Corinna Harney in the van

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Corinna Harney, a nubile young blonde with amazing golden hair and a fetching body, had aspirations to be a poet. She was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for August, 1991 and Playboy's Playmate of the Year 1992. She quickly became one of the most popular playmates ever, appearing in many pictorials and fashion shoots.

Greg sat at his desk in his father’s law office organizing contracts, pushing papers around with a desultory distain for the work. His father’s clients were noteworthy, almost all exclusively part of the Playboy empire where Greg’s dad had a thriving business; many of the Playmates who were extremely interesting to a young man like Greg.  Greg didn’t much care for his father, but dad was paying for college, and dad’s business gave him access to the girls of Playboy and Greg had already managed to ball a few of them. Sometimes he even worked as a model on the college fashion spreads. Sure, his dad’s business had some perks but shuffling boring contracts about royalties and residuals was not one of them. 

He was about to call it quits for the day when one particularly fat folder slipped to the floor. Bending down to pick it up he saw the stack of photos that had fallen out of the folder; thus he had his first glimpse of the luscious Corinna Harney. This folder got his attention, the entire pre-production file for a special Playboy photo shoot called “Sex on the Beach,” including a set of photos and a synopsis of the scenes for the layout. The photos were from her Playmate Test shots and they were clipped to typed sheets with suggestions for sex on the beach poses and even include a few rough sketches of what the publisher had in mind.  As soon as he saw her beautiful eyes gazing up at him from the photographs, he knew he had to fuck her.

As he went through the papers he realized that his office was supposed to hire the other model. He chuckled to himself.  This was too good to be true…..

...... Right after graduating high school in June of 1990 Corinna Harney found herself auditioning for Playboy and she was immediately selected as a playmate.  Moving into the mansion she was kept busy with a variety of modeling assignments where she did some nude work of course, and each session boosted her confidence a bit more so that she was feeling more comfortable in front of the camera. She did lots of lingerie shots for the Playboy catalogue of clothing which also helped her pose more naturally.  Each shot revealed her incredible combination of sensuality and innocence. 

But today’s session was different because she was going to be working with a male model.  The art director had reassured her that the man would be carefully covered, still she had trepidations about the whole thing.  The day started easily enough; the camera crew set up at a private, remote beach up the coast.  Corinna was scheduled for a 10AM makeup call and when she arrived in her beat-up little car she had a bit of trouble finding a slot among the other vehicles in the sandy makeshift parking lot. Still, the bustle of the shoot exhilarated her; she was always awed by the amount of crew and gear it took for a shoot and she always felt a profound sense of responsibility because they were all working to make her look good and she never wanted to let them down. 

Corinna spotted the tent set up for makeup and wardrobe and noticed the camera men setting up gobos and reflectors at the spot where she’d be posing.  An hour later she was lying on a blanket in the sand wearing only thigh high silk stockings and spiked heels (of course the wardrobe for a shoot like this was not logical) and she enjoyed herself rolling around as the camera clicked off shot after shot.

She didn’t see the van pulling up and taking the parking spot furthest from the other cars. And she didn’t notice the hulking young man who lurched over to the set and stood out of camera range watching her for a while and slowly closing and unclosing his huge hands as he gazed on her beautiful body.  He nodded to himself, as if confirming his plans, and looked over the other vehicles in the lot as if searching for one particular car. He spotted his target and headed to the tiny, beat-up Chevy. Nobody noticed what he was doing and a few minutes later he walked to the wardrobe tent, wiping grease off his hands.

After a short break for lunch Corinna was back on the blanket posing again. The photographer got off a few shots then signaled to the art director who sent a runner off to the wardrobe tent.  The AD leaned down close to Corinna’s face, “This is great stuff, sweetheart; we’re ready to do some poses with the guy now.”

Corinna gulped silently but nodded in soft consent.  Suddenly a dark shadow covered her face and she looked up to see a young man in a robe staring down at her.  “Corinna, this is Greg,” the AD said quickly, “He’s done some freelance for us before.  Greg, we’ve got to work fast because we’re going to lose the light.”

Without a word Greg dropped his robe and kneeled down next to the sweet young playmate’s body.  He actually looked fierce and menacing with all his muscles glistening in the sun, but strangest of all, his groin was covered by a flesh covered bandage that kept his cock out of sight; the weird item was standard on most Playmate shoots to keep the erections out of sight of young girls.

