Kimberly McArthur - If only she had noticed

Kimberly McArthur - If only she had noticed

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Kimberly McArthur, the lovely Miss January 1982, was shooting her video and enjoying tooling a mini-race car around a track but she didn't notice what else the crew had in mind.


Kimberly McArthur, the lovely Miss January 1982, was shooting her video and enjoying tooling a mini-race car around a track but she didn't notice what else the crew had in mind.


Submitted: June 10, 2013

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Submitted: June 10, 2013



If Kimberly McArthur hadn’t been enjoying her time behind the wheel of the miniature Formula One race car she might have noticed that the camera crew was setting up another location on the grounds of the race track. And even if she had noticed it would the guileless girl have guessed its purpose?


Kimberly, instead was focused on the excitement of the scene they were finishing now. All morning they had been shooting her playmate video and in this scene was to show Kimberly racing her car to a stop and climbing out. She would pull off her helmet and shake her strawberry blonde hair and then, while bantering with the road crew, peel off her overalls to reveal a skimpy outfit of hotpants and an almost sheer blue top. They had shot a couple of takes but then the director told her to just do laps until they flagged her in.


She was having tons of fun tooling around the orange traffic cones, so much fun that she didn’t notice the air mattress being set up in the observation gazebo.  The men doing the set-up worked with an intensity that showed that they were all looking forward to this part of the shoot. Let’s be frank, if there’s a beautiful and nubile playmate like Kimberly in the picture what else could they have in mind. Kimberly sweet and oblivious just breezed around the track without a thought entering her pretty head except that she was having fun in the miniature Formula One car. Her sweet wholesomeness made her all the more delectable.


If she had noticed the air mattress being laid out for a shoot she was too guileless to have imagined that it would have had anything to do with her.  She didn’t notice another actor coming onto the location; the road crew appearing in the video were the regulars working at the track and one of them even had a few teasing lines with the lovely playmate.  The new actor, well although he was dressed in bib overalls like a couple of the other roadies, he had a chiseled look and a confidence that set him apart; he was well muscled and even a little smug, knowing that in a few minutes the cute little playmate would be all his to enjoy. Meanwhile Kimberly giggled girlishly over the roar of the engine thoroughly enjoying herself and, the sweet thing she that she was, completely unaware of what fate about to bring her.

Finally the camera crew was ready and the road crew flagged the playmate in. She expertly pulled into the camera frame, hitting the marks precisely, and she sexily climbed out of the low slung car as a member of the road crew rushed over to help.


“Did you catch my time?” Her question, and all the banter that followed, was all part of the script and she was proud to get it right.


“No,” he said, waving his hand haplessly, “Sorry.”


She shook her golden mane again, and amusingly admonished him even as she turned her attention to undoing the zipper of her orange jump suit; it was all part of the script. “You really should start paying more attention to me.” The camera was capturing it all and who could not pay attention to the comely playmate as she began to undo her clothes in the open air?


He went out of the frame, pushing the car away from the scene. All eyes though were on Kimberly and she was an erotic vision standing in the bright sunshine; she wriggled out of the shapeless jump suit and revealed her bodacious body adorned only in a skimpy top, short sleeved and low cut, soft blue fabric tied just below her breasts.  The light blue hot pants were cut low to reveal her bare belly and cut high to show off her shapely hips. She vamped sweetly for the camera; putting her hand on her sides she shyly smiled and waited for the director to call out “cut” but instead the male actor stepped into the frame to the rear of the golden girl’s position.


Standing behind her, the actor towered over the buxom playmate; he slipped an arm around her bare waist and nuzzled into her hair. Kimberly trembled slightly but smiled bravely for the camera. She didn’t dare turn around but she could feel his power behind her. The denim of his overalls seemed tight over the bulging muscles of his thighs.


His breath was moist and hot as he leaned in and spoke for the camera, “I’m gonna give you plenty of attention.”


Kimberly shuddered but continued to smile nervously. She had no script to guide her now but she didn’t want to disappoint the crew on the cameras. She improvised a line. “That’s sweet,” she said meekly.


“I checked out some amazing pictures of you today. You got me all fired up... I had a great stroke to those pics so I gotta nail you for real right now. Definitely your body’s gonna' make me blow.”


Before Kimberly could react to these brazen words the actor chuckled and began to caress her bare belly, letting his hand rub under her full breasts as if he were taking an inventory of her ribs. Her eyes widened and she tried to hold her smile. He cupped her left breast, squeezing it through the thin fabric of the skimpy top.


