Lillian Müller at the post

Lillian Müller at the post

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


"Page Three Girl" five times, her first appearance was in January 1974. Müller achieved her major breakthrough after being spotted by Suze Randall, who photographed her Playboy cover and shot her Playmate pictorial. Müller appeared in the magazine as Playmate of the Month in August 1975 and was a frequent cover girl. She was named Playmate of the Year in 1976. She was one of the most glamorous and iconic Playmates ever to grace the magazine.


"Page Three Girl" five times, her first appearance was in January 1974. Müller achieved her major breakthrough after being spotted by Suze Randall, who photographed her Playboy cover and shot her Playmate pictorial. Müller appeared in the magazine as Playmate of the Month in August 1975 and was a frequent cover girl. She was named Playmate of the Year in 1976. She was one of the most glamorous and iconic Playmates ever to grace the magazine.


Submitted: February 25, 2017

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Submitted: February 25, 2017



Suze was nervous; she didn’t know if she was going to be kept on as a Playboy Staff photographer, but she also wasn’t sure she wanted to be kept on. She initially had great success with the magazine. Lately, however, she was feeling stifled; Suze, creative and ambitious, had her own ideas about what nude photography was all about. Sex, pure, uncompromising sex, why do anything else?

She had come over from Europe with her Leicaflex SL2 camera, an overstuffed suitcase of lingerie, and the luscious Lillian Müller in tow.  

Suze had discovered Lillian in London; the nubile young girl worked strutting down catwalks but Suze’s photo of her for the Sun’s Page 3 catapulted her to fame among the aficionados of that softporn outlet. Suze sold four more pictures to Page 3 before convincing the Nordic beauty that their future was in Los Angles.

Lillian was Suze’s calling card to the Playboy Mansion and while Lillian quickly became Miss August, Playmate of the Year, and the publisher’s bedmate, Suze landed the coveted contract, which, perhaps, wasn’t so coveted anymore.
She labored as a staff photographer for over a year, shooting Lillian’s Playmate spread of course, but then relegated to doing test shots of models who never made the grade.  She did get to shoot herself nude for a feature but by then she was becoming bored with Playboy’s conservative approach to photography.  Undaunted and needing a steady job to maintain her green card status she tried her best to make a go of it at Playboy; she offered several imaginative ideas for pictorials but all of them were rejected as too risky, too risqué, too explicit. Finally after months of badgering she was allowed to do a shoot her way; the good news as that she’d be shooting luscious Lillian Müller once again but the bad news was she had virtually no budget.

Suze was never one to let any impediments keep her from her goal and she embraced the chance to do the shoot with the delectable Nordic beauty. Always determined and focused, she began to inventively solve the problem of a limited budget. First she secured the Playboy Mansion itself for the set; the Great Hall and staircase were perfect for what she envisioned. Next she recruited a chapter of the Kappa Omicron Xi fraternity, the Cocksmen. This fraternity had a long history with Playboy and Suze had heard the wild stories; when the president of the chapter got her call he was more than happy to oblige.

Two nights later Suze was at the fraternity house selecting the models for her shoot; her selection process was rigorous and each candidate had to strip down in front of her while she took photos and each had to ball Nina Fause, a porn actress she had brought along to the audition. It was a long night but in the end she had the six men she wanted.

Two nights after that, the six were in the living room being coached by Suze on their wardrobe. Playboy had provided racks of costumes from previous shoots and parties; Suze eventually got all six men in a variety of period outfits making them look like pirates if pirates could be members of the Hell’s Angels with lot of satin, leather, and chains.

Lillian was upstairs in the first bedroom at the top of the Grand Staircase. With the door open, she sat primly on the edge of a chair as she listened to the raucous laugher of the men in the room below. Looking at herself in the mirror, she wondered how she was going to manage this shoot. Her head cocked to one side like an elegant bird, canny but confident, she could make out the different voices and she sorted them out, matching them to their names: Berger, Karl, Schultze, Thiele, Dix, Squirrel. The four Germanic names she imagined to be strapping examples of well-fed, well-exercised American males, descendants of old families from Europe. She didn’t understand where “Dix” came from; she thought of Dixie, the South, and Clark Gable as Rhett Butler. A squirrel she had learned, when Suze told her the names, was a forest animal; she knew it as an ekorn. She smiled, trying to picture a man willing to use that name.

