Linda Summers

Linda Summers

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The saga of Miss August 1972, the winsome Linda Summers


The saga of Miss August 1972, the winsome Linda Summers

Chapter1 (v.1) - Linda Summers

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The saga of Miss August 1972, the winsome Linda Summers

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 28, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 28, 2013



The second thing you’d notice about Linda Summers would be her energy. She always seemed ready to explode into a thousand directions at once, a dynamo you’d see anywhere and everywhere in town jogging, swimming, bicycling, sitting on a bench with a book and tapping her cute little nose as she studied some exciting idea by Wilhelm Reich.  The first thing you’d notice about Linda Summers would he her impossible sexual appeal; a chestnut-haired beauty, all her activity and fanaticism about health created in her tiny 5’2” frame an erotic collection of curves worthy of Playboy magazine.  In fact, her hourglass 36-23-35 figure was now on display as Miss August 1972.  Her image was spread out across the country but the diminutive playmate preferred the quiet of her tiny home town in California. She had fun being scouted and swept away to the city for test shoots and finally posing for a centerfold.  But she kept her job at the healthfood store and she kept her strict regimen for working out.  

Her dedication to exercise and healthy food paid off. Photographers makeup people, and designers all marveled at her fresh and fierce spirit and her and her guileless sexuality; she turned heads and aroused men’s carnal urges wherever she went, but Linda preferred the simple pace of the small town where she could whirl by on her bike or roar down the main street in her little car. Linda was a ball of energy all right.

This summer morning the sun woke the sleepy town of La Mesa slowly but Linda had already been up for hours packing her tiny car for a few days of vacation.  She didn’t want to be in town when her centerfold hit the local drugstore so she decided to take a few days off from the healthfood store and drive down to Rosarito Beach in Baja California; the atmosphere there was a perpetual Mardi Gras and Springbreak rolled into one so she could melt into the crowd.

She stood on tiptoe to check the ropes on the suitcase tied to the roof and as she stretched she displayed her tanned well toned legs, set off nicely by tight white shorts; her tight round ass jiggled as she tugged the knots. A short cropped tight long sleeved pullover covered her lush breasts but her flat belly was in full view. Combing her shining soft hair with her fingers, Linda took one last inventory of her gear in the car, then slipped into the driver’s seat and headed south on the highway.

Linda had been so distracted by the preparations for her trip that she didn’t notice the uproar as a crowd of motor bikes snarled down the quiet avenues of La Mesa. 1972 was a dangerous time to be a biker in California; Altamont had raised the stakes and made both citizens and the law more apprehensive about the gangs.  In response, a lot of gang members felt the need to be even more tough and brutal to show that they ruled the roads. Of course, the roads and small towns of Southern California were inundated with bikers; packs roamed and played everywhere.

Schultz and Reggie were in their early 20s but both had been riding with gangs for years already; both were well versed in the rules of the road and the prizes available for the picking.  As they roared through the sleepy town of La Mesa the whole crew noticed the gorgeous girl stopped in front of the hall on University Avenue. She had left the engine of her compact car running as she scurried up the steps to mail a letter, her sandals girlishly slapping on the marble steps. She looked radiant in the morning sun, her checks blushing from her breathless rushing.

To the crew of the wild gang she looked like an exotic bird stepping into a clearing and about to be pounced on by a predator. The leader held up a hand and the bikes stopped in the intersection, the engines eerily silent as all eyes watched her luscious ass jiggle into her seat again. The bikes started up with a dull roar moving towards her in a loping pace.

They rolled past her car but slowed enough to let her pass them again, giving the bikers ample opportunity for good looks at the large brown eyes and full pouty lips of the young girl as she gaped at them in disbelief.  They played cat and mouse this way for a few blocks. Enraged and emboldened she finally stepped on the gas and drove out of town, leaving the cycles in her dust.  The bikers needed no word or signal; in attack formation they followed the dust of the Capri as it raced away.

The possibility of pursuit never occurred to Linda; being a native of Southern California she was well aware of the gangs because she’d been hearing the stories since she was a little girl, and she’d even seen them in the town square from time to time or at a gas station on the highway. But something about being alone with them on the road this morning really spooked her.  She felt a strange sexual stirring; when she had posed for Playboy the photographers and crew all fussed over her sensual beauty, making her feel like a princess on a throne. Linda liked having their eyes on her naked body; she felt almost proud and haughty. She loved posing but she had been untouchable.  The bikers looked at her like she was naked and helpless under their gaze; they made it clear that she was deliciously fuckable. She shivered, still under the spell of their gaze, and she strained to focus her attention on the road.

To distract herself Linda punched the button of the car radio and Helen Reddy sang out. In her rear view mirror with her hometown fading into a dot on the horizon behind her, Linda gave no thought to the column of dust following her on the empty highway.

The road rolled and dipped; the pretty girl tooled down the highway without a care as she sang along with the radio. Even the sight of the motorcycles suddenly gathering in her rearview mirror didn’t register at first.

Linda had the reflexes of an athlete so the bike cutting in front the car didn’t startle her but then two more were right along side her on the driver’s side. Within seconds her car was surrounded and being forced off the road and down into what looked like an abandoned rest area. It was a small clearing, lower than the road, almost invisible because of the shrubs and low hanging trees.  The shadowing clearing, dappled in soft beams of sun, seemed designed for privacy … perfect for a rape.