But most intimidating to Corinna was his silence. He just stared at her but she could see flames and anger burning brightly behind his dark eyes.

“OK, Corinna, lift up your right leg a little,” the photographer said, peering through his camera.  The frail blonde playmate was on her back with her delicious breasts lying spread out like a feast.  She trembled slightly as she bent her leg to hide Greg’s crotch from the camera.

“Great! Greg, put your left hand under her shoulder.  Corinna, pick yourself up onto your elbows.” Slowly Corinna’s torso lifted, bringing her nipples closer to Greg’s mouth. She could feel his hot breath on her naked skin.

“Put your other hand on her belly.” 

Corinna’s flat firm belly fluttered as the heavy weight of his fingers pressed into her supple flesh. She held her breath as an electric charge shot through her. 

“Greg, slide your hand slowly down her stomach.”

His hand spread slowly over her flesh, the very tips of his fingers resting at the top of her dewy bush. She let out a quiet groan as the middle finger moved down to rest over her warm slit. 

Greg was told to push his face into Corinna’s shoulders and hair and the tender girl turned her gaze to the camera with her eyes closed in a look of sublime ecstasy as the camera clicked over and over.  Then she was told to face him as if to kiss him; she felt his hand behind her head and his tongue brushed over her clenched lips as the camera recorded the action.

The next pose had Greg on his back with Corinna, leaning on her elbow, stretched alongside him.  She was told to put her hand on his flat stomach and she touched it gingerly as if it were a hot stove.  In fact, the feel of his muscled belly did seem to burn the frightened girl’s hand.

The AD came over and whispered to Greg; the two men nodded and glanced furtively at Corinna then Greg carefully peeled back some of the patch over his crotch. “Corinna, we’re going for something here,” the AD said placing his hand over hers. He guided her slender fingers down his belly until they entwined in Greg’s pubic hair.  His shaft was still covered but she could feel it vibrating angrily under the covering. She tried to pull her hand away but Greg firmly gripped her wrist.  Her mouth dropped open is surprise as Greg leaned up and engulfed one of her nipples in his mouth. 

The frail young girl was trembling as the tongue beat against her rock hard nipple and her fingers received the electric charges from the thunder bolt that was his cock. She couldn’t hear the camera clicking or the exclamations of praise from the photographer.

The AD told them break the pose but Greg held the girl in his mouth for a long moment and sucked slightly as she trembled; at the same time her hand seemed to slide down a little deeper over his crotch.  Finally she fell backwards onto the blanket with a stunned look on her face and breathing rapidly.

The AD came right over, “Looks like Greg got a little bonus there.” The whole crew chuckled as Corinna blushed. “OK, since we’re here let’s get an over the shoulder shot. Greg, get on top of her.”

Immediately Greg rolled over the tiny girl, covering her body like a dark heavy shadow.  He pushed his legs between hers and his crotch was pressed up against hers. The photographer was snapping pictures rapidly. 

“Corinna, arch your back.  That’s it - close your eyes.  Look like you’re really in ecstasy.  Great, good, hold that pose.  Greg, shift to the left so we can see her nipples.” 

Corinna did look like she was in ecstasy as she trembled under Greg.  He had his arms under her shoulders and he was jamming her deeper into his crotch.  Her lovely breasts rose up in two perfectly formed cones; the nipples flamed bright red and looked rock hard. 

“Good,” said the AD, calling for a break. Again, Greg held the pose a beat longer than needed.  “OK, let’s get a nice closeup of Corinna’s bush.  Greg, can you slide a finger under the top of her stocking?”

Somehow, this seemed the worst violation of all.  The tender girl shivered as his hand glided down her thigh.  He had wet his finger and she could almost feel steam coming off her skin where he touched it. She let out a meek little yelp as his finger slipped under the elastic of the silk and she groaned as if she had just been pierced by his shaft.

The camera clicked a few times, then the photographer glanced at the sinking sun.  “Do we have time for another pose?” the AD asked him. 

He nodded.  “How ‘bout one he takes her from behind. I can get some nice highlights in her hair.”

Anxious to get this session over with Corinna scrambled onto all fours.  Greg eagerly kneeled behind her and his huge hands gripped her thighs.  His cock pressed firm against her ass.

“Corinna, that looks good.  Greg, can you pull on her hair with one hand? Great! Corinna, reach back and hold his arm so we get a view of the breasts.  Nice, good, very hot.”