The men, clearly excited about the shoot, indulged in that American bluster, which Lillian knew was an attempt to hide their nervousness. Suze teased them, making it clear to Lillian’s attentive ears that the photographer was using her own sexual wiles to get the men worked up.

Suddenly it was quiet and Suze’s voice dominated, speaking softly in a conspiratorial tone. Lillian could hear pages shuffling; the photographer was showing sketches, her plan for the shoot. The men were almost menacing in their silent attention. Lillian tried to picture what the sketches might bring; Suze hadn’t shown her, explaining that she wanted to capture Lillian’s honest reactions as the scenario unfolded. But the men downstairs were being fully briefed. Finally one of the men murmured, “Damn,” his voice thick with incredulity. Lillian felt a chill, as if a cold draft was flooding the room.

Everyone was leaving the living room. Lillian heard their shuffling, Suze arranging them at the bottom of the stairs. It was almost time. Lillian heard Suze climb the steps. Then she was in the doorway, the lucky Leica draped around her neck; Lillian knew several more cameras would be ready downstairs. The Nordic beauty rose and walked slowly to the door and Suze, uncharacteristically, embraced her. “We’re going to have a great shoot,” she gushed into the lovely model’s ear, “You’re going to have a ball.”

She stepped back, inspecting her model, nodding her approval. “Give me just thirty seconds them come down. Take your time, nice and slow, let your beauty seduce.” Then she headed back to the men.

After a pause, thirty seconds that seemed an eternity, Lillian gracefully began her descent down the Grand Staircase.

Her negligee whispered as her body moved. The gown was cut severely, long sleeves buttoned at the wrists, high collar over her elegant throat, and dozens of gleaming black beaded buttons from her waist up to the top of the gown to hold it closed. The skirt was flowing and soft, echoing the gentle rocking of her hips as she stepped down the stairs. The negligee was cut severely but it was made with a sheer black fabric that allowed her flawless skin to glow from underneath, clinging gracefully to the full curves of her luscious breasts, shimmering with each quiver of flesh as she moved. Her beauty was not that of the girl next door; she was lovely in an elegant, regal way and she moved with a grace mysterious and majestical.

All eyes were on her; she heard a collective groan and the busy action of Suze’s Leica. She had shot Lillian on the stairs earlier; now she was shooting the men reacting to the delicious Playmate approaching them.

She took her time, appraising each of the men. As she expected most were athletic, tall, handsome; four were Nordic blondes like her and she concluded that they would be the boys with German names. Another was taller than the others, dark, his smile confident, even arrogant; he was Dix she decided. Squirrel was obvious; the men were arranged in two rows at the bottom of the stairs and he was on the far end on the left. He was smaller, clearly, but he had a nervous energy too, his hands in motion as if anxious to reach out and touch her.

“Don’t touch her,” Suze called out as Lillian wriggled between the two rows. “Lillian, head to the coach and gesture them to sit down.”

The men were clearly instructed on how to arrange themselves on the coach, four sitting and two standing on either end. Lillian noticed Squirrel was one of the two in the middle; the other was the dark one.

“Lillian, you’re going to sit in their laps with your legs across their hips.”

Lillian analyzed the pack with a cool gaze, assessing with the skill of an anthropologist; she could read Dix’s expectations in the smirk on his face. He was presuming that she’d sit in his lap. Instead she sat on Squirrel, giving him a warm seductive smile as she wriggled her delicious derriere into his lap. She gracefully stretched her legs across two laps, giving each man a glance and but saving a final radiantly sensual smile for Squirrel.

“Squirrel, put your arm around her shoulders, good,” Suze took command. “Lillian drop your head back; he’s going to kiss you. Good, open mouths, lots of tongue!  Lillian, I want to see that pretty pink tongue of yours. Great.” The camera was clicking, rapid fire.

Lillian poured everything into the kiss; her dancing tongue glistened in the light and her luscious body squirmed with pleasure, twelve hands caressing her. She could taste Squirrel’s frantic hunger as she moaned into his mouth. His arm pulled her in closer, squeezing possessively.

