Gaye Rennie : Chicago, Illinois

Gaye Rennie : Chicago, Illinois

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Gaye Rennie, born September 21, 1949, in Los Angeles, California, was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for its April 1968 issue.


Gaye Rennie, born September 21, 1949, in Los Angeles, California, was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for its April 1968 issue.


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Submitted: December 07, 2013



Gaye Rennie’s fingers were pearl white gripping so tightly to the arm rests of the seat; the plane had been on the ground for at least five minutes already but the young girl was still quaking from the bumps and grinds of the landing. She had never flown before and the whole experience had been overwhelming, just one more sweep of the magic wand that had been changing her life ever since she agreed to pose for Playboy.

Most of the pictures for her Playmate layout had been done in her home town of Glendale, California where she'd been discovered by a scout for the magazine. She had gone to a local studio to sit for her high school graduation pictures, but the photographer, who had a reputation for discovering playmates, decided to offer her the chance to become a centerfold. The moment he looked at her he had felt a quality that he knew the publisher of Playboy would love. Gaye had the Thirties' film-star quality Jean Harlow epitomized: a chic, alluring distillation of perfect face and hair and figure, of course, but also something in the smile and the voice, a guileless sensuality and charm, and Gaye had it all, even the short bobbed hair that displayed the elegant lines of her throat and gave are an illusion of insolence that the young girl didn't really have.

Once the photographer got her past her shyness the sessions with the sweet young girl produced some of the best shots he ever did. But the photographer explained that the magazine’s publisher insisted that the centerfold shots be done at the photo studios of the Mansion in Chicago.

Getting on the airplane had been almost as scary as taking her clothes off for the camera for the first time but the magazine was generous and treated the lovely blonde to a first class ticket and she enjoyed the pampering and luxury. Still, she panicked on take-off and squirmed uncomfortably through flight and panicked again at landing. Now she stared out the small round window as the stairs were pushed to the passenger door. Slowly she relaxed her grip so she could lift her hand to shade her eyes from the sun. She could see the terminal now and a small crowd of people meeting the flight. She noticed a white card with a name on it, the kind limo drivers use everywhere, and she read the name: Miss April. It took her a second to realize it was referring to her.

She shuffled out of the plane with the rest of the crowd and as she approached the gate she noticed several men craning their necks as if looking for some one; this seemed normal enough in an airport except they had lewd grins on their faces as if they were looking at dirty pictures. Only when she got close to the gate did she realize that they were looking for her. The ‘Miss April’ sign included a large bunny logo which gave the lewd men the idea that they might be able to spot a playmate. She blushed as she approached the sign and her driver and the sweet young girl blushed even more when the men gave her wolf whistles.

Gaye was too embarrassed to tolerate the men’s attention for long so she asked to wait in the car while the bags were collected. Just as the magazine provided her with a first class ticket, they now provided her with a swank limousine for the ride from the airport to the Mansion; she stretched like a kitten in the seat and wriggled into the plush leather until the driver returned with the bags.

The buildings in Chicago were far more impressive than back home in Gendale and Gaye traveled with her pixie nose pressed to the glass; she oohed and ahahhed over the giant structures and bustling crowds and then the limo made a turn onto a quiet exclusive avenue; and, as the famous building came into view, the elegant neighborhood of the Mansion was equally fascinating to the sweet young blonde.

The limo stopped in front of the Mansion and the driver held the door for the eager young playmate. He mumbled that he would pull the car around and arrange for her bags to be brought to her room, gesturing towards the door as Gaye hesitated at the curb.

At the front door Gaye gently brushed her fingers over the Latin letters of a large brass plaque : Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare. She giggled shyly, not knowing what the Latin words meant but finding them reassuring anyway.  

The door swung open before she could push the bell and an official looking butler bowed to her. “Miss Rennie, I presume. You’re expected of course.” He bowed lower and swept his arm back inviting her into the grand lobby of the Mansion.

Gaye felt like she had stepped into a castle or onto a movie set; everything was so grand and richly appointed. Although the lobby was empty except for herself and the butler, the lovely girl could sense a lively and bustling and glamorous world just beyond the doors to the other rooms.

