Lisa Matthews : Virtual Reality

Lisa Matthews : Virtual Reality

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Lisa Matthews, Miss April 1990 and Playmate of the Year 1991, has an erotic encounter with Miss September 1965- Allison Park, and Miss May 1966- Dolly Read


Lisa Matthews, Miss April 1990 and Playmate of the Year 1991, has an erotic encounter with Miss September 1965- Allison Park, and Miss May 1966- Dolly Read

Chapter1 (v.1) - Lisa Matthews : Virtual Reality

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Lisa Matthews, Miss April 1990 and Playmate of the Year 1991, has an erotic encounter with Miss September 1965- Allison Park, and Miss May 1966- Dolly Read

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 24, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 24, 2013



The publisher felt embarrassed as he listened to the scientist explain the idea one more time. “I’m sorry, so what you’re saying is that it is a hallucinogenic, like LSD? I’m not sure I can go along with that.”


“No, no.” The doctor was animated in his enthusiasm. “The drug is merely an enabler, sort of like taking a sleeping pill for a long plane ride, you see?  The drug opens the synapses to the various simulations coming through the network of synchronized computers…”


“So it is simulated…”


“Not at all, the two people connected to the machine… actually however many people you like…the experience is real, the sensations and reactions are genuine and generated only by actions and responses of the participants. It is reality, but …”


“So she’ll be moving?”


“Yes, yes, movement is controlled, of course, the body in the lab is actually strapped down…all the sensors and wires… but the through a logarithm programmed into the virtual environment the subject will cognitively experience motion; it will be just as if the two people were together.” Before the publisher could interrupt the doctor went on, “Let me emphasize as far as the participants are concerned, they are together and moving in real space in real time.”


The publisher looked down at the blue prints again. “And you call this…?”


“It’s virtual reality. We are allowing people to have the sensory and cognitive experience without the physical jeopardy. So you could jump out of a plane, or box with Joe Frazer…”


“Or meet Cleopatra…”


“No, that would be an artificial simulation. We could do it of course, but you would be meeting an actress playing Cleopatra.” Knowing the publisher’s weaknesses he pressed his case, “On the other hand, Lana Turner…if she were a willing participant, you could enjoy making love to the young Lana Turner…”


“When can we see a demonstration?”


The doctor could not hide his grin; funding was hard to get and Playboy’s millions could be a big help. He opened a planner and spread it over the desk. As they discussed dates and logistics the publisher noticed a light blinking on his phone; it was his wife’s line. “I’m going to have to take this.” He pressed the button, listened and nodded over and over as he sighed like a henpecked husband; finally he spoke briefly then rested the phone back in its cradle.


He sighed again and tapped on his desk, surveying the blueprints and documents and finally the calendar showing when the experiments could take place. He tapped his pipe and made a decision. “I need to check one more thing,” he said to the doctor. Pressing another button on the phone he reached his front office. “I need to set up a large block of time for Lisa Matthews. Can we run through her available dates?”





Lisa Matthews sat in the library of the Playboy Mansion and poured over the pages of bound volumes of Playboy Magazine. Her assignment was to study centerfolds from twenty-five years ago; she was to pay particular attention to Miss September 1965 and Miss May 1966.


Allison Park’s centerfold presented the luscious girl stretched out in the shallow end of the pool, her come hither smile beaming in the summer sun. The pose showed off the curves of her breasts, her back and her very attractive hips.

Miss September had a wonderful patrician look, her soft hair running over her shoulders and in a wonderful golden cascade around the elegant contours of her face.


In Dolly Read's centerfold she decided to brazenly display her fabulous body, sexily rolling up her shirt for all to see. Dolly was cute, sophisticated, warm, and seductive. The hairstyle, although straight out of its time, was very flattering and complimentary to her wide-eyed beauty. The open zipper on the side of her slacks was such a tease; Lisa enjoyed the way the classic playmates were so sexy and suggestive without showing all that much.


Lisa paged through the volumes, admiring the clothes and hair styles that were so much of the time. There were reviews of Beatle albums, and ads for cars with fins. She giggled over the pictures of the femlin and she studied the features on the parties at the Chicago Mansion and she grew very interested in the shots of the classic playmates frolicking in the publisher’s bedroom. Since his marriage the Mansion had become a more staid and calm place and Lisa wondered what it would have been like in the wild days of Chicago.


