Kimberly McArthur : Once upon a time in Texas

Kimberly McArthur : Once upon a time in Texas

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Kimberly McArthur, soon to be the lovely Miss January 1982, as she has adventures that lead her to the Playboy Mansion


Kimberly McArthur, soon to be the lovely Miss January 1982, as she has adventures that lead her to the Playboy Mansion


Submitted: June 24, 2013

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Submitted: June 24, 2013




The Reverend Johnson came to Texas from Alabama in September of 1977.  He established a church in Tarrant County and Kimberly McArthur’s family was one of the first to join.  Soon the congregation included people from all over the County, rich and poor alike. Within two years he had established himself as a popular and authoritative figure in the community.  Known for his fiery sermons and his crusade against the temptations of the flesh, he kept a large cadre of unmarried women around him to protect their virtue from the lustful ways of men.  Young pretty girls of course needed the most protection.


Sunday September 16, 1979 was hot, almost 95 degrees and the hall was packed with sweaty bodies.  The congregation was celebrating the Reverend Johnson Ministry’s second anniversary in the county and every seat was filed.  Kimberly’s family was in the front row as honored guests because it was the pretty strawberry blonde’s birthday; she was now of 'legal' age in Texas.  Everybody was crammed together and the room was sweaty and hot as the preacher exhorted the crowd, getting them more and more worked up with his stories of sinful deeds and young virgins seduced by devils. The story right now was about Magnolia, a sweet and nubile belle not unlike Kimberly and the reverend reminded the congregation of this by gazing directly at the squirming girl in the pew as he spun his sordid tale.


"Sweet young creature, such a plump and juicy girl, that young Magnolia let those boys in and when they feasted their eyes on her flesh, remember all she wore was that sheer pink nightie..." Here the crowd groaned disapproval; Kimberly blushed. The preacher raised his eyes to heaven. "No man could resist! They had to uncover those two luscious breasts..." The crowd groaned. The preacher paused as if lost in the image of the young girl's ravishment.


Suddenly he turned to Kimberly and fixed his eyes on her; he looked like an eagle stretching out his claws to snatch at a young bird. He had wild grey hair and a firm square jaw.  His expensive white suit was cut to emphasize his athletic build.  His voice was a deep bass that seemed to reverberate in Kimberly’s belly.  “Magnolia was lost to her sinful fate and her young round and ripe body brought those boys to sin and shame. But here! Right here! Here we have a young sweet girl, an innocent virgin.  Just turned of age this very day and men are filled with desire for her soft body.” His arms spread wide to greet her, “Come up here Kimberly and embrace the Lord.”


At first Kimberly shrank back in the pew out of embarrassment.  She blushed a deep scarlet that complimented her long strawberry blonde curls.  She was dressed in a white silk blouse and short dark skirt, with white thigh high stockings and black patent leather shoes.  Her mother tugged her arm.  “Go on and do as the preacher says.”


Gingerly stepping up to the podium, Kimberly stood in front of the crowd with her hands clasped nervously behind her back.  Her weight was on one leg as the toe of her other foot made small delicate circles on the floor; this displayed the shapely form of her limbs to the audience.  Reverend Johnson wrapped his arm around her narrow waist and pulled her close to him. The crowd applauded as he raised his hand over her head. “Come receive the love of the Almighty!” he proclaimed as he suddenly hugged her to his chest.  Kimberly felt her lush round breasts pressed forcefully into his muscular body and he held her tight, lifting her until her feet fluttered into the air like a helpless bird.  When he finally dropped her to the floor she was out of breath.


“And now, I am pleased to announce a special gift for our lovely little birthday girl.” He spoke to the crowd but his eyes were glued on Kimberly, still pinning her in place by holding by her waist against him.  “I ask the Holy Brotherhood to step forward.  We are going to take this little girl to the Inner Sanctum and we shall struggle with the devils to protect her fair body from the sinful ways of lust and carnal desire.  We shall endeavor to initiate her into a new order, the Holy Sisterhood! We shall defeat the demons and conquer this sweet virgin body in the name of the Lord!”Four tall men, close friends of the reverend, all dressed in black suits stepped forward.  As the crowd went crazy with joy the quartet surrounded the young innocent girl and Kimberly felt four hands on each of her slender arms. She rose straight up into the air.


The men had lifted her up and were headed to the back of the church; the tiny girl's toes barely could touch the floor and she disappeared into the mass of men surrounding her.  Kimberly twisted her head back with wide eyes and called out, “Momma...” But the last thing she heard as she was carried up a set of narrow winding stairs was her mother calling out, “You do what the preacher says!”


