Corinna Harney comes down the stairs

Corinna Harney comes down the stairs

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Corinna Harney, a nubile young blonde with amazing golden hair and a fetching body, had aspirations to be a poet. She was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for August, 1991 and Playboy's Playmate of the Year 1992. Corinna, although born in Bremerhaven, Germany, spent most of her childhood life in Las Vegas, Nevada, where neon and night life never failed to dazzle her but she was also always enthralled with the desert and mountains surrounding the sinful city.


Corinna Harney, a nubile young blonde with amazing golden hair and a fetching body, had aspirations to be a poet. She was chosen as Playboy's Playmate of the Month for August, 1991 and Playboy's Playmate of the Year 1992.
Corinna, although born in Bremerhaven, Germany, spent most of her childhood life in Las Vegas, Nevada, where neon and night life never failed to dazzle her but she was also always enthralled with the desert and mountains surrounding the sinful city.


Submitted: April 18, 2019

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Submitted: April 18, 2019



Corinna Harney had let her boyfriend talk her into coming over to his house; she had a premonition that tonight was going to be life changing for her…Little did she know. Her boyfriend carefully explained to her that his dad would be out all night playing poker. “He doesn’t even drive ‘cause he gets so drunk, so we can spend the whole night, you know…we can finally do it.  I can ball you tonight.”  

Corinna wasn’t prim or anything like that; still she frowned a bit at the vulgar word. She really wanted to make love with her boyfriend but she wished he could be more romantic. So a few weeks after her eighteenth birthday she had lied to her parents and found herself in the big bed in her boyfriend’s dad’s bedroom.  She was a little tipsy from the bottle of wine they shared but that didn’t stop her from taking the lead in their lovemaking right now. The gorgeous waves of her golden mane were flying as her head bobbed up and down and her soft lips slurped over his cock in preparation for the big moment about to come.
“I’m gonna fuck you good, Corinna,” he was boasting as he held her head over his cock. “Tonight’s the night.”

While she was concentrating on giving him pleasure and zealously working her warm mouth over his cock, she did wish he was a little more romantic about it instead of holding her ears and plunging her head up and down. This was her first blowjob but she had some girlfriends who explained the whole thing to her and she wanted to do it right.

The noise of a vehicle pulling into the driveway  startled him but Corinna didn’t notice she was so busy wrapping her tongue around his shaft, anxious to please her man.  He abruptly pulled her hair and tugged her off with her lips making a popping sound as they released his shaft. “Damn, it can’t be!” he cursed as he rushed to the window. Sure enough, Hank, who was his dad’s poker buddy, was helping the very drunken father out of the cab of the truck.

Corinna’s boyfriend screamed for her to fix her clothes as he pulled his pants up and rushed out of the room.  He stumbled down, pathetically whining excuses. She pouted for a moment, licking the taste of his shaft off her lips; she shrugged with girlish disappointment but, with demure and delicate grace, began to make herself presentable. A few minutes later she could hear loud voices arguing downstairs.  “Get down here girl,” his dad finally bellowed.

She glowed like an angel as she appeared at the top of the stairs.  The light from the bedroom behind glimmered all around her and her hair seemed to be golden flames at she tossed the wavy locks back over her shoulder.  She shimmered sexily in a gauzy peasant blouse low cut and tied at the waist; even with the sheer white bra underneath, her nipples stood out proud and eager, blushing a bright red.  The skirt was the same gauzy fabric and it flowed over the curves of her full hips.  All three men, the dad, the boyfriend, and Hank stared at her with obvious lust as she slowly descended the stairs.

The silence was unbearable to the girl. Her tiny feet trembled with each step; she felt the eyes of three men burning into her but her own eyes locked on Hank’s, reading his intentions, in awe of his power.

Her boyfriend’s father broke the spell. “Damn, I gonna fuck you myself.”

“Shut up,” Hank hissed and father and son both quivered in dread. So did Corinna, still gazing at the lust in Hank’s eyes. The luscious young girl throbbed like he was already fucking her.  She paused delicately at the bottom of the stairs and the three men could breathe in her sweetness.  Hank silently commanded her closer while father and son blazed is frenzied impotent lust.

