Donna Edmondson : Bill and William

Donna Edmondson : Bill and William

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Donna Edmondson, a proud native of Greensboro, North Carolina, was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for November 1986 and Playmate of the Year for 1987. It was noted that she was a Southern Baptist and a virgin at the time of her appearances; her bodacious body and soft sweetness and charm made her one of the most popular playmates in Playboy history.


Donna Edmondson, a proud native of Greensboro, North Carolina, was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for November 1986 and Playmate of the Year for 1987. It was noted that she was a Southern Baptist and a virgin at the time of her appearances; her bodacious body and soft sweetness and charm made her one of the most popular playmates in Playboy history.


Submitted: May 29, 2013

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Submitted: May 29, 2013



The scene was a tent party to raise money for a defense fund for the first amendment and at this party Donna was the belle of the ball.  Could anybody be surprised by that?


Donna Edmondson was unique in so many ways; a bodacious beauty with a stunning hour glass figure, 36-23-35—yet when she came to the mansion she was still a virgin. On the subject of cock, Donna admitted a certain lack of experience: "Men are wonderful," she practically whispered, "but scary.”


She wasn’t naïve; a girl with a rack like hers couldn’t grow up without knowing about the lust men had for her. Maybe it was this awareness that had made her so innocent and virginal. When she came to the Mansion she knew that she had entered a sexually charged atmosphere. But she didn’t participate. She was a virgin but she had a vivid imagination. And sex was intriguing.


She couldn’t stay a virgin forever though. She thought about that when she posed for her layout -- imagining the kind of sex she’d one day have. In that great centerfold shot, when she’s standing there in the blue bra and garter belt, when she’s tugging the strap down off of her left breast, she’s offering her body shyly but willingly. She presents the emotions of the virgin about to give it up, the sensual plea, the hesitation, and the hopefulness. Her right breast is already exposed; she’s touching it gingerly and she’s looking at you and she’s asking, “Are you going to be the one to have these, are you going to be the first one to do me?” What could your answer possibly be?


Of course, in due course that glorious cherry was popped. That first time she had lain trembling under the lucky guy about to do her, it was the birth of a goddess. She dug her nails into his flesh, fearfully yet deliriously whispering, "...slowly, please... It will hurt..."


The cock pressed its head against her petals, and they parted slowly as the hard shaft pushed into her virgin depths.

She twisted her head back and forth, her mouth open wide as she writhed helplessly. The massive cockentered her, splitting her apart. The head was engulfed by her and burned with her heat. Already, with just the tip in Donna’s body was exploding, torn in two.  “Oh, oh, oh, oh,”  Over and over as she writhed.


Moaning frantically, she jerked as the cock started to penetrate, her nectar flowing out of her to lubricate the monster’s movement. It slowly pressed further into her. God, she was hot! Volcanic, like molten metal, liquid silver, devouring the cock in its flames of lust.

The massive shaft filled her, the muscles of her virgin sex clamping onto the invading monster in a vice-like embrace. Her dew trickled over the invading fiend, and it penetrated deeper into her, deeper. The beast moved with an excruciating slow pressure. She looked down her own body and saw the brute vibrating as a small part of it impaled her, the rest of it --the huge mass-- pulsated above her.  She began to tear up realizing the thing would soon be devouring her insides.


"Oohhhhhhh..." Donna panted. "God... Oohhhhhhhhhh..." She raised her hips further up to meet his thrust, impaling her fragile body on his weapon.


The cock kept pressing into her, until the head met her hymen.  Soft tears washed over her anguished face; she giggled  as she sobbed from the pain. The cock pushed on, and she sensed a tearing within her as the beast claimed each sweet inch of flesh. As she broke, a sharp pain lanced through her whole body.

Her entire body tightened. “No..." She tried to stop the pain, grabbing his arms tightly, digging her nails into his skin. Her long legs pumped up and down over the bed.


"Ahhhhhhhh..." Tears began to flow from her eyes, "God..." Still he pushed on, filling her with the steel shaft, now glowing with heat. Her body was undulating like a wave in storm; she grunted with each effort of the cock to push in deeper.  Finally in one cruel shove the beast plunged in, the entire length crushing into her tight tender sheath.  She howled as her body was spread apart to receive it then as the pain receded she felt another wave of bliss wash over her causing her to moan again.


The cock was hesitant for a moment but Donna was so sweet and loving and anxious to please. She shook her head slowly, whispering gently, "No, it doesn't hurt anymore... Go on..."


The cock didn’t move. Like the Rock of Gibraltar, the hard shaft locked there, letting her cry the pain away.


"No... Go on..." She kissed her master lovingly. "It'll be alright." She smiled weakly at him, so vulnerable and willing; she was the perfect playmate.


The cock began to pull back, the thickness sliding out of her slowly. She ached as she felt it leave her depths, a hollow empty feeling left behind. Slowly the shaft began the delicious pumping in and out. She went limp again as the cock slid out, and she quivered down there, trying to control her muscles to keep it there, to keep herself wrapped around this manhood, to keep the shaft deep in her. "Do it..." she begged and the cock rammed into her, awakening her sexuality and teaching her to love it.