When Kimberly had shoved her jumpsuit off her body it had gathered down around her ankles so now she couldn’t walk away in protest but she began to wriggle and shuffle her feet and legs in order to kick off her shoes and the confining clothing. The actor continued to maul and paw over her luscious breasts; her aroused nipples poked through the fabric. As she wriggled, her plump bottom unintentionally was grinding into his crotch.


His mouth, still nuzzled in her sweet hair, growled lewdly, “I've got one massive hard on for you babe...again.”


His fingers found the knot of her top and began to tug. “Hey, wait a minute!” she squealed in protest as she slapped his hand.


“Cut!” the director called out. Kimberly was about to complain but the director held up a palm. “Just hold your place, Kimmy; Cagney step away for a moment.” The actor gave her fine rack one more appreciative squeeze and he moved away reluctantly.


“This wasn’t in the script,” she protested, hopping on one foot at a time as she pulled off the shoes and jumpsuit.


“I know, I know, Kimberly,” the director said smoothly, “But Cagney there, he’s in Equity, so he’s a legit actor. The thing is though, he’s been called up for active duty. He’s navy. Libya…” He let the thought trail off.


Kimberly was an avid reader and she kept up with the news. She remembered some recent headlines about the USS Nimitz shooting down two Libyan jets over the Gulf of Sidra after one of the Libyan jets had fired a heat-seeking missile. “Golly,” she said with real compassion, “The poor guy.” She finished shucking off the shoes and jumpsuit and stood with her hands on her hips; she looked impossibly sexy: tight, petite, and sultry yet naïve and shy, a woman who's body was just asking for some serious attention and a face that was asking for love and understanding.


“Yeah,” the director nodded, anxious to get back to business, “He’s worked with us before and we thought we could give him one last job, you know, a big send off. He saw galleys of your centerfold and he really wanted to work with you.” The director’s eyes, he was a man after all, roamed up and down the luscious playmate’s curvaceous body. He noted the nipples hard and anxious poking through the flimsy fabric and he noted the soft arch of her narrow waist and the generous roundness of her shapely hips. “Yeah, he truly, truly wants to work with you.”


“Really? That’s sweet.” Kimberly’s gentle and loving eyes gazed over Cagney who was drinking out of a canteen.  This was her first real look at him. He had sandy blonde hair cut Navy short and piercing blue eyes. All he wore were the denim bib overalls; he was barefoot like Kimberly was now and his toes curled as he lustfully gazed at her. His muscles were massive and he must have been at least a foot taller than the tiny playmate.


Kimberly was still doubtful but her glistening tongue moistened her lips without her realizing it; the arousal of her nipples had not subsided. “Where is this going? Is there a script?”


“It’s just the usual stuff, you know.” The director flipped through notes. “We do a bit here and we have another set-up back at the gazebo.”


For the guileless playmate a bit here and another set-up back and the gazebo meant some kissing and hugging, kind of PG-13; OK maybe an R rating with maybe her breasts bared for the camera, kind of a soft gauzy romantic interlude for a send-off to a brave soldier. For the rest of the crew, well Kimberly’s soft body was ripe and delicious; and lips and teeth on those nipples pulling her succulent flesh deep into a voracious mouth, a cock pulsating and pumping deep and hard inside the honey moist tightness of her snatch, that was what they saw coming.


Kimberly’s eyes reluctantly stopped examining the muscular Navy man and she squinted over towards the other set. She saw the two tripods all ready to receive the cameras once they were finished here and there were also lights and gobos all around. It was all well planned. She sensed something ominous but she could not make out the air mattress in the center of the set. “But the script?”


“Cagney’s worked out the scenario. You’re doing a great job improvising. We just need a few lines here then we can shoot without sound and dub later. I’ll give directions as we go.”


The tiny playmate was still hesitant. She looked back at Cagney. He was huge and even twenty feet away his massive hard on was obvious. He had one hand inside the overalls and he was clearly keeping himself stoked as he lustfully watched her. “Kimberly, we need to get shooting,” the director said firmly. To help motivate her he added: “He’s shipping out tomorrow.”


“Golly,” she said breathlessly.


The director took that to be her consent; he clapped his hands and called the crew back. Somebody kicked away the discarded jumpsuit and shoes as the director barked out orders. “OK, places again. Let’s take it right from the slap and see where it goes. Kimmy, you said ‘wait a minute’ so let Cagney respond.”