With a firm white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel Linda guided the car to a stop. One motor cycle was directly in front her, another behind her.  Another pair of bikes was on either side of her.  The clearing got quiet as the men turned off their engines.  Linda watched outside her windshield with dread but none the men moved.  The silence was too much for the tiny girl and, surprised by her own boldness, she set her jaw and stepped out of her car.  Looking like a Tasmanian devil on the attack she strutted up to the biker in front of her car, jutting her chest out and standing almost on tiptoe she raged at him furiously, “What do you think you’re doing?”

The young man just smiled cruelly and held her wrist.  “You’re a little spitfire, aren’t you?” He towered over her and took a step forward causing the pretty playmate to stumble backwards. He looked down at her with cold black eyes, his bald head adding to his authority and power. His stern mouth faded into a sly cruel smile as the perky young girl fumed before him, her curvy body jiggling and swaying.

He licked his lips, standing so close that she felt pinned to her car; she struggled against his grip on her wrist. “I bet you can put up a real good fight,” he teased.

But his grin turned serious as he looked behind Linda and the other bikes.  A state trooper’s car was pulling up.  The officer opened his door and stood behind it, using the steel as a shield.  Linda glanced at the car as it pulled up and wrenched her arm from the biker’s grasp but she kept her eye on the gang leader’s cold stare.

“Anything wrong here?” His eyes were on the bikers but his question was to Linda.

The tiny playmate rubbed her wrist while still looking at the biker who had just squeezed it; he stared back with steely eyes.  “No, officer,” she murmured.  “I was just getting directions.” Without waiting, Linda moved back to her vehicle; she could feel the dark eyes of the tall bald biker burning into her as she walked. Gripping the handle of the door she looked back at him and shuddered under his stare; he brazenly blew her a kiss as she got back in her car and drove off. In her mirror she could see the bikers being detained by the police.  She pulled the car out of the clearing and the scooted on to the road.  She felt powerful feeding the engine and making it roar as she escaped. Suddenly she burst out laughing, thinking of the adventure she’d just had.  The close call. “Wow!!” she crowed and switched on the radio again, bopping her head to the music of Sly and the Family Stone.  But then she paused and grew quiet; she shivered, recalling the steel black eyes of the bald biker. Linda shook her pretty head and drove on to Mexico.

For the rest of the day Linda’s mind kept drifting back to that scene; each time she recalled the harsh grip of the man on her arm and the cruel way he studied her body she trembled both with fear and yearning. A powerful vibrating of her nerves drew her back to his touch, still tingling with the memory of his firm hand.  Appearing in Playboy had made her more aware of her on sexual appeal and recently she had felt sensual stirrings inside her body which puzzled her.  More than anything she needed this break!

The Rosarito Beach Hotel was one of the oldest and most popular in Baja California; old time movie stars like Rita Hayworth used to stay there and it was always festive and lively. Now for Linda it was perfect, a good mix of tourists, hippies, drug dealers, and local color.  The bustling square in front of the hotel and the throng in the lobby were just what she needed for distraction; her plan was to spend the day at the beach and meet some girl friends for dinner and dancing in the many night spots around the hotel.  In the morning she would do it all again.

The day at the beach turned out perfect; the ocean was warm but she did have a troubling dream about that biker as she snoozed under an umbrella on the sand. Later in her room she found herself touching her body as she showered and imagined the man’s large brutal hands on her flesh. Linda’s well tanned body was all firm and supple muscles; her slender limbs looked soft and cuddly, and they were too; her moist smooth flawless skin smelled sweet and delicious.  She stood nude in the steam from the shower, almost transfixed as she watched her eyes in the mirror. She saw his vile hands follow her delicate fingers as they traced circles around the sweet chocolate of her areolas. Her hand fluttered down over her wet belly before pausing at the edge of the deep fine curls of her pussy.  In her mind it was his thick hard finger sliding into the dripping tightness of her slit.  No man had ever touched her there and she gasped, gripping the edge of the bathroom sink with the same white-knuckled fervor she showed escaping his clutches earlier.  She gasped again, his hand piercing her innocence, trembling as her arm vibrated madly, wreaking havoc in her pussy.

Linda held her breath as she quivered in orgasm.  She opened her eyes in shock; she had never pleasured herself that way before, but then she recoiled as she saw for an instant his cruel eyes in the mirror.  She blinked and wondered what strange spell might be gripping her.

She patted her moist warm skin with a towel, absently chasing the fine jewels of water kissing her flesh after the shower.  She spent a long time dreamily examining her body as she dressed, her muscled, shapely legs and perfect tight ass, her wide hips and narrow waist, her gravity defying breasts with nipples the color of candy. The silk of the blood red sheath dress whispered sensuously as she pulled it up her curvy torso.  She gently lifted each lush creamy pillowy breast and nestled it in the cool silky folds of the gown.  She sighed, heaving her ample bosom against the constraints of the fabric as she tied the knot to close the dress. She felt the smooth warm silk snuggle tightly against her bosom.  

Finally she lifted up a chain of gossamer thin gold from which twinkled a simple silhouette of a rabbit head logo, a gift to every playmate.  Gliding her hands under her honey fresh hair she snapped closed the clasp. Spreading her palms sexily down her thighs to smooth her gown she vamped before the mirror, admiring her own radiant sex appeal.

The large hands of the biker reached out from the shadows behind her to grab her body but when she turned, no one was there.  Still an erotic stirring shook something deep inside her tender young body. Scurrying around the small room gathering her things she resolved to get out of the hotel and out among people.  She needed to clear these mysterious and threatening thoughts from her mind.

