Kelly Burke: When he dreams of Jeannie

Kelly Burke: When he dreams of Jeannie

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Kelly Burke was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for its June 1966 issue. Born in Los Angeles, California, a petite 5'1" with a luscious 34-24-33 figure, she was the epitome of the Girl Next Door and the dreamiest of California girls. When the publisher of Playboy became fixated on the hit show "I Dream of Jeannie" who else but Kelly would he turn to?


Kelly Burke was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for its June 1966 issue. Born in Los Angeles, California, a petite 5'1" with a luscious 34-24-33 figure, she was the epitome of the Girl Next Door and the dreamiest of California girls. When the publisher of Playboy became fixated on the hit show "I Dream of Jeannie" who else but Kelly would he turn to?


Submitted: January 02, 2016

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Submitted: January 02, 2016



When the publisher got glum that spring everybody knew why. For months, he looked forward to television on Saturday night; everybody would gather in the living room in front of the largest TV screen money could buy and watch his favorite show, ‘I Dream of Jeannie.’

Of course it was the very premise of the show that got him excited: the idea of a woman you could own, store in a bottle when you had other company, and who would fulfill your every desire; the publisher already had his choice of dozens of beautiful nubile young girls but it was the magic of  ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ that got him worked up. Well, he could dream anyway. 

His obsession grew each week as the show became more ridiculous, yet more suggestive and enticing. He directed his editors to get Barbara Eden for a pictorial or a cover or and interview, but in those days a TV star would not dare associate with Playboy and she wasn’t about to pose nude since she couldn’t even show her navel on television.

It was March when he became depressed though, not only from the failure to sign up the star for his magazine but because his beloved show was soon going into summer re-runs. Saturday night simply would not the same.

Allison Park, as Playmate of the Year, took it upon herself to do something about the situation. She selected a small group of playmates and gathered them together one evening while the publisher sulked upstairs. They listened as she explained her plan and she noted the way Kelly Burke blushed, her freckles seeming to sparkle, as the full extent of the plan became obvious to the girls. 

“You girls are here because each of you would fit into the costume best and I thought we would draw straws for the, um, honor.” Miss October heard the lovely Kelly gulp as she spoke. “But now that we’re here I think we can all agree that there’s really only one playmate for the job.” She put a firm hand on Kelly’s thigh. “All those in favor of Kelly taking care of the situation for us raise your hands.”

Six hands shot in the air. Kelly gulped and her blush turned to a bright scarlet. Kelly had only been at the Mansion a few weeks and she was not part of the party crowd; she was a wholesome Girl Next Door, who couldn’t imagine letting a man have her before they were married. Sure, she did some serious petting and she liked boys, but at twenty years old posing for Playboy was the most adventurous thing she’d ever done and she had to be courted for a long time before she was convinced the magazine was about celebrating natural beauty, vitality and health. She was a natural beauty, so full of vitality and health that she could be a poster girl for the All-American Girl: the kind of girl the Beach Boys sang about.

Now the other, more experienced playmates surrounded her, fawning over her, praising her, urging her on. “You can do it, Kelly,” Allison chimed enthusiastically. “It’s time. You’re going to be Miss June after all.” Kelly gulped; her centerfold hadn’t been shot yet and she only posed topless once, very briefly, for a test shot. She was in Chicago to sign the contracts and she hadn’t realized that the date for her Playmate pictorial had been decided and was only months away. But the other girls wouldn’t let her think about that; they were urging her to put on a costume and truly be a playmate… 

…Not knowing what to expect, he stepped into the hallway. The moonlight glowing through the big picture window cast ethereal shadows on the floor, making it look like the dream sequence in some Hollywood movie.

Only this wasn't a dream and he wasn't in Hollywood. He was in his Mansion, his own palace of fantasies and not even Hollywood could rival his ability to create dreams!  Quick, impatient steps carried him through the house. He couldn't wait to see her, touch her, smell her, and breathe her in. The girl, the one he had kept in his thoughts day and night, the nubile and fresh young playmate Allison had promised as a special surprise.

