Lynda Weismeier visits a bookstore

Lynda Weismeier visits a bookstore

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Lynda Weismeier, Playboy Playmate of the Month July 1982 and Hollywood starlet, in her many adventures.


Lynda Weismeier, Playboy Playmate of the Month July 1982 and Hollywood starlet, in her many adventures.


Submitted: June 11, 2015

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Submitted: June 11, 2015



You’re probably reading this on some kind of e-reader, a tablet, maybe even an i-Pad, or you’re on your laptop; but sure as shit you’re not in a bookstore which explains why my business went belly up after about forty-years. Not your fault; it’s what passes for progress.

I’m not opposed to progress, or technology, or even e-readers. Hell, I love my Kindle. It’s just I miss the romance of bookstores. And as I get older I miss that romance more and more. Bookstores used to be a great place for meeting up but it’s just not the same with FaceBook or whatever.

Here’s what I mean. I owned a bookstore in Beverley Hills; yes, that Beverley Hills. The shop was on West Pico Boulevard so maybe some purists would quibble about saying it was Beverley Hills but it was a nice shop with a nice clientele but even before the digital revolution bookstores had to struggle to make a profit because the big box stores were gobbling up everything; back 1982 my big idea to stay afloat was to put in magazines.  And while the magazines didn’t do much for business they did lead to some surprises, some romantic opportunities.

It was raining pretty hard  that afternoon in June. The store was empty and the rain was drumming loudly on the awing outside.  The store, otherwise, was quiet with not a customer in sight and I was passing the time with John Irving’s latest, The Hotel New Hampshire.  

I was fairly engrossed in the book and the rain was casting a soporific spell though I glanced up when the bell attached to the door jingled and when I saw the girl I slipped a bookmark into the novel. She was worth my attention: petite but with huge bouncy breasts that danced under the tight tank-top she barely fit into; the shirt was cropped short, short enough that it didn’t cover those breasts much past the two stiff nipples and the round wide areolae. Her belly was smooth and soft but trim too; this was a girl in good shape. Her satin shorts hung low on her hips and were cut high over her thighs. Her young face was oval and open, wide warm eyes, rosy cheeks, a perky nose and full kissable lips. Gold curls streamed down around her shoulders.

Her voice was lilting and girlish, full of laughter.  “Do you have the July issue of Playboy?” she giggled and before I could explain that it was June she squealed, “Oh there it is!” Like I said the magazines were a new addition and I wasn’t used to the practice of each issue coming out a month before its cover date. The girl meanwhile bounced over to the magazine shelf and picked up the issue of Playboy she wanted. At this point I might have objected, thinking that she was too young to be looking at adult magazines but then she squealed again, “See! That’s me on the cover!” She held it up proudly, and the buxom girl on the cover, nude except for the telephone cord wrapped around her curvaceous body, was indeed the same girl that was now prancing around in my bookstore.

I barely had time to react; the young girl was already paging through the magazine. Giddy with excitement and almost breathless she exclaimed now, “And look! It’s me again!” and she let the centerfold drop open before my eyes.

In Lynda Weismeier's centerfold she's standing in a barn, in the process of removing some old-fashioned lingerie. She’s gazing into the camera and even in the still photograph she seems to be trembling with the expectancy of a fawn standing before a lion; she radiates a glowing beauty. It's not the glamorous beauty of Hollywood, but a very real, natural look. She’s fresh, vivacious, shyly showing she is eager for what must come next when a nubile young girl stands naked before a man.

We both studied the picture for a bit and while I kept my eyes on the centerfold she turned her attention to my reaction. First she checked my eyes and how they stayed focused on the naked flesh in the photograph. Then she checked my libido by noting the ever increasing tumescence in my slacks.

“Wow,” she whispered reverently still looking below my waist.

“Wow,” I responded still gazing on the photograph of her lush ripe breasts.

A crash of thunder came from outside and the sky suddenly brightened with lightning; the march of steady rain turned into a blitzkrieg as if pouring down Neptune’s fury. With the sudden thunder she startled and dropped the magazine. She bent to pick it up and she furtively brushed two delicate fingers over the still growing erection in my slacks.