More frustrated shouting between father and son while Hank stood next to Corinna, casually rested a hand on her shoulder. He gave her a sidelong glance and smirked at the drunken scene being played before them. Corinna liked the feel of his hand and leaned in a little bit, feeling the strength of his muscles against her shoulders.

All the girls at school talked about Hank.  He did construction work and carpentry around town and had an eye for pretty young things.  He was careful not to mess with anybody under age but a good looking girl could be confident that she’d find herself ‘running into him’ pretty soon after her eighteenth birthday.  Corinna was a little surprised that he hadn’t managed to find her yet, but the rumor was that he was heavily involved with the head of the cheerleading squad who was very possessive.

The arguing continued and Hank gave her shoulder a reassuring squeeze. “Fucking morons,” he grumbled to himself and then he smirked at the other two men, still keeping a possessive hand on the luscious nymphet. “Look, you guys work this out; all I know is I’m out a few hundred bucks ‘cause a couple of drunken fools busted up the game.  I gotta get Junior home.  I’ll take this girl home too.”  Before the two could react he had spun Corinna around and shoved her out the door.

As they walked briskly to the truck Corinna realized what a foul mood Hank was in.  In the cab of the vehicle was another drunken man.  This was Junior, who had a reputation of being a loud and dangerous man when he drank.  Hank stomped around to the driver’s side and got in.  Corinna was a little hesitant but finally climbed in on the passenger side.  Junior smelled like an open bottle of Jack Daniels and she pressed herself against the door and opened the window.

“Where do you live?” Hank asked brusquely.  She named a street a few blocks away.  “Yeah, well let’s drop Junior off first.”  The truck took off for the highway out of town.  “What’s your name?” He nodded when Corinna answered meekly.  “Corinna, huh? Yeah, Beth told me about you.  Says you’re a real tease.” Corinna blushed as the wind from the road rushed through the curls of her air.  Beth was Hank’s girlfriend on the cheerleading squad.  Corinna didn’t like that she had been called a tease, but maybe the reputation was not far off the mark.  Corinna was shy and embarrassed; going all the way with her boyfriend tonight was going to be a real challenge.  Tonight was not the first time they were interrupted, but usually it was Corinna who would stop things, saying she didn’t want to do it in a car, or making some other excuse.  In a way it was a relief that they were caught tonight.

The cool air roused Junior; he shook his head to recover his senses and saw the beautiful girl next to him.  Without any warning he began to paw her lovely round breasts.  “Hey” Corinna yelped before his stinking mouth covered hers.  Suddenly he was pulled back by Hank.

“What the hell,” Junior whined but Hank’s massive hand struck him hard on the mouth.

“Just shut up Junior.  You’ve caused enough trouble tonight.  I needed that game to raise some cash.  Now leave the girl alone.”  Junior whimpered again and the car became quiet except for the purr of the engine and the breeze running through Corinna’s glorious hair.  But in that silence Corinna could feel a seething anger and danger.

Junior lived in a trailer far outside of town and the sky now was brilliant with stars and a full moon.  When they pulled up to the trailer Hank jumped out on his side and dragged Junior out, unceremoniously dumping him onto the ground.  Without a word Hank climbed back into his seat and raced away.

Corinna gulped, realizing that they were going down even more abandoned roads and heading for the mountains.  In the moonlight she could see the seething rage still on his face so she sat quietly as the miles rushed by.  The dark mountains loomed larger and larger like a growing menace as the truck raced along.

Now they were climbing and in the rearview mirror Corinna could see the lights of the sleepy town glimmering faintly.  Each foot they climbed seemed to increase the tension in the truck.  Hank was gritting his teeth and staring straight ahead.  Suddenly he pulled off the rugged road and after a few dozen feet stopped the truck in a flat clearing near the top of the peak.  The moon, glowing with a cold fire, seemed to be standing next to them.  The stars blazed as witnesses to the panic in the girl’s eyes.  Hank took a deep breath and opened the door on his side. “Get out,” was all he said.  Corinna didn’t move.  She was almost trembling as different emotions flooded through her.  She knew what they were here for and she felt a strange attraction to the brutal man, but she was still afraid to move. He was a big man and her girlish imagination conjured up terrors. Her door opened with a sharp snap and he seized her bare arm and yanked her down out of the truck. “I said get out,” he snarled. She could barely gain her footing as he pulled her behind the vehicle, stopping only to grab a blanket and a lantern.  Now with his fingers like steel bands around her slender arm he led her further into the clearing.  In the bright moonlight the pale green foliage spread apart as they pushed along.  The rustling leaves seemed to moan for the poor girl.

