Kelly Monaco gets feisty

Kelly Monaco gets feisty

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Kelly Monaco, Miss April 1997,(34D-21-32, 5'1", 95lb) is a feisty delight in the classic struggle between female and male.


Kelly Monaco, Miss April 1997,(34D-21-32, 5'1", 95lb) is a feisty delight in the classic struggle between female and male.


Submitted: May 10, 2014

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Submitted: May 10, 2014



Kimberley was losing her power in the Mansion; the corridors were buzzing with words like ‘divorce’ and ‘separation’ but even if her power was waning she still had enough to be scary at least to an impressionable playmate like Kelly Monaco and Kelly was one of Kimberley’s favorite treats.  She slid a photo of the luscious young playmate across the blank space of her glass top desk.

Reggie let it sit untouched. He’d seen pictures of Kelly before. He liked what he saw but he had no intention of letting Kimberley have the satisfaction of knowing this. Reggie and Kimberley related to each other the way the US related to Cuba. He usually avoided her and certainly was not going to add her name to the list of playmates he banged. He knew she knew plenty of tricks and had to be a mindblowing fuck but, fuck it, her head games weren’t worth it. Kelly on the other hand…

He looked directly across the desk and gave the ice blonde a challenging stare. He wondered what head fuck she had in mind when she called him into her office. He was about to speak when a hesitant knock turned both their heads.

“Come in,” the Ice Queen commanded. Her mouth formed a smirk as she watched Reggie’s reaction to the playmate entering the room.

Kelly took a few tentative steps into the office. She blinked as if suddenly entering brightness from a dark room. She glanced quickly at Kimberley and then her eyes met Reggie’s and she instantly fixed her gaze to a blank space on the floor. The voluptuous young girl was scarcely clothed; her athletic legs were bare and so were her feet. A sheer white softly pleated skirt attempted futilely to cover the neat trim of chestnut curls over her sex. Her belly was bare and over her arms and chest was a cashmere bolero jacket with a deep cleavage to display the creamy tan of her soft breasts. The gentle flow of the delicate cashmere lovingly caressed the firm fullness of her teenage breasts as if offering for adoration the abundant flesh beneath.

Kimberley let Reggie’s eyes drink in the sensual beauty of the young girl; she noted with pleasure his obvious arousal.  “This is Kelly; she’s going to be Miss March.” Kimberley rose and approached the trembling nymphet.

“Miss April,” Kelly said meekly.

“Yes, whatever,” Kimberley gripped her shoulders and guided her to a chair. “And Kelly, this is Reggie. Reggie is very fond of playmates, aren’t you Reggie?”

Reggie didn’t bother answering but he watched carefully as Kimberley firmly forced Kelly onto the seat. “Reggie likes to fuck playmates but for some reason he won’t fuck me.” The tall blonde pushed the tiny girl forward a bit and tugged her arms behind her back. From some mysterious pocket she produced a white satin rope and started to tie Kelly’s wrists behind her. “But he’s an old fashioned guy too, and he likes his playmates presented on a silver platter so to speak.”

Kelly grunted slightly as Kimberley cruelly tugged the rope tight. The blonde stepped around and lifted the girl’s shapely legs, pausing for a moment to give the smooth skin an appreciative caress before she tied the ankles together. “Is this how you like them Reggie? Tied up and helpless?”  

Now there was a bright red ball gag in her hand. She stroked Kelly’s chestnut hair and lifted it to bare her neck. Kelly resisted slightly but the ball was soon pressed into her mouth and Kimberley gleefully fastened it from behind. “Now doesn’t she look delicious Reggie?” the blonde teased after stepping back to admire her work. “She’s all yours; provided you let me watch.” She ran her nails over Kelly’s soft cheek. “And join in too. You can fuck both of us, Reggie, would you like to?”

Reggie had watched the binding of the future Miss April in silence; only his twisting fingers and tightening fists revealed the sinister emotions inside. He rose from his chair and shrugged at the tall blonde and gave Kelly a grin as he spoke. “You know what, Kimberley? Fuck you.” Without another word he scooped up the bound girl and headed for the exit. One kick burst open the door and they were out in the hall. Kelly, even with the ball gag in her pretty mouth, still managed to vocalize some seriously angry protests. He couldn’t understand a word but her feistiness amused him.

The big man turned left into a small office where some pasty faced accountants were busy. “Out,” he said flatly and they rushed to obey. He deposited Kelly on one of the desks, letting her bound legs dangle over the edge. He turned and locked the door.