The actor stood behind her once more and once more, with an arm around her waist, pulled her back close to his chest. With his other hand he tugged the knot again.


“Don’t be shy, baby,” he growled into her ear. He tugged some more and the knot was loosening. “Such a pretty girl.”


“I…I don’t…” Kimberly was at a loss for words; she rested her graceful hands on his arms as he pulled the knot open.


“Shhhhh,” he purred, enjoying himself. “Let your daddy take care of you.”


Kimberly held her breath and the top fell open. Miss January’s body was the perfectly sensual combination of tight, supple and well-toned but also soft, warm and cuddly. Her breasts were two dreamy creamy pools of moist and succulent flesh; the nipples, two cherry red hard candies. When men gazed on her flawless spheres Kimberly couldn’t help but swoon. She leaned back against him and snaked one hand behind his head and the other over his hip; too shy to touch the bulge of his arousal she caressed over his thigh.


The cameras lingered lovingly over this sexy tableau. The only sounds were Kimberly’s gentle wordless murmurings and Cagney’s greedy lustful grunts; his cock was up against her ass and grinding into her. His view of her fabulous pair of velvety globes was from behind and over her shoulder, but his hands were able to feast on the soft smooth lusciousness those flawless mounds. Kimberly’s tender purrs were neither encouragements nor protests. She was spiraling in the arousal of her nipples.


The director let the moment hold for a while; he too was enthralled by the sight of Kimberly’s delicate beauty and magnificent body. Finally he quietly ordered the sound man to keep recording even though he was now going to prompt the actors. He stepped closer to the couple.


“Kimberly, you’re doing fine; you look so good. Can you tell Cagney likes you?” The nubile girl’s response was to continue her sexy purring and writhing. “Cagney, she’s getting you hot isn’t she? Put your hand on her belly. Good. Now slide it down into her shorts.”


Kimberly’s body stiffened for a minute but then his fingers nudged under the elastic of the hotpants and she melted. He shoved his hand down and flattened his hand against her flesh, slowly trailing it down into her pants. His fingers found her labia and parted them wide before he let his middle finger barely graze over her clit.


She twisted her head so she could gaze into his lust filled eyes and she moaned his name, and he felt the moisture coating her pussy get slicker, hotter. He needed to bury his dick into her tight, hot cunt. He ground his teeth together and concentrated on making her come, his eyes riveted to her face, watching every flicker of her eyelashes, every tremble of her lips. With his left hand caressing her breasts and with his fingers teasing her between her legs, Cagney knew she would not last long.


He trailed the inside of his finger, from knuckle to tip, over her clit and back again, letting her feel the friction he created for her. He did it again and again, faster and faster, until he felt her body tensing, tightening, getting ready to explode. He pressed a finger into her pussy and heard her cry out softly before he pressed another in and rubbed them against her G-spot. He finger fucked her until he had her body wound up so tight she trembled.


“P…. Please, please.” Her voice came out in a whispered moan that cut through him.  She closed her eyes and surrendered to ecstasy. Seeing her so lost in the heat and passion he created for her made something inside him tighten and squeeze, and the hunger he felt for her turned into something deep and overwhelming. He pressed the heel of his palm against her clit and rubbed it in time with the rhythm his fingers created inside her.


“Good girl,” the director said from off camera, “You’re so good. Do you want to come Kimberly?”


“Yesss,” she hissed.


Her eyes flew open the second before her body shuddered against his hand, her cries muffled when he took her mouth with his.


He helped her ride the orgasm out before he took his hands out of her pants and began to maul her breasts some more.


“Kimberly, I want you to turn around slowly and embrace his neck.”


The petite playmate turned gradually and timidly. Her breasts, quivering and heaving, caressed against the denim of his overalls. She had to stand on tiptoe to reach his neck but when his hands dropped to shove down her shorts she gripped one of his wrists. “No,” she said quietly but decisively. She was afraid of baring everything, afraid of his power. His hand pressed into her back instead, leaving the tight blue shorts half way down the curves of her plump bottom. Kimberly stretched up and kissed him on the mouth, parting her lips and offering her tongue.


