Donna Edmondson and the old time gospel

Donna Edmondson and the old time gospel

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Donna Edmondson, a proud native of Greensboro, North Carolina, was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for November 1986 and Playmate of the Year for 1987. It was noted that she was a Southern Baptist and a virgin at the time of her appearances; her bodacious body and soft sweetness and charm made her one of the most popular playmates in Playboy history.


Donna Edmondson, a proud native of Greensboro, North Carolina, was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for November 1986 and Playmate of the Year for 1987. It was noted that she was a Southern Baptist and a virgin at the time of her appearances; her bodacious body and soft sweetness and charm made her one of the most popular playmates in Playboy history.


Submitted: May 31, 2013

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Submitted: May 31, 2013



The publisher had a problem.  He didn't like to admit it but this was one playmate he wasn't succeeding with; not that that would usually be a problem, other playmates had enjoyed being in the magazine without being in his bed.  But not a Playmate of the Year.  Up to now he'd had them all, and that was the problem.  Donna Edmonson was perfect for playmate of the year; that's who the readers wanted, that’s what the whole magazine staff wanted, and that's what he wanted in the worst way. 


Not that Donna wasn't willing.  Every day she would climb into the grotto.  Each day her bikini was smaller.  She would throw her arms around his neck and kiss him, rubbing her fantastic breasts against his chest.  She'd let him slip one strap off and then the other.  Her gorgeous mounds would pour out into his hands. He could feel her perky nipples pressing against him.  He'd squeeze them together and lose his face in their soft warmth.


He loved sucking the nipples until they were hard.  She’d squirm and moan and he’d reach under the water and run his hand up her thigh.  But as soon as he’d get his fingers up against her crotch she would grab his wrist and push him away.


“I’m sorry; it just doesn’t feel right,” she’d sob.  She’d slip away and the publisher would call in another playmate and drill that girl frantically out of frustration.  It was after a session of pleasuring Kathy Shower that he finally complained openly about the problem.


The lovely blonde listened and smiled.  “I have a solution but you’ll have to pay for a bunch of airline tickets.”  The publisher shrugged his shoulders; if it cost him a few thousand dollars to finally get Donna’s voluptuous body in his bed it would be worth it.


That night the reigning Playmate of the Year sat by the pool with the virgin Miss December.  The two beauties spent much of the night talking, with their heads close together and whispering urgently. Slowly Kathy explained her plan and drew Donna into it.  By midnight the two were ready; Kathy made some calls to a few old friends and in the morning they booked themselves in first class on the first flight out to Philadelphia.


That same morning, in three different airports around the country, three brothers were picking up their first class tickets to the same destination. Kathy figured, since Playboy was paying, everybody should go first class. The fourth brother was already at the farmhouse where everybody would converge.


John, who was the oldest of the four brothers, was a huge bear of a man with a long flowing beard.  While his brothers had decided on careers and were in law school, medical school, and business school John was more interested in living off the land.  He lived here on the family farm and spent his time riding and hunting. Right now he was chopping wood in preparation for the arrival of his brothers and the two lovely guests.  He still had fond memories of enjoying Kathy’s body during her last visit about six months ago.


Even in the middle of winter John didn’t bother with much clothing.  He had on thick, warm boots and a ratty sweater but under the sweater were his overalls; he didn’t bother with a shirt.  Still he was working up a sweat as he swung the ax over the wood. 


He was gathering logs into his arms when he saw the limo turn into the road to the house.  Ordinarily he would have picked his brothers up in the truck but, hey, this was on Playboy’s dime.  With a huge pile of heavy logs in his arms he strode towards the house. 


In the limo Luke, Mark, and Matthew were entertaining and charming the two beauties.  All three were clean cut with athletic builds. Matthew and Mark, the youngest, were identical twins; right now Kathy was squeezed between them and dreamily stroking their legs as they told Donna stories about growing up on the farm.  Donna was looking out the window and admiring the rolling snow covered hills and the tall ancient trees.  She was attracted to all three of the men but she was nervous and embarrassed about her mission here.


Suddenly she gasped as she saw a hulking figure lurching towards the house he looked like a bear in overalls lumbering down the hill.  “Oh, that’s our big brother John,” Luke chuckled.  “He’s turning into a real mountain man out here.”


