Donna Edmondson : 3 short shorts

Donna Edmondson : 3 short shorts

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Donna Edmondson, a proud native of Greensboro, North Carolina, was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for November 1986 and Playmate of the Year for 1987. It was noted that she was a Southern Baptist and a virgin at the time of her appearances; her bodacious body and soft sweetness and charm made her one of the most popular playmates in Playboy history.


Donna Edmondson, a proud native of Greensboro, North Carolina, was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for November 1986 and Playmate of the Year for 1987. It was noted that she was a Southern Baptist and a virgin at the time of her appearances; her bodacious body and soft sweetness and charm made her one of the most popular playmates in Playboy history.


Submitted: September 20, 2013

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Submitted: September 20, 2013



Donna Edmondson was beautiful enough to stop traffic, even on the jaded streets of Los Angeles.  Nobody had any doubts that she would be Playmate of the Year.  When she was chosen to be a playmate she was a virgin but by time she was photographed for her Playmate of the Year layout she discovered the pleasures sharing her body; in one short month she became a passionate acolyte at the temple of sex, willing and anxious to offer her body.  Her sensual innocence was a magnet few men could resist.


Donna’s stay at the mansion was great fun; she loved most of all lounging by the pool, competing with the other playmates for the attention of men. The best days were wasted away soaking up the sun and soaking in the Jacuzzi.

One morning as the sun streamed into her bedroom window, warming the satin sheets and her creamy skin, Donna woke up and knew it was going to be a hot one, so she donned a red bikini; the bottoms were a few thin red lines barely covering her bush and not cover the juicy round globes of her rear at all, while the top was a few strings and some postage stamp sized fabric stretched over her nipples. Donna looked at herself in the mirror and did a jigglely little dance for herself, then skipped out of the room.

The day was designed to be lazy; the stunning centerfold came out to join the rest of the playmates for breakfast.  Already there was a buzz of excitement and the air of a party among the crowd at the table.

Donna snuggled into a seat and looked around at all the beautiful girls; some men who were hanging around, the sweet girl gave them her winning, inviting smile.

She noticed one man; built like a weightlifter with his muscles displayed in a white wifebeater, he was giving her some close study with his eyes.  Practically nude in the tiny bikini, she felt completely naked under his gaze.

After a piece of toast and a cup of coffee and a few special glances from Moe, Donna was feeling positively tingling. Then he came around the table and took her hand and stated to everyone or anyone that he and Donna were going for a drive. That’s all he said, “We’re going for a drive.” Whether he was speaking to the crowd and announcing that he and the bodacious Miss Edmondson were going for a ride in his car, or whether he was commanding the luscious playmate wasn’t clear and didn’t really matter. The crowd of playmates and the men desiring those playmates heard the five words, “We’re going for a drive,” but in their minds they heard him announce “I’m taking this curvaceous girl away and driving off so I can find a secluded spot and fuck her, a spot so secluded that nobody will hear her constant screams of ecstasy as I drill her.” What the innocent young Donna heard was “We’re going for a drive,” but in her pretty little head what she heard was, “Let’s have a nice ride in the countryside for some fresh air.”

“We’re going for a drive,” he said again, his voice flat but commanding. He squeezed her hand and urged her out of her seat.

Surprised but pleased, Donna jumped up from the table and followed Moe out to parking lot where he had his big black truck. He helped her in and slammed the door. Going around to the driver's side, Moe jumped in and started the truck and off they went.

Donna had no idea where Moe was taking her but it didn't matter, her heart soared with the knowledge that this handsome man wanted a little time alone with her. She didn’t mind the silence; she could sense his strength and masculine determination as he maneuvered the truck through L.A. traffic and out to the more scenic mountain roads. She happily enjoyed the drive.

They hadn't gone far when Moe pulled off the main road and drove along a dirt path to a spot that was not visible from the road. Once they were in far enough, he put the truck in park and shut it off. Turning to Donna he told her to get in the back seat.

A smile graced her lips as she realized Moe wanted to 'play' in the truck. The guileless inexperienced girl imagined a petting session with cuddling, kissing, and a rough hand fleetingly slipped under fabric of her bikini top.

Donna did as he told her and climbed in the back. She had scooted to one side but he grabbed her full bikini clad hips and slid her across to the center seat. Donna bit her lip as she trembled under his huge hands taking control of her body.