The butler let her scan the lobby before he cleared his throat to speak again. “I’ve been instructed to show you to your room. Most of the girls are busy at an event with the publisher, but you are expected in the studio for a test.”  As if by magic a clipboard appeared in his hands, “Can we say…in one hour? That would give you time to freshen up in your room.”

Gaye’s eyes widened and she drank in her surroundings. The butler waited patiently for a cue. “Umm,” she said softly, chewing on a thumbnail as she spoke, “I guess I could right to the studio.”

The butler nodded, unsurprised; the young girls always seemed anxious to get started on the first day. He silently led the way down a corridor to the working wing of the Mansion.

The photo studio was nothing like the set up back in her hometown. Well, it was the same gear: light stands, sets, props, dressing rooms; but everything seemed bigger, brighter, more intimidating. The butler discretely waited in the doorway as Gaye meekly entered the room. A young production assistant, a girl just a few years older than Gaye came over with a welcoming smile; she shook Gaye’s hand and the young playmate was instantly swept into the busy world of magazine production.

“Hi, I’m Kate,” the PA said breathlessly, “We’re so glad you got here.” With a red enameled fingernail she tapped her clipboard. “We were set up for Miss June but now they want changes in her layout so the art director thought it would be easy to change over to your set. Did you see the storyboards and wardrobe? Anyway, when we heard you were flying in we jumped. I hope you don’t mind going right to work.” The whole time she spoke she led the overwhelmed playmate towards a dressing room door. “OK then, we thought the best thing would be to try a few outfits. Let you get a feel for how we do things here at the Mansion. We may even use the 8 by 10 since your layout is so simple, classic really; so we may get lucky. But no pressure; we’re just doing tests. Sometimes they spend days on a centerfold shot. But sometimes, you know, they decide one of the tests is the best shot.”

The PA rattled on and on but Gaye was having a hard time concentrating. She could feel an intense focus burning into her and as she scanned the room she noticed a tall black man chatting with the photographer. Both men were watching Gaye as she crossed the room but the photographer seemed to be studying her like a puzzle, a challenge to his skills as an artist while the tall black man let his eyes tell the young girl every carnal act he was planning for her. The man’s cold stare burned through her and she averted her eyes, trying to focus on the PA’s words; when she looked back up the man was gone.

The PA continued to chatter but Gaye couldn’t shake the grip of the dark man’s lustful gaze; even though he was gone, even though Gaye couldn’t even be sure he was ever there, the lovely young playmate felt vulnerable and trapped. She nodded to the PA and didn’t even know what she was agreeing to as the other girl showed her some clothes in the dressing room. Gaye stared at the lingerie and robes unsure of where she was or what she was doing here; the memory of those fiery eyes froze her in place. Suddenly a door clicked and the room was silent; the PA had left Gaye to get prepared for the shoot.

Her slender fingers grazed over the silky surface of a bright red robe. From the moment she had stepped onto the plane the day had been filled with color and sound, glamour and glitter; suddenly in the solitude and silence of the now empty dressing room the rustling of her soft finger tips on the shimmering silk filled her pretty head like a symphony.

Looking at the clothes Gaye shook her head; because of the art director’s design everything was red. Her delicate hands picked up a blouse and she gasped when she realized it was totally transparent. She dropped it as though it were a hot poker.  The red leotard was not as sheer but she knew it would be equally revealing. Gaye looked at her reflection in the mirror. When she posed nude back home it was scary; but she was home and she had known everyone in the room. Could she really get naked for a room full of strangers? The young girl shrugged and began to undo her blouse.

The bright white school girl blouse slid off her shoulders and the zipper to her skirt seemed to melt away under her fingers. She stood in front of the mirror in bra and panties. Her tight trim body looked delicious but the new playmate was too nervous to admire herself. She continued to stare, wondering if she had the courage to go through with this.

A knock on the door brought her out of her reverie. “Gaye,” the PA sang out, “We’re ready to shoot now.”

With trembling fingers Gaye reached behind and unhooked her white bra. The straps glided down her shoulders and her firm pear shaped breasts came into view. She crossed her arms over her chest protectively and looked anxiously for something to cover her body.