Even after one lucky guy did get to pop her cherry (after all she was going to be Playmate of the Year) she was still virginal so you could forgive that bastard who banged her first. But even after she finally did it, people still wanted to talk about what took her so long. Virginity wasn't something she discussed easily. She hadn’t been ashamed of having hers for so long, mind you. It's just not something she really wanted to talk about -- except, of course, with the lucky man who took it away from her. Now a few months after her deflowering she was still intimidated by sex, a little anxious, a little horny, a little devilish and a lot angelic and a whole lot sexy.


But although she did love it, it still scared her some. You’d find it hard to imagine how alluring her shyness could be. She would be hesitant about even saying the words. She would be completely nude and resting her head on your shoulder and pressing her hand on your belly, still she would meekly ask, “Can I touch you…down there?” Or she could be on her back and your face could be busy gorging on those magnificently huge breasts, your cock pressing against the lips of her moist pussy, she would ask shyly, “Are you going to…you know…?”


When you sucked on Donna’s magnificent breasts she was always surprised and delighted, anxious to give you pleasure. And when you began to finger her sweet snatch it was always tight, and it always gushed with nectar like a virgin spring. And when she saw your cock she always shuddered and blushed, hesitant and anxious, as she spread her legs and surrendered, shyly allowing you to put it to her. She always yelped a little and cried a little, but she gripped you tight and gave you a sweet ride. Your cock pumping in and out of her while her breasts jiggled and danced, she took it and she gave it back; she made love like a virgin, eager to please and full of surprises. And when you shot into her she exploded with tears of gratitude and squeals of ecstasy. When Donna came it was a universe being born.

Balling Donna was heavenly but seducing the sweet and adorable girl was heavenly too; she was always shy but warm and inviting and pleased by the attention. She always seemed amazed that men paid attention to her and she loved to please men too. Sure she had a fantastic ass, round and plush; and her breasts were heavenly clouds made to be kissed and sucked; her pussy was tight and moist and full of honey. But it was her girlish laughter and her sincere warmth, her modest pride knowing that you wanted to ball her, her sincere hesitance when she realized you absolutely were going to ball her, and that sweet sob of delight that burst from her lips when she felt your cock begin to enter her super tight pussy; that girlish laugher and that sweet sob, they were better than a chorus of angels.


But when you balled Donna you wanted to be sure to look into her eyes as you came. Her gaze was shy and pleading and vulnerable, her pupils clear and bright, and as she felt your load blast into her the little tears that had been glistening in the corners of her eyes would burst into a rainfall of love and gratitude. You could try establishing a mathematical formula: add her bodacious body to her angelic face, multiply it by her warmth and generosity, and divide it by her shyness-- I think you could show that Donna Edmondson was one sexy girl and unique among the playmates at the Mansion during her time there.


So it was no surprise that at the fundraiser she was the belle of the ball and the belle everybody wanted to ball. She could feel all the eyes on her and the attention made her blush but Mr. Hefner wanted to raise money for an important cause and Donna wanted to please him. The cause was important too and she was proud to be one of the playmates helping to raise money for the first amendment.


The benefit took place in a big tent on the lawn of the Mansion and the tent was full of luminaries and businessmen and businesswomen who had at least two things in common: a lot of money to give away and an interest in playmates. Like all the other girls being supplied for the party Donna had been given a specific outfit to wear. Each playmate wore something special; some were in bunny outfits, some in fancy gowns, some dressed like nurses or cowgirls or any number of male fantasies. Donna was pleased to find herself dressed as a super sexy real estate agent; she wore a navy blue pencil skirt that cinched tight around her narrow waist and hugged the curves of her shapely hips and bottom. The blouse was a deep purple silk and it scooped down for a generous peek at her delicious cleavage; the jacket, navy blue like the skirt fit snuggly too so even dressed for success Donna exuded playmate allure. Underneath she wore a sheer bra and garter belt. The panties were soft and lacy, the thigh high stockings sheer and cool against her skin.


Donna always felt elated at these events; even after becoming Playmate of the Year she wasn’t used to all the celebrities and beautiful people all around, and they all seemed to want to meet her. Everybody wanted to fuck Miss November. And often some lucky bastard did; the climax of almost every party so far ended with the lovely playmate climaxing in the arms of a very happy man.  Climaxing inside Donna Edmondson was a cosmic experience; just before you came your cock would throb and vibrate in the moist tightness of her snatch and the pressure would be mind blowing but the climax would be a wild explosion, your load bursting into her sweetness like an atomic bomb. But if it was mind blowing for you, for the innocent playmate it was mind altering; your wad would blast her into another dimension and each time you came in her she felt it like it was the first time ever. She took it like a virgin, sobbing “Oh, oh, oh,” and tearing up with love. You want proof of god? You bang Donna and you come inside her and you’re feeling great, on top of the world, but then the next thing you hear is her soft little Southern belle lilt saying, “I love you.” That’s proof of god, man. You want more proof? You come in her mouth and you shoot a wad all over her sweet face; she looks back at you shyly and says, “I love you so much.”