The reverend strode down the aisle behind the phalanx of the Brotherhood; he was still booming loudly, commanding the congregation to go home and pray for Kimberly’s purity.  Just before he went up the stairs he led them in singing a hymn. The crowd continued singing as they began to file out of the hall. The sound of the reverend’s heavy steps behind her and the slowly fading voices of the song sent a chill down Kimberly’s spine as she realized how alone she was now.  The four members of the Holy Brotherhood were silent and grim as they carried the fragile and frightened beauty up the iron steps; each footfall echoed gloomily through the hall.  Kimberly floated in the air, suspended in their firm, unyielding hold; she seemed to be gliding towards her fate.


The stairs led up to the choir loft but further up was a large room Kim had never been in before.  It was dimly lit and the four men held her up so she was facing a light near the door; she blinked into the bright beam as the Reverend stood in front of it.  In the bright light his white suit made him seem even taller and more menacing.


"Kimberly, I've had my eye on you for two years; I've watched you blossom into a beautiful woman; I’ve taken care that men have not corrupted your pure body.  The Brotherhood has protected you faithfully.”  What Kimberly hadn’t realized was that the Brotherhood discouraged anybody from dating her over the last two years.  Her only experience with boys was at dances at school. The Brotherhood had been guarding her well.  Now the reverend approached the trembling girl, finally able to claim his prize.


His hands were warm as they rested against the cool silk of her blouse; they pressed into her waist.  He ran them up her body until they rested on her shoulders.  The Brotherhood stepped away; now they stood by the door watching the preacher and the wavering young girl.


"Do you want to be saved, Kimberly? Are you ready to embrace the love of the Lord?  Can you hold his love close to your bosom?  Your round, soft, sweet bosom."  His hands slowly glided down off her shoulders until they came over her quivering breasts.  His long fingers spread over the soft mounds and dug into her flesh.


Conflicting emotions rushed through her mind; Kimberly was afraid of this powerful man and nobody had ever touched her body this way, but she knew that she had to be good.  She nodded timidly, agreeing to embrace the love being offered.


"This luscious bosom, these creamy breasts, they are full of sin.  They can draw men to evil.  I must purge them of sin.  Will you let me purify your bosom, Kimberly?"  As he was speaking his fingers were nimbly undoing the buttons of the blouse.  As more of her skin was uncovered he seemed to become more entranced,  “I must purify your bosom, this creamy smooth soft bosom,” he murmured, lost in the radiance of her skin. His warm forceful hands slid in between the cool silk and the moist flesh of her tender body; Kimberly whimpered quietly but nodded her head again. She shuddered as in one swift jerk he pulled the blouse off.  It fluttered silently to the floor.  The reverend paused for a moment and looked at her swelling chest.  She was blushing, turning her pale skin a bright scarlet. Her eyes were closed to hide her shame and her arms tentatively came up to cover her nakedness.  He put his hand under her chin and lifted her face up to his. He pried open her lips with his tongue and then it slithered into her mouth.  At the same time his other hand pushed her slender arms away from her chest.  He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her as his mouth violated hers.


Kimberly struggled and whimpered as she writhed helplessly in the air, impaled by his tongue and a prisoner in his arms. Her feet finally touched the floor again but he was nuzzling his face into her soft blonde curls; she could feel him breathing in her fresh aroma.  His lips pressed to her ear, "You're so sweet, Kimberly, so soft.  You must let me purify you, make your body ready for love, not sin."  Now he was kneading her breasts together. Both his eyes and Kimberly's were drawn to the beauty of the two mounds.  She watched in wonderment and fright as her body was mashed into his hands.


The sensation of her nipples being teased was oddly pleasing; she saw them stand up erect but she gasped when they disappeared into his wolfish mouth.  His teeth and tongue burned into her milky white flesh and her chest rocked into his face.  She tried weakly to push away but her body was already yielding.


The reverend pinned her body to his mouth by pressing one hand on her naked back and pushing her chest into his face.  At the same time he unzipped the skirt with the other hand.  Kim barely noticed it fall off her thighs and gather in a clump at her ankles.  His massive hands now roamed over the supple skin of her back and shoulders as his mouth continued to gobble up her chest.  Kimberly's tiny hands were still pressing against his chest as if to resist but her head at dropped back so his arms were supporting her body and she was writhing in pleasure. She squirmed as he sucked her succulent flesh deep into his mouth.  The warmth of his mouth devouring her sent shivers down her spine.  A powerful urge was growing in her and her hands began to timidly explore his body.


