Kimberly McArthur smokes a cigarette

Kimberly McArthur smokes a cigarette

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Buxom and luscious, Kimberly McArthur is undeniably one of the sweetest girls ever to grace the pages of Playboy.


Buxom and luscious, Kimberly McArthur is undeniably one of the sweetest girls ever to grace the pages of Playboy.


Submitted: June 25, 2018

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Submitted: June 25, 2018



I’m not a frat guy really; sure I belong but my fraternity at UCLA is basically a bunch of guys who don’t give a fuck about fraternities. My cousin Ted, though, he’s really into his frat, the Cocksmen; and they’ve got a rep for partying and the word is they hang around the Playboy Mansion a lot. Since I grew up in LA I’ve known about the Mansion; it started up when I was in like middle school but the antics never really interested me. I don’t need that kind of partying. I got a girlfriend. Had. I had a girlfriend. We’d been going out since freshman year of high school and a stupid driver on the freeway…forget it.

I’ve been in a funk for months. OK, I admit my friends have been worried. Not suicide watch worried but I’ve been in a real bad funk. I guess a doctor would prescribe meds for depression. Fuck that. My cousin Ted; he’s not too bright but he’s a nice guy and he’s taken me on as a project. Mostly hanging out with his frat brothers, who as far as I can tell, are all assholes.

So now we’re at the Playboy Mansion; it’s my first time but he’s been here before. Still, driving out to Holby Hills he’s practically drooling on the steering wheel. His frat brother Karl keeps howling about how he’s going to bang Miss July finally. I’m not in the mood.  

It’s a big party though, some kind of roll-out for a new Japanese product, more useless electronic gear that will sell by the billions. Christ I’m sick of those Walk-Man things and CDs are never gonna catch on. Vinyl will never die. Anyway this product is some kind of video recorder with sound; they call it a camcorder. It’s pretty portable so I can see why the Japanese are convinced they’re going to conquer the world after all. The party at the Mansion is supposed to help introduce them to the American public so there a bunch of rich people and movie people and Ted’s frat brothers all running around pointing these video cameras at a bunch of playmates in bikinis. There’s a lot of drinking and a lot of giggling from the girls, who are vamping and flirting at every camera in sight. There’s also all sorts of other stuff going on but I don’t really give a shit. I’m into the open bar.

The guys have found other girls, Ted is making out with one and Karl is grinding another on the dance floor. I don’t know if it’s Miss July. And yeah, there’s lots of girls here and they’re all gorgeous and built and frisky as hell.  OK, ‘frisky’ is like a ‘mom’ word; what I mean is these girls clearly put out.

But for me, there was no one else tonight. Something happened as soon as I walked in. Right at the door I took two shots off a tray as I scanned the room. It looked like a room full of assholes. And then I saw her.  She was standing in a crowd ahead of me but she seemed to glow like a beacon. She’s short. What do they call it? Petite. She’s got strawberry blonde hair that cascades down around her face and shoulders and it shimmers when she laughs and she laughs a lot. Not the fake, party girl kind of laugh, but a sincere warmth, like she really appreciates how fine everything is. Her face is soft and round and her eyes are sparkling with life.

Her skin is smooth and radiant and in that tiny tight hot pink bikini there’s plenty of skin to see. She’s voluptuous and creamy and for the first time in a long time I’m getting turned on. But she’s surrounded by men and I even recognize an actor from the Star Wars movies and I know I’m not scoring. But you know, somehow she senses me and looks my way and she gives me a warm smile. There’s something so kind and understanding in her eyes, like she knows I’m down and she knows why and she’s kind of touched by it. But she turns back to the Star Wars guy and she laughs at his joke and gently touches his arm and turns to another guy and starts another conversation while she daintily sips her drink.

I step deeper into the room and sort of walk around on the edges of the party without joining in, just grabbing drinks off the trays that go by.