So at these parties everybody wanted to be the one to win Miss November. She wasn’t vain at all but she could feel the desire swirling around this party too, just like every other party. Donna blushed to think about strong hands pulling her into a dark corner, the tug of zippers, her modest little mews of resistance, the fumble with buttons, her soft sigh accompanying silk sliding from skin, hands groping her voluptuous body. She blushed more as she remembered the eyes of the room watching as she was carried upstairs caveman style; like a hulking savage you’re already talking dirty, telling her the nasty things you’re going to do to her body; Donna would be struggling slightly and pleading to the crowd below, but what she would see in all those eyes was lust and the desire to throw her on the bed and ravage here bodacious body. She blushed now just thinking about it; and she blushed more, noticing all the eyes on her now, eyes stripping her naked. She gulped and tried to get into the spirit of the party.


The tent was packed, a band played softly at one end, and buffet tables and bars were spread evenly along the sides. The playmates mingled with the crowd and the buzz of conversation was intense only because everybody was so intent on having fun.  Looking around Donna got confused; somebody apparently had forgotten to explain the rules of the game to her so the action at the party was baffling. Each playmate would meet with a guest; there would be a little flirting, then a chant that Donna couldn’t quite make out; both the playmate and the guest would then shoot out either a fist or a flat palm or two fingers. There would be more giggling and then the playmate would either take off an article of clothing or the guest would write a check and hand it to the beautiful girl. Both would then separate and do it again with someone else.


Donna frowned cutely and furrowed her brow in concentration, trying to fathom the game. Her eyes narrowed to focus on Lynn Austin and a famous baseball player who were about to start; Donna cocked her head but couldn’t make out the chant, but Lynn shot out two fingers and the man made a fist. Lynn giggled and peeled off her tight tee shirt and revealed the tiny bikini top underneath.


“Rock, paper, scissors.” Donna was so intent on Lynn that she hadn’t noticed the two men sidling up close to her. “Rock, paper, scissors,” the one on the right repeated more insistently.


“I beg your pardon,” Donna said, her eyes batting sweetly. Donna could bat her eyes like Scarlett O’Hara. She looked back and forth at the two men on either side of her and realized they were twins.


“He said ‘rock, paper, scissor’ so you need to throw down,” the one on left spoke now.


“I don’t understand,” she said and bit her thumb; her eyes batted sweetly. She looked guileless in her confusion and she looked vulnerable between the two grinning men. The air around them seemed to thicken and Donna instinctively took a step back. She found herself backing into a corner. The intensity was heightened by the giggles and shrieks of playmates all around the tent.


The man on the right held his hand up and demonstrated. “Rock, that’s a fist; paper, a flat palm like this; and scissors, two fingers.” Donna nodded blankly. The twins were so close now that she could feel their heat; she was breathing in rapid gulps, her chest heaving delightfully. “Scissor cut paper, paper covers rock, and rock breaks scissors. Got it?”


She nodded again, her eyes darting between the two faces grinning down at her.


“Let’s go then,” the man on the right said agreeably, winking at his brother.


“OK,” she said sweetly.


“Rock, paper, scissors,” he said pumping his arm; then his flat palm shot out.


“Paper,” the sweet girl exclaimed, pleased with herself.


“Yeah, but you throw down too,” he said patiently. God, she was beautiful he thought as he glanced down her blouse and caught a glimpse of her lacy bra.


She held up a hand in a victory salute. “Scissors,” she squealed. “Scissors cut paper.” The gorgeous playmate smiled gleefully. When Donna Edmondson smiled she radiated warmth and sensuality. Her chest jutted out with pride and her nipples jutted out with arousal. The man shrugged at his brother; this wasn’t quite how to play the game but who could complain when she looked so happy and luscious. He pulled out a checkbook and pen. “Oooo, I like this game,” Donna giggled as she watched the man write a check, a number followed by three zeros. “For the first amendment,” she said reverently.


She slipped the check into a pocket of her jacket and started to skip away but the broad shoulders of the twins blocked her. The one on the left put a hand on her shoulder. She looked at the hand for a moment and gulped. “Wait a minute,” he said, “I get to play too.”


Donna suddenly felt herself swept up in events that she couldn’t control, could barely understand. Even in the jovial crowd in the tent she felt alone with these two men and she could feel the sexual intensity rising rapidly. “I get to play too,” he insisted again.


“OK,” she said quietly. Her eyes darted nervously between the two men. They looked at her as though she had just agreed to give both of them blow jobs. She didn’t like the way this was going. “I’m Donna,” she added, as if saying a magic word to escape.


“Sure we know you. Been looking forward to meeting you since, ahh, November, 1986.” He licked his lips appreciatively, noting the significance of the date. “Donna Edmondson, Miss November.” He said her title almost respectfully.


His brother picked it up, “Birthday, January 2, 1966; sign, Aquarius; Birthplace, Greensboro, North Carolina. Ambitions, to build your empire in real estate, to find happiness…”


The man on the right chimed in, “Turn ons. The beach, pasta, foreign cars, animals…”


“Especially cats,” the other added.


“Turn offs. People who lie and take advantage.”


“We love that datasheet shit,” the man on the left explained. “And my favorite is the line from your Australian centerfold. You know, where you say your secret fantasy. In the dream you’re showing a guy around a huge mansion. You get to the bedroom and…”


“Please tell us you’re still a virgin!” the other one pleaded.