Moving like he owned the place he opened a few draws and found a bottle of Bourbon stashed away. There was always a bottle of Bourbon. He pulled the cork with his teeth and took a swallow. “Christ, she can be a bitch,” he said casually to the still bound girl. “But she’s right about one thing; I am going to enjoy balling you.”

Kelly, bound and gagged, sat on the desk with her eyes fixed in a steady gaze; she was writhing slightly which Reggie took to be excitement. He took another swig of Bourbon as he watched her cleavage heaving up and down.

He took his time, kicking off his boots, peeling off his own shirt, displaying his muscled body. He grinned at her wide-eyed reaction to his erection.

While the kick was painful the shock of her efforts to resist was what made him stagger back. He almost dropped the Bourbon bottle as he held his belly where her tiny bare feet had thrust against him. The writhing she had been doing was to work scissors she found on the desk onto the satin rope around her wrists.

Foolishly he grinned back at her giving her time to complete her work. She pulled her arms apart and brandished the scissors as a weapon as her finger rapidly undid the rope on her ankles and then unstrapped the gag. “Fuck you, Reggie,” she snarled like a young jungle cat as soon as she could speak. Reggie kept a cautious eye on her; meanwhile he prudently placed himself between the desk and the door.

Lithe as a panther Kelly stood on top of the desk ready to pounce; while Reggie himself was confident that he was in no danger from the scissors Kelly was not so sure. Her blood was up and she was fierce.  He took another swig of Bourbon and wished he had a cigar; he eyed the ferocious yet sexy girl, more determined than ever to have his way with her. Standing on the desk she taller than him so he had to look up into her eyes. He took his time and watched a little crystal of sweat form on her brow. It finally fell and dropped into the soft cleft between her breasts.

Kelly on her part waved the scissors in an effort to look menacing; her eyes glowed with anger and her tight body trembled with furious energy. She felt exhilarated with her escape but had no idea what to do next.

“I guess we got a stand off here,” he said jovially. He took one more swig of liquor and placed the bottle on a shelf. “You know I’m not letting you through this door until I fuck you and I gotta say, the show you’re putting on just makes you a lot more interesting.” He licked his lips. “I can tell for sure that you are going to be one fantastic fuck.”

“Fuck you, Reggie!” She jabbed the scissors into the empty air between them.

“Yeah, that’s right.” He grinned. “So how long you gonna stay up there. Come on down and sit here on my lap. No? Well, listen I’m just gonna reach over to my pants and take out a smoke.” He moved slowly as he spoke. She watched him warily as he crouched and down and pulled out an enormous cigar. He bit off the end and spit it to towards the door and lit a match by running it over the edge of the desk. Kelly flinched slightly and took a step back.

Reggie puffed happily, blowing smoke rings up towards the girl. She scowled and crinkled her nose cutely. Her eyes still blazed with anger but she was getting weary of wielding the scissor. Reggie’s eyes were amused and alert. He showed her the ash growing on the cigar. “Don’t want to mess up the carpet do we?” he said and gestured to the ashtray on the desk. She stepped to the corner furthest away from him. He admired her cautiousness but he chuckled knowing the game was over. He leaned over to flick the ash and at the same time he gripped one leg of the desk. As he rose he tipped the desk and all the clutter on the surface of the desk as well as Kelly tumbled off.

The lithe and limber girl had just enough time to jump and land on her feet. She sprinted toward the door but Reggie’s legs were longer. She darted away and he followed. Like a gazelle pursued by a lion she leapt over a chair but Reggie was in front of her. She crossed the scissors in front of her to make him duck. He stepped aside to let her pass but butted her shoulder with his chest, slamming her into a wall. She gasped for air and leapt out of his reach but she was cornered now. She waved the scissors in front of her. He flinched and jerked his body as if he were reaching out for her empty hand and she pulled back to protect it which left the hand with the weapon unguarded. This was his chance. He pinned her wrist to the wall and pressed until she dropped the scissors. She tried to scratch with her other hand but in a moment both wrists were pinned on either side of her twisting and snarling head. With his leg he swept her feet from under her and pushed her up the wall so she dangled like a prisoner until she rested her bare legs on his hips for support. His erection pressed into the sheer fabric of her skirt.

Now her resistance, instead of the fierce fight of the tigress, was the meek struggle of the sacrificial lamb. She wriggled and squirmed under his grip, her breasts under the cashmere caressing over his muscular chest, and her chestnut hair brushing against his face. He breathed her in, taking his time; even as she twisted her head back and forth he managed to nuzzle against the soft flesh of her throat and lick up and tease her ears and face with his tongue.

