Lee Ann Michelle

Lee Ann Michelle

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Lee Ann Michelle, an English model and actress, was chosen as Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for the February 1979 issue. She's the first Playmate to have been born in the 1960s.


Lee Ann Michelle, an English model and actress, was chosen as Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for the February 1979 issue. She's the first Playmate to have been born in the 1960s.


Submitted: June 12, 2013

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Submitted: June 12, 2013



The publisher just couldn’t stop playing with his new gadget; the SONY DXC-1640 Trinicon Color Video Camera, it was a mouth full but as a device it was inspirational. His active imagination couldn’t stop thinking of new ways to use it. He had already videotaped himself balling delightful playmates like Marcy Hanson and Roseanne Keaton. He watch the tapes with the girls, reviewing the action like a football coach; then he’d video tape himself balling the girls while they watched the tapes of him balling them. There were no limits.

He focused on the man in front of him. Reggie was strange figure to be seen in the Mansion; he was a gang leader and for some he was a terrorizing sight riding his motorcycle down the highway or lumbering into a bar. He was frightening sight now even as he leisurely flipped a binder of photographs.

Many wondered about the relationship between the two men and sometimes the publisher wondered himself. It’s true that Reggie and his gang had over the years handled some security issues for him; they handled them the same way the security was handled for the Stones at Altamont. Still the relationship went deeper than that; Reggie had ‘privileges’ with the playmates and he passed those privileges on to his gang.

The publisher checked the viewfinder, fascinated by the gangleader’s chilling presence in the frame of the video recording. Reggie wandered casually through the photographs as though browsing a catalog. They chatted about the girls, the publisher’s voice the off-camera interviewer.

“She was a good lay,” Reggie commented with the earnest tones of a connoisseur. He held up a photograph of Janis Schmitt. “She really knew what she was doing; she had some nice tricks for me.”

“She’s very experienced,” the publisher agreed, “In fact, she’s unusual for a playmate because she’s already thirty years old.”


“She was a good fuck.”

“Yes,” the publisher agreed.

“Yeah, but nothing, nothing compares to sex with a teenager,” the gangleader chuckled.  “You concur? Nothing.”

“The eighteen year old playmate,” the publisher was careful to stipulate.

“It’s special, totally special,” Reggie was still flipping through the pages. “Sex with a teenager, nothing tops that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Like the breasts…they’re firm, you know? Her ass,” he was gesturing with his hands as if fondling a dream girl, “Like she’s been working out her whole life. Her pussy’s fresh. She’s perfect.” He nodded to himself as if reflecting, “Sex with a teenager, nothing tops that.”

“How old are you now?” the publisher asked abruptly. Reggie, with his shaved head and sculpted muscles looked ageless.

“Me? I’m thirty.”

The publisher considered; he himself was almost twice that age but he had to agree: Sex with a teenager; it kept him young.

Suddenly Reggie paused in his perusal of the photos. “Her,” he said, holding a centerfold shot up to the camera. In Lee Ann Michelle's centerfold she's excited about changing her clothes. Really, really excited. She looks sensational with her perky breasts practically leaping off the page.

“Get her in here,” Reggie growled.


The publisher picked up an interoffice phone and gave a few brief instructions.


They waited in silence, the lens recording the gang leader’s steady gaze. He finally looked back at the centerfold. “I am going to fuck her,” almost as if speaking to himself, his voice was flat and colorless but the camera grimly recorded the words.


The girl came in looking confident; her youth and vitality was contagious. She saw the camera and instinctively stepped in front of it. Then she saw Reggie and she paused. He patted the space next to him on the couch.


“We want you to pose for us,” the publisher said quietly.


She was dressed in skintight, lowcut, bell bottom jeans; the tight white blouse was low cut too and showed a bare midriff. She was a good playmate and obeyed the commands, climbing onto the couch and spreading herself out, belly down, her face in her hands and leaning on her elbows and her bare feet pointing straight into the air. Already she felt a little erotic charge, an electric jolt; posing for the camera was a major turn on for this young girl.


Reggie knelt on the floor next to her. He stroked her legs and then engulfed her petite feet in his huge hands.


“So, you’re my teenager?” His hands ran down her legs and possessively gripped her rear, giving the plump cheeks an appreciative squeeze.  

