Kelly Monaco's contract

Kelly Monaco's contract

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Kelly Monaco, Miss April 1997, reads the fine print in her contract


Kelly Monaco, Miss April 1997, reads the fine print in her contract


Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013



The party seemed frozen in time twice over.

For the publisher it flowed before him in a stream of glitter and lights and girls, beautiful girls. These parties introduced promising playmates to the world of Playboy and Playboy, in turn, introduced the nubile girls to the world. Like the buzzing assembly crammed here now in his living room.

The publisher noticed a trio of college boys, part of the frat crowd he regularly brought to the Mansion to entertain the playmates. The three young men looked overwhelmed by the banquet of carnal delights surrounding them. The publisher smiled indulgently, knowing that after a few of these parties all three of the young men will be expert at bedding down delectable playmates. He glanced across the room to his friend Peter, who, in addition to investing a lot of the publisher’s vast fortune, was an expert scout for the magazine, over the years finding dozens of fresh young things to grace the centerfold wherever he went.

The investor was scanning the bevy of beauties planning his conquest for the night. The publisher shook his head disbelieving that his friendship with Peter could now be measured in decades. And over these decades the publisher’s empire had grown large and powerful.

He felt like a king, pleased with himself as he surveyed his domain, the endless parade of pulchritude night after night, month after month, centerfold after centerfold, year after year after year, girl after girl after glorious girl. He licked his lips as the new flock of future playmates was ushered into the room.

For Kelly Monaco time stood still as she drank in the dazzling lights and the heat of the room; even after a week of these parties she was still insecure around so many glitteringly glamorous women so she nervously glanced at her own reflection in a floor to ceiling mirror, wishing she had worn ruby slippers so she could whisk herself home. She was dressed deliciously in a tight black outfit, the skirt short enough to display her firm athletic thighs and barely covering the flawless globes of her ass, the top risqué enough to plunge daringly low both front and back. Kelly’s natural voluptuous breasts floated gently under snug bands of black silk, her nipples bursting hard and firm under the thin fabric.

She caught those eyes again in the glass; the old man was looking at her with a voracious grin on his face. She had heard about the publisher’s appetite for fresh young girls and Kelly was as innocent and fresh as the bursting of spring flowers. Her only lover an older man back home, she wondered what would happen here at the Mansion.

She watched herself in the glass and watched men ogle her body. Three young men leered at her and grinned into the mirror, one of them making a sophomorically crude suggestion for her with his hands. With a scowl that could not hide her warm sex appeal Miss April shifted her eyes once more. The frame of the mirror seemed to trap her; the publisher’s gaze hooked into her again. He couldn’t help licking his lips; she was graceful and beautiful in a quintessentially sexy way, with fine skin and dark hair and brown eyes, a look intensified by her black blouse and skirt.

Her curvy body trembled, a shimmering flash of black silk in the mirror, her eyes wide with trepidation having caught that lust filled gaze on her yet again. Frightened, she shifted away from the mirror, careful not to turn back to face the publisher directly. Her gaze fixed on another older man, impeccably dressed in sports coat and khaki pants, rugged but well groomed like Indiana Jones cleaned up for a court date. She could tell from his sly smile that he had been watching her for awhile already. He nodded his approval with an insolent confidence that annoyed and intrigued the young girl. Kelly, demure and embarrassed, dropped her eyes to the floor. When she lifted them she saw the publisher snaking through the crowd, heading in her direction.

Time stood still for Kelly. She observed the sensual eagerness of the publisher as he crept towards her. She could feel the strong commanding eyes of the man in the sports coat stripping off her dress from the other side of the room. She heard the lewd comments from the three men as they boasted to each other about what they would do to Kelly’s scrumptious body. Suddenly she felt the fire of a dozen pairs of masculine eyes stripping her down, hovering over her tingling skin; the dozen became a hundred. The room seethed with a lustful desire for her body; she could feel hundreds of eager hands reaching for her helpless flesh. Her shoes didn’t wait for the tap of heel on heel or the magic incantation; they turned Kelly’s voluptuous body around and rushed her out of the party.

The tiny girl in the tight black dress looked like a tornado rushing up the grand stairs, running up and away until she ran into the small room she’d been given. The shoes flew off her feet as she leapt onto the bed; she buried her pretty head under a fluffy pillow and she shrieked in panicky exasperation.

