Donna Edmondson : Delicious

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Donna Edmondson, a proud native of Greensboro, North Carolina, was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for November 1986 and Playmate of the Year for 1987. It was noted that she was a Southern Baptist and a virgin at the time of her appearances; her bodacious body and soft sweetness and charm made her one of the most popular playmates in Playboy history.

You can call Donna Edmondson luscious and indeed she is, a carnal feast for all five senses: her soft beauteous face in a kaleidoscope of emotions as she squeezes her naked body against you and her bodacious figure featuring those awesome breasts and that fabulous ass, the scent of her honey hair as she nuzzles against your shoulder and the pungent sex-sweat when she’s aroused and frantic with desire, the liltingly shy giggle as she realizes that you’re about to fuck her and the loving sigh as she spreads her thighs to receive your thrusts and the grunts and cries as her body writhes in rhythm with the plunging of your cock and her frenzied laughter and crying as she comes, the silken warmth of her smooth skin and the supple softness of her eager flesh, the precious tightness of her sex engulfing your throbbing cock. But she is truly luscious too. Her kiss is mint julep sweet and saucy, surprising and suggestive. When you caress her throat with your lips you’re treated to sleek velvety sweetness. Between her breasts your tongue flicks up the delicate beads of sweat tasting of salt and sugar. And then those breasts, at first your arm is around her shoulders, holding her close because she’s shy and almost pulls away in mild resistance as your mouth assaults her chest; your other hand is caressing and squeezing the creamy soft flesh and the smooth skin is sweet and almost buttery and then your lips brush over the raised texture of the areola and the tip of your tongue picks up an even sweeter, fresher succulence, and your lips and your teeth find the candy-hard pink of her nipple and you suck in the magnolia and honeysuckle, devouring her vitality and purity and the tastes of her, the misty moist glow of her peaches and cream flesh, as her succulent breast is pulled into your voracious mouth. And she, jutting forward, feeds you her flesh; it takes two hands now to maul and mold her creamy breasts as you feast on her delectable and mouthwatering nipples. Your greedy, insatiable sucking forms a vacuum, creates a singularity of sensual delight; nothing exists except the scrumptiously harmonious flavors of breast, areola, and nipple swirling into a perfect erotic parfait. 

Or when she’s lying on the bed, dressed in a lacy bra, sexy garter belt, silk stocking, and nothing else; her sleek hair is already sex-tousled, shimmering seductively and she holds her breath as you approach and she stretches her arms above her head, jutting those luscious breasts forward so that the darker areola peek out from under the lace and her thighs part slightly so that the soft curls of her pussy glisten alluringly.  The scent of her whispers a promise, a swirl of sensual spices cinnamon sweet. Presented with the gift of Donna Edmondson your sense of smell becomes an extraordinarily intricate physical phenomenon, intricately bound up with sex. Your nose becomes a sexual organ and each breath brings on arousal. You breathe in her lusciousness, possessing her entirely.

She sighs as you sit on the bed and then she rolls over, almost teasingly shy as her chestnut hair floats around her shoulders, giving off a soft cinnamon scent. But really she’s submitting, holding her breath again and waiting for your touch. She rests her soft cheek on her hands and gazes dreamily into space, knowing what you’re going to do to her. Her body stiffens as you slowly but resolutely work the classic fastenings open, three tiny metal hooks straining to keep those bounteous breasts encased in the lacy cups. With the unclasping of each fastening a small breath bursts from Donna’s soft mouth, blowing wisps of hair across the pillow; she’s concentrating, intently aware, as if she’s counting down the slow undoing of her bra and the release of the first hook is exciting and the second even more so. One last sharp tug and the final hook is liberated. The elastic slides away and you slip the shoulder straps down her arms. She pauses; you’re in command and she doesn’t resist when you firmly nudge her onto her back. The bra falls away and her creamy breasts spread out in a succulent feast. Her hands are palms up resting on the pillow in a pose of surrender and submission.