I’ve been staring at the blonde all night, like a fucking stalker. She’s glanced my way a few times, but that’s it. Her face is always glowing with warm vitality and the look she gives me is always kind of sweet and inviting. Who am I kidding? I’m in no shape to be starting something with someone anyways, so I head outside for some fresh air and hope it will clear my mind ‘til those fuckers are ready to leave. There’s these big glass doors opening up to a kind of patio and garden so I go out. Leaning up against the brick wall, I inhale the crisp air and close my eyes ‘til the spark of a lighter clicks next to me. I turn to look and standing next to me, leaning against the brick, is the hottie from inside.
She gives me an embarrassed smile as she holds the cigarette awkwardly, tilting the end into the flame.  Clearly not a smoker, she takes a tentative puff on the cigarette, not enough to make her cough but enough to make her frown at the acrid taste The lighter suddenly seems heavy in her hand and she delicately balances it on a ledge of a windowsill. Holding the lighted tip of the cigarette away from her face, she shrugs to herself and looks back in my direction; this time she’s studying me.

I don’t know what to say; we both just stand in silence. I should say something. Fuck, what should I say?

“So are you really going to stare me all night without introducing yourself?”

What the fuck? I swallow hard, her words catching me off guard. “Uhh, I’m Barry.”

Those are the only words that come out; my heart is pounding. She laughs, but it’s a gentle, kindly giggle and I turn to her and ask, “What’s so funny?”

She’s waving the cigarette like some glowing wand, still not taking another puff; smoke from the lighted tip is swirling around as she tries to explain her giggling. “You. That’s all you’re going to say?” Her voice cutely deepens in imitation of mine, “Uhh, I’m Barry?”


“Okay,” she responds is a quieter tone, understanding that I’m serious. “Well, Barry,” she pauses over my name as if she’s tasting in and her eyes show that she likes the taste. “I’m Kimberly. I just thought with the way you’ve been staring at me all night, you’d have more to say. Human communication, it’s a beautiful thing. Looks fade, the sex drive diminishes, but ideas live forever.”

Fuck, she’s quick with words. Unfortunately for me, I’m at a great disadvantage; the noise and glamour mixed with the alcohol have made my mind fuzzy. I can’t keep up with her, not like this. I need to be sober. “Was I that obvious?” I finally ask.

“Yeah.” Her voice is musical and sparkling in that way only a Southern girl’s voice can be.

She looks at her cigarette as if she doesn’t understand where it came from and she glances around, seemingly looking for an ashtray. Finally she stamps it out on the stone window ledge and delicately buries the remains in the flowerbed below. The whole time there’s a heavy silence between us, like she’s waiting for me to say something. Finally, while watching her toe nudge some soil over the dead cigarette she explains, “I don’t really smoke but this guy was hitting on me and I needed an exit so I pretended I had to talk to Susan and then I saw you out here and…well, Susan lent me her lighter so I had a reason to come out side; I don’t know where she kept it, I mean look,” and she gestures at her own skimpy bikini. “No pockets, right?” She giggles again and lets my eyes really absorb the sight of her magnificent scantily clad torso; she isn’t vain about it; it just she knows that I want to. She keeps chattering, like she’s nervous, “Bikinis are pretty much all we get to wear around here, bikinis with high heels.” She pauses of a second, reflecting on the official Mansion Wardrobe for Playmates. “Oh, and we’re naked a lot; naked with high heels.” She lifts a foot to show me the ridiculous footgear; the spike could be a weapon. “And they’re killing me. You don’t mind.”

As she’s talking she puts one hand on my shoulder to support herself as she lifts each foot and slips the shoes off. She lines them up next to her bare feet like soldiers. “So yeah, bikinis and high heels or lingerie and high heels or nude and …” Her voice trails off and she stares up at me; without her shoes she’s nearly a foot shorter than I am. She has to bend her head back to look at me, and when I look down I see that sweet open face but I’m also looking directly into some of the most magnificent cleavage ever produced by God and Nature. Pulling my eyes from those luscious breasts, I meet her gaze. She smiles drolly and glances down at her own chest as if inviting me to take another look. I do but go back to her eyes; they’re irresistible. She’s gorgeous; she’s really something else. Especially her eyes, green and…gentle, almost worshipful. She acts worldly, but she’s too kind to sound anything but friendly. Her gaze is penetrating, full of kindness, even wisdom, but most of all, warmth. She can see deep into me. “Listen, Barry, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.”

“Nothing’s wrong,” I retort. “I’m…I’m just…drunk.”

“Me too,” she responds running her hands down my chest and pushing me harder into the wall. Our eyes never leave one another’s. My breathing increases and I focus on staying calm while feeling what she is doing to me with her hands. It doesn’t take but a few seconds ‘til she slides them under my shirt. I may not have words when it comes to her, but my lips don’t let me down. Staring into my eyes, she looks at me with uncertainty. I attempt to ease that, with a kiss.
Her lips are plump and tender, tasting of mint with a hint of Southern Comfort. The moment she touches her tongue to mine, my senses flip and that need that’s been knocking to escape all night erupts.