Her eyes kept returning to a set of pictures in the February 1963 issue, “Playmate Pillow Fight” and she wondered about the way the girls gazed at each other. Then there was “The Playboy Mansion” article in the first issue of 1966; again the playmates were photographed with a seductive gaze for each other and for the publisher as he ruled over his kingdom. She spent a long time on one frame captioned “Hef and Playmate Allison Parks bask in the romantic glow of a warming fire” and, while the photo was merely two people cuddling together, something told her that the playmate was going to submit to the publisher’s desires and soon. She leafed through more pages and each picture of the Mansion or the publisher suggested a sensual paradise beyond her reach.


But over and over her eyes came back to Miss September 1965 and Miss May 1966; they certainly were beautiful but Miss April 1990 wondered why the publisher wanted her to study them.


She would have stared at the two classic beauties all day except a butler came in to announce, “They are ready for you in the living room Miss Matthews.” Lisa closed the bound volume of Playboys and moved to return it to the shelf but the butler interrupted, “I’ll take care of that; they are particularly anxious for you in the other room.” His voice dropped to a whisper, “I must say, they certainly have made elaborate arrangements. I hope the living room can be put back in order.”


Lisa smiled her megawatt white smile and left the room quickly.


The customarily elegant and expensively furnished living room was, indeed, in organized chaos. The fine lush furniture had been moved out or pushed aside and in the middle of the room stood a temporary laboratory; it looked like a battlefield hospital. Several sterile white partitions divided the room into quarters and each quarter was hidden behind white curtains; the large white lab looked almost alien surrounded by the rich sensuous oak panels of the living room walls and the gleaming crystal chandeliers lost the battle with the bright cold lights installed for the lab.


Even stranger were the bank of computers along one wall; perhaps a dozen work stations were glowing and beeping busily. Lisa was reminded of air traffic control rooms but some of the monitors looked like they were from intensive care units. Fat cords ran along the floor from the computers against the wall to the white cubicles hidden by curtains. 


The publisher was standing near the door speaking to two lovely women. “Ah, Lisa you’re here at last. Come along with me; we’re anxious to get started.” He took her hand and pulled her toward the curtains. As she passed the two women they gave her soft smiles.


Then it hit her. She was seeing Miss September 1965 and Miss May 1966! Twenty-five years had done nothing to diminish their seductive beauty. Miss April 1990 couldn’t just walk past without acknowledging playmate royalty; she turned back and was about to speak. “Oh don’t worry, you’ll be meeting them shortly, but the doctor needs to see you now.” He tugged her along and pulled back a curtain.


Lisa was now in one of the white cubicles and it was as busy and intimidating as the computers along the wall outside. More computers and monitors beeped in here; computers were everywhere except in the center of the space. Here was a hospital bed surrounded by monitors and smaller computers; dangling from each machine were dozens of cords, the kind that connect to the sensors pasted to a patient in intensive care. All these computers were connected to the other machines stuffed into the room and all those machines were connected to the computers out along the wall.


Instinctively Lisa took a step backwards. “What is all this?” she asked with uncertainty.


The publisher pushed her forward applying pressure from his palm to the small of her back. “Now Lisa, I know this looks like a science fiction movie but it’s all very safe. These are scientists from UC and they are leaders in their field so they know their business. They’ll take good care of you so no worries please. Of course, you did sign a waiver after all.”


One of the lab coats came over looking particularly nerdy with thick glasses and a plastic pocket protector. For some reason, Lisa focused on trying to remember the last time she had seen a plastic pocket protector; meanwhile, the scientist had taken over her arm and led her deeper into the lab. The other lab coats barely registered she was there as they intently stared at softly bleeping monitors; Lisa was beginning to find the solemn beeps of the computers the most intimidating thing of all. She barely noticed as the nerdy scientist swabbed her arm with alcohol but she certainly did notice the needle going into her skin.


“Hey,” she yelped, noticing that the nerd’s grip on her arm was surprising firm and steady so that pulling away would be impossible.


“Don’t worry, Lisa,” he said but none too soothingly. “This is just a little chemical cocktail, very safe, makes it easier for the sensors to pick up your reactions. Surprisingly simple formula, still, hush, hush, very top secret,” he giggled nervously, then turned to the publisher. “You need to go next door and get prepped too. Don’t worry,” he giggled again, “You’ll see Lisa on the other side.”