Out in the town square, while Linda was in the hallway rummaging in her little handbag waiting for the elevator, dozens of motor bikes gathered in a menacing pack.  Dozens of huge engines circled the area taking control of the crowd and claiming the town for the gang. Nervous tourists disappeared into storefronts as the gangs dismounted and wandered among the bars and lobbies of the town.

Reggie leaned on a car parked in front of the hotel and took a long pull of a beer he had snatched off a table at the sidewalk cafe. He watched his fellow gang members spread out through the crowd, already causing mayhem after only being in town for ten minutes.  He jerked his head towards the lobby of the hotel. “I’m gonna go into the bar here; see if I can’t get laid,” he grunted.

His friend Schultz nodded, “You still got that hellcat on your mind,” he chuckled. “Man, she was some piece.  I’ll bet she was cherry too.  Something about how tough she was.  She would have played along all right.” He shook his head almost regretfully, imagining the pleasures of the young girl they had met on the road earlier.  Too bad that damn cop came along. Schultz imagined himself straddled across her chest and squeezing her plush tits around his cock. “Yeah, I’d love to fuck that bitch,” he mumbled almost to himself.

Reggie didn’t say anything.  Standing almost 6’6” he never said much.  His shaved head made him seem even taller and his body looked like a pile of angry muscles packed into a monster frame.  Some large men exude power through a nervous energy about to explode.  Reggie’s power was stately, almost regal, but always dangerous like the cruelest dictator. He wore leather pants and boots and his tee shirt violated the dress code of the hotel but nobody was going to question him.

He lumbered into the hotel lobby shaking his head in disapproval as he picked up the sticky scent of the perfume college girls wore when they went out slumming.  Off to the left was the bar and restaurant already filled with gaggles of girls looking to trash themselves with a real outlaw.  The pickings were too easy.  

Off to the right was the bank of elevators and the chime of the door opening caught his attention.  A crowd of tourists stumbled out and then he saw her.  She seemed to float on air as her long supple legs shifted under the shimmering silk of the tight dress. She glided gracefully out to the middle of the lobby and sucked her thumb fetchingly as she stood in the crowd getting her bearings.  

In three swift smooth strides he was on her. His hand took hold of her tiny wrist like a talon.  Without losing his momentum he pulled her along towards the bar.  “We meet again, spit fire,” he hissed, glancing at the look of surprise on his young captive.

Linda’s jaw dropped and for a second she thought she was daydreaming. But then her arm was yanked as she was pulled along.  “Hey,” she managed to breathe out, stumbling along on her heels.

A tango poured out of the jukebox; the biker and his prisoner seemed to be caught in the music’s sensual rhythm. He shoved her onto a stool at the bar and sat next to her, pressing his massive leg against hers. He kept one hand on her wrist, twisting her arm.  The other hand snatched her handbag and tossed it on the bar. He grinned at her as he nimbly snapped open her tiny bag; his fingers looked like they were going to rip the bag apart as they rummaged through her things.

“I figure you owe me a drink after the way the cop hassled us back there.” He pulled some paper money out of her purse and laid it on the bar as he signaled the bartender. His fingers continued to search through her bag until they located that they were seeking; then he held up her hotel key and considered the number for a moment.  Linda gulped loudly as he slid the key into his own pocket but she didn’t say anything.

“Two tequilas,” Reggie ordered without taking his eyes off of the trembling girl.

“I don’t drink; I’ll just have mineral water.”

“Two tequilas,” he repeated flatly.

He silently studied his captive’s animated face.  Her eyes were flashing brightly and her nostrils flared with passion.  Her chest heaved forward as she took deep gulps of air and already sweat was making her silk dress stick to her flat stomach. Her full lips were pressed into a cute little pout as she looked up at him with defiant fury.

“I know what you were planning back there on the highway.” She spitted out the words.

“Oh, yeah?” he teased with his brows raised in mock interest.  “What?”

“You were going to…to…” her voice lowered to a conspiratorial whisper as the bartender returned with two shots of tequila and bottle of water. “…You were going to rape me,” she gasped out, sounding like a petulant child.  At the same time she pulled her wrist away.

Reggie chuckled and handed her a shot of tequila. “I don’t know about that,” he said jovially tapping his glass against hers. “You didn’t seem to mind, maybe you were turned on.”

Linda bit her lip as a jolt of realization hit her; why hadn’t she reported them to the trooper? She couldn’t deny an attraction to this man.

He tossed his drink back and watched with interest as she frowned after taking a tiny sip.  Wordlessly he put his hand on the back of her head and another under her hand, forcing her to swallow the shot of tequila.  She sputtered and some of the fiery liquid ran down her chin. Without warning he covered her mouth with his and licked the liquor off her lips while gripping the back of her head through her full wavy hair and jamming her face into his.  His tongue became an ogre as it burst into her mouth and devoured the taste of her innocence mixed with the flames of the drink. Her chest was pressed up against him but she tried futilely to push away with her slender arms.

She squirmed in his hold erotically; she may have been resisting but she was swaying against him, rubbing her nipples over his chest. She pushed away, breaking the kiss and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Stop bothering me,” she pouted.

He leaned in close to her ear.  “You sure, baby?” he whispered; each syllable seemed to ooze into her brain. He jerked his stool so he was jammed against her.  His large hand reached behind and his fingers tapped up and down her spine following along with the tango music spinning through the bar.