“I never realized that when men saw my photograph…” She gestured toward the bulge as she folded the centerfold. “Wow! That’s really something.” As if to emphasize her point the rain on the canvas awning drummed with enthusiasm.

She regarded me with her head cocked to one side as if expecting me to say something profound. All I could do was stare at her. Her nipples, under the tight shirt seemed to reach out to me.

“My car is in the garage all the way down the block,” she said just to fill the space between us. She gestured with her arm, making the car seem really far away.

“You’ll get soaked,” I said. “You can wait here.” I paused and pointed to the window and the soaked street outside. “No more customers will be coming in now.”

I couldn’t help notice how confident she was; how high and proud her chin as she contemplated the rain. She was perfectly aware of my gaze, my own contemplation of her curves and the image of her nude centerfold seared into my brain. This was not the threshold to a pleasure dome of female flesh; it was a thoughtful establishment of the rules between us. While she may have been a young girl, a teen really, she was perfectly composed and aware of the effect she had on men. She stood as if she were posing, but she was also thinking, assessing. She let me study her curves for a moment then suddenly decided I’d been peeking too much.

“Something I can do for you?” the girl breathed out. A straightforward query without frills, accompanied by a direct gaze. She was cool, almost icy, but not cold and harsh; she had the mysterious cool majesty of glacier. She was telling me that she was in charge.

I plowed on. “Would you do me a very small favor?”

“I don’t know. It depends on the favor,” she responded.

More accurately, she said, “I don’t know, it dep-eeeends . . . on the favor.” The lengthening of the vowel and the slight pause before the ultimate phrase signaled a release of tension. This girl’s voice was flexible. It could change from silly to businesslike to seductive in a matter of seconds. Wasn’t this rather dangerous? Wasn’t it the sort of manoeuver we find in the classic femme fatale who leads a man to destruction and death?

But the girl was undoubtedly confident and playful, enjoying herself without being full of herself. Then she became on all soft again when I informed her that the store was going to close in an hour anyway, that I would be free in an hour.

“You begin to interest me . . . vaguely,” she said, leaning forward. Again, that pause before “vaguely” hinted at all sorts of concrete interests a dame pursued in her spare time. She really was a playmate, but she was other things as well. “You’re old enough to be my father,” she said it bluntly, without a disapproving smirk, but there it was. Her look was direct and bold, a little girl daring me to step over the line.

That directness, however, faded. Gradually, slowly, the glacier melted. The  curves and the voice became softer and rounder.

Apart from the tonal variations she displayed, I noticed how she moved her mouth, forming a series of luscious O’s of different sizes; this girl’s mouth suggested an equal expertise in arenas of life that have nothing to do with just posing for magazines. In fact, several factors justified us in wondering exactly what she did before landing up in my bookstore.

“You’re closing in an hour? But you don’t really expect anymore customers today do you?” She smiled knowingly as she backed towards the door. She leaned against the glass and said, “Really no sense in me getting wet is there?”

I nodded obligingly.

“Why waste an hour? Don’t you agree?”

Again I nodded.

“Well, looks like you’re closed for the rest of the afternoon.” Her voice was husky and suggestive.

With her back still facing the glass and her arms behind her she located the draw string for the shade and began to slowly and sensually wriggle, pulling down the shade over the door, bending her knees as she did so, her whole body dipping down as she faced me, her whole body pulling down the shade. More pliancy, more flexibility. And she made sure I’d notice the neat way she had of playing with her tongue as she spoke. She was also highly attuned to the comfort level of a man, even a strange man. To put me at ease, she let her eyes sparkle with mischievousness; she shook her hair, and made yet another – possibly the biggest – O with her mouth.

Still I stayed where I was, not wanting to jinx anything, afraid to even put down the massive Irving novel.

Her eyes missed nothing. She read the title of the book in my hand making it sound like pornography. “The Hotel New Hampshire. Hey, I heard of that book. It’s about incest right?”

Her eyes continued to sparkle. “You’re old enough to be my father for sure,” she giggled but before I could pout she added. “I like that. Means you’re more experienced. And maybe I’ve always had a thing for Daddy. You want to play my Daddy? Can I be your naughty little girl?”

I shrugged. The book in my hand seemed to weigh a hundred pounds.  

