Jacqueline Sheen

Jacqueline Sheen

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jacqueline Sheen, Miss July 1990, is sexy and lively in these different encounters


Jacqueline Sheen, Miss July 1990, is sexy and lively in these different encounters

Chapter1 (v.1) - Jacqueline Sheen

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Jacqueline Sheen, Miss July 1990, is sexy and lively in these different encounters

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 23, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 23, 2013



Jacqueline Sheen had come to the club with a pack of girlfriends but she had quickly been separated from the group by two men, close friends who seemed to have a genial competition going for her attention. They bought her drinks and took turns dancing with her, never letting anyone else near her; they seemed to take possession of the lovely playmate and she enjoyed the attention. She knew she looked hot in a metallic blue silk dress; even in a bra her large creamy breasts bounced wildly as she danced, and her thick blonde hair flashed brightly in the dim lights of the club. The two guys especially liked to pin her between them, one grinding into her plump ass and the other sliding the bulge in his pants along the swell of her pussy under the silk. During slow dances there was a lot of kissing and fondling and both men let her know with whispers that they loved her centerfold which had been out for a few weeks now.Jacqueline knew she was getting laid tonight, but which one.

The night was winding down and the trio was in a circular leather booth; Jacqueline rested her glorious mane of blonde hair on one shoulder while her legs were stretched over the lap of the other guy. “It’s getting late,” she purred softly.

“Well, Ed,” one of the men chuckled, “I guess we flip for who takes her home.”

“Sure, Billy.” Ed took a coin out of his pocket. “Call it.”

“Head,” Billy said with a lecherous glance at Jacqueline. She rubbed her legs along his, feeling the bulge in his crotch.

The coin spun in the air and Ed caught it. “You lucky dog,” he murmured. Before he could get up, Jacqueline kissed him deeply; her tongue tasted like warm honey as it twirled in his mouth. “You guys have fun,” he groaned finally as he watched Billy lead his precious prize away. Her luscious ass rolled under the tight silk stretched across her hips. Ed had never seen a more delicious sight.

Jacqueline’s eyes widened when she saw Billy’s Porche; she slipped gleefully into the leather seat and leaned over and kissed him as eagerly as she had kissed Ed. “Let’s get to my place,” she sighed finally.

The drive was fast and short and he soon pulled up in front of her apartment complex. Jacqueline rested a soft hand on his thigh. “Do you want to come up for a drink, or something?” she whispered hopefully.

“The or something sounds good, babe,” Billy laughed.

In minutes they were standing in her apartment. She had just closed the door and leaning against it she stared at him, holding her breath. She felt helpless under his confident gaze and all she could think of was submitting her voluptuous body to his cock. Her blue eyes flashed as she imagined getting drilled by him.

“You do want me don't you?” She purred seductively. Billy nodded and sighed heavily. “Then make me hot and take me.” She leaned close to him and kissed him tenderly sliding her moist red lips across his and tonguing him sensuously. Their lips shivered in anticipation and trembled with desire. Each touch increasing in urgency and passion as they French kissed and sucked urgently at each other. She cooed in appreciation. “Touch me, make me hot!” she urged.

He slid his hand to her plump ass and pressed her against his swelling cock, grinding against her like a teenager aching for his first taste of sex. Her kisses increased in intensity and she moaned and traced lines around his neck with her long red fingernails sending shivers through him. He nibbled her neck and ear lobes and covered her with kisses and slid his hand beneath her dress to feel her warm rear encased in shiny soft silk.

She was wearing silk panties. They were so diaphanous and flimsy as to reflect the warmth of her delicious ass. He kissed his way down her neck until he stared down her silk clad breasts. He shifted a hand to cup them and continued fondling her ass, kissing her and teasing her nipple through the fabric until they were rock hard. She moaned as he ran his thumb around the outline then squeezed them hard so she winced but smiled angelically at that sweet combination of pleasure and pain.

He slid his hand beneath the tight silk and cupped her naked breast. The fabric shifted to the side so her beautiful breasts sat exposed and inviting. He could not resist attacking them with his tongue and suckling them as she writhed in pleasure; she loved it! Loved him touching her body. Jacqueline was writhing in pleasure, feeling ecstasy climbing up her quivering spine.

“Feel me all over. I'm so horny, touch me down there please!” Billy needed no further invitation and pulled up her ultra short dress to reveal the white silk panties he had guessed she wore. His fingers brushed the small silk triangle that covered her pussy and he felt the surge of wetness that filled them and gasped with excitement.