The party carried on downstairs as Kelly got ready for bed; she had an early call, she sniffed to herself to justify her early departure from the party. She shuddered as cold air kissed her bare flesh as she peeled peeled the diaphanous silk dress off of her moist silken skin. She slipped her plush nude body between the satin sheets and hugged a fluffy pillow to her lush heaving breasts. Drifting into a dream she kissed the pillow tenderly, letting the man slide his hands between her legs, opening up her thighs. Kelly sighed as the mysterious dark stranger, smelling of the outdoors—polo, yes, he’s a polo player she decided with a shiver of excitement; suave, stylish, he embraced the voluptuous Kelly and she swooned into the dream.

Kelly awoke to sheer white curtains fluttering in the sun-kissed breeze as they stretched out like eager fingers to caress the sleeping playmate’s bare thighs. The satin sheets were in complex twists and knots—the victim of her restless sensual dreams; the fluffy pillows looked like they’d been wrung like towels. Kelly’s nude body glowed with sleepsweat in the morning sunlight; her dark hair, glamorously disheveled, streamed over her bare shoulders and back. Kelly, face down on the mattress, still tingled from the pleasuring of her dream lover; kept her eyes closed in an effort to hold secure the lush sensual memories. She sighed and turned over, stretching her supple limbs to the sun and letting her magnificent chest spread out like two pools of cream.

With reluctance she opened one eye then the other; she giggled delightfully to the sunlight then sat up in bed pulling the sheets shyly around her waist. Her gaze lighted upon a white envelope under the door. Kelly stretched and yawned then pouted at the envelope; she knew it was the itinerary for her day. She practically knew it by heart now after a week at the mansion: 8 to 9 gym, 9 to 10 breakfast, 11 to 1 spa and gym, 1 to 3 fittings, 3 o’clock lunch!! (Only in the decadence of the Playboy Mansion she tisked.) But everything was scheduled: 4 to 8 photo shoot, 8:30 dinner, then another of the endless parties- bacchanals really, she thought to herself, scrunching her cute nose in prim disapproval. It had been the same everyday for a week; once Kelly got over her panic about taking her clothes off, doing her playmate spread was easy and fun but the busy schedule and the expectation to mingle at parties was exhausting.

She twisted her body and dropped her legs over the side of the bed, curling her bare toes into the plush carpet. Wrapping the sheet demurely over her chest she bent down and picked up the envelope. She pursed her lips for a moment, noticing that itinerary seemed much thicker today. She sank backwards pulling the sheet under her chin.

Stretching out one slender finger she used her well manicured nail as a paper cutter on the seam. Inside, along with the usual one typed sheet, Kelly found an intimidating looking legal document, rich creamy stationary with the familiar Bunny logo. Her wide eyes, gold highlights flicking in the dark brown gaze, scanned over the official looking text and stamps. One phrase leapt out: We are evoking  Article Eighteen of the previous contract.  Article Eighteen. The heavy paper slipped from her trembling hands. She remembered back home, sitting with the lawyers as she signed the playmate contracts; the lawyer was slow and deliberate, tapping the page several times in emphasis. “You understand fully what’s required of you if they exercise their option on this point. The choice is completely up to the corporation. The photos will be…Well, we’ve gone over that.” He nervously adjusted his glasses over his nose, anxious to change the subject. “All the models in this particular shoot will be signing over all copyrights.”

Blah, blah, blah. Kelly remembered the words but didn’t take them seriously. She couldn’t imagine that anything like this could have happened. As the white pages fluttered to the floor Kelly heard the lawyer’s voice echoing from all those weeks ago: “Make sure that you understand the implication of  Article Eighteen before you sign. They probably won’t evoke their option but know what you’re getting into yadda, yadda, yadda.” At the time, all the young girl could think about was the glamour of becoming a model, a Playboy Playmate! Kelly hadn’t paid attention to the fine print; of course, it wouldn’t matter--  she was going to be a playmate. Now, as she lay back on the bed she knew that this evening she would be shooting explicit sex scenes and she was certain the publisher would choose himself as her modeling partner.

Unsure of what she was feeling Kelly snapped the white sheet into the air, letting it spread out wide like a wave in a storm then float gently down to cover her nude body from pretty little head to cute little toes. She blew at the fabric when it fluttered onto her lips and she lifted one graceful arm, forming a tent over herself.