Still holding her arm in a vise-like grip he took her to where a while enamel basin sat on the floor. “Now, Lisa, you need to take off your sandals and stockings.”


She noticed that the basin was filled with what looked like baby oil mixed with silvery sparkles. Lifting her eyebrows skeptically she undid the straps of her sandals. She planted one foot on a chair and peeled the stocking off her shapely leg, then repeated the sexy motion for the other leg. The soles of her feet were cold on the plastic laid over the living room floor. She waited for an awkward moment.


The scientist waited in silence, then finally he spoke, “Um, the dress too, please.” Noticing the shock on her face he added, “It’s OK, I’m a doctor.” Again that idiot giggle mingled with the beeps of the computers. Lisa shrugged and opened her dress, one button at time under the scientist’s watchful eye.


This was supposed to be like a photo shoot the publisher had told her, but on the set the crew was always cool and calm and if they were aroused by a model getting naked they were professional enough to hide it. But the science geek in front of her couldn’t help but let his eyes pop as each of her buttons lid through its hole. His eyes looked all the more cartoonish behind the thick glasses. Even more disconcerting was the studiously focused indifference of the other scientists who remained staring at their monitors as if a beautiful playmate was not undressing just a few feet away from them.


Annoyance, embarrassment, curiosity, even shyness flashed across her face like a swirling storm as she stripped. Even as she opened the buttons she kept the dress pulled around her protectively. When she had no more buttons she paused, unwilling to let the dress fall away but anxious to get this over with. She turned her back to him and dropped her arms; the soft cotton fabric cascaded down her back as if revealing a glorious statue and Lisa did look glorious, her nude body glowing with a slight blush and her delicious rear displayed like a perfect work of art.  She looked back over her shoulder and saw the geek with glasses bouncing up and down on his heels, barely able to contain his excitement.


“Excellent, excellent,” he gushed, clearly looking her up and down. “Now, we need you to step into the basin.”


Lisa looked down at the viscous and slivery liquid at her feet. Millions of flakes of glitter floated in circles making the basin look like a gateway to the stars. Determined to get this over with she dipped in one toe; the oil was soothingly warm. Her foot sank down and rested at the bottom and the liquid kissed her skin in a pleasant tingle; the computers in the room abruptly started to beep with more urgency as if they were trying to land a thousand planes at once. Their attending scientists stiffened their backs, suddenly waking up.  Lisa furrowed her brow in anxiety for a brief second but the placid comfort of the oil took over. She shifted her weight and lifted her other foot to drop it in.


“Wait!” The geeky scientist behaved like she was about to set off a bomb.


The gorgeous playmate froze, naked with one foot in the air, balanced like a statue of Venus.


“We need to adjust the input; it will just take a second,” he sputtered, glancing nervously over to the monitors. The beeping leveled off and he sighed with relief. “OK, Lisa, you can move now.”


Her toes broke the surface of the oil and the machines beeped sweetly. As her foot sank into the warm liquid the machines began to chirp and beep with excitement. The lovely playmate smiled with satisfaction and her worries faded as the oil swirled around her ankles.


“Good, good, we’re getting terrific readings. Now just wait, please don’t move.” The chirps and beeps continued to rise until they leveled off into a regular pattern of organized turmoil.


“Excellent, now Lisa, we need you to slowly, it’s important-- slowly-- rub the oil all over your body. Your hands especially need to get good and soaked and the receptors need to be distributed evenly.”




“The silver flakes in the oil.”


Lisa shrugged; the oil felt so nice on her feet and ankles she was willing to enjoy more of it. She bent cautiously though, intimidated by his instructions. The computers reacted to her motion with beeps of interest, as though they were stimulated by her actions. The round cheeks of her bottom kissed the surface of the oil and the machines went wild.


“Up, up,” the scientist hissed in panic.


Miss April still had her back to him but over her shoulder she flashed with a look of scorn. But she lifted her rear and the computers seemed to sigh.


