Jessica Burciaga

Jessica Burciaga

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The erotic adventures of Jessica Burciaga, Miss February 2009


The erotic adventures of Jessica Burciaga, Miss February 2009

Chapter1 (v.1) - Jessica Burciaga

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The erotic adventures of Jessica Burciaga, Miss February 2009

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 29, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 29, 2013



Because she was so excited about becoming a playmate Jessica Burciaga was beginning to lose sleep. The production crew was keeping her busy, first flying her out Las Vegas to shoot her in her bunny costume and posing behind her beloved blackjack table, then bringing her back to the Mansion where they built a glorious set celebrating the golden age of Bunnies and the glamour of being a Playmate.

She loved that set; it replicated a Bunny dressing room and recalled the heyday of Playmate Bunnies like Patti Mcguire and Candice Collins and, like many classic Playmate spreads, it was decorated with recent centerfolds. That set was all about why she wanted to be a playmate, why she wanted to joined that pantheon of girls next door and exotic beauties. She was a tiny girl, but she had a full and voluptuous figure; her eyes were mysterious, almost Asian, but warm and sensuous too, and her lips were bee stung and rosy and luscious.

She had used her allure to create a career for herself as a model on some internet sites; not nude of course, but she loved to pose seductively and she loved to watch her fan base grow. And she really had been a Bunny; when Playboy attempted to revive the franchise she became a blackjack dealer at the Vegas casino. She looked completely fetching in her Bunny costume, her flawless breasts pushed up in offering by the tight low cut bodice and revealing plenty of creamy cleavage, her bronzed Latina skin glowing like wild honey. The outfit displayed her soft shoulders and lithe and willowy arms. The suit fit snuggly around her slender waist and was cut high over her full shapely hips; when she moved the cute little cotton tail jiggled delightfully over her plump and juicy derriere. Even with spiked heels and her long satin Bunny ears she was still a petite and cute and enticing little doll.

She had stopped working at the casino awhile ago so this set was magical, conjuring up the enchantment of  the casino life style. She loved donning the Bunny suit once again and prancing on the set, posing and vamping like a true Playmate Bunny and she had spent hours posing nude; well almost nude, she was wearing the bunny collar and cuffs after all. And she posed slowly stripping off a bunny costume, item by item, and finally she posed in full bunny regalia for the companion shot for the centerfold.

It felt strange now to be alone on the set still dressed up as a bunny. The crew had packed up but she had too much nervous energy so she was lingering, savoring a few more minutes of the magic before everything was dismantled. Her hands caressed the makeup table gently and her eyes lingered over the image of herself in the mirror; she made a delicious looking bunny, dressed in snuggly fitting red satin and letting her curves shimmer in the light from the makeup mirror.

The table was cluttered with makeup and Bunny gear, like extra collars and tails, even some chips and playing cards to signify her blackjack career. Her hands brushed over the deck of cards which were a prop they never used and she sighed, recollecting the fun she had as a blackjack dealer at the Vegas Playboy Club. Her nimble fingers began to shuffle the cards; she hadn’t lost her touch she was pleased to discover as she began to deal a game.

The noise of the ladder and toolbox clattering to the floor startled her at first. She turned around to see Stanley, the Mansion handyman, stumbling, in fact tumbling into the studio, his limbs tangled in the rungs of the ladder; the hapless young man was tripping over his toolbox as the gear spilled out. A screw driver clattered and rolled noisily across the studio floor finally resting at Jessica’s feet.

Meanwhile the handyman rolled around on the floor in a tangle with the aluminum ladder; sometimes on top, sometimes on the bottom he fought fiercely and desperately against his inanimate but powerful foe. The luckless man seemed to be losing the fight; the metal object was outsmarting him at every turn.

Miss February patiently watched his antics, a look of skepticism on her face. Stanley after a few minutes of heroically and comically wresting with the ladder eventually extricated himself from the rungs and while catching his breath crawled along the floor to collect his scattered equipment. He dragged along his toolbox and each retrieved item clanged into the steel box as he tossed it in. His head was down and he had no idea he was being watched by Miss February until he clambered on hands and knees onto the set and grabbed the screwdriver from between her feet.

He looked up at her with a mixture of dopey embarrassment and optimistic lechery. “Oh, man, I thought everybody left.” He picked up the tool and his eyes gazed up the curves of her legs and he appreciated every inch of the tiny girl’s voluptuous body. “Hey, you must be the playmate chick they were shooting. The crew said you were mad hot.” He cocked his head, staring up at her chest like a love starved puppy.