Kelly managed to sputter out mild curses and defiance but more and more her murmurs were softening into a rhythm of surrender. When he finally got his mouth on hers her moist lips parted and her honey mouth offered its sweetness to his rapacious tongue. Her arms relaxed and when he loosened his grip on her wrists she dropped her own hands and untethered the single bead holding closed the cashmere jacket. Using her own eyes she guided his gaze down to watch her full, firm and creamy breasts come into view.

“Nice,” he said, his face beaming approval even as she blushed, “Very nice.” She gasped as his head swooped down and his voracious mouth engulfed a nipple as his hands pressed her breasts together. Kelly’s arms dropped in surrender and the jacket slipped down her back as she leaned into him; the cashmere tickled over her spine and then slid to the floor.

She tightened her legs and his cock slid up and down over the curls of her supple pussy. The nymphet was moaning now as he devoured the creamy sweetness of her breasts and kneaded the juicy flesh of her ass. Her arms were around his neck and he turned around taking two steps to reach the desk. He was pressing her down, lifting the flimsy skirt and priming his cock for the assault they both knew was coming but Kelly was nimble and lissome and like wood nymph she wriggled out of his grasp and twisted them both so that his rear was against the edge of the desk and she was in front of him between his legs.

“Wait,” she said, her eyes eager with mischief. “Let me,” she said as her young tight body leaned against his chest, her legs draped over his. Her hand scratched down his belly and teased up his cock. She kissed his mouth as she held the shaft tightly, her hand trembling. After a long sweet kiss that only a teenage seductress like Kelly could give, a kiss that was all flickering and teasing dewdrops from her fairy light tongue, after that long loving and surrendering kiss, her body slid down his chest until she was kneeling worshipfully between his legs and she worshiped his cock the way a nymphet should. She stroked it gently, watching the way it twitched and throbbed under her touch and checking Reggie’s eyes to seek his approval for each stroke. She studied it to learn every nerve and vein and her brain calculated the effect its length and girth would have on her tiny body once the beast was released to pursue its ravishment of her. She cupped his balls tenderly and gasped with amazement as her fingers glided along the magnificent length of the ever growing monster.  She licked it with spiraling turns of her tongue and caressed with soft presses of her lips and teased it with gentle scratches from her teeth and then, softly taking the head into the heat of her mouth she slowly engulfed with her loving hunger. Slowly she worked it in, holding his hips and gripping his muscles tight for leverage so she could work the massive shaft deep down her delicate throat.

He leaned back on his elbows and nodded his approval as she sucked and slurped and gagged. Her eyes were fixed on his now, seeking guidance, wanting to be sure of his approbation. His growls of pleasure encouraged the beauteous girl to keep going. She wrapped her left arm around his thigh and pulled herself further onto the shaft and she used her right hand to tickle over the skin of his balls and his belly. He groaned more deeply now and his cock quaked with menace. Her head was bobbing fitfully; the effort to keep the beast down her throat took all her concentration but still she watched the man’s eyes for every reaction. He unloaded in a series of fiery flares and she struggled to hold on, fearing the velocity of his orgasm would blast her across the room.

Her head disengaged slowly, her mouth letting out little whimpers around his shaft as it pulled out. Finally with a pop it came out and she plopped to the floor. She took a couple of gulps like a teeny bopper finishing off a malted shake and then she scrambled to her feet, a wicked grin flashing on her face.

“Wait,” she said huskily and she skipped across the room letting the sheer skirt flounce up and down to reveal her delicious ass. She returned with the Bourbon bottle and she screwed up her face when she took a small gulp but she swished it around in her mouth and smiled.  “I’m not old enough to drink but I don’t think you’ll tell. She climbed up his body and offered him the bottle.

Reggie though had other plans. She squealed with shock and glee as he gruffly pulled her on top of the desk. In a moment she was on her hands and knees and Reggie was bracing himself behind her.  With his right hand he jabbed into her spine with his thumb, his fingers gripping her waist; with his left hand he guided his cock into her sweet spot. The huge mass of him burst into her like a locomotive smashing through a wall; she howled her delicious agony and thrust back against him.

Braced on her elbows Kelly pounded the desk with her fists. With each thrust her spine arched and her head snapped up and Reggie thrust in again and again. Her pussy was wet and tight and alive with excitement; she took his cock with the eager glee of a prom queen getting drilled by the star of the football team. Her nimble and willowy body arched and twisted in rhythm, following each of his brutal strokes with her own momentum. He held her waist with both hands now and her tanned skin was white ivory where his fingers dug in.