Moe then sat on the center console facing her. Her head was dropped to one side, a finger delicately hooked in her mouth. Her breathing was soft but still the creamy mounds jiggled slightly as she sat watching expectantly.  She looked like a feast ready to be wolfishly devoured.

“Take your bottoms off,” he demanded.

The command hit her like a blow. Her first instinct was to resist but suddenly she knew that she wanted to submit. She could feel every cell of her body yearning to be ravaged.

Excited with the game, Donna hooked her fingers into the sides of her bikini and slid the panties off. Moe grabbed her ankles and pulled. Donna's bottom slid to the edge of the seat as Moe, handling her like a doll, pulled her legs straight up into the air and placed each heel on the top of the front bucket seats. Looking up from her distorted position, Donna saw the man looking down between her legs. His burning gaze made her tummy tense as she felt her womanly fluid seep from her pussy lips to make them shine. The scent of hot sex filled the humid truck and she shivered as Moe lowered his head to look closer and inhale deeply of her scent.

Her arousal was so strong, she closed her eyes as if it was too much to take in but they quickly popped open when his tongue traced a line along her wet slit. The rough tongue slit up slowly along the soft wet petals and stopped when it hit her clit. Just the tip of his tongue flickered back and forth quickly over her bud causing her legs to tremble and more of her juices to flow. When she felt as though she was about to come, Moe already knew and dipped his head in close to drink in her scent and slurp her juices. He loved to watch a girl’s petals unfold and open like a flower to the sun but his passion took over and his mouth rasped over her, sucking and tasting her roughly. Moaning, Donna came hard, shaking and moaning as she gave everything to him.

Not even a full moment after her orgasm, Donna looked up to see the man drop his shorts and watched as his erection bounced against his navel. His cock was hard and proud and ready to take her. Her hand reached out to hold it and her thumb grazed the wet tip causing Moe to gasp aloud. Leaning forward, she took him in her mouth and sucked his cock softly. She sucked the tip; just the sensitive head. She had an iron grip on the shaft and slowly stroked him as she sucked. Moe ripped her bikini top off and grabbed her nipples hard, pinching them in a way that would have hurt had she not been so close to coming again herself.

Moe grabbed her head and fucked her mouth but could only manage two strokes before he felt that he would for sure loose it. Pushing her back, none too gently, Moe gripped her ankles again and spread her legs wide. Seeing his mark, the wet, bushy folds that covered the gate to heaven, he aimed and pushed, hard, sliding inside her wet sex like hot knife through butter.

The lovely young girl groaned as the massive steel pierced her body, spreading her apart, filling her with a pulsating beast eager to devour her innocence.Her breasts swelled, her nipples hardened as she took him in; the beautiful girl froze for a moment, trembling like a trapped fawn, then the heat of the monster inside her began to melt her, making her writhe, urging her to spread herself in submission.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss!” Moe moaned. She was so deliciously tight, her skin so pliant and soft, her sexy innocence so inviting; he knew he had to ride her, and ride her hard.

His hips pumped his cock deep into her and with every stroke he heard her soft mewling moans until she screamed. That scream undid him, and not even a second later, hot semen pushed through his shaft and splashed the walls of heaven until Donna and Moe were both spent and ready to collapse. The ragged breathing from sweat covered bodies was the only sound in the hot humid truck.

“Shit, you fuck good.” Moe grunted his appreciation crudely but the pretty girl couldn’t help but bat her eyes fetchingly while trying to suppress a proud smile.  She’d only learned to make love a month ago and was so glad to please this hungry man.

Moe helped Donna find her bikini bottoms and seeing that he ruined her top, he took his tee shirt and gave it
to her.

The white wifebeater stretched into a thin gossamer sheen over Donna’s huge luscious mounds. He looked at her sitting in the seat, still breathing heavily from his drilling. His hand reached for the ignition key but his eyes couldn’t help themselves; they dropped to her thighs, wet with sweat, then wandered up to her belly, and again drank in those heaving mounds; he looked at her face and she looked so sweet and willing.

“Shit,” he grunted and opened the door and stomped out to her side. “Come’ere,” he demanded reaching in with his large hands.