A kiss from Kimberly McArthur, angel sweet and honey soft, imbued with the promise of sex and passion but shy and delicate, it’s perfection. Even as she’s surrendering she is teasing and playing, her mouth is aflutter with sensual joy. Her tongue is alive and curious, spiraling and dancing and searching; she tastes of ambrosia. She makes you immortal. Your tongue has to fuck her mouth; to do otherwise would be a sin. Kimberly kisses with her whole body. She is tiny and she balances disquietedly on her toes; don’t forget her blouse is open and her bare breasts quiver against you and her candy hard nipples stab into you with yearning. Her fingers are little birds fluttering over your face and ears and neck. She kisses you with her eyes; they gaze into your soul and they probe and plead and promise: Is this good? Am I making you happy? Please ravish my body. You can do anything you want with me, really and truly, anything. I’ll do anything to make you happy. She kisses you, this sweet succulent and innocent girl, until she is breathless and helpless and when she finds her footing again, falling back on her heels with the grace of a dancer, her glistening eyes keep speaking, pleading really, “I love you, please fuck me. I’ll do anything you want; please fuck me.”


And she means it. Kimberly McArthur is fuckably sincere and sincerely fuckable.


After kissing him thoroughly and sensationally Kimberly sank back to the flat of her bare feet; she pressed her soft cheek against his chest and rested her palms on his shoulders. Her large pleading eyes gazed up at him softly. She felt his cock throb against her belly.


He had one hand pressed against the base of her spine and with the other hand he tugged at the tail of the open top and pulled it down. Kimberly, good girl, dropped her arms in surrender so that in a moment she was topless; even her bare back looked incredibly sexy to the cameras. The white flesh across her shoulders and down her spine was a display of warm glowing softness, completely kissable. His cock jerked and throbbed like a beast under the denim; she gulped.


The director spoke up. “Kimberly, we need you to undo the overalls.”


Her hands trembled as she raised them and she struggled with the brass clip of one strap but eventually it gave way and the strap fell off his shoulder, revealing more of his powerful muscles. The next clip opened quickly under her delicate and hesitant touch and, as if weighed down by stones, the overalls fell away and he was brutally naked before her. His tumescence throbbed fiercely now and Kimberly’s anxious eyes darted down to see the giant and massive muscle, its veins pulsating as if already loading up with white fire to blast into her depths.


“Oh no,” she gasped and she stepped back in fear but he was already sweeping her up into his arms.


“Oh yes,” he snarled and Kimberly heard much more in those two cruel syllables. Oh yes, he was going to fuck her deep and hard; oh yes; gushing like a fire hose, oh yes, he was going to come inside her; oh yes he was going to take everything.


“Let’s go. Gotta take care of business,” he growled, more to the camera crew who, with a rapidity urged on by their desire to see what was coming, unbolted the cameras and quickly hustled them to the tripods at the gazebo. In seconds the lens were fixed, their gaze on the air mattress set on the platform; the cameras seemed to glow in anticipation of the tender playmate’s ravishment that was promised in Cagney’s snarl.


He walked slowly, savoring the girl’s trembling and hesitant writhing in his arms. Her legs were draped over one arm and she held them out straight and if displaying their supple shapeliness. Her back leaned against his other arm and her own arms dangled behind her so he could see her quivering breasts as she desperately gulped for air.


He took his time and the entire crew savored the sight of the playmate writhing in his clutches and they all were ready for her to meet her fate and when the camera lights burst on he was ready to enter the scene. He lay the wriggling and sobbing playmate down as a vicious high priest would lay a virgin sacrifice onto an altar. Kimberly’s languid body stretched out over the mattress and he took a step back to give the cameras a good view. He reached over her waist to tug the blue shorts off but she shook her head desperately and clasped the elastic waistband. The nubile young girl lay flat on her back, vulnerable in a way which was so total as to be very erotic in whole new dimensions.


“Let’s let the cameras have a look at her,” the director instructed.  The camera had fallen in love. It had given itself entire to Kimberly, thrown itself at her feet and worshipped at her altar.


The lenses roamed over the luscious girl’s body, almost licking her skin in their lust. Kimberly’s strawberry blonde hair shimmered in the light as she trembled slightly; she could almost feel the desire of the crew and even the arousal of the audience who would be watching the video later. Her eyes were soft jewels glistening with the gentle dew of tears too shy to flow and her mouth was moist and delicate as the bright pink of her tongue peeked out in a promise of a kiss. Her throat was elegant and graceful as the lines flowed to her soft shoulders and then to her breasts; lying on her back the two creamy mounds offered themselves to the cameras. Her slender arms were crossed under her breasts; and then came her bare belly flat and smooth and delicious. Her waist was narrow but her hips, even covered by the tight blue shorts, were generous and curvy. Her legs were shapely and trembling too, bent slightly as if ready to spread for the man that wanted her. Her feet were graceful like a dancer’s and her toes pointing over the edge of the bed curled and unfurled in an anxious ballet of expectation.