A couple walks past us.

“Hef,” she gasps, like a teenager caught making out by her dad, and we separate for a brief moment. It’s a false alarm and she smiles, slightly embarrassed. Then I pull her down the side of the building. The moment we are tucked nicely into the dark shadow we pick right back up. This is sexy as fuck.

It’s a crisp night, but being with her in the cold doesn’t bother me. Her hands are warm as they explore every part of my body. But being a man, I want more. “Keep touching me,” I command, wanting to feel her warm hands on my cock. Holding her face, I continue to kiss her, loving the release I get while indulging in her.

“Mmmmm, you do speak.”

Growling, I flip her around, now pressing her against the wall. “I do. Fuck, Kimberly…” I trail off, unsure of what to say next. But she purrs in response and murmurs softly, almost like I’m reading her thoughts, “That’s right; you’re going to fuck Kimberly.”

In slow graceful warmth her hands slide delicately to my waist. She makes quick work of the button and zipper of my pants and wastes no time going in, clenching me hard, just like I wanted. “Mmmmmhhhhh,” I groan as she begins to stroke me. Her murmurs are now wordless purrs of appreciation for the gear I’m bringing to this fuck-fest; her warmth and tenderness are still enveloping us but she’s now more aggressive and direct.

“Your cock is big and I want it deep in my throat.” She drops to her knees and I lean my hands against the wall, questioning what we are doing for half a second.

There is no one around us and no one in sight – fuck it. Her tongue hits me, swirling over the end; I brush her hair out of her face and watch as she engulfs me. From tip to base, she takes me all the way. When I don’t think she can go any further, she does, and her nose touches my skin. It takes real skill to take all of me.

Working my cock in and out of those sweet, plump lips, she stares up lovingly. Her eyes search mine, gauging my pleasure with each twirl of her tongue. We watch one another, and I wonder who in the world she is. So confident, sexy, and…giving. Christ, it’s such a fucking turn-on.

Each pull and push she matches with her hand, twisting her tongue as she goes. I especially like watching her mouth stretch. Stopping for a moment, she removes her lips but jerks my shaft, quickly. “Will you come in my mouth, Barry?” Her voice is soft and lilting, like a schoolgirl asking for some ice cream.

“Suck me hard and I will.”
I nod my head when she obeys and I feel my balls tighten. Fuck, it’s been too long. Looking at her as she takes my release, her eyes are closed and she’s in a zone, enjoying this. As she pushes me to orgasm, her mouth is so warm. Her movements are perfect and I come so hard in the back of her throat, pumping my hips and thrusting out every last drop of my seed. To my surprise, she swallows, smiling at me the moment she finally takes my cock out of her mouth. Standing, she licks her lips as she slips her shoes back on. I’m panting, trying to catch my breath as she says, “It was a pleasure to meet you, Barry,” and walks away.

She doesn’t head back inside; instead she strolls down a path that wraps around this part of the Mansion. She strolls languidly, letting me watch the rhythm of her luscious ass as she moves away from me. When she reaches the corner of the building she glances back my way and cocks her head in invitation.
I follow slowly.

This side of the Mansion leads to the big kitchen which is busy on one end with caterers prepping food but the other end is a kind of smaller cooking area with a couple of stoves and counters that nobody’s using. Nobody looks up as I follow Kimberly inside.
She strolls over towards a refrigerator, slowly and sensually running her finger along a long granite countertop as she walks.

She opens the fridge door and the light, for a brief moment, shows her glorious body in silhouette, then she turns to me with a bottle of champagne. “There’s some glasses over there,” she says softly while her delicate fingers peel away the wire and foil on the bottle.

The glasses are hanging on a rack near a sink and I hold two out to her as she twists the cork suggestively and the bottle gives that satisfying pop. She pours expertly and asks, “And what should we toast, Barry?”

“It’s your party,” I say. “You decide.”

“My party?” she asks, her eyes arched in delight. She puts the bottle down on the counter by the sink.