“The database already has complete data on female anatomy; of course we’ve adjusted for whatever data we could compile about your specific physique …” He droned on and on but Lisa wasn’t listening. “…while the receptors communicate with each other through the oil’s conductivity….blah, blah, blah…neurological responses fed through the oil back to the receptors…blah, blah…a perfect historical model of the building the way it existed, based on blueprints and photos...blah, blah… of course, crossed referenced with the digital models of your physique, anatomy, neurological activity…blah, blah…”


In some deep recess of her brain she might have been registering what he was talking about but right now she wanted to feel the soothing oil on her skin. She dipped in her fingers and the computers sang. Cupping her hand she lifted up some of the warm liquid and brought it close to her face; the silvery sparkles moved like shooting stars as if to get closer to her lips. She shifted the angle of her wrist and the oil oozed down over her chest, gliding between her breasts. The computers chirped and sang and beeped and hooted. She felt as if she had entered an exotic garden and thousands of rare birds were calling out to greet her beauty. The singing became more and more complex but also more melodic and pleasurable.


She began to rub the oil into her skin using both hands; the shimmering liquid was like a lover’s touch, so warm and sensuous and seeming to reach deep inside her, everywhere inside her. She was painting herself with a viscous sheen that was alive and organic, attentive to her and loving her. She lowered herself until she was waist deep in the basin and the rush of the stars round her thighs and caressing her bottom made her giggle, but then the stars entered the depths of her sex and it felt so nice, a slow gentle penetration, but also deliberate and complete.


She rubbed the oil over her belly, swaying sexily to the music of the chirps; she caressed her breasts and her nipples stood up, aroused in a way she could never understand. Her oil soaked fingers glided up her neck and over her face, the stars kissed her lips gratefully. She greedily lifted handfuls of oil to her hair and used her fingers to coat every golden strand.


Still sitting in the basin Lisa writhed erotically; the oil flowed over her entire body, the ideal lover finding sensual pleasure in every inch of her, giving impossibly seductive warmth to every morsel of her delicious flesh. She even whimpered petulantly when the scientist lifted her by the shoulders and guided her out of the basin.


She staggered towards the bed, leaning on the man for support and the rush of air over her oil-covered skin elevated the erotic pleasure throughout her body. She sighed with submission as she was lowered onto what looked like silvery satin sheets but what was really another sensing devise. Metallic boots were slipped onto her feet and Lisa curled her toes into their warmth. Metallic gloves went over her hands; the gloves were like a lover’s caress. A strange looking bra, like something out of a horror movie, covered her breasts now but all the playmate noticed with the welcome gentle pressure. Sensors were being placed at strategic spots all over her body but all Lisa noticed with the increased delight of the bird song of the computer as it perfected its love of her body. A long thin probe gently slid into her sex but all Lisa wanted was the computer to fuck her.


Her reverie was disrupted when someone touched her cheek. She blinked and saw the scientist holding a weird out of scale pair of goggles. She gave him a blissful smile.


“You’re doing great, Lisa, the machines are really taking to you. We have the most detailed model we’ve ever compiled. Now, we need to put these goggles on you.”


Lisa nodded meekly and lifted her neck so the strap could go around her head. The goggles went over her eyes and her heart raced; she was soaring through clouds, and flying over tree tops like a swallow, her naked body shimmering with silver she rushed through the warm air, her skin kissed by the sun as she flew closer to it.


“She overloading…” some distant voice shouted from far away. “We need to shut her down and reboot.” Lisa closed her eyes and sank into the most peaceful sleep of her life.


She blinked herself awake unsure of whether she had slept for minutes or for days but feeling more invigorated more…alive… than any nap should have left her. The lab setting was gone; all that remained was a distant chirping like from a busy bird feeder outside her window. The oil was gone from her body, but the fresh effervescent tingle lingered, a soft shadow of the bliss she felt earlier. The sensors were gone; in fact, she was dressed in a grey leotard, yellow socks, sneakers, even yellow workout gloves. She recognized the clothes from a recent photo shoot.


She was alone, lying on the floor. She rose slowly, as if to avoid disturbing delicate lab equipment but was surprised how easy and fluid her movements were, almost like gravity was loosened up just a bit, just enough to tease.


She blinked again and looked around. She was in the gym at the Playboy Mansion, except she wasn’t.  It was exactly like the gym but the scale seemed a little off; a door was too close to a window, a window might be too high. The equipment was strange too; everything in the right place, but the proportions and the size of some things looked, well weird-- almost eerie.