“Where are we going?” she asked meekly.

“Jesus Christ,” he spat out and looked down at his captive.  He kept walking, tugging her along without saying anymore. Finally they came to a clearing, soft grass bathed in moonlight.

He dropped the blanket and lantern and pulled the girl against him.  “You all really screwed up my night but I’m going to get something out of all this.” His hands gripped the luscious globes of her ass.  “You’re gonna pay back my losses.”  He lifted her up and impaled her mouth with his tongue. Her legs kicked and beat in the cold mountain air but her arms wrapped around his neck and her luscious breasts pressed and heaved against his chest.  She rolled her tongue over his and swooned in the strength of his embrace, such a pretty girl, such a very young thing, such a treasure for a man’s amusement.

When he let her up for air she squeezed his neck even tighter, even as he lowered her gently to the ground.  All the rage seemed to flood out of him as he chuckled with satisfaction, but in the frail girl fear and anticipation and eagerness still seemed to grow. “OK, Corinna, you’ll do.  I was in for a card game tonight, so we’ll play some cards.”  She gave him a puzzled look.  

“The game is we draw for high card and the winner takes something off the loser.”  Corinna’s look of puzzlement now changed to a look of panic.  “Don’t worry, you can trust me.  What card do you have?”

The young girl was silent, staring at her captor and unsure of what she was supposed to do.

“What card do you have?” he demanded firmly.

“Queen of hearts?” she whispered softly.

“Damn, I got a nine of clubs! You win; see I told you you could trust me.”  He took a step back. “Now you take something off me.”  Corinna hesitated.  She stretched her hand out and it rested on his belt buckle for a second and the fingers brushed against the bulge under the zipper.  Frightened by what she felt there, her fingers fluttered up to the top button of his work shirt.  Slowly she undid each closure, gently caressing his chest with her nails as her hands worked down the shirt. She watched her own fingers as if hypnotized. Slowly revealing the bare skin of his torso, she let an erotic reverie tingle her spine. He was so big and strong, she gasped with silent awe. She tugged the shirttails up and pulled the garment off his broad shoulders.  As if drawn like a magnet her palms finally rested on the muscles of his chest.  She gazed up at him, her eyes melting with hope.

He chuckled, sensing his helpless prey’s slow drift into his trap. “I can see you’re good at this game. OK, next hand.  What’ve you got?”

“Nine of clubs.” Her hopeful glaze twinkling now with a teasing glint.

“King of clubs,” he gloated.  His hands immediately went to the knot holding her peasant blouse closed. Her hands remained on his chest but they were trembling now. He fussed with the knot for a moment but it wouldn’t open.  “This is mine, right?”  She nodded her assent softly.  With a cruel yank the flimsy fabric tore open; with another strong pull he reached behind and pulled the blouse completely off.  Her pale skin burned in the bright moonlight and rushing blood warmed her cheeks and the top of her chest in a gentle red flush.  Her golden hair flew up for a moment in the violence of her being stripped and it caught the light of the stars like a net.

A quaking animal in a trap the yielding girl pressed three tiny fingers against her lips, a wasted effort to suppress a shriek.  He took a second to enjoy the view and ‘dealt’ the next hand.  Corinna won but her hands quaked violently as she tried to open his belt buckle.  He laughed, “Maybe the boots should come first.”  Holding one of her shaking hands against the throbbing bulge in his pants he expertly kicked off the boots.  