She clinks her glass to mine. “Here’s to doing things we’ve never done before.”
She sips her wine and looks me over; her mouth is obviously savoring the wine as it mingles with what I popped into her mouth a few minutes ago and her eyes are telling me about it.
She finishes her drink and takes my empty glass puts both down next to the bottle. She turns to the long empty counter she had caressed so lovingly when she walked in.

She turns back to me and with her palms behind her she lifts herself up until she’s sitting on the counter. “I’ve never made love in this kitchen before, Barry? Have you?”

I’m on her in a nanosecond. I’m leaning over her and we’re kissing wildly as we both roll over the length of the counter. She’s wriggling and writhing under me and twists her body until she’s face down.

I’m straddling her legs, kneeling over her and her tiny body stretches over the counter, her arms extended so her delicate fingers and grip the edge of the counter. Her lush breasts are crushed under her as she uses her arms for leverage to pull her body up and down the counter surface so her ass rubs over my crotch. She looks back over her shoulder, her eyes bright with excitement. “Have you ever made love in a kitchen, Barry?” she giggles.

Looking over at her body pressed against the granite of the countertop, I lose it. I pin her against it, pressing my already hard cock into her backside.

She turns in my hold and I claim her mouth, pulling her bikini bottom down in the process. She does the same to me, removing my pants, gripping my cock as we kiss. Our mouths tangle and I can’t wait to fuck her.

But she, still gripping my shaft with one hand, uses her other hand to guide my head down to her chest. My face presses into the soft moist cleavage of her luscious breasts and my hands make short work of the hot pink bikini top. Her bare nipple seems to leap into my mouth and I suck and slurp the soft sweet flesh as though a starving man offered a feast of ambrosia. And Kimberly’s lush and creamy breasts are a banquet worthy of the gods. She feeds her flesh to me and she’s eager for me to savor every morsel of those mammoth treats and she feeds me lovingly, making sure I’m enjoying the sweet succulence of her. All the time she’s stoking my cock, priming me for balls-deep penetration but even in the frenzy of our lust, there’s something soothing and gentle flooding into me from the creaminess of those breasts.

She murmuring tender wordless imprecations and she quivering with desire; suddenly she pulls my head up and pleads in her lilting Texan twang, “I need you inside me, baby.”
Lifting her up, I don’t waste any time sinking deep into her. The walls of her pussy are heaven. She throws her head back bracing her weight on the countertop. I love the sight of her uncovered breasts, taking them in my hands, squeezing the lush and creamy mounds, watching adoration and affection radiate from her expressive face as we fuck. She’s perfect.

My cock pulsates. I’m so hard inside of her, loving how eager she is as she helps me, working her hips against mine.

“Harder, Barry,” she murmurs, in between soft noises. I give her what she wants and move her legs at the same time running them up my chest so they rest on either side of my head.
“You want it harder?” I ask, stopping completely with my cock buried all the way inside of her.

“Yes,” she shouts. Before I move, I open one of the drawers and pull out the first thing my hand touches – a wooden spoon.

Listening right away, I pick up speed, allowing her cunt to take me out of this world and simultaneously smack the side of one of her ass cheeks with the spoon.

“Fuckkkkkk, yes,” she shouts and I hit her again, then move to the other side and then her breasts. I’ve never done anything like this, but the way it turns her on makes me extremely excited.

“You like this, don’t you?” I question breathlessly.

“Mmmmhhhhh,” she moans.
Taking a fistful of her hair, I control her and take us both away from the pain and the agony that is reality. With my cock moving in and out of her, it feels so right. All that’s left in the pain’s place is pleasure; it surges to the tip of my dick.

In this moment while inside Kimberly, I find the pleasure I’ve been searching for. A high that rattles my brain. And she has given that to me. I don’t know how, but she’s so unexpectedly and so quickly become a drug to me. Although the pleasure in this fucking can’t last forever, I’ll take it any way I can get it right now. I know she’s too frail to hold on much longer and I’m certain she’ll collapse sooner rather than later, so I indulge while I can.

With my hands secured tightly around her hips, I fuck her fiercely, giving her all of my ten inches. She doesn’t complain, she just takes me, moaning, “Fuck me, Barry.” Over and over.
Finally, I have to slow; I can’t keep going at this speed. She’s about to make me lose it as she clenches her luscious sex around me and I’m not ready. With slow movements, I spread her pussy, watching my cock move in and out of her.
“Christ, you’re beautiful,” I murmur.