“No, no buttons yet,” Suze barked. “Berger, you can push the skirt up over one leg. No, the one closer to the camera. Everything to the camera.” Lillian’s shapely leg was bared; she bent it as several hands caressed the soft skin. Her shimmering tongue continued its dance with Squirrel until Suze commanded her to lean back and kiss the next man, Karl. More tongue and more writhing; she had to squeeze her thighs closed to keep roving hands away but her bare leg was lifted straight up in the air and mouths and hands were assaulting the skin. Now it was Schultze’s turn; he was standing on the end and had to bend over the now supine girl. “Open mouth, open mouth! Show me everything!” the photographer demanded.  She stopped shooting for a moment to adjust his head so the camera could see more of Lillian’s sweet rosy tongue. Somehow the blatant exposure of Lillian’s tongue, that moist glistening flesh, seemed almost pornographic and suggestive far more explicit carnality.

“Schultze, lift up her shoulders; Lillian bend forward for Berger’s kiss.” Berger was the man on the other end, the one who had raised her skirt; now her bare leg draped around his waist as her arms held his neck. They kissed wildly. “Good, good, more tongue. Fuck his mouth Lillian, show me pink. Yes, good, good. Pink, good, this shoot is going pink like never before.” More clicks of the camera. “OK, good. Take a break. Schulze, get her some water.” Several hands helped her sit upright; she moved her legs to a more comfortable position, tucking them underneath herself, and she leaned against Squirrel’s chest. She felt Dix’s eyes burning into her. She gratefully took the water glass and drank deeply in two sexy gulps. As she drank she scanned the six men, evaluating them; as an expert she could tell a lot from a kiss. The four blonde boys she knew she could control; Germanic in name and looks but American through and through, they still were polite and considerate of her. Dix thought he was the leader and he led by bullying; he would be cruel to her every chance he got. Squirrel was volatile, full of nervous energy; he would fall in love with her. She calculated how she would control these men as the shoot went on; she knew Suze’s shoots could get intense and she wanted to be prepared. She gave Schultze a warm smile as she returned the glass.

“OK,” Suze was pointing and arranging, commanding an army. “Thiele, you’re up.” The man sitting on the other side of Dix rose eagerly. “Pick her up. Lillian, put your legs around his waist as he carries you. OK, kiss him too. Good.”

Lillian felt a thrilling chill as he lifted her off of Squirrel; wrapping her limbs around him, she kissed him softly and sweetly, generous open-mouthed kisses. He was strong and held the pose for a moment, letting the camera get several shot of her ass through the transparent skirt; Lillian turned her head and gazed seductively into the camera lens then stretched her neck up to twirl her tongue in Thiele’s ear. Then Suze gestured and he carried her to a pillar at the base of the staircase. He lowered her feet to the floor, guiding her back against the pillar. “Berger, Schultze, hold her arms. Squirrel, Dix rip her skirt like I showed you.”

Lillian’s slender arms were raised above her head. Dix and Squirrel squatted and began to shred the bottom of the skirt into long strips. Lillian had to cross her legs defensively when Dix tried to reach up under the skirt. He stood straight up, tied her wrists together, then tied them to the pillar as Squirrel covered her eyes with a semi-sheer blindfold. Lillian’s body stiffened in shock; she had not been expecting any of this. Even under the sheer blindfold her eyes glittered with brief anxiety but she took a deep breath and rethought her calculations. Dix tied another strip around her throat, making her gasp in panic as he pulled it too tight; but Squirrel loosened the noose as Dix tied the other end to the pillar. The men had their instructions and they eagerly carried them out; somebody pressed play on a boombox and Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir poured out, the pulsating beat guiding Lillian’s helpless writhing. Somebody removed her slippers and she suddenly felt more vulnerable. Others were busy helping Suze to set a large camera on a tripod in front of the luscious captive and then focus lights onto Lillian’s delectable flesh.

Suddenly a stillness flooded the room; everything was concentrated on Lillian’s precious body bound to the pillar as she gyrated to the pulsing bass of the music. Suze studied her composition in the viewfinder of the camera.  Karl and Squirrel, the smallest, were behind the pillar just out of sight. Berger and Schultze were on the left, standing where they were close to the captive girl but out of the camera’s range. Thiele and Dix were on the right. Damn, Dix had switched with Karl.