He was fucking her hard now and she struggled to keep up; her body sank to the desk and her cheek rested on the wood. One of his hands pressed into her head and he started to piston with the fury of an out control jackhammer. Her sweet sex grew tighter and tighter, buzzing with erotic energy. Her eyes were slits and her mouth fluttered with silent prayers as her ecstasy coiled through her.

His hand moved to her hips and he thrust in more deeply; her spine arched up and she let out one scream after another. Finally she twisted her head and glared over her shoulder and snarled in fury at her rapist. Hurricane Orgasm was barreling up her spine now. She dropped her head down and stretched out her arms to grip the far edge of the desk and still the cock thrust in, pumping in and out of her tightness with vengeful vehemence.

With a white knuckle grip on the edge of the desk the trembling and bucking girl tightened her arms and in a burst of wild frenzy she pulled herself forward. The sudden release of pressure as his cock slid out of her imploded in her like the inward rush of atoms from a super nova about to burst. She howled with ecstasy and wriggled and writhed, out of control, but he would not be denied his own pleasure. With strong hands he flipped her onto her back; she bent her arms and supported herself on her elbows, lifting her torso. At first she looked down her body, over her heaving chest and flat belly and she watched with jaw-dropping incredulity as the head of his cock pressed against her sex; but her mind snapped to attention and she snarled and spat the resistance of a sleek panther to captivity and her legs kicked into his chest but he held her waist and fucked into her once more. Nothing could stop him now. Her legs jackknifed into the air, the back of her calves and ankles beating over his shoulders and her head twisted back and forth as she screamed but she was helplessly pinned to her captor now and he fucked her into oblivion.

Reggie was a juggernaut, a mighty machine bent on destruction; his cock pounded in like a piledriver, a insatiable pistoning, a steely hot hammerhead smashing against every pretty nerve of her pulsating body. His coal black eyes burned down on her, drinking in the jiggling bounce of her luscious breasts and the shimmering glow of fluctuating emotions on her face; fury burned in her eyes sometimes as her head twisted back and forth with each blow, a fury born of anger at herself for submitting and fury that his cock could excite her so. Sometimes her face was uncertain and anxious, disbelieving the erotic energy engulfing her with each throbbing stroke of the shaft driving into her and sometimes she was giggly and breathless as a bolt of ecstasy vibrated through her. Her head rose and dropped often and her mouth formed words, sometimes curses and sometimes little mews of loving affection. As he drilled in deeper and deeper the chaos of her emotions steadily shifted to a look of longing and tenderness, the sweet look of a nymphet anxious to please her man. He pushed down on the back of her thighs, folding her in two and his cock found new depths to explore as she screamed wildly. In and out he stroked and tighter and tighter her soft sex gripped and caressed. The monster touched some secret spot inside her and she jack-knifed with a banshee tempest of howls and kicks until his continued pounding calmed her into submission again, her legs resting on his shoulders and her torso high up on her elbows; she watched his eyes burn and she pleaded for mercy with glistening tears.

Her legs glided down his arms and caressed over his chest and belly and then with a purr of bliss the young girl wrapped her legs around his waist. Her left hand stroked her own belly then, foolish girl, she touched her own pussy and exploded in a fury of passion; she covered her mouth with her other hand and now began to burst in climax after climax. She pulled him up on top of her and pulled his face over hers and rewarded his steady and deep drilling with a thousand sweet kisses, her tongue a butterfly over his face and mouth. And then he came in thunderclap after thunderclap, his cock stiffening and his muscled body rigid with energy; as each load exploded into her, filling her with fire, she sobbed sweetly and she came in a flood of soothing flames and ice. She came with breathless gasps and she held him tighter with each climax bursting between them. She came into the blackout that could be her only refuge against the tsunami of ecstasy that wouldn’t stop.

She woke on the desk alone, her body cramped and chilled from the hard wooden surface against her soft skin. The sheer white skirt hung around her waist in tatters. She sat up slowly and saw Kimberley leaning against the door. “Well, Miss April awakens,” the tall blonde said, her voice ice cold.

Kelly shivered as the woman approached, pushing a wheeled office chair before her. “Did we have fun? Did Reggie fuck our little princess?” Kimberley positioned the chair at the end of the desk and as she sat she drew Kelly’s legs over her shoulders. The helpless nymphet arched her back in surrender and Kimberley’s tongue licked up one bare thigh and then spiraled into the trembling girl’s sex.

“Oh god,” Kelly gasped and she closed her eyes and let it all happen.


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