She felt girlish and secretive hiding under the sheet like this; the defused light of the sun still licked her unblemished skin but she felt cut off from the world for a moment, safe. Her mind stretched out to the papers on the floor and she tried to decide how she felt about the itinerary and  Article Eighteen. She knew that being a playmate meant being a sex symbol; she knew all the other girls gleefully embraced the almost pagan lifestyle of sex, luxury, and more sex. But the lovely Miss April was not as daring.

Kelly loved sex; even now she licked her lips, conjuring up her dream lover and letting him pour an endless flood of his seed into her dark secret place. She knew when she signed on as a Playboy model that she was opening the door to sexual adventure. But the publisher…she realized he wanted her from the first night which is why she always made early escapes from the parties. But she couldn’t escape  Article Eighteen.

Kelly pursed her full rosy lips and looked down at her luscious body glowing in the white light under the sheet. The publisher. She shrugged. She didn’t mind that he was old; heck, the man who deflowered her was an older man too. What troubled her, what she resented, was submitting to the power.

The playmate stretched out one of her lithe shapely legs, pointing her toes into the air so the sheet tented over her more. She watched her bouncy full breasts quiver as she breathed and she gazed down along her flat belly, down along the well groomed patch of her bush. Her tender fingers crept towards her eager slit. Maybe if she touched herself she could relieve the tension.

A knock on the door broke her reverie. “It’s almost 8, Miss Monaco,” the butler said perkily then he went to the next playmate’s door. Kelly threw back the sheet and the sunlight pounced on her nude body. She decided not to think about  Article Eighteen. She had a busy day and time enough to think about the publisher later.

The day whizzed by as she knew it would. The schedule had been switched around so she was spending most of the afternoon in a photo shoot. They were set up by the pool where the entire area had been roped off to give them privacy; Kelly wore a lifeguard outfit as she fetchingly posed in a changing room and in a chaise lounge and on the diving board.

They had been working on this layout for a few days already and it was one of the young girl’s favorites. She had seen the slides yesterday and she knew she looked really sexy against the cobalt blue of the water. She was amused that they were shooting ‘day for night,’ shooting in the daylight but using filters so that the rich cerulean light of the sun bouncing off the pool translated into a sensual sapphire glow, hinting at a sexy late night skin dipping session. Playboy was all about fantasy.

It had been a long shoot. The enthusiastic and nubile young model had worked hard; she knew she had done well. The crew was winding down, starting to pack up, and Kelly was in one more pose, her supine body languid and serene in stark contrast to the busy crew around her; she was face down on the canvas chair, her plump ass glorious, the life guard tank top rolled up over her luscious breasts, the rich mouthwatering nipples pressed into the canvas and out of sight. The sweet girl let her tongue wander teasingly over the lifeguard whistle as she smiled seductively for the camera.

So focused was she on her work that she didn’t notice the two men who stepped over the ropes marking the pool area as a workspace for the day. She didn’t notice the crew glance at each other as if royalty had entered the room. She did notice when the camera shutter stopped blowing kisses to her. Looking up she saw the photographer and the producer talking to a gray haired man with his back to her.  The producer nodded, then the photographer nodded; he took one last appreciative look at Kelly’s picture perfect derrière and started to pack his gear. The producer came over to the model and dropped down on his heels so his head was close to hers.

“Kelly, we’re going to wrap up for the day,” he said but then his kindly gaze turned serious, “Another crew is here for, well, there’s another crew taking over.”

 Article Eighteen flashed like a red warning light in her mind.

Kelly nodded and turned her head so she could look out over the gleaming sapphire water. She rested her soft face on her crossed arms and cleared her mind, ignoring the efficient clatter of the photo crew moving out as she lay there beautifully soaking up the sun. She lay perfectly still, knowing the next touch on her skin would be the publisher’s covetous grasping fingers.

She lay there a long while, long after the crew had gone; she looked like a water nymph as the sunset poured over her flesh.  The heat of the sun oozed into her moist flesh soothing and erasing all the concerns in her head.

Time slipped away quietly; without warning a shadow crossed over her body and she saw a man’s reflection, a shifting kaleidoscope of cubist images flickering over the choppy water.