“Your teenager?” her voice was giggly as she haplessly tried to swat away his hands.

“Yeah, my teenager. I like to ball teenagers…Hot stuff. Like you.”

He grinned at the camera and his hands roved up and down her legs, always returning to her fabulous ass.  “That’s the reason I like teenagers,” he boasted gleefully.

The girl looked at the publisher, eyes questioning. He merely shrugged.

Reggie patted her bottom as if frisking her and suddenly slipped his hand into the back pocket and pulled out a wad of dollar bills. “She my little teenager, and she brings money, good.” He slipped the bills into his own pocket. “What a great ass,” he said, stroking it again.

The publisher couldn’t help but reach into the camera frame and give the girl’s bottom a loving pat. “Very nice.”

“How old are you?” Reggie asked leaning his face close to her ear.

“Eighteen,” she answered looking into the camera, her voice trying to sound coy.

“Aren’t you going to ask her name first?” the publisher admonished.

“What’s your name?” Reggie’s voice had a mocking tone.

“Lee Ann Michelle.”

Damn, she had a cute English accent. Accents got Reggie going. He had balled Monique St. Pierre recently and her German accent had set him off into a frenzy of uncontrollably brutal fucking. Now an English accent. He licked his chops and gave the ass another squeeze. He straddled her legs now, his hands still roving over her ass and now exploring the smooth soft skin of her bare waist.

“You’re really eighteen?”

“Yes, I am really eighteen.” Her voice oozed that impatience that sounded so condescending with an English accent.

“Do you like cowboys?” Reggie asked.

“Cowboys?” Her voice was doubtful.

“He’s riding you like a cowboy,” the publisher remarked from outside the camera frame. She looked over her shoulder to see Reggie humping happily over her ass.

“When did you turn eighteen?”

“A few weeks ago,” she said trying to suppress a giggle as he humped over her bottom.

The publisher’s ears perked up; he was trying to remember when the centerfold pictures had been shot. Was she eighteen at the time? “When’s your birthday?” he asked.

“Seventeen, March,” she replied crisply in that seductive English accent.

Reggie bounced a bit more and leaned in to kiss the back of her neck, nuzzling away her long hair with his chin. She giggled some more as he stroked her bare waist, pushing the white blouse further up her back.

She nervously twirled her hair. “So, you are concerned about my age?” Her voice was so damn sexy.

“You’re old enough,” Reggie spat out, giving her ass a good slap.

“Old enough for Playboy?” Her voice was hesitant.

“Old enough to ball.”

“Really?” She sounded intrigued and frightened.

He suddenly stood up.

“Turn over,” he barked.

The publisher watched attentively in the viewfinder of the camera.

Lee Ann lifted herself on to her knees and looked plaintively into the lens. She turned around on the couch an arranged herself, stretching her legs in front of her and leaning back on her arms.

“Are you nervous?” Reggie asked, standing over her. She giggled. She was nervous.

“Let’s get the guided tour here,” he said, kneeling over her. “Here’s her cute little belly button.” His finger twirled inside, making her laugh. “And her ripe teenage breasts.” He squeezed them together and she held her breath, watching his hands maul her flesh. “Very nice.”

The camera zoomed in for a close up.

“What are you doing?” Her question was pointless though, but the accent was arousing and full of her own arousal.

His hands continued to fondle her breasts and her bare midriff. “Soft, smooth, no flaw.” She giggled.

“Yeah, I like it,” he said.

“Yes?” Her voice sounded doubtful, but she was smiling into the camera.

He pulled her legs forward and straddled them over his hips. “Sexy,” he said.

“Wait,” she said, “I want you to see my toes; I have the cutest feet in the world.” She flexed her foot for the camera as it zoomed in.

The publisher’s hand came into the frame. “Very nice.” She did, in deed, have lovely feet, perfectly formed, delicate, pale, each toe cute and flawlessly manicured.

“Let’s see the rest of you,” Reggie insisted, giving the publisher, who was out of camera frame, a menacing look. The gang leader then set to the happy work of unbuttoning her jeans. The camera zoomed into her bare midriff as he worked.

He started on the zipper and she shook her head, her thick mane of hair dancing for the camera. “Wait, you know what? Before you open it I have to tell you something.”

Reggie didn’t move his hands away, but he paused. “What?”

“I have to warn you.”