Corinna panted as he tugged her long flowing hair back and thrust forward into her rear.  She groaned, feeling the sensation of his cock throbbing under the barrier. Again she quivered as if the cock was actually in her.

Finally, the shoot was over and Corinna wordlessly scurried over to the tent. Greg stood and casually brushed the sand off and sauntered over to the tent to get his clothes.  He didn’t even bother to put the robe back on.

Strangely, considering the fact that they had just spent the afternoon wrapped around each other’s naked bodies, the two models were separated by a canvas wall in the tent.  Corinna could hear Greg whistling jauntily as he dressed.  She sat in a director’s chair with a robe pulled tightly around her shapely body.  Afraid to meet up with him again, she waited until she heard him leave the tent before she dressed.

Outside she could hear the sounds of the crew packing up.  She let her thoughts drift to the odd sensual experience of being caressed by that large brutal man and she felt a primal stirring, moist and warm between her thighs.  Slowly her fingers drifted down, her finely manicured nails caressing over the gossamer curls of her bush as her hand slowly over her sex  but before she could properly pleasure herself a head popped in.

“We’ve got to start packing up the tent, Corinna.”

“I’ll be out in a minute,” she sighed.

Corinna left the tent and glanced up at the dunes.  A gleam of metal, the reflection of the setting sun, drew her eyes up the dune, Greg’s massive frame, hulking over her; even as he squinted into the sun, she knew he was watching her.

She rushed to her car a few rows away from him, shyly avoiding Greg’s eyes while he leaned against his van as if he had all the time in the world.  The trucks were starting to pull out and the makeshift parking lot was emptying rapidly.  Her hand shook as she nervously struggled to get the key into the ignition.

For some reason the engine wouldn’t start; she stared straight ahead, refusing to look at Greg, but she could sense his smirk as her car churned and refused to move

The art director of the shoot pulled up next to her and rolled down his window.  “You OK Corinna?”

But before she could answer, Greg stepped between them.  “Listen, you’ve got a car phone, right? Call Triple A or a tow truck.  I’ll wait here with Corinna.” The art director nodded and pulled out, leaving only Corinna’s car and Greg’s van as the setting sun’s shadows stretched over the helpless girl. Corinna stared at the back of his head as Greg watched the dust of the last car pulling out. Her heart leapt to her throat as he turned around and grinned at her malevolently. The sun behind him blazed in blinding passion as it sank into the ocean, bringing evening on. She followed his movements, watching warily like a frightened fawn. He strode to his van without even glancing at her. Reaching in on the driver’s side he switched on the headlights and the vulnerable girl blinked into the fierce light then turned away in dread.

With a confident stride he slowly approached her vehicle; the headlights behind him cast a long dark and menacing shadow over her car as he moved towards her. Corinna felt an urge to lock her doors but he already had his hand on the latch and swung the door wide. His large strong hand gripped her shoulder and pulled her out. “Looks like my lucky day,” he chuckled.

Corinna looked like a sexy little doll standing next to the hulking brute.  She wore frayed cutoff jeans and a jeans jacket and leather boots.  Greg looked her up and down and smacked his lips, as if he was about to feast.  “You look hot even with your clothes on babe.”

The blonde playmate tried to twist away. “I think I want to just wait in my car,” she whined as she felt herself pushed backwards.

“I don’t think so,” Greg said, nudging her backwards again. He held her up when she stumbled but marching forward, he kept up a steady pace, the girl faltering backwards until she thudded softly against the metal with his large hands pushing her against the side of his van. He held her shoulder firmly with one hand as he pulled her other hand up to his stomach.  “Look, babe, you got me pretty worked up before; you can’t send me home without some relief.”

The tiny girl bent her head back as she leaned into the side of the van; the steel was still warm from a day in the sun. Greg’s huge hands covered her ass and his finger pushed under the frayed fabric of the cutoffs.  She felt herself lifted up, even as she slipped her arms around his neck.

Her soft lips parted and received his assaulting tongue.  It plunged, probing and prodding against hers.  She tasted sweet and warm as she squirmed against his body. Already he was pushing his groin into her. The kiss went on and on, as if he was devouring her soul.  Her tongue was pulled into him and twisted and fluttered in his mouth.  Still she writhed and moaned unable to control her passion. 

When he finally pulled his head back, his eyes glowed, blood red with lust. He took her hand again and pressed it against his crotch; frightened by the rock-hard mass she tried to pull away but he kept her hand jammed over his shaft.

