Dalene Kurtis

Dalene Kurtis

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Dalene Kurtis, Miss September 2001 and Playmate of the Year 2002 has adventures with a hit man, a fire department, and another playmate.


Dalene Kurtis, Miss September 2001 and Playmate of the Year 2002 has adventures with a hit man, a fire department, and another playmate.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Dalene Kurtis

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Dalene Kurtis, Miss September 2001 and Playmate of the Year 2002 has adventures with a hit man, a fire department, and another playmate.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 19, 2013



Given how everything turned out I'd like to take credit for being an expert, or at least a really smart and careful planner.  But the fact is everything was just because of one quick decision, an impulse to grab, and I took it.

Actually, I am a careful planner; my work calls for me to be real smart and real cautious.  If you meet me in my work, chances are you are in big trouble or a pretty bad guy, and chances are I'll probably be the last person you meet.

I was on this one job, I had to wait at a mall, if I got the call some guy was going to come out of Victoria’s Secret and find himself tossed in the back of a van and driven away for good.  The van was completely clean and all the gear was in there.  It was strategically parked near the guy’s car. So I was at a newsstand staking out the lingerie shop across the way. I picked up a Playboy magazine and was flipping through it.  It was right after 9/11 and my head was not screwed on straight.  I opened the magazine and the most brilliant smile beamed up at me.

Just at that second my cell vibrated.  I opened it without saying a word.

“Bob went home.” the voice on the other end said.

“Great.” My reply was terse and quiet.  That was it; the job was off, but the way I work, I got paid full freight anyway.

I felt good actually, pleased that the job was off and I had quite a tidy sum in my bank account.  Then SHE walked out of Victoria’s Secret.  The girl in the magazine.  She had on a white tee shirt real tight and sleeveless, a watchacallit, a wifebeater. Her arms and shoulders were bare and her skin looked smooth like ice cream.  The skirt was short; her ass rolled nicely under the black fabric and her long, muscular legs stretched out in quite a display as she walked.  Her hair was almost icy blonde and she had green sparkling eyes.

I guess it was fate, I mean the way everything came together: the magazine, the call, the girl....and the gear in the van.

I just moved without thinking, following her out of the store and out of the mall.  I had nothing on my mind except watching the wiggle of that sweet ass; I wasn't thinking of pulling a job or anything. So fate really kicked in and made things happen.  

I just followed her, like I said-- digging on the way her ass moved, you know.  Damn if she didn’t just stop right there between the panel door to my van and another car.  She pulled out her cell phone and from the way she dialed once then dialed in a code I knew she was checking her voice mail.  Like I said, it was fate.

I got in the rear, opening the door nice and quiet like and moving real stealthily through the van. I slid open the panel door with one arm and reached out and scooped up the blonde with the other hand.

I never had more than one foot and one hand out the door. My arm just swooped around her waist and I flipped her up and in, then reversed the direction of the panel door; it slammed closed before she even hit the floor.  The bang of the door covered her first scream and I landed on top of her, knocking out her breath.  Her mouth was open to shriek but the ball gag popped right in.  The van was soundproof and the gag is just for intimidation.

For a job like this I like the plastic cuffs but I file them down so they're smooth and don't leave marks.  She didn't even realize she was cuffed until I already pulled them closed.

I was moving fast.  Her hands were in front of her so I pushed my arm under her knees and with my other arm reached around so I could lock my hands together.  Her hands were pinned between her thighs and her belly.  Her legs could kick into the air but that was just about all she could do.  I was more than a foot taller and I'm guessing twice her weight. Pretty much from the second my arm reached out for her she was under my power.  And already my cock was grooving on the way her ass wiggled in my lap and she screamed through the gag and struggled to get away. "Man," I said, loud enough for her to hear, "I am going to enjoy this."

That froze her.  She fixed those bright green eyes on me. I could see a million ideas racing through that pretty head.  She was hoping for escape, imagining the worst, and wondering, OK dreading, what I was gonna do next.

It's a look I see a lot, usually just before my victim’s lights go out.  

I was feeling really good having that luscious body in my arms, but I was feeling a little strange too.  I mean I've had to, in my line of work, grab women sometimes, but they were usually just so much meat to me.  Rich bitches that husbands wanted disappeared or convinced of whatever.  Some made it home; some didn't.