“Yeah, babe, I’m gonna give you a nice sweet fucking,” he said grinning wolfishly.  Jacqueline moaned with anticipation as she writhed under his touch. Suddenly she gripped his belt and walking backwards led him to the bedroom; his hungry hand kept stroking her sex through the panties.

She sat on the edge of the bed, letting his hands push the dress up around her waist; her fingers held the belt tightly as his hands caressed her soft warm thighs.

Jacqueline panted, “Oh yes, touch me there” as his fingers began to stroke her lips through the moist silk. Jacqueline in moments was shivering and panting “Oh yes” breathlessly and repeatedly. Her fingers were velvety warm as they, seemingly thinking for themselves, raced over his thighs and belly. Billy grunted with pleasure each time her delicate hands brushed over his cock.

Encouraged by this early success Billy concentrated on rubbing her clit through the shiny silk panties and in moments she came not just once and not quietly either; she squealed and shivered in repeated orgasms. As she came she teased his neck and alternated between passionate bites and tender kisses mixed in with her excited moans. No matter what Billy did with his hands and fingers she exploded in earth- shattering squeals, shivers and cries.

“Do I feel good?  Do you like touching me?” Jacqueline cooed sexily. He slid her panties aside and felt the warm wetness of her sweet pussy swirl around his fingers. He pressed one into her tight hole and she convulsed in pleasure and begged him to put more in. Two fingers fit tightly into her and he thrust them deep inside her and teased her clit with a banging action each time he thrust.

Jacqueline bucked urgently against his thrusts and recommenced her cycle of perpetual orgasms. This time however she was past coherence and was reduced to panting “Oh god I'm coming!” over and over again, as indeed she was.

Billy was so turned on his cock was bursting over the top of his shorts. He was worried he might lose control just kissing and fondling her.

After a violent climax Jacqueline beckoned him to stop and she kissed him appreciatively and stood up. Her dress had been pulled up over her hips and the thin fabric stretched between her breasts. She reached down, took hold of the hem of her dress and peeled it over her head and flung it to the floor. She reached behind and undid the bra and slipping the thin straps off her shoulders she let her milky mounds tumble into view.

She was even more gorgeous naked except for her white silk panties. She adjusted them covering her pussy again, and fondled her own breasts seductively and looked at the impossibly distorted lump that filled Billy's pants.

"Billy,” she whispered, biting her thumb and looking demurely at the floor, “Billy baby, would you take my panties off for me?”

He grinned and knelt in front of Jacqueline’s luscious and shapely body. He took hold of the elastic of the flimsy panties between his teeth and used his mouth to pull them down her legs.  She squealed with delight as she stepped out of them and he flung them away.  Then he licked her leg up and ran his tongue up to her sexy navel.

Giggling and squirming with glee Jacqueline took hold of his head and drew him up off his knees. She kissed Billy sweetly while she loosened his belt and let his pants fall to the ground. He hurriedly kicked his shoes and socks off as she ripped off the tie and unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his chest with each popped button until all he wore was his shorts. She kissed him longingly and slid her hand inside his shorts to touch his aching cock. The moment her hand circled it gently he felt a huge throb and he knew he was too close to bursting.

“Mmmmmm you are excited.” she purred. “I know what to do about that” and she began stroking his cock with featherlike touch with one hand and running her fingernails lightly across his swollen balls with the other. He moaned excitedly and felt the throbs increase to crisis proportion then felt her pinch the rim and hold it tightly until the throbs subsided.

She started again teasing his thick shaft with her slender fingers, stroking to a rhythm that made him swoon with excitement. Her fingernails grazing his balls so lightly as to send shiver through him. As the throbs overtook him again and he felt his impending explosion, she stopped and squeezed his cock rim again in just the right place to quell the explosion. The ejaculation ceased but the orgasm continued and he found himself doubled over with pleasure and moaning loudly.

“I'm glad you're enjoying it. Mmmmm and you are so big and hard. You look good enough eat.” As she spoke the word 'eat' his cock spurted a little drop and throbbed violently at the thought of her delectable mouth on it.

She smiled and slid to her knees and deftly licked the dribble of semen that oozed from his cock. He let out a long low moan as her lips touched his hyper sensitive tip and shivered involuntarily as she lapped at his cock greedily.

Her hands began massaging his cock more firmly now as she began to envelop his tip with her moist warm mouth and she pumped at his shaft and sucked hard at the tip while flicking her tongue over it with each withdrawal. She teased his balls wildly until the tingles and shivers overcame him once more and he could feel a giant flood of seed welling up in him. He was about to burst; there was no choice; he could no longer help himself.