Donna blushed a deep scarlet. She had forgotten what they had put for the favorite fantasy question on her data sheet in the Australian edition of Playboy. And these twins. Who were these guys? They collected the foreign editions of Playboy? “Who are you?” she asked breathlessly.


 “Oh, I’m sorry,” said the one on the left, “I’m Bill and my brother’s William.”


William shrugged, “Don’t ask.”


“Well, are we going to play or not?” Bill asked jovially. Donna nodded, thoroughly confused. “Now, baby, it goes like this. We say ‘rock, paper, scissor’ then we shoot out our pick.” He went through the gestures again, “Rock, paper, scissors.” Donna, sweetly confused, furrowed her brow in an effort to understand. But now it was game time.


Like gunslingers on a street in a wild west town, the two faced off. They recited in unison, “Rock, paper, scissors.” Donna was giddy and shot out a fist, determined to win. “Rock,” she shouted with glee.


He had a flat hand out. “Paper covers rock,” he said softly.


“Oh,” she said with disappointment. Donna’s disappointed face could make angels weep. “Maybe we can play again later?” She put a hand on each man’s chest to push them aside.


Bill and William each held a wrist, keeping the luscious girl trapped in the corner. “Wait a minute,” said Bill sternly. “Wait a minute,” said William.


Donna looked from face to face, her eyes glowing panic. “I won,” said Bill.


“He won,” insisted William, “When you won, I paid up.”


“He paid up,” agreed Bill. “Now you need to pay up too.”


“I don’t have my check book,” Donna sputtered nervously.


“That’s right, you don’t,” agreed Bill. He handed the wrist he was holding over to his brother who then held both Donna’s arms above her head. Her breasts jutted out marvelously.


Bill crouched down slightly. He smiled. His hand touched the silk of her stockings. “The game is; I lose, I make a donation. You lose,” his hand slowly slid under her skirt. “You lose, then you lose an article of clothing.” His hand was under the skirt, caressing up her sexy knee (yes, even her knee was sexy.) Donna sighed and he grinned. “And since you were so bad, I’ll just have to take it myself.”


His fingers circled over the silk covered knee then slid behind and Donna had to struggle to suppress a gasp. The hand slid up, finding the edge of the thigh high stockings and his nails scratched along until they met the clamp of the garter belt. His finger tips brushed over bare thigh;

Donna held her breath. Slowly the hand moved from the outer thigh to the inner thigh. He took his time and if the other man had not been holding her arms she would have melted to the floor. The hand under the skirt brushed over the lacy panties, their touch warm on the sweet slit of her sex. He scratched along the delicate lace on the edge of the lingerie and slipped underneath. In silent shock Donna looked down at him with pleading eyes. The palm slid over the curls of her bush and the hand brazenly pushed deep between her thighs, forcing her to stand on one leg. She trembled and to her relief the hand slid out but only to search for the little ribbons that held the panties closed. The knots loosened with excruciating slowness, then he slowly pulled the panties down, his fingers slithering through the curls of her bush and sliding over the lips of her snatch. His hand caressed appreciatively down her leg, pulling the panties along to her ankles. She demurely stepped out of them and looked down to see Bill’s grinning face as he crouched by her knees. He rose, stuffing the panties into his pocket. William let go of her arms. The twins stepped away, releasing their captive.


Donna brushed past them quickly; she could feel the nakedness under her skirt and her skin still tingled from his touch. Before she could go too far, a short fat man held up his hand as if demanding. Donna sighed. “Rock, paper, scissors,” they chanted together and her paper covered his rock. She quickly pocketed the check and looked for an exit. All around the tent playmates were in various stages of undress; Lynn Austin was down to panties only but Marina Baker still had on a fancy gown that looked like a layered birthday cake. In shadows and on couches were playmates snuggling in the arms of lucky guests; some of the playmates were nude and so were some of the guests. At a chair close to Donna she recognized the back of Rebecca Ferratti’s head. Miss June’s thick mane of hair was dancing as her torso bobbed up and down. The girl was topless kneeling between the legs of a man sitting in the chair; he looked very, very happy.


Donna gulped and headed for the exit but before she got two steps another man stood in front of her. “Rock, paper, scissors;” her scissors cut his paper and she stuffed another check into her pocket. As she turned towards the exit an elegant woman insisted on a game. Donna’s rock smashed the woman’s scissors and the check was huge. A crowd was around her now and there was a buzz like that around a Vegas poker table when a champion’s at the top of her game. Donna’s guileless trust made her a perfect player. She could read her opponent quickly and she won every time. Checks were flying into her pocket. An hour went by before she could move any closer to the exit. She did lose her shoes and the jacket but the checks were bulging in the pocket of her skirt.


There was a lull in the game; midnight had struck and suddenly the atmosphere changed. All the guests and playmates were re-shuffling; the party hummed as if getting a boost of energy and Donna had a chance to scurry to the exit. The sense of escape was exhilarating; she felt like Cinderella escaping the ball, but this was to be a different kind of fairly tale.


Two heavy hands dropped onto her shoulders and without looking she knew.


“Were you going Donna?” asked Bill.


“Games not over,” said William. “Midnight. Rules changed.”


“They changed the rules,” agreed Bill. With their hands on her shoulders they were guiding her back toward the corner of the tent.