 John dumped the wood on the porch of the house and turned as the limo pulled up the drive. Matt stepped out first and helped Kathy out.  She shook her head and her blonde hair glimmered in the golden light of the winter sun.  Mark followed, then Luke.  Donna climbed out, delicately taking Luke’s hand, and her brown hair shimmered like a halo around her as the soft light made her creamy skin glow.  She looked like an angel as she shyly smiled at John.


Luke made introductions and John snorted with approval as his eyes roamed over Donna’s curvaceous body.  She was used to being undressed with men’s looks but there was something so overpowering about the way he gazed at her that made her gulp.


There were only a couple of small bags; the boys all kept gear here for their visits and Kathy had explained to Donna that they wouldn’t be needing much clothing.  It had made the pretty Southern girl blush cutely as they were packing.


Everybody stood in the drive, silent for a moment, their breath forming clouds of vapor. In the distance birds were calling and the horses were stomping and snorting in the barn. Everybody watched John and Donna gaze at each other; the attraction was obvious.  Luke shrugged his shoulders and grabbed the bags and headed in. “No sense staying out here in the cold.” He stomped the snow off his shoes as he climbed up the stairs to the porch. Matt and Mark had Kathy between them again and they escorted her in with arms around her waist. As she disappeared into the house she turned and smiled at the now hypnotized Donna.


The silence was now as heavy as the snow covering the ground.  Donna could smell him standing there, the masculine scent of hard, rugged work. She peered into his eyes which gleamed like dark black gems.  His face was covered with his long hair and beard which increased the intensity of his stare.  Donna stood there shyly sucking the nail of a finger and swaying slightly in the cold.  “Thank you for letting us stay and…and…everything.”  She shivered unsure if it was from the cold or the authority of this man.


He nodded and took her arm in his firm hand; it felt like a vise holding her as he turned her and wordlessly led her into the house.  Inside a fire was blazing and the heat brought a flush to Donna’s cheeks.  Kathy was standing at the foot of the stairs with Mark and Matthew.  She was also blushing. “Um, Matt and Mark are going to, um, show me something upstairs.”  She smiled at Donna then grinned at the two men as the trio disappeared into a bedroom.


Luke was tending the fire.  “Well, they’ll be busy for awhile.” He stood and gestured to Donna, “Why don’t you have a seat on the couch.”  John  helped her out of her coat and led her to a seat.  He sat next to her and glanced at Luke.  Luke got it. “OK, I guess I’m on dinner detail.”  He left the room whistling cheerfully.


Donna and John  sat watching the crackling fire.  Donna was afraid to look at him for fear that she would melt completely, but she had unconsciously reached over and touched his massive arm and now her fragile fingers were intertwined in his giant and calloused hand.


“It’s nice here; it must be nice to live out in the country like this,” she muttered quietly, trying to make small talk.


He barely moved; he was being seduced by the soft touch of her hand and the plush feel of her hip against his.  He was drinking in her scent like a flower.


“I mean, I plan to get myself a place like this someday, but in the mountains. Have you ever been to North Carolina?”  Her lilting accent was like a siren’s song to him.


Suddenly the rustic chandelier began to rock and there was a yelp from the room up stairs followed by a series of low groans.  Kathy’s voice floated down the stairs as the swaying of the chandelier grew faster and faster. “Oh, yes, oh Matt I missed you so much, ooooo, yes, yes, Mark, you’re so sweet, yessss, yessss, yessss, oooooooo, yesssssssss!” There was another sharp cry and a few low grunts and then silence.  The swaying lamp slowly rocked itself to stillness.


Donna was blushing and staring into the fire.  They sat in silence for a long pause then she squeezed his hand and spoke softly.  “I know Kathy told you about….my thing….I mean me.  Why I’m here.  She told me how gentle you are.” Suddenly, feeling brave she turned her body and tucked her legs under herself and touched his face. “I just want you to know I’m….” She sputtered and looked at him imploringly.  Her graceful face was soft and glowing with a fresh and innocent shyness but a womanly eagerness.  Her cheeks were flush with desire and her moist lips parted.  Instead of speaking she caressed his lips with hers and darted her pink tongue into his firm forceful mouth.


The kiss was soft and tender but the passion driving her was obvious behind her flaming eyes. She rested her head on his strong shoulder. “Please,” she breathed into his ear.