As he moved down the corridor he slowed; an unusual light spilled out onto the carpet from the open bedroom door. He paused, his brain taking a minute to catch up with what his eyes were telling him.

He wondered about the light, why was it that unusual color?

Quietly he stepped closer and found the doorway draped with some kind of sheer fabric, a diffused magenta blush shone softly into the hall. He realized the closer he stood the better he could see through it.

She was there, her body moving softly to the hushed tones of some music he was just now able to hear. His heart lurched, and then started pounding a primitive beat. Glued to the spot he was unable to move. He watched, drinking her in, she was the cool moisture that bathed his parched soul.

She laughed low as her bare feet easily completed a series of intricate steps and she was dancing unselfconsciously, not realizing she had an audience. Her arms raised above her head in a sinuously feminine motion, the sweet ringing chime of the castanets punctuating her movements.

"Sweet Jesus!" his exclamation nearly silent as he finally figured out what was going on. He quickly took in his decidedly unfamiliar bedroom. Satin and velvet pillows everywhere, magenta and gold silk hanging from the walls and draped around the bed. The tiny flame of a hundred candles seemed like so many fireflies flickering through the an atmosphere thick with incense.

The playmates had transformed the bedroom into a Middle Eastern fantasy and provided the delicate, vivacious Kelly as his companion in the fantasy. He loved that little room inside the bottle on the TV show and he grinned from ear to ear as he realized that the playmates had created this just for him, this glittering palace complete with his very own harem girl. Damn! What a life!

She was dressed from head to toe in a perfect replica of the costume worn by Jeannie on TV, perfect in that it was far more revealing. The top was the correct shade of deep pink with a lighter pink sequined and bejeweled piping to hold its shape, but the fabric was sheer and soft and Kelly’s virgin nipples poked out in arousal. The top was more like a soft bikini top, deep cut for plenty of cleavage and skimpy to reveal the lush tone of her torso. A red vest with pink trim accented her slender graceful arms but the vest was cropped short so that all of her flesh could be admired. The genie-pants hung low on her hips so the soft curves of her smooth belly were on display and a bright red jewel was tucked in her navel. The waist of the pants were the same deep red but where the TV costume had pink panels, Kelly’s outfit had cutouts to show off her smooth skin. The pants-legs were pink too, but sheer so that between her shapely thighs could be seen the promise of her budding flower. The lighting in the room was infused with a shade of midnight blue that enhanced her pale skin tones and soft freckles to perfection. Tiny golden medallions embellished the fabric that clung to her hips and breasts leaving her midriff tantalizingly bare from just below her breasts to several inches below her belly button. Kelly’s brown hair was too short for the high-top ponytail featured on TV but she wore the same gauzy scarf and perky red fez. 

He watched her gyrate to the music, clearly lost in her own fantasy and he savored the aura of her virginal innocence about to be sacrificed for his pleasure. He licked his lip and couldn’t wait any more.

Pulling back the gauzy drape he stepped into the fantasy, "Who are you dancing for, Miss June?"

She shrieked as she realized in an instant he was there; the blissful look on her face while she was dancing turned briefly to panic but she caught her self and put on a nervous smile. "You, Master!" she twirled around, "I'm dancing for you!" Then she panicked again as she remembered her lines. She dropped to a large pillow and kneeled with her hands together in prayer, her head bowed. The publisher's eyes widened. 

“Your wish is my command, Master.” 

He plucked her up into his arms and whirled her around, "Damn, Kelly! Am I dreaming?"

The young girl trembled, anxious over where this dream would lead. “My heart sings at having such a handsome Master.” She was a fragile thing, timid as a fawn and fawn-like, too, in her young uncertain grace. She had a tiny head, delicate for even that so feminine body, and the tilt of it along with the bright shyness of her glowing blue eyes further contributed to the sense that Bambi—or Bambi’s doe—had escaped from the forest and galloped through the streets of Chicago to this Mansion.