Corinna was biting down hard on her fingers and panting desperately; her eyes flashed alarm and desire .  Hank continued the game, rewarding himself with a win.  Still keeping her hand trapped against his crotch he used the other to nimbly undo the clasp at the back of her bra.  As his fingers worked on the clasp, hers closed around his shaft like a vise. Distress and disbelief widened her eyes. His fingertips guided the lingerie straps down off her shoulders but the cups of the garment resisted submitting her creamy flesh to his greedy eyes.  He pulled down at the center of the bra and those milky white pillows burst into view.  The areolas were large saucers matching the wide circles of her frightened eyes.  The two firm red nipples stretched out towards his wolfish mouth. She trembled under his lustful gaze; she started to swoon into submission when the bra strap slid down and dangled on the wrist holding his cock.  She let go for a second and felt the straps slide off her hand and hit the ground.  She returned her hand to the bulge and squeezed even harder. He was so big and strong her imagination gushed; IT was so big and strong and she was so tiny and fragile.

One game was over but a new one began.  Their mouths met and their tongues danced together.  His hands kneaded her breasts and digging against the nipples, the petite girl jutting her chest forth and writhing with excited delight. He lifted her again and she enfolded one arm around his neck while still straining to hold his cock through the pants.  Her shapely legs fluttered as if she were a bird.  His mouth took hold on her nipples and sucked and bit and licked as she dropped her head back in ecstasy. He feasted on the soft cream of her breasts driving the frenzied captive into a writhing wriggling dance until she froze in fear, realizing what was coming next. Wide with trepidation, her eyes gazed into his lustful face. She glowed bright in the moonlight, nubile, soft, submissive. Her eyes whispered, “Take me” and his eyes blazed, “You’re mine.”

Corinna was slowly lowered to the ground and she kissed down his body as she was dropped to her knees, finally resting a blushing cheek against the bulge as he nudged into her.  She looked up into his commanding eyes and watched the pleasure grow on his face as her trembling hands undid the pants and tugged them down along with his briefs.  She only looked at the cock as it sprang out towards her.  Licking her lips for a moment she pressed her mouth to his groin and began to brush her tongue, first around the base of the shaft, then along its length.  His hands dug into her soft wavy hair and guided her head onto his eager cock.  Her mouth, wet and warm, slid over him easily—the cock jerked and spasmed as if boasting, letting her suck and tease with her tongue; then, still holding her head firmly, he thrust deep against the back of her throat.  Corinna’s hands pushed against his thighs but it was too late; he was thrusting his hips against her face and she could feel the tip of his cock about to explode. As the burst came he jammed her head against him and the downpour rushed down, a hot and heavy torrent causing her to stiffen as she gagged and struggled to swallow, her slender throat gurgling over the hot white seed blasting deep into her mouth.  With one final victorious gulp she fell back onto the blanket and looked up at him smacking her lips with pleasure.  Her creamy breasts lay languid and quivering in the moonlight and the flimsy skirt slid down her thighs revealing the supple flesh of her legs.  She crossed her arms demurely but they were under those magnificent breasts as if lifting them up in offering.  Her eyes still had that intriguing look of fear and seduction and Hank couldn’t resist.  He dropped to his knees and kissed her throat, then across the top of her heaving chest; his mouth gorged on those lovely nipples again then went down to savor her belly button; her stomach muscles flickered up and down as his tongue teased her body.  

When he came to her thighs she squeezed them together and covered her crotch with her hands trying to push down the skirt but he held her shoulder down with one hand as the other rammed up between her legs.  His strong fingers twisted the flimsy panties until the silky fabric burst away from her skin; her legs jumped up in shock at the tearing of the lingerie and that was enough for him to get his head between her legs.  Quickly his tongue gulped up the sweet sweat on her thighs then plunged in to conquer her pussy.

Her juices flowed into his mouth, a sweet delicacy warm with fresh surprise, her virgin nectar honey fresh and rippling like a stream in springtime.  He spent a long time licking and relishing her insides before his fingers, joining his tongue, began to work on her clit.  By now Corinna was writhing uncontrollably as her hands held his head against her.  Soft murmuring sang out of her in breathless pants, “No, stop, please, oh, oohhh, no, please, no, noo, noooo, oh, ohhhhhhh!” But with each groan she lifted herself higher, feeding more of her flesh to him.  She had never known the exquisite tenderness in the cruel bliss coiling around her spine. As her pleasure squeezed her tighter she shuddered and moaned, compressing her lips to hold in her gasps and closing her eyes to watch the fireworks bursting in her skull.  Suddenly Hank’s work touched a newly formed star in her soul. Her head snapped forward and her eyes opened wide as she kicked against the ground as if trying to smash a crack into the earth, starburst after starburst inside of her. She tore at his hair in the delicious torture of her first orgasm, then she fell back a limp and helpless doll.