He turned his body to hers and her full breasts brushed against his chest.  He put his hands on her shoulders and slowly moved down her torso. Her breasts felt warm and plush as they quivered in his hands.  He could feel her nipples stiffening under his palms; she moaned softly and ran her tongue over his neck, burying her face in his beard.


Her soft hand dropped down and touched the coarse fabric of his overalls; she felt the mammoth bulge in his lap. Her fingers glided along the huge shaft and kept going from his crotch and along his thigh to his knees; the monster throbbed like a waking beast under her touch.


She pulled her head back and looked at him in panic. He gave her an inscrutable smile and pressed her hand against the shaft as he thrust his tongue deep in her mouth.  She groaned into him and trembled again.


Donna felt herself lifted and engulfed in his arms.  She moaned and began to cry softly as he carried his frail prize to the stairs.  He looked at her quizzically but she smiled through her soft tears. “No, it’s OK.  I’m so happy to give you my… I’m giving you me.,” she whispered. She snuggled against his chest as he carried her up the stairs.


His bedroom was down the hall; the room was small and plain but there was a woodstove glowing warmly.  He put her down and the stood in the middle of the room; he gazed down at her, her dark eyes sparkling in the light of the fire. "Are you sure you want to do this?"


With a shy kiss softly on his lips, Donna acquiesced. "Yes, I do, more than anything... But promise me you won’t hurt me?"


John  pressed his lips against hers, marveling in their  softness, their fullness. Her body sank close into his arms as he whispered, "I promise, Donna..." The room was filling with the red light of sunset and John lit candles around the bed; it was an odd sight seeing this huge rough man moving around the room creating a romantic atmosphere. Donna followed him with her eyes; her body was tingling and quivering as she held her arms out to him surrendering her soft virginal innocence to his strength.


He  looked deeply into her eyes, and he lost his soul. His fingers reached up and gingerly traced the edge of her soft lips, memorizing every dip, every curve, and every arch. John  longed for her lips against his.


Donna's heart skipped a beat as John kissed her, then began to race, her breath quickening. Ever so possessively, his tongue plunged into her mouth. Her shy tongue glistened in the sparkling light cast off by the many candles around the bed. John felt the warmth of her mouth as it pushed past his beard and neared the skin of his lips, felt it melt as John sensed its firm yet soft flesh touch him ever so lightly. Its wetness clung to his lips like dew, and John couldn't help but sigh at the sensations it evoked in him.


John  leaned closer, his face inching towards hers, their gazes locked together in gravity, like the moon and the earth, revolving around each other, pulled closer to each other in an inevitable crush. Fiery with passion, she threw her arms around him, holding him closer, kissing him madly, deeply, passionately.


"You’re so delicious..." she whispered into his mouth. With her eyes downcast, she murmured, "But... I'm



John swooned as her body squirmed against his. Their mouths joined, their tongues entwined as his fingers slipped between hers. Ordinarily he was a quiet wordless man but she drew poetry out of him with her innocence. "You're getting me hard."


She felt him start to kiss at the edge of her lips, moving lower to her neck, stirring her hidden passion for this rough and rugged man.


Donna moaned. John  nuzzled his nose in her hair, breathing in deeply the aroma of her perfume. It was heady, like alcohol, and he was getting drunk on her. Loosing his control and inhibitions to the sweet liquor of her aromatic scent, John was hers.


Parting her lips in a gasp, "I like you holding my hand like that. I like you, really..." She guided his hand to her breasts and blushed. "Touch me," she breathed softly. His fingers sank into the creamy flesh of her succulent mounds sending sparks up into her brain. She moaned again and he held her body at arms length.  His hands moved down to the bottom of her sweater and for a moment she tugged it down in resistance but as she gazed into his eyes she surrendered and together they lifted it up and over her head.  Her luscious breasts tumbled out and quivered as she trembled with excitement.  John stared down at her, mesmerized by their beauty.


John whispered in her ear as he peppered her neck and shoulders with gentle butterfly kisses, "I want you."


Her lips pouted and her eyes began to tear; fear was mixing with her arousal. She thrust her chest forward into his caresses, hungry for more but quaking with dread.


Keeping her hand in his, John gingerly skimmed his fingertips across the fullness of her bosom. He twirled and swirled their entwined fingers in an

intricate pattern across her young flesh, an erotic dance of their fingers pirouetting around her areola, coming closer, ever so much closer.