“Warn me?” His voice was mocking. Her period wasn’t going to stop him if that was the shit she was going to pull. He was absolutely set on boning this luscious babe. Damn, that accent was sexy.

“I’ve never done this before.”

“What? Balled on camera?” He started to slowly unzip her pants.

“No, this…This.” She looked directly into the camera which held her beautiful young face in close up. “I’m telling this to everyone in the world watching this. I’ve never done this before.”

The zipper was halfway down. He put his hand on her bare belly and slid it palm down into her pants.

His hand covered her sex, feeling its warmth through the lace of her panties. She closed her eyes. “I’m warning you,” she said, a whisper now.

“What are you saying, Lee Ann?” the publisher asked.

“I’m a virgin,” she said earnestly, her eyes looking directly into the camera.

Stroking his hand over the outside of her panties, Reggie remarked with a satisfied voice. “I do believe you are.”

“Not so rough,” she said, “You’re being a little too rough.” Looking into his eyes now, “Not too rough.”

“Oh, we’re going for fire works.”

“A virgin?” the publisher was stunned; the camera was looking close at Reggie’s hand down her pants.

“I swear,” she breathed.

The hand came out and the zipper came down and, with her cooperation, the pants came off. Slowly.

Her bare legs were long and shapely. She shifted her body so they displayed nicely.

Suddenly Reggie was on his knees, his head between her legs. Without warning, he began to suck on her pussy, sucking aggressively right though her panties. “Oh my god,” she gasped.

Even through the lace her pussy was moist and sweet and fresh; with one hand he pulled the fabric aside and his tongue dipped. The first sensation was flowers and honey and heat, as if he could actually taste sunlight; the next sensation was the incredible tightness of her treasure, and he knew she truly was a virgin.

Lee Ann, loving the camera’s gaze even as his tongue overwhelmed her with arousal, sweetly tugged her tight blouse so her perky red and vibrantly eager nipple peeked out and kissed the lens with its youthful vitality.


Soon her head was bent back, her mouth hanging open and her eyes half closed. She writhed and undulated, never letting her gaze slip from the hungry lens and the publisher’s gaze behind it. Even in her sloe-eyed arousal she fixed her eyes on the camera; she was posing and it was thrilling to her; she was telling everyone that would see this video that her body was ripe and eager to be taken.

“Bloody hell,” she gasped in that deliciously sexy English accent when Reggie’s tongue dance a particularly intense move inside her sweet snatch. That accent set him off and he brutally flipped her over onto her knees. He managed to keep his tongue inside her pussy and she managed to keep her gaze on the camera, now looking at it from over her shoulder; she had the classic sensuality of Ava Gardner.

Then a finger. She snapped her head back, her hair flying. “Too rough,” she whined in a voice trembling with excitement. He only worked his hand harder, avoiding breaking that delicious seal but otherwise torturing her with his brutal lust. Her head shook up and down and her hair was a storm of lust. Her gaze was now to him, pleading with her eyes.

“You want it?”


“You want my cock?”


“Say it.”

“I want your bloody cock!”

He gave her a sharp slap on the ass.

“Please,” she squealed.

“Get on your knees then,” he snarled, yanking her hair back.

Lee Ann squirmed off the couch eagerly, anxious to get to it, but also careful enough that the lens would get a good view. Her hands worked fast and she vamped for the camera, pantomiming shock over the size of the cock she was about to devour.

She gave head with the vigor and enthusiasm of youth, her head bobbing up and down as she quickly drew the whole thing into her mouth, one hand holding his hip (of course, the hand away from the camera as not to block her pretty profile) and the other hand tickling his balls. She sucked like a teenager, with lots of slurping and gulps and wide-eyed gazing at her master, as if seeking approval. She released the cock every few seconds to display a wide satisfied grin to the camera.

Reggie had other ideas. Intertwining his fingers behind her head, he rammed down deep, cramming his cock down her throat; she let out a groan and her hands dropped to her knees so she could support herself. He fucked furiously into her mouth, pulling her hair as he smashed his groin against her face.

She screamed a muffled scream and, pushing hard, managed to tear her face away from his groin and get herself a few gulps of air. Still kneeling she supported herself with her palms on the floor behind her. She glanced down and realized that it was the breast away from the camera that was bare so she discretely tugged the blouse down so the lens could see both her beautiful nipples.