Lynda was pursing her lips and squinting her eyes, a schoolgirl’s idea of method acting; she was channeling all the horny characters from those Porky’s movies. “I need it, Daddy! I need it so much! Isn’t there anything you can do?”  It was playacting and even as she pursed her lips and rolled her eyes like a siren in a silent movie I could tell she was amused and intrigued at the same time.

I put down the book, carefully placing it on a small table next to an armchair intended for readers who wanted to browse books; what I wanted was to keep my knees from buckling so I sat.  My palm rested on the cover of the book as though I was seeking an anchor.

Lynda was standing in front of me with a pained expression on her cute little elfin face. Her huge breasts strained against the thin fabric of her tank-top, at odds with her otherwise-slight frame.

I tried not to stare at those luscious big round breasts, but it was a struggle, let me tell you. She was irresistible: the large breasts, the rounded curves, the glow of femininity that nymphets just exude so naturally.

I finally took my hand off the book and raised an eyebrow at Lynda, trying my best to play the role of disapproving father.
“I don’t know what you expect me to do about it, Lynda. You should’ve thought about all this before you let yourself be photographed for that magazine.”
She stood before me, biting a thumb and looking coy and seductive. She was young and flawless with a tight body and amazing big breasts; yes, I couldn’t help staring at those creamy breasts.

 She was still standing in front of me, pouting at my response.

“Daddy, you’re so unkind. Here I am in all sorts of agony and you don’t even care.”

Her green eyes sparkled as she said it, knowing that I couldn’t resist her.

Her arms were folded underneath her breasts, resting on the slight swell of her nymphet belly. She saw my eyes flicker over her body, and I could have sworn that a knowing look entered her mischievous eyes.

She made an exaggerated expression of aching, her cute features crumpling in an irresistible way, and her hands went to her breasts.

“Daddy, look.”

She took a step toward me, and her hands started to massage her breasts, slowly, gently. “Don’t you think my breasts are pretty? Didn’t you like the pictures in the magazine? I posed because of you Daddy. I wanted you to see me all naked. Naked…and ready.”

Her hips were gyrating as she fondled herself, a playful smile glowed on her face. “When I posed…I was thinking of you, imagining you, all the things you could do to me; when I think of you I get so hot! It makes me crazy. Can’t you help me Daddy? Am I being too naughty?” The last word came out as one of those morsels she liked to roll around in her mouth and she drew out the diphthong slowly, danced over the breathless ‘t’ and groaned the final vowel. It was an operatic performance and she closed by running her pink tongue over her ruby red lips.

She continued eagerly fondling herself. “When I do this, it helps a little. Do you think it’ll be OK if I do this? It is allowed, isn’t it?”

I adjusted the way I was sitting, folding one leg over the other, all too aware that my cock was stirring in my pants unbidden at the sight of a luscious playmate fondling her breasts like that.

She took another step.

“Oh yeah, it does help Daddy. It helps a lot…but…”

Her voice trailed off, and she looked forlorn. She bit her lip and looked me right in the eye, an action that was so overtly sexual my already stiff cock jumped to attention, straining against the fabric of my pants. I crossed my legs tighter.

“Well, just now Daddy, you asked me to do you a favor, right?”

I nodded, not trusting my voice, trying to maintain some semblance of composure.
“It’s just that…I know something that you could do to help me.”

She was right in front of me now, her hands still massaging her heavy breasts, and the motion of her fingers was tugging the fabric of her top down just a little, exposing a little of the unblemished pale skin of her breasts. I could clearly see her puffy, engorged nipples through the thin fabric of her top. I swallowed, and my heart began to thump faster in my chest.

 “Could you….could you help me, Daddy? Pleeeease?”
She was practically on top of me, looking down at me with those sparkling green eyes, full of knowing.

I took a deep breath,  “Alright then, sweetie. Daddy will help you. What do you need me to do?”

My voice caught in my throat, thick with lust, with need for her. Lynda’s face lit up in happiness as she heard my words.

“Oh, I knew you’d help me, Daddy. Can you just do this for me? Massaging them seems to help, but I just know it’ll feel better if someone else is doing it for me.”