She melted from his touch, and could feel herself yielding a little, loving his soft touch on her, wanting more. "Touch me, John," She cupped her warm flesh in offering. Empowered, he swept her up into his strong arms and carried her over to the bed, the feel of her young, taut body in his grasp making his mind race.


John laid her down on the sheets of his four-poster bed, the covers caressing her bare back. John gazed down at her, the look of yearning that washed over her made his heart break. She squirmed slightly as his rough hands began to undo her pants and tug them off. She crossed her legs for a moment but his strength was too much for her and her panties were pushed away revealing the dark curls of her bush.


A pink flush swept her whole body as Donna knew John was taking every inch of her into his eyes. He climbed onto the bed next to her, the mattress sagging under his weight.  She helped him pull off his sweater and she gingerly caressed his shoulders and chest.  Slowly her hands edged down his body, scratching his belly entwining in the curls around his sex.  Then her fingers spread out and she felt the massive size of him.  She sobbed as she encircled the base of his shaft.  Kathy had warned her of his monster cock but nothing prepared her for the feel of the throbbing beast in her tiny hand.


Her heart had been racing ever so fast since they  kissed; she started to notice she could even smell his sexual power. Getting a quick glimpse of his shaft, she blushed again, thinking it all so beautiful, extraordinarily unbelievable. A coy smile crossed her lips, and John could see the sensual spirit inside the playmate conquering her shyness. Keeping one hand on his cock she used the other to undo his overalls and they worked together to pull them off him.


John  brought his body closer to her prone frame. She could feel him next to her, his body pressed against her side. John slid a leg over hers, and she felt his manhood resting against the smooth flesh of her upper thigh. His hand closed over one of her breasts, his palm engulfing its full weight as John kneaded and fondled her firmness. John  could feel her nipple under his thumb and forefinger as he rolled it back and forth, feeling it harden and heat up like a tiny ember from a blacksmith's forge. John returned his lips to hers, and kissed the burgeoning woman that made him feel so sexual, sensual, alive.


With a long silent hiss-like gasp, she went limp as John teased her body, wanting him more desperately. She lifted her other leg and rolled to the side facing him, resting her bare leg on his hip. The scent of the wood burning stove mixed with the scent of their perspiration. Against her thigh, she sensed his manhood beginning to grow, to thicken, and harden. She could feel it throbbing, pulsing to the beat of his erratic heart, which she heard as his chest pressed against hers.


With a tender kiss, Donna carefully, timidly reached out for his manhood and touched it slightly. Her finger tips brushed against the throbbing shaft and they wandered over the incredible length.  Panic and desire filled her as she imagined this huge thing thrusting into her virgin body.


"Do you like that? I can feel it hardening."


John kissed his way down her chin, her neck, her chest. His lips traced a path of kisses down her cleavage. He licked her breasts, tasted the salt on her skin, and moved his mouth over her exposed, tender nipple.


Just as she touched him, his erection swelled and jerked visibly in her small hand. With a more subtle touch, she stroked him lovingly.  His lungs heaved.  He groaned with pleasure.


She tried to stop herself from moaning out loud as John fastened his mouth on her nipple, biting her lower lip to make herself quiet. She withdrew her hand from his shaft and embraced him as she writhed in agonizing pleasure.


John suckled on her breast, his tongue swirling around the outline of her areola, his teeth gently nibbling her pert, hard nipple. Her breast swelled under his attention, filling with lust and need and yearning.


John tried to pull more of her flesh into his hot, watering mouth. She placed her hands at the back of his head, loving the closeness, forcing him into her chest. Her bosom rose and fell as her breath became faster and faster. But at the same time she was squeezing her plump and juicy thighs together.


Sensing her reluctance, a growl welled up in his chest, a deep feral howl of sexual excitement that seemed to reverberate through his whole body, seemed to shake her body like a tremor, shaking her stifled moans free.


"Oooooohhhhhhh Johnnnnn..." She was soft and damp enough now, more than ready for him. "Please, I can't hold it back any longer... I want you in me... ...please..."


John ran his fingers over her back, his nails smoothly caressing down her spine, sending jolts of electricity through her quivering body. John heard her gulping for air, and he pressed himself harder against her thighs. Her every subtle move, every sound sending him closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy. John climbed over her, supporting his body above her with his arms. Her legs parted naturally, automatically, wanting to feel him there in her valley. They locked their gazes, both wanting to see the expression on the other's face as the beautiful Donna was taken by his power.


