Kelly Monaco gets what she wants

Kelly Monaco gets what she wants

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Kelly Monaco, Miss April 1997, has plans, big plans.


Kelly Monaco, Miss April 1997, has plans, big plans.


Submitted: June 16, 2013

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Submitted: June 16, 2013



Kelly Monaco liked baby sitting for the Hendersons; they paid well and always came home on time.  The kids went to bed early so Kelly had plenty of time to talk on the phone, watch TV, or even do homework. Tonight when they came home the couple seemed to have been bickering though, and Kelly could smell booze on Mrs. Henderson’s breath. Mr. Henderson stood by the door while his wife paid her.  Kelly heard Mrs. Henderson let out a disdainful grunt when Mr. Henderson said he’d drive Kelly home.


“I don’t need a ride. It’s just a few blocks,” Kelly said, squeezing past him.  She brushed against the firm muscles of his arm and her full breasts pushed briefly into him.


“That’s alright, I need the air,” he said, taking her arm and guiding the young girl to his car. Kelly felt his hand clutch her shoulder as he escorted her to the passenger side and held the door for her. “Do you mind taking the long way?” he asked and slammed the door closed before she could respond.


The car went the opposite direction from her house. Kelly leaned against her door and sucked a finger coyly as she watched the man drive through the night. His jaw was set grimly and his knuckles were almost white from gripping the wheel so tightly. She reached over and turned on the radio, letting her hand lightly touch his leg for one warm flash of a moment. Soft jazz purred out from a college station.


Kelly glanced out the window and noticed that they were driving into one of the large municipal parks; her eyes widened when the car pulled up by a secluded lake, one of the favorite make out spots among the local teens.  In fact, two cars were parked there already and Kelly could see, in the pale moonlight, that their windows were steamed up.


“Mr. Henderson, what are we doing here?” Kelly’s voice was soft and timorous but she had a hopeful smile on her face.  She’d had a thing for him for a long time.


Mr. Henderson stared straight ahead.  “I’m sorry,” he spoke almost to himself, “I just wanted to look out at the water and clear my head.” He looked at the young girl sitting next to him.  “I guess I didn’t want to be alone.”


Kelly sighed and snuggled up against him for warmth as she turned her gaze out the window.  “It sure is pretty here.” Her soft brown hair rested on his shoulder.


They sat like that for a long time. Kelly could hear him breathing in the sweet aroma of her hair and skin and she listened to his heart race every time she shifted her sexy body against his.


Suddenly, in a deliberate motion, he leaned forward and started the car.  Without a word they drove to her house.  An awkward few moments passed when he pulled into her drive and stopped the car. Kelly could feel the tension in his muscles as he sat gripping the wheel; impulsively she stretched up her neck and planted a moist kiss on his cheek before she scurried out of the car and into her house.


For the next few days, Kelly found excuses to hang around near Mr. Henderson’s real estate office; she was hoping to bump into him, but he wasn’t around. That Friday she went to a basketball game at school and they all went to a local diner for some coffee.  She was crowded into a booth with her girl friends when she saw Mr. Henderson standing by the counter paying his bill.  “Excuse me, girls,” she laughed as she climbed over several of her classmates.


“Hi Mr. Henderson,” she said brightly sideling over to the older man, “Do you think you could give me a ride home?”


Mr. Henderson took in the sight of the young girl standing so close she could touch him.  She was at least a foot shorter than his six foot plus frame. She wore a tight black skirt with white socks riding up to her thighs. Her belly was bare but her full breasts were covered by a form fitting lycra sports top, also black. A white sweater was draped over her shoulders.


He nodded his assent and noticed the evil twinkle that flashed in her eyes as she slipped her arm under his and they walked out of the diner.  In one last school girl gesture she turned around and leered at her girlfriends, then she disappeared into the night.


As they pulled into her drive he saw all the lights were out. “My mom and sisters must be out visiting; I’m sort of scared of going into the dark house alone,” she said warily, glancing at the black windows.


“I’ll go with you,” he said.  He led her to the door and took her key and opened it.  He stepped in first and turned on some lights.  “All clear,” he chuckled.


She slipped past him and tossed the sweater onto a chair. “Why don’t you sit down and I’ll get you a beer.”  Then she disappeared into the kitchen. Henderson looked around the room and with a shrug sat on the couch.