As she pondered all this she felt an abrupt shift, like a VCR when it flickers to refocus an image on a videotape. The missed-placed window didn’t move, but somehow it slowly seemed to right itself anyway. The misproportioned equipment didn’t grow or shrink but somehow it still managed to adjust itself so it was soon right.


Lisa understood now that she was somehow still lying on the bed in the laboratory and still covered with oil and sensors and surrounded by computers and technicians. The chirping outside became lively, applauding her realization and her perception. She giggled and looked around again. The machines were perfect now, perhaps too perfect because they didn’t just look new they looked flawless. Did they even cast shadows? Even as she thought this, shadows crept across the floor just to satisfy her thoughts.


The new found light, as if it was creating itself flooded the room with a warm glow of natural sunlight pushing away the cool artificial illumination she hadn’t even noticed before. And the warm light was literally pushing out the cool light. It wasn’t a switch being thrown or a shade opened; this was a balmy luminosity oozing in and filling up empty spaces to complete a picture.


The light adjusted so it included shadowy lines as if it were streaming through venetian blinds. The shadows cut diagonally across her face and torso, shading in sensual blues that made it all the more exotic.


All this clung to her tight, toned body.  Lisa frowned at the thought; what did this mean that the light and the air, the room itself seemed to cling to her? In a rush it came to her that unlike when she moved everyday through gravity and life, here gravity and life moved through her; here she was the center of the universe. Now, with even her slightest gesture everything adjusted around her; she was as powerful as a god.


She tested the universe by rapidly going through the five ballet positions. It felt so good, so smooth, so sensuous and powerful. The chirping sang its approval. She tried an arabesque, her firm flawless body supported on one leg, with the other leg extended behind her with the knee straight. The angle stretched to ninety degrees and her body leaned to counterbalance the back leg. With her left leg straight and her foot firm on the floor, her right foot rose slowly until the leg was straight and her toes pointed to the ceiling, her head close to the floor. Glancing across the room to the mirror she saw a goddess.


She thought about her ballet lessons as a girl and knew she could now do anything the greatest ballerina could do. Like fouetté rond de jambe en tournant, oooh it sounded so sexy. She rose from the arabesque and stood straight, adjusting her body, feet flat, head high, and shoulders back.  Her left foot lifted until it was parallel to her right knee; her arms in fluid grace spread wide and she began. She plied, her right foot rising up and down on her toes as her left leg whipped around to spin her body like a top; round and round she spun, her arms flowing in and out for balance, her legs in perfect rhythm, her golden hair dancing. She glanced in the mirror; she was a swan.


The applause startled her.


She stopped spinning and recognized that she was no longer alone. The publisher leaned against a wall with a subtle smile on his face. He hadn’t entered the room she realized; he was abruptly just there. Except it wasn’t the publisher she knew, not the sixty-five year old man slightly oppressed by his wife, but a more virile younger man, like the pictures of him from the Nineteen-Sixties.


“You’re in here too,” she whispered.


“That’s right.”


The distant chirping increased in intensity. “You’re in one of the labs too. With the computers.”


“That’s right.”


“Why are you here? I mean, what is all this for?”


“I think you know, Lisa.”


Lisa could see her own glorious body in the mirror, the tight grey leotard sweatsoaked now and her curves shimmering in the light, the garment cut high over the hips and low over her breasts to reveal her warm skin flushed with excitement. She looked shyly to the floor. “Do you mean we’re going to…”


“Yes, we are.”


“But how?”


“It’s called virtual reality. I don’t know how it works, but I’m looking forward to this, shall we say, experiment.” His subtle smile returned.


“But you’re wife? Our contracts say we have to have her permission…”


He tried to wave her objection aside with a flick of his hand but he was unsteady with his new body so the gesture looked strained and awkward.  Still he could speak normally and his words wrapped around her with lust-filled intent, “But it’s virtual reality my dear, not reality.”


“Oh.” She looked up at him with expectant eyes. He just stood there and it occurred to her that he was frozen, uncertain of how to move in the heightened reality of this room. Her muscles tingled and she recalled the way her body made the universe spin around her as she danced. She was a goddess when she danced and she was a goddess now letting his lust flood over her. She peered at him expectantly and realized that he was struggling to move, unsure of how to control his body here in this space. The effort of holding his ‘casual’ pose was generating a line of sweat across his brow.


