Corinna Harney : 'The Neon Bone Yard! Oh, and outside in the desert too.'

Corinna Harney : 'The Neon Bone Yard! Oh, and outside in the desert too.'

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Corinna Harney, a nubile young blonde with amazing golden hair and a fetching body, had aspirations to be a poet. She was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for August, 1991 and Playboy's Playmate of the Year 1992. Corinna, although born in Bremerhaven, Germany, spent most of her childhood life in Las Vegas, Nevada, where neon and night life never failed to dazzle her but she was also always enthralled with the desert


Corinna Harney, a nubile young blonde with amazing golden hair and a fetching body, had aspirations to be a poet. She was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for August, 1991 and Playboy's Playmate of the Year 1992.
Corinna, although born in Bremerhaven, Germany, spent most of her childhood life in Las Vegas, Nevada, where neon and night life never failed to dazzle her but she was also always enthralled with the desert


Submitted: May 27, 2013

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Submitted: May 27, 2013



When Playboy asked Corinna Harney where she would like to do a shoot, without a moment’s hesitation the pretty girl gushed out “The Neon Bone Yard! Oh, and outside in the desert too.”


“Corinna,” the production director said patiently, “That’s two places.”


She girlishly hooked her index finger over her bottom lip and her eyes sparkled as she said breathlessly, “Well, we could do both, couldn’t we?”




“Oh please, oh please,” she clapped her hands like a teen at a sweet sixteen party. Her Pre-Raphaelite curls bounced up and down as she nodded her head with enthusiasm.


“We’ll see…”


Sweet Corinna skipped away, excited to tell her fellow playmates that they would be going to Las Vegas. Those Pre-Raphaelite tresses bounced behind her, a swirl of golden ringlets shimmering in the light like a halo around the innocent girl. Her face was round and soft and her body plump and ripened, her skin flawless alabaster.  Corinna was a most juicy girl, so arousing you could imagine drinking a delicious refreshing glass of her beauty every morning for breakfast. This fresh beguiling beauty was what Playboy was hoping to capture on video.


A few phone calls from the production manager secured the Neon Bone Yard and a few days later a bevy of playmates were clamoring into a chartered bus and heading to Vegas. Young Electric Sign Company's Neon Sign Graveyard, known to the locals as the Neon Bone Yard, was a exactly what the name implied; on a fenced lot not open to the public lay a vast collection of retired signs from the strip. A special magic happened when the lights were fed electricity and the colors and shapes of classic Vegas began to sparkle and glow; they would be seen from miles around. Everybody in Vegas dreamed of visiting and playing there which is why security was so tight. And to have a half dozen playmates cavorting half naked among the old displays would attract a lot more attention so they doubled the security, hiring a local bike gang to keep out the tourists.


At first Corinna and the other playmates barely noticed all the motor bikes around the gate of the chain link fence. It was dusk and the lights were already coming on. With a pungent and arid whiff of ozone, a quick snap of sparks, and a hum like a thousand drunken bees, three huge letters, each against a wooden saw horse yelled a loud S-I-N. The girls squealed like a crowd at a Disney Parade.  Then to the right a long tall gold, white and red sign exploded: SASSY. Above their heads bounded a giant cowboy and his prancing horse; in a rapid series of flashing lights his arm was animated into a wave of his hat. The old Golden Nugget Gambling Hall Entrance sign was next. Then Wedding Chapel, then Jackpot Motel, then a high heeled shoe the size of a small truck. On and on a galaxy of neon leapt to life, illuminating the playmates in a kaleidoscope of vivid candy colors.


All the girls looked stunning but none could surpass the lovingly luscious beauty of sweet Corinna.  Her soft Kewpie Doll face glowed with a vitality that rivaled the neon. Her golden tresses glimmered with the thousands of variegated colors shinning around her.


She looked delicious and her wavy wild locks were her glory. Thick and abundant, her hair conveyed a vivid sexual allure. She was a sexy siren from Biblical days and before. But also a Victorian beauty and a Romantic and erotic image in Pre-Raphaelite art. She was the girl of Rossetti paintings, a woman at her toilet, combing or unbinding her hair, with a faraway look in her eyes. Even a glance of Corinna was filled with frankly erotic overtones and an intensely desperate yearning for her beauty.


Her Pre-Raphaelite hair was her glory yes, but her Pre-Raphaelite face and body, sublime and succulent, curvaceous and unblemished radiated moist warmth and her pliant flesh made everyone on the crew lick his lips as she pranced before the lights.