Kelly came back with two bottles. She handed one to him and, even with plenty of other chairs around, sat right next to him and pressed her thighs into his as she tapped their bottles together. “I won’t tell, if you won’t,” she laughed, then took a long pull of beer, making a show of twirling her tongue around the tip and the neck of the bottle. A little foam hung sexily on her lip before she wiped it with the back of her hand.


She watched with avid eyes as he drank his beer. When the bottle was empty she took it from him and put it on a table next to the couch. She had to stretch her body over his lap to reach.  Placing the bottle down, she twisted her torso so she could look up at him. She bit her lower lip as his warm hand rested on her bare belly. Her arms slid around his neck and he lifted her up by placing his other hand under her shoulders. Her eyes got wider and her moist lips parted slightly as her soft lovely face was raised to his.


Her tongue burst into his mouth like a thousand butterflies. Her hands stroked his face and hair as his fingers dug deep into her lush brown mane. She writhed against him, shifting her body towards the caresses of his hand which was gliding over the skin of her waist and belly. Both their eyes met and together they looked down at the two creamy mounds of Kelly’s breasts heaving under the tight top. With a delicate gesture, Kelly’s graceful fingers tugged on a string and in a slow erotic gesture pulled open the knot. The fabric was wrapped around her body but her breasts, hungry for his mouth, pushed out of the confines of the garment.


Kelly’s luscious breasts quivered like two creamy pools of milk.  Squeezing them together with his hands he let her pull his face into her rock hard nipples. His teeth clamped down and he sucked her flesh deep into his mouth. Kelly writhed with pleasure as her sweet mounds were pulled up into him.


The young girl wriggled and twisted uncontrollably as he chewed and slurped on each nipple in turn. She felt a hand slide up her skirt and brought her hand down to stop it.


“No, no,” she gasped helplessly as she rolled out from under him and stood up, pulling her delicious breasts from his mouth. At the same moment the headlights of her family’s car filled the room with light. Kelly panicked and pulled her top closed as she scurried up the stairs. Henderson had just enough time to straighten himself out before the front door opened.


“Hi,” he said standing, “Kelly was a little nervous being in the house alone, so she asked me to wait.” He headed for the door, slipping out smoothly before anybody could respond or notice the aroused bulge in his pants.


He drove home and his wife was surprised by his lust as he ripped off her clothes and screwed her on the kitchen table, then carried her upstairs to the bedroom.  Little did she know he was thinking about Kelly’s fresh young body.


Kelly spent the night thinking about Henderson; her hand found its way to her loins and she pleasured herself, wondering why she wanted this older man to possess her maidenhead.  She drifted to sleep dreaming of his cock.


Days went by; Henderson had little time for anything other than business and he had been rushing from closings at the bank to open houses, keeping himself focused on his work.  On Saturday one of his agents called in sick so Henderson had to cover an open house in a mansion on the outskirts of town. A few potential buyers showed but by the late afternoon it was clear nobody else was coming. He was starting to close the house when he saw a lithe, athletic figure strolling up the long drive; she must have taken the bus. She carried the open house sign in her hands, making sure that nobody else was coming.


Henderson was silent as he opened the front door but his lecherous grin told her that he knew what she was there for. Kelly smiled too as she crossed the threshold.  She held up a finger and caressed his lips, giving him a sly sidelong glance as she strutted sexily into the house.


“I’m guessing the master bedroom is upstairs,” she said dryly. She walked past him and started up the grand staircase. At the foot of the stairs she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it.  Walking up the stairs she pulled off her top and tossed it back down at him, giving him a brief flash of her huge and bouncy breasts before she disappeared up the stairs.


Henderson took his time, slipping out of his shoes and tugging off his tie. He stepped into the master bedroom and found Kelly kneeling on the bed. Her hands were on her hips and her luscious breasts jutted forward in offering to him. She licked her lips lasciviously, gazing at him with impish desire.


“Hi, Mr. Henderson,” she breathed gently, “I guess we’re finally alone.”


He stepped forward, stopping in front of her. “I guess we are. Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”


Kelly nodded.  Her soft and graceful hand began to unbutton his shirt. “I’ve been having sexy dreams about you,” she whispered, slowly spreading open his shirt and caressing the bare skin on his chest.