“That’s right, I’m Jessica, Jessica Bru…”

“Hi, I’m Stanley,” he said cheerfully. He held out his hand for help getting up. She reluctantly took it and pulled him towards her. He stood close to her and even with her bunny ears and high heels he towered over her. “I gotta take apart this set. What a bitch.”

“I like this set,” she murmured disdainfully. She turned from him and swept the cards off of the makeup table.

“Oh, cards, cool,” he enthused. “Hey, lemme show you a card trick I know.”

The tiny girl tried to hold on to the deck but his big hands gripped the cards tightly. He clumsily snatched them away but they slipped out and fifty-two cards went flying into the air, fluttering around the playmate like falling leaves. “That’s some trick,” she said with icy disapproval; the last of the cards spiraled to the floor in censorious silence.

“Uh, yeah, that’s not really the trick though,” he mumbled cluelessly. He started crawling on the floor to pick up the cards. His face bumped into her plump ass and her cotton tail jiggled perkily. Without thinking he stroked his hand appreciatively along the sensuous line of her legs, caressing the silky warmth of the pantyhose. “Man, you are hot.” She slapped his hand away and took a step backwards. She was now pinned against the makeup table.

“Just watch your step, buster,” she scolded.

He rose again, again close to her body. He could look down at the vast display of creamy flesh as the low cut bunny costume pushed her heaving breasts up towards him. “Jezz, I’d like some of that,” he mumbled again, practically drooling.

She couldn’t believe her ears. “Look, all I want is a couple of minutes alone with my set, you know? Can’t you just find something else to do? Come back later?”

“I gotta take down the set,” he whined. Then his face got all sly. “Maybe I could leave it up for awhile, though, if you know…” His grin was broad now. “They aren’t using this studio for a few days I know.” He screwed his face up in an imitation of thoughtfulness. “So if you wanted to hang around and all…the thing is, I’m supposed to be in here…so maybe we could…you know…ball or something?”

“Ball?” she fumed, so incensed she practically had steam coming out of her cute bunny ears. “Or something?” Her voice dripped with icy mortification. “What are you talking about?”

“Well, I was thinking…you know…I gotta be here anyway, and you look all hot and all.”

“Just tear it down,” she said with disgust and she started to walk away but he blocked her exit.

He held up a fistful of the cards. “We could draw for it!”

“Draw for what?” she snapped.

“Well, if I win, we party here for awhile, then I carefully take apart the set and move it to your place, ‘cause you know, you like it so much. If you win, same deal-- I take the set to your place, but we don’t gotta, you know, hook up and shit.”

Jessica turned around, actually authentically huffing and puffing with exasperation. She looked at the makeup table and the playmate wallpaper one more time. She really did like this set. She glanced at Stanley’s reflection in the mirror. He gazed back with a loopy grin on his face; he was kind of good looking she considered and he certainly was well built.

She spun around and held out her hand for the cards. “Here’s the setup,” she said sternly. “I’ll deal out one hand of blackjack for you. You win, you get me and I get the set; I win, I get the set and you get lost.”

“Sure,” his head bobbled up and down. Miss February did her best bunny dip to retrieve the rest of the cards and she shuffled slowly, even sexily, keeping her eyes on his dopey face. He watched the cards the way a dog watches a fork go from the plate to his master’s mouth.

She dealt out the two hands, two cards face down, then two face up. She was not playing by Vegas rules here. She checked hers, a nine and a ten. She smiled inscrutably. “Disco,” whispered to herself, confident of victory.

He looked at the face down card and frowned. He seemed to be doing some complicated math in his head. He peeked at it again, mumbling to himself and Jessica watched as he tried to count on his fingers. She feared for a moment that he was going to count his toes too. Finally he turned up both cards. “Sweet sixteen,” he said with a grin. His hand was a nine and an eight.

“Seventeen,” she murmured, rolling her eyes.

“Yeah,” that’s what I meant, “Seventeen.” He frowned as if checking his math. “I’ll take a card.”

She dealt out two cards, both face down. This was not casino blackjack of course; she just wanted this over. She wasn’t even sure why she took a card for herself.

He peeked as his and turned it over in triumph. “Bingo, no, wait! Blackjack, no…twenty-one!” The card was the three of hearts.

“Twenty,” she said softly. Suddenly she felt really, really foolish, and vulnerable too. In slow motion she turned over a card. The three of spades. She blushed both for her fate and for her carelessness at blackjack. She expected him to crow his victory but instead he was glancing back and forth between the two hands. “You win,” she said finally in a hushed breath.