Suze marched up to the pillar, pausing to pat Lillian’s warm check affectionately. “You look so pretty,” she purred. Lillian looked at her through the sheer mask, trying to look confident; her breathing was rapid and nervous. Suze, though, was busy using her 110 pounds to pull Dix’s 210 pounds from behind the pillar and pushing Karl to his correct position. “Do what you’re told,” she snarled before stomping back to the camera.

“Ok now. Dix and Thiele, you hold her legs. Good. The rest of you open the buttons; take your time and go with the music. Lillian, you react anyway you like, just feel it, show it to the camera.” Suze held up her shutter release cable. “Let’s have some fun.”

The camera captured twelve hands moving over Lillian’s bound body. Karl, from behind the pillar, was working the buttons on the sleeves; Squirrel had the buttons from her throat down. Two others, alternating from left to right, did the rest of the buttons. Dix and Thiele were on their knees at the bottom. Dix’s grip hard and cruel, Lillian struggled against him even as the undoing of the buttons aroused her. As instructed, they took their time and there were a lot of buttons. Their fingers lingered lovingly over each individual bead, prolonging the pleasure of stripping her while elevating her dread and trepidation. The camera could only see Lillian’s writhing and the men’s hands as they slowly undid each button one at a time. Slowly her radiant warm flesh was revealed to the lights and camera lens. Lillian undulated, letting the music pulse through her, letting the gradual stripping slowly arouse her, letting the men’s lust entice her towards the dangerous flames of desire. The song, Kashmir, playing on a loop, seemed to ensnare the girl in its relentless beat. Her breathing was shallow and frantic; her body shifted its weight from one foot to the other as her hips gyrated and her arms swayed as much as the bonds allowed.

Although masked, her eyes could watch through the sheer fabric; the strip around her throat kept her head pinioned to the pillar but she could move enough to watch the hands undressing her. Under the mask her eyes glowed -fury, indignation, arousal, maybe all of that- but the blaze in her eyes fueled their lust and flashed  into the camera lens, burning onto the emulsion of the film.

With her arms bound over her head the sleeves, now unbuttoned, slid down to reveal her slender arms; the negligee fell open, draping over her curves in soft folds with her soft flesh displayed for the camera and for their lust. A strip of sheer fabric was arranged over her lush breasts, too sheer to hide them but dark enough to add another level of mystery to her allure. Her golden pussy was bare but in her writhing and gyrating it was only glimpsed in brief flashes.

The men, following Suze’s instructions, stepped away so Lillian could be photographed in her helpless pose. Her eyes studied her own body, lingering over the exposed flesh of her torso and thighs; lifting her head she gazed into the lens, her eyes begging and challenging the camera.

Then she looked at the men now silhouetted by the camera lights, but she could still read their bodies and their lustful eyes. The four blondes were all gawking with stunned adoration, their bodies coiled as if ready to pounce on the helpless girl. Squirrel swayed in jittery anticipation, his eyes roving over her beauty. Dix stood apart, his body rigid and hard; lust blazed in his eyes and Lillian didn’t dare look. His hands, unfurling and folding in a steady pulse, frightened her.

She didn’t see Suze’s signal but the men charged forward, three on either side of her. Dix crouched at her feet on the left, began to rip the skirt to shreds; Thiele crouched on the right joined in. Lillian began to kick and buck but they held her ankles; Dix’s nails dug into her flesh. Karl, standing on the left, started shredding the negligee from the waist up; then Berger assaulted on the right. Now Schultze joined in tearing the left sleeve away; then Squirrel ripped away the right one. Now working in unison twelve hands ripped the shreds of the negligee, creating a frenzied storm of black threads floating around her.

Finally, except of the sheer band over her breasts, the collar and the blindfold, she was resplendently and ecstatically nude. The men staggered back, stupefied by her beauty. The black shards of fabric fluttered around her like dark adoring angels, then floated to the floor. The camera was almost shaking with pleasure. Lillian’s eyes, apprehensive and roused, looked down at her own nakedness, soft beads of sweat glistening on her brow. She looked from face to face, then back to the ever clicking camera, then back to the faces; the lust and hunger she had seen before was magnified to madness and Dix’s glare even darker.