Without waiting for my answer, she hopped into my lap, forcing my legs to uncross and making herself more comfortable. She draped her nubile body over me, her ass grinding into my lap, her back against my chest and her head bent over my shoulder so I could see the lush pale skin of her throat and the luscious cleavage revealed by the tight tank top. My protests died in my throat as her eyes widened to feel my throbbing hard cock pressing against her.

“Oh my, Daddy! I didn’t realize that I was having such an effect on you!” She winked at me. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell if you don’t. It can be our little secret. OK?”

I just nodded, unable to even find words. Her body was soft against mine, and she was pressing herself against my rock-hard erection as if she knew exactly what she was doing.

She took my hand and pulled it up to her breasts, softly rubbing her flesh with my fingers.
“Just like this, Daddy.”

She let her hand fall casually, and it just happened to land on the straining bulge of my cock. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, then focused and started to massage her big, round breasts, just as she had showed me how to do.
Her skin was so soft and supple, and her breasts were lush and creamy. As I rubbed her Lynda sighed in contentment, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath as I delivered her relief. And maybe it was just my imagination, but I thought I could feel her hand moving, ever so slightly, on my cock too.
“Mmmmm, that feels wonderful, Daddy. It’s so much better when you do it.”
One of my fingertips accidentally brushed against a nipple through the fabric of her top and her eyes opened and she gasped.
“Oh, Daddy,” she murmured. “Do that again, would you?” Now her hand was definitely caressing me through my jeans, each touch sending shivers of pleasure through me. She had me and she knew it. I couldn’t stop now. I wouldn’t stop.
I reached up and slipped the strap of her top from her shoulder, letting it fall down. Her breasts were now fully exposed to me, hanging heavy and swollen from her chest. Her puffy nipples were big and pink and swollen. Lynda’s eyes were closed again, her face flushed and her soft lips just slightly parted. “Oh Daddy,” she purred contentedly.
With the fingers of both hands I started to caress her bare nipples, causing her to moan in delight and arch her back, grinding herself down against my eager cock. It was my turn to sigh in delight as I watched her rapturous expression, so pleased, so sensual.
I ran my fingers in light circles around the edges of her nipples, and her flesh came up in little goose bumps. In response, she ground herself down again, rubbing against my shaft, harder this time, more insistent.
“Daddy, you’re so hard! I like that in man.”
It was all I could do to stop myself from unzipping my pants and letting my cock free.
I took each of her nipples between my fingers and rolled them, ever so gently, massaging and caressing and teasing. Lynda let out a little whimper of relief.
“Yes, that’s it Daddy! That feels so good, do it again!”
Her breasts were so full of sensual yearning that they ached. I continued to massage her, and now her bliss flowed freely, coursing through nerve endings of the perfect globes of her breasts in electric bursts.
She groaned in delight as the pressure was relieved just slightly, so I didn’t stop. It was slow going – each touch brought more pleasure. Her breasts were so large, so soft, and she had so much to give.

 “Sweetie,” I said. “I like touching your breasts. But Daddy has a better idea. What do you say?”
She opened eyes heavy with lust, with need, with desire.
“Whatever you think is best Daddy,” she moaned.
I placed my hands gently on her hips, taking care to be delicate with her, and turned her around so that she faced me. Her soft belly was between us now and her legs wrapped around my waist, her pussy directly pressing against my throbbing cock. And her breasts, creamy and soft, were right at my eye-level, just begging to be sucked.
I cast aside the last of my inhibitions and doubt and leaned forward, taking one of her hard nipples between my lips. Immediately her warm flesh filled my mouth, rich and velvety and warm.
“Oh Daddy, you are insatiable!” she squealed.
I sucked gently while my hands at her lower back guided her hips, urging her to grind herself against me once more. She moved under my ministrations, mewling and moaning in pleasure as I devoured her. She tasted so good; I couldn’t get enough. Again and again I swallowed down the flesh that she gave me, warm and silky and luscious. My heart was racing at the delicious naughtiness of it; the forbidden thing that we were doing.
After a while I moved my lips to the other nipple, still hungry, still craving more of her. I drank her down in great thirsty gulps, each swallow increasing my desire for her, each mouthful making my cock throb with desire and need.
I was devouring her flesh in greedy gulps and when I stopped for a moment her eyes flew open and she stared at me.
“Daddy, you’re not finished yet! There’s still more for you to… You know? I mean, I want you to…um, you know.”