“They changed the rules?” she asked nervously. She noticed the lights in the tent were dimming; the music was favoring low moaning and sensual saxophones.


“They changed the rules,” Bill repeated. “We don’t have to change partners now. We can really duke it out.” He patted the stash of checks in her skirt pocket. “And I see you have really mastered the game.”


Donna pressed her back against the pole in the corner of the tent and curled the toes of her silk stockinged feet into the cool grass of the lawn. She reached back and held the pole behind her head. Her breasts thrust forward in offering. “I have been very lucky,” she whispered meekly. Her Southern twang was musical and soft.


“Yes, you have,” Bill agreed, standing so close he could breathe in her sweetness. “You have been very lucky.”  His eyes were roving over her body. “You feeling lucky, brother?” he asked without turning away from the girl.


“I am lucky,” William boasted. “Let’s play.”


Miss November 1986, Playmate of the Year 1987 locked her eyes on William. “Rock, paper, scissors,” they chanted together. William shot out a flat palm. Donna’s right hand held tightly to the pole behind her head; her left hand rose in a fist of protest. “Paper covers rock,” she said softly.


William grinned. “Now, brother, a lesser man would go immediately for the skirt, knowing that she has no panties underneath. But I’m feeling so lucky that I want to take my time. Do you want to take your time too, Donna?”


She nodded slightly, her eyes soft and glistening.


His hand slipped under the skirt; she gripped the pole tight as she felt one of the ribbons on the garter belt tighten as he tugged it and deftly unclipped the fastener that held up the silk stocking. His hands moving gently under the skirt, he slowly unpeeled the silk, lovingly caressing her leg as he went. The shimmering fabric was moist, clinging to her skin and as it peeled away Donna trembled with the kiss of the night air on her bare skin.


A few minutes passed with the men simply admiring the beauty that was Miss November. They were like opposing forces, each sizing up the other; on one side was the demanding energy of the twins, on the other was the virginal sensuality of the playmate.


Donna swayed softly, listening to music in her head, feeling teasing bubbles on her nose from an imaginary glass of champagne.  She was oblivious for a minute or two, hesitating to face her fate, but the hesitation was operatic. Donna could turn waiting into a kind of surreal existential caesura, as if her spirit had stopped for a spell, giving you a moment to contemplate her innocent beauty, to allow you to inventory every one of her multitudinous curves, to let you rehearse in your mind all the ways you wanted to ravish that bodacious body.


Time had slowed almost to a full stop and like a slow motion movie each moment was heightened: her nervous mews, the men’s hard looks, and the girl’s little panics, punctuated now and then with bursts of girlish giggles as she swayed on the pole. All the while Donna grew more outrageously beautiful, more sexy, more Donna.


Bill stood in front of her now. Donna leaned further into the pole as if seeking support or solace. Her hands remained behind her head and she could have been posing for a picture, perhaps even a centerfold if she took her clothes off. The twins would see to that.


Donna faced Bill, silently accepting the challenge. “Rock, paper, scissors.” They said it quietly. The gestures were small, almost casual, belying the intensity of the stakes. He flipped his hand forward in a minimalist gesture and Donna just raised her hand slightly from behind her head, as if waving or calling for help. His scissors cut her paper.


He stood in front of her, contemplating the loveliness of her curves. She held her breath as he tugged on the belt and tossed it to the ground. In the next round her scissors were smashed by William’s rock.  He claimed the other stocking, his breath warming her moist skin as he peeled away the silk.


In the next round Donna just mouthed the words silently and barely lifted her hand from the pole to reveal the rock that Bill’s paper would cover. He stepped in close and brushed her hair from her face. Their eyes remained locked together as his fingers fussed with the zipper to the skirt. Donna was certain that it would drop to the ground and reveal her naked pussy but instead he merely loosened the waist band so he could pull out the blouse.


He started with the bottom button, slowly exposing her belly and navel, then the sheer fabric of the bra and the soft skin of her chest. The blouse draped around the two cups of her overstrained bra; he bent in, bent close enough to allow his hot breath to brush over the soft skin of the almost exposed breasts.


Donna sighed meekly and let him  begin to tug on the fabric. She meekly offered each arm in turn so he could slip the blouse off, then she reached back and, with her hands behind her head, held the pole so hard her knuckles were white.

For lovely Donna being undressed was turn on-- the slow opening of her blouse made her squirm with arousal. But having her clothes ripped off, that was thrilling too. The sound of silk ripping, the way her breasts popped out almost making a rushing noise as they leapt into the hands of her ravisher. And getting dressed in front of man thrilled her too; she was always a little embarrassed as she snuggled her large mounds into a bra. An ideal evening with Donna would involve a lot of lingerie, a lot of slow strip teases, and a lot of ripped clothes before the ravishment and rape.


In only the bra and skirt, her arms behind her head, her spine pressed against the pole, she looked like a captive. She licked her lips. “Rock, paper, scissors,” she whispered softly. She didn’t have to look at William’s hand. She knew. He touched the zipper and the skirt dropped to the grass.


Donna wore only the sheer blue bra and the garter belt. Her pussy was a masterpiece, a creation of the finest artist in the universe. The curls over the soft lips of her sex glistened a little. Her eyes glistened too.