A few minutes later the door knob to the dressing room clicked and the crew all turned in unison to watch the fresh young girl emerge. A dozen hearts melted as Gaye blushed shyly, her arms still crossed over her chest meekly. Her long legs looked spectacular in the tight red leotard and the curves of her athletic body were on full display under the sheer red blouse.

“Is…is this OK?” her voice was a hushed breath.

“This is great, Gaye,” the photographer said kindly. “We won’t need to do nudes today. We just want to get the lights and the set in shape.”

Gaye nodded as she was led to her mark. A lot of centerfolds required elaborate sets and props but hers was going to be simple, putting all the emphasis on her flawless young body.

The PA helped Gaye arrange herself at the edge of the bed and the camera immediately went to work. Somehow the fierce flash of the lights and the high pitched whine as they recharged was reassuring to the young girl and she allowed herself to be warmed by the caress of the camera’s lens.

The camera kept shooting, lapping up the girl’s beauty. The crew worked efficiently, adjusting lights, redoing make-up and hair and Gaye’s confidence grew stronger. She barely blinked when the wardrobe girl opened her blouse just enough to reveal the edge of a rosy nipple. Still the camera kissed her over and over.

When the tall black man re-entered the room he was behind Gaye but she could sense his presence immediately. She shivered as though a cold wind had rushed over her body. The photographer looked up from the glass of the large 8 by 10 camera they were now using and shrugged when he saw the dark athlete approach the girl slowly. The basketball player was a legend at the Mansion; a frequent guest, he even had his own room. He was a star on the basketball court, famous around the world for his athletic skill but at the Mansion he was famous for his prodigious appetite for playmates. Very few of the centerfold models did not experience his lust at least once.

He also imagined himself an artist when it came to the playmates' pictures. “You got a nice looking girl like this and you keeping her covered up!” He was talking to the photographer but he was grinning at Gaye. She recognized him immediately from sports programs on TV and from his pictures in the papers. Now he loomed over her, a dark menacing tower casting a black shadow over her tender flesh. There were unspoken tensions and imbalances between them, the noble Nubian warrior and the Nordic wench or the faire damsel in distress and the savage black beast; but all these tensions bore the same inevitable end, an end that would eventually erupt with shattering force.

His long arms, without warning, reached out; a large hand rested on one of her shoulders, the other was undoing the few still closed buttons of the sheer red blouse. Gaye was too stunned to resist or even speak.  His huge fingers worked nimbly and he chuckled as he spread the blouse open completely, his eyes drinking in her flawless flesh. She almost screamed as his tongue, pink and glistening and gigantic, stretched out and in one crude slurp covered both her nipples, causing them to rise with excitement.

“Cute little girl and you got her sweet white skin covered up,” he growled, not taking his eyes off of Gaye’s heaving chest.  The blouse was tugged off her body and she crossed her arms protectively. But the tall black man would not allow it; he shoved her arms down and Gaye fell backwards onto the bed. He towered over her, grinning at the squirming girl. “You’re such a sweet little doll. You blonde all over?”

One of his hands pinned her down by pressing flat against her bare belly. The other hand pulled on the leotard, his thick fingers digging under the elastic band and scrapping against her soft white flesh.  Gaye squirmed, unsure of what was happening, but determined to be brave. His hand on her belly was firm and strong, dark and hard against her moist pale skin. His other hand inside her leotard was like a flame and she kicked and wriggled in panic; she bent one leg, pulling her knee to her chest protectively, but the thrusting and bending of her legs only made it easier for him to pull the garment completely down one leg and over her foot. Gaye’s cute little toes curled as they hit the cool air of the studio.

For a long moment he hovered over the near naked girl; his eyes roved over her beauty. “What a delicious little honey pot you’ve got for me! Look’s I’m getting a natural blonde; you taste as good as you look, sweetheart?” he chuckled. Gaye lay back, looking up at him defiantly; the camera had given her courage and she suddenly understood the sensual power she had over this man. His sharp angular face was close to hers. “Yeah, I know you taste good; bet you ball good too. So you and me gonna have us some fun after work, right?”