She buried her face in his neck and hung onto him for dear life. "I’m your genie, Master, your love slave. I am yours to command. " She rumbled against the cords of his neck as tears glittered in her eyes.

“This is fantastic!” he gushed feeling decades younger and eager.

Kelly used the script to help her find courage but his boyish enthusiasm was tempting to her too. She purred adoringly, “You have the face of a wise and fearless caliph.”

He gently set her down in front of him, his large hands framing her face, "This is perfect," he whispered slowly. Lowering his mouth to hers and giving her the kiss he'd been dreaming of since he first saw the show in September. Lips tenderly melding into one achingly sweet kiss that punched him in the gut like a fist.

She allowed herself to be seduced. “How fortunate I am to have you as my 
Master.” Her hands lovingly slid up over his shoulders, the nape of his neck and drew his head down to kiss her more fully. 

He growled as she stroked his scalp, 
She purred and pulled him in for another kiss. "I was practicing my homecoming dance for you, Master, and here you are," she whispered huskily, not realizing how sexy she sounded.

“Yes, I saw,” he said. His voice sounded distracted and she took his puzzlement to mean dissatisfaction.

“Somehow I must find a way to please 
thee, Master.” 

“I’m sure.”

“Thou may ask anything of your slave, 
Master,” she said breathlessly and licked hotly over his mouth.

"God," he moaned. "Do it again."

She licked again and this time bit his bottom lip and tugged. "Welcome to your palace, Master," she invited, a sweep of her arm indicating his new surroundings. "We have all things for your pleasure. Are you hungry, thirsty?" she asked.

He shook his head.

"No?" she smiled uneasily. "Perhaps, I can make you more comfortable?" Her nervous fingers worked on undoing his clothes; she fumbled with some buttons and was making a muddle of it but then suddenly they were open.  Tugging his shirt off, she touched the cotton of his undershirt. She’d been in the back seat of cars after dances; she’d been this far before but she dreaded the certainty of what came next, something beyond her inexperience. He ducked his head so she could remove it. The sight of his bare chest drew a gasp when she saw the hair on his chest but she searched her memory for the protection of the script. “I can do much more for thee…” She gulped.

He grinned. “Yes, I’m certain of that.”

"Sit if you please, Master," she indicated the edge of the bed.

As she knelt to remove his shoes his eyes ravaged her cleavage, those luscious breasts mounded up high by the sequined and bejeweled top of her costume. He wanted to bury his face in her soft succulent flesh and never come up for air. She massaged his bare feet, her strong thumbs kneading his arches. “I am happy here with thee,” she whispered and even through her unease she knew it was true. 

She rested her hands on his waist; the belt holding his slacks filled her with trepidation. Instead she scratched the bare skin of his torso, the muscles in his chest irresistible to her soft hands. "You are so strong, Master," she purred. Her knuckles grazed his nipples as she slid her hands down his stomach.

His abs clenched tight and he moaned, "Oh, baby!" But, he stilled her fingers after she had undone his waistband. "Not yet," he growled, not letting her unzip him.

"As you wish, Master," she acquiesced. Her dark, kohl lined eyes looked up at him, "How may I please you?" she looked up at him, playing her role beautifully.

"God!" he moaned. "Just looking at you pleases me." His voice gained a little strength now that her hands were not on him.

“Thou hast set me free when you selected me to be Miss June. That means I am free to please thee. And I am going to please thee very much.” Her voice was husky and silky and the long speech made her breathless. Her pert little nose almost twitched alluringly but that would have been a different show. “Tonight you claim a gift I can only give once.”

He grinned and lightly touched her cheek. She blushed sweetly and she smiled softly, "I have attempted to learn the beautiful dances that I know please you so well." She went to the stereo and found another track on the belly dance record Allison had bought. "I have great respect for the dance and the artists and I hope to someday do justice to their beauty."

He watched her strike a pose in the center of the room before the music started and he felt that fullness well up inside of him again. He lay over on his elbow, smiling, lost in his TV fantasy.