“Rock, paper, scissors,” she prayed. Bill prayed harder and his prayers were answered. Miss November looked at him with downcast eyes, she bit her lip and trembled and waited. She looked frail and beautiful and sexy. He came in close and with one finger lifted the strap on her right shoulder. The soft elastic slid down her arm and then the sheer fabric began to peel away from her trembling breast. The flesh sprang out, white and moist; the nipple sprang out, hard and red. He slid the other strap down and the two breasts quivered in anticipation. Again she meekly helped him slip the loops over her hands. For a moment she posed, her hands behind her head gripping the pole, the bra pushed down under her heaving breasts. Now that was a pose worthy of a centerfold!


Nothing could hide the lust and delight between the two men. Wolfishly licking their chops they eyed the nubile girl as she stood in offering to them. Her innocent mind couldn’t suppress the thoughts of the ravishment that had to come.


“Fuck,” one of the twins murmured, almost reverently and Donna shuddered. Dirty talk always scared and excited her.


Bill took charge. “Donna, I’m going to give you my big old smile maker. You want that, right? A special present,” he chuckled. “All pretty girls should have presents.”


Donna touched her throat and behaved as if her excitement had caught her by surprise. “Oh my,” she whispered.


“Yeah, I’m gonna give you a good drilling, baby.”


“Oh wow,” she said, tears coming to her eyes. Her hands went back behind her head and her fabulous rack heaved and jiggled nicely. She looked at him with meek and gentle eyes. When Donna looked at you, all shy and modest like that, you knew she meant it. You got the feeling, though, her eyes were able to watch themselves watching you. And what you wanted her eyes to see was you fucking her. Heaven would be for you to be face to face with the girl, her breath moist and sweet between you; maybe she’s on her back and you’re between her legs or maybe she’s upright with her legs around your waist, your cock pumping in and out of the satisfyingly moist and tight snatch, but her breasts are quivering between you, bouncing with each thrust of your cock. Bill looked at her face and knew he was heading for heaven. He saw himself reflected in her glistening eyes; what he saw was himself fucking the sweet girl. He looked at her long and hard; she was so sweet and sexy and soft. Donna and he realized together that he was going to heaven by sending her to hell.


“Oh Lord. Oh wow,” she whispered, surprised by the images in her own eyes. She was the only girl you would ever meet who could whisper an exclamation. She swayed softly and looked so fuckable.


“God, I want to fuck you,” he growled and she gasped as if the words were a delicious slap.


All sorts of calculations, both rational and irrational, buzzed through her brain; she thought of escape and she thought of surrender, but all thoughts were muddled by growing threat of his lust. She couldn’t resist. “You want to take me upstairs?” she said softly, hopefully.


“I’m gonna fuck you now, fuck you real good.”


The dirty words thrilled her and she innocently moistened her lips. “Be nice, OK? Go slow,” she breathed.


Then he stepped in, reaching behind to unfasten the bra even as she bent her head back and let him kiss her as he stripped her. She squirmed into the kiss and into the stripping, her soft shoulders undulating in his arms and her bouncy breasts jiggling in anticipation. Her tongue was honey sweet and squirming too; as the girl’s nipples kissed air her tongue stabbed into his mouth. She kissed him desperately, as if hoping to distract him from her now bare breasts, as if teaching him with her own mouth what she wanted him to do to her nipples. 


The bra dropped to the grass like a flag lowered in surrender. For Donna, this moment, the moment when the elastic around her chest was tugged by a strong man’s hands then released, this moment was always exhilarating for her; even when --and this usually happened-- the cups of the bra had already been pushed down to reveal her breasts; somehow the removal of the bra made her feel free and made her feel sexy. And when she kissed him she let him know how she felt.


The delight of Donna’s kiss could not be explained. Maybe some genius would devise a mathematical formula: add soft warm lips to her pleading glistening eyes, multiply it by each spritely twirl of her tongue, and divide it by each teasing bite of her teeth on your lips. But you’d have to include the heat of her flesh as her near nude body thrust up against you, and could the volume of her delicate mewing be calculated too? -- I think that Donna Edmondson’s kiss was one inexplicable mystery but a mystery of infinite pleasures.


When the kiss finally ended she stepped back, as if to give him a good look at all her goodies. She was nude except for the garter belt and that tiny band of blue with its dangling ribbons at her waist made her even more sexy. The twins focused now on her twin globes.  Donna almost swooned as four hands began to maul the creamy flesh, tracing over the tan lines, circling over the big areolas, and teasing over the nipples and then two mouths began the work of ravaging her breasts. Her nipples stiffened with each pull of the ravenous lips and stiffened more with each bite of sharp teeth and each slap of a brutal tongue. Donna did swoon now, leaning back into the pole and writhing between the two men. “Oh, oh, oh,” she prayed sweetly. She felt like she had drifted into a fairy tale or a dream. “Wow,” she breathed, “Somebody pinch me.” But it was no story and no dream; the four hands continued to ravish her delicious body.