His touch made Linda sit up straight with her lips pursed together and her eyes looking dreamily. She started to sway softly to the beat. Reggie’s hands tangoed masterfully up and down her spine and he licked his chops watching the pretty playmate preen like an exotic bird.  Her chestnut hair shimmered over her creamy tan shoulders and the scarlet silk of her gown.  

Licking his lips brazenly he flashed on the image of plunging his cock into this ripe juicy girl. She writhed under his touch flowing along sensuously; her face looked proud and challenging. He couldn’t resist teasing the feisty beauty.
“Not every day a girl gets to loose her virginity to a stud like me.” He was so close he could watch her ears turn crimson.

She leaned away from him, almost falling backwards off the stool; her eyes wandered over his broad shoulders and bulging arms; his legs looked like tree trunks wrapped in leather.  His shaved head gleamed as did his coal black eyes.  For a second Linda’s brain flashed on his body crashing into her sex; she turned away in disgust but furtively glanced back to gauge his reaction.

“Get away from me creep; I’m meeting my girl friends.”

Reggie shook his head; it was his turn to inventory the body of his prisoner.  He studied her athletic, cuddly body.  “Nah, I don’t think I’m interested in your girl friends joining us. Maybe later; a body like yours needs my full attention.”

Linda had been struggling quietly and the bartender watched from a few stools away.  He had pretended that he didn’t notice her tussling but now he came over reluctantly.  “Anything wrong miss,” he said while keeping a nervous eye on Reggie.

Linda shook her head dismissively, “Nothing I can’t handle.”  The bartender backed away, relieved.

Reggie nodded with approval, eying the sexy attributes of his helpless victim.  He reached over the bar and picked up the unfinished tequila bottle, tossing more of Linda’s money onto the counter.  He jammed her purse into his other pocket.  Holding the bottle by the neck and Linda by the wrist he strutted boldly out of the bar.  

“Where are we going?” Linda managed to ask as he pulled her across the lobby. She already knew of course and she gulped as he pressed the button for the elevator.  Every eye in the lobby was on the gang leader and his beautiful victim. Nobody was sure if intervention was wanted; nobody wanted to mess with Reggie.  Besides the gorgeous girl seemed to float along in a trance, as if this was her destiny.

The elevator door opened and Reggie guided her in; she shivered at the touch of his flat palm on her bare back.  After giving a menacing glance to another couple who then chose to wait for the next car, Reggie took a long pull on the tequila bottle.  Jamming his body up against Linda’s he shot mouthfuls of liquor down her throat.

The elevator ride was short and the corridor to her room was completely empty.  Silently he guided her down the hall by pressing the flat of his hand against her bare back. Linda moved with tiny careful steps, floating to the door in slow motion.  The deep red silk of her dress rustled against the smooth skin of her hips.

Reggie stopped at her door and touched her shoulder.  “Well, well, here we are,” he chuckled, digging the key out of his pocket. He turned the latch and handed her into the room to face her fate.

Linda stepped into the room she had just left but it seemed so different now; earlier in the day the chaos of a young girl on vacation, all her clothes and things strewn about the place, seemed almost comforting. But now the silence of her bras and panties, the light feminine clothing strewn about, seemed to condemn her; the only furniture in the room seemed to be the large bed.

Tiny Miss August, to reclaim her regal power, stepped forward and spun around; hands on her hips and her head cocked to one side, she stood at the foot of the bed and gave him a defiant look.

He strode over and embraced her.  Now she struggled fiercely pushing away and clamping her lips together.  Slowly and steadily his brutal tongue wormed its way into her. Her tiny body looked like a kitten squirming in his enormous arms.

“Calm down, little girl,” he growled, then his hand slipped under her dress to cover her quivering, heaving breast. She scratched at his arm with her nails but he wrapped an arm around her waist forcing the air out of her and making her dangle and thrash helplessly in the air.  He held her a long time, impaling her with his tongue and slowly he sensed her resistance fading.

Her hands hovered over his head squeezed into shaking fists; slowly the fingers relaxed into the air until they fluttered down to caress his head. He chuckled to himself as her tongue darted out over his lips, still too shy to enter his voracious mouth.

He twisted her body around and planted her feet on the floor so that together they were facing a mirror. The image of herself captured by the hulking brute behind her hit Linda like a slap.  In the sharp reflection of the glass she saw his huge dark body looming over her.  Her head rested low on his massive chest; waves of soft chestnut hair collected the subdued red light of the setting sun, the deep red of her silk gown shimmered as she swayed against him.

Her creamy bare shoulders and arms looked smooth and flawless against the rough dark muscles of the tall man behind her. The red dress scooped down low towards her navel; her warm full breasts heaved in the deep sweet scented cleavage.

Her cheeks were flush and her brown eyes were misted and dreamy as she gazed at herself enfolded into the clutches of this sexual predator.  Her lips parted slightly as the heat of his crotch seared into her tight round bottom.

She lay back against him languidly, her graceful hands landing gently on the arm pinning her to him. “I’ll let you have me if you’re nice,” she purred.

His response was to hoist her up into the air, grinding his pelvis into her ass. “Sheeet, you don’t let me do anything, baby. You’re gonna be doing whatever I say.” After his cutting remark he plunged his raw tongue into her ear.

She dug her nails into his skin and she kicked out into the air, her hair flying.  His legs and feet were solid and didn’t move at all for all her violent tussling and bucking and sputtering.  His arm held her firmly and he laughed over her fury.  “You bastard, let me go; you better not hurt me,” she hissed.