“Yeah, I know,” he nodded, “I’m just checking.” His fingers started counting again but she took his hands and pulled him in closer.

The kiss surprised him; standing on her toes she lifted her face while she pulled his down. Her mouth opened wide and her tongue attacked with the ferocity of a defeated army making a last brave stand. He leaned forward pushing her ass up onto the table top and the cottontail swept most of the cards to the floor once again.

His hands mauled her eagerly, reaching between her breast and the costume to pull out a fist full of flesh like Jack Horner in the nursery rhyme. He smacked his lips greedily looking at the bright brown nipple and then he devoured the luscious treat.

The tight bunny costume was not meant to be used this way and it was uncomfortable to have one breast hanging out. She tried to reach behind to undo the stay but he was pressing her against the mirror.  She writhed a bit while he sucked and nibbled; she grew anxious both from the arousal his lips were bringing to her and the pinching of the wire in the costume under her tender breast.

She gripped a fistful of his hair. “Don’t you want to undress your playmate, big boy?” she said huskily.

“Yeah,” he grinned idiotically, “I got a boner already.”

With her ass still pressed into the mirror she bent her supple body forward, caressing her legs with her hands and folding herself until she touched her toes, her lovely cheek resting delicately on her knees. The bunny costume was low cut in the back and revealed plenty of delicious honey colored skin. He looked down, mesmerized.

“Unhook the top,” she said impatiently. His large hands dropped down onto her bare shoulders and slid down to the edge of the costume. His fingers fumbled over the hook and eye with frustration. “Don’t tear the…” But already the hook was flying in the air and clattering to the floor as he yanked the closure open. She sighed and he pressed his palm between her shoulders and jubilantly tugged the zipper all the way down to her ass.

She paused for a moment, then shook her long soft hair like a goddess awakening. Slowly she lifted her torso, the front of the bunny costume falling away like a mold off of a perfect sculpture. She gazed at him with flaming eyes but all he could do was stare at her flawless breasts.

With the front of the bunny suit still dangling around her waist she leaned back into the mirror and raised one arm above her head; she blinked demurely and held out her other hand to draw him back in for a kiss. This time his tongue led in the dance plunging into her, impaling her greedily, fucking her mouth as he would soon fuck her depths, long and hard and deep, with energy and fire. She was delicious and her bare breasts thrust themselves into his gluttonous hands. He fondled the lush velvety flesh then attacked it with his teeth and lips. She was delicious all right and her bare breasts pushed themselves into his rapacious maw. As he suckled insatiably his hands fondled her flesh and wandered over her curves then started to push the remains of the bunny suit off her waist.

Jessica was swooning with bliss now and wriggled until she was lying along the table top; she lifted her bottom so he could slide the bunny costume down her quivering legs. She watched helplessly in the mirror, her eyes brimming with passion, as the shimmering fabric slid down her body revealing her honey skin. The satin caressed the silk pantyhose and she giggled and her legs fluttered with excitement when he tugged the suit over her shoes and tossed it behind him.

She lay supine, breathing rapidly and flashing her eyes seductively and nothing could be more sexy than a beautiful girl in nothing but sheer pantyhose and high heels. He licked his chops and knelt down, running his tongue over her breasts and around her navel. Without warning his mouth swooped down onto her sex, still covered by the pantyhose and he sucked and blew through the sheer fabric, masterfully arousing her with a combination of moist air and warm pressure. Miss February’s head twisted back and forth, shaking her long mane of hair; her spine snapped up and down as the sensation of hot humid air rushing through the pantyhose grew into a startling comet of bliss through her entire body. She caught her own reflection in the glass, her lovely trembling body stretched out in surrender to his lust. His tongue at that moment stabbed out, pressing the pantyhose deep into her sex and probing her most tender secrets; she sobbed watching her beautiful face flush with ecstasy.

He rose and he must have undone his trouser while he was kissing her slit for his cock rose too, a immense hungry predatory monster. Her eyes widened at the sight of his dick in full tumescence. “Oh my god,” she panted, desperate and eager, “That thing is huge!”

He grinned with loopy pride; he always felt good when a playmate first clapped eyes on his shaft at full strength. “You like what you see?” She nodded, biting on her lower lip anxiously. She trembled, splayed out fragile and helpless on the table, awaiting his assault.

She didn’t have long to wait.  He slipped one hand under her shoulders, lifting her slightly. His other hand rested on her belly and as her torso rose his fingers edged under the elastic band of the pantyhose. She bit down hard and clenched her fist as if to resist but she stayed supine and submissive. She held her breath, flatting her belly and helping his hand glide easily under the silky see through lingerie. She looked at their reflection in the glass. Yes, nothing could be sexier than a beautiful girl wearing nothing but pantyhose and high heels, especially with a hand sliding under the sheer fabric.