She doesn’t respond with words; she sings out with cries of passion, throwing her head back as she lets her orgasm take over. These actions push me right there with her and we come together. I grunt like an animal as I pump myself bit by bit inside of her. Slowly, I ease my way out of her amazing cunt and she sits up and slides off the granite countertop. I look down at her as she kneels in front of me, then swirls her tongue over the head of my cock. Watching her lick off both of our arousals is such a fucking turn on.

She stands and pours some more wine; she takes a big gulp as if to freshen her mouth. She smiles at me and looks around for her bikini. “I think I better head back to the party. She finishes her drink and bends down to pick up the two thin hot pink pieces. “Well, bye bye, Barry.” She’s heading to the door.

“Stop.” My voice is deep and firm. I slip off the counter and head towards her. “Come here.”

Listening to my order, she walks to me stark naked. Her warm loving smile radiates in her face and I can’t stop myself from pressing her into the refrigerator door.

Taking her face in one of my hands, I lean in and kiss her. Jesus, her lips are like heaven. With my free hand I run it down her body, noticing how every bit of her fits so perfectly against my palm. Removing my mouth from hers, I breathe her in and look into her eyes. There’s an alluring look that’s driving me mad, mixed with her scent – it all intoxicates me. She smells so sweet, yet there’s a hint of something I can’t pinpoint.

I kiss her again, trailing kisses down her neck and across her chest. A moan escapes her and she catches me off guard when she grabs my dick. I push myself into her, grinding against her hand like it’s her pussy. Pulling away, she begins to kneel and I stop her. “I want to fuck you again.”

“It’s all I want to do.”
I chuckle at her brazenness. I should have guessed that she wouldn’t have a problem skipping the party in order to fuck. I can’t take my eyes off of her as I shrug my pants down, leaving them bunched at my ankles. As she steps towards me, I reach down and touch her perfect little cunt. There’s little jewels of nectar on the curls of her bush and the moment my fingers move in between her soft folds, my cock aches for her.

“Mhh, you’re wet. You want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

“God, yes,” she says resting her arms around my neck. With that response, I sink inside of her tight cunt, burrowing my cock in as far as I can fit. Our bodies mold so perfectly. Her heart pulsates under my hold, my size almost filling her completely.

I lift her up and she gasps. “Wrap your legs around me,” I order. Tonight I’m not holding back. This is who I am when it comes to sex. Lately, the booze has put me at a bit of a disadvantage. But now I’m in my zone, exactly where I need to be. I’ve dealt with nothing but pain and despair for over half a year. But when I’m with Kimberly, I don’t have to pretend and I let that all go. God, I love this. Pleasure surges through me. Quietly, I pound her as she hangs on to me with passion drenching from her.

The room is silent except for her noises and our skin slapping against each other. “Am I hurting you baby?” I ask, stopping for only a brief moment to try and drown out some of the noise, because I need to fuck her harder.


Picking up speed, I show no mercy and slam inside of her. There’s no reason to be quiet. Kimberly doesn’t complain, with her back against the wall and not a thread of clothing on. She’s in her zone and by far the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I come alive as I fuck her.
Her body tenses and I can tell that she’s about to let go. I keep my eyes on her. Watching the way her neck glistens with sweat, small moans roll out of her as she knots her fingers tightly into my hair.

Our eyes stay connected ‘til that moment, ‘til pure bliss takes over and reality washes everything away. Her body shakes and trembles in my hold. “Yes, Barry, fuck me, make me come.”

Taking my hand, I place it around the back of her neck as her words fade out into louder moans. She lets her legs drop and stands on her own. Without missing a beat, I bring her pleasure to the surface and make her come good and hard. Watching what I can do to her, makes my cock explode. My release is so intense, that pleasure shoots to the back of my head.

But I can’t close my eyes; with Kimberly, I never can. Staring at her panting while I pump myself inside of her is such a goddamn turn on. With a few strands of her honey-blonde locks down and around her face, I brush them away and slow my movements.

“Do you have any idea how fucking hot you are?”
Suddenly, she becomes shy. I’m not sure why, but she turns her head away from me.

“You don’t need to flatter me, Barry;” she sighs in her light and lilting twang, “You already have me where you want me.”

“I’m not trying to flatter you. I’m speaking the truth.”

“Oh Barry,” she purrs, wrapping her arms around me.