Hank stretched along side of her and let her rest for a moment.  “Look’s like you had the winning hand Corinna.  Time to deal me in.” He took her hand and pressed it onto his throbbing cock.  She squeezed it tightly but frantically tried with the other hand to push her skirt down from where it had bunched up around her waist.

“I have to get home,” mumbled reluctantly, not even believing it herself. He snorted like a bull. In a feeble struggle she strove to lock her ankles together but it was no use. Hank’s powerful legs wrestled hers apart.  He rolled on top of her and slid his arms under her shoulders. His cock was already pressing against the hungry lips of her glistening pussy, already slick with her juices.  She twisted her head back and forth; at the same time she wrapped her arms around his neck drawing him in. “Please don’t, I’m scared…you’re so big,” she purred, “So big and hard…no…it’s so hard…I’m scared…” Even as she begged and pleaded she was spreading her legs for him. Her tender eyes glowed, completely trusting, completely loving.

The cockhead, poised between the soft folds of her innocent sex, throbbed hungrily. Hank intended a slow push, savoring the incremental progress of his cock into her virginity; he groaned in anticipation of the sweet tightness to come and the delectable girl under him writhed in panicked arousal, mewing softly in dread of the onslaught to come. “No, no, please no,” she whispered even as she grinded her soft flesh against him. Her tiny body radiated arousal and desire—irresistible-- and his body couldn’t resist.  In a fierce thrust of his hips and a sharp plunge down on her shoulders, his cock burst into her and her eyes widened, burning circles of terrified worship and bewilderment and her mouth stretched open in a silent scream. With one sharp brutal thrust he shattered all her defenses. She felt so good sweating against him.  Her pussy fit around him tenderly, squeezing and flooding herself over his member.  Her virgin tightness shot shockwaves up his spine -- the violence of him filling her body began the surge of a new kind of bliss inside her; each nerve in her body filling with him, arousing her and caressing her – she writhed sweetly, gyrating her hips even as his cock tore and ripped her sheath.  

After the first brutal lunge he paused for a moment and rocked his hips, just reveling in the splendor of her fragile body. Then he began the happy work of pulling in and out of her.  He could feel her tender flesh being slashed by his weapon and he could see her eyes rolling around as he pounded her body into a mass of raw sexuality.  He plunged in deep, hard and cruel. At first she couldn’t move as he assiduously cut into her with his cock, then her hips began to lift and propel herself onto him and soon she was matching him thrust for thrust.  Beyond the pain of his stabbing she could feel the head of his shaft burning like a torch and she knew that flames were racing through his veins and about to burst into her.

As the first volley of his seed shot in she plunged up and squeezed her legs around him. She melted over the flood of him inside her and rocked her legs back and forth to pump more and more of him into her.  He thrust and shot, thrust and shot, and still her body demanded more.  Each bolt spurted through her in primal brutality, slashing at her nerve ending, dragging new waves of bliss to her brain.  She was biting into his shoulder drawing blood and his hands were deep in the flesh of her plump round ass.

With each thrust she seemed to get tighter and tighter as if she was drawing his whole body into her.  As she was rattling in orgasm he lifted his chest and flipped her around, twirling her on his cock until she was on all fours and pushing her lovely ass against him as she kept her pussy tightly wrapped around his shaft.  Back and forth they rocked until in a final fury he shot into her with the largest bolt yet.  She lunged forward unto the blanket and felt her body burst into flames and evaporate into the moonlight.  