The actor stepped back into the frame. “Look at him, Kimberly,” the director said firmly.


Still supine, slowly she turned her lovely head. The platform was high enough for her eyes to be level with his hips. When she saw his power throbbing before her she gasped and shook her head furiously. He placed a palm on her bare belly and she shuddered. His hand slid down and once more they tussled over the shorts and once more the meek girl was victorious. Instead, pressing her belly again, he leaned his face into hers and fucked her mouth with his tongue. Kimberly writhed and squirmed for the cameras and slowly she surrendered. He licked down her throat and across her shoulders, his tongue circling and teasing and his lips and teeth nibbling her to arousal.


The flesh of her perfect breasts, spread out like a feast as she lay helpless on her back, leapt to his lips and were sacrificed to his greedy mouth. Sucking and biting her nipples he sent the girl into orbit; she throbbed with desire. What kind of fool wouldn’t spend forever devouring Kimberly McArthur’s succulent breasts? He was no fool.


His mouth devouring her lips and her chest melted Kimberly’s resistance. Her hand rose and drifted like a bird spellbound by a snake. Slowly her fingers flickered over the hot tip of his cock. Gingerly, fearfully she began to touch it lovingly even as she arched her back to feed more of her flesh into his ravenous mouth.


The director nodded with approval as the girl instinctively formed a perfect sleeve with her hand and slipped it around his cock. “Good girl, Kimberly, that’s good. Get him; he’s nice and hard. Take your time. You have all the time in the world.”


Kimberly wafted into another dimension and began to jerk Cagney off. Her fingers were delegate and elegant; moist and warm, they worked gently and lovingly, making each stroke an act of devotion. The lovely playmate was worshiping his cock in the only way she knew and she knew she had to stoke him for a long long time and give him the reverence he deserved. Tantalizing murmurs, like a virgin’s prayers, floated from her perfect lips as her hand made its sacrament over his shaft. She wanted this moment to last eternally. “I love you, baby,” she purred sincerely. And her hand stroked his cock to show how much she loved him.

Cagney’s mind raced with disbelief: Cock has been hankering for this girl forever. I simply just can't get enough of this magnificently sexy body of hers. Jesus her nipples are delicious. And, fuck, she’s jerking away. Goal is at least one hour of her jerking me as I gobble up her sweet delicious body...and I'm having one massive hard on for Kimberly McArthur...again. Got my dick hard, she’s stroking away. Her fingers soft and warm over my throbbing veins. Cock just can't stop. I’m gonna swallow her nipple. Cock’s hard, enjoy this sexy, sultry babe.

Got the cock nice and hard...fuck she’s good…These amazing luscious tits are just asking for it and the rest of her body is shouting out "come on me". Cock is hard and ready...About ten minutes and I’m already oozing out...damn good sign so far. She’s so sweet, looking at me and begging me to come as she strokes me. I kiss her mouth and it’s all honey and her breasts are ice cream. If only I could guide myself inside this women's warm, tight, wet pussy would I truly be in heaven...and of course, shoot across that gorgeous body of hers. Now she’s really picking up the pace…she’s been at it almost twenty minutes and I’m just throbbing in ecstasy over this women's body. And she’s begging me softly, so nobody hears it but me, “I want you to feel good, baby,” she purrs and her hand is so soft and warm and working so hard to please me. “You’re so good for me, baby,” she pleads, “I want you to be happy. Do you like this? I’ll do anything to make you happy.” She looks at me with those big loving eyes and she lifts her head to kiss me while she jerks me. Man, she is sweet.


No time to slow down here as she’s jerking me at a feverish pace…I can’t stop kissing her and licking her skin…she’s

working furiously and the head of my cock is just throbbing for this woman. I can't tell you how badly I just want to jizz all over those tits, ...thank you Kimberly. My mouth on her nipple has her jerking like a mad woman. “Oh yes,” she squeals and her hand keeps going. This woman just drives me up the wall with that delicious body of hers. Oh how I love to see this woman naked! Is it wrong of me that I just want to spew across that body of hers? Like she can read my mind, she urging me, “Yes, yes, yes, baby, do it!” God her skin is delicious; she is so fucking sweet…almost thirty minutes and still jerking strong, time to pick up the pace and get my load built up…she’s still jerking strong. Now on her mouth again and she’s kissing me hard…she's just asking for it. I gotta fuck her…I'm at my balls’ end with this woman, just barely hanging on here from keeping my load from spewing all over the place...