Her hands ran delicately along the muscles of his arms. His body was coiled and ready to explode and the power of his desire swept over Kimberly, seducing her.


Overwhelmed she took his head in both her tiny hands and kissed him hard, driving her pink tongue deep and swirling in his mouth. He smiled at his victory and held her at arms length, regarding his prize.  She looked shyly at the floor; the V of her slight panties was covered by her hands and her breasts were squeezed between her arms.


His smile turned into a lecherous grin. "I see you know all your sinful treasures must be purified.  The little box down there is so evil but it can receive so much love." Kimberly eyes widened as the followed his gaze down to her virgin sex.


“No,” she murmured weakly as his hand stretched forward. She stiffened her body protectively; his hands griped her wrists and pulled her arms behind her back.  She tried to resist but he was too strong and too determined.


This small struggle led to the obvious outcome. Her hands were now held behind her back with one of his huge hands.  With his other hand he slipped two fingers into the elastic of her panties and pulled it away from her skin; he looked down and her eyes followed meekly.  Their gaze fell on the top of Kimberly soft curly bush; the graceful curls drank in the light streaming in where he pulled her panties open. The saffron color looked delicious. His tongue darted out.  "Yes, I must purify this spot."


He knelt in front of her, still pinning her hands behind her.  He pushed the panties down and Kimberly delicately stepped out of the lingerie and the skirt. “”Oh golly,” she murmured to herself, sensing his excitement. His lizard tongue stretched out and licked her thighs, slowly working in to her pussy lips.  At the first touch of his wet cruel tongue on her naked flesh she sprang back in shock. But his grip was firm.  He licked up one side of her inner thigh from her knee to her crotch. Licking up the other side he paused to nibble on her supple flesh.  Kimberly squirmed but the sensations were oddly pleasing. “Oh lordy,” she moaned sweetly.


His tongue rippled over her swelling lips and pressing his mouth against her sex he forced her body open.


Soon he was lapping up her sweet juices and she was shifting her weight back and forth on her legs as she struggled to withstand the ecstasy swirling through her. “Oh, oh, oh,” was all she could pant out delicately. His tongue tapped her clit and she snapped her hands forward and rested them on his head to hold herself up. A shocking fiery bolt of pleasure raced from her loins to her skull.


Kimberly had trouble standing and she fell backwards, not realizing that she was now sitting at the edge of a bed.  The reverend pushed his shoulders under her knees and spread her legs wide as his mouth engulfed her sex and devoured it.  He nibbled and bit every inch of flesh between her thighs as she sank back blissfully onto the bed. Her hands ran up her own body caressing her curves, squeezing her luscious breasts and finally running through her soft blonde hair; she lifted her curls and dropped them around her head like a halo. His tongue and lips slurped up her juices and he was making bestial sounds as he devoured her innocence.


When he was finally sated he stood up and admired the girl writhing dreamily on the bed.  Her large creamy breasts quivered like lush soft pillows and her belly fluttered rapidly as she caught her breath.  Her hands came out from under her head and she stretched her body in yearning, displaying all her naked radiance.


The preacher looked at her with lust and gently pulled her up into a sitting position.  She was on the edge of the bed with him standing between her legs.


Without turning around he dismissed the Brotherhood, "You will serve momentarily; soon Kimberly will be ready to receive your love."


Kimberly frowned.  She dreaded what was in store for her but she knew she was supposed to obey the reverend. "Reverend Johnson?" she asked meekly, "Is this really right? Should we be doing this?"


"Hush, my child, the ways of the Lord are mysterious to the uninitiated. Soon you will be filled with love." He took her tiny hand and held it to his chest.  "Have you ever touched a man?"


She shook her head shyly and her golden hair shimmered in the light. Holding his hand over hers as a guide he led her to unbuttoning his shirt. At the same time he bent down and kissed her.  Kimberly was startled by the sweet and salty taste of her own juices on his tongue but his monster slithered deep down her throat forcing her to shake as if trapped.


Once the buttons were undone the preacher slipped out of his coat and shirt.  Now he put her hands on his belt.  "You must face the wrath of almighty power, Kimberly."


"No, I don't want to," she sobbed, "I'm ready to go home."


Suddenly he pulled her hair back and glared with fury into her frightened eyes.  "I am your home now!  You must do as commanded.  Unleash my power and feel the strength of my love. Will you obey me?"


Kimberly shuddered as he glared at her trembling body.  “Will you obey?” he snarled again.  She nodded her surrender. “Then open my pants and take out my weapon.”