“Be gentle,” she murmurs, her eyes gleaming with the hint of erotic tears. You bend down and reassure her with a soft whisper of a kiss.

But while her lips are sweet ambrosia, her breasts are prizes too tempting to resist. Each breast is a globe that leads to all the treasures locked up in the wonderful creation that is Donna Edmondson’s bodacious body. Each creamy orb is filled with hyper-sensitive nerve endings, especially at the nipples and areola areas. That’s why touching, sucking and licking this playmate's breasts are three of the most potent foreplay techniques to get her primed for more intimacy. Donna loves to get touched on her breasts. And by mauling this mouthwatering flesh you bring your playmate to an orgasm. She moans as you’re soft and gentle with your touch. You move your hands over and under the nipples. You take the nipples with your forefinger and thumb, rubbing and pinching softly. Her nipples harden in their yearning. But you don’t focus on the nipple alone. Your tongue, mouth and hands, caressing, licking, sucking and nibbling raise the trembling girl to ecstasy. And she watches, wide-eyed, almost disbelieving what she sees: your mouth engulfing her heaving breasts. She stares, and even as you’re sucking greedily, your tongue tingling with the luscious taste of her, your eyes are locked on hers and daring her to show a reaction. Her breasts quiver: Caress them, stimulate them. Gently squeeze the luscious flesh. Then cup them in your hands and start sucking, starting very slowly. The honeyed  flesh swells and heaves as you suck. Gently make circular motions with your tongue. Gather the mounds together and suck one nipple at a time. With one sweet hard candy nipple in your mouth, press it softly between your tongue and your palate and then suck it softly. Bite the nipples VERY gently. Your tongue licks over all the moist warm flesh and she swoons loving it all: the sucking, the pinching, the caressing. And as you suck the flesh deeply into your greedy mouth, she trembles into a profound and merciless climax; her wordless sobs become a tender plea to fuck her. Your cock is throbbing but you take your time, turning your attention to the banquet below her waist.…

It was a workday but Donna was looking forward to it because she was going to do a shoot out on the water in a boat and be interviewed by some gun or car magazine; she did so many interviews she couldn’t remember which one it was today.

Donna loved that boat. It was 72 feet long and, even docked like it was now, it looked majestic. She felt like a queen alone on the water with all those men and she loved wandering and exploring as the crew set up for the shoot; they had taken over the dock and had all their gear spread out.

Donna spoke to the reporter while she leaned fetchingly against the wheel of the boat, the sea breeze tousling her hair, the gentle rocking of the waves matched by the swaying of her breasts in a tight low cut shirt. The questions were always the same: Was she afraid to pose nude? Yes! What did her parents think? They were thrilled. Was she still a virgin? Not telling (but her sweet blush revealed that she recently had learned the pleasures of sex.) The unchanging questions churned from interview to interview but Donna was always sincere and kind with every reporter. This interview went well and the reporter went off to ask the photographer some questions giving her a little more time to explore.

Donna was in the cabin below deck, which was cluttered with camera equipment for the shoot. In the middle of the large space was a stepladder leading to the upper deck. Donna loved these ladders and climbed every one of them, imagining herself a sailor or a pirate. She lifted the hatch and stuck her head out to look around. Larry, working below, came in to see what she was doing and saw the playmate from the shoulders down only. Smiling to himself, he knew he was going to have some fun.

He placed his hands on her waist and Donna was about to come down to see what the man wanted when she heard a voice from below, “Stay where you are, sweetheart.” Hearing his playful tone, she was more than happy to play along. He hoisted her up until her waist was out of the hatch and planted her feet firmly onto the stepladder.

Donna glanced down at him, her eyes inquisitive but he held her firmly in place. Because she was now in the bright sun it was hard to see the dim cabin clearly. He stood behind the ladder, his face close to her thighs. “Don’t move,” he commanded. The pretty girl nodded, always willing to be agreeable. Maybe they wanted to shoot her coming out of the hatch. She looked around for the photographer.