The men, without taking their eyes off of her writhing body, were feverishly shedding their own clothes. The sight of six raging hardons made Lillian close her eyes and moan. This was all the siren song they needed; bursting like a storm, they assaulted her in one lust-filled swoop. Twelve hands pawed and pinched over her flesh, six tongues licked with teeth nibbling at her deliciousness. She pressed her hips together, desperate to protect herself from the invasion but it wasn’t her defenses that saved her; the men, in their greed, were pushing and pulling each other’s hands away.
Dix’s mouth nudged the fabric off her right breast and his teeth clamped down hard on the rock hard nipple. Lillian screamed, her body thrashing and her bare feet slapping over the floor. Still the hands assaulted her beauty. Dix’s mouth engulfed one breast; his hand squeezed and pinched over the other.

A sharp blast cut through Lillian’s shrieks and the men’s lustful grunts; Suze, anticipating the uncontrolled frenzy, had brought along an air horn. The emergency signal shocked everybody; Lillian froze and the men staggered back, Suze stepping between them and the captive beauty. “We’re working here,” she demanded. “Stick to the storyboard.” The men retreated, unnerved by the photographer’s fury. Dix lingered for a moment but he couldn’t stand up to her vehemence.

Suze turned to the girl and softly stroked her cheek. “So pretty, pretty, pretty,” she purred, soothing the Playmate slowly. She leaned and whispered into Lillian’s ear. “We started this together. Page 3, LA, Playboy, Fucking Playmate of the Year…” She breathed the next words out, savoring them like an orgasm, “Fucking Playmate, my darling fucking Playmate.” Suze gazed into the helpless Playmate’s eyes, appraising her and warning her, with an evil glint in her gaze, what was to come. The photographer nodded, both to herself and to Lillian, signaling that the time had come. The captive girl was whimpering softly but her writhing slowly subsided as she surrendered to the other woman’s will. Suze held a cup of water to her lips and she gulped greedily, sexy rivulets dripping down her chin and onto her breasts. “We should finish this together, Lillian,” she whispered. “You and me. We can make history. We’re in the fucking Playboy Mansion and we can take to the next level.”

She gave Lillian a chance to breathe; she brushed loose strands of hair from her soft face. “I need you to trust me, baby.”

Lillian looked doubtful; her eyes darted to the pack of lust-filled men behind Suze. “We’re strong women, Lillian. We rule them, me and you. We’re going to take this all the way. Show Hefner what sexy really is. Will you help me, baby?”

Lillian nodded, hesitant and wary. Suze suppressed a grin and gently kissed her cheek. “Good girl, so good.” She gestured for the men to approach slowly, maneuvering them with her hands, positioning them around the scrumptious captive. She even posed their hands: Berger standing on the left, holding her right arm with one hand, the other behind her back; Thiele on the right, mirroring the pose; Schultze stood near Berger with one hand on her breast; Karl mirrored him on the right; Dix kneeling on the left, Squirrel on the right and both with an arm around one of her legs. It wasn’t lost on Dix, or anybody else, that his position was almost always at the majestic beauty’s feet; his mood continued to darken as he calculated his revenge.

After commanding them to hold the poses, she backed herself to her camera. “Nobody does anything without my instructions; we’ve got all night so we’re going to take our time. Everybody’s getting a turn; everybody does her but only on my say-so.”

Lillian was worldly and fluent in three languages, but American slang could be elusive. This was the first time she heard of “doing” someone; she wasn’t certain what it meant but she dreaded the sound of it.

Lillian’s body was rigid with trepidation except for the heaving of her breasts under the men’s hands as she breathed rapidly. The men too were trembling with anticipation.

Suze directed with a firm hand. “Dix, pull her leg up over your shoulder. We want to see that pussy. No, on the other side of your head; we want her leg, not your face.” Lillian’s leg quivered as he manhandled it; once resting on his shoulder, the graceful limb glistened with soft sweat. Her pussy sparkled too with little golden beads of nectar, a hint of the arousal swirling inside her.

