Katie Vernola does a cheer.

Katie Vernola does a cheer.

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Katie Vernola, Miss June 2010, is reminded of her cheerleading days.


Katie Vernola, Miss June 2010, is reminded of her cheerleading days.


Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013



Katie Vernola felt like pinching herself for the millionth time that day; of course, she couldn’t pinch herself because her flawless skin was needed for another photo session in just a few minutes. Her centerfold shoot had wrapped that morning; she had had no idea that it would take a dozen crew member including carpenters, stage hands, make-up girls, and wardrobe girls, and gaffers, plus the photographer and assistants and producers and art directors, too. Her favorite though was the big burly teamster who was in charge of changing the bowl of fruit loops every few minutes. Mustn’t have soggy cereal in Miss June’s centerfold picture.

She had known Playboy would be a fantasy land but she hadn’t expected all the artifice and production; she could get used to it though. She had been nervous for just a few seconds, stripping in front of so many men, but after a few frames had been shot she relaxed and modeled like a pro. Hey, she was a pro, Miss June 2010 and pretty much on top of the world. When the production designer finally called it a wrap there was even applause for her from the entire crew.

The only discordant note was the office assistant rushing in and showing the production manager a schedule on a clip board. The manager had glanced at Katie and shook his head but the assistant tapped the scheduled insistently.  Katie was already off the bed and slipping into a robe when the manager approached her.

“Katie, fabulous work, just fabulous. But look, there’s a change and you’re scheduled for another session.”

Katie looked around and the crew was already disappearing; her brows arched and while the girl was barely eighteen her face could take on a wry and teasing look. Her face had the delightful animation of youth. For a moment the man was distracted but he pressed on. “It’ll be a new crew,” he explained, as if answering the question on her face. “And your make-up will be fine as it is. There’s a costume in the dressing room. By time you get dressed the new crew will be set.” He seemed almost anxious to get away so Katie shrugged and scurried to find the new costume. She so wanted to be a good playmate.

The new costume was a cheerleading outfit, but nothing like the modest stuff she wore when on the squad at school. The top was tight showing off her the curves of her luscious chest and the yellow fabric was almost sheer enough to reveal her large areolas and soft enough to let her nipples poke through. It was so short that it barely covered her breasts so her smooth flat belly was completely bare. The yellow skirt was equally brief and the panties were the kind of lacy things that made her feel like a real playmate. She giggled as she pulled on the knee high socks and slipped into soft shoes. She was so excited she almost pranced out the door.

The first thing she noticed was the studio was practically empty. All the lights were out except for the bright studio lights beaming on the bed, the bed where she just shot her centerfold. Now, with the rest of the studio dark and dim it looked like an arena, a boxing ring. Katie shivered a moment as if sensing an indeterminate danger. But she was going to be a playmate so she shrugged it off and pranced eagerly onto the set.

She could barely make out the outline of the photographer through the glare of the lights but he was ignoring her; he was intensely conferring with someone else invisible in the deeper shadows of the studio. Katie, anxious to please stood at the foot of the bed; she looked fetching with a finger coyly crooked in her lips, downcast demure eyes sparkling with mischief, and one shapely leg extended in front of the other. She gulped though when she heard the stern and gravelly voice drift out of the darkness. An acrid whiff of cigar tickled her nose. She cocked her head to listen to the solemn voices.

“…My call sheet says you’re in charge but I don’t know about this.” The photographer’s voice was hesitant, almost fearful.

“About what?” The voice from the shadows was flat but rich with menace.

“This seems, well, extremely, um…well, extreme. Will you be explaining things to…to the um, model?”

“You take the pictures. I’ll handle the girl.”

The way mysterious figure in the shadows punched out the words made Katie certain that being handled was going to be a perilous experience, but exciting too. She waited anxiously but the photographer, in a studied way, attended to his cameras, avoiding her eyes. The man in shadows, unseen still, held a power over the girl that she couldn’t understand. He was silent now; the cold silence thrilled her, rippling over her like the roar of the crowds when she had shown her cheerleading panties back when she used to compete.

She stood quietly nervous, shifting back and forth between her two feet. Her breasts wriggled slowly under the tight cheerleader top. The silence roared in her ears, exciting her in a sensual way she could barely understand.

The voice from the shadow finally addressed her. “Hey babe, you look good in that outfit.”

Katie curtsied sweetly and tried to peer beyond the lights.

“A nice sweet body. What are your measurements?”

Katie blinked. Really? He wanted her to give her measurements?! She called up the stuff she memorized for her video shoot but this time she said it shyly, with a finger close to her lips, her voice soft and sexy. “Let’s see. I'm, like, five eight and weigh a hundred and twenty five pounds.” She paused as if to invite him to contemplate her body. “My measurements are thirty-four, twenty-six, thirty-five.” Another pause and she felt his eyes roving over the curves she had just described. His silence pawed over her like ruthless hands. “I'm just eighteen years old.” One more pause to consider her fragile innocence and beauty.  “My ambitions are…are to be the best playmate I can be…to be a really good girl.” She stopped and meekly sucked her finger. She meant it; she wanted to please this mysterious man in the dark.

“Bullshit.” His voice was a snarl. She blinked as if slapped. Her eyes flashed a question: What? What’s wrong? “Your tits,” he went on, they’re not just a thirty-four. Thirty-seven, more like.” He was almost smacking his lips as he spoke about her flesh.

“Thirty-four Dee,” she said softly, blushing sweetly.