Jessica was helpless and willing; he cuddled into her, kissing first her plush and luscious lips and she opened herself to him, letting his tongue have its way with her sweetness. The kiss was long and soulful, bottomless in its passion. The only sound was her meek and gentle whimpering punctuated by his greedy grunts and the clacking of teeth when their anxious mouths met.

Miss February, desperate for air, reluctantly twisted her mouth away;  his mouth moved over  her lush and delicious breasts, sucking and licking and nibbling the succulent flesh. Gliding under the pressure and warmth of the skin tight pantyhose his finger found her slit and dipped in delicately; she gasped-- helpless and willing, thrusting her hips so his hand could begin fucking her. Bottles of makeup clattered to the floor in rhythm with her kicking legs as her spine whipped up and down in ecstasy. Her nails scratched in desperation over the surface of the table top. His finger slid in and out of her searching, twisiting, probing, prying,  and she became more frantic with each stroke and when she was touched in that certain spot she exploded with howls of fury, gripping his head and bridging her spine into the air as she lifted herself with her shoulders and feet.

She rattled and shook in ecstasy then dropped down exhausted, but he was not finished with her yet. He swung her around and pushed her back against the mirror. She whimpered like a helpless kitten as he peeled the pantyhose off of her moist skin. She lifted one leg up and pulled the toe out of the lingerie.

With one leg still covered with the hose she wrapped her thighs around him; supporting herself with her hands on his shoulders. She continued to whimper meekly as he expertly worked to prepare her for his onslaught of lust. With disbelieving eyes she watched him position his cock at her gates; his shaft was a massive dragon eager to enter her, too big to fit she feared. But she had to do it. She lowered herself onto him, dropping her head back as the girth of his throbbing shaft began to fill her. “Ohhh,” she groaned, twisting her head in delectable anguish. His immense cock, overwhelming and potent eased into her tenderness. She sobbed again then fell into a desperate, breathless silence, focusing herself on receiving the full brunt of his lust.

He was big and fat and hard; her legs wrapped around his waist and her fingers intertwined behind his neck. He thrust in once; a sharp firm jab and she grunted. One. Her ass slid along the sweat covered tabletop. He lowered himself slowly and pushed in again, slow and easy and sensuous. Two. Her body trembled with bliss feeling heat radiate from the big fat dick inside her.

His mammoth intensity pushed in again, nice and easy, loving the tightness of the tiny girl. Three. Dangling from his neck she swayed seductively, her eyes flashing under half open lids. Again he glided into her depths and she grunted as he probed deeper into her sweetness. Four. He used his arms to leverage himself and pushed in again, deeper and harder-- five. Then deeper still, six; then again and she squeezed herself over him, causing his cock to throb and quiver with the next thrust, the seventh smashing in like a pile driver.

She writhed like a cobra, her breasts jiggling in time with each thrust; eight, nine, and ten came ruthless and profound and pulsating and like a serpent she leaned forward and bit his shoulder, enough to taste his blood. Her entire being reverberated with passion. She bit again with a fierce snarl, anxious to devour his lust. He responded with four shattering savage stabs—eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen. With this last lunge into her she yelped with sweet agony. She felt her climax rising.

Now they worked to bring the orgasm on in one final explosion. Again he rammed in, the fifteenth stroke and she sobbed “Yes” in a tender submissive voice. He thrust in again, deeper still and she whispered “Yes” in her delicious torture. Again he plunged and she hissed “Yes” daring him to go deeper. Again and “Yes” she screamed helplessly, her ecstasy swirling like a storm cloud about to burst. He hammered her hard and she responded by plunging herself down onto him to receive the full force of his power. “Yes,” she pleaded. The twentieth stroke came, pure and overpowering and she dropped back against the mirror, helpless against the tsunami she knew was coming. He rammed down on top of her. Twenty-one. He came, gushing fire into the orgasm that exploded in every cell of her bucking thrashing body. Somehow she managed to sense the smooth glossy surface of a playing card under her hand; she raised it to her eyes with a trembling arm. Hysterical giggles burst from her lips and the laughter sent her bliss to impossible heights as the card fluttered to the floor. It was the Jack of Clubs. “Blackjack,” she whispered and let herself be consumed by total heaven as he gushed into her over and over and over. “Blackjack,” she breathed again before she fainted.

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