Oh fuck...all I can say is fuck, fuck, fuck. Her fingers on my cock just scream seduction and hot sex. Now she’s really jerking me off like there’s no tomorrow. Ughhh, if I thought she was jerking hard before...she’s using two hands. Even more a turn on when I bite her nipples…I LOVE HER SCREAMS…She’s in agony but her fingers are still soft and loving on my dick…Fuck oh fuck this girl is hot..Ughh, having so much trouble keeping my load in for this woman...I can't stop salivating over her sheer sexiness and boner inducing body…this girl keeps getting can she be so delicious? Poor cock is having trouble not spewing all over the place at the moment. But doing my best to keep my load in and she keeps jerking. Son of a.... at this point I'm already feeling the urge but holding back, now just over forty minutes of her jerking me but still going strong folks. Damn cock is harder then calculus in high school...she can really get my nut building up.


Just passed the one hour mark...damn how I just love this babe jerking me off. My cock is really taking a hell of a jerk thus far, luckily I'm still capable of holding back the load, more jerking, this sweetheart…she’s so fucking good. Cock is holding on folks, I'm just barely suppressing the load, but it wants out! Fuck there is no way she can stop jerking now... Time to pick up the pace…cock is holding up really well to Kimberly’s lovely hand…I'm really starting to feel the urge now, trying hard not to spew here at the last moment…kiss her eyes…kiss her mouth…kiss her breasts…she’s crying and I kiss her tears…her hands are going like crazy…still holding on here but just by a thread, balls are really starting to ache now but sometimes pushing forward only means a better release later on, regardless of the suffering she put me through. I hope a decent release is not too long from now. Oh fuck! She whispering, the fucking bitch; she whispering, “You’re so good, Cagney, you’re so big and hard. Come for me Cagney, come for me.” Fuck! Finally. Ahhhhhhh shit. Finally the load has been released and the nut has been busted, I just can't handle her anymore. That body pulled me in and once I felt that surge of pleasure rising up my shaft...quite the power shooter...fuck how I just love this woman. Son of a bitch I finally blow my load. Mission complete. Wow does that feel great!!!


Kimberly squeezed hard and screamed herself as his load shot out finally. The white comet arced in the air and came down in a burst of pearls over the fabric of her shorts.


He lifted his head and stepped back, a crazed matador after the kill. Together with the cameras he gazed on her face and breasts glistening with sweat. Kimberly raised herself on her elbows and saw the stain on her shorts. She saw his cock already rising again. With a sigh she delicately pushed the shorts down her legs and kicked the garment away with her bare feet. Lying back down and totally nude she sighed once more feeling all eyes on the glorious moist glistening of her pussy; she leaned on her elbows, her breasts quivering slightly as she breathed slowly, almost yoga-style. She cocked her pretty head to one side and her golden hair shimmered liked a halo. Her entire body, naked and glorious, glowed with sensuous warmth. Her eyes brimmed with emotion and pleading but even she was uncertain what she wanted. She gazed directly into the camera lens and looked sweet and innocent. Who wouldn’t want to fuck her now? Who could resist?


The director said, “Kimberly…” but his tone was ambiguous; it could be a command or a warning or a prayer for her survival.


For Cagney there was no doubt. He leapt onto the mattress like a swashbuckling pirate. Kimberly dropped back and raised her arms for protection but this just made it easier for him to pin her wrists over her head with one of his large hands. She twisted her head back and forth in dread; her legs valiantly wrestled with his. Her bodaciously naked  body bucked and trashed and when her teeth weren’t snapping and trying to bite his chest and arms her tiny voice made fierce and high pitched snorts of protest. She kicked furiously and he let her; like a sly fox with his prey he played her, allowing her to kick more and more wildly. When she managed to get her legs straight into the air he pounced. Letting go of her wrists he grabbed both legs and slid them over his shoulders; pressing down with his massive body he pinned her to the mattress folding her at the hips so his mouth could kiss her and his cock could find the lips of her soft moist sex. When he had let go of her wrists she immediately began plummeting his chest as her magnificent hair flew in fury. Suddenly though, as if there’d been a leap in the space/time continuum she fell still and silent. She gazed into his brutal face, her eyes wide and glimmering and her mouth forming a silent prayer. Her hands, now flat against his chest, were warm and moist. Her legs slid off his shoulders and down his sides until they wrapped around his waist. All this because the tip of his fiendish cock kissed the lips of her divine sex.