“Yeah, I thought so. A nice handful. I bet you can’t wait for me to have them.”

Without realizing it, she nodded.

“So you really a cheerleader?” he inquired. She nodded, fearful but uncertain why she was afraid. “So let’s hear a cheer.”

She hesitated; her mind went blank. She shifted back and forth on her feet, leaning forward slightly, then leaning back. She slowly found a rhythm; all she could hear in her brain was “Go Katie, go Katie, go Katie” and her training and instincts slowly took over. Her body began to sway in rhythm, elbows tight to her sides and her tiny hands jutting out at sharp and fragile angles. “Go Katie, go Katie,” she began to say softly, rocking back and forth and making tiny spirals with her fingers.

“Bullshit,” the mad barked. “Give me a sexy cheer.”

Katie froze. Then a wicked smile came on her and she remembered something from a movie. OK, he wanted a sexy cheer; she could do a sexy cheer.

“I'm sexy, I'm cute! I'm popular to boot!
I'm shapely, great hair! The boys all love to stare!” Her movements were still tight and hesitant; she moved in rhythm from side to side now, her elbows still close to her sides but forearms swaying from side to side.

“I'm easy, I'm hot! I'm everything you want!
I'm pretty, I'm cool! I dominate the school!
Who’ll do me? Just guess! I want YOU to touch my chest!” Without warning she thrust out her chest and now really began to move with the beat she created with the words.

“I'm rockin'! I smile! In bed  I'm really wild.
I'm flyin', I’m willin’! When you get me we’ll be drillin’! Whoo!” She was into it now; gyrating and jumping but staying in place so the camera could catch her every move.
“I want you, I need you! I swear I want to do you!
I’m sexy! I’m sweet And I’m good enough to eat!
You love me ‘cause I’m pretty; I love you when you drill me!”

Her arms were high in the air and her breasts were bouncing delightfully. “I’m a cheer cheerleader and I’m real real hot! I’m a real live playmate and I got everything you want.”
Now she stamped her foot and clapped in rhythm, “I’m your playmate. Call me Miss June!
You can have a playmate. You’ll be doing me real soon.”

Her tiny feet were franticly beating out a rhythm as she threw herself into the cheer. “I'm Kay Kay Katie
Vee Vee Vernola! Love me!
Dude, it’s do me time!
I'm cute bad and horny! Yeah! It’s do me time!
Just call me Katie! Yeah!
I sizzle, I’m hot!
But now I want
The thing YOU got!
You can do me, just for fun!
I want you in me ‘cause you’re the one!
I'm perky, I’m sweet! I’m good enough to eat!
Kee-Kee- Kick it Katie! Kay Kay Kay Katie!
Do-Do-Do Do your Katie.
Take me daddy.
Spank me daddy.
Do me daddy.
I'm soft like a dove.
And I’m ready for your love.
When I say love I mean we’ll have a ball.
When I say love I mean I’m giving you my all.
Let’s do it. Let's go!
You know I can’t say no!
When I say do me, you say yeah.
When I say do me, you say yeah.
Do me. I said do me. Yeah do me do me do me. Say you want to do me. Do me do me do me.”

She paused and expectantly peered beyond the lights. Silence. She felt the silence as a sexual caress. Desperate she started again, “Fire me up, and up, and up, and up, and up
Fire it up.” She giggled and gyrated and clapped twice.
“Do me up (clap, clap)
Do me up, and up, and up, and up, and up!” She did her trademark panty revealing flip and landed in a split with her arms in the air and her chest jutting out.

The single pair of hands slowly applauding from beyond seemed almost mocking. Katie blushed at her own performance but her blush was alluring. The applause abruptly stopped. “Let’s see your tits.” The command was bland and a matter of fact but it came like a slap. Katie knew better than to hesitate now. She smiled shyly and slowly peeled the yellow fabric off her breasts, letting the garment gather below her chin. Her nipples glowed bright as her chest heaved. She cocked her head to one side and let the camera photograph the pose. Without waiting she knew to pull up the skirt and stretch the sheer fabric of her panties away from her bare pussy.

“Let’s see your ass,” was the next command. She moved in tiny steps, turning and bending and slowly pulling the panties below the two lovely orbs of her bottom. She jiggled her rear and stood straight. With her back to him she waited. She knew.

His footsteps were stealthy but solid. In a moment he was behind her; she held her breath and leaned back. He was naked; she knew he’d be naked. He held her shoulders and lifted her slightly, thrusting a massive rod between her thighs and rested her on the cock like it was a branch of a tree. Her head turned and they kissed, a kiss surprising soft and gentle. Her tongue was all fireflies and sparklers inside his mouth.  His hands cupped her firm young breasts and she sighed in submission, her hands reaching behind to caress his bald head and the harsh stubble of beard on his face. The kiss was hypnotizing her and her firm round ass jiggled over the massive weight of his naked cock. She could feel the muscles of his chest press against her back. She was little red riding hood about to be devoured by the wolf. And she was going to be photographed as he took her.

She broke the kiss and breathed huskily, “Am I going to be raped now?” Her voice hovered between loathing and fear and scorn, balanced against obedience and anticipation and exhilaration.

He gave her breasts a hard squeeze and chuckled. “Yeah, you’re a good girl aren’t you? You know what I want.” He firmly pulled her arms behind her back. “We’re gonna do this old school.”

She gave no resistance as he crossed her wrists behind her and began to tie her arms together.