With his free hand he covered her mouth, jamming his head into her slender neck and whispering into her ear, his words moist and oozing like a fog. “Easy girl, you know I’m right, and I know you want it.” Linda, with her bare back pressed into his chest let her tiny feet flutter in the air for a moment; submissively she arched her back as though writhing around the seductive words he poured into the darkness of her ear.  As though she were a weightless ballerina he lowered her feet to the floor; he reveled in the sensuous caress of her skin and the silk of her dress.

“Yeah, you want it,” he insisted, gazing into her transfixed face in the glass. “You’ve been saving your sweet ass for me.” His hands now wandered greedily over the silk of her gown, starting with the halter top.  Brushing over the curves of her breasts and the flat fluttering of her belly, his fingers cupped over her sex and jerked her backwards into his groin. “You want a real man to bust your cherry.”

Linda froze.  Again she sank into the haze of his sensual hold over her.  He felt her entire warm body melt over his submissively. She watched herself gently lift her arms and reach behind to stretch up so her tiny hands could touch the muscles of his neck. In the mirror, as if in a movie, she saw her lips plead softly, “Please, be gentle.”

With her face upturned towards his she could still watch herself writhing in the glass, giving herself to his supremacy, his irresistible power. Her sweet hair was disheveled and looked fabulously sexy. His hands wandered over her curves with a piratical insolence; his rough skin made a hushing sound stroking over the silk of her dress. She tingled wherever she was touched.

“I wouldn’t dream of hurting you, spitfire. I’m going to take my time and enjoy your precious little pussy.” Again his hand pressed the heat of your sex. “Yeah, I take my time with tight little virgins.” His tongue snaked under her tender earlobe.  “Can’t promise about my gang though,” he hissed.

Linda quivered with fear; she’d forgotten about the roar of bikes surrounding her earlier. Lifting her tiny body on tiptoe she pushed herself up, rubbing her ass over his cock and, for the first time willingly opening her mouth and offering the fragile glistening flower of her pink tongue.

She spent a long long time kissing him; her tongue danced like a harem girl inside him, leaving little jewels of her sweet taste on each pore.

She dangled off of the delicate fingers wrapped around his neck and she strained upwards on her toes, draping herself over him as she yielded up her soft treasures.

His hand was on her face and her tongue slathered his finger with her juices. He boldly traced a vein on her throat and drew a wet line to the middle of her heaving chest. The tip of his nail tapped against a glinting piece of gold. He lifted the tiny gleaming rabbit head charm and raised his eyebrows in wonder. In the mirror Linda watched him study the necklace in surprise.

Not meaning to speak, soft words fluttered helplessly over her pouty lips.  “It’s because I’m a Playboy Playmate.  My centerfold is coming out now.”

A wide drooling grin gleamed off the glass of the mirror; his teeth were fangs as he spoke, “Jesus Christ, I am one goddamn lucky motherfucking bastard to get a sweet little doll like you.” Clutching the charm in his huge hand he snapped the chain from around her neck and tucked the gold into his pocket. The humiliation hurt more than the rip of the metal against her tender skin.

He went back to the happy business of mauling her goodies as she swayed slowly.  Overwhelmed by yearning and dread she twisted her face up for another kiss. Her left hand dropped down to her side limply, then it gingerly reached behind to rest on his thigh.  Linda could feel the throb and bulk of his cock jammed up against her under the leather pants he wore. The pulse of the veins running through it, the rod filling up with seed to assault the tender girl, lured her into this erotic trance.

Reggie pushed the flat of his huge palm into her belly. His other hand, pushing her ahead slightly, traced a line down her bare spine. She leaned forward displaying her soft shoulders and the smooth skin of her back. His finger nail etched into her flesh just at the bottom edge of her dress where it scooped down close to her ass.

“So you’re a Playboy playmate.” His finger tip traveled up her spine raising goosebumps on her tender flesh. “You gotta give me a private show.”

His fingers crept under the warm folds of her chestnut hair.  He tenderly pushed the graceful waves over her shoulder and splayed his fingers possessively over her bare neck.

He twirled the knot of the gown between his thumb and forefinger. For an excruciatingly long time he contemplated his next move. Linda saw herself shiver in the glass.  She was bent down with her hair cascading over her shoulder and her breasts hovering like two warm clouds.  She bit her lower lip, feeling his brutal grip tighten on the knot holding her dress closed.

She held her breath and with wide eyes followed his hand as it lifted slowly into the air, tugging the end of the cord holding the silk closed. Against the moist nap of her neck the knot relaxed and the smooth silk of the gown began to slide off her shoulders.

Linda slowly raised her torso, leaving the gown behind and lifting her magnificent breasts to the open air. Her radiant hair hissed, snapping in a perfect arch and tickling his face as it tumbled down.  Her delicious breasts stood up proud and defiant, gravity a mere theory in the presence of their milky softness.

In the mirror she looked, with her sexily disheveled hair and breathless flush, a defiant angel. She stared down in wonder at her own glorious body and watched as his hands came up and clutched her mounds, mauling, twisting, and squeezing.  He brutalized her nipples until they were rock hard.

Her mouth opened in a silent cry, Linda’s hands held his hips as she rocked her ass over his crotch.  From the street below faint music played as the evening parties started. Crowds mingled below as Linda stood helplessly alone in the twilight of this hotel room, letting this gang ruler strip her nude.

The silk of the gown was gathered over her waist and without thinking Linda hooked her thumbs into the fabric and shoved it down over her hips; at the same time he lifted with his arm around her waist, letting the dress slide down her shapely legs and flow into a pool on the floor at her feet.

