Ida Ljungqvist

Ida Ljungqvist

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Ida Ljungqvist, Miss March 2008 and Playmate of the Year 2009, featured in a series of erotic encounters


Ida Ljungqvist, Miss March 2008 and Playmate of the Year 2009, featured in a series of erotic encounters

Chapter1 (v.1) - Ida Ljungqvist

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Ida Ljungqvist, Miss March 2008 and Playmate of the Year 2009, featured in a series of erotic encounters

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 23, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 23, 2013



Sweat. I could feel it pouring out of my body, the heat a second skin enveloping me. I leisurely ran my hand along my bare chest, savoring the slickness, the wetness. Alone in the sauna, I wiped my sweat down my stomach, caressing my balls and cock, sliding along my legs. I took a drink of water, splashed a little on the rocks, waiting for the new rush of heat to wash over me.

My ritual, begun when I started this business, after I installed or repaired or adjusted one of my saunas I would test it out on myself. Sauna always equal relation, just the décor surrounding them signals a nice easy lifestyle. The redwood walls and hothouse plants always remind me of why I relieved have this gig away from gray cubicles and fluorescent lighting. The light smell of jasmine or mint wafted gently through the air, a welcome change from the deodorant and tension-filled scents of offices.

Removing my shoes, socks, pants, shirt, boxers, I felt my skin tingle with being released to the warm air. Closing my toolbox, I mentally began loosening the knots throughout my body. I wrapped my towel around my waist and walked to one of the many showers, all of them empty this time of day. I’ve been at the Playboy Mansion before-- in fact, they’re one of my best customers; they actually have a surprising amount of saunas so I stay busy. I know from experience the good times to do my work. Any crowd would not arrive until later I had discovered, giving me the time I needed to get my work done and still unwind.  Not that I minded when a gaggle of playmates would suddenly appear and strip down to enjoy the fruits of my labors.

But today I didn’t mind being alone. I eased into the shower, more a mist than a rain, letting work sweat and tension swirl down the drain. I looked down and chuckled at the red marks left by boxers and socks from being in them too long. At thirty-six I was no longer the svelte lion I had been in my twenties but neither was I overweight or out of shape. Prosperous, my friends, had called it. A little thickening through the waist but still toned and firm, a solid 180 pounds on my nearly six foot frame.

Still no one in the halls as I pondered which sauna to use. I decided on the smaller one since I had to put in so much time with its wiring today. I was instantly led to relax mode by the delicious smell warm wood gives off. I spread my towel on the lowest bench and sat to began the slow process of unwinding.

As always I felt a little fidgety at first, too used to doing something more than sitting to feel truly comfortable. I began to massage my legs, my neck, my arms, more to have something to do than for any real benefit. Slowly I could feel myself relax into the silence and stillness, my brain quieting its thousand shouts for attention. The sweat began to flow, a week's worth of toxins easing their way from my body.

Running the sweat along my skin is such a sensuous thing, such an act of self-attention. I love the way it makes my smooth body so slick, so much so that I now kept my chest and balls hair-free. I had gone completely smooth for a while but found the maintenance of shaving my cock to be a little beyond my attention span. Some day I am sure I will go completely shaved, as smooth as any young boy but for now this is comfortable.

Time is hard to judge in the sauna but I would estimate that half an hour had gone by when the door opened, letting in a bracing jolt of cooler air and a caramel-colored woman, completely wrapped in a towel, from chest to knees on a frame that looked slim and couldn't have been more than a few inches over five feet. I knew right away she was either a playmate already or here at the Mansion testing for a centerfold. I’ve always wondered what the test was:  did they quiz the girls on the Miss Decembers from1960 through 1976? Or were they tested their skills in bed?

The creamy coffee color of her skin, the curves of her body, the sultry pout of her lips, yeah, I was thinking of some tests I could give this girl. Definitely an oral exam.

She stopped for a second at the sight of me and I wondered briefly if she would turn-around and go to the other sauna. It’s funny about playmates; I’ve bumped into a few in my rounds at the Mansion and they always give me sexy smiles, but not in the sauna. My lesbian friend Stella, says she doesn't mind being naked in front of men, but does a man have to be so out there with his penis? She says if she had wanted to see those she would have stayed straight. But I digress.