“I guess I’m ready,” she said, gazing into the camera. “Yes. I’m ready.”

He pulled on her hair to get her attention. “Yeah, you’re ready for a good fucking.” He was running on pure adrenaline and a macho bravado; he kept grinning at the publisher as if to mock him for letting this virgin go and the lens witnessing everything made him even more cocky and cruel.


Still pulling her hair he dragged her back to the couch; she scrambled up onto the cushions and she barely had time to shoot her legs up into the air before he yanked off the panties and tossed them at the publisher.  She squealed as Reggie hoisted her over his shoulder and plopped himself on the couch. He tossed her like a rag doll so her back was to him. Her legs instinctively shot to the floor in order to brace herself. She looked desperate now as she gazed into the camera and she looked down in panic to see his shaft rising up out of his lap and reaching for her virginity.


It was a slow, sweaty, hushed struggle. She had her palms on his hips and he had one hand on her shoulder and the other on her waist and he was pushing her down as she strained very muscle in her body to resist. The camera stared, almost dumbfounded by the look of passionate desire and panic in her eyes.


Slowly her body sank; she let out grunts and groans and when the cockhead kissed the lips of her pussy she whispered “No,” and jerked her body up, only to have him shove her down so the cock could spring in like a lion pouncing on a helpless gazelle.  She gazed into the camera, her eyes glassy, her mouth agape with wonder. She could feel the force of the cock entering her tightness; she knew it was impossible that such a huge thing could be inside her tenderness. The cock rose inside her, an inch of his power now inside her. She was pinned and helpless.


They paused in a tableau, her virginity poised over his cock like a sacrifice poised over a sword. Sweat poured over her beautiful skin and her eyes blazed into the camera. Without her realizing it he was moving slowly, angling his legs behind hers. The muscles of her calves were straining to keep her body up and he could feel her legs trembling.

“You like my dick in you, baby?” he growled into her ear.


“Please,” she murmured still gazing into the camera, her voice still with that lilting British accent so arousing to him. He kicked her legs out and slapped away one of the palms on her hip. He plunged her down and his cock roared like a pride of lions at it ripped into her sweetness. She shrieked like a factory whistle announcing disaster.

His huge arms wrapped around her waist, pinning her to him. Her limbs and hair flew in every direction; the camera caught the frenzy of her shapely legs kicking out into empty space and whirl of her arms punching the air and her hands scratching and clawing nothing. Still her glowing eyes, no matter where she threw her head in her agonized fury, her eyes remained fixed on the center of the lens as if daring the camera to watch her ecstasy and ravishment.

Her torso snapped forward, as if she’d been punched in the gut; then it snapped back, slamming her head into his chest. Her arms reached around to clutch his neck and her breasts jutted out toward the camera. She hooked her feet behind his legs and she began to undulate in a frantic search for peace; she began to fuck up and down his cock but her eyes told the world that she was fucking the camera.


Reggie was having a blast, growling with pleasure as the tightness of the nymphet worked glories over his cock deep inside her. He relaxed his grip around her waist and began fucking her earnestly, probing and drilling with zeal. Lee Ann, for all her inexperience, quickly found the right rhythms to heighten her own pleasure and to please the man violating her young body. Her pink tongue glistened as it twirled out toward the camera and her delicious belly began to move with a belly dancer’s impossible gyrations. Her tiny fingers found her clit and she went to work gleefully. Soon her body was snapping and jerking in ecstasy; Reggie greeted her emerging orgasm with a couple of fierce blasts of his own. His load shot up into her and she felt like the top of her head was coming off. Suddenly she began to rattle uncontrollably; her orgasm was becoming cosmic. She gazed into the camera and before she began to howl like a banshee at full moon, she mouthed three words to the camera, “I love it.”


The publisher patted the cabinet of the Advent VideoBeam projection television as though it was a woman. It dominated the bedroom and the three colored beams of light seemed to fill the space above the bed before they hit the big screen on the wall above the headboard. Lee Ann, on all fours and with her delicious ass jiggling toward him, beamed a smile at him and then turned back to watch Reggie’s cock fill her mouth. The publisher came behind her, careful not to interfere with the projection, and he began to fuck her from behind while both of them gazed at the images of the girl on the screen.








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