“What kind of dreams,” he managed to groan as the warmth of her moist breath on his chest drove him crazy. His fingers traced the curves of her waist and drew circles over her breasts and nipples.


Kelly’s hands tugged the shirt tails out, then worked eagerly to open his belt. Her fingers rested on his throbbing bulge. “I’ve been dreaming about this,” she whispered as she unzipped the pants, then pulled them down.


She glanced down at his naked shaft then gazed into his eyes with excitement. With his hand under her chin he pulled her face up and kissed her greedily. His other hand was rolling one nipple, then the other between his finger and thumb.


Her tongue danced happily in his mouth as she swayed sensuously caressing his skin with her body.


As he carefully caressed her writhing body, she grasped his erect cock and stroked it slowly. The relaxing massaging of his fingers on her skin soothed her as she fell back onto the bed, drawing his body over hers. The young girl slid her hand up and down his shaft. She could tell her attentions were having an effect on him when he moaned softly or his fingers halted their movements over her flesh.


Henderson’s fingers danced over her lovely body. All the while, Kelly's fingers continued to stroke up and down his cock. He leaned back and relished the sensation of her hand gliding over his shaft, giving himself over to the pleasure running through his body.


She watched him curiously as she brought her other hand up to fondle his sack, drawing a moan from deep inside him. His hips rocked in motion with her strokes as the tension built within him. With a guttural moan, his body jerked and thick bolt of his seed spurted from the tip of his cock. Surprised at the white liquid shooting from his dick, Kelly jumped as it splashed onto the bed; she giggled with delight.


Once the spasms rippling through his body subsided, Henderson pressed his lips against hers. His hands explored her supple body as his tongue licked across her bottom lip. A soft moan escaped her and vibrated against his mouth when he squeezed her ass and pulled her against him, his hardening cock pressing into her stomach. He kissed down her body, pausing for a moment when he reached her breasts. A sharp thrill ran through her as his tongue circled around her brown nipple. Arching against him, she moaned as he sucked the delicious peak into his mouth. Her fingers tangled in his hair as he swirled his tongue around her hard nub.


A whimper of protest passed her lips when his mouth released her nipple. His lips trailed downward, leaving wet spots on her skin as he traveled down her flat stomach. When he reached the soft curls on her mound, he diverted towards her thighs, which trembled under the brush of his lips. She bucked her hips upwards, trying to guide him to her pussy, which pulsed with need. He ignored her motions and continued down the inside of her thigh. When he reached her knee, he moved to the other leg and kissed upwards until he once again reached the area where her thigh and pussy joined.


Her sex was a vision of heaven, her waist narrow, her belly fluttering softly and the deep navel pulsing up and down with each breath.  The pale tan lines pointed to the triangle of her bush; her thighs plump and glowed with warmth.  The dewy curls over her slit over her slit dripped with her sweet nectar, but the lips of her sex burned red and hungry as they parted in offering.


He gripped the panties and ripped them away causing her to yelp and giggle.  But then she saw the lust in his eyes and she held her breath.  Her stomach flattened and her chest jutted out.  She spread out her arms in surrender as she parted her legs to him.


She moaned lustily when the flat of his tongue slid up one outer puffy lip and then down the other. He circled around and around until she felt she'd go mad with need. "Please," she begged as she pushed her pussy against his mouth. A hot stab of pleasure shot through her when his tongue delved between her swollen labia and flicked across her clit. He flicked her hot honey into his mouth.


He circled around her nub and she thrust against him, yearning for more direct contact. Teasing her, he'd go around and around, then flick against her clit before moving away once more. He brought her to the brink several times this way, and her skin was flushed pink as passion flowed through her body.


Moaning loudly, she bucked against him when he slid a finger inside her tight, wet pussy. She fucked against it as his tongue returned to her swollen nub more often, lashing against it and sending waves of pleasure rolling through her. Crying out, she pushed hard as he pressed a second finger inside her, stretching her virgin opening around his digits.


Now continually flicking against her clit, his tongue worked its magic, lapping at the engorged button as he fucked her with his fingers. A wave of heat suffused her, and her fingers dug into the straw as spasms rocked her body. Her brunette tresses whipped across her face as her head shook from side to side. As she came down from the passion high, he kissed back up her body and then lay beside her, pulling her into his arms. He wanted her to recover some from the pleasure enveloping her body before he showed her what it was like to have a cock slide deep inside her moist depths and bring her to a level of passion she'd never known.