In the ancient primal dance Donna hid her eager desire with the pretense of a struggle.  She futilely gripped the steering wheel as he pulled on her kicking legs.
In seconds she was dragged over the seats and into his arms.

He lifted her out and carried her into the woods. Her legs fluttered in the air helplessly as she squirmed in the strong grip of the fierce man.

He pushed her against a tree; the rough feel of the bark matched the rough skin of his hands as he mauled her body, pushing up the tight shirt and sucking her mouth, her nipples, every inch of her delicious flesh.

She felt the cock ram in, shoving away the bikini bottom; she reached up and dangled from a branch as he pumped up into her, her legs wrapped around his waist.

“Oh,” she gasped as his battering ram smashed her. “Oh,” she gasped again as the huge throbbing mass crashed into her again. “Oh,” her sweet breathless voice gasped with each thrust of his weapon. In and out; deeper and deeper he drilled with her sheath opening and closing over him; she felt herself coming and dropped from the branch, plunging down hard onto his cock, and letting her face fall against his shoulders, her teeth digging into his neck.

He kept fucking her, filling her, fucking her again. They collapsed into the grass and he pounded her into the ground. But he had to have more of her.

He carried her to the back of the truck and pounded her willing body against the steel of the truck bed. Donna’s tight sheath took him in, drinking up wad after wad, as he shot into her lovely warm womb. His hands squeezed around each sweet mound of creamy flesh forming the soft yielding breast into a cone that he engulfed with his mouth sucking hard enough to make her wince with delight and pain.

She felt his weapon dig in deeper and shoot another load and she howled as her juices flooded out to meet the hot seed filling her.

 The sun burned over them and weary and blissful Donna noticed a path leading down to a lake. “Make love to me in the water,” she whispered into his ear. They ran to the dock and jumped in the lake for a refreshing cool and cleansing dip. They giggled and played like children.

Suddenly Donna felt herself pinned to his body; he lifted one of her legs and rammed his cock into her yet again. It was a slow lazy screwing, twisting deep into her, driving her insane with bliss. When her flood gates opened she arched backwards, her hair dangling in the water as she writhed on his cock, her voice howling a song of ecstasy that echoed through the woods.


It was a work day but Donna was looking forward to it; she was going to do a shoot out on the water in a boat and be interviewed by some magazine; she did so many interviews she couldn’t remember which one it was  today.

Donna loved that boat. It was 46 ft. and, even docked like it was now, it looked majestic. She felt like a queen alone on the water with all those men and she loved wandering and exploring as the crew set up for the shoot; they had taken over the dock and had all their gear spread out.

Donna spoke to the reporter while she leaned fetchingly against the wheel of the boat, the sea breeze tousling her hair, the gentle rocking of the waves matched by the swaying of her breasts in a tight low cut shirt. The interview went well and the reporter went off to ask the photographer some questions giving her a little more time to explore.

Donna was in the cuddy cabin and she lifted the hatch and stuck her head out to look around. Larry, working below, came in to see what she was doing and saw the playmate from the waist down only. Smiling to himself, he knew he was going to have some fun.

He placed his hands on her waist and Donna was about to come down to see what the man wanted when he told her to stay there. Hearing his  playful tone, she was more than happy to play along.

Donna felt his hands as they hooked into the waistband of her shorts and he slowly pulled them down, panties and all. She stepped out of the shorts with delicate lifts of her feet. When Larry sat on the cushioned seat in the cabin, his face was at the perfect height to view one of the girl’s luscious features. He looked at her curly muff and her plump legs close together trying to hide the prize he was seeking.

“That's enough of that,” he thought. He took her legs and spread her feet one at a time. He was careful to place each foot on a secure spot but far enough apart to allow him the pleasure of her treasure. His hand stroked her thighs and slid up to tease her lips as they started to shine, from the moisture seeping slowly.

Meanwhile the reporter came back on board and seeing Donna standing in the hatchway, he crotched on to his haunches to ask some more questions.

“Donna, Richard tells me that you’re a natural model and know exactly how to interact with the camera.  Do you agree?”

He was surprised by the playmate’s reaction to his question. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, then let out a little gasp. In breathless staccato syllables she tried to answer. “Well, everybody…Ohh…is so nice…Oohhh…on the…sh….shh….oh..shoot. They, oh my, oh yeah…they make it, make it…soooo nice.”