The pleasure and intensity was overpowering; he felt the first spurt and the orgasm came like a white flash before his eyes dizzy with pleasure. He was shaking with desire, wave after wave of pleasure passing over him until he became conscious that she was once more holding back the full force of his tidal wave. He looked down at her angelic face and saw her blue eyes wide with excitement as her fulsome lips wrapped around him; she swallowed and licked greedily holding his explosive weapon tightly pincered against further escaping seed.

As his cock ceased throbbing and the pleasure subsided to a sensuous afterglow she quickly licked the tip clean and guided his cock to her lush warm breasts and then pressed her taut nipples against his cockhead. “Do you want to be inside me?” She teased as she slid his cock between her breasts and squeezed them, greeting the tip with her warm wet mouth and slurping loudly.

“Oh god yes!” he blurted. “God I want to have you so badly.”

“Mmmmm I know you do honey and I want you inside me too. I'm so wet, so tight, so hot- for you, but I think you need a little rest before you blow my brains out with that beautiful cock of yours. Don't you?” she said seductively.

She stood letting his distorted cock drop from her hands and stood to kiss him with her sticky lips. He pulled her to him desperately feeling her divine skin beneath his touch, caressing her sweet curves and fondling her exquisite ass and kissing her as gently and lovingly as if this was his first kiss ever or his last. She moved against him and he was conscious of his hardness touching her wet bush.

“I want you to kiss my pussy until I come.” she cooed as she lay back across the single bed, spreading her legs so that she was reflected in the mirrors on the counter. She began to stroke her dewy bush. “Come and eat me, make me so hot that I scream and then do me hard and deep and fast. Eat me, then do me with that delicious cock -soon!”

She began to writhe and shiver as her fingers pressed her clit. Billy fell to his knees and began kissing her inner thigh as she continued to moan and call him to “make me come.” He dispensed with subtlety and kissed his way quickly to her crotch and inside her leg and planted a huge wet kiss on her pussy lips.

The scent of her filled him with desire as he felt the dampness of her juices. His first kiss on the hungry pink lips of her pussy triggered a wave of shivers and pants and as she moaned appreciatively he began to suck at her clit.

Her first orgasm was tumultuous and she convulsed unexpectedly, quickly and then another and another followed it as he suckled and teased her swollen clit and massaged her labial folds. As she grew use to his touch her violent squealing and urging him to suck her harder began to abate, as waves of pleasure became the norm.

He sucked at her clit again while shoving three fingers into her aching pussy plunging deep inside her feeling the wetness squirt from her tightness and her wet velvet folds envelop his fingers contracting around them as she convulsed in another delectable orgasm. She bucked and panted “Fuck me now, from behind, do me fuck me with your beautiful cock.”

He withdrew his fingers from her and reached for two pillows from the bed and placed them beneath her as she bent over the bed, then stood up and grasped her hips from behind. His cock level with her sumptuous ass. He pressed his aching cock against the swollen slit eagerly. The first touch of her dampness made him throb and he savored the feeling of wetness that drizzled on his cock tip and ran down the inside of her thighs. “Fuck me, do me now.” she begged.

He wasted no time to press his engorged shaft into her ultra tight pussy. He loved the unbelievable tightness of this sexy young woman, the sheer excitement of her squirting pussy made him feel like he had the biggest cock in the world going into the tightest pussy on earth.

As his cock slid deep into her she shivered and her pussy which at first relaxed to take his hugeness into her contracted around him like a vice. “Oh god it's so goooood you’re so big, so hard. Fuck me deep, deep, deep, deep!” She squealed; it was urgent now, they had waited for an eternity for this moment and now they both had to have it hard, fast deep and as urgently as possible.

Billy slammed his cock into her as she requested, his balls slapping her clit as he thrust deep inside her. She gyrated against his thrusts and her pussy's muscular contractions seemed to match his throbs. He felt like a stud in a pornographic film as his expert thrusts built her slowly and dynamically to climax.

The shivers and tingles that passed through Jacqueline seemed to envelop her whole body and translate into floods of wetness, incoherent screams and shouts and contractions that clamped his cock like a vice almost sucking him into her with each stroke. She let out a rebel yell that they must have heard back at the Playboy Mansion.