When she finally awoke she was being carried back to the truck.  Her clothes were on the seat and Hank gently pulled the blanket over her nude body.  She snuggled against him as they drove into the horizon just as the dawn was beginning to approach.  “I love what you did to me,” her voice purred, making herself clear: she’d love for him to do her some more. She breathed hopefully, the naked girlfriend snuggling sexily. She listened dreamily as he spoke softly.  “Well, I guess you know that I get around. But I have to tell you Corinna, you fuck real fine.”  Corinna squeezed herself with delight and began to squirm until her head was in his lap.  It wasn’t long before he had the pleasure of cruising down the highway while sweet warm lips ran up and down his shaft. “Good girl, you’re so good.  So tomorrow I’m gonna make a call to a friend of mine in LA.  Baby, you’re gonna be in Playboy magazine.” As he spoke he shot up into her mouth and she swallowed greedily.

At first Corinna thought she was being taken home but before they reached town the truck rolled down a long dirt road, finally stopping at another trailer.  The land around the large trailer was covered with car parts, lumber and various vehicles in different states of repair, all guarded by several tool sheds, but what upset Corinna was seeing Beth’s car parked there. Hank noticed it too and he had a scowl on his face.  

He carried Corinna, still wrapped in the blanket, into the trailer. This space was surprisingly neat, with fine carved furniture and several large bookcases filled with many volumes.  But sitting on the edge of the large bed was Beth and she started screaming at Hank as soon as he entered.  Then she noticed poor little Corinna.  “You bitch,” she shrieked and she bolted towards her. Hank had put Corinna down and the shy girl ducked behind him for protection.  He took hold of Beth’s wrists and started to drag her to the door.

“I told you not to come around here tonight. Now can’t you see I’m busy?  I’m going to be fucking this little girl for the rest of the weekend!” With that he tossed her out the door.  Beth stood outside fuming and cursing for a few minutes and eventually left.

Corinna stood there wrapped in the blanket.  She was blushing, embarrassed by his words but also pleased that he chose her over Beth.  Hank’s face was still angry from his encounter with that girl.  “Go in and take a shower.  I need to do some stuff.” He abruptly left the trailer and Corinna could hear him moving around in one of the sheds.  

The bathroom, tiled and appointed with elegant fixtures, looked nothing like a room in a trailer. Corinna luxuriated in a long warm shower, allowing her body to tingle with the memories of the last few hours; her insides were sore and tingling at the same time.  She brushed her teeth and gargled and admired herself in the mirror as she brushed her long wavy hair. Coming out of the bathroom she found Hank in the middle of the floor just finishing the assembly of a strange wood and leather piece of furniture.  

Actually Corinna wasn’t sure it was furniture.  Like all the pieces in the trailer it was built with care but she could not figure out what it was for.  It had a kneeler like in church but the leather cushion seemed to be split in the middle. There was another leather cushion to lean against, the kind of thing you’d see on gym equipment.  There was a series of levers and straps.  But the whole thing looked so elegant.  The leather was buffed and looked as soft as butter; the wood was polished and smooth.  Hank seemed quite pleased with it as he stood up and admired it.

“Hank?” Corinna called out softly.  She stood by the door with a finger coyly in her mouth and her head turned to the floor, but with her eyes raised to look at him.  Her white skin still had little drops from the shower and she glowed from the warmth of her bath. Her other hand bashfully covered her pussy.  She stood there waiting, unsure of what to do.

Hank knew exactly what to do.  He took her in with his eyes and nodded his approval.  He stepped over to her briskly and took her hand.  Corinna closed her eyes and put her head back for a kiss. Hank’s shirt was open and her damp breasts pressed into his chest.  But he broke away and pulled her towards the strange devise he’d been working on.

“It’s time to take a ride Corinna.” Without waiting for a response he pushed her down onto the kneeler and adjusted the cushion so it fit against her belly. “Hank?” Corinna said again, almost a whine.  He was moving quickly and deliberately, anxious to get her in place. He took her slender arms and draped them in front of her; Corinna yelped as leather straps were attached to her wrists and her arms were tugged forward, then he strapped her thighs in place. Corinna watched him with her wide saucer eyes bulging in alarm. “Hank,” she whimpered again.

Hand stood in front of her and put a hand under her chin. “You’re not going to cry or make a scene.” This was not a question; Corinna’s body stiffened at his command.  He pulled on a lever and Corinna was pulled forward across the cushion; another lever pulled her thighs apart. He stepped between her legs and Corinna heard the jangling of his belt buckle and the unzipping of his pants. Suddenly two fingers were inside her but just long enough to get her wet.  His cock pressed in and Corinna grunted with pleasure as he pierced her.  She had loved having him inside her before but in this new position the sensation was different.  He seemed to go deeper into her.  Corinna couldn’t move much but she rocked slightly to tickle his cock as it slowly pushed in and out of her tight sheath.