I smiled at her.
“I know, sweetheart. But first, I need you to do something for me. Can you do that?”

She bit her lip and nodded. Heat radiated from her breasts, and the sight of them was driving me wild. I shifted her back a little in my lap, and she looked down. My cock was huge and hard in my pants, pressing against the fabric.

“Just like you needed some relief, Daddy does too. Do you think you can help me out, just like I did for you?”

She looked a little unsure for a moment; her girlish face took on the look of a high school student trying to solve sin(x) + 2 = 3 for 0° < x < 360°.  Then she got it. She quickly nodded; she was a genius. “Of course, Daddy. Anything for you. Do you want me to do what I think you want me to do?” Her voice was soft, knowing.

“You can start by unzipping my pants. They’re a little uncomfortable right now.”

“Oh Daddy!” she breathed, her eyes misty with desire.

She fumbled with my zipper for a few moments, eventually succeeding in getting it undone. My cock burst free, still covered by my boxer shorts. Lynda’s eyes widened as she saw it.

“Daddy, it’s so big,” she gasped. “Bigger than I’ve ever seen before.”

She looked overawed, unsure what to do.

“Don’t worry,” I crooned. “Daddy will show you what to do.”

Holding her steady in my lap, I instructed her to unbutton my boxers, and she did. Finally my cock was free of its constraints, standing big and hard and proud. The tip was purple and engorged, swollen with my desire for her.

“Take it in your hands, sweetie. Stroke it for Daddy, slowly and gently.”

She did as she was told, spitting on her hands for lubrication. I sat back in the armchair and groaned as she began to massage and fondle my cock.

“That’s it….that’s a good girl.”

Her hands were soft and gentle, and seemed so small on my throbbing shaft. She gripped my length with the both of her hands, her arms resting on the swell of her teenage belly as she masturbated me. At first she was shy and tentative, but she soon warmed to her task, picking up speed and becoming more confident.

It felt so good to have this little princess with her hands on my cock, and it was all I could do to stop myself from exploding too quickly, spurting my hot load all over her hands. I groaned and sighed as her hands moved faster and faster, expertly sliding up and down the slick length of my manhood.

“Am I doing good, Daddy?” she asked, looking at me with shy, hopeful eyes, eager for praise.

“Ohhh yes, baby, so good,” I moaned. “So good. You’re a very good girl.”

Without me asking, she then slipped off my lap and came to kneel in front of me, looking up at me with her wide green eyes.

“You helped me with your mouth, Daddy,” she breathed. “So I think I should do the same for you, shouldn’t I?”