She began to sway, gently at first, her body just finding the rhythm of the music. Her eyes closing, her face was serene as she became one with the tempo, hips undulating until the gold medallions around her costume were chiming along with the music.

He was mesmerized by her control and by the sensuous swaying of her curves. She lowered to her knees and slowly shimmied her shoulders until she was bent backwards like a tautly strung bow. The light glowed off of her bare skin as her abs contracted and released, she brought her shoulders back up, one shoulder raised and then the other. Keeping time with the music she shifted and swayed until she was again standing.

She swirled in circles, her hips writing poetry with slender loops and dramatic slashes, like the passionate strokes of ink on paper. Her fingers delicately manipulated the golden castanets so that the chiming sounds emphasized her movements. Her arms were like tendrils of smoke constantly moving about her body sinuously.

He watched spellbound, forgetting to even think. He just felt: felt the music, felt her, felt the rhythm of his heart beating with the tempo.

He reached out and grabbed her; unable to keep his hands off of her as the music continued its mysterious pulse. He buried his face in her cleavage and licked the dots of perspiration from her skin.

She moaned, her body going limp in his arms. She slipped the castanets off and they dropped, clattering sweetly to the floor.

He sat with her between his outspread legs on the mattress, "Baby, that was so, incredible." 

She gulped; the next line in the script had been highlighted with a red marker. She hesitated then whispered almost inaudibly, “My Master, would do this humble slave an honor if he would deign to unwrap his gift.”

She whimpered softly as he slipped the red vest off her shoulders and down her arms. For a moment, with her wrists caught in the vest, she felt trapped and she trembled, knowing what was coming. He wasn’t going to stop with the vest. 

Delicate ribbons held the pink top closed and she could feel his fingers undoing the knots. “Oh Master,” she sobbed and she stiffened as he tugged on the sheer fabric. As he slowly unfurled the pretty pink silk holding her breasts the silken mesh clung to her soft skin, unwilling to abandon her sweetness, but with one more tug from him, and one more low groan from her, those luscious ripe breasts were bared. He swept the silk and brass away and dropped the garment, medallions clashing with the little finger cymbals.

She let out a gasp but then she saw the look of appreciation as he drank in the firm ripe curves of her naked breasts. She had bared them reluctantly for the camera, but this was different; this was only going to lead to one thing.

Smiling uneasily she shimmied, her breasts freed, gently swaying.

He cupped them reverently in his hands, pushing them up as the silk had; he licked his tongue up the deep centerline. "Sweet,” he murmured, as he attached his mouth to one nipple and tugged. He switched to the other when she moaned longingly enough; he kissed the fresh flesh and latched on, sucking.

She framed his face with her hands and watched his mouth pulling at her flesh. Her body clenched low and moistened in preparation.

He buried his face in her and moaned, "God, baby. Oh God, you feel so good."

Something magical happened; she was bared before a man who was going to take her, take her all the way and suddenly she was emboldened. She was Miss June; she was his dream of Jeannie.

She pulled his face up so she could smile down at him, "It will feel better if you take off those pants. Master," She climbed off the bed and tugged the pants down his legs as he lifted his hips. The silly red fez tumbled back off her head as if a sign of her surrender.

But then she saw it: his weapon, his wand, her doom. She panicked for a moment and visualized the script. She saw in her mind, the page, and she giggled, empowered by the fantasy. 

‘Jennie/Kelly purrs appreciatively when she sees his cock and she says….’ she read on the page in her mind’s eye and she obeyed.

She purred appreciatively as his hard cock bounced into sight, "I have wanted this for so long, Master." 

‘Jennie/Kelly uses her mouth to…’ read the script. She gulped; she’d never done anything like this before. 

She licked lightly over the head as she climbed back on the bed. "This is what I've been craving, Master. Your slave is unworthy of your generosity." The touch of his cock on her tongue was a shock but not an unpleasant one. A flood of curiosity tingled with the feel of his hardness on her tongue. She felt bold; she was magical so she grabbed him with both hands and licked again, more fervently. He joined in and with a shift of his hips popped the whole head in her mouth; she gagged for a moment but instinct made her savor the power in her mouth and her lips molded themselves around the shaft and she sucked.