She came like a tsunami, screaming and shuddering and shouting “God I love your cock!”  When it subsided he pulled from her and they kissed and reconnected, facing one another and fucked again until she came again equally as intensely. Billy couldn't believe he hadn't come yet. He lost track of time; they had been fucking and teasing for hours. They fucked in all kinds of positions with Billy manipulating her legs and body like a rag doll to bring her off repeatedly, her delectable body twisting into impossible shapes only to take his cock inside her at angles that found an ever multiplying supply of spots that resulted in orgasm.

Finally Billy lay panting beside her and they kissed sweetly and Jacqueline straddled him and slid his aching cock into her. “Lay back honey I'm gonna make you come like you've never come before. I want you to come with me I want us to enter the gates of heaven together.”

 Billy knew he had already entered the gates of heaven and they were closing around his cock, swirling in ecstasy.

She took him deeper than he thought possible, their bodies touching at their groins were so close as to be as one. Then she rose up high almost letting his cock escape except for the sensitive tip. She let her juices run down the shaft and clenched her pussy muscles around the tip tightly then plunged down hard and repeated the procedure getting faster and deeper with each stroke.

Billy grabbed her ass and felt it wiggle on him and guided it onto him as she bounced on him in a frenzied rhythm. Her deliciously large breasts bouncing tempestuously in time with her furious ride. He reached up to touch them and she grunted and ground against him. He could feel the orgasm welling inside him and thrust up at her as she bounced. Her eyes rolled back into her as if she was in some kind of sexual trance and she was silent, struggling to hold her breath. No sound, no moan, no breathless panting.

The white light crossed his vision; he was about to explode fought to  hold back helplessly, but then she began to scream “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god I'm comming, Come in me now, fill me up I want to feel you  in me OOOOOOOOOOOH”

She screamed and collapsed on him face forward covering him in urgent frenzied kisses. He held her soft skin and kissed her back, feeling her tight pussy contract around his throbbing distorted aching cock. They held each other completely still, his cock buried deep in her pulsing  wetness and he exploded like nothing he had ever felt before; he squirted bucket loads of hot sticky seed into her and her pussy seemed to suck his cock into her deeper and the two lay entwined moaning incoherently as waves of orgasm passed over them ceaselessly.

He was conscious that he held her plush ass cheeks in his hand and he was pressed so hard against her as to feel her cervix with his tip. Still his cock throbbed and squirted and she contracted and dripped hot juices. They ground against each other and prolonged their pleasure for as long as they could and helplessly kissed and fondled each other as the orgasms slid into a dreamlike afterglow.

Billy shook himself to recover his senses and left the bed and the still writhing playmate.  “Sorry, babe, gotta meeting in the morning,” he mumbled as he gathered his clothes. He blew a kiss to the pouting playmate and disappeared out the door.  Jacqueline sank back, disappointed and fell asleep.

She woke to the ringing phone; glancing at the clock she realized it was already mid-day. “Hey darlin’” she heard a confident voice chuckle on the phone, “You recovered from Billy’s dick yet?”

“Ed?” Jacqueline whispered in surprise.

“That’s right, doll. I’m right outside; I’m using my car phone. Whatdaya say I come up and fuck you silly?”

“Oh, Ed…” Jacqueline wanted to resist but she already felt a heat in her loins.

“Come on, sugar, you call down to your doorman and we’ll be riding our way to paradise in just a couple of minutes.”

He hung up and, as if in a trance, Jacqueline did as she was told. Ed was already with the doorman when she called. She drifted to the door in a sensuous dream and heard the ding of the elevator. She opened the door and Ed drank her nude body with his eyes; he watched her skin, glistening with the sheen of her long night of sex. Now, in the soft afternoon light it looked even more delicious.

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna have fun balling you,” he gloated.  He picked her up and kicked the door closed behind him.  Jacqueline wrapped her arms around his neck and snuggled her nude body into his strong arms. She squirmed with excitement as he carried her back to the bedroom. She smoothed his face with kisses and let him impale her mouth with his tongue.

Jacqueline moaned with pleasure and her shapely legs fluttered with excitement as they crossed the threshold of the bedroom. “I want you to do everything to me,” she murmured before twirling her tongue in his ear.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart; I’ve got a long list of things I’m gonna do to your fine body.” In response, Jacqueline squealed with delight.

He lowered her to the bed but she was reluctant to let go of him.
Jacqueline was overcome with eagerness; she wanted him but wasn’t sure if this was right.  She seemed so fragile laying there and the only sound she could make were soft little moans as she rocked against him.

Ed was stunned by the pure and gentle innocence of the girl; usually he had no trouble taking what he wanted from a woman but she seemed so guileless.  She exuded pure sexual pleasure but she also seemed so fragile and helpless.  His cock twitched in lust but his heart was pounding with affection for the sweet young thing. Jacqueline was just irresistible.