Her lush body undulates under me as we ball in the afterglow of our climax; she senses my cock stiffening again, and she smiles sweetly. “Oh Barry,’ she giggles happily and increases the pace of her upward thrusts. I respond in kind and soon we’re at it again, slamming into each other and pumping up the ecstasy.

Kimberly begins to climax in a wild frenzy, thrashing and jerking in uncontrollable spasms; my cock explodes and her body snaps up into me, fueled by the white fire I’m blasting into her. And in the middle of this bliss her head bangs down on the stone countertop.

She freezes as the sharp blow thunders through her, she’s stunned but she keeps undulating her hips to encourage my orgasm. ‘Oh Barry,” she sobs, her voice cracking in ecstasy and pain.
Tilting my head to get a good look at her, I can see the pain. Not knowing what to do in that moment, I wrap her in my arms, pressing our naked bodies as closely together as I can. My cock throbs inside of her. I don’t need to move, or come, or do anything else, but just enjoy the closeness. So I nudge myself against her and like a good girl, she accepts me.

Taking my time, I slowly ease out just a bit then press my way all the way in. Nestled in her to the hilt, she pulls away trying to get some friction. Who am I kidding? I can’t be inside of her without moving, so I appease her efforts and comply, but still only moving slowly. Being inside of her always sets me on fire, whether I am going as slow as this, or fucking her madly.

I need to take care of her, so I fuck her slowly. She keeps her eyes closed as her hair shimmers like a puff of wind. I lean up, taking one last look at what is the perfection of her body beneath mine, before I unleash the animal that’s inside. I bang into her with brutal deep thrusts, pounding into her soft plush body like a jackhammer destroying a monument; she breaks, screaming and writhing, twisting and thrusting, matching everything I can slam at her, her pussy tightening like a vengful banshee.

“God, Barry,” she cries gripping my forearms. Looking down, my muscles tighten under her hold. My movements are now urgent. I have my weight braced above her, my hands balled into fists, allowing me to move effortlessly inside of her.

“Jesus, baby, your cunt.”

She moans, locking her feet behind my back, the friction is just as much her demise as it is mine, causing us to simultaneously combust together. The moment I let go, my orgasm is so intense, like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Hers is just as good. I can tell because as soon as I look at her, she is panting – struggling to catch her breath.

The pleasure fades away and I can’t help but laugh at her with her nails still dug into my arms.

“You okay?” I ask.

“I’m more than okay.”

Leaning down, I leave a kiss on her sweet sweat-soaked chest and then hop off. She rolls onto her side and rests her chin on the flat of her arm as she leans on her elbow; her breast sway seductively. “Are you sure you’re done with me?” she queries, her voice soft and provocative. Deep down, I know if I go, she’ll go, she has to. We can’t be apart.
I lean over her. She takes her hands and knots them into the back of my hair. I weave mine tightly into the back of hers and take my time trailing my lips over her mouth, beginning slowly then gaining more access. Finally, with our tongues fully connected, I kiss her. Her body trembles and my dick is as hard as ever.

It seems like the party is getting closer; I can here the rumble of the crowd making small talk and laughing. I want them to go away. I want Kimberly to myself.
“God, I wanna fuck you so badly.”

“Jesus, Barry, that’s what’s been on the menu for the last hour.”

“Yeah, but my dick wants more.”

“Then do it.”

“There are people a hundred yards away.”

“So, let them watch. I want your cock inside of me now and I don’t want to wait.”

I stare at her, so taken aback by her words that it almost makes me come thinking about what she wants me to do. “Dammit, Barry, fuck me.”

Placing my hand over her mouth, I tell her, “Shhh, be quiet.”

She smirks at me, reaching between us and presses her hand on my belly. I grip my cock at the base and slam into her. She cries out in pleasure, but my hand still covers those sweet lips, muffling the noise.

“You asked for it. Now be fucking quiet.”

Her breathing is heavy. Her chest heaving up and down, up and down. But my demand quieted her noises. Taking both of my hands, I hold her face and fuck her gently. I’m so turned on that someone walking by could see us. Her pussy is my kingdom – it was made for my cock and I love how perfectly we fit together.
Working her like this, she pulls my neck to her mouth and begins to suck on my skin. It helps to muffle her uncontrollable noises so I let her, knowing that it might leave a mark. It’s better than having to slow down.

“Fuck, baby, I love your pussy.”