The silken veil that had adorned her hair fell around her face and he held it back to see his genie sucking his cock. He had dreamed of this one thousand and one times.

She had no experience but she had the brazenness of the beginner venturing into a wild fantasy; her naivety made her more daring. Her mouth tugged softly at first, sucking gently, his cock head swelling in her mouth. She let her saliva drool down the sides and lubricate his shaft as her tiny hands marveled at the rock hard but vibrate shaft in her grasp.

His breathing was ragged and he knew he wasn't going to last. It had been such a long time since he'd first saw the genie on TV and imagined all this and he now longed to sink mindlessly into her and reach for that sweet forgetfulness. He groaned and reluctantly pulled her off of his raging hard on, "I'm not going to make it much longer," he warned in a raspy growl. “I want you naked,” he demanded.

Her eyes popped out briefly and she forgot the roleplaying and she was about to cry out in protest but the look on his face was so desperate and hungry that she melted and became the genie again.

She moved gradually and deliberately, shy but determined to please her Master.
She stood on the bed and, with trembling fingers, little by little slipped the silken veils from around her hips. The progress of the garment down her hips was deliciously slow; the motion was sensuous and seductive even if the innocent girl didn’t realize the alluring impact of her hesitation.  

She pushed the silk down a bit then nervously tugged it up, then pushed down a bit further, the whole time whimpering gently while looking shyly at a spot on the floor as if seeking refuge. 

Suddenly, perhaps because of all the gyrating and trembling of her body, the little jewel in her navel popped out. The unexpected burst of color and the flash of light as the gem cascaded through the candle-glow seemed a signal, a portent of something coming. Just at the moment the lightest hint of her soft sex was about to emerge from under the silk. Her hands quivered and she gasped but her fingers kept working on unpeeling her costume.

When the delicate flower of her sex finally teased into view she bravely shoved the silken garment all the way down with one bold thrust of her arms and gracefully stepped away from fabric as it gathered around her bare feet. Naked now except for the tiny bells that encircled her ankles and the silk covering her hair. The soft radiance in the room made her nude body look pink and glowing with youthful vitality. She smiled down at him.

His eyes wandered up her curvy body, her skin flushed with a lustrous sheen. He thought she must have used a body oil of some kind. Her shapely legs spread on either side of him. He reached up and set his hand on her mound, pressing his thumb in between her lips. She had shaved. Her mons was completely smooth and bare; a shocking sight in the 1960s but one that aroused him even more. His eyes met hers, "You’re a very good genie." He smiled and covered her soft treasure with his hand; she gasped in panic. Hardly anybody had ever touched her there, just one or two boys for no more than a brief second in the back seat of a car. He took control, watching the shock and awe in her eyes as he slid his thumb down to cover her clitoris, his thumb pressing that switch back and forth, watching her body jerk as he did so.

“I love your pussy so bare, so smooth. You look so innocent.” 

She rolled her belly muscles to bring her sweetness in closer contact with his hand; even in the thrall of his masterful touch she had to open and recite the lines that Alison has practiced with her. This speech came out in desperate breathless bursts, punctuated by her sexy gasping and panting, "I have heard that the women of the harem were bathed, shaved, polished and buffed for their master’s pleasure."

He moaned, "I like it." He slid his hand up and down that heavenly treasure, "Bring it closer."

“Oh Master,” she sobbed but she obeyed.

Her knees split as they bent and she sat down on his cock, shifting her hips to slide over his hardness. She lifted her arms and rotated her torso, her soft pussy lips dancing over his cock. The head pierced the lips of her virgin flower and the pressure made her tremble; the moment was coming. “Oh Master,” she pleaded. She was shaking her head, her body tense and fragile. She felt the heat of the cockhead against her virginity and she moaned softly.