His fingers were squeezing and kneading her ass and he leaned forward breathing into her ear, keeping up his slow and careful pumping action.  “Good girl,” he growled, pumping in and out deep inside of her. “You are my good little girl, one fine piece of ass, good girl..” He thrust in hard for a moment and Corinna yelped.  The straps on her thighs and wrists hurt a little but this pain seemed to magnify the sweet feeling of his shaft growing in her. His hands were all over her bottom, caressing and squeezing, and Corinna felt strangely excited by the attentions.

“Yeah, you are a good lay.  I’ve got to take good care of you girl.” Suddenly he stopped pumping and stood up.  Corinna felt him shifting around behind her for a moment then he leaned down again and continued going in and out of her.  But she felt something hard against her ass too. “We’re going to take a little ride now, a nice little ride.” Corinna screamed finally as something thick and hard rammed into her ass. If she could have turned around she would have seen him using a large wooden dildo he had carved. He was twisting it around inside her, loosening her up. At the same time he began to thrust into her pussy with great force.  All at once he pulled the dildo out and pulled his shaft out of her flaming slit. But she had no chance to respond because he immediately pulled a lever with yanked her body further apart and he drove his rod deep into her ass.

Corinna bucked and twisted and writhed as she squealed in agony; each motion of her struggle increased the pleasure he felt as her ass cinched tighter and tighter around his cock. He let her fight for awhile; it was a wild ride, like he had mounted an unbroken mare, then he reached under and began to stroke her pussy, slowly working into her clit. She groaned in glorious agony. As he stroked he began to pump in and out of that nubile body.

When he had first plunged into her, Corinna’s body shrieked with agony but the hot shaft soon sent waves of pleasure up and down her spine and all along her limbs.  Corinna’s struggling increased the waves.  Once he had found her clit and was pumping into her ass Corinna’s body was beginning to follow along and move along with him, even as her mind resisted.  But soon her body won and she was rocking along with his pumping, her only sound a deep kind of humming as her lips stayed tightly clenched together.

When she started to shake in climax he let himself loose inside her. The hot flood melted her muscles and consumed the orgasm until she collapsed limp over the leather cushion.  
He pumped in a few more times and shot the last of his load into the exhausted girl. When he was finished he unstrapped her and laid her on the bed.

Corinna fell asleep to the sound of his shower.  Corinna had no idea how long she had slept but when she awoke it was because her tender body was being folded together. He had her on her side and he hooked one arm under her knees and pushed them towards her chest. His other arm was around her shoulder and he was pushing her body onto his shaft.  As he drilled into her he licked her ear and she turned her face and fed him her tongue. Her tongue kept rolling around inside his mouth the whole time he was impaling her. He shot into her and she gave out a muffled squeal of delight; he shot into her again and once again she squealed.

Her tiny hand reached down and took hold of the shaft and staring into his eyes she took the tip of that shaft and pressed it into her own ass. Her mouth opened wide and she extended her tongue to him. They kissed franticly as she gave her whole body to him. He thrust in deeply and her muffled sob made him pause.  “No, don’t stop,” she sighed.  He plunged in again and she yelped with joy. He kept drilling as if he’d never be satisfied.  Each stroke into her made him come again because she was so delicious. As he had told Beth he fucked this little girl all weekend.He took her ass, fucked her tits, rammed her pussy; he had her rough and he had her gentle.  He tied her down sometimes and sometimes she rode on top of him with her breasts bouncing wildly. Over and over he filled her with his seed, coming in long floods sometimes and hot little bursts other times. He fucked her around the clock and around the world.

She even called in sick for school on Monday because he just couldn’t stop.  While she was on the phone he was taking her from behind.

When she finally got home on Monday afternoon she had worked up a variety of different stories to cover for where she had been but the first thing her mother said when she walked in was, “Corinna, you got a call from P E I? Do you know what that’s about?”  Corinna smiled happily.




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