Lisa sighed sweetly; she didn’t know if it would be right to do anything in here that she wouldn’t do ‘outside’ but the Sixties version of the publisher intrigued her. She remembered those pictures in the bound magazines and she had heard the stories. She looked down at the floor demurely and with her toe she traced small circles on the floor in front of her. Her leg was shapely and delicious looking.


She watched her newfound admirer from the corner of her eyes. He was moving his hand in slow motion, experimenting with how to use it. Somehow it was amusing, even arousing, to see this powerful man so unsteady and unsure of himself. This was more like it! He continued sweating slightly; his gaze kept wandering back to her, and he'd turned slightly away from her, probably to find a reasonable center of balance. She licked her lips seductively and smiled without looking at him, as if it was just something she naturally did, which drew him to suck in a breath and look away again. She turned slightly, giving him a full profile of her tight ass, pert, conical breasts, and supple limbs.


Lisa cast a demure look over her shoulder. He was of average build and looks, right down to dark brown hair and eyes, but he looked in good enough shape, and judging by the state of his shorts he wasn't lacking an adequate anatomy. She made her decision and, catching his eye with hers, she smiled seductively.


"Well," she purred, "Are you just going to stand there or are you gonna help me take this off?" With that she opened the door to the changing room and stepped in. Without looking back, she pulled out towels and laid them out on the floor. Behind her, the door clicked softly shut and she heard the lock clicked into place. Smiling to herself, she walked over to a shower, pointed the head away from her little arrangement, and turned on the hot water. Steam quickly began to fill the room, covering her skin and leotard with a layer of moisture. The billowy clouds of steam rolled through the room with the flawless perfection of a painting; they were not the random puffs she’d see in her own bath but vaporous gems, created with a master’s stroke.


A hand lightly touched her waist and she turned, stepping close to her new companion. He was still nervous and unsteady, but it didn't stop him from leaning into her and kissing her full on the mouth. The kiss was a flood of liquid pyrotechnics, lightning and hurricanes swirling in their mouths.


Her hands pulled him still closer and his arms wrapped around her waist, his hands probing down to where her leotard still covered her tight buttocks. Neither of them wanted to break their embrace too quickly, but Lisa finally pulled back for air.


"So what's your plan?" Her voice was playful and thick with seduction.


"I’ve got to, uh, I’ve got to have you." He stammered "People say I’m good at what I do." He grinned lopsidedly, embarrassed at his attempt at levity.


She leaned into him again with a quick peck, "Mmmm, really? I'll hold you to that." Laughing, she walked over to her towels and retrieved a bottle of oil. He was right behind her, and his hands slipped around her waist, his palms glided up her bare back and the rush of sensuous heat made her tremble. With a slow tug both shoulder straps he unpeeled the damp leotard and the warmth of the steam kissed her skin as each morsel of her flesh was revealed. Her firm breasts sprang out in eager capitulation. She leaned back and purred sensually, and thus invited he ran his tongue along her shoulder and neck, his other hand working its way across her chest.


Lisa popped the top off the oil and dumped the contents across her chest, arms and stomach. Still leaning back, she began to rub it into her skin, smearing it everywhere and adding to the pleasure emanating from the publisher's hands and mouth. His right hand continued to stimulate her breasts, rubbing and squeezing them gently while his left ran across her covered slit. She tilted her head back and they shared another kiss as their hands roamed her body.


After a long moment, he stepped back and lifted his shirt off; he was still unsteady with his movements but his desire kept him balanced. He was no ripped Adonis, but Lisa was well past caring about that fantasy. His smoothly muscled frame was more than enough to drive her on. With the straps of the leotard dangling from her waist she lay down on the towels and continued to rub the oil across her body, all the while locking her lover in a penetrating stare with her flashing eyes. After pausing to drink in the sight, he lay down alongside her and retuned his hands to her body. Running his tongue along one arm, he discovered the edible nature of the oil. Starting from her neck, he ran his tongue along her skin to her left nipple.


Lisa was in paradise as his tongue circled her areole and his lips closed on the upright nipple. She squealed slightly as he lightly bit down, sighing as he moved to the next. She arched her back as his hand returned to the waist band of the leotard, and the oil was forgotten as she committed her left hand to stimulating her breasts in concert with his tongue, and her right dragged fingernails across his bare back. Their hands and his tongue were driving her wild, and she felt her juices being to flow as she neared her orgasm.


