied into a thousand in the reflection of the mirrors but outside, hundreds of people were gathered around the Love Machine as it bounced up and down wildly on its springs.

As their passion finally ebbed they lay together in each others’ arms.  Miki ran her fingers through his hair as her other hand scratched up and down his torso sexily. “Will you spend the night with me?” she purred.

“Sure, but we can’t sleep here.”

Miki smiled, “I have no intention of letting you sleep.” She gave him the name of her hotel and her room number and giddily hopped up and started to dress.  She blew him a kiss and turned to the door. She stopped and looked over her shoulders with a smoldering glance, “Oh, what’s your name, lover?”


“I love you, Ed.” She slid open the panel door but didn’t realize she was on the public side.  She blushed in embarrassment as the crowd burst into applause at the sight of her voluptuous body exiting the Love Machine which was still rocking from their lovemaking.

The emcee was right there with a mike and exhorted the crowd, “Miki Garcia, ladies and gentleman, the lovely Miss January, and the Love Machine.”  The crowd went wild as she rushed back to her booth.

When the car show broke up for the night, Ed still had work to do so Miki went back to her hotel and changed.  Feeling restless she decided to take a stroll on the Washington Mall.  She left a key for Ed at the front desk and took a cab to the Capitol and wandered down the Mall, taking in the sights.

She was dressed in a white blouse and a short skirt; feeling patriotic she had wrapped herself in her red, white, and blue shawl to protect against the cool night air of late March.  
She was standing at the base of the Washington Monument; the Mall seemed deserted and the white marble monuments looked cold and powerful in the moonlight.  

The beautiful playmate felt tiny and helpless as she walked towards the elegant columns of the Lincoln Memorial. She was at the head of the Reflecting Pool when a US Park Ranger came up beside her.

“Pardon me, ma’am, but you do realize that it’s after midnight?” The ranger was a woman.  

“Oh, I’m sorry.  Is the park closed.”

“No, ma’am.” The ranger briefly flashed a light to examine Miki.  “You’re welcome to walk through here but perhaps I can escort you, just to be safe.”

Miki welcomed the company.  “Just let me call into my partner.” The ranger spoke into her walkie talkie. “Yeah, I got a 726, a real nice one.  I’m moving the event to Lincoln if you want to spread the word.  You definitely want some though.”

“What was that about?” Miki asked.

“Oh, just ranger code,” the stranger smiled.  “I’m Pam,” she said extending her hand.

“I’m Miki.”

“Didn’t I see your picture in the paper recently?”

Miki giggled, “Probably not wearing much.” As they strolled the beautiful playmate told Pam about the White House dinner.

They slowly ascended the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  The column looked huge and powerful lit up by spotlights. Inside the monument was like a temple for a virgin sacrifice; the tall ceiling echoed their steps on the stone floor.  Pam took Miki’s hand and led her to a corner where they leaned against the cool marble and looked at the statue. They were out of sight in the shadows and they just stood there quietly.

Miki snuggled into her shawl and Pam noticed her shivering.  "Are you cold?" she pulled Miki in for a warm hug.  The playmate was only a little surprised to feel Pam's hands slide under the shawl.  The ranger had been giving sidelong glances and long looks of yearning ever since they met. Her warm fingers felt good applying subtle pressure to Miki's breasts.

"Mmmmm," Miki moaned, "Do you think we should be doing this with him here?" She gestured with her brows to the statue.

Pam lowered her face to Miki's bosom.  "He likes it," she said, her voice muffled by Miki's mounds.  "He has a perpetual hard on."

Pam now had Miki pinned against the marble wall.  She swiftly undid the buttons of her blouse and was unhooking the bra. Miki was tugging the tails of Pam's uniform shirt out of the slacks.

With Pam's thumbs digging into her nipples, Miki dove forward and bit the ranger's neck. Pam used a hand to tug Miki's hair and drag her into a kiss.  The playmate swallowed Pam's tongue then shoved her face onto her breasts.  Her hands were under Pam's shirt and mauling her nipples wildly.

They writhed into each other crazily then abruptly froze, staring into each others' eyes.  As if following a signal Miki looked down and reached under her skirt and pulled off her cotton panties. She took Pam's fingers into her mouth and sucked them slowly, running her mouth over each in turn.

Pam's wet hand floated down to the hem of Miki's short skirt.  As in a trance Miki was guiding the hand between her legs.  She let out a howl when the fingertips pierced her but Pam put a hand over her mouth and held it there.  

Now Miki broke.  Her body pulsed over Pam's hand.  Her behind was slapping against the cold marble wall as her hips rode savagely on those hot probing fingers.

Miki's hands were above her head pressed palm down on the wall and she was pushing herself up into Pam's body, riding her hand and pressing her ripe breasts into Pam's face.  Pam kept her pinned to the wall by holding her mouth closed.

The orgasm came quickly. A cold wind blasted down the mall and gripped the two lovers in a chilly breeze. The frigid air smashed into the heat of Pam's hot fingers in her slit and Miki exploded into a climax, lifting herself on her toes higher and higher.  At first she tried to scream but then she bit down on Pam's hand so hard she drew blood.

They leaned on the wall as the bliss subsided.

"Wow, that was great!" Pam gasped.  All Miki could do was nod her head wearily.

“I’ll say,” whispered a male voice.  Miki looked up to see another ranger standing there.  ??“Oh, Bob, you got here.” Pam looked pleased but then she glanced nervously at Miki. “Miki, this is my partner, Bob.”

Suddenly Miki’s mind flashed back to the walkie talkie message.  “Am I what he ‘definitely want some of?’” she asked slowly.  Both Bob and Pam flushed red.

“Well, I don’t think I was wrong,” Pam said meekly as she watched Bob lick his lips brazenly.

“Miki,” Bob said in a quiet, commanding voice, “I want to fuck you while my girlfriend watches.”

“I want you too...but only if Pam plays with us.”

Pam smiled broadly and the three were soon in a frenzied embrace kissing and fondling each other as they undid Bob’s clothes. In next to no time Miki was writhing between Pam and Bob.  

Pam took hold of Miki’s shoulders and turned the playmate to face Bob.  Miki reached behind and held Pam’s neck as Bob lifted Miki’s legs onto his shoulders.  She sank down until her pussy slowly engulfed his cock. Then she slowly rocked in midair between the two.  

Her lush mounds jiggled with each thrust and Miki had to bite her own lip to keep from yelling as Bob rammed into her again and again.  At first Miki’s body slapped into Pam’s chest until Miki twisted her head and jammed her tongue into Pam’s mouth. Every thrust in her sheath was matched by a stab with her tongue into Pam.

Bob grunted and Miki shot straight into the air for a second as he blasted into her. She sank down into the chaos of her own ecstasy shaking her body uncontrollably. Her mind snapped and she erupted into a long slow growling orgasm.  Her face twisted into blissful anguish then relaxed into a angelic smile.

Miki awoke to find herself in a Parks Department cruiser riding down Constitution Avenue. Bob was driving and Pam was in the back seat with the playmate, letting Miki rest her head in her lap.

Miki purred like a kitten. “Shhh,” Pam hushed, “We’re taking you back to your hotel.”

When Miki finally opened the door to her room she knew right away she wasn’t alone.  Ed’s snoring seemed to rattle the windows.  She showered and snuggled into bed next to him.  He snorted as he sensed subliminally the presence of her moist flesh.  Still asleep he rolled into her with a rock hard cock.  Miki spread her legs and arms to receive him.


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