With an unhurried, elegant, controlled gesture she lifted her lovely head and turned to see standing above her an attractively dressed man, maybe in his late fifties, and she remembered seeing him at the party, and now he was here, offering his wide smile to her.

"Well Kelly, are you ready for our shoot?" he said.

"Who are you?" Something in his suave leer and elegant clothes annoyed her; he looked like a model for GQ. She wondered if he were here to procure her for the publisher.

The man stood there with the sun behind him which made him seem even more tall and powerful, his body tightly wound, almost bursting with energy. Blinded by the sinking sun the young girl could barely make out his silky shrewd smile. She wanted to slap away his insolence. Kelly looked past him to another man who seemed older, more still and quiet; he glanced at Kelly, offering a slight smile and he bent down to pull some cameras out of a bag.

The man in front of her spoke. "I want to introduce myself, I'm Peter and I'm  sort of a scout for Playboy. Of course, you didn’t need to be scouted. There’s no way Playboy wasn’t going to find a fine looking beauty like you.” He paused, waiting for Kelly to react. She gaped at him impassively. “And this is Dan; he’s an old friend and he's going to take our pictures for us." Dan raised his camera to Kelly as if in salute.

Peter stood above her silent and smiling, patient; the comfortable familiarity of time slipped over him like a glove; everything he was doing now he had done before, many times, starting with that buxom shy virgin in Florida so long ago. The words and motions were the same but different. Kelly was here and fresh and ready, vibrant and sensuous. He waited calmly, assured that his prize was close.

Kelly continued to gaze cool
and aloof. The sun was finally having its way with her; her mind meandered lugubriously, like she was an exotic desert animal sunning herself on a rock and slowly awaking. She kept staring at Peter, drinking in his rugged masculinity and his confident style. Was he taking her to the publisher now? Pulling her brain back from the haze of the lazy sunshine, she struggled to re-wind his speech. She had heard his words but they didn’t make sense. “He's going to take our pictures for us,” she repeated silently. What does that mean? She peered more closely into Peter’s face, shading her deep brown dancing eyes with her hand.

The words rushed through her again like a puzzle she needed to sort out.  He's going to take our pictures for us. Us. Me and you. Article Eighteen. He’s taking our pictures. I’m going to fuck you. Peter’s mouth wasn’t moving; he had that same impudent smile and was silent but still his words rang in her ears. He's going to take our pictures. You and me. Me inside of you. Me fucking you. Kelly gasped. Everything seemed to be happening so fast, like a fairy tale. She suddenly burst into giddy girlish laughter. The words crystallized and danced, coming together to form the shadow of her dream lover. Him, here, now.

Her realization burst out like fireworks. She smiled at Peter, nodding as if she finally was let in on the joke. “Oh, yes, I see; I get it. He’s going to take the pictures for us. You and me. OF us.” She nodded again. “Hello Dan,” she giggled, looking past the man standing above her. Stand unobtrusively in the background, Dan gave her a slight wave and lifted his camera to his face and began to shoot. Kelly turned her sultry gaze back to Peter. “Hello, Peter,” she breathed huskily and the two words promised a long night of bliss.

With time and his victory washing over him, Peter savored the pleasure of anticipation, the familiar sensations of tasting a playmate. He was pleased at her laughter and looked down at her. He stretched out a hand, his palm cool on Kelly’s sunwarmed nude skin. His fingers grazed appreciatively over the smooth orbs of her bare bottom. "Why don’t you turn over so we can see you better?"

"I won’t."


"Don’t want to.”

"Don’t you want Dan to take your picture? Your breasts are so pretty."

Kelly stayed still but her smile was enticing. She closed her eyes to soak up the cool touch of his palm as it glided up her spine. The hand slipped under her long luxuriant brown hair and caressed her neck

The back of his hand brushed her check and over her mouth; her rose-moist lips parted and left a few jewel-like dew drops on his fingers. The hand touched her shoulders and slid down her slender arm until he interlocked his fingers in hers and lifted her up from the chair.

Her body rose up, chic and graceful, unfolding miraculously like a flower suddenly blooming in the sun. He stood close so that the tiny girl’s body slinked up his torso. The lifeguard tee shirt was cut off at the bottom; when it slipped down over her lush breasts it barely covered her nipples but she was nude, heavenly naked, from her ribcage down to her toes.