“You don’t have to tie me,” she said sweetly, “I’ll let you do…everything.”

He snorted at the absurdity of her ‘letting’ him do anything.  “Oh, don’t worry about that.” The ropes were snug now and she winced slightly, but then his hands were roving over her and she began to writhe rhythmically. “I’m going to drill your tight little snatch.” She gasped as he cupped her pussy. Then he ran a hand up her belly and teased her mouth with a finger. “I’m going to come in this pretty little mouth.” As if to show her willingness she sucked his finger eagerly. His other hand squeezed her bottom, her plush virginal bottom. “I am going to nail this ass good and hard.” She shivered but continued to tease his finger with her tongue as she nodded her assent to everything. She was his playmate and she was going to please him.

He was going to fuck her. She knew. She nodded her submission.

The progression to the rape of Miss June 2010 was both precise and sensuous. The brief tug of the tab on the zipper to her skirt drew a meek whimper from the helpless girl, but then the sound of the steel teeth opening flooded the room like the sound of the ocean. The soft growl of the zipper overwhelmed her the way the applause of the crowds overwhelmed her when she did her somersaults. But this sound was true. It was HER zipper opening and she trembled; the waist band loosened and she shifted her hips to help the skirt along on its journey to the floor. The yellow fabric piled at her feet. The camera applauded her ravishment, snapping frame after frame of the girl being stripped. One of his hands tugged the top of the cheerleading outfit up revealing the eager nipples again. His fingers sank into her succulent flesh. The camera caught each moment of the other hand’s slow glide down her belly and under the elastic of her panties. She held her breath then a strong rough hand caressed over her bare pussy. Blood pulsed through her veins. Her face twisted around to kiss him frantically; her lips responded to his touch and her ivory face flushed.

Katie wasn’t a virgin, but she was delightfully virginal. A boy from school had taken her maidenhead and she had loved the feel of him inside her. The hot gush as he came into the condom thrilled her and scared her. That was a few short weeks ago and she knew now that nothing that night could prepare her for what was coming now. The cock throbbing against her thighs was massive; it was a weapon of destruction that would smash her into oblivion and ecstasy. She knew the rush of his fire when he came would fill her entirely and she knew that this ride would be naked; his naked cock would explode inside her innocent body and fill her, fill her completely with his white fire. She was helpless and she loved that he was going to come inside her. She kissed him desperately, urging him to take her.

He fondled her innocent flesh, his hands possessive, greedy, and brutal. Her shapely body writhed against him; she could feel his cock touching her skin and she groaned into his mouth. A thick powerful finger pressing through the sheer fabric of her panties worked like a finger on a trigger. A bolt of ecstasy shot through her and she couldn’t stand it and she could no longer stand. She fell face forward onto the bed, the bed where her centerfold had been shot; her ivory body slithered like a water nymph over the white satin sheets. She wriggled against the headboard and with her arms still bound behind her she glared at him, her eyes glistening with panic.

Then she saw it; his cock was all she could see, a huge shaft throbbing with menace. Her eyes goggled then she drank in the rest of him. He was old enough to be her grandfather but he was muscled and sleek with power. His bald head added to his stature. His eyes burned black coals and he grinned at the helpless girl as he strutted to the bed. But for all his hulking menace and fiery glare, the most frightening thing was the silence, the cold hard silence.

The silence chilled her. “No,” she whispered but made no effort to move. He chuckled at her submission and gruffly bent her forward. For a brief moment her wrists were untied but then quickly he bound them over her head, knotting the rope on the headboard.

The bed groaned under his weight as he climbed onto the sheet and stretched out against the trembling playmate’s body. He put an arm around her shoulder pinning her close to him and with his free hand his fingers pianoed across the front of her shoulders and over her breasts. She squirmed and murmured with each light teasing tap. The fingers drummed over her belly, then followed the elastic of her panties until they came to the ribboned stays holding the flimsy garment closed.

His face was close to hers and she watched, mesmerized by the sight of his fingers slowly tugging the end of the ribbon. Ever so slowly the knot unfurled and the panties loosened. As if sighing with surrender the gossamer fabric slid away from her skin leaving her innocent sex bare to his burning glare and her enticing gaze.

“Please,” she whispered softly uncertain of what the plea was. She knew she couldn’t bear it if he stopped but knew too that she dreaded him continuing. His hand was pulling the top of the cheerleader outfit, tenting it so he could peer in at her luscious breasts. He spent a moment admiring their pear shaped perfection then brutally ripped the top away.

The tearing sound sent her into a frenzy; bucking and wriggling, arching her back, then slamming down onto the bed as she kicked wildly and tossed her head like a Bacchante at an orgy. “No, no, no,” she squealed in protest, but the writhing of her body allowed her moist skin to caress over his muscles making her more alluring and him more aroused. His laughter made her wrestle even more vigorously. She snapped and snarled and squealed and looked incredibly sexy. The man held her and let her explode with fury. He winked at the photographer then casually engaged in a tussle with Katie.

He grabbed one leg, even as her other leg kicked at him savagely. He tossed away the shoe and brazenly licked over the sole of her foot. She kicked and twisted and bucked and continued to protest frantically, but he ignored it all and playfully sucked her toes and licked her ankle, enjoying her moist flesh as he would an ice cream cone. Her soft skin tasted as though it had been sprinkled with tiny sugar crystals. The flesh tingled with excitement under the hot moist attention of his lips and tongue.  She wasn’t just sweet; the taste of her flesh evoked freshness and innocence and delight—even better, she tasted of forbidden fruit. Licking her unsullied skin felt like a sin.