Squirrel’s hand rose as if to touch the sweet warm honeypot but Suze took command. “Isn’t her skin so pretty, so soft? What does it taste like, do you want to lick it? Go ahead, a nice long lick up her leg.” He eagerly obeyed, his tongue hot and rough against the soft sheen of her flawless skin as he licked from her knee to her pussy; her foot almost slipped as she struggled to keep her balance. “Isn’t she delicious? Now the other side.” He eagerly bent forward and his tongue lapped over the leg on Dix’s shoulder, drawing a moist line from her knee up to the delicate fold where her thigh met her pussy. “Thiele, don’t you want to kiss those sweet lips?” Lillian’s eyes had been mistily watching Squirrel’s tongue on her skin but Thiele turned her head and pressed his mouth over hers. His kiss was gentle, a surprise and a gift; the girl swooned with pleasure even as Squirrel’s tongue twirled over the curls of her sex. Schultze and Berger began on her breasts, tugging away the fabric and fondling the creamy flesh; with a signal from Suze their tongues and teeth went into action over her nipples.

Squirrel’s tongue was twirling in ever-tightening rings over her pussy; now he traced the edges of the gate to her treasure. One soft flick and she moaned, the tongue hinting at the invasion to come. He withdrew, circling again, then approached once more, the tip of his tongue probing, teasing, delicately pushing between those luscious lips. His tongue buzzing like a swarm of bees returning to their queen, the touch of the tip inside her softness now gave off electric shocks. She groaned into Thiele’s greedy mouth then twisted her head to kiss Berger. Her delicate nectar oozed into his gulping mouth. Her body trembled in ecstasy, hands fondling her breasts, caressing her skin, Squirrel’s tongue vibrant in her sweetness, his hands gripping her legs to keep her in place. Dix snarled, biding his time; on his shoulder, her shapely leg kicked up and down frantically.

She came in sobs and spasms; her curvaceous body undulating and jerking, her arms above her head straining against her bonds. She rewarded Squirrel’s pulsing tongue with a flood of warm sweet honey; he eagerly devoured the gift, his lips and tongue creating another torrent of bliss, laying another climax on top of her already  stunning orgasm. His tongue became the architect of her ecstasy, building layer upon layer of bliss, her climax becoming a skyscraper inside her. Her magnificent edifice, though, was doomed; her own body bucked and thrashed in clamorous lurching paroxysms, endless earthquakes destroying her until she collapsed in one more long scream of ecstasy, fading and falling, dangling from the bonds on her wrists, one leg draped over Dix’s shoulder.

Squirrel gave one last lingering kiss to those luscious folds and gently kissed through his retreat, caressing her pussy with his lips, then her thighs until his kisses faded away. Dix assumed he was next at the feast but his head was blocked by her leg and before he could move Karl was already in Squirrel’s place.

Karl held her legs and she gazed down on him with her eyes only slits under the translucent blindfold; still a fiery glow beamed out from her blissful beautiful face. She whimpered softly, resistance and submission at once. He kissed delicately, his lips floating over the smooth flesh of her thighs. And then his tongue came out, prodigious in length, stretching out towards her pussy like a massive cock. As the tip brushed over the dewy curls of her bush, he lifted her other leg onto his shoulder spreading her wide for him and the camera; she was babbling in Norwegian now, pleading futilely. “Nei, nei, det kan jeg ikke…”

The tip of his tongue licked over the lips of her sex, spreading warmth and arousal. She shuddered and begged desperately. “Ingen kan ingen stopp oh gud ja ja…” Now his massive tongue fucked into her, caressing the sweet spots inside her, probing her delicious depths. With one hand he held her leg tight on his shoulder and with the other he found her clit and with one touch launched her into orbit. Squirrel had built, layer by layer, a glorious edifice of bliss inside her, but Karl was building planets and galaxies; she thrashed and twisted in the fury of creation. “Ja, ja!” she shrieked, her prayer to the gods of orgasm.  Her spine arched, thrusting her chest up, then snapped back, slamming her plush derriere  against the pillar; she jerked and quaked, then arched again and again, coming in a supernova, stars destroying themselves inside her. He kept at her, his impossibly long tongue delving into all her secrets until she spasmed and writhed into a blissful dizziness.