I could only nod in response. She dipped her head down and took my tip into her mouth, lapping up the bead of white that had oozed from me.
“Mmmmmm,” she said appreciatively, and then pushed her head down lower. I could feel the soft flesh of her breasts pressing against my legs as she started to suck me, forcing her head down further and further each time, taking more and more of my length into her mouth and down her throat.
I gripped the arms of the chair, my knuckles white with tension. It felt so fucking good to have her soft wet lips wrapped around my cock, to watch her suck and lick and swallow. I was getting dangerously close to the point of no return, but I didn’t want to finish yet. I wanted to finish inside her, to give her a load of my own in return for the pleasure she had given me.
I gently put my hand on her head and guided it upwards, off of my cock. It stood huge and hard, covered in her saliva, glistening and throbbing. I stood up and helped her up, guiding her towards a table piled high with books; one sweep of my arm took care of the pile. She giggled at the booming noise and giggled more as I lay her back on the tabletop.  She rested her hands on her breasts as though offering them, rested her heels on the edge of the table and spread her thighs slightly as though offering herself. She lifted her head and watched expectantly. I went and stood between her legs, taking a moment to appreciate the sight of her. Her breasts were so big and swollen, swaying in dreamy rhythm.
I tugged down her pants eagerly, and my breath caught in my throat to see her cunt glistening wet, just ready and eager for me to thrust into her. She looked at me intently, her face reddening.
“I couldn’t help it, Daddy. I just got too excited. But I’m ready for you now – as long as you promise to be gentle with me.” Her misty eyes took on a mischievous glint. “I’m a virgin, Daddy; your little girl is still a virgin.” Her face was glowing with excitement; the game was pushing her to places she’d never considered before.
I could play along too; she could play the virgin but I was still going to ball her. I gripped my cock at the base and the head nestled in the dewy glow of her golden bush; her tender body tensed as the moist and shimmering curls caressed over my cockhead. “Oh Daddy,” she groaned and I guided myself into her. She was so wet that I slipped effortlessly inside, pausing to let her feel the weight and girth of what I was putting to her; she trembled like a faun.
“Take me, Daddy, she urged and I rammed in, all the way down to my hilt. She cried out in delight as I entered her and grabbed her breasts, enjoying the way the soft heavy globes filled my hands.
I started to fuck her, gently at first, just like she’d asked. She was so tight, the wet walls of her pussy wrapped around me just right. I took my hands off her breasts and let them heave up and down as I thrust into her again and again, each stroke of my cock drawing a sharp gasp of pleasure from her.
“Oh fuck, Daddy! It hurts, Daddy, you’re so big! Oh fuck, it feels so good! Don’t stop, don’t stop!”
My hands roamed over her soft pliant body as I fucked her, exploring her femininity, each curve a delight, each soft expanse of skin a delicacy to savor. She began to gyrate her hips in time with my thrusts, taking her own pleasure as I took mine. “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” she murmured in frenzied prayer.
Faster I thrust, faster and faster, I couldn’t stop myself, couldn’t slow down. She squealed and panted and moaned as Daddy fucked her, harder, harder, her breasts bouncing, her little body rocking back and forth.
“Daddy, I can’t hold it back any more. I think I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come!”
I could feel her body tensing, her muscles stiffening as her climax approached, unstoppable and relentless. At her words, I stopped trying to hold my own back.
She screamed, loud and long, and the channel of her cunt spasmed and tightened around my cock as she gasped and groaned, her eyes screwed shut in the rapture of her orgasm. One, two, three more strokes of my cock and my own climax came, my hot seed spraying from me in great spurts, again and again and again. I gave her all that I had to give, filling her up with my sticky load.
Her own climax finally finished, and she slumped her arms down on the table and dangled her legs over the edge, spent and exhausted. She was breathing heavily, and little sounds of pleasure sounded from her mouth, little aftershocks leaving her trembling and weak.
My own knees were weak, my whole body tingling with the force of my orgasm. I withdrew gently from her, and she gasped as I pulled out. My load filled her tight hole – I could see it oozing from her; she was filled right to the brim with Daddy’s seed.
She knelt down, her hands resting on her belly, and looked up at me. Her face was flushed, her hair in disarray – at that moment she was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, and I bent my face close to hers.
“Here,” I said. “Let Daddy finish what he started.”
I dipped my head down and drank the soft flesh of her creamy breasts, my tongue wrapped around her nipple, drawing out her sweetness. A few final mouthfuls of her succulent flesh and she was spent, empty.

For now.
She lay down on the table, a luxurious smile on her face as she hugged herself.
“Oh, thank you so much Daddy,” she breathed. “You don’t know how good that feels now.”
“It was my pleasure, sweetie,” I said.

Her eyes sparkled; her grin was full of mischief. She suddenly pouted as if remembering something. “I have to get back to the Mansion. Mr. Hefner doesn’t like the playmates to be out to long.” She was already gathering up her clothes.

I remained silent, watching her dress. She looked very sexy tugging her tight clothes onto her nubile body. She gestured to the window. “The rain stopped,” she said as if that settled everything.

She was fussing with her hair and caught sight of the magazine. “I can sign it for you,” she said.

I shrugged.

“Don’t be mad, Daddy. I have to go.”

I shrugged again.

“Daddy!” she whined. “I have to go.” She looked at the time. “Well, I guess I still have time for…” She knelt and filled her mouth, murmuring as she gulped my cock deep down her throat. “I wuff eww, Ddddy.”

I closed my eyes and enjoyed her teenaged mouth sucking my cock. I loved working in a book store.



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