Lindsey Vuolo : Juking

Lindsey Vuolo : Juking

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Lindsey Vuolo, the November 2001 Playboy Playmate, likes to hang out


Lindsey Vuolo, the November 2001 Playboy Playmate, likes to hang out


Submitted: July 11, 2013

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Submitted: July 11, 2013



Lindsey Vuolo, the November 2001 Playboy Playmate, had been dancing for hours; she loved the out of the way bars down country roads.  This place had a decent juke box and the crowd was a mix of independent truckers, college kids, and locals.

She worked here a few nights a week but tonight she was here just to raise hell.  She had been doing promotional appearances for a bunch of different liquor vendors and as a favor to her one of the tequila salesmen had set up a deal here, so the past few nights have been two for one on tequila and Lindsey had been partying pretty hard.

Lindsey was dressed in a bikini top which pushed  up her large soft creamy breasts.  It had a fringe which shook crazily as she danced.  Her meaty thighs were wrapped in a colorful sarong.  She danced with her friends bumping and grinding the girls, drinking, and generally getting the place  worked up into a sexual frenzy.  She loved nights like this.

Except it was getting really hot, sweaty hot.  Yeah, she had a buzz and was turned on, but more than anything she need to feel some cool air on her skin. She grabbed her sweatshirt, tied it around her waist and went out through the kitchen to the little lot in back of the bar.

There was a van parked there and Lindsey recognized a few of the locals sitting on a few empty kegs and crates.  They were smoking and drinking beer.  The three men were about her father’s age; two worked in the car dealership on the highway and the third was a college prof  at a small school about thirty miles away.  Lindsey had hung out with them at the bar any number of times but was having trouble remembering their names right now.

“Hi guys,  donncha know that they serve beer inside?”  The college prof laughed and offered Lindsey the joint they’d been passing around.  Now Lindsey laughed, but she took a hit anyway.

“Pull up a chair,” said one of the others, was he the mechanic or the salesman at the dealership?  The mechanic.  Lindsey picked up a crate and joined the circle.  But as soon as she sat the wood collapsed and she tumbled to the ground.

All four were laughing as the prof helped her up.  He spent a little too much time brushing the dirt off of her plump bottom but Lindsey just laughed at that.  He pulled her into his lap as he sat on the empty keg.  “You better sit on something solid,” he said which caused more hooting and snorting.  Lindsey simply grinned as she took a pull on his beer.

The guys were just hanging out and talking sports and joking with each other.  The pot kept coming around and they had a cooler full of beer.  Lindsey was listening more to the crowd and music inside than to the talk here in the circles.  She snuggled into the professor’s lap; the pot and beer on top of the tequila was getting her pretty high and dreamy.

Her skirt was short and pulled up pretty far; she had the sweatshirt draped over her shoulders.  Her bikini showed underneath.  Her breasts, squeezed together in the bikini top heaved up and down and looked inviting as she lay her head against his chest with her eyes half closed.

After awhile she felt his hand pressing onto her thigh.  It felt good and the shapely girl snuggled some more.  But then the fingers began to slowly move up her moist skin.  They arrived at the edge of the bikini and started to slip underneath before she took his wrist and pushed it down.

Lindsey looked at the man with her big brown eyes and gave him a light kiss on his cheek.  Then she laid against his chest.  The men continued to talk as Lindsey closed her eyes.  She heard the scrapping of a crate and she felt the other two moving closer to her.  One of them picked up her legs and rested them across his lap.

Again Lindsey felt the fingers wander up her thigh but this time firm hands cupped her succulent breasts.  Lindsey without opening her eyes lifted her head and accepted the tongue that slid between her lips. She could feel two pairs of hands fondling her and she stretched like a kitten being petted.

But when she heard the sharp metallic sound of the van’s door she opened her eyes and pushed away.

“There’s no way I’m doing all three of you guys,” she admonished.  The guys just laughed.

“Lindsey you look so hot,” the salesman whined.  They all laughed again.

Lindsey gasped as all three closed in on her.  She was lifted up and passed to the mechanic who was in the van. Inside she felt six hands running and caressing all over her body.  She leaned back in submission enjoying the different sensations  but when some fingers slipped into the top of her bikini she used her hands to forcefully separate herself from the men’s touch.

“Look, I mean it; I can’t do this.”  She looked very stern.  But then her wide sexy grin beamed at them.  “Tell you what; we’ll have a drawing.  Each of you puts a condom in a hat and we’ll pick a winner.”

It turned out they didn’t have a hat.  Lindsey shook her long brown tresses in mock disappointment.  “Looks like I have to contribute something.”  With that she reached behind and unhooked her bikini top. Her creamy mounds sprang out and glowed in the soft light that streamed into the van from the bar.

For a second the men were speechless as they stared at her magnificent body.  They had all seen the centerfold but nothing could prepare them for the lure of her eager nipples pointing out at them.  Lindsey loved the way men became babbling idiots whenever she stripped or even wiggled her ass the right way.  She held out the double D cup of the bikini and the men dropped in  their condoms.  

Lindsey licked her lips seductively and jiggled her breasts a little .  She closed her eyes and drew  out a foil square.  The mechanic let out a whoop and stood up.  Lindsey laughed lustily, “Looks like we have a winner.”  The mechanic lifted her up and moved her to the back of the van where he had some blankets and an air mattress.  

The professor and the salesman sat on the floor by the door, “I guess second prize is we get  to watch.” one of them teased.  

Lindsey looked back and giggled, “I guess we’ll have to see about second prize.”  The mechanic stood between her and the others and she reached up to unbuckle his jeans.

The jeans came off quickly and he lay down next to her eagerly.  She unbuttoned his work shirt as he began to squeeze and knead her juicy breasts.  Their tongues were wrestling as if it were the Olympics.  