His cock was insanely craving her so no way was he going to deny it some good, sweet, and sexy Kimberly. God how his cock just loved this woman. Time to spread her soft thighs and drill like a mad man. Tits, ass, legs and everything...this women was one voluptuous babe waiting for the taking. His cock had been hungry for the delicious playmate for so long. He simply couldn’t get enough of that outrageously sexy body of hers.


 She sobbed as he pressed into her; a little at a time his cock pushed into her impossible tightness. 


Her breathing was shallow and frantic. “I love you, baby, I want you inside me. I want to make you feel good,” she managed breath out in a sweet whisper and then he thrust in sharp and harsh and she gasped.


Her eyes burning, she panted frantically. He took a greedy lick over her nipples then fucked her mouth with the same force he was using with his cock in her pussy, driving deep inside her. Her hands dropped in surrender and he lifted his head and thrust in deep and hard; she arched her back, squealing with agony and her legs wrapped tight around him as his head snapped down and his teeth tortured her nipples. Her tiny fists pounded on the mattress. He thrust again and the gigantic beast was completely enveloped by her delicate flower.


He had just entered her and already he was throbbing like a mad man. Damn he loved this woman's tight little frame. He was fucking her with deliberate and careful strokes and he took his time. In and out, nice and slow, but rock hard against her moist softness. She wriggled and writhed, gyrating her hips to increase the tightness of her snatch. In and out. Fucking her nice and easy. She whimpered and her hands wandered over him as if testing each muscle, claiming all his strength for herself. “Ohhhhh,” she purred and she glowed with sex. In and out he slid in and out of her tight tight honey pot. He was almost twenty minutes in and just throbbing in ecstasy over this woman's body...time to pick up the speed here... No time to slow down here as her ecstatic writhing had him jerking and throbbing at a feverish pace.


“I love you,” she sobbed and she meant it. She was tender and heartfelt in her devotion to his pleasure.


This sweet thing had him moving along quicker than he intended...her innocent beauty only adding to the problem of a possible early spew. His target for today... Fill her until she exploded with ecstasy...Damn was it getting harder and harder to hold back his load...trying his best to keep going here. Shouldn't be long now. He gave her another fifteen strokes, counting them off like a high priest in a dark ritual; fifteen times he stroked in and out before he started busting his nut inside her. And WOW, he just couldn't hold it in anymore. One thrust and she mewed like a kitten; another stroke and she growled like a tiger. The third stroke and her body arced in agony; with the fourth she screamed and clawed his back. Five, she grinned at him wickedly, her body gyrating. Six, damn she was tight; seven, eight—now she was even tighter, her pussy gyrating in impossible ways; nine and she bit into his shoulder to stifle her scream; ten, her face flushed red; eleven, twelve, damn she was tight and sweet; thirteen, fourteen…oh fuck!


He started to flood into her and she screamed glorious screams. In his ear she screamed. She screamed as if she were born for it. She created her own laws of physics in those screams and in her ecstasy. Hearing the current of her own blood, neural crackle, the omnipresent pulse of the worldwide electro-industrial power grid, the unheard music. Her head a dish to pull down cosmic background radiation, sines and signals, diminished sevenths coming through the wires of time and space to vibrate secret membranes. Hearing something fabulous that she couldn’t realize was her own orgasm as she thrashed and rattled uncontrollably, her only hold on the planet was the cock impaling her soft beauty and filling her body with geyser after geyser of white pearls.


Cagney jammed in hard and felt a blinding ecstasy as he plunged load after load into her sweet depths. Kimberly, in her own orbit of bliss, writhed and mewed softly, receiving his seed like it was a holy offering.


Kimberly continued to whimper sweetly and his cock stayed hard. He was up on his palms, his arms straight so he could watch her bodaciously bouncy breasts jiggle with each of his thrusts. Kimberly looked into his face, her eyes beaming with adoration; she understood everything.


“It’s OK, you can do it, baby,” she purred.


He grunted and thrust some more.


“I know you want to,” she said sweetly. “I want it too. You can do it, it’s OK.” Her eyes glowed with affection and adoration, “Come inside me, baby;  I want you to come inside me, please baby, please.”