“Ladies, you need wardrobe and we need to set the lights.” The production manager’s voice cut off the girls’ reverie. Once inside the wardrobe tent and undressing, the girls became unpleasantly aware of the bikers who were dubiously serving as guards; the playmates did not feel very safe as they realized that their shadows, silhouetted on the thin walls of the tent, were providing a provocative show for the bikers gathering outside. The gang’s lewd murmurings thrilled and disgusted the girls as they stood silent and listened.  The incredulous playmates eyed each other, some sharing wide grins of anticipation and others shuddering in apprehension. Lovely Corinna’s blue eyes were bright sparkling sapphires of fear and her rosy mouth a wide O of shock.


“Get the fuck outta here!” The voice was sharp and gravelly at once, like an earthquake. The bikers immediately fell voiceless, except for one, “Aw, Reggie man, we was just picking out our girls…”


Inside the tent the girls could hear Reggie’s heavy boots stomp towards the entrance flap. As he moved he apparently shoved the biker who had just spoken up. The man fell with a grunt. “Schultz,” Reggie spat out, “You get your guys and spread out over the grounds. We don’t want any fucking tourists climbin’ the fence.” The sounds of the gang shuffling away relieved the girls but they could sense Reggie’s hulking mass right on the other side of the flap.


With a shrug one girl began to finish dressing for the shoot, then another, then another. Corinna too slowly peeled off her dress and wriggled into the tight black negligee featured in her scene. Before she was fully dressed all the girls shrieked in response to a bald head suddenly poking from behind the flap. “Let’s get moving,” the huge man growled. He paused for a moment, his eyes measuring the curves of Corinna’s tender young body. His coarse grin showed he liked what he saw and the nod he gave her before disappearing again made the innocent playmate shiver.


A few minutes later the crew was all business. The other playmates disappeared to other parts of the neon fantasy land for different shoots. Corinna was appearing solo and she was relieved to have the distraction of work even if the work meant stripping slowly for the camera and writhing and dancing under the vibrant neon light; sometimes a lush sensual cobalt blue, sometimes a sinful crimson, always the flamboyant light glowed warmly over Corinna’s soft succulent skin.


She worked the camera with an innocent sexual allure, seeming to draw arousal from every frame of the celluloid. The lights seemed to reach out in desperate yearning to touch her supple flesh. She played the sex goddess without effort but through it all was an edgy energy; she could sense Reggie out there somewhere waiting.


After hours of shooting the sweet girl yielded to camera lust completely. Deliciously naked on a the back of a couch she gleefully played cowgirl, riding wildly into the hot blue light; she didn’t realize that her gyrating captured on film was completely sexual and arousing.


Finally the director yelled cut and Corinna flopped with a giggle onto the cushions of the couch. The PD came over to the girl, extending a robe for her to wrap in. “That was terrific, Corinna, really great.” He paused, as if considering what to say next. “Listen, the other models have agreed to, um, do some shots with the gang.” He looked down and nudged some sand with his shoe. “So since we have the cameras set up already we wondered if you…”


“I don’t want to do that,” she whispered earnestly, her tiny body buried in the wide folds of the extra large robe. She pouted and sucked her finger, shaking her head from side to side like a petulant school girl.


The PD nodded solemnly and turned away. He paused and turned back to the girl. “You remember though, in a couple of hours we’re shooting out in desert with that model from the agency?”


Corinna nodded reluctantly; she had put the Mustang shoot out of her mind.


Beyond the lights rose a busy buzz as the playmates gathered around to regroup for some playtime with the bikers. Lifting her hands to block the glare, the golden tressed girl scanned the scene. She was shocked to see Tiffany wrap her arms around a particularly rough looking biker and allow herself to be lifted into his arms and carried off. Corinna became more and more nervous as even more of the other models disappeared to various corners of the bone yard, either leading a biker along like a seductive siren or being carried off like a damsel in distress. The neon glow now seemed thick and sensual and sinful and the young girl shuddered as the deep red lights blinked over her. She saw Tiffany’s legs stretching out from under the giant shoe and she recognized the other playmate’s squeal of excitement.


She turned to the PD with an anxious and questioning look. Reggie was standing near by, still grinning as if he ruled the world. He flicked the ash off his cigar with an arrogant wave of his hand, saluting the tender girl at the same time. Corinna could feel his snares tightening around her and she shuddered again. At that same moment, off in the horizon the morning sun burst forth giving the helpless girl a glimmer of hope.


She nodded towards the rising sun. “Aren’t we finished with the shoot now?” she asked meekly.