Donna slowly surrendered to one of the men, leaning in closer to him and murmuring sweetly like a kitten seeking affection. She hugged him as best she could as the hands worked over her breasts and she nuzzled into his neck, then she lifted her head for another kiss; a sweet submissive kiss is what she gave him. She stroked his face and ran fingers through his hair. A small part of her brain was still trying to gain some measure of control over the situation, maybe if she let one of them take her upstairs…the thought of one of these cocks inside her was exhilarating but the thought of two men taking her at once…


“Why don’t you and me go upstairs,” she breathed in her meek little sexy voice.


“Sure baby, sure,” one twin said. “Sure, sure,” the other added, “After we ball you right here.”


With a with a sob on her sweet lips Donna slipped into the vortex .


A hand caressed her pussy, a finger dipped into the honey. A mouth kissed her lips as another suckled her breasts. She was fingered fucked now as she held tight to the pole, lifting one leg submissively. The sound of zippers and belt buckles was inevitable and it was inevitable that her innocent eyes would dart down to furtively glance at the hungry cock about to devour her. And the quick eager darting of her tongue over her lips as if tasting the cock, that was inevitable too, as was the way hands lifted her legs positioning her for her ravishment. “Yeah, baby, that’s right. You know what I want,” one of the men growled. “Fuck yeah, you be real good now, just relax. You’re gonna love this,” added the other. Donna responded with a panting and breathless murmur.


Her legs wrapped around one man’s waist. Was it Bill’s? And she groaned as the head of his cock pressed at the gates of her sexy sweet slit. When you have the head of your cock against Donna’s pussy sparks are flying and your cock is throbbing with energy; even as she twists and writhes in resistance her slit parts to draw you in, drawing you in like a magnet. She squeals sweetly at the moment your cock pierces her; you groan because she so deliciously tight, even that first little bit, just the head gliding in is nirvana as she struggles and bucks and tightens over you. It isn’t easy either. She’s narrow, she shrinks away, she resists, she moans until at last you’re successful. It feels like your cock is broken, strangled in that throbbing interior passage, that sweet tight pussy. But it’s a marvelous pain-- that vertigo into which you sink, tremulous.


Her body fell backwards and, reaching overhead and behind, she gripped the pole so that she spread before him like a sensual banquet offered to his lust. She looked up, her eyes begging. Her resistance was alluring too. “No, no,” she shook her head desperately, but her pussy drew him in even as she tried to squeeze her thighs closed. Her eyes brimmed with tears. She was lifted forward and her arms reached around his neck, the momentum drawing the cock deeper into her. She yelped a little and cried a little, but she squeezed her thighs tight over his hips as the cock pushed in, deeper and deeper.


“Oh, oh, oh,” she panted.


“Yeah, baby, that’s good, you’re so tight.” He winced as he pushed into her glory. “I’m gonna make you feel real good,” the man fucking her boasted and she smiled sweetly with pride and blushed like a virgin on her wedding night. She was beautiful and her pussy was so tight and hot he couldn’t help himself; he jammed in now, so deep he was face to face with her, her breasts crushed against his chest. Her eyes were wide and bright and wet, pleading silently, “What are you going to do to me?” A fierce thrust of the cock deep into her soft innocence was the answer and her mouth opened in silent surprise. Gentle tears streamed down her face. She imagined herself the sacrificial virgin; she imagined the brutal sex she was going to have tonight. Her eyes pleaded, “Are you going to take…everything? Are you going to come inside me? Will you make me come?” A few months ago some lucky bastard had gotten to hammer into her maidenhead but she was still tight, she was still innocent, and she dreaded and craved the savage way this cock was slamming into her now. She writhed and wriggled, fell backwards so that her arms could hold fast to the pole as her hips tightened around his waist; she bucked and bounced, letting her breasts dance-- anxious to give him pleasure and she worked at it like an adorable love bunny. Her sweet snatch gushed nectar over him even as it tightened greedily over the entire length of the cock’s power.


“Fuck yeah,” he managed to gasp as he rammed into her. She blushed to hear the words but threw herself into fucking him back. “Ooooo,” she cooed softly, taking his cock deep into herself.


“Damn, you are one fucking sweet ride,” he sputtered and thrust even harder. Donna was, indeed a sweet ride. She blushed shyly as she wriggled and bucked like a banshee. She took each thrust with wordless babbling, virginal pleas for mercy but she gave each thrust back, anxious to give her lover pleasure.


Balling Donna Edmondson was heavenly; she was a sweet and angelic girl, dangling from the pole and letting her breasts dance seductively with each thrust of the cock. She smiled sweetly as she cried and her lips pursed into a kiss that she blew to him as he fucked her. If it was just Bill doing her, the story would be about her surprise that he could be so furious and deep with his thrusts, her astonishment that her body could respond to his attention, her bewilderment that wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her as he fucked her. She was anxious to please him; what was coming was irrevocable and complex as the theory of relativity: add her bodacious body to the tightness of her snatch, multiply by the tears streaming down her face and the streams of nectar swirling in her pussy, and divide it by each sob of  “I love you,” that burst from her soft lips. If it was just Bill he would have nailed her to the pole with his cock; he would have exploded into her, firing load after load into her delicious tightness. He would have laid her in the grass and fucked her gently, then fucked her hard, then fucked her again and again.


But William was there too and he and his brother had devised a plan. “Hey Bro, mind if I join in?”