Saying the word “love” so freely makes me realize that maybe my feelings for her are more than I ever intended them to be. I do love more than her pussy. Fuck, I love every goddamn thing about her.

Her heels are dug into my legs, holding us tightly together. Then she relinquishes her orgasm over to me and I lose it. She tightens that sweet pussy, holding my dick like a vice, causing me to grunt in low feral rumbles. Letting go, I come inside of this beautiful woman, pouring my fiery lust into her. Dammit, I love balling her.

I slow my movements, so torn up by my mind-fuck. She protests my stopping and grabs my ass, pushing and pulling me in and out of her.

Upon opening my eyes, all of my fears fade away. Her eyes are closed and her bottom lip is sucked into her mouth. I keep my movements strong, and watch her as her face changes. Pleasure takes over her body, blood pulsing under her light skin, which is now covered in sheen of sweat. I’m staring at her but she never opens her eyes and only trembles lightly. However, it lasts for at least a full minute and I don’t stop as aftershocks give little jolts here and there. Suddenly her eyes open, brimming with tears and she begins to cry and sob as she comes again, her body rattling into a frenzy as the tears flow. She’s screaming my name and gushing more and more tears with each wave of orgasm. I don’t know how to handle this or why I didn’t see it coming. Her slender arms are around me and holding me tight.

“Wow!” The voice behind us is a shock; we both turn and Karen Witter repeats, “Wow!”

Kimberly recovers quickly, giggles and squirms out from under me, searching for her clothes. She tosses me what she can find of my garments as she wriggles into her tight shorts.

“Hef is looking for you,” Karen says, almost discomfited.

But Kimberly is really embarrassed. She turns to me and shrugs. “Sorry honey, I have to…but I’ll see you later, OK?”

I snort my displeasure. “Sure, go fuck some celebrity now.”

Kimberly pouts. “They may get to do me, but you and I will make love together.”

I refuse to even look at her as she and Karen leave the room. I stay alone in the kitchen for maybe an hour and then wander back to the party. I ignore everybody and I’m not sure why I’m hanging around. Maybe another hour goes by and everybody is called into the living room to watch a compilation of the videos that were shot. Kimberly is on a couch with the publisher and what look like some Wall Street fat cats. She catches my eye and silently tries to plead with me but I just sulk. The videos play and they’re pretty pathetic. Nobody knows how to operate the cameras properly and the audience is mostly just tittering but then the final video come up and this is a more polished job, shot by the camcorder company and edited by somebody who knew how to do it right. It’s a little home movie of Kimberly, the publisher, and one of the Wall Street fat cats, and this guy really is fat.

The video starts with the three of them already naked.  While it’s better than the stuff that came before, it’s still kind of amateurish. The fat man is standing behind Kimberly and trying to get her to bend over a leather vaulting horse. The publisher is on the other side and using all his persuasive techniques to get her to cooperate. The audio is kind of muddy but you can tell that the publisher is laying on a smooth line but also very insistent and the fat guy acts like he’s used to getting his way; Kimberly doesn’t really have a choice. She’s smiling meekly and slowly nodding her capitulation.

The men have four hands on her, guiding her reluctant body into submission. Once she’s bent over, the camera zooms in. The fat man grabs her hips and he thrusts forward. Kimberly grunts in pain and the fat man is clearly fucking her luscious bottom. The publisher holds her head and brings his cock up to her mouth. It takes a couple of minutes for them to really get going but soon the publisher takes a step back and Kimberly is holding his waist for support as she deep throats him. Her luscious breasts are swaying in rhythm with the fat man’s thrusts into her ass. On screen it’s obvious that Kimberly is reluctant at first but slowly her body is aroused; her gulping and slurping is more animated and eager and her legs flutter in the air as the fat guy thrusts into her ass. While we’re all watching the video Kimberly keeps turning around as if to check my reaction; her eyes are full of apology but I just snarl at her. The video goes on for another ten minutes; the fat man is spent pretty quickly but the publisher takes over and balls her in a dozen different positions, the kind of stuff you might see in kinky sex manuals ; in the most professionally edited part of the video we see quick cuts of Kimberly fucking with one leg up on his shoulder as he slams her against the leather cushion, Kimberly striding his hips and riding his cock like it’s a crazed bull, Kimberly flat on her back jerking him off while he sucks her tits and finger fucks her, Kimberly getting it doggy style, and climaxing with Kimberly’s arms spread eagle over the leather pad he’s fucking her tits until he comes onto her sweet angelic face. The video’s over and the publisher is on his feet making a speech about the fat man and how home video is going to lead to another sexual revolution. Kimberly uses the applause as cover to wriggle away and make her way towards me.