Dix attacked quickly, surprising everyone with his agility and speed. He dropped her limp leg the floor and rose quickly, pushing the others out of his way. In a second he was undoing the bonds holding her to the pillar and she fell lifelessly into his arms, pliant and helpless, submitting because that was all that was left. He clutched her greedily and he pivoted, holding her like a ragdoll as he turned back to the couch, determined to fuck her hard. Lillian, her eyes dreamy and soft, was already spreading her thighs to receive him.

Suze’s horn went off and everybody froze. “You’ll have your chance but we have another shot first. Schultze, Thiele, you’re up” The two men grinned and quickly approached Dix and his captive. He sneered but released his prize. She slid like a sleepy child into Schultze’s open arms. The blindfold had slipped away when Dix untied her and her eyes were wistful and her voice was a singsong whimper. “Du er min helt,” she purred, wrapping her arms around Schultze’s neck and her legs around his waist. He was standing in position in front of the camera; Thiele stood behind her, supporting her limp weight.  The others watched with rapt attention; they knew what was coming.

Schultze shifted her limp body against Thiele’s chest and he slowly aimed his cock up towards her moist pussy. Together the two men eased her down onto the throbbing shaft.

Lillian, still dreamy and blissful, opened her eyes wide. “You’re not kødder ikke,” she giggled, slipping into Norwegian again. Schulze groaned with pleasure and slowly pushed up into her, grunting against her tight sweetness. “Ja ja knulle meg,” she whispered seductively as his cock filled her completely. She began to rock her hips but he refrained from pumping into her luscious tightness. Instead he pulled her away from Thiele and held her against his chest, his cock throbbing inside her.

“Thiele, you know what to do with that ass,” said Suze; she stepped close to him and applied baby oil to his raging hard on. Once he was slick enough he crouched so he could aim his cock into her juicy rear. As he entered her head dropped back. “Oh Herregud hva gjør du med meg?” she groaned. They held the pose so Suze could get her shots but then the two men began fucking furiously, thrusting their cocks deep into her wriggling body. Their legs, coiled like springs, powered each lunge into the bucking girl; with the grace of a prima ballerina, she gyrated and wriggled, finding music in their lust-filled thrusts. Her golden hair flew over their faces as she bounced in time to their attacks; both her pussy and her bottom seemed to tighten lovingly with each assault of their cocks. Suze’s Lecia clicked furiously, the photographer barking commands the men couldn’t hear in their frenzy. Lillian and the cocks found new rhythms, alternating thrusts and lunges sometimes, working in unison sometimes, sometimes slow and loving, sometimes fast and manic, always an infernal machine of lust driving the girl to ecstatic heights. She could have balled like this forever, her mind long gone and given over to endless bliss, but the men were breaking, their legs straining to keep her upright, their cocks throbbing with tension and about to explode. Thiele came first, a fireball shooting up into her and exploding in her stomach. This sent Lillian into twisting seizures of bliss and her body dropped back into his arms, his cock sliding out of her ass as he held her now vertical body in the air. This gave Schultze more leverage and he plunged in deeper as if to break her in two but instead she lunged back, squeezing her legs around his waist and rewarding him with a flood of her hot juices. Commanded by Suze they carried the girl to the couch, Shultze’s cock still drilling into her. Spreading her writhing body over the cushions he finished her off, unleashing volley after volley of his seed into her depths; Lillian met the spreading fires with her own orgasmic fury, coming in a twisting, screaming, clawing spasm of passion that echoed through the entire Mansion.

He finally slowed his pace, gently pushing in and out of her, soothing her with a slow gentle fucking, bringing the girl’s ecstatic frenzy to a dreamy blissful murmur, a long sweet climax vibrating through her luscious body like a gentle song. She hugged him finally as he withdrew and lifted himself off of her and she gazed mistily into Suze’s camera.

Squirrel brought her water and she gracefully lifted her head to sip delicately, feeling her pounding heart calm itself.

Suze took a few more shots of Lillian’s blissed-out beauty then signaled the men to huddle with her by the camera table. She had more storyboards spread out. Nobody noticed that Dix was missing until Lillian screamed.

He was top of her straddling one of her legs; one arm was rigid, fingers tight around her throat. Lillian’s other leg was flailing wildly as Dix tried to position himself to impale her with his cock; she was resisting, beating him with fists, scratching, clawing. Her face was a grimace, her eyes goggling as he choked the air out of her. The scream had been her last breath.