Once his shirt was off Lindsey wrapped her arms around him and pulled his chest up against hers.  His hands moved down and pushed the sarong up her waist.  His fingers moved in on the bikini bottom.  He pulled it down toward her knees and as soon as her clit hit the air she let out a gasp and reached down with one hand to wrap her fingers around his cock.

Lindsey could feel his shaft throbbing and already about to burst.  She pushed him on his back and climbed on top of him.  But as she did this she turned to grin at the other two and she gave her ass an inviting wiggle.  She took one of the mechanic's hands and brought it to her mouth and sucked hungrily.  She drew the moist fingers down her warn skin and slid them between her swollen pussy lips.  

Lindsey was humming happily as she unwrapped the condom. She enjoyed watching men's eyes as she slid the latex onto their shafts.  The mechanic did not disappoint.  His eyes were bulging and he moaned and fingered her more frantically.

She was keeping one firm hand on his cock while with the other she guided his free hand onto her rear.  Then she went back and guided his fingers over her clit.

Now she was ready and she pressed his cock head against her pussy.  She looked down at the mechanic who already  had a blissful expression.  “Ready baby?” she asked and then she dropped down, ramming his shaft deep inside.  

Lindsey howled with delight and threw her head back.  She began to pump up and down rapidly but she held his hand over her clit in a firm grip.  She used her other hand to squeeze the base of his shaft.  She could feel his juices percolating and gathering up to explode up into her but she was determined to have her orgasm start first.  She kept his fingers pressing and teasing and she watched his eyes as her delicious breasts shook and danced along with her pumping.  She felt her climax beginning to build under his hand and as it hit she let go of his shaft and jumped up as he began to shoot into her.

Lindsey kept pumping up and down. "That's so good.  Keep it up.  I feel you in me." Her body was shaking as her juices burst out and her climax charged up her spine.  At the height of her ecstasy she turned back and blew a kiss to her audience.

As the mechanic finished Lindsey leaned down and pressed her awesome breasts against him and gave him a deep kiss.  She gave only the slightest protest as she felt hands lifting her up.  She was flipped onto her back and she looked up to see the professor standing over her with his pants already off.

She sighed then lifted her arms in welcome. He straddled her waist and she squeezed his cock between her soft massive breasts. As he rocked up and down her body he reached back and tickled her clit.  This sent her into a spasm of pleasure and she was twisting her head back and forth.  Her hair shinned in the dim light in the van and her eyes glowed with passion.  She kept his shaft pressed tight between her mounds and lifted her hips both to guide his hand on her pussy and to help move his cock up and down her  glorious chest.

His thumb pressed into her clit and sent a wave of bliss through her.  She let go of her breasts and clutched his legs.  He continued to massage her pussy as she writhed in pleasure.  

Lindsey was too blissful to do the condom but the professor managed to get it on anyway.  He shifted his body and spread her legs apart.  She gave no resistance as he pressed his shaft into her but she let out a loud scream and started to laugh.  She thrust up into him and dug her fingers into his back.  “Second prize ain’t so bad, is it?” she giggled.

Lindsey was wild now bucking and thrashing, rolling her hips, thrusting up and down.  Her feet were pounding the floor of the van.  Her screaming and laughter was driving the men wild too.  The man inside her was dizzy and could only moan, “Go, baby, go.”  

As she felt him beginning to come, Lindsey lifted her legs and dugs her heels into his bottom pushing him in deeper.  She let out a long, “Ahhhhhh” as he emptied  into her.  The man finally rolled off of her and she let out a triumphant yelp and took a sip of beer.  

As she was drinking Lindsey could see the two men she just did passed out on the floor of the van. She also saw the salesman looking at her expectantly.  She winked at him and said, “I guess for third prize you get to take me inside and buy me a drink.”  

The man gulped as he watched the gorgeous girl get dressed, first fitting those luscious breasts into the bikini top, then pulling on the briefs.  Finally she stood and straightened out the sarong.  She combed her long soft hair with her fingers and grinned at him as he helped her out of the van.

The action in the bar was still going strong. A lot of people were dancing and everybody was feeling good.  Lindsey went straight to the bar, “Two shots please.” She turned to the salesman, “What are you having?”  He ordered the same.

With the four shots in front of them Lindsey leaned into the man.  They each picked  up a glass and tossed it down.  With the tequila still running down her throat Lindsey pulled his head in and pushed her tongue deep down his throat.  She could taste the tequila in his mouth too.

She stood close to him and he felt her hand slowly pull down his zipper.  She used her other hand to guide his finger under the edge of the bikini.

He gulped again as her warm moist fingers began to stroke his rod.  She shifted her body towards him making it clear that she wanted him to enjoy her pussy.  He obliged and soon he was swimming in her hot juices.

Lindsey stopped caressing his cock and wrapped her fingers around the shaft and began to pull up and down.  She leered up at him and enjoyed watching him try to hide the excitement on his face.  After awhile he stopped glancing around to see if anybody was watching them.  His eyes locked on Lindsey’s and he could see her excitement and pleasure growing.  

The sexy brunette was rocking her hips as his fingers brought her to climax; her hand was going faster on his shaft and her thumb was tickling the tip.  Just as they both were about to come Lindsey handed him a glass, took hers and they drank down just as he exploded and her dams burst in a flood of molten lava.  The liquid fire of the tequila burned down and met the flame of their orgasms.  As the bliss faded they kissed and that heated them up again.  They stood against the bar writhing and rocking into each other.

Finally Lindsey caught her breath.  “I might like third prize best of all,” she giggled.  She tapped his cheek lightly and turned wiggling her ass to the music as she went back to her girlfriends.

“Where were you?” she was asked.

“Oh, I just went out for a quick break.  Let’s dance.”


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