His erection stood straight out from his pelvis, proud, strong, and heavy. John slid it across her labia, the petals to her sex as the heat billowed up from deep within her. Her wetness began to seep from her, and John coated himself in that nectar. She saw a gleam in the dark, and realized that a tiny drop of lubricant has begun to bead on his swollen penis. Placing her hands on his wide chest, Donna caressed it, moving her slim fingers to his shoulders as his shaft poised at her opening. She dug her nails into his flesh, fearfully yet deliriously whispering, "...slowly, please... It will hurt..."


John  pressed his cock’s head against her petals, and they parted slowly as he pushed into her virgin depths.


They gasped in unison, their eyes locked. She twisted her head back and forth, her mouth open wide as she writhed helplessly. John entered her, his massive cock a sword splitting her apart. The head was engulfed by her and burned with her heat. Already, with just the tip in Donna’s body was exploding, torn in two.  “Oh, oh, oh, oh,”  Over and over as she writhed.


Moaning frantically, she jerked as John started to penetrate, fluid flowing out of her to lubricate their movement. He slowly pressed further into her. God, she was sooo hot! Volcanic, like molten metal,

liquid silver, devouring him in its flames of lust.


His penis filled her, the muscles of her virgin sex clamping onto the invading monster in a vice-like embrace. Her dew trickled over his manhood, and John penetrated deeper into her, deeper. The beast moved with an excruciating slow pressure. She looked down her own body and saw the brute vibrating as a small part of it impaled her, the rest of it, the huge mass, pulsated above her.  She began to tear up realizing the thing would soon be devouring her insides.


"Oohhhhhhh..." Donna panted. "John... Oohhhhhhhhhh..." She raised her hips further up to meet his thrust, impaling her fragile body on his weapon.


John kept pressing into her, until his cock met her hymen.  He paused and watched her anguished face; she giggled  as she sobbed from the pain. John pushed, and she sensed a tearing within her as he claimed each sweet inch of flesh. As she broke, a sharp pain lanced through her whole body.


She clung to him. “No..." She tried to stop the pain, grabbing his arms tightly, digging her nails into his skin. Her long legs pumped up and down over the bed.


"Ahhhhhhhh..." Tears began to flow from her eyes, "John..." Still he pushed on, filling her with the steel shaft, now glowing with heat. Her body was undulating like a wave in storm; she grunted with each small burst of her body against him.  Finally in one cruel shove he plunged his entire cock into her tight tender sheath.  She howled as her body was spread apart to receive him then as the pain receded she felt another wave of bliss wash over her causing her to moan again.


His pelvis was flat against hers, and John could feel her whimpering in his arms. He kissed her, needing to ease her pain. Her tongue dipped into his mouth and rolled over his.  Her body was flaming and throbbing with pain but the taste of him burst gently into her mouth.


Somehow soothed by his gentle kiss, she shook her head slowly, telling him "No, it doesn't hurt anymore... Go on..."


John rubbed away her tears, but otherwise didn't move. Like the Rock of Gibraltar, his hard body locked there, letting her cry the pain away.


"No... Go on..." She kissed him lovingly. "It'll be alright." She smiled weakly at him, so vulnerable and willing, and John lost his heart to her all over again.


John began to pull back, his thickness sliding out of her slowly. She ached as she felt him leave her depths, a hollow empty feeling left behind. Slowly, as not to hurt her, only to make her feel the blissful beauty of their moment together, John continued. She went limp again as John slid it out, and she quivered down there, trying to control her muscles to keep him there, to keep herself wrapped around his manhood, to keep him in her.



"John... Do it..."


His hips rocked forward, a little faster this time, nudging into her and filling her again. His erection, slick with their combined fluids, slid easier into her this time. John pushed until he was flat against her, then pulled back again, eager to thrust into her again.


Awaiting the next thrust, she enjoyed the way John made love to her. She was eager for the next thrust too, as she couldn't help but move her hips to meet his thrust, making it go deeper.


John rocked into her again, pulled out quickly. His pace increased, and she saw his jaw go slack, his breathing grow shallow. God, the sensations she was sending through his shaft. She quivered over his penetrating penis, her body thrusting up to meet him like a desperate lover in a garden swing.