Jacqueline now rolled away from him on the bed and demurely crossed one hand over her creamy white breasts and the other covering her delicious pussy.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” she whispered shyly.  “Are you going to spend all night with me?  Stay until morning?” She pouted prettily and hooked her thumb on her lower lip.

“Are you kidding, darling? I plan to have pussy for breakfast!”

Jacqueline shifted closer as he moved to hug her and his hand slid down to her leg resting on her thigh. Ed licked his lips that were suddenly dry. He did not move just to see what she would do. What she did was to slide her hand down and hug him closer; her hand stopped just on his hip above his groin. She lifted her face to look up at him her lips slightly open almost asking him to kiss her. He looked in her eyes and saw her hungry desire. He kissed her hard and deeply his tongue pushing between her open lips. His hand squeezed her thigh pulling her into him. She clung to him tightly seemingly wanting to sink into the kiss.

Jacqueline was hungry for him, hungry to feel him inside her. She slid her hand down over his balls and felt how hard and big he was. She was not sure if she would be able to get him in her. What, she wondered, if she was too tight. His shaft felt huge through his pants. Jacqueline suddenly had to see if his shaft was as big as it felt.

She undid his zipper fumbling a little before getting it open. Then reached her hand in and wrapped her fingers around his shaft. She slid it out and looked down her eyes wide. It was hard and massive and she couldn’t wait to swallow it. She wrapped her fingers around it feeling its size and the heat. She looked up at Ed to see him watching her.

“Ed, this looks so delicious,” she purred, then she turned her gaze back to his cock and licked her pretty lips.

“It’s all yours,” he chuckled, pushing her down into position.

Carefully she slid off the bed and onto her knees in front of him. Gingerly she lowered her mouth towards the bulbous head, her lips opening to go around it.

"Oh girl, you are so fine," Ed whispered to her as she lowered her lips down. She stopped and looked up at him. His eyes told her what he wanted.

"I want to suck your cock," she told him. Then she slipped her lips down over his shaft taking it in her mouth. Immediately she knew it was bigger than she was used to, and the fact that she could not take all of it in her mouth simply confirmed it. She slid down as far as she dared then sucked her lips back up the length. She heard Ed gasp softly, a small sound filled with feeling and pleasure. As she sucked on his cock she felt him reacting and heard his pleasure as he gasped and moaned gently. The encouragement and signs of pleasure urged her on. She could think of nothing except his load exploding in her mouth and gliding down her throat. She focused on his shaft, taking it as far down her throat as she could without choking. She licked her tongue over the head and felt him jolt in reaction. She felt a thrill that she was doing this to him. So much so that she knew when he came she would be happy to swallow.

Ed leaned back in the bed moaning softly as she sucked on him.

"Oh Jesus Jacqueline," he gasped. "Keep that up and I'll be coming soon." She looked up at him with a sweet smile and a glint of excitement in her eyes.

"If you want to go ahead, I won't mind." She whispered almost inaudibly. Ed nodded and she lowered her mouth back over him. Her one hand moved up to grip the base of his cock and she began to slide up and down him slightly faster. Sucking him deep into her mouth, a couple of times he was sure he felt his head touch the back of her throat. Every few strokes she flicked her tongue around his cock, which always made him gasp. He could feel his muscles tightening before the approaching orgasm. But he fought against it wanting to feel this for as long as he could. Almost as if she felt this Jacqueline changed tack on him. She held his head just inside her mouth and sucked hard on it while flicking her tongue over and around it. At the same time she used her hand to start stroking him off. Ed bit his lip feeling his control wavering then without warning she dropped her lips right down him and this time he knew he was right at the back of her throat.

"I'm coming!" He gasped out just before his load burst out. Jacqueline did not react but sucked hard on him. Then his seed pumped out and he heard her give a small stifled moan as he filled her mouth. She held him in her mouth swallowing all of him until he finally finished then she sat back on her knees and with a smile licked her sweet lips.

Her smile was radiant and the look in her eyes was full of delight and lust. She looked just like the proverbial cat that got the cream, so much so that Ed nearly laughed. But he held off because he knew that she might take it wrong. But he could not hold it off when she asked him:

"Did you like that?" she asked sweetly. Ed laughed and pulled her up to kiss her hard and deeply.

"That was the best fucking blow job I've had in ages." He told her as he kissed her. Jacqueline felt a jolt of elation and pride.

(Continued in the next chapter)

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