Larry’s thumbs slipped into the waistband of her shorts and Donna squirmed but held her position. The reporter and photographer were on the deck and heading towards her. Even when Larry’s fingers worked the button of the shorts open and unzipped the fly, the compliant playmate held her place. She was used to her clothes being manipulated for photos.

Donna felt his hands as they hooked into the waistband of her shorts and he slowly pulled them down, panties and all. “Goodness gracious,” she murmured, uncertain about what was happening. The reporter was getting closer and he was smiling.

Larry worked the shorts and panties down to her ankles and she stepped out of the garments with delicate lifts of her feet. She looked down into the dimness at her bare legs and saw Larry standing erect and holding her hips; his face was at the perfect height to view one of the girl’s most luscious features. He looked at her curly muff and her plump legs closed together trying to hide the prize he was seeking.

“That's enough of that,” he thought. He took her legs and spread her feet one at a time. He was careful to place each foot on a secure spot but far enough apart to allow him the pleasure of her treasure. His hand stroked her thighs and slid up to tease her lips as they started to shine from the slowly seeping moisture.

Meanwhile the reporter approached Donna still standing in the hatchway; he crotched on to his haunches to ask some more questions.

“Donna, Richard tells me that you’re a natural model and know exactly how to interact with the camera.  Do you agree?”

He was surprised by the playmate’s reaction to his question. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, then let out a little gasp. In breathless staccato syllables she tried to answer. “Well, everybody…Ohh…is so nice…Oohhh…on the…sh….shh….oh..shoot. They, oh my, oh yeah…they make it, make it…soooo nice.”

Down below Larry had been caressing her thighs and rear, He put his face close to her to inhale her arousing scent and she jumped, startled as his beard tickled her thighs.

She expected his mouth to close over her but instead she felt his fingers spread the petals open wide. Still no mouth so she knew he was looking at her. This embarrassed her slightly but at the same time that embarrassment aroused her. The evidence was in the extra wetness that painted her lips.

Wondering at the erotic expression on the girl’s face the reporter pressed on with his questions.

“How do you feel being looked at by millions of men?”

“Um, ah, I…ooooo…I…think…I think…Oh God, oh yes, I love it! Yes!” The soft girl, her moist skin glistening in the sun, was giddy with embarassed arousal.

When he felt he had teased her enough, Larry dipped his head and let his tongue slide across her slit to her clit. Softly at first like the gentle first licks of an ice cream cone, but like a child who realized he loved the taste he went at her with a renewed passion. His tongue slid in deep as his wet slippery fingers danced across her clit bringing her closer and closer to losing it.

“Do you plan to do more glamour photography?” the reporter asked, now deeply concerned by the writhing of the girl. Her tiny hands were gripping the edges of the hatch so tightly her knuckles were white.

“Oh, yes, more, more, yes, don’t stop, never stop, yes, more, more, mooooore!”

Larry felt his cock throbbing in his shorts with each lick. It was a delicious ache and the taste of her was driving him crazy. He never imagined coming because of the pure deliciousness of a pussy but Donna’s succulence was bringing him as close to orgasm as she was from his tongue. When he felt her legs begin to tremble, he knew it was time; his arms gripped her hips tightly as his mouth fucked her to higher ecstasies. If her head wasn't outside through the hatch she would have heard his slurping as he drank her juices greedily. Her legs lost their strength as she almost sat on his face, his tongue aching but not ready to quit.

Donna looked at the reporter with desperation, breathing frantically, her eyes blazing. He was about to ask another question when she gasped out, “I…I’ve got to go.” In a flash she disappeared down the hatch closing it behind her.