“You made my dick hard,” he gloated as he watched her pouting sputtering face; his hand still held hers over his cock. “Take it out,” he mumbled gruffly. 

Corinna looked down; she watched her own hand as if it belonged to someone else. The delicate fingers took hold of the tab of the zipper. Slowly she tugged it down, quivering as each metal tooth separated and the cock seemed to expand as it was released. 

With a mind of its own her hand disappeared into his fly.  The cock bucked and jumped like a wild animal but she gripped it tightly and drew it out into the light. Corinna’s eyes widened at the first glimpse of the furious monster in her hand. Greg’s grip was still on her shoulder, otherwise she would have fallen down in a faint.

Her delicate fingers formed a ring around his cock and she stroked up and down a few times. She was surprised when Greg quickly grunted and his cock vibrated while shooting out a long stream of his seed into the sand. 

She hoped this was the end because he stepped back from her looking satisfied, but instead he started unbuttoning the jeans jacket. 

“Please, I need to go home now,” she purred, closing her eyes and pressing into the harsh heat of the van’s steel.

His only response was to lick his lips as he pushed under the denim and held her bare waist.  He pulled her close to him and kissed her hard and deep. Corinna squirmed as she raised her arms around his neck.

Greg’s hands raced up and down Corinna’s curves; under the jacket all she wore was a lacy bra and she gave no resistance as his fingers pulled one cup down revealing the creamy scoop of flesh underneath. He broke his kiss only to open his mouth wide and engulf the breast, sucking it deep into his voracious mouth. 

The tiny girl stood on tip toe as her head dropped back and her chest jutted up into his face. His teeth clamped down on her breast and he devoured her mercilessly.

When he finally let her go, Corinna turned to walk away, hoping that the tow truck would arrive.  Instead he heard the sound of the van door opening and she felt herself pulled back.  In a second she was shoved backwards into the darkness of the vehicle. 

Corinna’s body slammed onto the floor of the van but she scrambled up and scurried to a far corner, the heels of her boots clattering as she ran.  She turned and blinked, adjusting to the light.  Greg was a silhouette in the doorway.  He watched his prey for a moment then effortlessly bounded up into the darkness; without turning around he pulled the door closed behind him. It slammed with a metallic crash, echoing for a second in its finality. 

Corinna stood in one corner, a leaf trembling, about to fall.  She had one hand pressed protectively over her sex and her other was at her mouth where she bit the nail of her thumb nervously.  She didn’t seem to notice that one of her breasts was out, hanging over the lacy bra and still glistening from the way he had devoured it moments ago.  She watched him with wide eyes flashing with anticipation.

Between them lay a mattress.  Greg didn’t move; he just studied his helpless prey and seemed to be cataloging the ways he was going to take her soft body.

The wait was almost unbearable and Corinna let out a sigh when he uttered a one word command.

“Strip,” he said flatly.

“I…” She lost the words she was about to say. She shuddered and saw herself reflected in the cold black of his gaze. She stood still, watching her own image helpless in his eyes. She watched her arm rise in obedience to his command.

“’Kay,” her voice tiny and meek.

Without thinking about what would happen next, she pushed one side of the jeans jacket off her shoulder, then the other. She turned and watched it tumble off her arms, the brass buttons clattering in rhythm as they hit the steel floor. Her fingers fumbled for a second opening the top of the cutoffs, then she slowly undid each button. She could feel his cold gaze searing her skin as she solemnly observed her fingers. Then the shorts slid to her boots and Corinna gracefully wriggled the denim over her boots and stepped out of the pants.  She stood before him, hugging herself and waited again.

“Go on.” His voice was like a blow to the belly.

She seemed reluctant as her hands came up to the center of the bra and she undid the hooks.  She paused before throwing it open and revealed both of her beautiful mounds.

The panties were merely a cloud covering her sex and she hooked her two thumbs in the elastic and bent to pull them down. She stood straight up now looking heavenly in her nakedness.  She stumbled as she picked up a leg trying to remove a boot.

“Leave those on,” he commanded. “Come here.”

Corinna stepped onto the mattress and wobbled towards him. As soon as he could reach her his arms engulfed her and lifted her up for another kiss. The girl’s shapely legs wrapped around his hips and the heels of her boots dug into his ass. Her fingers locked behind his neck and her head snapped back so she was dangling on his arms presenting her breasts to his mouth.  He wasted no time kissing and sucking and biting each mound in turn. 