Gaye didn’t know what he meant but she was sure it was dangerous; before she could object the basketball player was sitting up and straightening his clothes. “You guys hustle now,” he demanded of the crew, at the same time giving the lovely playmate a crude wink. “Me and blondie here got some plans. She’s gonna let me taste her honey pot. How much time you need?”

“A couple of hours, Stilt.” The photographer seemed to be asking permission.

“Let’s say an hour,” the athlete laughed, “My dick is ready now!” He winked back at the girl and turned to leave. At the same time Gaye sat up; she propped her left leg, already bared by the black man, on a stool at the foot of the bed and crossing her arms over her bared thigh she gave the black man an insolent stare. Her breasts rose as if in offering and her creamy white skin glistened from her arousal. The lights flashed and the camera clicked, capturing her sensual innocence for her centerfold.

The crew continued to work with the model but nothing could match the raw sexuality projected in that one shot. They did a little more with the big 8 by 10 then went back to 35mm for some candids.  The work went smoothly and Gaye was, with each click of the shutter, becoming a more expert model.

Gaye could have posed forever, enjoying the release of her inhibitions in front of the camera. A centerfold shot required that she hold a pose for a long time as the demanding 8 by 10 camera was adjusted. The crew was amazed by the smoldering looks she gave the lens and they knew that this girl’s layout was going to be special. All too soon the session began to wind down and the crew was reluctantly finishing up their work. The photographer was the last to leave; he arranged his lovely model back into the centerfold pose, the pose created by the black man earlier, and lingering behind the viewfinder of the large imposing camera the photographer admired the beautiful centerfold he was creating.

Neither the model or the photographer realized that the black man had returned. A gravelly voice suddenly emerged from the shadows of one corner of the studio. “I’m thinking you took enough pictures of our little cutie now,” he chuckled then stepped into the light. “’bout time she had a little fun after her hard work.” His athletic hips swiveled jauntily as he strolled toward the young girl. “What’d you say girl, you ready for some fun?”

Gaye was still holding her centerfold pose; she shivered as the tall man came close and slid his large hand across the back of her bare shoulders. She tried to stare him down but she had to shyly drop her eyes when she saw the lustful fires in his gaze.

“Stilt, we were just going to…” the photographer sputtered but without even looking back the black man dismissed him with a wave of his hand.

The tall man stood in front of his playmate. He straddled the leg still covered by the red leotard. Gaye watched a large black hand engulf her perfect breast. She looked up at the man and her moist lips parted sweetly. He fondled each breast in turn as his tongue impaled her mouth, claiming her for his own pleasures. Her young firm nipples stabbed into his palms. Her graceful arms moved slowly until her delicate hands rested on his hips; the power of his muscles vibrated under her fingers. Her shapely supple legs shifted so that he could stand between her feet and lean into her as she sat at the edge of the bed. The inexperienced girl jumped when the thick hard bulge in his pants pushed against her crotch.

He kissed her more deeply and her writhing was both resistance and submission. Her chest heaved and wriggled under his hands and her hips thrust forward to feel the huge log throbbing between his legs.

Grazing the soft flesh of her bare thigh, one of his hands slipped under the loose dangling leg of the leotard, gliding up to her hot wet bush. His other hand held her shoulder so she couldn’t move as a thick finger snaked between the lips of her sex. Gaye let out a gasp as the digit invaded, twisting deep into her moist secrets.

The tender blonde held her breath in and trembled with the rhythms of the violating finger sex. A heat spread over her body and her hips began to push against his hand. “You like this, babe; your honey pot sure is sweet,” he taunted with a grin before impaling her mouth with his tongue.

Gaye sighed when the finger withdrew but she smiled at the man’s satisfied look as he licked her juices off his hand. “Yeah, a sweet little honey pot,” he gloated. She looked down demurely but a sly smile revealed her pleasure in his enjoyment of her body.

“You ready to fuck now, baby doll?”