Her trembling came to an end and he allowed the pretty playmate to slide through the hatch and fall into his arms. Holding her like a baby he kissed her hard with lips that smelled and tasted of her.  Donna was panting frantically; from the corner of her eye she saw the pile of cushions he was stumbling towards. Then they tumbled down. Larry had to use one hand over the squealing girl’s mouth as he unleashed his cock. His erection leapt out at her like a ravenous beast and he started to kiss her and his hands went all over her body; she was bucking and thrashing like a wild mare and he was about to mount her, but she pushed him away only to show him what she wanted to do, taking his big thing, heavy and pulsing into her warm moist mouth, and she went at him as if she was too starved for it. In a second his shaft was ramming down her throat and his mouth was back on top of her delectable pussy. Their bodies formed a perfect sine wave, the erotic oscillations of sixty-nine. His throbbing cock plunged deep down her eager throat as his pulsating tongue delved deep into the sweetness of her pussy. The taste of her gushed over his tongue, bitter cinnamon and sweet orange blossom; and when he started to come, Donna squirmed and twisted, grinding herself into the cushions, and then, as her body flushed and her face turned the color of a spring rose, she came, too in endless tidal waves now, writhing and twisting her hips into his face. She would have been screaming but the cock down her throat muffled her noises except for her greedy sucking and slurping.  She spasmed in one final explosion of ecstasy, pouring her luscious nectar into his mouth. His cock unloaded and she gulped and swallowed, savoring this delicious treat.

She could have nestled into the cushions, cozy and contented with him on top of her and his white lava warming her belly. But the taste of her and her seductive aroma kept him frenzied and lust-filled-- she flipped it back on. His cock was screaming to fuck her as he pressed against her clamped-shut legs. She struggled against him as their sweaty bodies writhed over the cushions, Finally he sprang back, sitting against the wall. His cock, which he’d wedged under her leg, leapt free and smacked her belly.

She sat up too, her body slick with sweat and his licking and sucking, her hair tousled and shimmering, her eyes blazing and glistening with raw emotions.  He laughed, shaking his head, despite the pain of his hungry cock. He looked at her, saying, “Jesus, I’m only human.”

Donna looked at him softly, and then a wicked smile came over her face.

And within a second, they were on the cushions kissing and fondling one another—she was feeling a little tipsy and amorous—and then events were about to unfold again with some more sixty-nine when he started to wrestle around with her on the cushions, both laughing as if it were a joke, until he decided to part her legs, and this time, when she shut them close as a vise, he really used his strength and forced them apart and so wide that the inevitability of penetration was like heated scent flowing out of her luscious pussy, and even though she had started to plead with him, saying, “No, please don’t…I’m scared…please stop,” he couldn’t. With the smell of her femininity thick in his nostrils and his skin feverishly hot, he didn’t hear her or didn’t want to hear her: lowering himself and bringing the weight of his body to bear, he entered her and she felt as if she were being occupied by a living creature the weight and length of a baseball bat. Her legs wrapped around him and now she was pleading again, “Yes, yes, take, take me hard…you’re so big and strong. Come inside…Yes, yes…Yes!” When he had his climax, the nautical colors of the cabin swirled inside his head, and when he calmed down, he thought that he might have been a little rash in his impetuosity, but hell, he was just being a man. Besides, she was nestling against his chest and purring contentedly; he touched her hair, called her pretty. But she was crying too as he was kissing her neck and brushing her hair away from her eyes, kissing her breasts, apologizing to her until she pressed a finger to his lips. “No, silly, you were wonderful; it’s just I have to go back for more interviews.”

Ten minutes later, Donna staggered back up to the deck, her clothes back on and her mouth tasting minty fresh from toothpaste.

“One more question,” the reporter asked the misty-eyed girl, “What’s like having all these men around when you’re a playmate.”

Donna caught Larry’s eye as he stood behind the reporter. She blushed quietly and murmured in her Southern lilt, “Oh, everybody’s really friendly.” Her glistening tongue moistened her lips as if she were sucking on some delicious treat. “Everybody’s so nice to me,” she gushed as if praying.

Submitted: September 21, 2013

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