In the tropical heat Linda hadn’t bothered with stockings or panties. She was arched over him, graceful and breathless as a swan or ballet dancer, her lovely breasts two perfectly formed mounds spread out and her virgin sex tingling under the fine tight curls of her dark thick moist bush.

Luxuriating in the slow caress of her nude body on his chest he lowered her to the floor. Both sets of eyes gazed into the delicious vision of Linda’s innocent body stripped bare in the arms of the savage gang leader.  The tan lines over her breasts and pussy glowed and proclaimed her innocent sexuality. The toes of her high heeled sandals met the floor and she turned in his arms revealing the flawless shape of her bottom to the mirror. Pressing herself firmly against him as if to hide her treasures she tugged at fabric of his tee shirt.

“Nobody’s ever undressed me before,” she said solemnly, looking down at his washboard stomach.  Her dainty hands pulled on his shirt so that it sprang from his pants.

“Now, I’m undressing you,” she gasped disbelieving it even as she forced the shirt up over his head. For the first time her nipples, diamond hard pressed into the naked muscles of a man’s chest. Her face rested under his chin, her hands bearing down on his stomach. Her palms burned with the touch of her hand on his skin.  Her sensitive pussy brushed against the solid muscles under the leather of his pants.

His huge hands gripped her ass and he hoisted her up, her arms flying out and her fingers lacing behind his neck. Wrapping her legs over his hips she dangled in front of him, her delicious mounds swaying invitingly.

Reggie’s mouth, wide open, dropped down on one breast and devoured it.  His tongue slithered over her chest, an oily snake. Linda bent her face in and kissed and licked his face and mouth.

He snapped his head and grinned at her, humping her over his cock while he leered over her bouncing breasts. “You ever tittie fuck?” he grunted.

Linda shook her head as she closed her eyes, writhing in rhythm over his shaft.  “You ever suck cock?” he snorted. Her eyes goggled at his crudeness and she answered him by snaking her sweet pink tongue deep down his throat.

The kiss was endless. Linda floated on a cloud of erotic yearning; slowly his tongue pushed back, wrapping around hers and gliding over her full red lips.  His tongue screwed deep deep down her throat, impaling her with a writhing fire.  She felt her feet being lowered to the floor; breaking the kiss she rested her cheek on the chest of her captor.

Slowly Linda looked up into his eyes, not surprised to see his commanding cruel leer. His look took her breath away, her mouth opening but nothing coming out. Reggie saw her lips pull apart and the temptation was too much for him. His head went down to gently kiss this vulnerable sweet young woman. Much to his surprise, she did not pull away but pressed her lips closer and harder wanting more from him and he was happy to give it to her.

“So you ready little girl?”

“No. I just want... uhmm... “

“Yeah, what is it you want?”

“I... errr I ... would like... uhm..”

“Ask me. Go ahead …ask for what you want … It’s just us here, no shame, babe. Fair’s fair, right? I’m gonna fuck you real good all night so you can ask for something. Come on, ask me.”

“I want you to kiss me some more”

“Sure, I’ll kiss you; then I’m gonna kiss your sweet little snatch.”

Linda's breathing became heavy as he spoke those words to her. Her eyes were glassy and her cheeks were red and hot.

This woman had so much passion buried deep inside of her that once she let go, Reggie knew she would surprise herself. She tried to bury her lustful urges with pride and haughtiness but once he started drilling her he knew she was going to explode like a fire cracker. She was so ripe and ready that he had to remember to take it slow and not push her too quickly. Still he exerted his cruel power over her; he needed to taunt her, “Yeah, I’m going to drill you for a long time.” His mouth covered hers.  His sharp words were like a blow to her stomach.

Reggie leaned over and kissed her; his tongue slid out to dance with hers. Linda held her tongue back at first but then he felt her relax. Soon the little tip reached out to join his. The contact was like a spark to Linda and even Reggie was affected by the tenderness of the moment.

His hand lowered and touched her breast and her tongue retracted in shock but to her credit she didn't move and within seconds she moaned and her tongue slid into his mouth again just as his thumb gently fired up her nipple with quick little flicks.

Reggie kissed her face, her neck and her arms. He watched as her nipples puckered even more and her chest was heaving like a wild animal after a long chase. He looked up at her and saw the raw sensuality in her face. This woman was so ready but he still wanted to take it slow and savor his power over her.

Linda's eyes opened wide as his lips captured one swollen nipple in his mouth and she couldn't stop the little squeal that escaped her lips. Reggie sucked harder enjoying the feel of the little nubbin growing in his mouth. He gently slipped it out but only so he could quickly taste the other one.

With the bountiful treat of the nipple still in his mouth, his arms swept under her legs and she was swooped into the air and spun over to the bed. The sandals flew across the room, landing with a thud.

The oxygen seemed to be sucked from her lungs as she was lifted into the air. Her heart stopped.  Linda knew that she was soon to be penetrated by this savage man. Her mind screamed to escape but her loins tingled with anticipation. Instinctively she pressed her legs together in search of protection.  She hated the feeling of helplessness, engulfed as she was by his beefy arms, but it was the same overwhelming power that caused this mysterious thrill inside her.

“I’m gonna love balling you,” he taunted again as he lowered his lovely victim to the bed.  The crude words ripped into Linda and she reacted with fury, kicking and scratching, hair flailing; she sputtered with rage, nostrils flaring and incensed eyes flashing bright.