Ramming in hard he felt a massive load twitch in readiness. He looked at her angelic face and flawless breasts. He wanted to come on her.


She nodded as if reading his thoughts. “Yes baby, let’s do it.” Her gentle fingers guided his cock out of her. She whimpered a bit at the emptiness insider her but she gave him warm and pleading looks as she stroked him and held him above her chest. “Do it baby.”


“Shit,” he growled and a white explosion popped out of his cock like Champagne. The white froth formed a perfect parabola and dropped one sparkle after another on the flawless curves of her breasts.


“I love you,” she whispered and closed her eyes while still groaning and grunting with lust he rubbed his load into her soft skin.


“Yes, baby, yes,” she cooed helping his hand rub the whiteness over her breasts until, mingling with her sex sweat it formed a transparent sheen. She lay back satisfied but her beauteous exhaustion just aroused him to a greater fury. Nothing could prevent his urges now. She screamed as he grabbed her body like it was a toy for him to smash and she screamed as he threw her face down over the mattress so her legs dangled down and her beautiful bare bottom was in the air and she screamed as he grabbed her wrists and spread out her arms as though crucifying her. His cock rammed into her ass and she couldn’t scream anymore. He pumped in and out savagely as she grunted in agony. “Yes, baby,” she groaned out syllable by syllable with each of his strokes. “Yes, yes, fuck me hard, baby, I love you baby.” And he couldn’t hold out for long and he exploded into her and let her moan with ecstasy as the fire filled her.


Eventually the man was spent physically and emotionally and he rolled off of her and staggered away to the applause and envious congratulations of the crew. Kimberly continued to coo and rock, still spiraling in orgasm.


The director called it a wrap and the crew began shutting down the shoot. One of the grips, a young intern with serious acne, offered the dazed girl a blanket and she took it with a sweet smile of gratitude. With an excess of chivalry he draped it over her shoulders. She smiled warmly, her eyes sexy blissed out slits.


The intern gulped and found the courage to speak up. “Miss McArthur, you were so awesome! I mean if I had a girlfriend I would want her too…”


“Gee, you’re sweet,” she murmured softly. “What’s your name?”


“Tony?” Confusion trembled in his voice.


“You’re not sure it’s Tony?” she teased.


“It’s Tony.”

“You don’t have a girlfriend, Tony?” Her voice was wistful and creamy.




“Come sit with me, Tony, and keep me company.” She patted the space next to her on the air mattress. Tony looked over where the crew was packing away gear. “They won’t mind,” Kimberly cooed.


He sat, folding his hands in his lap and too shy to look at the beauty sitting next to him. Kimberly gently patted his thigh.


“I’m kind of surprised that you don’t have a girlfriend, Tony. You’re cute.”


“The pimples…you know…”


“I didn’t even notice, Tony. I bet all you need is a little confidence.” She gave his thigh a sexy squeeze.


They sat in silence for a minute and then the luscious playmate whispered gently, “Do you want to come under the blanket with me Tony?” She didn’t wait for a response; she draped the blanket around both of them.


She kissed him gently and lovingly. Not knowing how he got there he was soon on his back with her naked body over him. She peeled his pants off slowly, not letting him get too aroused. She straddled him and with her own hands she guided his cock into her. He popped right away but she stroked his face and encouraged him to keep going. “You’re so good, Tony, so strong, I love you inside me,” she purred and she kept him pumping into her for a long time before they both exploded into a frothy frenzy of orgasmic bliss.


She lay on his chest and looked up at him worshipfully. “Do you have a car, Tony?”


“My uncle’s, he got me this gig.”


“Would your uncle mind if you gave me a ride home Tony?”


“I don’t think so.”


“And Tony…Could you…I mean only if you want to…Could you maybe spend the night with me? I’ll cook you a nice breakfast.”


“Sure Miss McArthur.”


“Call me Kimberly, OK? And Tony? You don’t mind that I don’t have any pajamas for you?”


“No Miss…Kimberly.”

She pouted for a moment and spoke almost to herself, “Golly, I don’t even have any pajamas for myself.” She beamed at him. “Is that OK, Tony?”


He nodded.


“And Tony…Is it OK if we sleep in the same bed? It’s kind of small but I like to cuddle.”


“OK Miss…I mean Kimberly.”


“And Tony…Can we make love a lot? I mean I have a late call tomorrow and, gee, you’re awfully sweet.”


Tony was a very happy young man.



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