By time he began to lick up her calf the kicking had subsided but the writhing continued. The protests continued too, soft little murmurs of “No, no, no” that could only encourage him to work his tongue up her thigh. His tongue and lips worked slowly and carefully, lapping up her deliciousness. Every inch of her skin was a new sensation and taste: cherry blossoms at her calf, honeysuckle behind her knee. The skin of her thigh exploded in a cornucopia of luscious fruits and flowers. He kissed and licked tenderly, savoring every morsel of her succulent innocence.

She continued to writhe, helpless, virginal, alluring; she continued to murmur, “No, no, no,” Each touch of his lips on her trembling flesh called up another burst of meek protest from her soft blushing lips; each purr of resistance became more seductive and pleading. He moved closer and closer to the fragrant garden of her sex; her free leg had stopped kicking long ago, instead gliding sensuously up and down the satin sheets so now she parted her thighs slightly, innocently giving him room to delve into the richness of her soft sex. She parted her thighs gently, sighing as she did it, and she sobbed as she anticipated his tongue licking over the lips of her delicate flower.

But he paused; close to that heavenly gate, he bit and sucked the soft flesh of her inner thigh. If he were a vampire he would have been drawing blood. As it was she felt herself sucked into him, her entire being centering on the small dot of flesh being devoured in his mouth.  “No, no, no,” she resisted, urgent now, fearing his voracious lust. Her young voluptuous body writhed over the sheets, her head twisting back and forth; she gave a smoldering look to the camera, the classic doe eyed gaze of a young girl’s willing seduction. The man on the bed released her flesh and she sighed and accompanying the sigh a small red mark appeared on her thigh like a flower blooming.

He licked some more, licking in the fold between her thigh and her torso, licking in spirals around the gate of her fresh sweet sex. “No, no, no,” she whispered submissively, gently maneuvering her body so his mouth would take her entirely.

One soft lick over the lips of her sex: delicious. Another lick: heavenly. A third gentle lap: nirvana. Now he had to do it. His tongue like a quick darting spear entered her sex, a slight prick, a quick flick of one tiny bead of nectar onto his lips. The flavor was cosmically luscious; his tongue dipped in again. “No, no, no,” she sobbed writhing herself into his mouth. Another dip and another pearl of her innocent nectar burst into his mouth, a burst of rainbows. He dipped in again and her sweet sex gushed forth a fountain of her juicy innocence. She cried out over and over, “No, no, no,” and she writhed and twisted; he fucked her with his tongue and she rewarded him with burst after burst of her bliss spouting into his mouth. His tongue fucked deep into her fresh and inviolate innocence. Her snatch was soft and tight and each touch and twist of his tongue was heavenly for both of them. “No, no, no,” she begged, rewarding him by coming in his mouth over and over and over.

She continued to come even as his head glided up towards her belly; the tongue twirled over the navel, teasing and twisting the small piece of jewelry piercing her flesh. “No, no, no,” she sobbed, her chest heaving, her nipples bursting with anticipation of the onslaught to come.

Katie Vernola’s breasts, as she leaned back into the pile of satin covered piles, spread out in a glorious feast of creamy succulent flesh; white and smooth, her breasts glowed with youth and vivacity. The two mounds, perfectly formed, were firm and smooth in shape but supple and soft to touch. The two areolas radiated energy like bursts of sunshine and the two nipples stood straight and hard, eager for attention like a naughty cheerleader in the backseat of a Chevy.

His tongue and his hands gave those heavenly mounds the attention they deserved. He pawed and mauled and licked and nibbled. She wriggled and writhed, twisting her torso to feed herself into his mouth; with her arms tied above her head her breasts were completely vulnerable to his loving assault and the worshipping flash of the camera.

Smothered in her succulence, his face rubbed between the two quivering breasts even as he mauled and sucked. The stubble of his cheeks and shaved head scratched over her soft smooth flesh arousing her with dreadful pleasure. “No, no, no,” she pleaded, thrusting her magnificent breasts into his eager mouth.

His mouth clamped down on one of those stupendous nipples; his teeth grazed over the candy hard surface and in a long pull of his powerful lungs he sucked deeply. Her flesh rushed into his mouth; succulent cream and honey poured into him. “No, no, no,” she gasped; he was sucking up her essence and innocence, drinking deep down to the marrow of her most sensual being. Her legs beat frantically over the sheets and her hair flew wildly as her head twisted back and forth; her arms struggled against the ropes and her back arched up and down as she bucked in ecstasy. She was coming; she was having a mindblowing orgasm all because of the arousal of her nipple.

He sucked harder, pulling all the flesh of the marvelous mound into his mouth. She was delicious, sweet and warm; the rock candy nipple throbbed against his tongue. He sucked deeply and he sucked relentlessly. Her soft moist breast was a feast of pleasure. She bucked and thrashed in her impossible orgasm and when he finally lifted his head she sobbed in animal protest.

She looked up at his cold eyes; stripped naked and bound to the bed she was helpless but her dewy eyes held a power too and she was irresistible. Her eyes begged him to fuck her; she didn’t dare look down at his cock but her eyes pleaded for it. He grinned, knowing he was going to take her and take her fiercely, but there was the one breast all rosy and moist from his mouth and there was the other one all pink and fresh.