She looked radiant, angelic in the candlelight. He growled some cruel wordless demand and she shook her head furiously, tensing her body even more as if to spring away in escape. But he was the master. He grabbed her thighs and shifted her quickly, his cock invading her silky sex in one sudden blow. The shaft filled her brutally, crushing her virginity and opening the floodgates of bliss for the first time. The room exploded into fireworks, the candlelight a sudden conflagration; the silken draps swirled as if in a sand storm as the cock thrust and crashed inside her tight sweet virginity. Her arms and torso writhed in the air, a forbidding frantic version of her fantasy dancing but this was harsh reality; his cock, huge and hard was pumping deep into her moist softness. She screamed wordless prayers and suddenly she was engulfed with pleasure.

She looked down at him, her eyes filled with tears but glowing with exultation; her mouth a wide O in search of words or a scream or anything to express her joy and bliss and then he thrust in again and her sweet face softened into a loving smile. She purred adoringly, “Thou art so masterful.” She rocked onto him as he shoved up into her silken tunnel pushing him deep, "Oh, Master, yes," she moaned. "Yes, that is what I need!"

He used his thumbs to pull her flower apart and press her clit in between his fingers sliding it back and forth. Watching his cock slide in and out of her glorious opening, he groaned worshipfully.

Gasping, she used her inner muscles to literally tug him deeper into her. "Yes, Master. You conquer me; you’re inside me!" she panted, "Feel that! Am I pleasuring you well, Master?"

"I'm going to come!" he hollered out, he couldn't take it one more second, that silken, tight muscle squeezing his cock. It was more ecstasy than he could endure. So, tight and hot. "Fuck!" He yelled and shot into her glorious body. His face contorted, pleasure and pain. "Fuck." he spat again; he wanted to make it good for her. His quivering spear, and all his lust applied, hurled against her tender sex and burst.  The raging white heat rushed through her narrow depths, and her soul danced aloft in the air, and her body skimmed over his shaft, drawing more of his load out of him; Then the surges swept, raised liquid mountains, and disclosed the deep pit of her ecstasy. Her body gushed and her screams, with mixed confusion, roared and her nectar flooded and rolled in foaming billows over his cock. Her reason cracked; the fearful cries from deep inside her ascended, and heaven itself ravished her. Loud peals of thunder from deep in his chest exploded then flashing fires as his cock unleashed again.

The rushing surge of his orgasm was one more revelation to the already stunned innocent. She squealed her enthusiasm as the heat filled her innocence. Her eyes burned and then she felt him again, really blasting the full load deep into her tightness. The shockwave of the flood gushing into her made her shudder and then her own ecstasy gushed against it. As his orgasm raged into her, it was met by her sweet nectar and their bliss swirled into perfection, nirvana. She throbbed and sobbed and came over and over while writhing over him. Finally she let a long satisfied sigh. “Oh Master,” she purred through her ecstatic agony, “I’m not a virgin any more.”

He thrust into her a few more times and with his cock still in her softness, she collapsed on top of him.

She moaned softly, lying over his chest. She kissed his mouth and licked his dry lips. She smiled and kissed his face all over making little noises as she did. "I want to please you, Master," she whispered, "So much."

He was in charge now and he rolled her off him and set her on her hands and knees and positioned himself behind her. He wanted to drill her hard and deep and she sensed the danger and quaked like a fawn. “Be kind, Master,” she pleaded.

“Sure, baby, sure,” he mumbled but his mind was on breaking her, making her scream.

He reached down and took hold of her hips and pulled her onto his stiffening cock, spreading her as he thrust brutally. Kelly shrieked, writhing with pain. “I trusted thee!” she growled through her agony but he thrust again, fucking her brutally.  “What manner of man 
art thou?” she raged. Pushing up into her a little deeper he celebrated her tender softness. His eyes caught movement in the doorway.

Allison Parks stood on the other side of the transparent silk hangings.

For the third time, he breathed, "Fuck." 