This babe felt so good in my arms; her body was firm but smooth and soft in all the right places. My dick was twitching up against that fine, muscular ass and I knew I just had to fuck this girl.

I unlocked my hands and her legs dropped down in front of her real slow.  She kept those green eyes on me.  She knew the score.  My hand slipped between her thighs and she clamped her legs like a vise.  Fat chance she had stopping me though. I just plowed right in and dug two fingers into that juice pussy.

I chuckled; girl comes out of Victoria’s Secret and she doesn’t even have panties on.  I twirled my fingers around and got her good and wet. She just kept her body real stiff and still.  I figured she knew what to do.

“OK, babe, you’re being a good girl.  I like that, so let’s make this nice and easy for both of us.  I’m gonna take this gag off and you’re gonna be real cool, you’re gonna be real sweet.”

I slipped the gag off and she took a couple of deep panting breaths.  Everybody does that, like the gag is choking or something. Hey, she could breathe through her nose.

Anyway, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and kissed her.  Her mouth tasted like honey.  She was scared but her tongue knew exactly what I wanted.  I kept hold of her hair and shoved her face down into my crotch.

With my other hand I unzipped and got my Johnson out.  Damn if she didn’t just open wide and gulp it down.  Her head was bobbing up and down and she was sucking and slurping like crazy, like this was her last meal or something.  When I came she swallowed and licked her lips.  If her hands weren’t cuffed she would have rubbed her belly in satisfaction.

OK, I figure she’s good for the main event.  I couldn’t wait to fuck that pussy.  It was shaved all smooth and my fingers still burned from the heat.  I pulled out a switchblade and she yelped, but I cut the cuffs and had her on her back in a second.  Just to make sure, I clamped one of her arms to a shackle bolted into the floor.

She shot her legs up in the air and spread them wide.  My dick jumped into her like a dog on a cat.

Fuck, she was good.  She was real loose and wet as I popped in, but right away her cunt tightened around me like a glove and she cinched and loosened the whole time I was screwing her.  Her legs locked around me tight and her one free hand got under my shirt and she was scratching my back like a wild cat.  Her tongue and her teeth ripped apart my ears and my face and my neck.  

She came as soon as I plunged into her but she kept thrusting up into me.  I shot a wad into her and she went berserk, thrashing and kicking and still she kept going, thrusting up into me.  The van’s of course rigged so the suspension hides any movement inside.

I came into her and then came again; she came against me, then came again.  Then she said something that made me freeze.

I was shooting a load into her and she was wriggling that fine ass of hers like she was milking my dick.  Her mouth was on my ear and she whispered, “I love you, Frank.”

How the fuck did she know my name was Frank?

I got real slow and quiet and started pumping slow and steady.  I gotta admit I was figuring how to finish her off  in more ways then one.  She got quiet too, rocking against me and letting loose with a series of slow gentle orgasms.My dick was just about played and she was dreamily twisting her fingers in my hair as the last of my wads filled her up.

We just lay there still for a second, and I was about to make a move that was gonna change the mood in a bad way.

She was still snuggling nice and sweet breathing into my ear.  I got my arm around her head so all I have to do is shift myself to fix her.

“I’ve wanted you to do me like this ever since high school.”  Then she giggled.

High school!!???!!!  Then it hit me; I’m seeing her with long dark hair, a skinny little kid, trying to hang out with the bad boys smoking behind the school.  She’s little Dalene Kurtis from Bakersfield High.

That’s what I mean about fate.  Jeez, who would have figured all this coming together.

“So how did you find me?  And how did you know about playing this game with me?”

She just looked so sweet and sexy, grinning up like me like that.  My whole body relaxed and I felt great.  I laughed as I undid the shackle.  “Well, baby.  It’s my job to be prepared.”  

I pulled her on top of me and she bounced up and down on my dick like a monkey.  She looked so happy with her tits spinning and her hair flying all over the place.

We fucked in that van for a couple of hours, then we went to a motel and fucked some more.

A couple of days later I was out at the mansion but I didn’t dig it much.  That hump, the publisher, whatever?  I could kill him.

But me and Dalene.  Well, let’s just say if you ever bump into her you better be nice.  There’s no telling who might be around.


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