Reggie nodded as if giving the PD permission to decide. “That’s right. We’re going to move on to the desert shoot in a few hours. Listen, Corinna, have you ever driven a stick? The Mustang we’re using for your scene, are you sure you can drive it?”


Corinna’s heart leapt with relief. This was escape; she loved the red convertible they had selected for this part of her video. She nodded enthusiastically. “I’ll need to practice,” she breathed, trying to hide her excitement.


The PD once again seemed to look to Reggie for instructions; the gang leader just blew some smoke from his cigar, the comingling neon and early morning light making him look more Satanic and menacing.


“Tell you what,” the PD explained moving toward the playmate. “We have the car here on the set and we’ve got a permit to shoot out on the private road heading west from here. Why don’t you get changed then take the car for a spin while we break down here. We’ll all going to get some sleep before shooting the desert stuff later this morning.”


Corinna almost danced to the dressing room tent; she could feel Reggie’s grip on her loosening, yet a cloud of trepidation still remained. She changed quickly and emerged from the tent wearing a sheer black dress, perfect for the rising heat of the desert and perfect for displaying the soft curves of her voluptuous, cuddly body; it was the dress for the next part of the video shoot.


The sun was already bright and she blinked as she stepped out of the tent and her elation was almost immediately deflated when she found Reggie standing across from the entrance way. He was grinning silently and dangling from one finger were the keys to the Mustang. The tiny girl gulped and hesitantly walked toward him. She held out her hand for the keys, trying to look brave and determined.


She gasped for breath as he pulled her forward and lifted her up effortlessly, mashing her lush breasts over his chest as he impaled her mouth with his tongue. She sputtered and writhed for a moment then submitted slowly to the overpowering masculine aura surrounding her, wriggling against him and mewing into his mouth as his hands fondled her ass and her breasts. Just as abruptly he lowered her to the ground and dropped the keys into her tiny hands.


“Be seeing you, babe,” he gloated, then he strutted away with a sinister chuckle.


The Mustang was parked right in front of the tent and, snuggling into buttery leather of the white seat and turning the key, Corinna sighed with relief as the engine purred to life. In moments she was rolling out of the Neon Bone Yard and heading west with the sun blazing behind her, warming the moist skin on the back of her neck.


The desert road was long and straight, with a few dips and rises to add to the thrill of the ride. The craggy rocks on either side of the empty road glowed a warm red in the sunlight and the distant mountains hovered like dark and mysterious towers in some fairy land far away. The roar of the engine and the rush of the wind were both soothing and stimulating, erasing all memories of the threatening gang she was leaving behind her. The breeze blowing through her long and wavy golden mane of hair blew away all traces of Reggie’s menacing grin.


She raced down the road and the car responded perfectly; the blacktop turned into dirt and clay but the road was still straight and flat and welcoming to the racing wheels as the Mustang roared along. A cloud of dust followed her now, marking the luscious girl’s progress down the empty desert road.


The car suddenly dipped down and then rose just as suddenly. The engine snarled fiercely and the wheels shrieked with alarm. Gravity gripped the rushing auto like it was a child’s toy. Corinna gripped the wheel; she was riding a bucking stallion now and the Mustang roared into the air for a moment, flying into space where the road abruptly ended. The wheels smacked the soft desert sand and the car spun a full 360 degrees, raising a violent funnel of dust and dirt before the vehicle stopped, the rear wheels buried in a sand trap.


The tiny girl, her heart pumping and adrenalin rushing, giggled nervously, realizing she wasn’t hurt at all. She turned off the engine and desert silence fell over the car like a portentous cloud. The sand and dust spiraled around her, illuminated by the sun behind in the east.


She caught her breath as the dust settled and she glanced at herself in the mirror; she smiled at her own reflection, still exhilarated by her wild ride, then she noticed another cloud rising in the road in the distance behind her. She sighed with relief, realizing that another vehicle had followed her.


The red Mustang convertible sat in the middle of the silent empty desert as though Corinna was alone in the universe save for the cloud of dust slowly approaching from the horizon behind her. The glare of the sun prevented her from making out the shape of the vehicle but she felt confident that she would soon be riding back to her trailer for a nap before the video shoot. She sat quietly, letting the warm sun caress her skin; her body tingled as little jewels of sweet salty sweat dripped down her smooth pure soft face.


The cloud came closer and the clay road in front of it shimmered in the heat of the sun. Slowly the sound of the engine floated across the desert to Corinna’s delicate ears and she watched anxiously as the vehicle approached. Suddenly a wheel emerged from the cloud and she saw the motorcycle racing towards her.