Down below Larry had been caressing her thighs and rear, He put his face close to her to inhale her arousing scent and she jumped, startled as his beard tickled her thighs.

She expected his mouth to close over her but instead she felt his fingers spread the petals open wide. Still no mouth so she knew he was looking at her. This embarrassed her slightly but at the same time that embarrassment aroused her. The evidence was in the extra wetness that painted her lips.

Wondering at the erotic expression on the girl’s face the reporter pressed on with his questions.

“How do you feel being looked at by millions of men?”

“Um, ah, I…ooooo…I…think…I think…Oh God, oh yes, I love it! Yes!”

When he felt he had teased her enough, Larry dipped his head and let his tongue slide across her slit to her clit. Softly at first like the gentle first licks of an ice cream cone, but like a child who realized he loved the taste he went at her with a renewed passion. His tongue slid in deep as his wet slippery fingers danced across her clit bringing her closer and closer to losing it.

“Do you plan to do more glamour photography?” the reporter asked, now deeply concerned by the writhing of the girl. Her tiny hands were gripping the edges of the hatch so tightly her knuckles were white.

“Oh, yes, more, more, yes, don’t stop, never stop, yes, more, more, mooooore!”

Larry felt his cock throbbing in his shorts with each lick. It was a delicious ache and the taste of her was driving him crazy. When he felt her legs begin to tremble, he knew it was time; his arms gripped her hips tightly as his mouth fucked her to orgasm. If her head wasn't outside through the hatch she would have heard his slurping as he drank her juices greedily. Her legs lost their strength as she almost sat on his face, his tongue aching but not ready to quit.

Donna looked at the reporter with desperation, breathing frantically, her eyes blazing. He was about to ask another question when she gasped out, “I…I’ve got to go.” In a flash she disappeared down the hatch closing it behind her.

Her trembling came to an end and he allowed the pretty playmate to slide through the hatch and fall into his arms. Holding her like a baby he kissed her hard with lips that smelled and tasted of her.


Donna wandered out to the elegant mansion driveway where a large white antique car was standing. It was to be used for her pictorial but right now it was up on blocks and a mechanic was working on it.

She loved the classic look of the car and she loved the shimmering see-through gown she was going to wear for the shoot. The car stirred up all sorts of fantasies as she admired it.

She ran a delicate finger over the smooth steel of the body and circled the car while in dreamy distraction; without watching her step she tripped over the leg of the mechanic who had been under the car.

“What the fuck!” came the growl from below, the voice of a menacing troll.  

Donna sprang back in surprise, blushing at her carelessness as the mechanic pushed himself out from under the vehicle; he seemed ready for a fight.

Curly, the mechanic, looked up and blinked into the sun.  Standing before him in silhouette was the most angelic figure he’d ever seen. He noticed first the shapely legs, then the wide hips encased in tight cutoff jeans. He dwelled on the sight of her bare flat belly, fluttering as the girl breathed rapidly in her excitement. Next came the very bottoms of two velvety breasts barely covered by the shirt that clung tightly to her body. Her angel face was surrounded by her wavy locks of hair which captured the rays of the sun behind her.

“I’m sooo sorry,” the pretty girl purred, looking down on him with an inquisitive face. “I’m Donna and I’m going to be modeling with this car tomorrow.”

Curly grunted; he noticed that her lovely eyes darted over his crotch and he knew that the mere sight of the girl had gotten him aroused.

Climbing back under the car, Curly asked Donna to pass him a wrench. Slipping down to join him under the truck, Donna handed him the tool. She saw that he was lying on an old sheet so she climbed under next to him.

“You're going to get dirty,” he warned her.

“That's ok, I love dirty,” she answered.

Curly laughed because nothing could be further from the truth; Donna looked like an angel, a goddess moving in the rarified air of pleasure and luxury. She was the girliest girl he’d ever seen.

She stayed under the raised car with Curly while he worked. Her eyes left what he was doing to scan down his body. She saw a very nice chest, flat tummy that was hairy and she suspected got even hairier beneath the waistband of his shorts. Her hand ran along his chest and tummy and her finger traced along the edge of the shorts.

“What are you doing?” Curly asked. “You know where that is going to lead.”

Grinning Donna answered. “Yeah, I know.”