Kelly lay sleepily embraced in Henderson's strong arms. Her body still throbbed pleasurably from the wonderful use of his tongue on her pussy.


She knew he was holding back for her. His hard cock pressed against her stomach, letting her know that he wanted her badly. A small spot of sticky fluid rubbed against her skin, and she idly wondered what it would taste like. Emboldened by the confidence of her lover, Kelly slid down his body until her face was even with his hard cock.


Marveling at the sight of the bumpy veins on its surface, she ran her fingertips over the shaft, delighting in how silky smooth the flesh felt while being hot to the touch at the same time. Tentatively, she flicked her tongue over the tip, which brought a moan from Henderson's mouth. The salty taste of his milky fluid bloomed on her tongue, and she ran it over the head, cleaning the rest of the pearly essence from the skin.


In the same way she had let her fingers play over the shaft, her tongue flitted over the warm flesh, tracing the lines of the veins as she coated his cock in glistening saliva. Circling her fingers around the base, she pulled it slightly away from his body and hesitantly wrapped her lips around the head. Sliding down, she engulfed the head, letting her tongue flick over the sensitive ridge at the bottom of the crown.


Slowly, she sank down, squeezing her lips against his shaft as she moved. When she took him as far inside her mouth as she could manage, she slid back up. Henderson placed his hands lightly on her head and guided her up and down. His hips rocked slightly, pushing his cock deeper inside the warmth of her mouth. Despite her timidity and inexperience, the feeling of her lips wrapped around his dick was divine.


He grunted softly as she sucked him, and he fought to keep control. He didn't want to blow his load before sinking inside the wet tightness of her virgin pussy. Once within those snug walls, he knew it would be a losing battle to maintain control. When his toes began to curl with the immense pleasure running through his body, he pushed her away.


Henderson rolled Kelly onto her back and covered her body with his. Pressing his lips against hers, he darted his tongue into her mouth. His hands curled into her hair as their tongues danced together in unison. His cock throbbed against her mound, and she rocked her hips slowly, rubbing the soft curls of her downy pubic hair against the saliva slick shaft.


She opened her legs wide in invitation, and he guided the tip of his cock to her virgin entrance. Biting her lip, she arched against him as he pushed the head of his dick inside her. She felt her lips stretching to accommodate his thickness and a wave of pleasure rolled through her body.


He slowly thrust just the head of his cock in and out of her to get her pussy adjusted to his size. When she started gasping and rocking against him, he slid in further and met with the resistance of her hymen. The thin membrane was the only thing that remained of her sweet innocence. A few more shallow strokes had her breathing harshly, her arms wrapped around his back and her fingers digging into his skin.


When he met the barrier once more, he pulled back and then thrust forward forcefully, tearing the membrane and sinking deep inside her tight pussy. She cried out and tensed as her nails raked over the flesh of his back.


"Relax," he whispered as he moved slowly inside her.


The stinging pain melted away as his cock slid back and forth inside her. Pleasure rolled through her body, and she bucked against him as his thrusts drove her passions higher. She moaned lustfully when his lips drew her nipple into his mouth and he sucked eagerly. Warmth flowed through her breast as he worked the rock hard tip.


Sweat beaded on their bodies as they rocked together. A pink flush stole over Kelly's skin as she panted with the exertion of their lovemaking. Her head swam with delicious sensations as his cock plunged deep into the tight depths of her wet pussy. Sparks of pleasure flowed through her each time he buried himself, his pelvis rubbing against the swollen nub of her clit.


He rammed into her and she brought her hips up to meet her.  Each thrust caused her tender sheath to twist tighter and tighter in its grip. Her lush breasts quivered with each blow to her body. Her breathing was shallow and desperate and thousands of emotions gushed over her face, a look of anguish as her body was ripped open, a pixie grin from a sexy vixen as ecstasy raced up her spin with the feel of his hot shaft drilling into her womb, the blissed out sleepy-eyed gaze of an erotic angel as she floated into another orgasm.


The heels of her shoes were digging into his ass as she wrapped her legs around him. She throbbed and moaned with pleasure.