His fingers grazed her shoulders and, hovering over her skin without touching, dropped down to her hands. He lifted one hand to his lips and kissed it, a cavalier seducing a courtesan.  He caught sight of the plastic sports watch on her wrist and smirked. Looking into her eyes his finger nimbly undid the fastening.

Kelly stood perfectly still, cheekily returning his gaze as he worked slowly on the tiny buckle. Time stood still as the plastic band relaxed its grip on her slender wrist. The unhurried removal of the watch was suddenly the sexiest encounter in her young life. She sighed as the watch slipped off her wrist; he didn’t even look at it, keeping his commanding gaze on her as, with an insolent flick of his hand, he tossed the watch into the pool. The delicate splash broke her reverie and she knew she would submit to him.

The curvy playmate stretched her arms up around his neck and standing on tip toe bent her head back as she parted her lips. His tongue was a sharp vibrant sword pushing between her lips. She responded, pouring her sweet pink tongue, sunlight, and honey into his mouth. His hands were everywhere, fondling her flawless ass, caressing her back, and lovingly cupping her heaving breasts.

The kiss promised everything to come and cried out her submission. She could feel his arousal pressing into her and she squirmed eagerly into his mouth, her body wriggling sweetly over his as she surrendered. She snapped her head back, gasping for air and giggling with excitement. “Hello Dan,” she sang out again delightfully. “Are you getting good pictures?” Without waiting for an answer she narrowed her vibrant eyes to sultry slits and stared into Peter’s face. “It’s you and me, right? I mean,” she gulped, “You’re the model for this.” Peter’s face was still, expectant; he waited for the girl to yield entirely. “You and I are going to…we’re going to do everything,” she suddenly gushed with intensity.  She paused and bit her lip. “We’re going all the way, right?” The last word had a shy, tantalizing uncertainly that pleased Peter. Still he was silent. “I guess we better get started,” she said in a low husky voice.

Without a word Peter fingered the whistle dangling around her throat. He tugged it until there was a slight pressure on the back of her neck, then like a master at a slave auction he pulled the cord and the tender young girl was led to a bungalow near the pool. Kelly’s bare feet padded quietly on the pool deck as she submissively followed. Dan lingered a moment, snapping a few shots of her bouncing rear as she headed into the door. With a chuckle Dan lifted up his bag and followed the two inside.

The bungalow was already set for the shoot. Kelly recognized the familiar lights but paused when she realized that they surrounded the bed. An ice bucket on a silver tripod was already cooling wine and two expensive flute glasses were perched on the nightstand waiting for the revels. Kelly froze in the doorway, reluctant to step inside but Peter gave a firm demanding tug on the whistle and she moved forward.

He let Kelly get adjusted to the dimmer light; the only sound was the camera clicking away as Dan circled around the couple. The bed was only a few feet away but the young girl studiously averted her eyes. She felt Peter’s hand pull the whistle over her head and toss it away. Like a good slave, she lifted her arms to help him remove her tee shirt. The camera snapped hungrily as her shapely breasts bounced into view.

They kissed, a long fiery dance between their tongues with their teeth clapping along. Even through his clothes he could feel the firm stabs of Kelly’s nipples against his chest. He let his hands cover her ass, demonstrating to the camera that he could possess her. He broke the kiss to turn her around, pulling her back against his chest and fondling her breasts for the camera, staking his claim, taking his prize. He cupped her sex in one hand as he pulled a breast up with the other, stretching his neck over her shoulder so he could engulf an excited nipple in his mouth; Kelly swooned as his lips and teeth taunted her sensitive flesh.

Kelly’s tiny hands were everywhere. She struggled to reach behind her back and unbutton his shirt but the best she could do was yank the shirttails free. Her fingers fumbled over the belt buckle. The camera applauded her, urged her on, taking frame after frame of her glorious body as her naked bottom ground into his pelvis. The flash exploded over and over, a series of supernovas to match her excitement.

Finally she couldn’t stand it any more; she twisted around and with fanatic lust she started to tear off his clothes. His expensive sports coats fell to the floor. She ripped at the shirt with so much fury that the tiny white buttons flew into her face as she tore the shirt open. Her nails scratched over his chest and his back. Her hands trembled as they undid the belt, causing the buckle to jingle merrily. She pulled the leather out of the loops and snapped the belt like a whip before gleefully tossing it away.