Still it took a moment to realize who was riding down the road; the sun behind him kept him in silhouette and the dust raised by the wheels cast a long shadow in front of the bike pointing menacingly toward Corinna’s trapped Mustang. Then as the motorcycle lifted in a rise on the road she caught sight of his bald head. She froze in place, holding the wheel of the car and staring straight ahead; on her brow beads of sweat glistened in the hot desert sun and the sweat dampened the sheer black fabric of her dress as rivulets dripped down off her shoulders. She silently and helplessly awaited Reggie’s approach.


The roar of the bike came closer and closer; Corinna, passively fixed her gaze on the wavering lines where the distant horizon mingled with the vast desert sky. Without warning the engine stopped and the tender girl was overwhelmed by the epic silence surrounding her. Her tiny body sat up erect and tense and she refused to let her gaze go to the mirror.


A sharp metallic snap jolted her; without looking back she pictured him shoving down the kick stand.  Next came a grinding crush of gravel and stone. Then the soft crush of sand under heavy boots growing louder and louder. Soon she could see the man’s long shadow growing on the ground ahead to the car. Still staring into the blank and bleak horizon she sensed his power as he paused at the door of the car.


“Told you I’d be seeing you again, babe.”


Corinna shuddered and reluctantly looked up into his sardonic face. She tried her best to look defiant but her angel face was soft and radiant and alluring in the glowing desert light. The sweat moistened her skin, especially the delicate flesh across her shoulders and deep into the lush valleys between her breasts. He licked his lips as he looked down at the helpless girl glistening like a gem.


He put a hand on the door latch and waited. “You sure look sweet, babe.” Corinna’s eyes tried to show distain but her ends of her lips rose in a slight smile of pride. “Tell you what,” he continued, “I figured on taking you back to the motel, but you know, I think I need to ball you right here.”


Corinna bit her lower lip but showed no other reaction. She waited silently, returning her gaze to the horizon. The harsh biting sound of the opening car door startled her for a moment. She turned and his arm was extended, as if to gallantly help her out of her seat.


She took his arm and rose slowly, gracefully, elegantly. Her tiny body sheathed in the damp sheer dress glowed with sensual promise. She planted her boots into the shifty sand and stood helpless before him. He licked his lips again and put his large hands on her shoulders and pushed her backwards toward the rear end of the car.


Corinna felt the warmth of the car’s body on her plump rear as he leaned into her. His hand reached down to the buckle of the turquoise incrusted belt cinched tightly around her narrow waist. Her delicate hands gripped his. “Let me,” she breathed softly. Looking directly into his eyes she let her fingers nimbly undo the belt and she surrendered it to him. With a chuckle he tossed it into the back seat.


The beautiful playmate was hiding her trepidation by allowing her passion to explode; his masculine power was irresistible to the girl. As soon as the belt disappeared from her waist she felt a release and her hands went to work clawing at his shirt and ripping it to shreds.


His hands roved her sumptuous body exploring her soft moist flesh.  Her nipples pressed through the thin bra and dress, rock hard now they jabbed into his chest as she held him in desperation. She moaned as he pulled up the hem of the dress and the warm sun kissed her bare thighs just before his thick fingers invaded her juicy flesh.


Then the kiss: deep and hard and ferocious. She gave her mouth with an anxious curiosity, tasting and probing him, offering herself to his power. She writhed and squirmed, helplessly trapped between the car and his thrusting hips but she kissed him anxiously and willingly; her mouth was a rare sweet desert flower, cool and moist and succulent in the heat of her passion.


The kiss broke abruptly when he shoved her back over the trunk of the car, her head snapping back, her golden hair spreading out against the red metal like a halo in the sunlight. Her eyes were wide with panic and the dress and bra had slipped enough to reveal the top of her large dark areola, showing the excitement of her yielding body. His hand rushed under the hem of the dress and yanked the lacy black panties down, tearing the flimsy garment to pieces with one sharp jerk of his arm.


Something snapped in Corinna when her delicate sex was unveiled and she leapt up resisting his power as if to escape. Her feet managed to touch the ground but he merely spun her around and in one fluid motion yanked the dress off her shoulders and down her back. Her sweat soaked throat and chest and cleavage glittered in the bright sun and she submissively dropped her head back and dropped her arms to ease the way for the dress off her body.  He brutally shoved her back over the trunk and her palms slapped against the warm metal and her hair flew around her angelic face. The dress was pulled over her legs and tossed away. Next came the bra but the girl was too overwhelmed to resist now.