She clung to him, her fingers pressed against his skin as her head thrashed against the straw. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and loud cries tore from her mouth as her body was wracked with orgasmic spasms. The clutching tightness of her convulsing pussy ripped the unstable reins of control from Henderson's grasp, and he tumbled headlong into the oblivion of release. His seed bathed the inside of her deflowered pussy as he let go and spurted inside her. His cock twitched and shot into her; the sensation of release as he flooded into her soft body searing it with the heat of his seed drove him over the edge and he began to thrash into her brutally, fucking as if to smash her.  But her joy was endless each stab made her happier and she rode him in a frenzy of painful bliss.


Suddenly he froze.  Propped up on his arms he looked into the dancing fires of her eyes and he collapsed.  His body dropped down, knocking the wind out of her but driving his cock in deeper than it had ever been in any woman.  He gushed into her, an endless flow causing her to writhe helplessly and his seed burned her and her orgasms danced over the flames.


A tangle of arms and legs, they lay gasping on the bed as aftershocks rang through their bodies. A satisfied smile was plastered on Kelly's face.


Henderson kissed his way down her chin, her neck, her chest. His lips traced a path of kisses down her cleavage. He licked her breasts, tasted the salt on her skin, and moved his mouth over her exposed, tender nipple. 

Just as she touched him, his revived erection swelled and jerked visibly in her small hand. With a more subtle touch, she stroked him lovingly.  His lungs heaved.  He groaned with pleasure.


She tried to stop herself from moaning out loud as Henderson fastened his mouth on her nipple, biting her lower lip to make herself quiet. She withdrew her hand from his shaft and embraced him as she writhed in agonizing pleasure.


Henderson suckled on her breast, his tongue swirling around the outline of her areola, his teeth gently nibbling her pert, hard nipple. Her breast swelled under his attention, filling with lust and need and yearning. 

Henderson tried to pull more of her flesh into his hot, watering mouth. She placed her hands at the back of his head, loving the closeness, forcing him into her chest. Her bosom rose and fell as her breath became faster and faster. At the same time she spread her plump and juicy thighs apart.


Sensing her eagerness, a growl welled up in his chest, a deep feral howl of sexual excitement that seemed to reverberate through his whole body, seemed to shake her body like a tremor, shaking her stifled moans free.


"Oooooohhhhhhh Goddddd..." She was soft and damp enough now, more than ready for him. "Please, I can't hold it back any longer... I want you in me again... ...please..."


Henderson ran his fingers over her back, his nails smoothly caressing down her spine, sending jolts of electricity through her quivering body. He heard her gulping for air, and he pressed himself harder against her thighs. Her every subtle move, every sound sending him closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy. Henderson climbed over her, supporting his body above her with his arms. Her legs parted naturally, automatically, wanting to feel him there in her valley. They locked their gazes, both wanting to see the expression on the other's face as the beautiful Kelly was taken by his power.


His erection stood straight out from his pelvis, proud, strong, and heavy. Henderson slid it across her labia, the petals to her sex as the heat billowed up from deep within her. Her wetness began to seep from her, and Henderson  coated himself again in that nectar. She saw a gleam in the dark, and realized that a tiny drop of lubricant has begun to bead on his swollen penis. Placing her hands on his wide chest, Kelly caressed it, moving her slim fingers to his shoulders as his shaft poised at her opening. She dug her nails into his flesh, fearfully yet deliriously whispering, "Take me...slowly, please...I love you."


Henderson  pressed his cock’s head against her petals, and they parted slowly as he pushed into her delicious depths. 

They gasped in unison, their eyes locked. She twisted her head back and forth, her mouth open wide as she writhed helplessly. Henderson  entered her, his massive cock a sword splitting her apart. The head was engulfed by her and burned with her heat. Already, with just the tip in Kelly’s body was exploding, torn in two; this second impaling seemed was more powerful than the first.  “Oh, oh, oh, oh,”  Over and over as she writhed.


Moaning frantically, she jerked as Henderson started to penetrate, fluid flowing out of her to lubricate their movement. He slowly pressed further into her. God, she was sooo hot! Volcanic, like molten metal,  liquid silver, devouring him in its flames of lust. 