Kelly glanced at Dan shooting away cheerfully; it looked like the camera was part of his face. She tingled with delight feeling the shutter kiss her naked skin over and over. The luscious girl knelt down in front of the man, a submissive delicate love slave. She fought to control her eagerness, moving in a lingering sexy ballet  to slip off both his shoes and tug off his socks. Her motions became excruciatingly protracted and deliberate as she pressed a cheek against his leg and snaked her body up against him until her eyes were level to the zipper of his pants.

She looked up at him shyly, seeking permission and when he nodded she unhurriedly began to unzip  the fly. One of her tender hands slid in the opening and her fingers, gentle but unwavering, wrapped one at a time around his shaft.

“Mmmmmm,” she purred with approval. “This is nice and hard.” She let her hand glide down the length of the rod. “And long,” she said almost disbelieving what she found.

Her warm loving fingers were heavenly and Peter could have stayed that way forever but Dan was working hard and it was time to move. He unbuttoned the pants and let them fall around his ankles. Her graceful hand lingered inside his boxers, her fingers squeezing and releasing over his throbbing shaft. She let go with reluctance and let him lift her up by her shoulders. Bending her down, he kissed her for a third time, letting his fingers squeeze and caress and poke and prod every inch of her naked flesh. Kelly kept her arms around his neck but squeezed his rock hard cock between her warm moist thighs.

Peter’s hands circled over her plump juicy ass and, lifting one hand to a space between her shoulders, swept one arm under her legs and lifted her up.

Kelly gave a delighted whoop as she was carried to the bed.

All this seemed wonderfully familiar to Peter. The lights around the bed, the eager nubile girl. Dan’s camera capturing everything. He thought back to the first playmate he tasted almost thirty years ago. A willing buxom virgin. He thought of every other playmate he had but the beautiful Miss April wiped away all memories. She was the here and now. This girl was delicious and he was going to have her. Time flooded into an endless bliss. Kelly snuggled into the sheets, delighting in the cool kiss of silk against her warm skin.  Dan picked up his camera and each click sent a lightening flash of arousal up her spine. She looked at the lens as if it were her lover too; she vamped like a burlesque queen and offered her smoldering gaze to the camera. Feeling wildly sexy, she hugged herself, lifting her glorious mounds to the lens.

Dan continued to shoot, frame after frame, each more sexy than the last. The pliant girl let Peter gently push her down onto the bed. This girl was his, here now, just like all the others for thirty years. But she was alive and willing; he was going to fuck her just like all the others. He smiled and let the bliss of time wash over him; he let the familiar mystery unfold. He spoke as he had many, many times before. “Just look at the camera, honey,” he said kissing her belly and making her giggle. But he didn’t stop there; his lips left a moist trail from her navel down to her dark slick bush.  

“What are you doing?” she gasped but her hands held his head instinctively over her sex. The camera kissed her over and over again.

“Shhh,” Peter commanded. His hands moved firmly to spread her thighs and the first lick of his tongue on her sensitive skin made her squeal, then sigh, then swoon. The camera recorded each flash of bliss on her face and the swell and arousal of her breasts. “Just look at the camera; I’m going to eat you,” Peter said.

Time stood still for the delicious playmate. Peter moved like a man in a trance; he was making love to her she knew but she knew too that he was making love to all women. He was repeating a ritual of lust and Kelly was playing her part delightfully. The words and actions shimmered over her body and echoed through countless bedrooms. Kelly sighed; the touch of his tongue on her inner thighs was liquid fire and she let out a groan of pleasure. The tongue danced and twirled and kissed, delighting in the sweetness of her fresh skin; his teeth nibbled and teased as his mouth moved closer and closer to her honeyed slit.

The first flick of his tongue over the sweet lips of her sex caused the innocent girl to jump with a start; the camera recorded the blaze in her eyes as the tongue dipped in again and again, twisting and writhing, as if to fuck her.

The lovely Kelly had no idea what she was feeling; energy throbbed inside her and she felt a storm brewing deep between her legs. Peter, a god now, had created this storm as he had so many times before, but now this storm was alive, here and now. Feeling his power, he gorged on her nectar.