He fondled the flesh and she watched with eyes agog. The mere touch of his hand on the fresh nipple sent her into a frenzy of thrashing and kicking. “No, no, no,” she shrieked but too late. The mouth swooped down and he began his intense demolishing of her breast. She was too weak to resist now and slipped into a slow rocking, murmuring “No, no, no” over and over as he sucked her delicious nipple. The sensations in her breast rushed through her and blushed her entire body. She felt like a goddess as he sucked on her; she loved giving her innocent flesh to him. “No, no, no,” she purred in harmony with the slurping and smacking sounds of his lips and teeth over her tasty and voluptuous mounds.

He sucked and kissed for a long long time, a gentle love making, a fitting worship of a goddess like young Miss June. Katie was mewing her sweet protestations like an adorable kitten. Her mouth was crooked in a delighted smile. His sucking and licking was soothing and soft and reassuring; they were making love the way she imagined it to be. This was romance and adulation, his debauched sucking and slurping. She would have gently stroked his head even as she murmured her resistance but the ropes held her fast. Now she even liked the ropes because with her arms stretched up her breasts were even more sensitive. Mmm, this was nice, she thought to herself as she breathed, “No, no, no.”

He loved sucking these tits; man, she was sweet and juicy, ripe and fresh. She had the tits of an angel. But his cock was throbbing, the weapon eager for the sacrifice to come. Katie, lulled into complacent bliss as he sucked her breast, kept rocking slowly. “No, no, no,” she whispered when a hand came over the other nipple. He sucked softly on the candy cane nipple in his mouth and it was delicious; his fingers toyed gently with the rock hard nipple of her other breast and it was delightful. In dreamy bliss she rocked angelically as he worshipped her breasts. “No, no, no,” she cooed.

In a greedy snap his teeth clamped down and his finger pinched and twisted. A roaring flame of painful ecstasy rushed through the girl’s tender body and she exploded into a violent gyrating vengeful goddess trying to escape his grasp. His head bobbed up and down stretching the soft flesh then splaying it across her chest. He sucked forcefully and he sucked furiously. He sucked as if he was devouring her life force, creating a pressure that would make a star implode. “No, no, no,” she screamed but her protests faded into the babbling sobs of another orgasm.

He gave the luscious breast one more voracious pull with his mouth, bearing down hard to suck the entirety of her soul out of her then he released his lips with a loud pop and snapped his head back. He rose from the bed and let the photographer document the girl’s endless bliss. She smiled ruefully for the camera and jiggled her tingling breasts.

The brutal man stood above her admiring her innocent beauty and waiting for her realize that the time had come; she was going to get fucked but good now. It didn’t take long. She turned and for the first time allowed her eyes to take in the entirety of his naked cock. It was close to her face as he leaned over to untie the rope. She let her tongue dart out to briefly touch the solid throbbing shaft.

Her arms free she rearranged herself on the pillows, making herself more alluring. She brushed her hair with her fingers, the rope still dangling from one wrist. She mewed soft wordless promises as she looked at him expectantly. She trembled slightly anticipating the rape to come.

Again the bed groaned as he climbed back on, slipping an arm around her shoulder again. A willing little sex kitten, she cuddled into his embrace and she scratched softly over his muscled chest. She nuzzled into his neck, her hair fragrant and soft like spring flowers. Her bare legs pressed into his and she closed her eyes and lifted her face, her lips parting in invitation.

The kiss was epic, a battle between good and evil, light and dark. The young blonde girl’s tongue fluttered with excitement as he brutally impaled her mouth. Her mouth was a breath of fresh air sweet with spring. She kissed him eagerly to let him know she was surrendering, completely yielding herself. She kissed him with fragile delicate kisses promising that her innocence would be his. Her lips were roses and her mouth was honey. She kissed him and she was delicious.

Her candy sweet pink tongue flickered and flitted over the assaulting lizard in her mouth. His tongue was moving with cruel deliberation, savoring her honey-fresh succulence and calmly possessing her even as her tongue danced a spritely jig of excitement. His weight still kept her on her back and he fondled her breasts as the slow magnificent kiss increased in intensity. Her delicate hands brushed over his face, as if trying to hold his power.

Like Shelley said, in the kiss soul met soul. A kiss is shared, and as such is a thing created by two different minds. Great kisses happen when the two people find common ground. Poets and songs have said that a great kiss makes time stand still. Indeed, the feeling that you are both very clearly in the present is often quite exciting. The man possessing Katie now liked to kiss; he knew this was the path to the big event, but he also liked the soft sweet pleasures of a girl’s delicate mouth. For Katie kissing was more intimate than any other type of sexual contact; she could imagine kissing him for a long long time and the events to come, the violation of her body with his cock and the raw blast of seed deep into her, were only vague and dark notions floating deeper in her imagination.??The young girl surrendered to the kiss, surrendered totally. But for Katie this kiss was a kaleidoscope of emotions.

There was romance. There was lust; every touch of his lips left her wanting more. There was surprise; nothing had ever moved her the way his mouth did now. ??She kissed him, hoping he was planning to kiss her forever. Her heart was pounding in her chest.?Her head was spinning from the sensual pleasures.  Too much and not enough of everything, she squirmed like a kitten seeking his attention.