His penis filled her, the muscles of her sweet sex clamping onto the invading monster in a vice-like embrace. Her dew trickled over his manhood, and Henderson penetrated deeper into her, deeper. The beast moved with an excruciating slow pressure. She looked down her own body and saw the brute vibrating as a small part of it impaled her, the rest of it, the huge mass, pulsated above her.  She began to tear up realizing the thing would soon be devouring her insides.


"Oohhhhhhh..." Kelly panted. "God... Oohhhhhhhhhh..." She raised her hips further up to meet his thrust, impaling her fragile body on his weapon.


Henderson kept pressing into her, until his cock was almost completely consumed.  He paused and watched her anguished face; she giggled as she sobbed from the glorious pain. Henderson pushed, and she sensed a tearing within her as he claimed each sweet inch of flesh. As she broke, a sharp pain lanced through her whole body. 

She clung to him. “Yes..." She tried to stop the pain, grabbing his arms tightly, digging her nails into his skin. Her long legs pumped up and down over the bed.


"Ahhhhhhhh..." Tears began to flow from her eyes, "Ohhh..." Still he pushed on, filling her with the steel shaft, now glowing with heat. Her body was undulating like a wave in storm; she grunted with each small burst of her body against him.  Finally in one cruel shove he plunged his entire cock into her tight tender sheath.  She howled as her body was spread apart to receive him then as the pain receded she felt another wave of bliss wash over her causing her to moan again.


His pelvis was flat against hers, and Henderson could feel her whimpering in his arms. He kissed her, needing to ease her pain. Her tongue dipped into his mouth and rolled over his.  Her body was flaming and throbbing with pain but the taste of him burst gently into her mouth.


Somehow soothed by his gentle kiss, she shook her head slowly, telling him "I love you, baby. I love your cock inside me..."


Henderson rubbed away her tears, but otherwise didn't move. Like the Rock of Gibraltar, his hard body locked there, letting her cry the pain away.


"Please... Go on..." She kissed him lovingly. "I love you." She smiled weakly at him, so vulnerable and willing.


Henderson began to pull back, his thickness sliding out of her slowly. She ached as she felt him leave her depths, a hollow empty feeling left behind. Slowly, as not to hurt her, only to make her feel the blissful beauty of their moment together, Henderson continued. She went limp again as Henderson slid it out, and she quivered down there, trying to control her muscles to keep him there, to keep herself wrapped around his manhood, to keep him in her.



"Please... Do it..."


His hips rocked forward, a little faster this time, nudging into her and filling her again. His erection, slick with their combined fluids, slid easier into her this time. Henderson pushed until he was flat against her, then pulled back again, eager to thrust into her again. 

Awaiting the next thrust, she enjoyed the way Henderson made love to her. She was eager for the next thrust too, as she couldn't help but move her hips to meet his thrust, making it go deeper.


Henderson rocked into her again, pulled out quickly. His pace increased, and she saw his jaw go slack, his breathing grow shallow. God, the sensations she was sending through his shaft. She quivered over his penetrating penis, her body thrusting up to meet him like a desperate lover in a garden swing.


Henderson thrusted fully into her now, and their pelvises clapped together. His chest pressed hard against hers, her nipples tickled by the hair on his chest and his beard. 

Henderson pulled out, and he melted... he thrust in, and his cock burned with fire. He began to grunt as he  penetrated her vagina, deeper, into her womb, into her very being. 

Kelly moaned louder as he quickened his pace sliding in and out of her, rocking the bed as he dove into her sweet tender body.


"Oohhhhhh... Baby, you've got me so close to it now..." The bedsprings beneath their lunging bodies began to creak. He slid his arms up under her back and hooked his hands over her shoulders; he began to pull her onto his penis, using her body for leverage, and he thrust and thrust and thrust into the hottest, tightest, sexiest woman to grace the  Earth from heaven. His huge shaft seemed to be crushed in her ever tightening channel.

Henderson groaned. Building up, swelling, expanding, threatening to wash over her like a tidal wave against the rocky surf.


"Yesss...  Come in me baby, deeper, do I feel good baby?"


Henderson started pounding in and out of her, impaling her, spearing her on his length. His throat tight, his voice hoarse, moaning, "I've got to explode......" Henderson kissed her face, squeezed her body, thrusted uncontrollably into her as his mind was dominated by the need to shoot his seed deep into her womb.