She knew an orgasm was coming and Peter and Dan were pleased to find that she laughed through the tears of joy as her ecstasy exploded in a flood of honey into Peter’s mouth. Each click of the camera elevated the orgasm to a greater height. Peter slurped her up, tasting her fresh delights, the sweetest dessert after feasting on so many delicious playmates.

They weren’t done with their playmate yet. Kelly didn’t notice that Peter had dropped his boxers and her back was arched as he stretched over her body, nudging his legs between hers. He moved over her in the familiar choreography, the ancient dance of possession. He would take her soon, be inside her sweet tight sex soon, just as it had been so many times before. But this was the best. She was here now, alive, willing and giving; he was going to fuck her.

He held her face in one hand, kissing her hard and hungry before turning her eyes to the lens. “Watch the camera, baby,” he growled, words he had used many times before. He pinned her wrists to the bed, spreading her chest as a feast under him. Kelly felt something hot and hard and hungry pushing between her legs but she couldn’t help staring into the lens of the clicking camera.

Peter leaned his face over her ears and whispered. “You’re a beautiful girl, Kelly; I’m going to fuck you, now.” Her hair shimmered as she nodded her assent slowly. “Yes, I’m going to fuck your beautiful body.”

“Yes,” the submissive girl hissed.

With that he thrust deep into her and the camera in rapid flashes caught her terror, her anguish, her surrender, then her sweet descent into ecstasy. A dozen stunning faces, gorgeous playmates he’d had before-- they rushed through his skull but Kelly’s angel face, so sexy and eager was the center of his attention and was all he could see, all he wanted.

He plunged all the way into her, smashing her with one sharp blow; he paused and let her tightness squeeze over his throbbing cock. He released her wrists and slid his arms under her shoulders, pulling her chest against his. Like a ballet dancer he was repeating a gesture executed many times before, but like the dancer this performance, here now, was all that mattered. Joining the erotic pas deux, her arms wrapped around his neck; her legs tightened over his.

He pulled out slowly then glided in again gently; the shifting of his body caused her creamy breasts to wriggle against his chest. Each time he repeated the thrust her sex squeezed even tighter around his cock. In and out slowly, savoring each tingle of her tight willing body, he thrust and pushed, letting his cock caress her sweetest spots.

Kelly received him eagerly, looking into his eyes, then into the lens, letting the camera share in her bliss. She could feel his cock getting harder, hotter, throbbing inside her; she wanted him to go deeper and began to squeeze with her legs and arms, her body undulating under him.

She loved sex with him, fucking him, letting him fuck her; she giggled, knowing her body was getting him more and more aroused with each thrust. He pushed in deep, slid out and pushed in even deeper, more frantic and more urgent—faster and faster.  He drilled into her, like he had drilled into that first playmate nearly thirty years ago; dozens of beautiful playmates flashed before him but Kelly’s lovely impassioned face filled his brain. Everything thing was the same but the sensations here now had a heightened ethereal quality as if he were truly fucking an angel.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes” she sizzled like a fire cracker with each thrust, her breasts bouncing with elation as he rammed her innocence, harder and harder. Time stood still as he pounded deeper and deeper into her delicate body. He came in one huge fireball and her mouth made a wide O of shock as he filled her for a long time with his flaming bliss. He guided her fingers into her sex and helped her to work her own clit into a frenzy of orgasm even as he continued to spill into her. She made history, coming in a conflagration of emancipation, surrendering to his lust and submitting gleefully. The camera captured the exquisiteness of her ecstasy.

The orgasm filled the lovely young playmate with unrelenting energy; arms and legs wrapped around him and with a gush of elation she rolled him over on his back as she smothered his face with adoring kisses. She paused only long enough to grin at Dan who still hid behind his busy camera.

“You getting all this, Danny boy?” she sang out happily as her orgasm rushed through every nerve of her body.

Peter gasped for air but couldn’t help but grin too. “Not bad, for an old man,” he panted.

Kelly licked over his face and neck and ears, without warning biting down on the muscles of his chest. At the same time her dainty hand reached down to stoke up his cock again. Peter winced but his shaft sprang into action quickly. “Well, old man, looks like we got another dance coming,” the playmate purred appreciatively, letting her finger tips trace the throbbing veins of his cock.

“So you want to play, honey?” he growled. “Come here!” With brute force he pushed her off his chest and springing off the bed he pulled Kelly with him.