The newcomer decided to come in after all and sat across from me on the opposite bench, not looking at me but at the wall to my left. She kept the towel around her and sat fairly primly on the bench, back to the wall, legs stretched on the bench in front of her. I politely smiled a hello and then closed my eyes as if to go back to enjoying the heat, but I couldn’t helps slitting my lids for another peak at her.

She had demurely averted my eyes which gave me ample opportunity to study her and she was worth looking over. Full, glistening and pouty lips, the high cheek bones of a super model, and the large warm eyes of a willing and eager bed bunny. Her legs were long and firm but the skin was velvety and smooth; her neck and arms were slender, almost regal. The curves under the towel couldn’t hide from my lustful examination. Suddenly her eyes gave me a look that said that the show was over, that I could stop stripping her in my mind. I dropped my eyes nervously.

A minute or two went by and I could hear her shuffling about. I looked over and saw she was shedding her inhibitions a little-- as her towel seemed to reluctantly taking leave of her luscious skin. She gave me a coy little smile as the terry cloth slipped enough to give a display of the rich chocolate of her wide areola.

My tongue must of looked a little too eager as I licked my lips; her cool stare and mocking pout told pushed my glance away again.

There was a long silent pause as I stared guiltily at the empty space between my feet. I could hear a gentle giggle, a silvery tingle really as the creamy caramel beauty settled her curvaceous body again. The rustling noise made me glance over and I looked up just in time to get a flash of her cinnamon sweet body as she tugged the towel off in a broad sweep and spread it out on the bench. The sight of her flawless full lush breasts with dark chocolate nipples instantly etched into my mind before her body twisted enough so that they were out of view.

She spread the cloth down on the bench and then laid on top of it, face down. She was all velvet and cream, smooth and moist. Something about her dark hair and eyes and caramel skin tone suggested a heritage of Mediterranean or South American ancestry; I found out later that she was born in Africa and was half Swedish. Yeah, I read her playmate datasheet. I’ll be damned if I could pronounce her name: Ida Ljungqvist, but with a body like hers a guy isn’t thinking about elocution anyway. She obviously worked out but not to excess, firmness without over-definition.

I will not say I did not enjoy the view. I love women and I can think of nothing more lovely than a woman's naked body. But I said nothing, giving her respect and privacy.

After a few minutes I could feel my body reach its maximum tolerance for the heat and left for a moment to take a cool shower. When I returned, she had flipped onto her back, eyes closed. She was entirely shaved, a look I have always enjoyed and been aroused by. I paused, struck dumb like a pilgrim at a shrine. Her glistening curvaceous body radiated heat and sex. The perfect waves of her breasts quivered slightly with each of her breaths as rivulets of sweat outlined each elegant curve of those glorious mounds. As I sat back down, she opened her eyes, smiled at me and then closed them again. The sauna was silent as we enjoyed the lust-thick heat.

Suddenly, smoothly she stood, leaving her towel as she left the sauna. I could hear the nearest shower turn on as she no doubt cooled off as I had just done. She returned with her body dripping wet, shaking her hair lightly free of excess drops; her body vibrated like lightening.

She sat across from me, sitting up as she drank from her water bottle. I had to think distracting thoughts for a moment to keep from getting an erection, seeing how lovely her whole body was. She seemed not to notice the slight thickening of my cock as she sat quietly.

She began to gently wipe the sweat from her body, down her arms and legs. Her movements were fluid and unrushed, gentle in their caresses. I tried not to stare but she seemed unconcerned, mostly ignoring my presence. I began once again wiping the sweat from my own body.

She slowly began moving her hands closer to her breasts, which were a bit large on her small frame. Dark rosy nipples capped generous mounds that swayed slightly when she moved her arms. She wiped her hands over her breasts, the sweat glistening as she cupped them for just a moment and then moved on. I began to wonder how far this gorgeous woman would go in her self-caresses.