With fumbling hands Kimberly obeyed, undoing the belt. She hesitated but an angry glance forced her to unbutton the top of his pants. She tried to avoid touching the bulge swelling under the fabric as she tugged the zipper down, but it was clear from the delighted look on the preacher's face that her slightest caress was heavenly.


"Touch it, Kimberly."  Again she hesitated but he took her wrist and lifted it up.  At the same time he pushed his pants down off his hips.  Before she could object he brought her hand up against his throbbing cock. "Stroke it, Kimberly," he commanded.


With a light, delicate touch she ran her soft fingers along the pulsating veins of his shaft. It twitched at her touch. The forbidden sensation of touching his rock hard manhood and all of her own femininity glow with power. He was mauling her breasts and devouring her mouth as he moaned from the pleasures of her caress; she felt her own arousal flood from her nipples and through her body. His desire for her made her feel loved.


One of his hands reached down and closed over hers.  He began to push his hips forward.  Kimberly's body wriggled as she sensed his massive rod moving toward her. 


Her struggle was hopeless. With one hand he guided the cock up to her pussy with his other hand he pulled her forward.  Finally, the hot tip of his shaft touched the swelling lips. Kimberly gasped and wriggled some more in an effort to get away.


Kimberly's naked and nubile body was all curves and soft flesh; she glowed a rosy desire and her face radiated a sweet innocence as she gazed worshipfully through her tears. The divine softness of her sweet virgin sex seemed to kiss over the brutal strength of his cock poised over her.


"Please, reverend, don't." Even as she spoke the soft golden curls of her pussy thrilled with the tension of the threatening onslaught. She thrilled in that balancing moment; the innocent nymph about to be transformed into a love goddess. Her naked body glowed with desire.


"Feel the love!" he bellowed and thrust forward.


The gates of Kimberly's maidenhead were smashed and the pain broke her resistance. "Oh, ohh, please," she moaned as she gripped his rear. He twisted the cock around, spreading her more before he moved forward again. Her tight sheath closed around him like a glove as her juices swirled over him.


He held her hips and pushed all the way in with one brutal shove, filling her sheath with his cock and splitting her apart.  "Ohhhhh, noooo, please," she sobbed quietly. He ignored her pleas as her sweet tightness overwhelmed him.  He began pumping in and out tearing into her tender body with a wild force.


Kimberly's body was exploding in blissful agony.  His shaft drove into her mercilessly and she began to writhe and undulate like a wave. She grew tighter and tighter as his shaft hammered harder and harder.  Finally he shot his load into her and this spark set off a conflagration in every cell of her body.  She moaned and thrashed wildly until she fell back completely exhausted.  The preacher leaned down and kissed her belly before he left the room.


Kimberly wasn't alone for long.  One of the Brotherhood came in and attacked her immediately climbing on top of her while pinning her legs against his shoulders.  He kissed her hard. He rammed his cock into her fast and hard; Kimberly groaned and scratched at his back until her orgasm burst around him.


He kept pumping until he shot into her and she twisted around his cock to draw all of him out.  Kimberly was limp and helpless as he turned her over so she was on all fours.  He entered her again pounding furiously.  When he finally came Kim was wrung out and she fell flat against the bed.


But not for long.  Another man came in and took her again, and again, and again.  He finished with her and was replaced by another man who took her too; he was followed by a fourth.


The hours had flown by and Kimberly's young body was throbbing from the hands of the men and her insides were burning with their seed.  Waves of pleasure poured over her as she lay on the bed and gazed out the window watching the crescent moon finally rise. She was sobbing in her shame but touching herself, recalling the entry of the cruel cocks and agonizing joy of each splitting her apart.  The Reverend Johnson slipped into the room and wordless lifted her out of the bed.  He set her on her feet and guided her to a small bathroom.  He lowered her into a warm tub of water and gently bathed her.


"You body is being purified, Kimberly.  Do you feel the love?"  He was soaping up her lovely breasts and they gleamed in the sheen of water.


"It felt so good, but so wrong," Kimberly pouted as his hands reached in the water and rubbed against her pussy.


"It's never wrong to feel the love of the lord." He held her face and kissed her then licked her wet nipples while kneading and pinching them.  He opened the robe he was wearing and stood at the edge of the tub.  His fingers were still in Kimberly's soft hair and he pulled her face towards his shaft.  "You must know all the ways of the lord."