"I'm sooo close.... Kelly, I'm so close..."


Feeling the tensed muscles in both of them, Henderson quicken to the maximum pace. She pressed her body against his, needing to touch every inch of her pliant flesh against him, her nipples trapped between her body and his. "Aahhhhhhh... Mmmmm...Goddddd..."


"Yes... Oh, yyyeesssss... Soon... Kelly... 

AAAAAAAHHH!!!" His  loins spasmed as Henderson felt her inner muscles rippling along his shaft, her body quaking and her voice joining his in unison as they  both released together. Henderson planted his seed in her womb.  He burst like a canon shell causing her to heave and quake; it was like hot shrapnel tearing through her and she writhed and bucked in agony but suddenly the hot burst turned to cool stars opening up a universe of heaven inside her.  She glowed and floated on the orgasm riding his juices as he flooded her body. 


They panted, their bodies heaving, unable to breathe. "Kelly... ooohh... god, fuck you’re good."


"Darling, hold me... Stay inside me, forever…"


He breathed deeply and looked into her eyes; she looked back dreamily, still dizzy.  But she felt him rocking against her and her eyes widened.  She felt his shaft growing and swelling again.  She giggled that frantic little laugh again. “Oh, baby, yeah, you feel good in me.”  He grew hotter and hotter, feeling her flood over him.


At first he was just gently rocking but soon his hands gripped her shoulders and he began thrusting and ramming with brutal force.


Soon her supple muscles found the rhythm of his drilling and she matched each thrust pulling and pushing into him.  She was so tight and wet and hot that he shot into her once and he strained to hold back.  He felt her soaking and bubbling and tearing and squeezing all along his shaft.  She was a goddess twisting and bucking beneath him.  He was pounding so hard that she was sliding along the sheets.  Her chin was pressed into her chest as her unbelieving eyes watched her body impaled over and over again. Finally her shoulders hit the headboard and more exquisite pain was added as she was held prisoner between the headboard and his hammering rod.


She felt the next bolt of his seed blast into her and she groaned with pleasure.  “Oh I can feel you in me. It feels so hot.  Do it again; come all the way in me.” Now he was shooting into her in staccato  volleys.  Each time she would thrust up and groan, “Oh yeah, oh god.” Then she felt his fingers begin tickle her clit and a whole new set of sensations gripped her.  Her body began to jerk and rattle and the spasm of her orgasm took hold.  She was confused and afraid as her mind drifted out of consciousness and gave itself over to all the pleasure and pain.  Her body and his body went rigid together as one last wave of sensual pleasure poured over them.  His face fell into her succulent breasts and they closed their eyes and swooned through the bliss that had swallowed them. 


Kelly’s skull was red with pain and she was crying and laughing uncontrollably.  Henderson recovered enough to sit up and stroke her hair gently; she was babbling and shaking and trying to breath.


He chuckled watching the innocent young beauty struggle to contain her bliss.  He kissed her forehead and whispered, “Well, I guess I’m your boyfriend now.”


She smiled slyly now. A grin spread across her face as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again.  “I think you’re going to need a babysitter a lot more often,” she laughed as she rolled him onto his back and covered him with her sweaty naked body.


Their affair went on for months; he balled Kelly in just about every house for sale in the whole county. Only when Kelly started talking about working in his office, and as his wife got more suspicious of the buxom baby sitter did he realize he had to make a change.  He began to encourage her to think about modeling and, through a business contact, got her photos to Playboy Enterprises.  Of course they were interested in the gorgeous girl and they sent a professional out to shoot her.


This last scene was the last time they had sex.  Kelly was going to pose downstairs in her living room and she was nervous so she snuck Henderson up into her room:


Kelly is staring at her body in the mirror.  All she is wearing is an open angora sweater and some bulky boots. Downstairs the photographer is waiting to shoot audition photos for Playboy. She looks deeper into the glass and is caught by the gaze of Henderson sitting behind her on the bed.


Slowly, hesitantly, and without breaking eye contact with him, she turns around. Kneeling on the floor, she moves into position between his parted legs, her other hand slipping under his cock and cradling his balls. Still looking up at him she leans forward and tentatively sticks out her tongue to lick the head of his cock. Her moist touch causes him to moan with anticipation and she enjoys the sound of his pleasure ringing in her ears.