“Hand me that other wrench please, the one there in my tool box.”

Donna peeked in and saw the wrench but she saw something else too; a jar of Vaseline. She took the wrench and handed it to him and then reached for the jar of Vaseline.

While he worked, Donna removed the top of the jar and scooped out a dollop of jelly. Rolling to her side she slid her hand up the wide leg of his short shorts and grabbed his cock. It was soft but it grew in her wet fist almost immediately.

“Donna, what are you doing?” He asked again.

"Nothing,” she answered, “You just keep working there.”

Her hand enjoyed the feel of his cock filling her jellied hand and she began to slide it up and down. She stroked him very slowly so her fun would not end too quickly. He moaned a little but tried to keep up the pretense of working. Her hand slid up the shaft of his cock and she rolled her fingers over the head and she could feel the wetness of his juice seeping out.

“Hmmm, you feel really good to me,” Donna said as she kept stroking him

“It feels pretty damn good from my side, too,” he countered.

Now on her side, Donna placed one hand under his balls, opening and closing her hand over the tightening sac. Her other hand was greased and sliding up and down the shaft and over the tip. The spongy head swelled with every stroke. She made sure her slippery fingers danced over the sensitive tip and she enjoyed watching his chest move up and down as his breathing raced.

“Hello there, you two. Helping Curly fix the car?” Donna recognized the voice of Ava Fabian who was also staying at the mansion.

“No,” she answered, “I am just helping Curly out with his tools.”

“Have fun, you two,” Ava shouted as she disappeared into the mansion.

"We will,” Donna shouted back relieved that Ava didn't come any closer or worse stay and chat.

The swelling of Curly's cock in her hand told her that nearly getting caught aroused him even more. Donna wasted no time in returning her attention to her lover’s impending orgasm. Her soft, small hands all covered in the slippery Vaseline stroked and slid over his cock and balls, slowly at first but faster as she felt his hips move in rhythm. Squeezing gently on his balls, her fingertips slid down to the soft spot below just before his ass. Her nails scratched lightly on the sensitive area and made him moan aloud. Her other hand was stroking faster as she felt his tummy muscles tighten. The swell of his cock told her he was close. Faster and faster she stroked until she knew he was going to come. Then she slowed her strokes but held him tight in her fist making sure the top stroke rolled right over the head of his cock.

He moaned and his face looked like he was in pain as blue eyes stared into her brown ones. It was time. She could almost feel the jet of come as it rose up the shaft to gush out the tip and pool in his navel. Her greasy hands spread the white liquid over his skin as if it were an expensive cream. His cock bounced every time her hand grazed the tip.

Curly let his head fall back and he closed his eyes to take a moment to recover. The rise and fall of his chest was slowing from his rapid breathing just seconds earlier. He turned his head to look at his pretty playmate and leaned over to kiss her.

Donna looked down and watched as his strong hands pushed up her shirt and made black grease marks on her pale breasts. She sighed as a nipple disappeared into his mouth and he sucked hard, pulling her in. She felt his hand tug on the edge of the jeans and her willing fingers helped, slowly undoing each button. Slowly the curls of her bush came into view, the sight making Curly insane with desire; before she could release all the closures he was already shoving the shorts down off her hips, streaking her thighs with grease and soot.

“Are we going to…” Donna, her eyes moist and sultry, let the words fade as she held her breath.

“Yeah, babe, we’re gonna ball.  I’m gonna do you nice.”

They had little room to maneuver under the car; they were facing each other on their sides and he held her fast.  Donna held his cock and in one quick thrust impaled herself on him.

Their bodies rutted together in a passionate dance, holding each other close. In the tight space they could barely move; slowly the shaft, while only shifting in and out in micrometers, grew harder and larger inside the tender spaces of the delicious girl’s sex.  An endless stream of erotic energy charged through the playmate as she held her body still and let the shaft pulsate inside her. The only sound was her soft, helpless whimpering as she trembled against the bliss overtaking her. She could feel the tsunami gathering in his cock and the anticipation of the storm was driving her wild.

Donna bit his shoulder to silence her screams as he poured into her.  He did her once, then did her again. By the end the pretty girl was covered with grease when she finally crawled weakly from under the car.

The next day on the shoot nobody could figure out why she kept giggling every time she was asked to lean against the classic automobile.


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