“Make sure you have plenty of film, Dan,” he barked. He dropped to the floor, lying on his back while he guided Kelly over him, arranging her legs in a straddling position over his hips.

Planting his feet and hands firmly on the floor he slowly raised his knees and chest; he ordered the eager girl to rise up over him as he lifted himself.  Bracing one of her hands on his chest and another behind her back on his thigh she slowly rose, staring into his face with a challenging glint in her eyes. She could already see the strain on his muscles as his arms straightened behind his back and his torso rose facing upward. He kept his back straight and it looked like Kelly was straddling a coffee table. She was standing on her feet, and felt his cock rubbing along her slit; she lifted herself on her toes and the cock pounced into her sweet slit. She crouched down and savored the pressure of penetration into her tight tight sex. She heard the shutter clicking furiously as Dan shot away at her luscious heaving breasts. She smiled down at Peter as his shaft vibrated inside her. She closed her eyes, dropped her head back and commenced to gyrate away.

Up and down she bounced with joy; the camera could see everything: her breasts dancing to the rhythms of their fucking, his cock pistoning in and out of her dewy moist pussy, her ass jiggling magnificently as her thighs opened and closed over him.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah baby, yeah,” she squealed happily as he struggled to keep his body in position. Just when he thought he was going to snap Kelly dropped backwards and fell to the floor. Her slit made a loud popping noise as his cock abruptly pulled out, but Peter, invigorated by the girl’s joy, pounced forward and rammed back into her. She greedily wrapped her legs and arms around him and thrust up against him.

She grew tighter and tighter and more and more wild with each stroke into her impossibly sweet sex. Kelly felt the fires inside her spreading out to burn her, him, Dan, the entire room. She pressed her tiny hands on each side of his face. “I love your big fat cock deep inside me,” she purred, making Peter even harder and more furious in his drilling. “Yes, baby, yes, I love it.”

In and out and in and out of the lovely young girl, his cock wouldn’t give up.”

“I love your cock, baby,” she sobbed, knowing her orgasm would be barreling up her spine at any moment. “Come for me, baby; fill me up. Please,” she begged, desperate now, her orgasm vibrating her body as if it were a freight train roaring down a steep grade, “Please come in me; come in me, baby, please.”

Suddenly he let loose a single burst, firing deep into her womb and she gasped from the overwhelming heat. Her own orgasm was about to roar into the station. Still thrusting and gyrating herself against him, her eyes brimmed with tears. “That’s it, baby, fill me up.” Another volley from his cock brought on another sob. Her body rattled but she resisted opening the gates to the locomotive thundering down the tracks with her bliss.

One more load blasted into her, hot and potent. “Oh baby, I love it,” she cooed, barely able to breathe. Her creamy breasts were mashed against his chest, her nipples jabbing into him. Peter lifted himself on his arms, still thrusting in and out of her pussy; he wanted to position himself to finish her off. Kelly knew what was coming and she shifted her body, spreading her legs and arms wide; Dan’s camera had a perfect view of the feast of her breasts and Peter bent down to lick each delectable nipple.

“Come in me, baby,” Kelly begged as the camera captured her angel face.

Time froze; Kelly and Peter didn’t move. With wide eyes the enchanting girl let the rumble of his seed flooding into his shaft vibrate both of them. Then he came, a long, unhurried, huge freight train of ecstasy rolling into her, filling her. Bliss oozed into her delicious body as what seemed to be gallons of his seed flooded her depth. Warning bells rang in her head and the train of her orgasm smashed down the barriers and she melted into ecstasy.

Kelly had no idea how she got back into her room. Morning burst in again to arouse the peaceful drowsy girl and the sheer white curtains happily danced in the same sun-kissed breeze and the gauzy fabric once more fluttered towards the bed to once again caress the sleeping playmate’s bare thighs and the familiar white envelope whispered genially as it slid under the door. Still tingling from the long night of making love with Peter, she bound out of bed and tore open the message. She scanned it quickly and grinned.  The itinerary was the same old thing: 8 to 9 gym, 9 to 10 breakfast, 11 to 1 spa and gym, 1 to 3 fittings, blah, blah, blah, but the last entry read ‘9:30PM to ? video shoot’ and this line was circled in red and written next to it in the same red ink, etched firmly on to the page with a strong masculine hand were two words:  Article Eighteen.


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