?Katie’s kiss was sweet and intense, even as his was cruel and demanding. She gave him an urgent and rushed passionate embrace, and the camera caught her soft nude body rubbing against his. Her soft pale skin in stark contrast to his muscled body glistened under the lights of the camera, she glowed like an angel.??The eager playmate adored being kissed by him, but even the strong emotional rush didn’t prepare her for his forceful possession of her. They were rolling around on the bed, their bodies crashing into each other as they kissed. His hands were everywhere on her smooth and supple body. Her hands struggled between trying to control his pawing and exploring his muscles herself.??She kissed him desperately and she thrilled as his tongue raped her mouth. Her kiss was sweet. Pure unadulterated perfection, every single moment. They kissed passionately, and it was bliss for the young girl. For him, she a treat, a real spitfire. He wanted her to tilt her head back, so he twisted his fingers in her hair and gruffly pulled on it. His tongue raped her with vehemence. Lust filled and impassioned at that precise moment, he took what he wanted and she was stirred by the rawness of the gesture. This kiss was a brutal rape and he fucked her hard.

Gasping for air she snapped her head back. But then he surprised her with another kiss; this one gentle, loving, and surprisingly arousing. He took her lower lip between his own, and sucked on it while running his tongue back and forth across it.??Katie swooned and he kissed her again, now a smashing against her with eager lust. He used brutal pressure and did not leave enough space for her to catch her breath. Her lips felt bruised every time she could get them away from him and the sting was thrilling. Kissing him was exciting – a small rehearsal of the rape to come.??She broke away, scrambling over the sheets and arranging herself on the pillows. Now she felt her own power; she could see his desire for her nubile body gleaming in his coal black eyes. Her own eyes spoke a silent invitation: Perhaps, (her eyes whispered) you can kiss me again. Come closer and I'll show you exactly how it's done. Look me in the eyes and silently tell me that you want me. Tell me you’re going to ravish me but move towards me slowly and give me an opportunity to shy away. You know I’m helpless and you know you’re going to have me.

He heard the seductive message in her eyes and he saw the encouraging way she was leaning towards him. He moved in and all she could do was watch his eyes.??Where were his hands? He placed his fingertips on her cheeks. He ran his thumb across her lips softly. As she parted her lips oh-so-slightly, he took the opportunity to wet his fingertip on the tip of her tongue. He trailed the moisture along her top and bottom lips, feeling her shallow breath move softly across his hand.??Now he moved his hands upward with splayed fingers, his parted fingers on either side of her head and his thumbs under her chin, lifting it slightly. He tilted her head very slightly to the right. He saw her wet her lips in anticipation.??He moved his head towards hers. She watched him come to her until the moment his lips made light contact with hers then her eyes drifted softly shut. ??He brushed his lips across hers briefly, then paused for her response. He paid close attention and knew she wanted more and more when he felt her body shift towards him almost imperceptibly. He leaned towards her again, and this time held his lips against hers for a second or two. ??Now, he showed her that he wanted a deeper kiss. He parted his lips slightly first and closed them against hers a little wetly. She heard that sexy smack as it ended. She giggled sweetly and he repeated this several times so that her heart lightened a bit. ??He used his hands to tilt her head the other direction and his head moved towards hers again and this time he began by very quickly flicking his tongue across the juncture of her still closed lips. This was his request, like a knock at the door. Would she answer???This time she did. She parted her lips very slightly and met his. His tongue traveled carefully to run across the soft inner edge of her upper lip. He positioned his head so that their mouths were tilted at almost a 90 degree angle. Then he applied a tiny bit of suction and moved his tongue further into her warm, wet mouth and touched the tip of her own tongue with his. Her tongue followed his as he ran it along the bottom edge of her top teeth and the top edge of her bottom teeth. He stretched his tongue further into her mouth, meeting hers and swirling around it in a playful dance. Now, he withdrew his tongue and began a new kiss so that she could have her turn.??She wanted to explore the inside of his mouth from a different angle, so she left his lips long enough to tilt her head to the right again. He eagerly cooperated with the repositioning. ??The next kiss was more aggressive. She wanted him to know that he had aroused her; she ran her tongue intimately along the space between his upper teeth and his upper lip. Their tongues met again and did battle once more. He ended the kiss abruptly, knowing she still wanted more.??As he pulled away, she opened her eyes and her desire for another kiss was clear. He wanted to tease her a little, so he began kissing the hollow of her throat and the side of her neck, and eventually worked his way towards her ear. He placed her right earlobe between his teeth briefly, then took the earlobe into his mouth and sucked on it for a moment. He could actually see the goose bumps rise on her skin.??He growled a wordless compliment then began kissing below her ear and down her neck again. She closed her eyes and tilted her head backwards, exposing her entire neck to him in a gesture of surrender.??Her eyes whispered once more: Kiss me again, please. You do it so well.

?He did. It started slow and soft, their lips together slightly parted. Then the warmth of it began to build. She felt her toes curl slightly as if they were somehow involved. Her entire body weakened a little and he held on to her more tightly. The kiss began to grow. Their tongues took up the kiss and became involved in their own way. First they played tag, hiding from one another and finding joyfully the other exactly where one would expect. ??She began to lose her sense of the rest of the world. First, the sounds of the camera shutter disappeared, then the space around them; all she knew was the erotic caress of the satin sheets, and the firm and demanding pull of his fierce body and she could only hear his breath and the soft moans that echoed between their locked lips. Soon the room dimmed and she could only see his eyes, sometimes closed, sometimes locked in hers as they became a part of the kiss as well. ??Soon she became one with him and her soft naked body melted into his. She began to feel her passion rise as the kiss took over more and more of her body. She felt herself growing first warm and then wet between her legs and she could feel him rise and press against her stomach. Their flesh touched completely.?Then began a slow dance together as the kiss rolled them over the bed. Their legs intertwined in impossible knots as the kiss consumed more and more of their being. Soon they settled softly into the pillows. The time had come; he had to fuck her.