She proceeds to lick the entire shaft, from tip to base, running her tongue around the flesh. They never brake eye contact as she licks all around, her fingers still stroking the skin.


More clear liquid seeps from the slit and she shoots her tongue out to taste it. Mr. Henderson moans as he stares into her large, hungry eyes and feels her tongue claim the drop of his seed.


"Oh yea Kelly," he encourages her. "You are a beautiful little girl."


With her eyes locked on his she slowly slides the tip of him against her closed lips. She applies a little pressure, pushing her mouth downward, making the shape of his cock part her lips as needed. She feels the head slip into her mouth, feels her teeth brush against his flesh and sees a stab of pain in his expression. She immediately backs off partway and relaxes her jaw more. He smiles down at her, his expression showing understanding and reassurance. She lowers her mouth fully over the head again, this time without scraping.


"Oh yea Kelly. Oh yea," he sighs.


Kelly slides her mouth back and forth a little on just the head of his cock, working to grow used to its girth and the salty taste. Slowly she starts to slip more of him into her cavity, taking it small increments. She slides her hand down so that she’s only gripping the base and can work more into her mouth.


"Suck on it babe," Henderson has laid his head back, obviously enjoying her loving treatment of him.


His hands work their way into the hair at the back of her head and entangle themselves there. He’s still allowing her to control the action but he’s applying a small amount of pressure as a guide.


"Oh yes, suck my cock Kelly," he growls. "Fuck me with your mouth."


His words and his moans encourage her further. She feels the firmness of him in her mouth and slides her tongue along it as she pumps her face back and forth.


"Oh God yes, you’re gonna make me come."


She lifts herself up a little on her knees to get a better angle and slowly, methodically slides her mouth down to the base of his cock. At first, as she feels the shaft slipping into and filling her throat she starts to panic and breath rapidly through her nose. But she quickly realizes that she's alright and that, coupled with Mr. Henderson's groan of rapture, makes her relax. Once she has his entire length buried in her she starts so suck on it, feeling her throat muscles constrict on him.


"Ooohhhh God yes Kelly," he moans with desire, his hands gripping tighter into her hair. "You sweet little girl. Ooohhhh God yes."


Kelly stays in that position for a few minutes listening to his moans of pleasure and feeling his fingers twist her hair. She feels his cock pulsating in her throat as she continues to constrict her muscles around it.


When she slides back off of it she realizes that his leg muscles were actually relaxing and the idea that she had made him tense so gave her a feeling of confidence. Replacing her small fingers around the base she starts to pump her mouth over the last inches of his cock again, swirling and tickling with her tongue.


"Ooohhhh, yeah," he growls, his hips start to pump back at her. "A natural little cock sucker. Ooohhhh yes, suck my cock."


Now he's taking more of the control as his hands push and pull at her hair to create the action he wanted, his hips jumping upward to meet her mouth each time it moves downward. She realizes the only thing keeping him from slamming the entire length back into her throat is her hand being wrapped around the base. She also realizes that he's growing stiffer and throbbing intensely now. She isn't sure but she thinks this might mean he's about to explode.


"Ooohhhh God yes, suck it, baby. Suck my juice right outta my cock."


She can taste drops of his seed in her mouth now as he roughly pushes her head up and down his length.


"Suck it baby," he growls. "Swallow me, swallow it."


Suddenly his entire body stiffens and his grip on her hair freezes her in place as far down on his cock as she can go. From her position she looks up at him, her eyes fill with pride. Mr. Henderson's staring back down at her and all she sees in his eyes is hungry desire and determination. At that moment she knows what’s going to be streaming into her mouth.


She feels the first spurt of his juice splash against the back of her throat and instinctively swallows it. More spurts follow and she swallows them as fast as she can. When the last of his seed has pumped from him she continues to suck on his cock, listening to his moans of pleasure.


She feels him slowly growing soft in her mouth and licks at his weakening member. His hands release her hair and  lay limply at his sides as he smiles down at her milking his cock for the last drop. Once it's fully deflated she lets it slip from her mouth and smiles up at him.


"Fantastic," he beams into her eyes.


Kelly stands and pirouettes in the air, proudly displaying her luscious body. She spins downstairs, ready for her centerfold to be shot.



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