The crude question took Gaye by surprise. It snapped her out of her submissive reverie; she gave him her insolent look. Her voice was husky, as if she were imitating a Hollywood femme fatale and her words were desperate attempt to be hard and tough. "I don’t know you, besides you are mighty big.” Without realizing it her pink tongue darted out to moisten her lips. “You might not fit." As soon as she said the words she gulped and blushed. "Come on now, little lady, at least let's be original. I've gotten in plenty of tights spots before and you can take me like those other bunnies; that I'm sure." He took a step back from her and caressed the thigh that was still covered with the red leotard. Gaye’s eyes widened; reality and inevitability were rushing over her. "I'm not so sure." He was standing next to her rubbing her shoulder. How did she let him get so close?

“Come on, babe,” he growled. “You know I’m gonna do you good.”

She shook her head but her eyes were misty and her nipples were bright red.

“Oh yeah, you know,” he laughed. Suddenly his voice grew stern. “You got a boyfriend? You let your boyfriend in you?”

She nodded meekly. “Russell,” she whispered.

“Well, Russell ain’t here and I got a big thing for you.” He pulled her hand over his bulge but she snatched it away.

“No…I…” she gasped but her objections were muffled by another of his ferocious kisses. Gaye couldn't believe that this was actually happened to her. She literally melted at his touch. She knew in her heart that she must resist this black man'sterrible advances but she knew her pussy couldn't.

The kiss broke and he held her face in his hands and demanded, “You ready to fuck now?”

She shook her head no, but whispered, “Yes.” Her voice was soft and delicate. He bent down next to the pretty blonde and kissed her like she had never been kissed before. One of his strong black hands searched between her thighs while the other one found the erect nipples on her breasts. Gaye was helpless! Gaye thighs unconsciously parted allowing the black man access to the opening gates of her feminine fortress. His black hand was on the inside of her smooth, firm thigh. His finger pushed aside the dangling leg of her red tights. Through the silky fine blonde pussy hair, he found what he was looking for. Gaye gasped as his hand drove forward and found her quivering pussy. The black man rubbed her erect clitoris with his thumb and forefinger. Gaye couldn't believe that this was happening. He reluctantly broke the kiss with the lovely white woman and got down on his knees between her widespread legs. He pushed the loose leg of the leotard away from her thighs. Gaye lifted her hips to allow the black man to remove the entire garment. Her finely-manicure fingers went to the short-cropped black hair on his head as his probing tongue enticed her willing womanhood. Gaye’s head went back and the inevitable happened; her body trembled with pleasure and the anticipation of being taken by the huge man thrilled her to her bones and the tongue inside her taunted each nerve ending into ecstasy, an endless orgasm in her head and in her sex. To be blunt: He ate the beautiful blonde woman's very aroused pussy and she loved it. The girl was helpless; one jolt, then another. She moaned and moaned again. The man’s tongue luxuriated in her sweetness; his fingers squeezed over her pale, soft thighs. She came again with a gasp of delicious agony and he chuckled as her nectar flowed into his mouth. After Gaye experienced a couple of powerful orgasms, she struggled to push him off. “No more, please, too much.” Her voice shook in desperate panting. He helped up the satiated young girl and stroked her cheek then caressed her firm, twin white orbs. He then laid her on the bed and unzipped his own trousers. Gaye couldn't help but gasp in terror when she saw his monstrous and voracious black beast.

"Put it in for me, honey," he whispered in her ear as he bent over the pretty blonde playmate. Gaye hesitated momentarily as she quickly then made up her mind. The pretty young blonde reached between her wide-spread thighs and timidly touched the gigantic black cock that protruded from his dark loins. It was hot and hard to the touch. She had never felt anything like this before. There was absolutely no comparison between this huge black monster and her boyfriend's much smaller penis. "This is so sweet," he thought to himself. "This is one hot little number.”

Her hand trembled and she began to shake her head in resistance. The head of his cock touched those soft lips and she screamed with fear and released his shaft, her palms now pushing against him. He thrust forward but she was in full All-American, California Girl panic, all scratching, biting, and kicking. Her nails were sharp and cruel over his skin and her feet brutally pounded his legs and back; her entire being bucked and twisted in a frenzy of fierce but futile resistance but the weight of his black beast steadfast and slow could not be distracted from its prey; slowly and steadily the head pressed over the soft petals of her sex and firmly and forcefully pressed in. She writhed and screamed as the weight and girth began to fill her and screamed and writhed some more as the length slowly drove into her depths. And then she gasped at the finality of his possession of her; the gasp was a desperate surrender and a hopeless prayer.