The tiny playmate fought bravely.  Her resistance did little but amuse and arouse the big man.  He ignored her blows and methodically stretched her over the bed.  Holding her down with one hand he used the other to undo his belt. He pulled it out of the loops and with practiced skill he managed to tie one of Linda’s ankles to foot of the bed. This infuriated her even more and fed her fury. He enjoyed watching her fight and he loved the feel of her bare moist skin rubbing on his body as she wrestled and writhed.

Slowly he pinned her free leg down with his own massive limbs, his legs two huge logs. He held her leg so that her thighs were spread wide giving an amazing view of the pink of her pussy lips spreading under her dark hot bush.

Letting her struggle and tussle he slowly worked his will over her, shifting her body backwards into the sheets. He pressed her down into the bed by jamming his forearm over her chest and waited patiently as she tired herself out in futile struggle.
Finally she closed her eyes and held his arm, moaning softly in submission.

“Open your eyes, babe. I want you to watch what I'm going to do to you.”

Linda complied silently and watched as his big fingers probed and poked her tender flesh.  She squirmed on the bed, slipping her leg out from under his and trying to lock it with the one tied to the bed; she made a wasted effort to cover her breasts.

The room filled with the sound of her heavy breathing; outside life on the street was a party and the music and laughter floating up into the room seemed to taunt the girl pinned to the bed. After looking at her from top to bottom, Reggie stood up; his eyes raked over her body as he stripped off his pants in record time. He watched her as she closed her eyes again just as the python that was his cock came into view.

“Hey babe, don't close your eyes; look at me.”

Linda turned her head and opened her eyes to see his erection bouncing freely from his naked body. She closed her eyes again but immediately opened them again wanting to see him. Her eyes flashed fiercely.

“That's my girl”

Only her little hands opening and closing nervously by her sides gave away that she was still not ready and a bit scared.

He stretched out along side Linda’s naked body; she started at the electric shock of his skin on hers. His hands resumed their greedy stroking and probing and she sighed in response.  The way he looked at her body was nothing she’d ever experienced before, she thought as she fell deeper into the spell of his lust. More than anything she feared having that huge cock penetrate her innocence; more than anything she wanted to feel that cock explode inside her sex.

“So what’s your name, little girl?” he asked while twirling her nipple in his fingers.

“Linda…Linda Summers,” she said huskily with the daring of a Bond girl.

“You really a playmate bunny?”

“Playmate… bunnies wear the costume.” Then she winced as his fingers dug deep into the plush flesh of her breasts.

“Yeah, you’re good enough to be a playmate alright.” He licked her nipples as if they were ice cream. She tasted like ambrosia. Suddenly an idea struck him. “How long do you have the room for?” he oozed out, breathing hotly over her now damp breasts.

“The magazine’s paying for it,” Linda answered without thinking, “They said I could stay at least a week.  A few other girls are here too…” She gulped as soon as she said the words, realizing what she’d done.

Reggie made no effort to hide his delight.  “So we can ball all week, and you got some girlfriends for variety. You are a hellova girl, Linda.” His hand pressed her belly then cupped the moist curls of her bush.

Linda had been holding her breath since she let out the information about the other playmates; now she looked deep into the dark eyes of her captor.  She trembled at his power and wanted to please him.  “Am I your biker chick now?” she said seductively.

“Sure, babe.  You’re my girl.  And after I fuck you the rules say my boys fuck you too.  And I fuck all your girlfriends.”  He slipped a finger into her mouth and she sucked it eagerly.?
“You’re a hot little bitch alright,” he sneered cruely, “Time to break you in.”

Linda whimpered softly and sank back into the sheets, knowing what was coming now.  She held herself still as he shifted his body.
Reggie climbed over Linda and kneed her legs open so he could crawl between them.  She wanted to resist but her body was drawn to him like a magnet. Again she shivered as his lips touched her tummy and his tongue slipped in to tease her belly button. Kneeling back up, he spread her legs wider and looked down to see her cunt lips separate and the shiny wetness that told him she was almost ready for him.

Linda's entire body blushed. Her first reaction was to close her legs against his eyes but she felt his hands holding them open. She shivered, awed by the heat of her own skin. His gaze burning her into such delicious distress, she shivered in the flames of her desire. This couldn’t be happening.

But it was. She was aching down there, between her legs, in her tummy, her breasts were full and her nipples were yearning for his touch again.

She froze when she felt his thumbs touch her private lips and separate them wide. His mouth lowered and he took her clit between his lips. She screamed as her hips bucked off the bed in shock. His mouth felt wonderful. His mouth sucked her in and his finger inserted itself inside of her as her body seeped liquid fire over it. He slurped up the fresh delicious nectar; her unspoiled body was a feast of warm honey.  The tongue writhing inside her brought on a wave of ecstasy to the tender beauty. He shifted his body so he could slide his arm under her shoulders and use his leg to spread her legs apart again. “Linda, baby you taste delicious, a sweet little cherry pie.”

She purred, a pleased petite vixen, and rested her soft hair on his shoulder. She looked down and gestured delicately, too shy to touch his massive cock.

He pushed his finger inside and she screamed.

“Christ, you got a tight little snatch, babe,” he chuckled twisting and probing into her innocence.

Linda was oblivious to his words and was trembling and shaking with a passion she’d never experienced before. She had orgasmed alone but never with this intensity or at the hands of someone else. She didn't even feel the tears that slid silently down her hot cheeks but Reggie saw them.