Katie sighed and sank back into the pillows; for the third time he arranged his body next to hers, putting an arm around her shoulders and drawing her close to him. She snuggled again with sweet mewing and pressed a soft cheek on his chest. She held her breath as he rested a large hand on her bare belly and she looked down. She saw her pussy naked and helpless just below his fingers. She felt his cock nudge against her naked thigh. She felt the overwhelming inevitability of her ravishment sweep over her like a storm cloud.

As if to emphasize the certainty of her rape he reached across her belly and took up the rope still attached to her wrist. He slowly tugged her hand across her torso until her fingers hovered over his cock. He shifted his body and the cock rose like a monster from the depths of hell and it touched her hand.

She would be a good girl; she would touch it. Her fingers gingerly pressed over it and she stroked it gingerly. She imagined it be a powerful weapon, an atomic bomb blasting inside her; she could feel the mushroom cloud of white expanding and spreading inside her sex. She knew when he started balling her it was going to be raw naked sex, brawny and brutal. He was going to shoot his seed deep inside her; he was going to fill her with his fire. She shivered and gingerly touched it again.

The arm around her shoulders pulled her in closer and the hand stretched down to fondle her flawless breast. He put his other hand on her belly again and she parted her legs slightly, knowing that his fingers were going to take her away.

Her head on his chest, she watched with amazement as her own tiny hand stroked along the length of the cock; then she tested the girth of the shaft and she gasped. At that moment a finger slipped into her soft wet snatch. Her eyes were open wide now and she watched her hand wrap around his rock hard cock and stroke up and down, tickling the tip then gliding down to the base to tease his balls. At the same time she watched his finger in her pussy, gliding in and out slowly making her more and more wet.

She watched in a trance now. Her hand moved with a gentle grace but the sensual waves from her pussy were overpowering her. Her lips parted and she sighed and surrendered to the slowly rising bliss, her body gently rocking in rhythm with his finger.

She began to mew with pleasure and her hand began to run more rapidly up and down his cock. Waves of delight were swirling inside her; but as they swirled they massed darker and darker until an erotic dread gripped her spine. Her hand squeezed tight over the cock; it was too wide and too long. Impossible! Still the finger fucked inside her. Heavenly.

The man could sense her tension and his cock was hungry. The time had come. Still fucking her with his finger he shifted towards her. This was enough. She screamed in ecstasy and protest at once, thrashing and fighting. He liked that, his little spitfire; he let her fight. She was scratching and clawing and kicking and he laughed it off, instead taking hold of the rope and tying one arm to the headboard. He let her scream and he let her wriggle over the bed. He calmly nudged himself between those two plump soft thighs. He moved with the menacing grace of a python, slowly engulfing the struggling girl with his body. His legs were between hers even as the girl kicked and thrashed. His arms slipped between the satin sheets and the moist skin of her back, gliding up so his hands could hook over her shoulders even as her torso twisted and writhed. He kept his head up even as her hair whipped wildly across his face. Her worked slowly and deliberately, enjoying her struggle and savoring the sweet heat of her soft skin. He shifted his hips to get his shaft in position to strike.

The pressure of the tip of his cock against her pussy pinned her to the sheets but that didn’t stop her legs from kicking and her one free hand from slapping and punching and scratching. She snarled like a wild cat. He nudged forward, his cock just pushing slightly against her soft delicate young sex and she screamed some more.

He pushed forward, slightly, barely a quarter inch but enough to send a piercing thrill through her body. Her back arched until she was supported only by the top of her head and the soles of her feet. As she snapped her body into this position she impaled herself on his cock. She screamed some more and he pushed in one more half inch.

Katie was pinned to the bed, impaled on his shaft. Her entire being was centered in the tightness of her delicate sex. Her sex was tender and soft and innocent; she’d only had that one young boy inside her and now here was a massive naked monster guided by a brutal master about to ravish her. Her skin, soft and smooth was covered with sweat; her lustrous hair disheveled, but her face, even in its wild protests and erotic anguish was lovely. Her eyes glowed with passion. Even with her limbs thrashing and her claws bared she looked the perfect playmate. She was perfect for fucking.

The cock was just an inch or two inside her but this little bit inside this tight sweet girl was out of this world; he pumped those two inches a bit, shifting his hips in a circle to toy with her even as she screamed and struggled then he pressed down some more. She screamed for heaven and hell to crash down on them.

Like a boxer leaping up for combat he threw himself into it; he smashed down, thrusting deep into her just to hear her howl and feel the sweet tightness of her pussy gush around his throbbing cock. He had no thought but the delicious way she felt struggling and fighting, trying to bite and scratch, and so magnificently tight and hot. He hammered in hard, and then hammered in again. The bed was thumping from the pile driving action and Katie’s young body was bouncing over the sheets.

God, what a joy it was to bang this bucking and thrashing girl. Her body exploded with passion and her body responded to every stroke of his cock as it rammed in and out of her tight snatch. In and out, in and out; man, this girl could fuck. He felt great.

She twisted and writhed, her hair flying wildly, her legs flailing madly. The cock was huge and hard and horrible and felt so good; she howled in protest but wanted more and more and more. He rammed down, loving how she squealed and his eyes caught the look of loving anguish on her angelic face.  He snarled viciously.