John thrusted fully into her now, and their pelvises clapped together. His chest pressed hard against hers, her nipples tickled by the hair on his chest and his beard.


John pulled out, and he melted... he thrust in, and his cock burned with fire. He began to grunt as he  penetrated her vagina, deeper, into her womb, into her soul.


Donna moaned louder as he quickened his pace sliding in and out of her, rocking the bed as he dove into her sweet tender body.


"Oohhhhhh... John, you've got me so close to it now..." The bedsprings beneath their lunging bodies began to creak. He slid his arms up under her back and hooked his hands over her shoulders; he began to pull her onto his penis, using her body for leverage, and he thrust and thrust and thrust into the hottest, tightest, sexiest woman to grace the

Earth from heaven. His huge shaft seemed to be crushed in her ever tightening channel.


John groaned. Building up, swelling, expanding, threatening to wash over her like a tidal wave against the rocky surf.


"Yesss...  Come in me baby, deeper, do I feel good baby?"


John started pounding in and out of her, impaling her, spearing her on his length. His throat tight, his voice hoarse, moaning, "I've got to explode......" John kissed her face, squeezed her body, thrusted uncontrollably into her as his mind was dominated by the need to shoot his seed deep into her womb.


"I'm sooo close.... Donna, I'm so close..."


Feeling the tensed muscles in both of them, John quicken to the maximum pace. She pressed her body against his, needing to touch every inch of her pliant flesh against him, her nipples trapped between her body and his. "Aahhhhhhh... Mmmmm... Johnnnnnn..."


"Yes... Oh, yyyeesssss... Soon... Donna...


AAAAAAA!!!" His  loins spasmed as John felt her inner muscles rippling along his shaft, her body quaking and her voice joining his in unison as they  both released together. John planted his seed in her womb.  He burst like a canon shell causing her to heave and quake; it was like hot shrapnel tearing through her and she writhed and bucked in agony but suddenly the hot burst turned to cool stars opening up a universe of heaven inside her.  She glowed and floated on the orgasm riding his juices as he flooded her body.  


They panted, their bodies heaving, unable to breathe. "Donna... ooohh... god, fuck you’re good."


"John, hold me... Stay inside me, forever…"


He breathed deeply and looked into her eyes; she looked back dreamily, still dizzy.  But she felt him rocking against her and her eyes widened.  She felt his shaft growing and swelling again.  She giggled that frantic little laugh again. “Oh, baby, yeah, you feel good in me.”  He grew hotter and hotter, feeling her flood over him.


At first he was just gently rocking but soon his hands gripped her shoulders and he began thrusting and ramming with brutal force.


Soon her supple muscles found the rhythm of his drilling and she matched each thrust pulling and pushing into him.  She was so tight and wet and hot that he shot into her once and he strained to hold back.  He felt her soaking and bubbling and tearing and squeezing all along his shaft.  She was a goddess twisting and bucking beneath him.  He was pounding so hard that she was sliding along the sheets.  Her chin was pressed into her chest as her unbelieving eyes watched her body impaled over and over again. Finally her shoulders hit the headboard and more exquisite pain was added as she was held prisoner between the headboard and his hammering rod.


She felt the next bolt of his seed blast into her and she groaned with pleasure.  “Oh I can feel you in me. It feels so hot.  Do it again; come all the way in me.” Now he was shooting into her in staccato  volleys.  Each time she would thrust up and groan, “Oh yeah, oh god.” Then she felt his fingers begin tickle her clit and a whole new set of sensations gripped her.  Her body began to jerk and rattle and the spasm of her orgasm took hold.  She was confused and afraid as her mind drifted out of consciousness and gave itself over to all the pleasure and pain.  Her body and his body went rigid together as one last wave of sensual pleasure poured over them.  His face fell into her succulent breasts and they closed their eyes and swooned through the bliss that had swallowed them. 


Donna’s skull was red with pain and she was crying and laughing uncontrollably.  John recovered enough to sit up and stroke her hair gently; she was babbling and shaking and trying to breath.


He chuckled watching the innocent young beauty struggle to contain her bliss.  He kissed her forehead and whispered, “Well, I guess I just had the next Playmate of the Year.”


She smiled slyly now. A grin spread across her face as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again.  “Maybe we should do it again, just to be sure,” she laughed as she rolled him onto his back and covered him with her sweaty naked body.


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