At the same time one of his hands slipped between her legs and plunged right into her soaking sex.  Corinna bounced up and down on the hand, using her heels on his rear for leverage.  She let out a steady stream of moans as his fingers probed her secrets, liquifying her body.   

The bliss became too much and she fell forward, biting him on the shoulder through his shirt as she rattled in orgasm.

Her feet dropped to the floor and he lowered her body down.

“Take off my clothes now,” he commanded. 

Corinna shyly crossed her legs and arms in front of her, as if to hide her nudity, but her bare skin glowed with a rosy blush. With upturned eyes she looked at him, her gaze seeking approval. “’Kay,” she breathed meekly and tugged his tee shirt out of his pants and pulled it over his head.  Her fingernails scratched over his muscles as they lowered to his belly and opened the button at the waist of his pants.  She kneeled on the mattress as she pulled the pants down.

His cock was right in front of her face and she knew she was going to suck it, still she was surprised when he pulled her hair and her mouth opened in shock and the huge shaft was jammed down her throat.

Greg held her head in place as he thrust into her face, fucking deep into the back of her throat.  Corinna managed to get her balance by holding his ass.

Her mouth was a velvety warm cocoon around his shaft. A fire ball of his seed blasted down and sank to her belly and in rapid succession he came two or three times as she gulped and swallowed.

The tender girl fell back exhausted but he slammed right on top of her, pushing her legs apart. She squealed and wriggled, her nude body glistening with sweat as she struggled. His cock nestled in the curls of her moist bush and Corinna reached down and gently rubbed the tip of his of his shaft over her pussy lips. “Oh Greg,” she purred, her voice warm with nubile submission. With a sharp vicious thrust he pierced her. She screamed her bliss-filled terror.

Shocked by the size of him, Corinna let go of the cock and her arms flew around his back. Her feet fluttered over the mattress rapidly, but he kept pushing in, filling her body with his weapon.  As her legs spread her boots hit the floor.  The sweet pain was so great she began to pound her heels on the steel floor, filling the van with her drumming. 

Then she was still, paralyzed by his power as he sank in inch by inch. Her hips gyrated in tiny circles, just enough to send waves of ecstasy up his shaft, through his spine and into his skull.

Still he pushed in; like a massive anaconda his cock invaded her body. The circles made by her hips grew larger and larger and she let out sweet little gasps of soft breath that blew over his ears and hair.

The last light of the setting sun filled the van, illuminating Corinna’s angelic face.  Her long blonde hair encircled her face like a golden halo. Her eyes glistened dreamy and tearful, and she had been biting her lip but now her tiny pink tongue came out to twirl in his ear as his cock finally filled her completely.

Greg was motionless, letting the gentle dance of her gyrating hips twist his cock with pleasure.  The tickling of her tongue was delicious and the crush of her luscious breasts against his chest was heavenly.  Her slender arms squeezed him tightly.

He lifted himself on his arms and Corinna reluctantly released her embrace. Her arms fell to her sides and her fingers dug into the fabric of the mattress. The shifting of his weight forced him deeper into her tiny body. 

He looked down at her innocent face, her skin bathed in golden-red light.  Her eyes followed his gaze down to her heaving chest and fluttering belly.  Together they stared at his massive cock imbedded in the curls of her pussy. For a moment both were hypnotized by the gentle swaying of her hips.  Corinna could feel the veins of his shaft throbbing inside her. 

She groaned as he pulled out; she knew what was coming but it was much worse than she expected.  His cock was out except for the head and he thrust forward, using his body as a battering ram.  Corinna howled, writhing and bucking; her hands scratched at his chest, but then he pulled out, only to plunge in mercilessly. A comet of ecstasy exploded in her; her own orgasm crashing into a burst of his seed.  But his cock remained rock hard and he hammered in and out of her over and over as she thrashed and twisted under him, gasping with pleasure.

Night covered the beach and the moon filled the sea and the sand with shimmering light and bathed the van in cool white. The tow truck finally arrived, pulling up near Corinna’s stalled car. The driver immediately noticed the constant rocking of the van parked a few rows away.  As he stepped closer he could hear the young girl’s soft voice gasping “Oh, oh, oh” in rhythm with the fierce bouncing of the vehicle and the brusque grunts of Greg as he plunged into over and over again. The van’s dance and the sounds of sex continued as he got the car hooked up to his truck.  He shook his head in amazement as Corinna burst into a long loud howl of ecstasy.


Submitted: April 30, 2020

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