Kimberly hesitated for a moment but his hand was firm on her head and she opened her mouth and let him glide his shaft in. Her lips closed around him, squeezed around his girth; her teeth gently ran along the veins of his shaft.  Already he was groaning from the feel of her warm mouth. She could feel him twitching against her tongue.  Her wet hands gripped his rear as he thrust into her face and the water in the tub lapped around her."The lord loves you Kimberly!" he moaned as he poured himself down her throat.


After he came Kimberly released his shaft and she lowered herself deeper into the water of the bath.  The bubbles gathered around her massive, creamy breasts that seemed to float on the surface.  She looked up at him with her large innocent eyes.


He dropped his robe and climbed into the bath with her.  Again he fondled and kissed her body while slowly getting her into the position he wanted.  Kimberly found her feet and hands on the edge of the tub and her body lifted out of the water; she was supporting herself face up over the surface of the bath.  He was kneeling between her legs and caressing her belly and thighs.  Rivulets of water streamed over her luscious body as she swayed under his touch.


She could feel his shaft emerging through the bubbles and pressing into her slit. The tip felt hot as it passed into her.  Soon his monster was filling her and he started to slowly pump in and out of her. She rocked on her arms and legs and plunged in and out over his shaft.  Just as an orgasm began to burst inside her she lost her grip on the sides of the tub and the two bodies plunged into the water.  Kimberly was underwater and breathless as he shot into her and her sheath tightened around him and flooded him with juices of her bliss.  She came up completely out of breath and gasping frantically. Water dripped down her pale skin as she sat up and dropped into his arms exhausted.


"You're being an angel Kimberly.  You are a good girl.  You are now ready for the Lord's final blessing." His hands were under the water squeezing her plump and juicy rear.


"I'm so tired, Reverend."


'Yes, you have labored for the lord and soon you will be in his arms." Gently he turned her around and propped her up on all fours.  Her breasts dipped into the water and her wet hair dangled down.  She looked back at him with pleading eyes.


His fingers, covered with soap, began to dig into her ass causing her to wince with pain. One of his strong hands was spreading her lush cheeks while the other stroked his cock to get it hard.


"Please, Reverend," she squealed, unsure if she was pleading for him to stop or to continue. A low groan came out of her as his cock slowly began to crawl into her tender bottom.  His fingers dug cruelly into the flesh of her thighs and he grunted with pleasure as his entire shaft disappeared into her round soft bottom.  A bolt of his seed shot into her and he began to pound into her viciously, splashing the water around and causing her to sob and cry. He shot a load with each thrust and each thrust was accompanied by a piggish grunt; his cock seemed to grow bigger each time he shot into her. By time he was finished Kimberly felt that she'd been torn in half.


He left the tub after patting her cheek, "Now, you are ready to join our brethren." But as soon as he was out of the bathroom the four members of the Holy Brotherhood returned.  Kimberly’s protests and screams and struggles were futile.  They lifted her wet body out of the tub.  She was slippery and shining and she writhed like a caught fish as they carried her to the bed. One of the men sat down and Kimberly was impaled on his shaft.  Her ass was dangling in the air and was too inviting to resist the cock that entered it.  The men pushed in and out of her and she flopped between them like a puppet on a string. Her own fingers were grinding against her clit and she barely noticed when the two cocks exploded into her only to be followed by two more.


When all of the men had their way with her again and again until they were exhausted and satisfied they let poor Kimberly sleep until mid-day.  She was awakened by yet another member of the Brotherhood and for the next several days different men made their way up that spiral staircase to show Kimberly the love of the lord.  The Reverend Johnson ministered to her several times.  Kim's mother came around to ask about her daughter on Wednesday but she was told to return a few days later.


On Friday night Kimberly was on her back and her legs were wrapped around the waist of the Reverend.  He was gorging himself on her lovely breasts as he languidly pushed his shaft in and out of her.  "Do you feel the love of the lord?" he asked.


Kimberly looked up at him with her soft large eyes and nodded; she had a placid smile on her face as she slowly rocked in rhythm with his cock.


"I'm coming to the lord," she whispered.


Again and again his cock glided in and out of her, "I'm coming to the lord, I'm coming, I'm coming!" She began to writhe and twist in excitement as her body filled with ecstasy. "I'm coming, oh god, yes, oh god, I'm coming, I'm coming. Oh god, yes!" Her body snapped back and as he filled her with his love she gushed over him in bliss.


For the next two years Kimberly’s body was offered up to the Brotherhood many evenings; Kimberly loved the sensation of being loved and pleasing these voracious men but she yearned for escape.  When the chance came to tryout for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders she leapt at the chance. A year latter she was Miss January.


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