?Then he leaned in and kissed her.

?The kiss willed her legs to wrap around his body and let him enter her completely. No longer could the kiss be denied. It took over their bodies and their minds completely as they lost themselves in its embrace. For him the kiss was a reminder of how sweet and innocent the girl could be. For her the kiss elevated his fucking to a different plane; now she was making love. She loved his cock inside her; she loved the way his cock worshiped her beauty. She kissed him in a delirium of love and she kissed with her entire body.??Their love motion began in the tongues. As they began to direct what the rest of the body would do. His tongue entered her mouth and began to thrust in exactly the same rhythm as his manhood inside of her. She squeezed her sex around him in the same manner as her lips squeezed his tongue. The actions of the kiss became the inspiration for their lovemaking. ??Moans escaped her lips as the passion rose and consumed them. Never once was the kiss in danger of stopping as their bodies complied with its demands. The kiss consumed them, built their passion to higher and hotter limits than ever before. ??The kiss continued on, its momentum building as their bodies mirrored its actions. She felt something begin to rise inside of her. It felt like an orgasm building only much deeper, from inside her body and mind from an area that she had never felt. He too began to feel something warm growing deep within him as their kiss called something deep and primal inside him. It wasn’t the brutal pleasure he took in drilling into the tender girl, although damn it was fine drilling into this delicious girl; this kiss, the sweetness of this girl, was conjuring up something almost gentle, even romantic in him. He was balling her like crazy but he wanted her to be happy too. He liked being gentle with her, for awhile anyway.  ??They continued unwilling and unable to stop as the kiss consumed them. Ecstasy rose inside of them and began to grow hotter. The kiss called to it and it responded growing hotter as they became more passionate in their lovemaking. It continued to grow, building inside of them until their very bodies seemed on fire and the kiss made it more passionate. ??They knew they had no control now; they were completely at the mercy of the kiss and that glorious bliss which the kiss built. She began to feel something familiar as her orgasm started to shudder but soon she realized that it was more than just an orgasm. It was much more. As she began to become controlled by this new thing he too, felt a familiar stirring deep within his loins. Yet his seemed to pull all of his energy from everywhere in his body and soul and focus it forward and deep into her.

Her orgasm glowed in anticipation of the explosion she knew was coming; she wanted him to come inside her, to flood her virginal body with his brute force, to fill her completely with the delicious white fire. Without a condom to hold it back she wanted his orgasm to smash into hers.?

In and out, he thrust into the beautiful girl; quick and rapid, he raced to higher heights. His orgasm grew fast now, taking its energy from every muscle and focusing on his thrusting inside her. She began to convulse in ecstasy but this was just the beginning. The kiss urged the climax on. Like a giant wave, it was preceded by smaller waves of orgasm that she felt and dismissed in preparation for IT. He began to feel her shudder over him and he too began small climaxes but the kiss urged them on. ??As they felt it growing nearer and nearer they briefly considered breaking the kiss to prepare but they could not stop it. The kiss controlled it and it controlled them. She felt it first as the largest wave overcame her and she moaned into his lips and wrapped her legs around him to take it all in. Waves of heat and spasms shook her to the soul as she struggled to maintain her consciousness. Then his began in answer. White hot fire pumped deep from within him and filled her with the results of the passion. With a roaring blast he unloaded a massive wad into the soft moist depths of her womb. The release was a pulsar beaming ecstasy over them. Wave after wave of him gushed out from his naked cock and flooded deep into the soft helpless girl.  He fucked her deep and hard; a white comet fired out of him and seared into the sweet nectar. He grunted, thrust, and shot another load. She grew tighter and sweeter and more loving with each load. Each load of white seed pulsed into her, a conflagration out of control. He pumped into her, thrusting deeply and blasting violently; and he pumped into her gushing white fire deep into her. She was a perfect playmate. Over and over they came, thrashing while the kiss continued on. Their bodies shook, convulsed and moaned while the kiss maintained its control.

Her mouth was luscious and her body willing, accepting each white hot load he shot into her. Kissing Katie Vernola while popping a load into her: perfection beyond perfect.

Even perfection had to end though. He shot one final load and grunted in surrender.

She could sense the heat and power of him overwhelming her and when the kiss broke and he leaned back she gave him a languid and loving smile. She was exhilarated and blissful; she thought she had contested the devil and beat him and she thought the game was over. The man moved away and let the camera shoot her sweat soaked body; Katie cooperated, posing fetchingly and giving the lens her most alluring and seductive looks.

When the man helped her sit up she cooperated thinking that he was helping her pose. When he drew her arms behind her back she thrust out her chest proudly; she barely noticed him tying her wrists again. But when she was pushed face down into the sheets and her legs tugged off the bed so her soft round perfect ass was angled into the air, she panicked and began to squirm. When she felt his huge cock press between the two perfect orbs of her perfect ass she began to scream, “No, no, no” but it was too late.

Later, after the camera gear had all been stowed, Katie was in the shower with the man; they had been in there a long time. They had washed each other and the young girl had lovingly cleaned the cock that had taken her so brutally. They now were in a passionate embrace, kissing sweetly as the water streamed over them.

 “What’s your name?” she asked meekly.


“I love you, Reggie,” she purred as she knelt down to suck his cock, the shower pouring over her like spring rain. “I really love you,” she whispered as a prayer and took him into her sweet young mouth.

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