The four blondes men and Suze were on him in less than a second, pulling him off and pounding him. Suze kicked him over and over shrieking, “You asshole, motherfucker!” They were too busy to notice Squirrel scooping up the luscious girl and carrying her like a bride up the stairs.

Lillian, soft and luscious, seemed to float in his arms like an angel; Squirrel, hungry and enflamed, bounded up the stairs like fireman escaping the flames of hell. The beauteous girl was dizzy and dazzled, the roller-coaster of emotions had driven her to a dreamy state and she felt safe and secure being held by this eager man. She snuggled into him, seeking his warmth; he breathed in her honey sweet hair.

At the top of the stairs she lifted a languid arm and pointed to the open door of the bedroom. “Her min kjærlighet,” she whispered. He gently deposited her onto the satin sheets and luxuriated in their cool splendor, rolling onto her back and spreading her arms wide as if to embrace the elegant fabric. The soles of her graceful feet glided, making delicate music. She lifted her head and spread her golden hair over the deep cerulean of the shimmering sheets. She gazed languidly at Squirrel, who had withdrawn to the doorway, overwhelmed by this vision of a goddess. “Du er så søt…Du er min helt,” she purred, sultry and tender. Squirrel stood by the door as if guarding his treasure. Her naked skin glowed, glistening with misty sweat and arousal. Her eyes smoldered with yearning and bliss.

She held out her arms, inviting him. “Kom hit, min helt.” Squirrel looked puzzled. Lillian giggled dreamily. “Oh my darling boy, I speak in Norwegian when I am excited.”  She held her arms wider. “Come here, be with me now, my hero.”

He slid onto the bed, his body gliding up her, naked skin on naked skin. She drew him close, enfolding him in her arms. She lifted her angelic face to his. Her pink tongue, glistening and alive, sought, then found, his lips. She kissed him tenderly; her tongue offered worship and adoration and promised endless erotic pleasure and it was sweet and vibrant, eagerly dancing in his mouth.
His hands caressed over her body, fondling and loving very inch of her beauty.

After this long blissful kiss finally subsided like a soft wave caressing over the shore her hands came alive; she guided his hands to her luscious breasts, softly stroking his hair while he fondled those succulent mounds; she murmured softly. Her nipples surged with life and desire; all she could focus on was to feel the loving warmth of his eager mouth suckling on her pliant flesh. “These are for you, my darling, my brave hero. Don’t you want to kiss them?” Then she drew his lips down over her nipples. “Yes, yes,” she hissed as her soft flesh was sucked deep into his greedy mouth. Finally she caressed over his chest and belly, gently stroking his cock and guiding it to her hungry pussy. “Vi elsker nå…we make love now,” she prayed and he entered her slowly and reverently. She groaned with pleasure and they rocked in a delicate, gentle dance which, ebbing and flowing in innumerable rhythms enthralled the dainty Playmate. Her long graceful legs, and thighs gripped his waist and she moaned her surprise and joy. Her belly, and her derriere danced with the rhythm of his cock gliding in and out of her depths, and her entire body embraced him. Her hair, in sweet sweat soaked golden ringlets, shimmered over the cerulean sheets as her head rocked gently.  Then something shifted, like a massive plate under the earth, causing a quake and violence and he fucked into her harder, faster, deeper, urged on by her passionate screams. “Dypt inne i meg ja takk dypere dypere ja ... du er helten min ... så ib og sterk, ja, ja, ja…” He came in a blazing thunder, flooding into her as she screamed and still her body writhed and bucked, her spine arcing then snapping in a frenzied dance of ecstasy. Her climax hit her hard; already dizzy and strained, her brain had no brakes so it drove into an orgasm as solid and brutal as a brick wall. Her libido smashed into the cosmos and she came in comets and supernovas until her fragile body sank into the cerulean sheets like a flower dropped into the ocean.

She woke, blissful, happy, and submissive. Suze was at the foot of the bed, standing next to her large camera. She gestured to the five men standing around the bed and gazing at Lillian with lust and adulation. “Shall we get started then?” Suze said to no one in particular. Lillian nodded and sat up; raising her arms she invited the men to her, offering her radiant beauty without any limits.

Her voice was lilting and eager, “Ja, nå begynner det.”


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