I snarl some more but she takes my hand and lifts me out of my seat. She’s gushing apologies and repeating that she was only fucking those guys but she was making love to me. She’s guiding me through the party. Soon we’re out by the pool and she’s leading me into one of the large cabanas. She’s kissing me, deep passionate, probing kisses that promise wild things to come. She pauses only to whisper breathlessly, “I’m going to fuck you crazy, Barry.” I’m not going to argue.

Fumbling to open the door, I can’t do it fast enough. Kimberly is on me. Hands everywhere, hot mouth all over my skin, her tight, little cunt pressed up against me and finally the motherfucking door opens. Walking her in backwards, I kick the door closed. I can tell this is where that video was shot. Not hard to figure out since the camera is still set up. But now it’s focused on the bed.

She rips her bikini top off and I grab her by the thighs dropping us to the floor. Fuck it. I need her now. Right here. I watch how relaxed she is lying there waiting for me. Leaning down, I pull the string closing her bikini briefs, tugging the garment away as quickly as I can. The moment she’s naked, her scent intoxicates me. “Fuck, you’re wet. I can smell you, so sweet.”

She takes her fingers, fanning them down her stomach and I watch, frozen. She wouldn’t dare. Would she? Then she opens her soft pussy and begins to please herself. I’ve never seen her touch herself. Christ, it’s hot.

“Do you touch yourself like this a lot?”

She nods her head.

“Really? What do you think about?”

“Right now? You and your cock,” she says, reaching over and grabbing me through my pants. I unbutton them and with urgency she gets right inside. She’s barely able to get my dick out as it strains the fabric and is starting to hurt. Once I’m free, she sits up and has her lips around the head before I can even look down and see what she’s doing.

She’s no longer touching herself. Her hand simply rests over her sex and I lift it up, devouring the sweetness off of those fingers. Jesus, I love her. I fucking love every single thing about her. Especially how sexy she is. With her fingers in my mouth, she doesn’t stop what she’s doing as she bobs up and down on my dick.

Watching her move and how she makes my dick glisten, has me about to lose it. My balls tighten and before I let go, I pull away. She looks at me confused and I rip the shirt above my head.

“Spread your legs,” I command as I nudge the head of my cock against her waiting pussy. “Mmmmm, you’re so fucking hot, Kimberly.”

“Nothing like you,” she says, running a trail of her fingers down my chest and abdomen. I pull her ass up close to me, keeping her legs spread wide, and press my cock fully inside of her. She looks up at me with the clearest expression I’ve ever seen. Her arms are stretched up above her, making her tits so high and perky.

With our two bodies connected like this, I know I should begin moving and fucking her. But I can’t. I need to get as close as possible and this is the only way I know how, with part of me inside of her.

“What’s wrong?” she asks, as I’m motionless, watching her lie in my control.
“Nothing,” I respond and begin to make small pulls and pushes in and out of her.

The inside of her pussy is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, it’s so warm and tight. I swear her body was made for mine. The way my hands feel around her hips – perfection. Or the way her skin tastes on my lips – heaven.

I’m doing my best to keep my movements slow and to take my time inside of her, but I can’t. Her noises let me know that she wants more. Who am I kidding? My girl likes to be fucked. Picking up my rhythm, my orgasm won’t hold back. I fight it with all of my might. My body becomes damp, and electricity pulsates through me. I do my best to watch her as I let go, she’s my biggest turn on. But the force is too great. My balls erupt and with that great force, I give her part of me.
Coming inside of her sweet body that I adore so much, I faintly hear her cries of pleasure and then feel her nails dig into my forearms. Like clockwork, she lets go when I do. Our bodies knowing each other so well that they do things on their own. Looking at her sweaty skin, her chest heaves heavily. I kiss her harshly and begin moving again. I’m not done with her. In fact, I’m far from it.

And she’s not finished either. She gestures to the bed and to the video camera. “Let’s make our own show,” she purrs and she rises to lead me to the bed.

That video, well let me tell you, she puts her heart and soul into it and at the end she says, “This is just for you, Barry, don’t show it to anybody.” And I never will.


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