She lay helplessly over the trunk of the car and her eyes went to the distant horizon as she heard the jangling of his belt behind her. The sun warmed the juicy globes of her ass and she felt still and silent and oddly at peace, even when his hands roughly spread her legs apart.


She held her breath and the sharp hot thrust came; his cock lunged deep into her sweetness. The poor girl grunted and ,as he thrust, her sweaty body slid up the smooth metal of the trunk; gripping her hips he pulled her back down against his hips then thrust again. Over and over now her body glided over the sweat covered metal. Her delicate fingers traced thin lines of sweat on the warm red surface.


Her body too tight, too sweet to bear, he came quickly, unleashing a torrent of fire into her depths. The heat of him sizzled against the cool of her nectar and she tingled with pleasure. Overcome by the deliciousness of the orgasm he staggered back slightly, uncoupling from her loins.


Tender Corinna rolled over on the trunk, her skin sticky sweet with sex sweat, her hair wild and tangled, her eyes brimming with bliss. Her innocence rushed over him more powerful than the desert sun and he couldn’t resist leaning down to kiss her softly and lovingly.


Her mouth was even more fragrant and fresh than before, a cool pool of sweet spring rain. Her pink tongue, light and nimble darted around his mouth like hummingbird.  Her soft plush breasts, damp with sweat, jutted up, too luscious to resist and his mouth engulfed each in turn, sucking and nibbling and licking the sweet sweat off her soft skin. She affectionately stroked his bald head and purred like a contented cat.


“Do you,” she mewed meekly, “would you, do you want me to suck you?”


He lifted his head, smacking his lips. “Aren’t you a good little girl,” he gloated.


Standing upright he spun the girl’s naked body over the sweat slick surface of the trunk and pulled her until her head dangled over the edge, her golden hair brushing over his leather boots. She looked glorious with her sweaty body glistening against the bright red metal. Her arms were spread wide over the top of the hood in a pose of absolute submission. Her soft breasts were two flawless cones topped by wide creamy areolas and bright red nipples, her belly was flat, and her pussy gleamed with sweat and nectar. She was perfection.


He stroked her delicate throat then supported the back of her head with one hand, holding his cock with the other.


“I bet you like deep throat.” She twisted her head in resistance but he was already pushing the head of his shaft over her lush warm lips. She kicked violently, her boots thudding against the metal of the trunk and her sweat dampened ass slapping up and down as she struggled, thrashing and bucking helplessly. Resistance was futile; the cock snaked into her mouth like a rattler seeking the darkness of a cave. She gagged and gurgled with the cock filling her mouth then gliding deep deep down her throat. Suddenly her struggles subsided and she gave a muffled moan; he slowly fucked her mouth, easing in and out of her slender throat, his balls caressing her nose and eyes with each stroke. She lay still and silent her body spread out for the sun; he fucked her mouth slowly and deliberately.


With a snap his cock jerked and she impulsively raised her body on her heels and shoulders forcing his cock deeper and deeper down her delicate throat; he came in rippling waves gurgling in load after load down deep into her belly. He came until he felt completely empty, then stroked her cheeks appreciatively as he withdrew. She sprang up, gasping for air, her damp body sliding around on the slick red metal.


Her entire body, head to toe was gloriously glowing with sweat, her feet so slippery she was able to playfully kick her cowgirl boots into the air as if sending off fire works. For a moment she was wild with abandon, still feeling his fire churning deep inside her, her eyes blazing, then she calmed herself and settled into a demure and meek pose awaiting whatever would come next. She dangled her legs over the side of the trunk and coyly sucked her thumb as she looked at him with bright eyes.


“Jeez, you are great fuck,” he snorted. “I don’t know if I can go again.”


Her eyes grew even brighter.


Corinna herself reached down to stoke him; his cock jumped to life in her graceful hand. She lifted her shapely legs against his chest, resting ankles over his shoulders and she guided him into her wet sheath. His arms engulfed her, crushing her against her own legs as he thrust his hips up into her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her sweaty ass slid over the trunk as he rammed up into her, over and over. In the heat of the sun the precious girl dripped with sweat while fucking vigorously; up and down she bounced, grunting sweetly with each thrust. Her orgasm rose as the sun melted her resistance; she came with a long melodious cry and his explosion followed, causing her to buck and thrash wildly in the sun as he struggled to hold her in his arms.


Even as she caught her breath she could see the tow truck slowly approaching in the distance. She pressed her sweet lips over his ears, “Can we go to the motel now,” she whispered shyly.

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