Meanwhile the photographer had actually slipped back into the studio. Almost as a reflex his camera pointed at the beautiful blonde playmate as she took the dark man’s giant black member. He zoomed in just as the black cock penetrated her pretty blonde pussy. The gasp that Gaye made as he thrust forward echoed through the studio. The photographer watched as the blonde's trim legs came up to grasp the black man’s pumping hips. This one is definitely a keeper.

“Oh yeah,” he growled as he pistoned in and out of her supple body, “You’re a good fuck, baby. Nice and tight and warm. You like me stirring up your honey pot, don’t you babe?”
“Yes,” she hissed, her hips thrusting up into him, her flat belly slapping against his.

Her submission made him drill into her harder, an ever increasing frenzy of thrusts deep into her sweetness. “Yes,” she sobbed with each push deeper and deeper inside her. And then he was suddenly still, his muscled body vibrating with an electric charge as he held her tight, his face tight with orgasmic tension. The fireball burst into her depths and filled her with heat and impossible pressure. He groaned, savoring the sweetness of the first load he unleashed into her softness and she groaned as his fired melted her from inside her sweetest spots. He savored that moment as she purred and moaned, nothing more satisfying to him than that first loaded unleashed into her purity.

His ejaculation was epic but his shaft stayed hard and cruel and soon his athletic body was working her over in a fury of in and out thrusts, seeking to go deeper into the ever tightening glories of her sex. When he came again she came with him; her bliss was glorious in swirls of color and light, fire and embers, atomic almost—pure flame ripping and pouring out of the sky and that fat, smacking cock thrusting and pumping. Color and light, consumed the destitute girl; everything was color and light: yellow, white, cobalt blue and yellow again and white conjoined with orange... and red and purple and white, heart wrenching and plenty of weeping and sighing, not melodramatic but cosmic and meteorological. Her eyes, cosmic radar now, scanned the spiritual horizon in search of emotional weather patterns and then rushed out into the gale, dragging herself through fierce winds and soul-battering squalls and warmth and sweet nectar, a complete release. Still he fucked into her over and over with mercy.
Gaye had orgasm after powerful orgasm. She had never been so filled and fulfilled like this before. He was drilling for paydirt now and the pretty blonde was writhing beneath him in passion. Their lips locked and his tongue dove deep into her sweet mouth, Gaye moaning with ecstasy with each of his hard, deep thrusts. He stilled himself for moment and another fiery load blasted into her. The black man stiffened up and drove into her battered pussy once more. He was shooting his robust, intoxicating seed deep into her fertile womb in a constant barrage of merciless fury. The poor girl lay back limp on the bed, desperate to catch her breath.

Although it seemed like it couldn't happen he was eventually sated. He got off of her spent body and she moaned angelically. When She looked up and saw the photographer she, in her innocence, tried in vain to cover her nakedness. She blinked in surprise; the black man just grinned at her.

“Come on, girl. You like having your picture taken.” he laughed. “Don’t worry; these won’t be in the magazine.” He turned to the photographer. “You best just keep your pants on. Stick to taking the pictures.”

The black man turned back to his prey. He shifted his body until he was between Gaye’s tender thighs, his arms snaking under her so his hands could grip her shoulders and lock her body in place. Gaye felt his huge hot cockhead at the gates of her sweetness.

He looked into her eyes. “Let’s give the picture man something to remember.” Gaye nodded; her mouth opened into a wide O as he thrust deep into her and her pretty head twisted back and forth as she screamed silently. He began pounding into her wildly and she bucked and writhed with ecstasy. The camera flashed over and over with each thrust and each flash was a bolt of lightening raising the girl to greater heights of bliss.

“Yeah, that’s a good girl,” he growled as he fucked her sweetness, “You give me what I want.”

He had all that he wanted and then some.


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