Propped up on his left elbow, he ran his right hand across her mound again. As she grew more aroused, he grabbed the band of her leotard and slowly dragged it down, finally exposing her pussy to him. His mouth left her nipple and dragged downward across her belly. Anticipating his destination, Lisa parted her legs and thrust her hips upward. His tongue traced down across her light red pubes, playing across her lips and clit while teasing into her slit. But she was ready now, and opening her legs wider she pressed his head against her opening with her hands.


His tongue pushed into her depths as his lips pressed against hers. She was already close and the penetration was enough to drive her over. With a gasp, her vagina convulsed onto his probing tongue. Her body gave a long, drawn out shudder as she came on and on, flowing like a torrent. Finally it subsided and she collapsed into a heap.


His tongue never stopped moving, he pulled it out of her depths and ran it along her lips, then across to the inside of her thighs. Lisa couldn't believe it. No guy she'd ever fucked had driven her so wild with his tongue, and certainly none had done so twice without sticking his cock her in her face and demanding some action. This guy hadn't demanded a thing; he just lay down and pleasured her...


She grabbed his head and, pulling him up to her, locked his mouth in a long kiss. The taste of her juices mixed with edible oil, and steamy love were merged in their mouths, and their tongues played across each other. She trailed her hands down his body until she reached his shorts; then, breaking the kiss and flashing him a Cheshire cat grin, she yanked them down and wrapped long finger around his raging hard-on.


"Your turn" she whispered in his ear, as she pushed him onto his back and moved herself between his legs.


His eyes went wide as Lisa wrapped her smiling mouth around his cock. Pulling his member out slowly, she teased his head with her tongue before plunging it back in again. Her left hand pumped at the base, and her right roamed across his lower body, teasing and tweaking. His eyes rolled back and he allowed himself to be taken wherever she wanted to go.


It didn't take much of that to bring forth his own climax. He shot into her mouth in long, thick streams. He looked down to see her gulping him down with gusto. She glowed with energy, and as the hot shower's steam continued to rinse the last remnants of oil from her skin she looked even better than the moment he first saw her standing in front of him.


His erection renewed itself and he found himself reenergized. Lisa saw his cock spring back to life and didn't waste any time. Her pussy was soaking wet as she stood up and she wanted nothing more that moment than penetration. Straddling him, in one hard thrust she impaled herself straight down on his cock and began grinding into him; the chirps and beeps sang in her ears and his heat filled her like a comet rushing into her depths. His hands fell to her hips as he steadied her on his cock and added his own thrusts to their fucking.


Steam was flooding the room, obscuring the walls and door. But as she bounced vertically on his cock Lisa's vision of him was crystal clear. His face contorted in the exertion of fucking her with amazing passion, his body glistening from steam and sweat, he no longer was the publisher but he was completely transformed into the virile playboy of the Swinging Sixties. Flooded with desire for another climax, moaning in pleasure every time his cock pushed into her depths, his image flooded her brain. He was the only object of her desire.


She began to rub her own body, and as her hands caressed and his cock pumped she reached the edge again. As she tweaked and twisted her own nipples, his member seemed to grow even harder, his trusts more powerful. Her hips bucked, and her pussy tightened around his cock as she shuddered in orgasm. Not far behind, his cock exploded into her, overflowing her with their combined juices.


After a few heartbeats, Lisa recovered enough to stand up. She walked over to the shower and reset it to a reasonable temperature before stepping into its stream. Looking back, she saw her lover get to his feet and she beckoned him over. Sharing a hot kiss under the shower's spray, they washed each other off before returning their riotous fucking. They pumped against each other and rode the stream of the shower as if it were a wild surf.


Lisa floated on clouds as she let the heightened reality of her orgasm vibrate through her. With misty eyes she looked into his face; she wanted to say thanks, or any number of things but just couldn't put to words the experience they'd shared. Instead, she leaned over to him, brought his face close, and planted the most passionate kiss she'd ever given on his lips. The birds were chirping and beeping happily and the room seemed to waver as if it were an image of an oasis in a desert, a mirage yet not a mirage, intangible and fluttering. Without warning she was back in the gym, back in her leotard and…................


Continued in the next chapter

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