Even in the throes of passion, the implications were not lost on Donna. William came close to her face. “Time for some backdoor fun. You ready baby?”


He kissed the girl’s mouth as he slowly pried her fingers from the pole. Donna resisted, pulling her face from his and struggling to hold the pole. “No, no,” she whined but then Bill rammed her hard and she hissed, “Yessss.” William set to sucking her breasts, capturing each nipple in turn as the creamy mounds bounced with each blow of Bill’s cock into her snatch. Again his hands worked to pry her from the pole. She resisted; she didn’t know why but his lips fondling her breasts were making her see stars. With her hands removed from the pole her arms fluttered in the air a moment but then William guided her torso towards Bill. Her arms wrapped around his neck as his cock thrust up into her. She sobbed and snuggled into his shoulder. “Ooooo,” she murmured, almost dizzy with sex, “You’re so big and strong.”  She was an angel, sweaty and blushing, her naked body bouncing up and down over his cock, her arms around his neck, and her sweet face nuzzled against his shoulder.


“I’m going to fuck you into space,” Bill growled, dizzy himself from the grip of her pussy on his cock. The dirty words thrilled the gentle girl.


William pressed behind her, pushing his face into her hair. He breathed in her freshness and whispered, “I’m going to fuck you too.” She knew what he meant even before his finger pressed over her bottom, softening the little hole.


“No,” she murmured softly, “It’s gonna hurt.” She squeezed Bill tighter, as if seeking protection. Bill fucked her vigorously as his brother taunted the sweet girl.


“I’m gonna fuck your ass.”


“No,” she whined and Bill gave her pussy a deep thrust.


“I’m not gonna let it hurt.” Donna had her back to him but she could almost hear the smirk in William’s voice. Bill was pumping into her in sharp rapid strokes.


With Bill still fucking her hard she twisted her head to look at William. His finger was working itself up to the second knuckle. She winced, and pleaded. “It’s gonna hurt; I know it is.” At least that’s what she meant to say but Bill’s thrusting muffled it into a breathless, “Izzz gunna hur I nnno ichizz.”


With his free hand William stroked her face. “Shhh,” he breathed, “You’re such a good girl. I’m gonna take care of you. It won’t hurt.”


Bill chimed in, thrusting up into her tight pussy, “Fuck you’re good. You fuck real good.”


William’s finger pressed a millimeter more into her bottom. “You see, you’re a good little girl. I need to fuck your ass.”


“No, please no,” she gasped but Bill rammed hard into her pussy making her dizzy, “Yes, yes, yes,” she squealed to Bill but it was William who heard it. His finger slipped out but then his cock pressed over the opening. “You’re so sweet,” he growled. “I’m gonna come right up in your ass.” Her body froze. She was pinned between them and helpless, impaled on Bill’s cock as William’s shaft vibrated at the gate to her bottom. “Relax,” William insisted. “Take a deep breath.”


She panicked; she panicked badly. “No, no, no,” she screamed but she was pinned between them, her voice muffled by Bill’s chest as he squeezed her tight. He rammed hard, deep into her pussy. She fought, kicking and scratching as best she could but in a moment it was too late.


William was growling into her ear, “That’s right, you take his cock.” His own cock was poised for attack and sweet Donna was writhing and struggling against it. In a coordinated attack the twins forced themselves into her body. William’s cock thrust into her ass and she exploded, screaming and crying with ecstasy. The pressure of the two cocks ramming into her was like the pressure on piece of coal, the pressure that made it a diamond. But the pressure kept up and now it was pressure enough to create a mountain of diamonds and each sharp and jagged fragment grew brighter and brighter before it exploded.


Her legs hooked onto Bill’s hips for leverage, her arms tugged tightly on his neck, and she bounced up and down on his shaft in a perfect spring action. William’s cock, deep into her round bottom, with each thrust gave her pumping on Bill’s cock even more momentum. The pressure between the two cocks throbbing inside her tender body escalated exponentially with each savage thrust. Her flawless body pistoned, a perfect sex machine and her screams and sobs fueled the machine to greater power.


Her mouth was a wide helpless wound and her eyes were half open slits, misty with tears and bliss. Her breasts gyrated in perfect circles as she rode the thrusts of the two cocks, swaying and rocking like she was riding a bull. When William reached around and pinched her nipples as he fucked her ass her mind spiraled into the stratosphere.


Bill came into her, hard and fast; his seed gushed in like galaxies swept into a black hole. William came into her; his load rushed in like an ocean smashing down continents.


Donna came; she came with tears and trembling and sweet sobs. Then she came with screams and tossing hair and scratches. Then she came in meek and fragile murmurs. Then she came in a thick darkness, her body the black hole drawing in all energy. She came with one more sweet sob and she blacked out.


She awoke in the back seat of a car, a blanket wrapped around her. She awoke to the lights of the street flashing over her and the sound of the car rushing through the night. She awoke to the chatter of Bill and William in the front seat. “I’m doing her first,” one said and of course the other insisted on the reverse.


“Tell you what,” one of the brothers chuckled.


“Sure,” the other agreed, no explanation needed.


Donna heard the chant, “Rock, paper, scissors.” She licked her lips and snuggled into the blanket. It was going to be a sweet ride.


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