A million thoughts raced through his head. Should he tell Kelly that Allison had seen them? He chuckled to himself, maybe he should invite her in. As that thought crossed his mind his cock jumped and started to swell. He moaned and pressed deep into Kelly's sweet, tight pussy. Kelly’s tiny hands gripped the sheets and twisted them in counterpoint to her agony. He thrust over and over, gripping her hips to pull her back as he rammed forward. This time he knew Allison could see everything and he slowed his movements, dragging his genie over his cock, showing off her luscious body.

Kelly was totally absorbed in a world of sensations and sexuality. The massive cock inside her pounded her cruelly; the pain doubled, trebled, magnified ten-fold but then she submitted and in her submission she conquered. The thrusts inside her became hers to control; her body danced over the cock and the magical ecstasy of her bliss swirled like the purple mist flowing out of the genie’s bottle. Her ecstasy doubled, trebled, magnified a thousand-fold and she wordlessly sobbed her joy. “Oh Master,” she prayed and even as he rammed in over and over, he murmured soothingly, “Good girl, good girl.” She writhed and wriggled and submitted, determined to be the good little sex-genie he wanted.

Kelly was pushed into the bed and they were entangled in a knot of writhing limbs until he flipped her over and lunged in again; she wriggled over him and continued kissing his face and neck, softly moaning. She could feel that her Master's cock was growing harder and bigger. She pressed her mound around his growing thickness. "Oh, Master," she muttered against his neck, "You take everything, Master."

The publisher watched as Allison's silhouette faded away, he smiled and pulled Kelly harder onto his cock.

Hearing some small noise, Kelly looked to the open doorway then back at Master. "Allison?" she asked.

He growled while pushing his shaft, hard enough to cut diamonds, into her drenched sex. "Yes. Allison was watching."

She sat up, his hardness buried full length in her sweet body; she clenched him with her well-toned muscles. "Made you want me more, didn't it, knowing that she saw us making love?" she teased. Her fingers plucking at his nipple as she watched for his reaction. “Am I yours, Master? Only me?”

He groaned and writhed but didn't answer her question; he reached for her but she evaded his grasp. "Oh no you don't," she chuckled throatily. She slapped his hands away and bucked on his hard cock, "Say it!"

Using his superior strength he grabbed her, made a quick roll and pinned her to the bed on her back, his cock like an arrow holding her in place. "Yes! Fuck yes, you’re mine!" he grinned. "You are magnificent!"

He circled her wrists and pinned them to the mattress beside her hips; never taking his eyes off of her wide gaze, he slid down her body pressing her thighs open with his chest. "I need to taste this." He pressed his open mouth against her wet sex, filled with his seed.

She nearly burst out of her skin as she felt his mouth and tongue ravaging her needy sex. Her puffy lips being split open, his tongue pressing her hard little button and dragging lower. She felt him place his mouth directly over her sweet soft sex as he starts to draw the creamy juices from her opening. "Oh! Master! God!" she moaned, her body quivering with need, she was so close.

The low growling sounds coming from his throat told her that he is completely enjoying every sweet taste of her pussy. She struggled to pull her wrists free from his hold and started panting, "Baby, oh God, baby. Master. Master. Master!" She screamed low and raw, calling his name over and over again, a plea and a prayer.

He smeared his shiny face up over her bare mound grinning and with one swift motion, rested fully on her prone body.

"Please." she rasped

"Please what, my sexy genie?" he grinned, torturing her.

She bit his shoulder groaning, "Please, fuck me now! Make me come! Please!" Her eyes were wide with desire but her sweet freckled checks were red with the warm blush of her own surprise at the words spilling out of her. She looked angelic yet wild.

A small shift of his body and he shoved his cock hard into her needy, sweet, loving sex. He entered her swiftly, pressing against her sensitive clit, rocketing them both over the edge, clinging wildly to each other as they collided with the force of a supernova.

The night ended as the day began, Kelly with dreamy eyes looked down at the satisfied sleeping face knowing he was dreaming of her.

She lightly kissed the shaft that had broken her and said the last lines she remembered from the script, “Then this wand released me and I saw thy gift. I cannot tell thee how much happiness thou has brought to me. Oh Master I’m yours.”

She rested her head on his chest and dreamed of being his genie.

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