Once her orgasm had finished he squeezed her shoulder, snuggling her body against his. The feel of skin against skin was wonderful and he just wanted to climb on her body and drive his cock home but he contained himself, wanting to take his time with her fabulous body.

"You ready?”

“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned almost to herself.

That was all Reggie needed to hear. He positioned himself down between her legs again. His head lowered and he slowly flicked her clit. Linda felt the tingles in her body begin all over again. Just when it was starting to feel like she might come again, he moved his mouth lower. His lips slid along her slippery nether lips and his tongue delved inside, a fiery oily dragon flaming into her womb.

“Ohhh yes, ohhh yes”

Reggie felt that she was close to orgasm again. She was wet and ready so he climbed above her and placed his cock at her delightful opening. Gently he pushed until just the head was kissed by her nether lip.  

Miss August laid under his body, panting for air, her milky breasts heaving. Her belly was tight and her spine arched back with her hands at her sides gripping the sheets into knots.  Her creamy thighs were parted around his hips, her feet flat on the bed and her knees in the air.

She looked at him, daring him to penetrate the glories of her flesh.  She was fierce and demanding; imperial, graceful, completely desirable, her pounding heart was a siren’s song.

He leaned forward; his cockhead was a spear stabbing into her.

Linda’s innocent soft face winced in heavenly agony. He felt her sheath around him, unyielding and yet yearning to engulf him. He grunted with the pain of her squeezed around him. She was tight, invulnerable. “Fuck I’m not going to make it,” he gasped.

Linda gripped his ass and pulled him to her. That was all the encouragement he needed. Reggie pushed in deep and hard but once there inside of her, he held still.

Linda was shocked that it really did hurt but only for a moment. She knew Reggie was holding still until she was ready for more.

Tentatively, Linda moved her hips up to him. Reggie took the cue that she was ready for more. He raised himself up and out of her only to shove his cock back inside. Again, he moved a little faster this time. Again. He could feel her juices paving the way, her cunt gripping him tight. He moaned out loud as his hips began a rhythm and each time he moved faster and faster.

His hands slid around and held her ass pulling her to him as he rammed her again and again. Her moans mingled with his but he could hear hers and for him it was the last straw. He couldn't hold back any longer.

Her legs wrapped themselves around his hips as he shoved his cock deep and hard. His balls throbbed with the need to come. His cock was enveloped in this hot furnace. It was too much for him. He swelled and throbbed furiously; he knew that he was seconds away from blowing his load. She bucked and thrashed, gasped and jiggled, moaned and purred; she gave herself to him.

He was wrong; he didn't even make it a second. They both were moaning as he filled her as she had never been filled before in her life.  Her wild ravings slowed to a slow sensuous swaying as she rode his cock and pumped every drop of his fire into her womb.

Moments later he collapsed on her. She didn't complain but loved the feel of his weight on her but he realized that he was heavy so he rolled to his side and pulled her above him. Her hair tickled his face and her nipples pressed against the hair on his chest. He looked up into her eyes.

“You like that, babe?”

Linda lowered her head to hide her eyes and Reggie's arms tightened around her, demanding an answer. Linda looked up with tears in her eyes.

Wordlessly she shifted her body until she was kneeling, her legs straddled over his. She stroked his cock until it was hard enough to impale her body.  Out on the street the border town was throbbing with lively activity.  Plaintive horns cried out; guitars sang of tragic love as couples disappeared into shadows and lovers faded into the night. Up in the hotel room the pretty playmate reached out to possess her violator.

As her tiny hands worked over the huge slab of his cock she glared at him through her moist eyes.  Her fiery passion and pride was hardly broken. Her hands massaged his shaft because she was commanding it.  As Linda’ sexual awareness grew so grew her power. With determination she aimed the tip at her sweet sheath and she plunged onto him. She rode him into the night until she fell into a dream.

Linda woke to no sense of time; the dim light of the room revealed Reggie sitting at the small telephone table; he was wrapped in a towel and looked smug and satisfied. He noticed the pretty and disheveled head of his innocent captive lifting up and he waved to her as he spoke into the receiver.  Tinny music from some raucous bar poured out of the phone. “Yeah, I’ve been fucking her all night.  She is sweet alright, tight and juicy and a real wildcat once she gets going.”

Linda’s body froze as she listened; his cruel voice went on, “We got the room for at least a week so we can party with her all we want, maybe sell her ass to some rich Mexicans. I’m gonna go next store and work over the other girl….Yeah….Right, get your asses over here.” He put down the phone and strolled back to the bed.  

He nonchalantly picked up her red silk dress as she sank with resignation down into the sheets. Slowly and methodically he ripped several strips of fabric. Without explanation he tied the strips of her dress onto her wrists and carefully bound her to the headrest.  Linda watched him passively, knowing her fate. She parted her lips meekly as the gag was pressed in and tied around her head.

He talked casually as he tied her. “So your girlfriend finally called, watsername? Mercy? Yeah, Mercy Rooney…She’s gonna be Miss December she said.” He checked the knots and reassured he patted Linda on the cheek as he stood.  “Maybe she’s a virgin too.

With that he stepped out the door.  Linda lay bound on the bed and listened to his footsteps stomp down the hall and she heard the knock on the door.

After the sound of the door opening Mercy’s voice came, “Is Linda with you?? Hey.., don’t…” A brief quiet scuffling sound, a door closing, silence.

A few minutes later the elevator chimed and several loud voices came to her door. As the door swung open Linda could see, silhouetted against the light in the hall, the hulking figures of the motorcycle gang.

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