Languidly she began opening her legs, bit by bit, her hands running along her thighs, her stomach. I could not help but stare and could feel my cock lengthening, a definite taboo in the sauna. As unobtrusively as I could, I eased a portion of my towel over my now swelling cock. Her hands froze.

I looked up and smiled sheepishly. "Sorry," I said softly.

"Did I cause that?" she asked, her voice tinged with laughter.

"Oh no, it's a medical condition," I joked.

She laughed. "A medical condition? You know how to flatter a girl!"

I laughed as well, the tension broken between us. I could feel my cock deflating a bit until I finally felt comfortable removing the towel.

She looked over, between my legs. "Condition solved?" she asked.

"Under control for the moment, I think."

"Oh I see," she said. She began running her hands along her legs again. I looked into her eyes as she began sliding her fingers along her stomach, towards her breasts. Her eyes flicked down as she slowly cupped her lovely breasts in each hand. My cock twitched slightly. She smirked a little and gave her breasts a squeeze.

I leaned back, letting my legs spread wider, my cock thickening as I realized she was enjoying this scene. She leaned back too, spreading her legs, giving me a look at her sweetly shaved pussy.

I ran my hands along my thighs, my stomach. She did the same, mimicking my moves. I slid one hand lower, brushing against my nearly hard cock and shaved balls. She slipped one hand along her pussy, caressing one side, then along the center, making her gasp.

Pretense gone now, I began to slide my hand over my cock in earnest, enjoying the throbbing fullness of my eight inches. Her eyes were steady on my cock as I began to slowly pump for her. One of her fingers slid inside her gorgeous pussy, fingering it slightly at first and then deeply, all the way inside.

The sweat was pouring down our bodies now but we didn't feel it, our inner heat matching the temperature of the room. I caressed my balls, tugging on them slightly while she began to slide one finger over her clit, the left hand pinching her hard nipple. She began to bite down on her lower lip, small moans and gasps escaping as she began rubbing faster.

"Watch me come," she moaned.

I watched as her body began to shiver, to shake, to flash like lightening as she reached towards her climax. Her light brown skin gleamed with heat. Her dark hair dripped gems of sweat. She clenched her teeth, trying to keep quiet -- still she rubbed her wet clit. She hunched over, her legs clamping together as she shuddered into her climax. I stared as she arched her neck, head back, quietly hissing out, "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck."

Her small gasps filled the room as she slowly came down from her orgasm, her breathing slowing down. She shyly raised her eyes and looked into mine, and then down, smiling widely as she saw my cock was still hard, grasped in my iron-like grip.

"Come for me," she whispered.

I began to stroke for her eager eyes when we heard a noise from the hallway. Quickly I threw my towel over my throbbing cock. She looked at the door, eyes wide and then stood. She gathered her towel quickly and then looked over at me as she headed to the door. She stopped and turned quickly, leaning over me. She placed her hand on my hard towel-covered cock and breathed huskily in my ear, "Come," while she squeezed. Locking her eyes on mine, almost daring me to look down, she slipped her hand under the towel. First her nails touched my supersensitive skin; my cock practically jumped to her hand. Her fingers were graceful, yet firm, as they wrapped around me; they were still damp from her own pleasuring. Her grip was solid but gentle. Still staring into my eyes she began to stoke my lust, slowly at first, then more quickly as I got harder. “Come for me, lover,” she purred.

She could feel me spurt into the towel, my moans muffled by my gritting teeth. She squeezed me again and again, until the pulsing had stopped.

"Oh yes baby," she breathed. She lightly bit my earlobe and whispered, "Ciao." Then she stood and opened the door to the sauna as two girls started to enter. They stared after her briefly, giving me just enough time to wrap my towel so that the stain from my orgasm did not show. I could feel my heart slowly return to normal and quickly stood, heading to the showers.

I left the sauna much earlier then usual that evening but I knew I could never get any more relaxed that I was at that moment.  It was a week later that I saw her centerfold in the magazine; I recognized her wicked gaze immediately.

I have yet to see my sauna angel again in person but you can bet that every time I work at the Mansion, I can be found ready for her naked and hot body again.

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